American Idol Semifinal Results Recap (Week 2): No Fault in Our All-Stars

Turning on American Idol to find Haley Reinhart, David Cook and Jordin Sparks was, for this Idoloonie, like walking down to the corner pharmacy and spotting a unicorn in the shampoo aisle. Adding Chris Daughtry, Kellie Pickler and even Constantine Maroulis to the All-Star mix, and it was like I’d found that unicorn tossing a bottle of Pantene Pro-V back and forth with a pegasus.

You could take from the above paragraph that I spend altogether too much time with visions of mystical four-legged creatures galloping around in my head. But it’s also my way of saying that it would’ve been damn near impossible to spoil my Idol buzz at the end of Thursday’s two-hour telecast.

Sadly, though, it wasn’t for lack of trying on the part of the show’s judges and producers!

First, we had to endure J.Lo’s revisionist history about how back in Season 10, she and her fellow judges were certain Haley Reinhart would win — even though Jenny From the Block did everything short of throwing eye of newt into a bubbling cauldron during every results show in an effort to thwart the eventual third-place finisher’s chances. (Also, remember when Randy said his favorite performer of the night was… everyone except for Haley!? Good times!)

The bigger problem, however, was the fact that for the second straight week, viewers were left with our hands tied behind our backs, while the judges were given total control of cutting five of this week’s 12 performers.

Bafflingly, three of the contestants who struggled the most with pitch during their solo and duet rounds — Tristan McIntosh, Jenn Blosil and Lee Jean — advanced, while vocalists who clearly outperformed them (Shelbie Z, Amelia Eishenhauer) were unceremoniously dumped just so producers could continue the narratives in which they’d invested way back in the audition rounds.

Hey, never let actual musical performances get in the way of a good story arc, right?

Anyhow, I have to skedaddle to recap How to Get Away With Murder, so let me offer my letter grades for the episode’s duets — then get to the business of results.

Letter Grades (for Contestants — Not All-Stars)
Amelia Eisenhauer (with All-Star Kellie Pickler), “Suds in the Bucket” — Grade: B+
Kory Wheeler (with All-Star Haley Reinhart), “Bennie and the Jets” — Grade: B+
Lee Jean (with All-Star Chris Daughtry), “Home” — Grade: C+
CJ Johnson (with All-Star David Cook), “The World I Know” — Grade: C+
Manny Torres (with All-Star Jordin Sparks), “No Air” — Grade: B-
Jenn Blosil (with All-Star Constantine Maroulis), “My Funny Valentine” — Grade: B-
Tristan McIntosh (with All-Star Kellie Pickler), “Best Days of Your Life” — Grade: C+
Olivia Rox (with All-Star David Cook), “Light On” — Grade: B+
Adam Lasher (with All-Star Haley Reinhart), “Can’t Help Falling in Love” — Grade: B
Dalton Rapattoni (with All-Star Chris Daughtry) “Higher Ground” — Grade: B
Trent Harmon (with All-Star Jordin Sparks), “To Love Somebody” — Grade: B+
Shelbie Z (with All-Star Constantine Maroulis), “Bohemian Rhapsody” — Grade: A-

Advancing to the Top 14 (By Judges’ Decision Alone)
Lee Jean
Olivia Rox
Jenn Blosil
Dalton Rapattoni
Manny Torres
Tristan McIntosh
Trent Harmon

Adam Lasher
Shelbie Z
Kory Wheeler
Amelia Eisenhauer
CJ Johnson

Biggest Outrage
Tristan over Shelbie

Runner-Up for Biggest Outrage
Lee over Amelia

Your turn. What did you think of Week 2 of the Season 15 semifinal results? What were your favorite duets? Vote in our poll below, then hit the comments to expand on your thoughts!

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  1. Kaba says:

    Amelia really wasn’t all that to the talk about, imo.
    Dunno where’s the outrage over Shelbie getting ditched for Tristan considering we saw this happening the moment we figured out the top 24.
    Nothing about tonight was particularly surprising. The least buzz contestants got the boot tonight. It’s bound to happen considering how little control America is allowed to have at the time being.

    • analythinker says:

      It’s still an outrage, though, because we never learned not to hope that TPTB would do right by the contestants who perform well.

      • Kaba says:

        I learned that to a full 100% after watching Quentin last season.
        I give up on trying to have faith in fair treatment on a show that regularly picks and chooses its contestants based on means outside of their actual performance.

        • analythinker says:

          Well, reality shows have handpicked casts, for a number of reasons. This time, I believe some of the contestants getting through who got me scratching ma head are there as a means to give room for the actual favorites to advance.

          • Alan Dvorkis says:

            Again, I am in total agreement. I was so pissed about the manipulation tonight, that I am reading comments here for the first time this year. You have been spot on with all. Cheers.

        • JMay says:

          I gave up on that years ago.

  2. Kayk says:

    Haley was exquisite, the highlight of the evening!
    Loved her with Adam Lasher, too!

    • Deb says:

      Ditto! Haley’s one of my all-time favourite Idol contestants! And Adam Lasher is too good for this show! If he were 10 years younger and half as talented, he would fit right in!

      • Somebody says:

        I’m not sure how anybody could say that after what he did tonight with Haley Reinhart. In my opinion, the chasm in talent between those two was kinda embarrassing (for him), and I say that as somebody who was never even Haley’s biggest fan. One of the people up there was a singer, and the other was just a dude who could hold a tune.

        • Alan Dvorkis says:

          Correct, she exposed all the flaws in his voice.

          • Ani says:

            Agreed. And why didn’t he seem to be singing to the lovely Haley? I couldn’t believe the judges said they”seemed to be falling in love right up there on stage.” Not on my tv! Haley did her part, but Adam was MIA.

          • fanfan says:

            I thought that Haley outperformed Adam and Kory as well. Especially with Adam when he sang I hoped he would stop so I could listen to Haley. And the way he didn’t look to Haley when he was singing “I can’t help falling in love with you”. Part of the performance is being convincing, make the viewer believe the lyrics.
            Kellie Pickler was very endearing, Jordin Sparx gave such great advice to Trent, but I’m not sure I liked the song. David cook and Chris daughtry were amazing as well. Shelby should have gone through, after Olivia rox she was the one I liked.

          • Ben says:

            Kelly and Jordin were the only ones that indeed help their pupils, and even when some of their duets didn’t work well they give good advices. I find really surprising that nobody talk about how awkward and cold was David cook with his coaching and how futil were Daughtry and Haley in his duets (both of them are awesome but fail into make shine their pupils). I still don’t understand the judges/producers picks… senseless given the poor performances of this week shows.

        • Erica says:

          He did seem like he was falling in love with her though! There’s a kind of tentative sweetness about it, like he couldn’t believe his luck. But LOL at that point where they were both about to sing “take my whole life TOO” and Adam couldn’t match her last note and kinda just smiled sheepishly.

          • I was hoping someone else noticed that moment. But IMO he gave her a WTF look, like I would give my husband if I found him eating the last candy bar that I’d hidden from the kids since Halloween! Weren’t the stars there to help the contestants look good? All Haley did was self-promote her new single!

          • Angelica says:

            actually RYAN was the one who mentioned the single, unlike with Constantine who was self pimping

          • HTGR says:

            @Annetta – yeesh, that sure is a catty take on things and believe me it’s well mistaken
            (and not even logical since every returning contestant tried their best when they sang and they all did a song from the past and one relevant for the present)

    • Rob says:

      Haley was stunning. I totally agree. Isn’t it just like Idol to make her the ONLY alum who didn’t get a contestant put through tonight?

      • AlyB says:

        They always do something to undermine her. They knew who was going through. Last week every alum had 1 winner & 1 that got cut. They did that to her on purpose. Now they did say glowing things about her voice but that just made everyone remember just how hateful JLo was to her during the actual competition. Haley has a really loyal fan base that adores her. You’d think after all this time, Idol would treat her better.

        • Erica says:

          And did you notice how she got shoo’d off the stage so much faster than all the other alums? She got like 5 words in before it’s See ya, Haley.

        • Mary says:

          OMG guys come on, did they know who was going through sure, but actually it made Haley shine more. Who do you thing they should of paired her with? Both of those guys should have been sent home so wasn’t upset.

        • Lyn says:

          Apparently Haley is a polarizing person and the judges feel about her as I do while Michael feels just the opposite. I’d forgotten just how much I dislike her until last night.

          • ChrissieK says:

            Amen. Haley never did it for me and still till this day I do not know what all the big fuss is about her. She’s pretty, yes, but I found Kelly and Jordin to surpass her with their pipes. Amelia was the one who got shortchanged…I was very surprised she was sent home. I suppose they need a couple of weak ones that they can eliminate with no problem as the time goes on. I found it very interesting in that last week the solos were good but the duets were nothing for Mr. Slezak to bother himself about; this week was totally the opposite. David Cook, it appeared to me, did not like CJ at all…did anyone catch that?

          • Buffy0531 says:

            I agree with you Lyn. She and her constant growling during her season drove me insane. Having said that, I also despised how the judges treated her. There did not seem to be any effort to be objective. Those who are now screaming about a conspiracy to further attack her are taking things a little far. She helped Kory improves, Adam, unfortunately looked like a deer caught in the headlights. Would Haley’s fans want them put through just because she was their partner?

            As for these duets, and the point has been made before, it’s far too early in the season for this. If they didn’t want to do this season well, they should just have finished it last May. It’s far too rushed, and I think given the revenue the show has brought to Fox, I feel they should have given it a proper farewell, rather than this rushed mess.

          • Luke says:

            How the heck is she polarizing? That just makes me laugh because no one has ever backed that up with reasons. Someone above was so right to say she has a loyal fan base. Anytime she comes to Chicago I have seen her – most recently with Postmodern Jukebox – and she is always the highlight of the show, with the crowd going crazy for her. It’s such a shame that her album wasn’t supported or promoted properly by Idol – cause it is so strong. There are songs that could’ve been hits for her if the Idol machine had cared. So I’m so glad she has this success – Idol wouldn’t have invited her back without that.

          • Red says:

            Polarizing in that she divided the viewers into two groups = love her or hate her. Same thing happened with Pia Toscano, Jenna Irene, Jessica Sanchez and Crystal Bowersox.

          • Mark says:


            In other words, polarizing to the extent that she had far too much talent for people paying attention to ignore but people who think some other characteristic mattered more preferred someone else instead.

            Got it, thanks for clarifying.

          • HTGR says:

            The thing is SHE wasn’t polarizing. The thing that was polarizing was the script and edit that Nigel used. He purposefully tried to go for polarizing. The sad shock, is that a few, even when presented tonight with ALL the evidence to the contrary are still trotting out some of the same sad catty things Nigel’s edits tried to stir up in some. But I think that just says more about the people still clinging to catty thoughts and who they are than it does about anything else.
            Heck your comment is not even objectively correct! The judges were flat out bending over backwards to praise her tonight and you actually post that the judges highly dislike her just as you do and unlike Michael. I mean wow, we are not even talking subjective opinion here. It’s simply a flat out lie to claim the judges were with you tonight. Is it possible for someone to be THAT warped by cattiness that they can no longer even process basic facts? Sadly, I guess so.
            And on the subjective front, what the heck did she do tonight that came across the least bit objectionable? She was funny, sweet, nice. Her partners said they had a blast and loved working with her. I mean wow. There wasn’t even a b edit from Nigel tonight to trick you into thinking such stuff. What were you seeing? LOL.

        • JayNC says:

          I love Haley, but I thought she had on too much makeup and did not like her goofy hats. She is too pretty and talented to resort to gimmicks.

          • LG says:

            Agreed! She doesn’t need all of the eyeliner. She’s plenty hot without it. Voice is still awesome. Also, I totally agree with the comment above regarding CJ and David Cook – zero chemistry. Would like to see the unedited feed of that mentoring session.

          • darcy the slutty twin says:

            She certainly seemed to have troweled on the makeup. She looked like a drag queen when she sang “Can’t Help Falling In Love.” And when did she start talking in a baby-girl voice? With that said, “Can’t Help Falling In Love” was my favorite duet of the night. The sound that Haley made when she sang “too,” was certainly music to my ears.

        • HTGR says:

          Hmm I don’t think they were undermining her at all. If they hadn’t praised how well she did and were all like how she couldn’t keep up with her pairings then you’d have had a case. But this was the opposite of that, if anything.
          Now maybe you could say they paired her with who they figured wasn’t going through and they did in a sense since they probably had a good suspicion, but you can’t say the pairings with her didn’t make sense or that the ones she was paired with were not ones who seemed to appreciate her a lot.
          You could see she felt a little bad with neither of hers getting through, but I don’t think it was some plot against her at all. The pairings didn’t make her look bad, they seemed sensible especially given the songs they’d be doing, at least of the contestants she was paired with seemed like her was her #1 fan.

      • Thats because she sucks

      • Angelica says:

        its amazing how people see what they want to see. haley wasn’t shooed off the stage, in fact, ryan complimented her genuinely after both duets saying “really good, really pretty,” stuff of that nature. and he mentioned her single being on the radio. plus Keith and harry obviously loved her style, groove, and skillful singing. even jlo was complimentary and sounded happy about it. sure jlo was rude during season 10, but only because she was a bit jelly of haley’s captivating talent AND because she got the green light from the producers to bus her, imo. but now, she seems to have respect for her charisma. anyway, it does suck that both her contestants went home, but idk who else would have sung Bennie but Kory and Adam made sense for Falling in Love too.

        • Buffy0531 says:

          Thank you Angelica, for injecting some reason into this! Keith and Harry were very complimentary, though JLo’s praise was a little hard to believe given how she treated her during her season. Idol has never really promoted the non-winners’ albums, heck, sometimes they don’t seem to have promoted the winners’! (Caleb, Candace etc.). Haley’s fans have never seemed to accept that some of us found her grating, and the constant growling annoying. I know I did, but didn’t like how the judges treated her. Her partners didn’t go through because they hadn’t been quite good enough both the night before and during the duets.

          All that being said, I would have kept Amelia over Tristan. I’m not sure what the producers are trying to set up here, but anyone who thinks the judges had final say over any of these is fooling themselves. Fox is also letting fans of the show down. This is the final season of a ratings juggernaut, that has brought them so much revenue. The breakneck speed that they are putting this season on is an insult.

    • Tom22 says:

      I really enjoyed the show tonight. I wish idol had done this alum thing in past seasons too. There are so many technical things they’ve got right finally. The Judges have far more insightful ways of giving praise or moderate criticism….far more easy to listen to. The camera work is so much better than the last 2 years. The sound has been great the first 4 episodes so, combined with the arrangements, I could always hear the singers while enjoying the quality of the songs enhanced by good accompaniment. The singers seemed prepared for what they were singing (whether or not they were super good at it.. but even the best seasons it was rare to have more than a handful singing great out of the top 24). They eliminated the stupid chair thing from last season that left the singers less prepared than they could be last night.
      And yes, what a beautiful voice Haley has! Could we have her come back one more time to do a duet with Harry Connick sometime before the season is out! (common Harry… push for it! : ) ) How about “It had to be You” ?

      • PSCali says:

        Definitely my favorite show episode so far this season. I agree with you that getting rid of last seasons chairs was a good plan. Glad that Executive Producer Nigel Lythgoe left a couple years back. It does seem like the camerawork is better and there are some fresh ideas.

    • brandie says:

      I think chris daughtry and constatine did those songs for their own benefit. Conctatine hurt shelbie with that song that he wanted to do. And as for haley rhinehart, she sucks anyway. I never liked her back then and dont like her now. She is just kareoke.

    • brandie says:

      Haley sucked. Never liked her then and dont like her now. Her voice is one you hear at a local bar.

    • Haley sucked. Her voice is one you would hear at a local bar.

      • Emma says:

        I was over the moon excited knowing I was going to see Haley on Idol again, but I also knew there would be a few mean-spirited, non-nonsensical comments like this pop up. Oh well, after seeing how incredible she did last night and seeing her single and album shoot up the charts, nothing could bring me down. Not even a nasty, unnecessary and unwarranted comment like yours. Haley did a tremendous job last night, and in fact her voice is one you currently hear on the radio and television, thank you very much!

        • Lking says:

          I also think she nailed it last night and is extremely talented. She will have a long career in the music business

        • Gordon says:

          All the haters really need to do is listen to her performances with Postmodern Jukebox, hate on her as an Idol contestant if you want, but her professional work since is undeniable….and don’t get me started with Casey Abrams, still one of my favorite Idol alums of all time.

          • MC says:

            Music is very subjective. It’s possible to recognize that someone has great technical ability, but still not love the end result. I feel that way when I hear Haley or Xtina, among others. The only time I loved Haley was on HOTRS. Casey, however, was delightful. My favorite moments from that season were mainly from Casey.

    • Gailer says:

      I finally see why Michael slezak is the way he is about her. Ha Honestly, I didn’t remember much about her. I think it was because I was tuning out her season that became country idol. She was fantastic last night. Good for her!

  3. volcfom says:

    Who’s ready for 7 more weeks of Star Search 2.0?

    Also, there are so many JLo/Haley moments that should be added to Reality Check, or at least gif’d!

  4. Kayk says:

    And my favorite of this season Dalton had another great week!

  5. Spitey Spice says:

    Michael, I’m sure you noticed that Haley was the only all-star paired with two artists who didn’t advance… J.Lo can revise history all she wants, but it looks like Haley’s still getting the short end!

      • Emma says:

        Not only that but both Adam and Kory were montaged during the top 24 reveal episode! LOL. I can’t be mad tho because I was so excited to see Haley on Idol again. And she was awesome!!!!!

    • Andres says:

      You have to remember that haley wasn’t a production favorite to start with. She was lovely wonder what ed shear song Lee will sing next

    • Heidil says:

      That’s because compared to Haley no one sounds good. Her voice is SO incredibly beautiful and so is she.

    • HeartMN says:

      Unfortunately, she embodies the song she sings….in her tone, movement, phrasing….she tried to impart this to her contestants, but she outshone them. It just highlighted how luxurious her tone, voice, movement….everything …..they were pale in comparison.I like Adam, but he was stiff, and Cory failed in his phrasing ability. She is an amazing singer!

      • Erica says:

        I feel like you’ve got to put the best vocalists (La’Porsha, Trent) with Haley or she’s going to sink them, and production definitely didn’t want to make the comparison between Haley and say, Tristan or Dalton. Can you imagine Dalton singing opposite of Haley??

        I think Haley’s duet with Kory was….rough, because he just wasn’t matching her vocally. Whenever they sang together his voice just completely disappeared. At least Adam held out for a bit.

  6. Owen says:

    So THIS is why the producers let the judges pick. They must know how weak some of their established favorites are and wanted to give them enough time to bake. Isn’t happening though. And even when (if?) America votes off Lee and Tristan next week, I think the judges have a wildcard that will bring them back.

    • Mary says:

      Next week will be a blood bath. The judges pick 8 for the top ten and America only has two picks. TCO will be put through because they won’t be taking any chances. With a short season there won’t be anytime for a wildcard, if fact I think it is double elimination.
      People have to be diligent in voting for their favorite and actually not split votes. Should be interesting.

      • Luke says:

        I didn’t know the public only picks TWO?! So obvious the show wants to decide who will make the most money for them. I frankly don’t see a big star out of this group. The girl who was let go early – forgetting her name – AAARGH! – I hope she kills on The Voice.

  7. Glad Jenn was a bit better tonight. As was Amelia, but I’m not too cut up over her getting cut. Haley was beautiful. I will always love that girls voice. Some serious side eying from JLo whenever Haley was on

  8. Twisted says:

    Actually, they did it again! Haley was the only all-star out of the 12 who did not see either of her contestants advance.

    I do not believe in coincidences!

  9. Owen says:

    Oh, and NEVER sing “My Funny Valentine” in front of Harry. Remember when he was a mentor Season 12 and decimated poor Amber Holcolm when she attempted to perform it without really understanding the lyrics?

    • marie says:

      I’d forgotten that. I actually really enjoyed Jenn and Constantine’s performance of the song. Not at all a “shouting match”!

      • HeartMN says:

        I agree!

      • darcy's evil twin says:

        Honestly, I had to listen to it three times because I seriously don’t care for Jenn’s voice. But by the third time I listened I decided yes, this is quite good and Constantine, who sounds amazing, brought out the best in her.

    • Logan says:

      No one should sing My Funny Valentine after Melinda… Slezak will undoubtly mention it in Reality Check, but I’ll say it anyway.

    • Don B says:

      Only people who know the background of the composer – Lorenz Hart – would understand the lyrics. If HCJ understands the lyrics, he is hiding that understanding from America or doesn’t care to share.

    • Gailer says:

      I was surprised to see Constantine back on show after his legal troubles, his voice was stronger than ever , very good for Broadway. I think every girl had a crush on him back in his season

    • Harry wasn’t on that season 12. But I love Amber Holcomb for sure. It was either Randy Jackson or Steven Tyler for male judges that season

  10. Angie_Overrated says:

    I would swap Jenn for Tristan in your outrage blurb. Jenn over Shelbie is in fact an outrage. Although to be fair, Tristan over Shelbie is also an outrage.

    • Jasper says:

      I’m willing to give Jenn another shot, but she has got to step it up. I won’t be surprised if Tristan is the next one to go. Really pleased with Trent this week, along with Dalton and Olivia.

      • Lyn says:

        Really/ I’ve been meh about Trent until last night when he got all spastic and constipated with hemorrhoids singing with Jordin. He looked like he was in agony and not in a romantic way. IMO He’s overrated.

    • analythinker says:

      I’m with Jasper, I’m willing to give Jenn one more shot, BUT she has to take it seriously and not let her affectations steer her away from the correct pitch!

    • Rumple says:

      Sorry…but Shelby did not deliver in her duet with Constantine. Her rendition was more red-neck rhapsody. Sorry, but it was bad. Giving her performance an A-…you have to be out of your mind!!!! That said, with the right song choice, Shelby is an excellent singer…I’ll admit it. Doing the wrong song will get you bounced…sorry Shelby.

      I like Tristan and I won’t apologize for it. Yeah, she needs a lot of polish. But she has fabulous potential. I want to her to have that chance, so I’ll be voting for her to continue in the competition. If she doesn’t up her game, she won’t last…but she’s a lot better than either MacKenzie or Tommy. How did they make the final 14?

      • Angie_Overrated says:

        It might no have been Shelbie’s most stellar vocal because it was the right song for her partner yet the wrong song for her, but she can sing in key and do so well. Jenn and Tristan are both hot messes no matter how you slice it.

        • Rumple says:

          Okay, I’ll give you Shelbie does a better job of singing in key…but singing is key is so overrated! Haaaaaaaaaa. And Tristan may be a hot mess….but at least she’s HOT!

          • Shazza says:

            Sad but true!

          • analythinker says:

            And that is precisely why the music industry is how it is right now, because of people who appreciate hotness more than vocal abilities.

          • Michael H. says:

            Did I just read that correctly? Singing in key is overrated? We’re on a competition where you are judged to be the next American idol, the next big music star. I think that singing in key is kinda crucial to the whole process. In all 15 previous seasons, we’ve had winners who can at least sing in key and tune, so I’d like to keep that record going.

        • Timmah says:

          I like how the judges blamed her for the song choice too, when obviously all of the songs were chosen to highlight the returning idols.

      • Linda says:

        Yeah, the Constantine/Shelbie duet was a hot mess. First of all, that edit of Bo Rhap was choppy and lost the arc of the song. And neither singer sounded great. I think their voices just didn’t work together.
        That said, I still think Shelbie deserved to advance over Tristan, who was one of the weakest of both nights this week.

    • analythinker says:

      Curious though, who’s the best alum there, in your opinion? Including the ones from last week.

      • Angie_Overrated says:

        I liked several of them: Haley, Jordin, Fantasia, Daughtry, Lauren. My preference would be for one of the first three, but I enjoyed all of them.

        • analythinker says:

          David Cook, always. I could tell you a thousand things I like about him, but not going to, heh. I’d just say he’s very admirable. I think Haley’s found her niche. I like Daughtry too. You know big voices are never my favorite, except Melinda’s :)

      • Janie says:

        David Cook is my all time favorite idol and in fact one of favorite singers of all time….behind him I love Constantine, Adam Lambert and Daughter. I used to love Bo Bice but he has gone too country for me

      • Mary says:

        I think they all did well but I was really impressed with Kelly Pickler. I think she tried to pull out things to help the newbies shine. Wasn’t perfect with Tristian but man I thought she really helped Amelia

    • Alan Dvorkis says:

      Could not agree more

      • Alan Dvorkis says:

        Could not agree more Shelby was way better than either Jenn or Tristan who did not sing either song this week in tune.

  11. KateFaulkner27 says:

    Can I just say how happy I was to see David Cook on TV again? Because I about died. Unicorns is right! I was “looking for that magic rainbow” and I found it!!!

  12. Cindy says:

    Tired of the judges cuts. Don’t get some of their decisions for this final season.

  13. Andres says:

    A lot of people with potential like cj and shelbie and the people who have the least potential move on. For a final season, it starting to go down hill. Rooting for Manny Oliva Harry potter and avalon

  14. karenb says:

    There was a collective gasp in my house the second Haley opened her mouth to sing “Can’t help falling in love.” The girl is insanely talented and her voice is just beautiful. My two daughters and I have been Haley fans since day one. Perfection!

  15. marie says:

    Really? You give Shelbie and Constantine’s “Bohemian Rhapsody” your highest letter grade? I thought it was a train wreck. But I think the producers positively HEAVED poor Shelbie under the bus with that assignment. They wanted her gone, and with that song choice, they pounded the last nail into the coffin.
    I knew I wouldn’t have to point out JLo’s duplicity re Haley. She even made a point of smiling at Haley and saying hi both times when she left the stage! Give me a break.

    • Somebody says:

      That baffled me, as well. I’m not sure I’d go so far as to say “train wreck”, but…well…maybe I would. She just seemed out of place up there. I was glad when the judges said that, because I had been thinking the same thing. It just didn’t work in my opinion.

      • Alan Dvorkis says:

        She had no choice with that song. It is an absurd song to duet, never mind with a country singer as half the duet. She was thrown under the bus. Tristan butchered both songs this week. It is all who they want. It is sad that screw with peoples lives. Sad sad sad

        • Angie_Overrated says:

          Alan, you hit the nail on the head, my friend.

        • Miscellaneopolan says:

          See, I don’t buy the line about Shelbie not being suited for Bohemian Rhapsody. She’s a country singer, but country and rock often intermingle, and she did a great job with “Barracuda” by Heart on one of her solo rounds. Yes, it’s not a great song to duet on, but she certainly out-sang Lee and Tristan.

          • Rumple says:

            All the talk about Bohemian Rhapsody not being a great song to duet on…maybe so, but Constantine rocked his portion just fine. When Shelbie sang her lines….it was bad…BAD. She sucked the life out of the song. It was dead. And I don’t care if her pitch was better than Tristan…at least Tristan sang with some passion and life.

            that said, I totally agree that Shelbie was better than Lee. I do not get the judges love of Lee. Maybe there are some songs he can do well on, but not his duet. That was pathetic.

          • MC says:

            Exactly. They could have kept Shelbie if they were truly keeping open minds about the eliminations. However, the comments from the judges were pre-scripted (because they knew Constantine would kill it on BR) and would have been exactly the same no matter how Shelbie performed.

        • Somebody says:

          Yeah, I mean…I don’t disagree. I didn’t really mean to denigrate Shelbie’s talent. Obviously, she can sing. But Bohemian Rhapsody didn’t do her any favors. I don’t know if it harmed her, really (I think she was already fated to get dropped tonight), but I thought it was odd to see Michael rate it best of the night.

          • Lyn says:

            Am I the only one who picked up on Shelbie’s stank face off & on throughout the competition? She gives off a mean girl vibe, and seems overbearing.

    • Rumple says:

      Totally agree with your train wreck comment. Actually, I was shocked that the judges all agreed. I guess I was dreamin….I thought they wanted to keep Shelby and would overlook her performance. Obviously not.

    • Ashley says:

      Agree that it wasn’t the best song but Shelby was still better than most of the other duets. Most of the other contestants were totally outshone by the alums they were paired with (expecially those paired with Haley, Kellie, & Daughtry).

  16. I can’t believe Adam and Kory didn’t advance. They are going for *unique* instead of talented this season, IMO.

    • Timmah says:

      They are going for embryos.

      • Lisa G says:

        Yes. When they showed the final five leaving the stage only Amelia looked out of place…because she was a decade younger than everyone else looked. I would have dropped Manny and Tristan and kept CJ and Kory. But we have to have a young female win, right? “This is a girls season.” They kept telling us. We just didn’t listen.

        • darcy the slutty twin says:

          I can’t believe they kicked out the real men like CJ and Adam and instead foisted upon us Lee Jean, Dalton Ratatoni and Thomas freakking Stringfellow! It is going to be a looooong season for me! I can’t believe they kicked CJ and Adam to the curb without even having them sing shirtless yet!

      • marie says:

        Timmah, HILARIOUS!

      • darcy's evil twin says:

        OH, Timmah that gets a Made Me Laugh! :-)

  17. SaraPo says:

    Trent, Olivia, Dalton and Mackenzie are my top picks this season. David Cook, Chris, and Hayley were all stellar tonight, totally lived up to my expectations. I thought it was really sweet how excited Chris got backstage when Dalton made the cut. From tonight’s cuts, I would sub Tristan and Lee with Adam and Shelbie, although I agree with another poster that Adam is too good for idol at this point, Shelbie too, I hated seeing how disappointed she was with the judges ridiculous critique of her duet. She deserved better than that.

    • Lking says:

      That may be the answer to MS A grade for Bo Rap to put in a dig at the judges for their mean critiques of Shelbie. Their remarks made me cringe and I though the song was a shouted train wreck!

  18. HeartMN says:

    Shelbie should try some Broadway – she is very theatrical. The judges did a terrible job trying to diminish her performance – you could see it in Keith’s eyes – he was a deer in the headlights not wanting to give the “canned” critique.

  19. jean williford says:

    No wonder this is the last year. Shelby Z eliminated. Oh so bad of the judges.

    • MC says:

      You took the words out of my mouth, but this is on par with most of the decisions from the last three seasons.

    • Lyn says:

      I don’t get that at all. Shelbie was awful. She can sing if you like the aggressive Gretchen Wilson type but she has zero visual appeal and “Video killed the radio star”.

      • Rebecca says:

        Totally agree. But also, after seeing BoRhap performed by Adam Lambert a zillion times, and Freddie M before him, I just can’t really watch anyone else do it. Constantine didn’t have the right emotion, and it’s waaaaay too long of a song to chop up like that. Really, really bad choice all around.

        • MC says:

          All the songs are chopped up on AI. BR, in particular, can never be performed properly on a show like this due to time limitations. Constantine performed it way back in season four. I like Constantine’s tone and I enjoyed his effort, but of course the incomparable Freddie originated it and the song was meant to be a metaphor for the gay experience. I always enjoy watching people trying to tackle BoRhap because it is such a demanding song and it reveals the strengths and weaknesses of any singer. Did you know that many professional singers refuse to sing it because they cannot supply the required vocal range?

          • Red says:

            BR can’t be performed entirely live at all. Even Queen resorts to a screen version of the multilayered vocals. I’ve seen it with Freddie, Paul Rogers and Adam.

  20. danin says:

    Amelia did much better tonight.. She&Kelly were fun! Thought Shelby did have deer in headlights look w/Constantine. And I enjoyed Jen/Bjork/Constantine’s sexual chemistry. Trent did some better tonight and so far I like him A lot..but he has too for improvement. The thing w/Tristan is her “gift” is still out of her control. The band sounded horrendous in Dalton/Daughtry.Who knew Daughtry was funny?! I really enjoyed spending time w/Cook..what an intelligent and thoughtful man.Jordin Sparks was a good mentor! And too Pickler.Sorry,Adam Lasher looked as if he had spine surgery.Toi bad he didn’t play guitar on Falling In Love,he’s a very good guitarist.. It was pretty though.Corey Wheeler is one of the most awkward performers.And not in an endearing way.Corey might have that highly intelligent yet socially awkward thing going on Poor Haley,saddled w/them both.

  21. Kay says:

    This just shows why American Idol is done. Last week showcased the bottom of the bunch, so we would have to have some bad performers to vote on. This week actually had the best of the bunch, but those best weren’t picked. Olivia, Amelia, Jenn, Manny and CJ should have all gone home. The producers are once more and for one final time, picking who they want produced by that idiot producer at the end of the season. JLo, Keith and Harry should be ashamed to be associated with the show, since they won’t say what they actually think, and only read the script handed to them by the producers. I’ve lost respect for the entire thing and people involved, if I ever had any.

    • Toba7 says:

      I agree, the judges are ashamed that they are sending talented people like Shelbie and Amelia home while keeping Tristan and the sowwy Jenn. That sleazy producer has an idea of who he wants to win so goodbye to really talented people. Reality TV so much more important than talent. If America had a chance to vote Jessica and Shelbie, Stephanie, maybe even James VIII would still be in the competition. Think back to the soulful musicianship of Alex Preston or Clark Beckham and think about the bland people who won! The judges are pawns. Too bad, they seem like fun and good people.

      • Susan Curry says:

        Alex Preston…wonder what he is doing.

        • Becky C says:

          He just released an album. The songs are sensational. Follow him on Twitter, he drops little breadcrumbs of the songs he’s working on. Still as talented as ever!

          • Kat says:

            OMG yay! Alex is my favorite from the most recent seasons and I’m upset that I never hear about him anymore. I wish he would get more mainstream attention, but I’m glad to hear he’s been working on music.

      • Rebecca says:

        He’s Taylor Swift’s producer, so there ya go. He doesn’t really care about quality, just what he thinks he can ‘sell’.

    • Gailer says:

      Its so sad what sell outs these judges are! Simon not coming back ruined the final season

  22. HeartMN says:

    Olivia really stood out to me tonight – she really sang well! I could see her going to the end.

    • MC says:

      I’m on the same page with you. I haven’t watched much of this season, but Olivia grabbed my attention tonight. She definitely impressed me.

  23. Ronnie says:

    Slezak, your comment about Thomas Stringfellow “treating the words as well as a Starbuck barista spells your name” is your funniest comment EVER!! So true and Hilarious!!

  24. Logan says:

    I was estatic to see Haley back. She did well, but her partners did not and deserved to be eliminated. Haley is amazing.

    Hey, Slezak, why are you so against Tristan? I really like her. Backstory aside, she still has an amazing voice, and I love her all the same. Go back to What Hurts the Most. That was one of the most beautiful covers Ive heard of that song. She may not have the stage presence to tackle Carrie yet, but that’ll come. And shes really good, especially at 15. The girls are amazing.

    • Alan Dvorkis says:

      She did not sing either song this week in tune.

      • Rumple says:

        Singing in tune all the time is way overrated ha. Hmmm…hate to tell you this, but Idol is not really a singing contest. It’s a star contest which does require the contestants to sing…a little.

        • Mary says:

          It use to be, that was one of the bragging rights. Contestants could actually sing live. Since we have new leadership it has become a frustrating shell of itself. I will agree you need more than a good voice, but that is a start.

        • daynamonet says:

          Singing in tune will NEVER EVER be overrated. And I’m saying this as someone who was a big Quentin supporter last season who struggled to sing in tune. Please stop acting like that’s not an important part of singing

  25. kevstar says:

    The only Idol finale I didn’t watch was the Country Idol finale. I hadn’t been so upset about the outcome since Kris won over Lambert. No offense to Kris. He was good, but he wasn’t Adam. Haley looked beautiful, too.

  26. Rochridge says:

    I usually save my tears for closer to the finals , but I’m so upset for Shelbie. Unreal, they pair her with Constantine( I was hoping she’d get Daughtry or Hailey ) then they say they can’t believe she did that instead of telling her Dang girl you did great!!

  27. jack says:

    Wonder why Idol does’t do a couple years of allstars?

    • Miscellaneopolan says:

      Wouldn’t that be great? I know they’ve talked about getting the winners together for an all-star season, but they couldn’t make it work logistically, probably because the winners are all really busy and can’t coordinate their schedules. But how about gathering a bunch of really talented contestants who for one reason or another never had huge success after the show? Can you image a season stacked with people like Haley Reinhart, Allison Iraheta, DeAndre Brackensick, Skylar Laine, and James Durbin? It’d be amazing!

  28. Mo says:

    It was sooooo fake, but when J.Lo said they thought Haley would win Season 10, I was just happy they finally gave her credit for once! I do wish someone had called her out, imagine the drama lol. It still makes me years later that Haley didn’t beat out Scotty and Lauren– she was the best part of tonight’s show

    • Rob says:

      Yeah and she was the only alum without a contestant going through. So obviously that was all for show. There’s still a weird, deep-down hatred for Haley from the producers and/or JLo.

      • Mo says:

        Didnt make that clear before but I totally agree. I was happy they gave her credit but it was totally negated in the end. I’ll never understand why they never liked her, she’s responsible for some of idols greatest moments!!

        • MC says:

          I’m reasonably sure they wanted a country finale because the resurgence in country music popularity was just beginning at that time. They thought Scottie and Lauren would have a better chance at commercial success. I never liked Scottie and Lauren much, but they did (and still do) have commercial appeal in their genre.

        • Lyn says:

          Don’t you remember all the comments during Haley’s year? Loads of people picking up on Haley’s attitude and ego. She was [like Pia] as hated by some as much as she was loved by others. People see what they see, that’s what makes horse races.

          • Emma says:

            She wouldn’t have made it all the way to 3rd place if that were true. But you are of course entitled to believe what ever you want. Doesn’t change the fact that Haley Reinhart is a beautiful human, inside and out, and a phenomenal vocalist. Cheers!

          • JayNC says:

            I remember, Lyn. She was quite controversial, especially in the beginning of her season when she came off as a bit stuck up. But she learned and continued to improve and won over more and more people. I still think she should have won.

          • HTGR says:

            I remember all the sneak edits, re-scripted re-shoots (and if you watched Chicago TV the local news crews actually filmed lots of different stuff than shown on TV, like when she was told her top three song what they showed on Idol was a faked up re-shoot, when that actually originally happened for real she was not all alone in a limo, but outside with fans inches away cheering her on and she was smiling, waving, etc. kept thanking them again and again for having come out despite the weather, etc.) and them telling lie after lie pushing her to the breaking point.
            Maybe you should’ve paid more attention to what her teachers and people at her school were saying at the time…. a rather different picture painted than that by Nigel.
            But some people just wanna be sheep and be led around and believe more in fantasy than reality.
            Oh and wanna hear more about how reality TV does things. Ages ago a pilot for a show with a lot of sports talk was being set up. And they brought in some journalists who did a lot of sports and while they were getting them ready they saw and overheard them bring a couple people from the audience into a little back room and were telling them now if you hear this guy start saying anything about so-and-so make sure to jump up and start screaming “you fool, that’s absurd. nobody believes that” and if this other guy says anything like blah blah make sure to stand up and call him out and really give him the business. And the journalists were wondering what in the heck that was about. Then when they were filming the pilot they spotted those two people in the audience! And then when the same trigger phrases ended up getting said by one of them those people jumped up and made a ruckuss It was all staged. All scripted! Even a sports talk show went so far to script the audience! Many of the journalists were like you gotta be kidding me and they quit and the show never ended up running.

    • Tom22 says:

      Hey… at least JLO said nice things, even if they weren’t exactly historically true. I wonder what idol producers make of the fan love for Haley on the forums where people who still watch and care to talk about their show gather?

    • Luke says:

      Seems obvious that JLo is trying to revise that evidence that she was Cruella Deville to Haley by being all complimentary. – Only a couple weeks ago she was unaware of Haley making that song popular again, when she declared how people were singing along. We see through you, Ms Lopez. (She looked like she was dressed as a schoolgirl last night- she’s 40ish)

      • Terry says:

        She wasn’t as bad as RandyJackass but ya for sure she was reading a script she didn’t write Thursday night. There was no way they thought Haley was going to win. Or if they did they were doing everything in their power to prevent it. smdh.

  29. Rob says:

    I’m so disappointed with this year’s top 14. Aside from a few standouts, they really packed the final season with weak singers and once again chose style over substance (Olivia), story (Lee Jean, Tristan, Gianna), cute teenage boys (Thomas), and whatever the hell Jeneve is. Shouldn’t the producers want their final season to be stacked with 14 people who could actually win? Just baffling to me.

    • Bad Idea says:

      Jeneve is quite the chameleon. She was looking Baroque while playing the harp one day… Singing out of half her mouth like Scotty while dressed as the cowgirl from Toy Story the next day. Perhaps next week Jeneve could sing Miley and stick her tongue out while dressed as a baby.

    • Toba7 says:

      Yes, you would hope that they would have kept the best singers! Oh well. Style over substance that’s the American way!

    • Gailer says:

      That’s why the show is canceled. They needed to get the original judges back, unlimited voting, the crazy message boards, etc

    • Ben says:

      +1… i was w8ting for a final season with talents that WOW me… but ’till now it haves been quite disappointing (i can’t stand anymore those unpolished high scholol talents that they force into the top 14). The worst part is that the judges are useless…this week the critics were out of place and the feedback was completely useless.

  30. Rob says:

    Also, the fact that the judges found nothing to critique in Tristan or Olivia’s performances but picked apart Shelbie Z’s performance to the bare bones was baffling to me as well. Tristan and Olivia’s performances were far from perfect tonight. I feel like the judges just criticized Shelbie because they knew they weren’t putting her through but needed a reason (more than we got for Jessica Cabral so I guess that’s a win?)

    • Rumple says:

      The judges weren’t totally in love with Tristan’s performance. They did dump on Shelbie, but I thought her performance deserved every negative comment they gave her. That said….I totally agree that she should never have been paired with Constantine for Rhapsody. It does seem like a conspiracy to get rid of a performer who deserved to make the finals over someone like Lee Jean. A much better song and partner would have given Shelbie an easy road to the finals.

      • Rob says:

        Right! Shelbie is a country singer with a rock edge. Not a rock singer with a country twang. And yet they somehow decided that she didn’t belong with Kellie Pickler??? Baffling.

      • Rob says:

        And also the fact that their main criticism was about song choice when I’m fairly certain that this week they had absolutely no say in whom they would be partnered with nor which song (based on the career/Idol all star moment of that person) they would sing. Not a fair criticism, IMO.

  31. Marie says:

    I wonder if James Durbin is still around and if he’ll be on this last season of AI. Sorry just thinking out loud.

  32. kevstar says:

    Best duet so far from me, was Jenn and Constantine. My, what an old fart Harry is. Valentine has been done by many different artists in many different ways. Happy Jenn advanced.

    • MC says:

      I was very happy that Constantine did so well. I always thought he was underrated and he has only improved over the years. The main reason I tuned in, however, was for the amazing Jordin Sparks. She’s a top five Idol for me. I love the tone of her voice and she’s also a great beauty. “No Air” is one of my favorite songs and it holds a special place in my heart because it represented such a special moment for Rachel/Finn.

    • BeckyC says:

      You have to understand where Harry comes from. His entire repertoire is composed of jazz and standards. That’s always been his “bread and butter”. His musical background is extensive in those areas and quite honestly, I think he’s probably the most skilled technical musician on the judging panel. So yep, many people have done that song in many ways, but to Harry, the old way is still the best way. Many people would agree. But in the end, it’s just his opinion – nothing more.

  33. Puchinsmom says:

    I forgot what a fantastic voice Daughtry has. When he sang “Home” tonight he blew me away. In that second song, Higher Ground, I could barely hear the vocals. The band was overpowering to me.
    Those alums were very giving and gracious mentors. You could see how much they cared about, and were pulling for their partners. I am not a country music fan, so Shelby hasn’t been my favorite, but I totally agree with Michael. She sounded great tonight.
    And I cracked up when Jennifer was telling her Haley story. Couldn’t wait to see what Michael would say about THAT! But I knew he’d say something!

  34. Jakay says:

    Wait, they called somebody from Idol past back to sing My Funny Valentine and it was not Melinda Doolittle??? WTH?

  35. guest says:

    I’m getting pretty tired of Slezak half-assing his Thursday recaps and announcing breathlessly that he has to dash off and recap ‘Murder’. If you like recapping ‘Murder’ so much more, get somebody else to do the Thursday ‘Idol’ recap. Perhaps Annie Barret.

    • Mary says:

      Wow did someone steal your candy today. Considering these duet shows are for nostalgic reasons, I think he did a great job highlighting the show. I imagine that many of the staff are responsible for more than one show. I recall many times that he post his initial thoughts and then comes back to update. There is always other sites if you don’t like the way this one is run. Some people just have to complain.

    • Timmah says:

      The point of the recaps is mostly to stimulate discussion which given that there are over 200 comments on here seems to have worked.

  36. TVAddict says:

    For just a few minutes, my two favorite Idols of all time (not named Kelly Clarkson) shared a stage together. There’s the duet I’d like to see. #Haley Reinhart #Allison Iraheta

  37. Miscellaneopolan says:

    Weird as some of the judges’ decisions were, I really enjoyed both of the duet episodes, if for no other reason than I got to see past Idols rocking it. And even though a lot of the contestants still gave iffy performances, they improved when paired with more experienced singers, and a lot of them looked to be enjoying themselves. These episodes were fun.
    Olivia Rox was the clear standout tonight. A handful of others didn’t embarrass themselves.
    I loved “Can’t Help Falling in Love With You,” even if Adam Lasher didn’t quite match Haley vocally. They had chemistry, and created a nice mood. Only Haley could come back five years later and have another Idol moment.
    Speaking of Haley, I KNEW Slezak would find a way to bring up the judges’ treatment of her in Season 10.
    I liked Jenn on “My Funny Valentine.” It wasn’t perfect, but she brought life to the lyrics, and dammit if her comment about googling how to flirt wasn’t adorable. I KNOW she sucked last night, but I just can’t be mad that she advanced! And of course Harry got touchy over how she and Constantine rearranged a standard.
    No way in hell did Lee Jean or Tristan McIntosh deserve to advance over Shelbie Z. “Bohemian Rhapsody” was a little awkward, but not nearly as bad as the judges made it out to be. Still, the producers love their fetuses. If Lee and/or Tristan actually make the top 10, I can’t see either of them lasting long.
    Sigh. The judges seem dead set against making this season a real horse race, which is consistent with how the last few seasons have gone. Here’re my predictions for the top 10:
    La’Porsha Renae: I’m not sure how marketable she is, but she gives thrilling vocals and there’s no way she isn’t going through after all the praise the judges have heaped on her.
    Avalon Young: She sings current songs in a fun, engaging way. The Top 10 needs her.
    Olivia Rox: Not only does she have a tremendous voice, but she seems to have a lot of control over it. She has the confidence and ease of a much more experienced contestant, but still has the youth the judges crave.
    Trent Harmon: He’s a bit of a face-puller, but he connects with the material and delivers impassioned, technically solid vocals. He deserves a spot.
    Mackenzie Bourg: I’m not a huge fan of his super-low-key style, but I recognize that he’s good at what he does. He’ll do nicely in the acoustic singer-songwriter slot.
    Sonika Vaid: She’s young, pretty, and sings in tune. That should be enough for the judges. She’ll do nicely in the ballad-singing diva slot.
    Dalton Rapattoni: I almost put him in the “made a good case for himself” category, because he has charisma and his vocals over the past two nights have been better than expected, but there’s still a lot of artifice about him. The judges adore him, though, so he’s definitely in.
    Thomas Stringfellow: Both Thomas and Dalton are advancing in part because of their aesthetics, but at least Dalton can back it up with some performing ability. Thomas is just…he’s just not good. He has a hip haircut, snappy suspenders, and a lot off vocal problems. C’mon, judges: let Dalton satisfy the dreamy boy bander quota! Thomas simply isn’t ready.
    Jenn Blosil or Jeneve Rose Mitchell: Both of these quirky girls have potential, but neither is living up to it. Still, I think the judges will want to put one of them through, for the unpredictability factor.
    Gianna Isabella or Tristan McIntosh: Neither of these very young kids is ready, but the judges love youth, and they’ve already advanced these girls over other more qualified candidates. They have plans for them.
    Those last three slots are gonna be rough. At this point, I’d take Manny Torres over any of them. Still, I think those first four contestants are terrific, the next two are solid, and Dalton is growing on me. This could still be a solid top 10!
    Still, imagine how much better it could have been if the bottom three slots were given to people like Jessica Cabral, Shelbie Z, and John Wayne Schulz. Then we’d have a horse race!

  38. Jomarch says:

    I find Jenn disturbing. She looks and sounds like someone off their meds. She even sounds like that when she talks. Creepy!

  39. Somehow if Shelby was skinnier and younger, I bet she would have been picked to stay.

    • PSCali says:

      I totally agree with you. Shelbie got bumped off The Voice way too soon also. Mackenzie and Sonika are the only two remaining former Voice contestants.

    • Mary says:

      To a degree that might be true, but although she has a nice voice it always sounds like she is mimicking the actual singer. She does not stand out. I think it was between her or LaPorsha and unfortunately it was her.

  40. Hanna_J3 says:

    I agree with your entire article abt tonights AI show. I was furious at how the judges treated Shelby and to pick her over Tristan whom they even mentioned was so obvious in her youth and lack of experience. I LOVED Shelby’s performance w Constantine! I can’t help but point out the judges picked the ones most aesthetically (thin, tall, pretty) regardless of performance. Welcome to Hollywood.

  41. Adam Lasher: B? Whaat? HALEY was A++ as always. Adam sang like a 5 year old. Okay, I pretty much ignored Adam, because he wasn’t really singing; he just pretty much said the words right. on. each. beat., like a baby. So I get that you can give the duet a B, but maybe in this case, you should have two grades, A++ for Haley and D for Adam. He has a nice tone, when he sings, so it’s sad. It could have been good.

  42. Renee Michael says:

    Here’s hoping they bring back a number 15 and invite Shelbie Z….she was so the better singer and she’s got stage presence. Don’t really know what the judges were seeing (or hearing) that I didn’t!

    • SPatte says:

      Have to ditto that about Shelbie Z. She has such a versatile voice, country and rock, and endless power. I don’t get how they can give this competition to little kids, 15 yo? Tristan is purely on for political reasons. Compared to Stephany from last week? Rediculous. They should have waited to judge after both weeks. While Lee Jean has potential, it’s just that. Not ready for the top yet. Well, I’m glad Trent is still with us. I thought the duets this week were much better at least.

  43. Linda says:

    Once again the judges get it wrong! Keeping people who can’t sing and letting go of the ones who can sing. No wonder this show is done!!!

  44. DarkDefender says:

    JLo (and dumb dawg) would have eliminated Hayley Reinhart if they had this format in her season. I can’t believe HR took the high road. I would have told them to pound sand.

    • Emma says:

      There are so many former idols out there that are really bitter about their time on idol and don’t really have any cause to be, Haley on the other hand has abundant cause to be bitter but she isn’t, not one bit. That’s a testament to what great character she has and it just goes to show that taking the high road is the right way to go because she succeeded in spite of it all and they invited her back to mentor and perform. As a result both her single, Can’t Help Falling in Love, and her album, Listen Up!, are charting this morning. You couldn’t wipe the smile off my face watching her on my TV again last night and I’m still smiling this morning. Very happy for her!

  45. Maggie says:

    I loved Haley on her season and I so wanted her to win. She was great tonight. I can’t believe JLo said they thought she’d win. BS. It was obvious how much JLo disliked Haley back then. I think she was jealous. And, it really annoyed me when JLo made such an effort to say hi to Haley both times when Haley walked off stage tonight.

    • marie says:

      It annoyed me too. That fake little smile of hers. Phooey, JLo.
      Then again, now that I think of it, I guess there’s a chance sense actually was trying to make amends.
      But NO WAY did she honestly think Haley “was going to win”!

  46. Tahoe Mike says:

    I like Jenn, but I sure would have bet against that!
    I would trade Manny for Amelia, or just about anybody else.
    I still hate David Cook

    • Susan Curry says:

      ?David Cook is a hard person to hate. I remember Simon Cowell said he was one of the nicest contestants to ever be on the show.

    • Mary says:

      How can you hate someone you don’t know. Did you mean to say you do not like the type of music he puts out, because that would be logical.

    • Tahoe Mike says:

      I don’t hate him as a person, but as a performer and as a winner of Idol, yeah.
      He did unspeakable things to Elanor Rigby, and in that church where she lived. Later he did Music Of The Night as written. When asked about why he didn’t rearrange it like usual, he declared that one doesn’t mess with Andrew Loyd Weber. He felt qualified to rewrite Lennon and McCartney, but Andrew Loyd Freakn’ Weber is sacred??? D-bag! He is not, and never was a rocker, he was a theater major who plays a rocker on TV.

  47. Trent says:

    For the most part, these duets were much better than last week’s. Jordin, Haley and David were great mentors and gave great advice, perhaps the most so with Jordin. Don’t understand the heap of criticism the judges gave to poor Shelbie. Nor do I understand how she got sent home when others (Lee, Tristan, CJ) have consistently had much worse performances.
    My favourite duets were Korey and Haley’s; Amelia and Kellie’s; Shelbie and Constantine’s; Jordin and Trent’s; and Olivia and David’s.
    Olivia has a phenomenal range and had my gospel hand in the air when she hit those whistle notes in her rehearsal.

  48. The show, overall was much better. Many of my fave alums (with David and Haley in my all time category) made it so. I almost fell off the couch when JLo made her comment to Haley. They did everything they could to railroad her, her season. I guess they want all kiddos. Too bad. Olivia is the only one who can remotely do anything IMHO. But, Scott is at the helm and so it goes…..

  49. Libby24 says:

    JLo you are full of yourself, too many of us remember the shabby way Haley was treated.,Idol has always been, in your eyes and mind, about you. I saw you as a jealous mean spirited person. So sitting there in your judging chair telling big fat whoppers won’t fool anyone.

  50. David says:

    The biggest outrage was definitely Tristan & Lee making it over Shelbie. I would honestly prefer all of the eliminated 5 over those 2… I feel Jenn’s duet performance was worthy of giving her another chance. Manny was so dull on both nights I’m surprised he made it, he is by far the most forgettable contestant in Idol history…

    • Lyn says:

      IMO Manny is road company in the boondocks talented. Shelbie had no chance of being an Idol partly because of a face that was like tiny features painted on a balloon, and partly because she’s too forceful. That’s a shallow assessment, but realistic I think.