Meredith Attacked

Grey's Anatomy Poll: Should Meredith and Alex 'Go There'?

When Meredith’s shrink asked if she was in love with Alex in this week’s Grey’s Anatomy, she laughed it off. But the look on her face when Jo kissed Karev at the end of the hour suggested that maybe Grey’s feelings for her person had begun to run deeper than friendship.

Whether they actually had, the notion of a ‘Merlex’ coupling certainly sparked a spirited debate in the comments that followed our recap. What was the consensus? We couldn’t tell. So kindly spell it out for us, won’t you, by voting in the poll below.

Comments are monitored, so don’t go off topic, don’t frakkin’ curse and don’t bore us with how much your coworker’s sister-in-law makes per hour. Talk smart about TV!

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  1. Unless they can do it in a way that’s far different from the George/Izzie: “We love each other, but I need my best friend” route its so not worth it.

    • Luli says:

      I was just thinking the same thing!!! I love them together, but if they do it a la George and Izzie I rather have them as friends than lovers.

    • Bryce says:

      I know what you mean. I voted yes, because Meredith won’t be alone forever, and if it’s not Alex, it’s Riggs. It’s probably Riggs anyway, but making it Alex now could provide for realistic drama. Riggs is alright, but her falling in love with him just seems so much more… boring.

      • Alrisha says:

        Riggs should be pair with April. They made a good couple, and her marriage seen to be done. Mer is to selfish for Alex, he needs somebody that love him and put him first. He suffer enough with Izzie and the way she left him after all he did for her while sick. The writer can make Jo a better character and Alex’s friends should try a little more to made her feel welcome, not be friends but at least show some regard for her as a person out of the hospital, like when they have parties or dinner.

      • Jen says:

        I read it is Riggs. Not too crazy about that. Just seems blah…

  2. Absolutely not! Their friendship is more important and it should stay that way – not everything has to turn into romance. I’ve always loved Alex and Meredith’s relationship and things should stay the same. Completely against anything of a romantic nature between them.

    • Cris says:

      100% agree.

      I’ve always resented Grey’s for its inability to keep platonic relationships with guys/girls. It’s a show that’s been saying guys/girls can never be friends since George & Izzie, George & Lexie and any other pairing that’s followed after. The minute a girl or guy tells their other friend (of the opposite sex) that “you’re my best friend” on Greys, a romantic relationship has always followed. I’ve appreciated that throughout the years they never went there with Alex and Meredith because it was a prime example that guys/girls can be friends but god, the fact they’re crumpling that up right now is quite a disappointment.

      • Alex says:

        Personally I love the best-friends-turned lovers trope. Maybe not for Mer and Alex though. I also liked Gizzie, we do exist ;)

      • Anna says:

        Well you could argue that Mark and Callie always had a semi-platonic relationship – theirs just involved sex. They were never romantically involved, but they were horny best friends who just helped each other get off when they weren’t in committed relationships with other people. But yeah, their relationships was never “romantic”.

    • Mandi says:

      I totally agree 100% Christina is gone and she needs her one best friend thats there no matter what. What happens if it goes bad then who do she turn to. Leave them as they are. Just like izzie and George. Should have been as they were

  3. Sandra says:

    GOD NO!

  4. Sometimes Girl says:

    I think she had that look because she realised she wanted what they have and wants to start dating again, NOT because she likes Alex that way.

  5. Maria says:

    Michael. No. Stop this at once.

  6. Juliana says:

    I think her look was because she decides she doesn’t wanna be alone anymore, it has nothing to do with Alex.
    I like their friendship a lot, I think is precious that they’re the only two original five remaining and I think they should keep ir platonic.

  7. I ammend my answer to the following:
    “Are you *high*, Clairee? “

    • Kay says:

      Oh my goodness, not only do I 100% agree with your response, I am so so happy that you included a Steel Magnolias reference, I could cry! You made my day.

  8. Jenny says:

    YES!!!!! it would be awesome.

  9. S says:

    dating a best friend after loss and trauma seems like a natural thing to do. I hope they go for it.

  10. Jo says:

    I stopped watching when Alex got together with Jo because I could not stand her, amongst the many other reasons why I stopped. And I’ve always like Mer and Alex together. They make sense.

  11. Ashton says:

    I would normally say no, but this show has gone in such a different direction from where it began that at this point I don’t think it would be that big of a deal. If she can’t be with Derek (Because he’s dead) and he can’t be with Izzy (Because of professional differences behind the scenes) then why they heck not. It doesn’t matter anymore.

  12. Jill says:

    One word: Gizzie. Never forget.

  13. Kristie says:

    Why I quit watching all Shonda shows when she killed McDreamy

  14. Lois says:

    I’ve always been a fan of their relationship, even way back in season 2. I stopped watching the show when they killed off my girl Lexie, and what they did to Derek solidified that I would never go back, but I’d still like them to go there with these two. I think Meredith needs someone that understands absolutely what she had with Derek if she’s to move on romantically. I don’t think a ‘new’ love interest could ever do that for her. But that’s just my two cents.

  15. I am truly on the fence with this. I love their friendship. It is by far my favorite part of the show now, but I won’t deny sometimes I feel like something more could be there. And it would be beautiful. However, I love Alex and Jo! Their build up was so wonderful. I won’t lie though, I’m sad with how their relationship has been since around mid-season 10. Sigh. Also, a part of me thinks it wrong to go from Derek to Alex? Idk why. I can see a new guy, but Alex feels too close to it all. So yup, I’m torn.

  16. Alyson says:

    No no no. Their friendship has been one of my favourite relationships on the show since the beginning.Not every guy/girl pairing needs to be romantic.

  17. Ed says:

    Hell no. Meredith nor Alex have ever looked at each other in a romantic way. Why would they now? Is it because the writers feel they’re the last remaining original interns? So they need to Hook up? Oh please.

    They did the same with Izzie and George and it was a flop. All it did was ruin a friendship. And I hated that.

  18. BetsyBoo says:

    NOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO. Would be worse than Izzie and George. They are each other’s person – as friends. Absolutely not.

  19. Anna says:

    GOD NO. It’s so sad that we can’t see loving platonic relationships between men and women without people trying to force them to have sex. Their friendship is my favorite part of the show right now – please don’t ruin it!!!

  20. Julia says:

    Yes! It just has to be done well…there was chemistry last week. Trauma and hard times can bring people together unexpectedly. You saw Alex’s face last week and how he prioritized Mer. This week, you saw Mer with some confusion…I’m in.

  21. Married my best friend says:

    As someone who had a BFF that I used to refer to as my “little brother” and went on to marry him… I say yes!! Mer needs someone who knows her backstory and respects it. Alex is perfect. Just don’t do it half way… I need them both all in.

    I like Jo, love the actress, but I don’t think she’s Alex’s happily ever after. And, dammit, I want Alex happy.

  22. Francesca says:

    ABSOLUTELY not! They’re friends, very good friends and i love the way it is. Their relationship is what’s left from the original grey’s: don’t screw this up too!

  23. Binali says:

    Merlex would be a bad rehash of Izzex- Alex getting the girl because the guy she loved died. Except in the case of Izzie at least there was a romantic past. Meredith and Alex were always friends- a romantic relationship would be contrived and ridiculous. For the first time in his life Alex has a girl who isn’t with him because he’s the only thing left, let Alex get his happiness for once. Alex deserves more than being a consolation prize for Derek

    • Andrea says:

      I agree with you 100%. Alex would only be Meredith’s choice because of Derek’s death; had Derek not died, and they merely got divorced, Meredith would never have chosen Alex as a romantic partner. And if she does choose Alex, then Alex would live the rest of his life playing the replacement husband/father to Derek’s family. Alex deserves to be someone’s first choice, not their last option, and he deserves a family/life of his own.

  24. 666mercurio says:

    I will not answer the encuesta.Shonda wants Mer flirting and she seeks partner less rejected by fans. I want Meredith to re-date with Derek.

  25. Matt C. says:

    I love their friendship, especially with Alex basically taking over Cristina’s position as Mer’s “person”…but I’m really curious to see how they’d be as a couple?? There’s just something about the two of them together that is so…I don’t even know how to describe it! I just really like their relationship and would love to see them dig a little deeper.

  26. Hoshi says:

    I feel like the only reason I’m even considering this ship is solely because of how awful Jo has been. Like …. Awful.

  27. B says:

    I want to say yes–I would like them together. But I only want them together if they would really be together forever, and I don’t trust Shonda to provide an HEA. She likes her lovers tortured.

  28. Alex says:

    Ha! Is it time for Izzie to come back?

  29. Eleanor says:

    No no no !!
    For me, the ending with Meredith watching Alex & Jo kissing was more the realization that she wants to move on and find someone to love again. I really don’t see the jealousy or repressed feelings towards Alex. For me Alex / Mer is never going to happen and I really hope it doesn’t because I really see their relationship as pure friendship and without romantic / sexual tension.

  30. No, no, no… but Meredith and Jackson? Now that is a better idea. Two children of surgical legends. They shared a scene years ago, reflecting and relating on that very topic. They’d work well together.

    • Ange says:

      I could see that but remember Ellen Pompeo saying she did not want that because it was too close to her actual life.

      • Alex says:

        I never heard that but I did hear Ellen say she didn’t want Isaiah cast as McDreamy, because it was too close to her real life marriage to a black partner. I always thought that comment was SUPER weird.

  31. No No NO. I love both of them, but they make a great friends and are more like brother & sister than anything. I would rather not – Alex belongs with Jo but Jo needs to make peace with everyone and JO needs to be less cry-baby.

  32. Ange says:

    No because there should be at least one show where a man and woman can exist, have a healthy relationship without sleeping together.

  33. Dominique says:

    yes please! i’ve always been a huge fan of their friendship and it had never occured to me that they should be more, until this season.
    it suddenly makes sense to me and i would LOVE to see them go there with them.
    also; alex deserves much better than jo.

  34. wooster182 says:

    The potential of them getting together is the only reason I came back to the show. Yes, please!

  35. Hurl says:

    NO NO NO NO NO!!

  36. alexis says:

    yes absolutely! I’m sure it won’t happen right away anyways (if it happens at all). I can see Meredith dating other people first, and I’m curious to see how Alex reacts.

  37. RK says:

    Looking back at some Grey’s history and I think there is something there. Meredith is the person that has always been able to get through to Alex and pushed him to open up, confronted him on his behavior and helped him grow to be the person he is today. Jo has been jealous of their bond and perhaps its because deep inside she know that Alex cares about Meredith beyond friendship. The scene after her attack when he was holding her in bed was a game changer – I think they could work. They’ve been through a lot together and I wouldn’t mind if this is where Shonda is taking them.

  38. nashieb says:

    Why would y’all even ask that question?!!! The image has me scared for life!!!

  39. pAloma says:

    Meredith and Alex what I always thought was the end game, right from episode one. And that makes me weird, but I have just always thought that.

  40. Magali says:

    Wow this is fun. TVline is so divided! I want them to end up together but I don’t see Alex being Mer first relationship after Derek. She’s probably going to end up dating the new guy while Jo and Alex run their course. But yes I can see Merlex being end game.

  41. A.F. says:

    No, no just no. Why can’t a guy and a girl just be friends?

  42. Tyra says:

    I say yes a 100% I mean they’ve been through so much together and they’re the last two of the original 5 and they really know each other has their been little moments before yes but now you see that there’s a lot more hints now that somethings going to happen soon.
    The one thing about shonda’s shows is that you expect the unexpected.

  43. xoxo says:

    I am very much on the fench on this… but I did see hints on it before this season, hell i was even sort of starting to expect it at the beginning of last season when Alex was there for her as her marriage started to fall apart… Where Alex sort of understood Mer in a way no one else did, including Derek, say what you want on the beloved McDreamy, he wasn’t very good at understanding Meredith, and he always put himself above her. Thought his career more important than hers, and expected her to put her life on hold for him. Alex has always seemed to get a side of Meredith Derek didn’t. And honestly remember the weird AU episode some seasons back Meredith was imaging herself engaged to Alex, though still ending up in a bar with Derek after finding out Alex cheated on her with Kepner. I can’t help but wonder if Alex was put there as her love interest in that episode for a reason. However I also love their friendship and don’t want it ruined for a romance that when doesn’t work out and ruin the friendship so they can’t be there for each other anymore. I used to like Jo and Jo and Alex. but the last season and a half Jo has been annoying me, and bitchy to no end. And i really hate describing a female character that way. But she has come off that way to me. So that also makes me confused.

  44. Mimi says:

    No! No! No! Umm…may–No! Final Answer!

  45. Shonda Fan says:

    100% agree with Cris and others in saying please don’t do it. I am tired of all media that purports that men and women can’t be friends (that one of the two is always in the friendship hoping for eventual sex\relationship from that person). I would never deny that certainly happens in various forms in the real world, but the opposite happens as well. Brother/Sister; best buddy, special person … it’s out there in the real world.
    I realize writers see this as a very dramatic turn they can exploit, because “it’s more interesting”. I don’t believe that to be true any more than I believe the media belief that happily married couples are boring (check out Madam Secretary) to see that being disproved in a fantastic way. (I love watching that relationship every week and it’s a huge part of why I watch the show at all.)
    As far as I’m concerned, turning friends into lovers 99% of the time is just formula writing. So no, for God’s sake, please leave the Meredith/Alex friendship be what it’s meant to be – two human beings who support each other (occasionally getting mad each other) as best friends do. There plenty of other characters who the writers can use that story line on.Come on Ms Rimes, You are the master or drama and I know you can make this friendship interesting without having them breaking up each other’s romances because they suddenly discover their love/lust for each other. PLEASE.

  46. Sara says:

    Ellen and Justin have amazing chemistry together and this season more than ever. Not only fans are seeing it but so many articles in the media, not just Tvline. Something Jolex lack of. No passion, no drama, no challenge-ing each other. Meredith and Alex have more chemistry – with Alex just comforting her in 12×09, than Jolex kissing and as a couple. Which is why Mer/Alex have so many shippers this season.

  47. Hell NO. If Alex and Meredith get together, I will actually, finally, DEFINITELY stop watching the show. Jo and Alex were great at the start, but they need to give that damn girl some better storylines, stat (or at least have her quit whining so much).

  48. Eran says:

    A world of no! It would be a slap in the face of the very notion of true friendship.