Grey's Anatomy Recap

Grey's Anatomy Recap: Heart to Heart

After a midseason premiere that was so stressful, it almost sent us to therapy along with Meredith, Grey’s Anatomy got back to business as (mostly) usual with “All I Want Is You.” But to whom did the title refer?

Since “The Sound of Silence” let slip that Jackson had served April with divorce papers, it seemed safe to assume that he wasn’t the “I,” and she wasn’t the “you.” Given last week’s — and, really, the winter finale’s — Alex/Jo cliffhanger, it could certainly have been them. Was it, though?

Read on, and we’ll solve this mystery together!

‘TERRIBLE THINGS HAPPEN EVERY DAY’ | In the aftermath of her attack and physical recovery, Meredith began seeing a hospital-mandated therapist. (Since she wasn’t widowed all that long ago, she was probably due for some couch time, anyway, right?) So, a bit of the episode cut back and forth between her day-to-day life and her meetings with her counselor.

In the former, Mer tried not to complain about the fact that Maggie, a mess of hovering good intentions, kept inviting their friends over as if she feared, were her half sis to be left alone for even a minute, she’d “explode or something.” Would she? No. “I’m a widow,” Mer noted to her shrink. “I’m good at [being alone].” Finally, reminded by her counselor that it’s okay to kick her pals out, Mer did exactly that.

Still, her therapist wasn’t entirely buying her assurances that she was fine. Though she pointed out that no one had died, and “any day when no one dies, that’s a good day,” he wondered why she was so angry. In time, she admitted that yeah, maybe she WAS pissed, because so many people in her life — her mother, Derek, Cristina — had done what she asked her pals to do and left her alone.

Later, the therapist pointed out that as a widow, Mer hadn’t really moved on — a widow is married to a dead guy. And Mer wasn’t exactly a widow anymore. So what was she? “I don’t know,” she admitted. At the end of their sessions, Mer told her shrink that she was fine when she came in and felt terrible now. “You’re really bad at this,” she cracked. So what does she do now? “The truth is,” he replied, “you can do anything you want.”

‘YOU’VE TURNED EVERYONE HERE AGAINST ME!’ | Awaiting the arrival of a patient experiencing burrito-related chest pains, Owen and Nathan argued so incessantly that when at last the ambulance pulled in, April was downright relieved. “Oh yay,” she quipped. “Someone’s hurt.” Nonetheless, the guys went right on fighting until, out of nowhere, the ambulance blew up! Was that what it would take for Bailey’s dream of the guys getting along to come true? Er, no. Even afterward, Owen and Nathan clashed, with Hunt going so far as to refuse to let Nathan treat a victim of the explosion. That night, April asked Riggs what happened between him and Owen but got nothing in the way of an answer.

‘I DON’T TALK ABOUT IT’ | Owen told Amelia that he was welcome to crash with her, but she turned him down, saying it was “not a good idea for my sobriety.” She did, however, agree to have dinner with him… which she then called off when he refused to open up to her. Finally, he confessed that he’d had a sister who loved Nathan. “He was with her the day that we lost her. He should’ve… ” he said, unable to finish the sentence. “But he didn’t.” In response, Amelia gently suggested that Owen’s sister “loved [Nathan] for a reason,” like Derek loved Mer for a reason. “So,” she concluded, “maybe he deserves another chance.” Some progress made, the on-again/off-again couple went for pizza.

The next day, during an OR emergency, Owen did the unthinkable and told April to page Nathan. Miraculously, they worked seamlessly together, saving the patient with a stunning synchronized performance that Bailey likened to “watching ballet.” Unfortunately, afterward, the guys went right back to yelling at each other.

‘YOU’RE FIRED’ | After meeting with a young cancer patient intrigued by the fact that Alex once made “buttholes for babies that didn’t have them,” Karev consulted with Callie and Jo, then ignored their daring suggestions to go for the safest option. “I’m disappointed in you,” the youngster told him, then canned him. Afterward, the girl paged Callie and Maggie, and hired them to take their “Terminator” approach to her surgery. Being the good guy that he is, Alex stood by the teen as she went into surgery and reassured her when she feared that she was going to die. He even made the tough call, supporting the girl, when Callie and Maggie’s approach ran into trouble mid-operation.

Meanwhile, Alex was being kept at arm’s length by Jo, who we learned via Mer’s sessions had neither accepted nor rejected his proposal. But why was Mer even talking about them in her sessions? “Are you in love with Alex?” the shrink asked Mer. “That’s funny,” she replied. Hanging with Ben, Penny and Stephanie, Jo admitted that she didn’t know if she wanted to marry Alex. “I can’t be trusted,” she added. Yet, at the end of the episode, she seemed sure enough of her feelings for Karev for kiss the hell out of him. (So presumably the “I” and “you” of “All I Want Is You” were Jo and Alex.)

‘ARE YOU GOOD?’ | In other twists of plot, Andrew got in hot water with Richard for getting texted so often — by Maggie, who was worried that he had been hurt in the ambulance explosion. (Aww.) Later, Webber — having no idea that DeLuca was seeing his daughter — surmised that the young doc had a date with a wildcat and warned, “You can’t tame a wildcat.” (Aww… kward… especially when Richard figured it out!) A distance seemed to be growing between Callie and Penny that Torres was blaming on Mer (at least according to Mer). However, as the hour ended, the duo were happily making out.

What do you hope Mer will decide she wants? Were you glad that Alex and Jo seemed to get it together? Hit the comments!

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  1. Al says:

    Really good Epsiode !
    Flashbacks killed me

  2. I wonder if Shonda is actually planning to go there with Alex & Mer. There was that moment with the therapist (as mentioned in the above recap) and then when Jo kissed Alex in the car at the end, Meredith got a funny look on her face–almost like it bothered her in a way she didn’t expect. Could this be the beginning of something? And if it is, I’m not sure how I feel about it. I used to like Jo/Alex, but I feel like it’s run its course. The relationship isn’t so much fun anymore. Jo has become so shrill.

    • Rose says:

      If that happens, I’ll be done with this show for good, completely and utterly. After throwing up all over the room. I feel like people feel that way about Alex/Jo because they haven’t even been given a chance, they’ve had ZERO screen time! And there is SO much unexplored potential there, it drives me crazy.

      Not to mention the fact that I feel like people who want this to happen, in all honesty, care only about Meredith and what it would give HER. Because why should Alex be reduced to nothing more than a consolation prize, a second choice because the true love of her life died? Doesn’t he deserve more than that, to explore his own big love? I think they’re relationship is so sibling like that taking it anywhere else would just be the height of contrived writing. Not to mention wrong on all levels

      • Traci says:

        I’m with you Rose, I’ve watched from episode 1 and if they go Alex & Mer its the end for me.

        I want to see more Jolex. I’m glad they are back together but I don’t like that we missed so much of what happened with them.

      • sharon says:

        Agreed,If it goes that way I’m done with the show.Mer needs a new man or Nathan is a possibly. Both have lost.

      • Brock says:

        Well said! I agree with everything you said here!

    • Dmc says:

      Same Jo and Alex have run their course. There isn’t anything there.

    • Natalie says:

      I serously cannot stand Jo anymore. The thought of ALEX and Mer bothered me before, but I’m warming up to the idea. Maggie has also become annoying to me. That relationship needs to end too.

      • Coconuts says:

        75% disagree. Jo is annoying however… Alex and Mer are like bro and sis and if Shonda puts them together… They is a good chance they might break up and their long term friendship would end along with it. NOT COOL! Oh yea.. And Maggie is the absolute best I need more MaLuca

  3. Marie says:

    Damn straight I’m glad about jolex!! Just pissed off we never get to see any proper resolutions to anything and just get told them through conversations through other people! I love the two of them so much. I also feel Jo is so unfairly misunderstood. Of course she feels she can’t be trusted, Alex is the first person in her life to ever love her! I cannot understand how people call her selfish either. she loves Alex so much but realised she deserves better than how he was treating her, so was willing to let him go. She tries to keep him at arms length but she loves him too much to do so, how can people possibly say she isn’t ‘good enough’ for him? That is just plain WRONG. I hope they get a proper focus now

    • Cheyanne says:

      I agree she stood by him from season 9 if you cab say so with the face of the hospital, season 10 with the situation with his father and comforting him with the death of his father, the love contract she signed when her career could have ended. Season 11 Meredith kicked her out of bed and didn’t complain! The board seat she stood by Alex! So how in the world is she selfish and Meredith treats her like crap! And I don’t recall Meredith ever being there for Alex as much as Jo is there for him! Meredith is slowly beginning to piss me off!!

  4. NM says:

    If Meredith and Alex get together, would that cause more of an uproar than Ted and Robyn? Biggest troll since Lost if this happens.

  5. dil says:

    loved the owen nathan scenes!

    and i have strongly ridiculed anyone whoever suggested that now that derek is dead, shonda is planning an alex meredith end game…i used to roll my eyes at that..that it is absurd…but after tonight…i am not so sure that they wont go there…especially with the last scene in the car…

  6. Tony says:

    That Owen /Riggs scene in the operating room was awesome and classic Greys.

    I like Jo and Alex together. I don’t know how I would feel about a Mer/Alex pairing. It’s intriguing and I think on paper, it would make sense for where both the characters are and how far they’ve come. But I also liked the idea of George and Izzie and that was a big case of “Be careful what you wish for”

    • sharon says:

      Alex would always be second choice for Mer.He needs to stay a friend (brother) She needs a totally new man in her life but not to soon.

  7. bro says:

    Where’s Arizona????

  8. Chris says:

    I never thought I’d say this but I think I’m actually rooting for an Alex/Meredith pairing.

    • NM says:

      I am too just incase Izzie ever makes an appearance. Or Cristina. The shock value alone from any cast member, past or present would be hilarious.

      • Chris says:

        Oh God. Now I want to see it happen AND I want Sandra Oh back for at least one episode so we can see Cristina’s reaction. It would be priceless.

  9. Luli says:

    Can we keep the therapis?? Cause he was hilarious, and I loved him!

    So…. Meredith and Alex… I’m all for it! They way she laughed when the counselor asked her if she was in love with him, and then that look she had when Jo kissed him… I’m getting some vibes here.

    Those montages in Mer’s sessions made me miss Cristina A LOT. She needs to come back!

  10. I could go either way on MerLex. I never really thought about it before this season (for obvious reasons), but if the writers went there, I wouldn’t have a problem with it (since I am not a JoLex fan). But I am also not a MerLex shipper, so I don’t care if they never go there. I could see this going either way from the therapy session. If MerLex never happened, I think that Mer’s answer to the therapist’s question was to quash all ideas of that. But I could also see that Mer’s response was a “she doth protest too much” thing and was weirded out by being confronted with such a straightforward question, but the thought had crossed her mind.

    Overall, I really liked this episode. I did like the story with Alex’s patient. Some of the patients are hit or miss, but I really liked her, and was glad they didn’t kill her off during surgery. I liked Richard’s shocked face when he realized Maggie was screwing DeLuca and he likely remembered all that weird stuff he told DeLuca about wildcats. :)

  11. DarkDefender says:

    Loved the episode. So many feels this season! I do not think they are setting up Alex and Mer, but rather dispelling it. My gut tells me Mer might get her some McKiwi before the end of the season. If they can’t bring me a McAussie played by Simon Baker to romance Mer, than I’ll take Nathan for now.

    • Rebecca says:

      Agreed- as soon as Owen revealed the piece about his sister’s death, I thought, “oh, there’s their common bond- Mere and Riggs both had their great loves and find new love with each other afterwards because they understand and share that loss.”

  12. Kaliera says:

    I’ve always wanted Meredith and Alex! (Was never a fan of Meredith and Derek and hated Izzie and Alex). OTOH does Meredith really want to be sleeping with another of Addison’s exes?

  13. sosis says:

    I honestly can’t stand Amelia. She, once again, made someone else’s (Owen) story and sadness about HER.

    • Coconuts says:

      Actually she did not. What Amelia did is show something called empathy. She showed concerned and that she understood how he felt. She gave advice based on her own similar experience. And it actually worked out for a while. I was actually really proud of Amelia for doing that.

  14. Okay dude says:

    Has anyone ever noticed there are less than two, or at most, three degrees of sexeration between any two characters on the show? (Well, most). Really, think of ANY two characters (say, before Maggie and and the new interns). And excluding Richard and Bailey.

  15. XboxwidowNY says:

    Folks it is called “Grey’s” Anatomy right? So of course most of the plots are going to revolve around Meredith! Bring on Merlex! Jo has been portrayed as a whiny selfish brat, and just watching how sweet and caring he was with Mer in last weeks episode was awesome!

  16. Klm says:

    This is more about the review than the show, but clearly “all I want is you” refers
    Fo Meeedith wanting everyone who has left her. Has nothing to do with couples.
    That said, Alex and Mer, just no. They’re like siblings.

  17. Coconuts says:

    Let’s be honest here people… You want to throw Alex and Meredith to the wolves? eager to see if they make it out alive? Risk a longterm friendship? What is this incest that you seek?

    I think it’s a horrible idea. Just because Meredith has a supportive longterm male friend… She should have sex with him? Why?

    There are so many other guys out there…

  18. Rae says:

    I didn’t see the last scene as Meredith thinking of Alex. The therapist eventually was stating that Meredith can move on. To me, move on from Derek. The end scene, to me, when she saw Jo & Alex kiss, it seems she is thinking she move on in a romantic way. That’s what she is wanting. I think Shonda is going to put Mer and Riggs together. That’s what I’m hoping! I have never thought of Alex and Mer as anything but friends who understand each other. Mer and Riggs shared one elevator scene together last fall. I remember Mer told him she was on Owen’s side. I could see some chemistry and I could see it going there. Enough time has passed with Derek’s passing so I think by season end it is headed there.

  19. Mara says:

    Penny needs to go.

  20. Joscelyn says:

    I used to like Jo and Alex but after a moment/glance at Maggie when she was dating that other guy last season I liked the idea of those two together. She can pull more of a more mature Alex out, I feel like Jo is still too young/needs the healing Alex has gone through between childhood and Izzie and She pulls him down emotionally.

    Alex and Mer are too much like brother/sister I really hope they don’t go there. It will be an Izzie/George situation all over again.

  21. Anna says:

    Alex, how do yo make me love so much??? AH, he’s the cutest.

  22. Phaka2 says:

    Alex/Mer is not good. Nothing wrong with a widowed mother of three focusing on her children and work. The incestuous nature of the hospital tends to be overwhelming.

  23. Laura says:

    Jo is boring and arrogant, I think Meridith needs Alex. What better than to be in a relationship with your best friend. I hope Meridith and Alex get together…. I have also watched from first episode, I think it’s what she and he needs

  24. EM says:

    I think Alex and Jo need a break for awhile. Jo needs to figure out what she wants. For now it doesn’t look like marriage and that’s okay. They can still be together. Mer was the same way with Derek for a long time before they had the post it and the actual marriage. On the fence with Alex and Mer. If they go there I’d rather it was in the series finale. Mer needs to remember how that worked out with her good friend George.