The Originals Recap

The Originals Recap: Crazy Ex-Girlfriend

Klaus Mikaelson’s ancient ex reached #PeakCrazy on Friday’s The Originals — and if Aurora was going down, she was taking everybody with her.

Fortunately for everybody, she did not go down — not completely, anyway — but she and her barrel of white oak bullets still managed to cause plenty of trouble for the Original family.

Like Freya, who was kidnapped, shot and buried alive all in a single afternoon; Klaus might never have found her if she didn’t call on Finn’s power for assistance. It was a harrowing experience, but at least it finally solidified her as a member of the family. (“You are my sister, Freya,” Klaus said. “And you are a part of this family, always and forever.”)

Or Elijah, who also took a bullet to the shoulder after calling Aurora out for being a damn Looney Tune: “You think I’m somehow responsible for your little breakup? How adorably delusional of you, Aurora. You do realize that you’re utterly insane. Niklaus can be resilient, but there’s only so much madness that even he can take.” (I’ve always admired his way with words.)

Unfortunately, the episode ended with a still-alive Aurora gaining a powerful new ally: Aya.

Elsewhere this week…

HEARTS ON FIRE | Kol wasn’t kidding when he told Davina that she really didn’t want to know the binding agent in the sire-bond spell: the heart of an unsired vampire. Only Hayley and Jackson’s hearts fit that bill, and since dead guys are way easier to pin down, the Strix — more specifically, its new leader Marcel — did a little grave-digging this week. This is so, so bad. (But at least we got a few nice Kol/Davina scenes out of his utter disaster. Did anyone not get emotional when he told her she could make it up to him with “a night on the town in a little black dress”?)

TRAINING DAY | “I wonder if keeping busy might distract you from your grief,” Klaus mused before tasking Hayley with whipping Cami into shape — in every possible way. The girls’ sparring sesh at Marcel’s church quickly turned personal, with Hayley telling her, “You haven’t been yourself lately. And in your less-sane moments, you’ve been putting the people I love in danger.” But it turned out to be a teaching moment for both of them, as Hayley was able to face a few of her own demons in the midst of tackling Cami’s.

Odds and Ends:

* Heartwarming moments are fleeting on this show — with all of the random beheadings and whatnot — so I made sure to savor Klaus and Hayley’s chat at Jackson’s grave.

* Which deserves to be labeled Quote of the Week: Klaus’ “Tend to Freya, I have to murder my ex,” or Hayley’s “You don’t need a lecture, but I am taking your ass to school”?

Your thoughts on this week’s Originals? Hopes and fears for the rest of Season 3? Drop ’em in a comment below.

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  1. I’m glad Freya made it through, we don’t need to lose another sister. I’m ready for someone to take Aya out. She’s annoying and no one tries to kill Hailey with out the wrath of Elijah. He said he’d kill her the next time….

  2. Katie says:

    Crazy episode but interesting none the less. Poor Freya and Hayley: they both had a crappy day. Freya gets kidnapped, shot with a white oak bullet and buried alive, all on account of batcrap crazy Aurora. Hayley nearly gets her heart ripped out by Aya’s nasty band of witches and then has to sacrifice Jackson’s heart in order to keep herself alive. Elijah was having a lousy day, too. Klaus has to snap E’s neck in order to get the bullet out of him without causing his big brother anymore pain-let’s face it-the Mikaelsons pretty much lost this particular battle in spectacularly disastrous fashion. Davina really pushed it in this episode. Kol may have a point when he said Davina needed to let him go. Aya’s “keeping a promise” track record speaks for itself-Ariane ring a bell? Klaus should have killed Aurora when he had the chance. I can’t believe he let that little psycho get the best of him-again! Now she’s still alive and teaming up with Aya! Ugh! Other than that one big complaint, I did enjoy tonight’s episode more than last week’s. I loved the banter between Elijah and Klaus early in the first few minutes of the show. Also loved Elijah tearing Aurora down: Awesome! Hayley taking Cami “to school” was pretty fun to see. Quote of the Week: “Tend to Freya, I have to murder my ex.” Too bad he didn’t do it this week but I hope someone puts her down and soon.

  3. Katie says:

    Oops, messed up. Meant to say that Marcel took Jackson’s heart to keep Hayley alive and still be able to do the spell. I need to pay attention when I type! :/

  4. Bwhit says:

    I really liked this episode. I feel like it was Klaus silently reconciling fully with Haley and Elijah. There was no way he would leave his big brother and he had a conversation with Haley that wasn’t hostile. Klaus also finally acknowledged and showed that Freya is a Mikaelson. I hate saying this but it was good because Klaus wasn’t trying to fix Cami on his own and left it alone, because of that, there were some great scenes with Haley/ Cami together and Elijah/Klaus together. Aurora and Aya need to go like yesterday, I hope Elijah and Klaus have something especially ruthless planned for them!

  5. pebbles51 says:

    Marcel digging up Jackson’s heart to complete the delinking spell is not going to go over well with any if the Mikaelsons, I fear. As they weren’t very fond of the delinking in the first place. Marcrl is pretty slick, whoever wins, he stays in good graces usually.

    quote “Aya, as cuddly as always”

  6. Liza says:

    I am very ready for Aurora and Aya to be GONE!! And was that Tristan in the scenes for next week? Who rescued him? And what the heck happened to Lucien??? This particular storyline is dragging on too long!

    I am also very curious how Stefan coming to NO next week is going to fit in. Klaus has a very full plate right now and don’t see how the storylines will fit together. I just hope that when TVD does their 3 year time jump that The Originals does too so they can still be in the same timeframe and crossovers are possible. And I really hope that Klaus, not Stefan, is Caroline’s “friend” in NO that she mentioned at the end of TVD last night.

  7. Isabella says:

    Well, that didn’t make sense. The marriage gave the pack Hayley’s abilities but it didn’t make Jackson an un-sired vampire. I’m surprised none of them considered Hope. But dumb dumb Hayley for not burying the heart somewhere deep in the Bayou where only she could get to it. It’s like these people never learn.
    I loved seeing Kol and Davina together. So cute and I really hope she manages to bring him back.

    But could someone please kill Aurora already. She’s getting on my nerves. Hopefully next week one of the TVD crew will make that happen. I would be so happy if it turns out to be Caroline who takes Aurora’s head. Girl can hope.

    • Floress says:

      the marriage made his heart a mirror image of Hayley’s which well… becomes an un-sired vampire heart. lets just say that in the world there is 2 copies of Hayley’s heart..

    • Phoenix5634 says:

      Hayley and Jacksons marriage made their hearts take on the magical properties of the other, so Jackson got all the abilties of an unsired vampire, to the full extent his werewolf body would allow. Each of them have like a magical mirror essence of each others heart.

  8. MLPR says:

    Two questions: 1. where was Hope in the episode? All the adults in her life were out. And I don’t get why she isn’t “un-sired”. 2. You mean to tell me Klaus (the most powerful vampire around) swears all he wants to do is kill Aurora, but when the time comes to kill her, he starts monologue-ing!

    • Floress says:

      Hope is un-sired but she is not a vampire which was what davina needed – heart of an un-sired vampire

      • Phoenix5634 says:

        Hope is a 1/4 original vampire tho.

        They probably just decided to go after Hayley instead, becuz if they went for Hope, Hayley would just come after them, along with like every vampire and werewolf the Mikealsons could rally. It’d be like dooms day in New Orleans if they went after Hope. And although the Strix’s seem to have a grand plan, they likely don’t want the full wraith of the Mikaelsons coming down on them before they’re ready.

        • Floress says:

          You have to die in order to become a vampie…. even the originals had to die… hope is not undead. But I don’t know.

  9. n4738 says:

    The Unification Ceremony did not make the pack into unsired-vampires. Jackson did not become a hybrid. The pack only inherited Hayley’s ability to turn at will – they did not physically transform into Hayley. Never at any point did they ever bring up anything about the pack physically transforming into Hayley in any way. What will be the next crock of BS they will make up to ensure Hayley’s survival? And FFS the Mikaelson siblings did not die with vampire blood in their system, because vampires did not exist!!!! They died with Tatia’s -a doppleganger-blood in the wine they drank the night they became vampires. The writers of this show don’t even bother to pay attention to their own mythology or logic. This reminds me of season 1 where Elijah bit Hayley to use Hope’s blood to break the boundary or when she was healed with vampire blood after being attacked. Mother and baby do not share blood in utero. Anyone who knows basic biology, would know that. I’m just glad there was no Klamille or Haylijah. I really can’t stand watching those tired ass ships. Hayley did not enrage me, so that good. I like Aurora but there is no reason she should be alive right now. Klaus and Elijah want to monologue instead of getting rid of people that are trying to kill them.

    • Katie says:

      If I recall, Elijah DID try to take Aurora down but she got the better of him. (Is it me or is there a pattern starting to form there?) If Klaus or Elijah would just shut up and kill the worthless twit, we’d be better off. She’s the character I hate the most right now with Aya and Tristian coming in a close second and third. I’m also curious as to where Lucien is hiding, where was Hope and who was taking care of her. Maybe Jackson’s grandmother was babysitting Hope? Only thing that makes sense. One more thing I’ve been wondering since last night: Are TO going to do a three-year time jump as well? If they get renewed, which I’m praying they do! *knocking on wood* We’ll just have to wait to see and patience is NOT one of my strong points!!

      • n4738 says:

        Too much talking, not enough killing. That about sums it up. Old Klaus would have killed Aurora by now. As much as I like Aurora, I also want to see the Originals behave like Originals, not letting romance/tears get the best of them. Every once in while they have a character disappear and it makes no sense. Like Freya for two episodes. Are you telling me all this is going and no one even thinks to inquire as to her whereabouts or ask for her assitance? I’m not really caring either way about the time jump but I’m hoping Hayley dies and they get renewed. Pretty short wish list as far as TO is concerned, lol.

    • kayla says:

      They have never followed their own mythology for either show and ret-con at will. One example of this is how are they still immortal? Their immortality was based on the blood of a doppelganger because they were an eternal supernatural entity. Once Amara died no more could be born. So how can they still be immortal when the very thing that gave them this is gone? Never explained. Another thing that was never was why Amara’s doppelgangers were born 500 years after the death of the last but Sila’s doppelgangers were born randomly. I also agree with you about Haley. The only scenes with her that I hate more are the ones with her and Elijah. It’s the most disgusting pairing on TV.

      • n4738 says:

        I can see them still being immortal because the spell was never directly linked to the doppelganger blood, it was a one-time use ingredient to bind the immortality spell. Esther never linked their immortality to the doppelgangers. She just needed their blood to for the immortality spell and to suppress Klaus’ werewolf side. Amara’s death only means no more doppelgangers will be born after Elena because nature no longer needs to balance itself, the original immortal woman is dead. I have no idea what is up with Silas’ doppelgangers. I don’t remember them ever saying that Silas’ doppelgangers appear randomly. Hayley and Elijah are the absolute worst. I can actually tolerate Klamille if Camille stops being an asshole. I can’t stand Klayley and Haylijah. Klaus and Hayley are alike in a bad way and they bring out the worst in each other. I never want to see them romantic. Hayley treats Elijah like a man-servant and he becomes a love-struck idiot in her presence. Elijah needs to get away from Hayley, grow as a person, and find someone new.

  10. Johanna says:

    I know I shouldn’t try and use logic with this show, but two things are bothering me. 1) They say that Tristan can’t kill himself, but couldn’t he rip out his own heart? I would do that if I were him, seems a much better alternative to drowning for eternity. 2) Wasn’t Alaric also an unsired vampire? I know he’s not one anymore, but I wasn’t aware that Klaus and Elijah knew that. Then again, they might not even know he came back from the dead, so maybe they thought there was no point even mentioning him. I would also think they could use Esther’s original spell to make a new “original” vampire, and then use their heart. It would involve killing an innocent bystander, but it’s not like they have a problem with that ;)

  11. Missy says:

    I am over Aya and Aurora…

  12. Phoenix5634 says:

    – Bring back Kol as a main cast member ( Nathaniel Buzolic ), then have him kill Aya.
    – I hope Klaus gets his hands on the Phoenix Sword, becuz Stefan is going to New Orleans and the Huntress is following him. And I Hope Klaus uses it on Aurora. Or even just points the Huntress in her direction lol. That’d be kind of funny, and a fitting end for her.
    – I want to see, or at least learn more about Hope this season, even if it’s just at the end of the season, becuz I strongly expect this show to be renewed for multiple more seasons, they havnt even barely touched the Hope storyline, and the fan base they do have is loyal and extremely enjoying the show.
    – where is Lucien? Did he just kind of leave after crap hit the fan with Aurora ? Smart move if that’s the case lol. But I seriously wonder what he’s up to…
    – I really want to see Klaus go full humanoid hybrid form, his true controlled werewolf form, something like Deucalion from teen wolf. We’ve seen glimpses of this form from both Klaus and Hayley. Hayley shifted her hand to an in between state where her hand got larger, got claws, but remained mostly human form. Klaus should be capable of this type transformation in full.

    • Phoenix5634 says:

      Since the whole killing Aurora with the Phoenix Sword and trapping her in a personal hell is kind of a far stretched hope…. A more plausible hope for her would be something similar to what Klaus had planned for Katherine when he had her under compulsion at Alaric’s apartment in TVD.

  13. tayslick says:

    Klaus was bluffing with that gun when he had the chance cause he really didn’t need it to kill her. He still has feelings for her and its gonna take Elijah to do it. Davina has a trick up her sleeve getting Kol back if Aya lie about helping her.

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