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American Crime Connor Jessup

American Crime: Connor Jessup on the Aftermath of Taylor's 'Irrational' Decision: 'Things Are Not the Same'

When American Crime‘s second season wraps its 10-episode run, it will be very easy to break the sophomore year into two distinct halves: before and after the events of Episode 7.

That’s because Wednesday’s installment — in which a deeply rattled Taylor Blaine shot a Leland High student — rocked the ABC drama to its core, and the weeks that follow will turn the season-long rape investigation on its head.

“Things are not the same after this episode as they were before, so there’s an enormous amount of weight on it,” Taylor’s portrayer, Connor Jessup, tells TVLine. “[Series creator] John [Ridley] wrote the script, and he came back to direct this episode, so he obviously cared very, very much about it and thought it was very important.”

We caught up with Jessup to break down Wednesday’s pivotal hour, including the frazzled thoughts that led to Taylor’s gun violence and how he and his mother will cope in the wake of the life-altering Leland shooting.

TVLINE | What was your initial reaction when you saw the lengths that Taylor goes to in this episode?
[I was] fearful. This episode, more than any of the others, is Taylor-centric in a lot of ways, and it’s a shift in the series. I felt a great deal of anxiety about whether or not I could pull it off. There’s always a little bit of fear when something changes so dramatically, because until Episode 6, I didn’t know this was going to happen. You always start reading the script and going backwards and saying, “Has this been set up? Have the seeds been planted? Is it going to make sense? Are people going to watch it and think, ‘That’s not Taylor?’” There’s all this anxiety that you project onto yourself, so there was that. Once we started shooting, and I worked with John more closely, it became obvious that he knew exactly what he was doing. That gave me a certain amount of comfort.

Connor Jessup American CrimeTVLINE | You have a big presence in this episode, but not a whole lot of dialogue. Can you take me through Taylor’s thought process during the hour?
I want to try not to deconstruct it too literally, because it’s a hard thought process to describe, because it’s fairly irrational. It really doesn’t follow “A plus B plus C equals D” logic. He’s so afraid, and his thoughts and feelings become so fragmented that he really just pursues the path that seems to have the least resistance. Everything’s burning and everything’s painful and everything hurts, and he’s trying to find some relief from it, some way out of it, some way to grasp a feeling of power or strength.

Over the course of the series, Taylor tries a few things, and they all fail. He feels pushed and pushed and pushed to more extreme options. His thought process isn’t so much rational as it is just moving as quickly as he can toward whatever door is open.

TVLINE | Taylor’s first move after the school shooting is to go to his mom and tell her he’s in trouble. Why didn’t he run in the opposite direction and try to escape the whole thing?
In that moment, he’s a kid, or he’s a hurt animal. I don’t know how to describe it in a way that doesn’t sound obnoxious, but when you’re a kid and you’ve done something that you don’t understand or can’t wrap your head around, you go to your mom — or at least, I would. That’s his thinking. He’s thinking much less about the consequences and how it’s going to end or what he’s going to do. In that moment, all he’s thinking is, “I need my mom.” That’s the logic of it, to me.

TVLINE | We have seen the topic of suicide explored on this show before, when Eric tried to take his own life. As a viewer watching this episode, I thought Taylor might be going down a similar path when he took the gun into the woods. Is there any part of you playing Taylor as a character who’s considered — or might still be considering — suicide?
That’s an interesting question — yes and no. When he is desperate to find something he can do and some way to take back power, that’s certainly an option that crosses his mind. When he takes the gun from their house, I don’t think he knows what he’s going to do with it. He doesn’t know how it’s going to end. He can just as easily throw it into a river, or he could kill himself, or he could kill someone else, or he could just fire it a few times and forget about it. He really doesn’t know. He just needs to do something. So yes, that’s on the table, but it wasn’t something that I perseverated on.

TVLINE | You mentioned earlier that there’s going to be a huge shift in the series, in the wake of what Taylor has done. How is it going to impact him and his mom, specifically?
Up until this point, the first six episodes have been dealing with the aftermath of this assault allegation, and every family and individual deals with it in their own way. But the case is not the same anymore. The circumstances are completely different after Episode 7, and people are affected in radically different ways. If Episodes 1 through 6 were people dealing with the fallout of the assaults, Episodes 8 through 10 — and I don’t think I’m saying anything that would surprise anyone — are about people dealing with the fallout of what happens in Episode 7. There’s a lot of questions that are raised, in terms of the nature of what Taylor did and who’s to blame and how much blame [should be placed]. And what effect does this have on the still-open sexual assault case? It follows all of those questions to their conclusion.

Your thoughts on the latest American Crime outing? Drop ’em in a comment.

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  1. Joey says:

    Easily the best show currently on television.

  2. opus says:

    An amazing episode and performance. Connor should definitely be up for performer of the week.

  3. H says:

    Can’t believe I have to wait another week to see the next episode.
    Although with this episode being so pivotal, I don’t see how the Marshall storyline can even get tied to the A plot. If I had any complaints, it’s about how that storyline is so detached.

    • abz says:

      This show is amazing, but I have to agree. The Marshall storyline just doesn’t feel necessary. Seven episodes in and I’m still not invested in it at all and would rather they devote more time to the main characters/storyline.

    • JM says:

      I agree. I keep waiting for a connection, but there just doesn’t seem to be one. It seems to me that Ridley just wants to be fair and include a Latino story, kind of like in the first season with the Latino family loosely associated with the main plot. And while I commend him for that, in this case, it just doesn’t work.

      • :-) says:

        In the first season the Latino family were part of the plot. The boy and the car were part of the crime. The overall plot was how the crime affects all the people involved and their families. It points how kids all over the country do stupid things (loan a car) that turn into criminal things. Once in the system a good but stupid kid learns to be a criminal.

      • I don’t think Ridley’s ideas in adding the racial tensions and protests at Marshall to be as simple as including Hispanics in this season. I can buy that his ideas aren’t working for you, or me. But I’m sure there was more intention there. Perhaps to contrast the problems facing the head of the rich, private school vs. the poorer public high school in the same community. Or, alternately, the tensions at Marshall will directly impact the main story in one of the 3 remaining episodes. We do have several main characters attending Marshall or at least connected – Taylor, Evy, Luke and Eric’s younger brother.

    • mary says:

      Think of it this way…no matter what your background(race, wealth, 1 parent or 2 parent household). The same kind of problems can & will exist. That goes for individuals & it goes for these two drastically different schools. You have a teacher who you can see cares, but the problem spirals out of control(protests). Then you have a headmistress who seems to only care about the school & not so much about the kids.

  4. abz says:

    Literally in tears right now. Those last 10 minutes were gut-wrenching. I can’t be the only one who yelled out “NOOOOOOOOOOOO” when Taylor shot the kid. Even Eric getting attacked. This show is getting harder to watch but I agree with the commenter above. Probably the best show currently airing.
    It’s so sad. Taylor got some small amount of support and kind words from that receptionist and he changed his mind and started to leave and then that kid came back and traumatized him once again.
    It’s heartbreaking. These kids are suffering and getting no help. Both Taylor and even Eric. They aren’t coping well at all. Taylor is traumatized and Eric is alone and isolated. Their parents are in their own headspaces, particularly Eric’s parents.

  5. Rick says:

    It will be interesting to see how Taylor’s actions will be handled legally. Didn’t Wes say he would kill him if he told anyone about the beating? But, of course unless a witness heard that it would just be Taylor’s word.

    • ShamelessHussy says:

      Wes threatened to kill Taylor if he “tells.” But I don’t think he was referring just to the beating. Wes has been very, very antsy very time we’ve seen him about the Captain’s party and something about it coming out. Also, 4 guys beat Taylor up. Eric and Kevin were complicit but neither actually beat on him. Taylor wrote 4 names in his notebook. It’s very east to know why he’s upset with and blaming Eric and Dr. Graham. We can presume Kevin is on the list as team Captain and host of the party but was there more? And why Wes but only Wes out of all of the other players?

      • mary says:

        That’s what I thought all along because they kept showing him out of all the rest of the players(besides Kevin & Eric). The same goes for Becca. I thought there had to be a reason they had them have a daughter. They easily could have no children. So I knew Becca was involved somehow….the drugs.

      • Lisa Leake says:

        I think four of the basket ball players, Wes included, raped Taylor at the party after Peter left him. There is something more to this story than is being said. Kevin knows, I’m not sure Peter does.

  6. KLS says:

    This show is excellent & disturbing at the same time. One of the few shows I watch live. I too am confused about the Marshall storyline, though it was great when Eric’s dad told Marshall’s principal to clean his own house before telling him what to do with his sons. The coach’s avoidance of the leaking of medical records was telling and I was surprised not to see another hand washing/scrubbing by Felicity Huffman.

    • Remember last week? Michael LaCroix approached someone and asked them to dig up anything they could find on the Blaine’s plus perhaps others. I’m sure he didn’t personally post her medical records but he put it in motion. The coach though might suspect Dr. Graham as having something to do with the leak.

  7. Joey says:

    One thing I’m still curious about was from Taylor’s conversation with Becca. Granted, its up to him to define his own sexuality, but are we supposed to infer from that conversation that Taylor is bi, or could possibly be pansexual? Is he actually gay but just too afraid to use the word? I’m not sure. Thoughts?

    • abz says:

      I went back and rewatched that scene and maybe I’m wrong but I didn’t even think he wanted her to kiss him. Something about the look on his face when she was kissing him. He just didn’t even seem into it. I’m thinking he was just vulnerable and feeling alone. Who does he really have? That guy he’s been seeing we don’t really know much about that relationship. Plus he wanted him to go to the cops and clearly Taylor wasn’t in the right mindset and he didn’t want to do that. He’s stressing over his mom and how her sanity is now being attacked. Eric tricked him into getting attacked. There’s probably tension with Nate after that confrontation. Evy isn’t talking to him. I think he just wanted to have someone be with him. Nothing sexual or anything. Just anyone to sit with him so that he wouldn’t have to be alone.
      I don’t know. I feel like maybe we’re meant to infer that he is gay. Ever since he was outed in front of Evy, he isn’t really hiding it or rejecting it. He’s seeing that new kid. He mentioned him in his therapy. He seems to be struggling moreso with the trauma of the assault and now that gang beating rather than his sexual identity unlike Eric who’s struggling with it a lot and dealing with the perceptions of people around him.

      • Mike M says:

        Great summary. Taylor has been attacked step by step from all sides, literally and psychologically, while simultaneously being more and more isolated. There is no huge issue here with his sexuality to him, he’s maybe not really sure what he is, but it’s just one thing in all the things concerning him. And he’d probably deal with that, if he weren’t being constantly loaded with more and more things to deal with and less and less people to turn to. He isn’t looking for Becca to kiss him, yet if that will get her to stay with him there in that moment, then he will go with it. She senses that immediately from the kiss, he’s not really into it, and she decides to go, leaving him with the drugs that she thinks will actually solve his problem and help chill him out. In turn they don’t, they just take away his last vestige of self control and he turns to drastic solutions without being able to think them through. The rest just becomes reaction to situations, he is determined to sit and wait for Leslie Graham until she comes back (and I felt like yeah he could shoot her, but I think he just wants to talk to her and maybe scare her), but as you say up a bit, the receptionist in 20 seconds gave him more support than he’s really had from almost anyone, and it was enough to turn him round and make him leave. He’s not out to kill anyone, but he’s finally reached a point where he’s not taking any more attacks either. And then, when he is again, the gun has gone off before he really even realizes what he has done. It’s heart breaking and real. A truly wonderful performance.

    • Lisa Leake says:

      I think it was less about his sexuality and more about his feelings of loneliness. He’s confused and needs someone to talk to. Becca thinks everything is about sex so when Taylor says he doesn’t want to be alone she takes it in a sexual manner. I don’t think sex was on Taylor’s mind. He literally wanted someone to talk to or just be with him, near him. Maybe to stop his mind from thinking about suicide.

  8. Geo says:

    It felt like a cheap direction to take an amazing season, TBH.

    • mary says:

      Not bashing you, but just asking why you think that? We don’t know where they will go from this point. It’s not your basic case of a “school shooter”. I think it will end up showing that Taylor was not lying about what happened that night. I think it might also scare Kevin into telling the truth(to me he either lied about that night, or hasn’t told the whole truth). That goes for the rest of the team who was in on the assault from last week.

  9. AlBSure says:

    Amazing episode though so curious how it will all go on from here. But so heartbreaking for all involved. As someone said, Taylor just feels so alone and wants someone…anyone, to just spare a minute for him. And Eric is also alone and under so much pressure in his own way. What powerful performances from such young actors! Bravo to all, really!

  10. My goodness, what can you even say about such an intense, heartbreakingly tragic depiction of events? Wow…

  11. Patrick Rash says:

    I dont love that they seem to be turning Taylor into the bad guy…he has never gotten a moment where people believed he was raped and now hes going to be a murderer. Doesnt seem fair.

    • Geo says:

      Exactly. To me, it feels like a cheap, sensationalist direction to head.

    • Jane says:

      Agree. I was really glad when he walked out of the school and it looked like they weren’t going to go with the predictable, but then he shot the other guy and now has gone from victim to criminal. I really brought the show down in my estimation.

    • JM says:

      Frankly, for him NOT to crack under all this pressure would have been unbelievable. And for him NOT to be confronted during his visit to the school would have been unbelievable. So to me, it all made sense.

    • mary says:

      I don’t think that’s where it’s headed though. I mean it’s showing someone who was pushed to the edge. And Sebastian(Richard Cabral’s character) will end up helping the situation.

  12. cheryl says:

    I am really loving American Crime, so well done. I was just wondering if any one else thought that Eric admitted to sexually assaulting Taylor, while he was in the creepy man’s mini van, prior to himself being assaulted. Or did I hear things incorrectly?

    • abz says:

      I’ve been seeing other people suggest this but I didn’t see it. Maybe I need to rewatch. I thought he was just repeating the same things he’s been saying over and over about how they both agreed to have sex and that Taylor supposedly decided he didn’t like it after and is falsely accusing him and being a “b*tch” as he put it.

      • JM says:

        I agree. In fact, I’m beginning to think something happened after Eric and Taylor’s encounter that Taylor isn’t remembering.

    • Geo says:

      It definitely seemed he was admitting it. He said Taylor was wanting it, then suddenly said he didn’t want it. Sounded very much like admission of guilt.

  13. Angela says:

    That ending scene between Anne and Taylor was heartbreaking. I feel for Taylor, with how confused and scared he is, and I also feel so much for Anne. Her love for Taylor is so strong and apparent, and yet, while she obviously made the right choice to call the police, I can’t even begin to imagine how tough that was for her to do that, too. I’m so glad she got the gun away from him in the end-I was honestly holding my breath there for a time, afraid of what Taylor might do next with that gun.
    Everything with Eric meeting that guy was horrifying, too. These kids just need so much help and support and whatnot, and it’s shameful that they’re not getting nearly enough of it, that so many of the adults in their lives are hurting them more than helping them.
    Definitely intrigued to see where this story goes next, and how it affects everything else that’s been happening thus far, too. The promo’s mention of hearing from real life survivors during next week’s episode has me interested, too-sounds like that’ll be quite powerful.

  14. pblo78 says:

    I have so much to say about this chapter… Everyone, I mean, Everyone was great. Even those who has small parts in this chapter.
    It is looking so so so bad for everyone right now…. this murder changed everything… and we only have 3 chapters to tied up everything… i dont think it will be enought. Many of you had said about the main storyline in this chapter, but i will want to point it out some little details that for me, i found them quite interesting.
    1) Coach entering in Principal´s office. What was he looking for? Did he find what he wanted?
    2) Eric being assaulted himself…
    3) Coach´s daughter being a drug dealer…
    4) Regina´s character was treated the way she treated other co-worker… She though she was in control…
    5) Ann and Taylor getting support for the tech guy. Is he a hacker? Will he expose the school?
    6) Taylor´s girlfriend´s family being bribe…
    7) Maybe Kevin and Eric were the chaptains of the team, but the man who was the puppet-master was Wes. I would not be surprised if his father was the old guy who was upset about cheering a gay athlete chapters ago… If so, get ready for some nasty stuff for the school principal

    • KLS says:

      I didn’t realize the drug dealer was the coach’s daughter, the one who believes there is no guilt unless you are caught. I did like the talking down scene of Kevin’s mom. Now she knows that this thing may hurt her as well as her son. Sebastian, the tech guy, I a m sure he is a hacker. Not sure about the connections to Leyland. Wonder if that creep that attacked Eric dies in the car….. Many questions. Excellent show.

    • JM says:

      Yes, this show gives insight into everyone’s situation and their POV. It’s one of the reasons why I love it. No one is the ‘bad’ person or the ‘good’ person. Everyone has made bad judgement calls, and I end up feeling for everyone involved. The mark of a truly superior show, IMO.

    • Mike M says:

      1) Coach Sullivan is looking for proof that Graham has obtained Anne’s medical records. He won’t find it because it was not Graham, it was Kevin LaCroix.
      4) Terri LaCroix is now shown in an display that no matter how high up you are in a big co, the image of the co is always bigger than you are, and that it still doesn’t matter if you did nothing wrong, if you are the face of the problem as it affects the co, then you are the problem.

    • Mike M says:

      5) Pretty sure Sebastian hacked Anne’s medical records – for the cop – for Kevin LaCroix. In six we saw him messaging his last victim, but its clear he did it because he felt it was just based on whatever the person had done. In this ep we see him reading Cammy Ross’ article in his shop and at one point he shakes his head. He later calls Anne and offers to help her. He had no idea when he was asked to do it how it would be used and he feels guilty because he has two daughters.

      • mary says:

        No it wasn’t him. He helps Anne with Taylor next week. He knows info on the school is why.

        • Mike M says:

          Well I guess if you know, then fair enough. But he did message someone in E6 saying “please please stop it” with a reply saying “Now you know what it feels like to get assaulted”. So maybe I read too much into it, but he’s definitely the one portrayed as fully capable of the hacking with some kind of reason to be playing the vigilante.

    • Mike M says:

      6) In six Dr Graham meets with the school lawyer and he stresses that Evy is the “one good witness that cracks everything open”. So reaching a cash agreement with her family is vital. It’s not morally right but it’s not illegal. Just another example of the show displaying true actions that happen in the real world every day that impact other things.

    • Mike M says:

      7) Wes is the pmaster. He is the one at the start of six when Coach Sullivan is talking to the team about Eric. He says (he’s going to be taking shwers with us – that’s mssed up man). He shakes his head but is half smiling.

      • We saw Wes before that. Wasn’t he the player having a melt down when Coach Sullivan reprimanded the team and said that the cops would require DNA testing on all because they didn’t tell the truth?

        • Mike M says:

          Yes indeed, and that was another indicator, but for me anyway it was the smirk on his face that totally gave it away in the later scene I mentioned. Saying one thing but the body language totally saying something else.

    • Mike M says:

      Sorry had to break those up – some word was stopping the post from taking. Here are four more of my own.

      8) Taylor’s list in the forest (Eric, Kevin, Wes & Dr Graham). True he can’t really do anything more with it now, will we find out what it represented and will it be found and used against him?

      9) Taylor’s “obsession” with sword related posters – will that have any further meaning?

      10) Coach Sullivan sits in reception waiting for Graham to leave. Later Taylor sits in the same reception waiting for Graham to return. Both actors have now played the central role in the two seasons of American Crime that have upended the show by suddenly hooting someone at point blank range. Coincidence?

      11) How will principle Dixon and the Hispanic protest feature in the last 3 episodes?

  15. burnscindy says:

    This show is so powerful, moving and disturbing all at the same time. I usually watch lighter fare but decided to watch because of Lily Taylor and Felicity Huffmann, but I have to say that the young actors, especially Connor Jessup, leave me breathless with their intensity. There are really only 3 episodes left? I can’t imagine that all the stories will be neatly wrapped up for us in that short span but rather we will be left to decide truths for ourselves.

  16. Eric7740 says:

    I know how a lot of people talk about other shows and how great they are and how they are not to be missed (The Walking Dead) comes to mind, but in my opinion those shows are nothing compared to the stellar series that is American Crime!!! From the actors, to the writers, to all those involved, thank you for an excellent show!!! I wish American Crime had the viewers of the a show like The Walking Dead, and thats the true crime that people will watch cheap entertainment instead of a griping and poignant drama like American Crime. I truly hope that the Emmys give AC the attention and awards when the time comes.

  17. Steven says:

    Have they ever said what type of job Terri Lacroix has? It’s a nice office but I keep trying to figure out what her profession is. American Crime definitely is the network show people SHOULD be watching. I never saw season 1 but want to. S2 is timely, well written & acted

  18. Matt says:

    I wonder if it’s going to come out that Wes and Kevin joined in on the rape? But wouldn’t that have shown up on the DNA tests?

    • The police got DNA samples from semen (and blood) on Taylor’s clothes. That plus, I’m sure, the state of his body even a week later indicated that 17 year old Taylor had rough anal sex with someone. Perhaps there were other signs of injury too. Eric doesn’t deny rough sex with Taylor the night of the party. But Eric says it was consensual. After the police accessed the text messages, they dropped the case WITHOUT taking DNA samples from any of the Leyland basketball players.

      I think if there was semen on Taylor’s clothes from more than one other guy, it would have come up already. But that doesn’t mean that he wasn’t molested by more than one kid at that party. There could have been voyeurs or non-penatrative sex since Taylor doesn’t remember everything and it definitely seemed like Kevin, and Wes at least were very, very concerned that no one talk. I don’t think that was just about protecting Eric.

  19. pj says:

    Fascinating show. Well acted. The performances of Lili Taylor and Conner Jessup are especially fine.

  20. John Davis says:



  21. John Davis says:

    I’m gonna be so pissed if this show and the actors don’t win Emmys!!!

  22. Connor Jessup has done an EMMY worth performance in this role. The highlights to the episode prior to its shown had me hoping that he wouldn’t take his life. I thought about it for a whole week. I am so glad he didn’t take his own life, he made me feel his anxiety. I hope the academy strongly looks at his performance and award him with a nomination. Regina King and Felicity Huffman are also BRILLIANT!

  23. Good grief, this kid……he’s nothing short of amazing.

  24. Lisa Leake says:

    I’ve watched this show with great interest and concern from the very beginning. I have to say that I’m more than disappointed in the adult characters. Honestly, other than Anne and maybe the psychologist, there is not a single parent, school official, adult relative or friend that has behaved in any way to benefit these children. They are worried…about themselves, their families, the way things look, their children’s future or the future of the schools but really….these two boys, Taylor and Peter are SUFFERING and all you can do is stand around shrugging your shoulders and manipulating? When will Coach take his head out of his butt and be a freaking man? Talk to with these boys…lay it all on the line instead of pussy footing around the situation with platitudes about loyalty? When will school officials do their jobs and talk to the kids in their care like they mean something to them instead of manipulating every situation to make the school look good? I am so angry with Peter’s parents and their homophobic BS. Someone should slap that mother. Anne has pushed poor Taylor into a corner, trying to do the right thing but never really listening to her son until it’s now too late. That shooting could have been stopped about 5 episodes ago if the adults would act like human beings.

  25. TOM ANDREW says:

    I have been watching the amazing television show American Crime this season. This past episode hit close to home because in someways the character of Taylor was me/is me. Of course this is just television, it’s a story, it’s sensationalized, or is it?

    There are many people, younger and older, who will identify with this poor kid who who gets bullied, made fun of, beat up, stepped on and ignored and yet still has to get through the day while this continues to happen. By the time those people in his life want to help the damage has already been done. The hurt is way too deep.

    People don’t “play the victim” unless they have been, or are being, victimized. Isn’t it time that victimizing stops?

    vic·tim·ize verb
    past tense: victimized; past participle: victimized

    single (someone) out for cruel or unjust treatment.
    “scam artists who victimize senior citizens”

    synonyms: persecute, pick on, push around, bully, abuse, discriminate against, ill-treat, mistreat, maltreat, terrorize, hector; exploit, prey on, take advantage of, dupe, cheat, double-cross, get at, have it in for, give someone a hard time, hassle, lean on, gang up on.

  26. Jack Raven says:

    Riveting Episode!
    The dearth of words made it even more poignant – almost as though it were in slow motion and I became for a moment the character (Taylor).
    ERIC’s scene in the van with the married guy was equally seat-gripping! The moans, the scream – the pause: “Who was gonna survive?” …Eric’s tumbling out the car door. His hurt leg – the first time and again as he hobbled across the road. So real. So painful. So ALONE!

    Best drama. Thank you!

  27. soxski says:

    For the real folks interviewed on the show, if you, a classmate, friend or acquaintance is bullied due to their sexually feel free to contact me. I will physically walk them to school, sit in class, eat lunch and walk home with them. I am not making this statement as an insight to myself going around and physically protecting these young people.. what I am trying to demonstrate is how alone some of these kids feel and one friend, one popular kid, one high profile athlete can easily change the perception and the life of these students. We can make their high school years great, we can help show them we support them and want these kids to have a normal, happy wonderful experience that springboards them to college and adulthood. If I am contacted by a scared kid I will stay with them for an entire year. AJ did not have to die, the students did not have to be raped and the kids in the background that actually wanted to help but we’re afraid will now have an oppropportunity if we all volunteer. Again please email me. I am in California and will be in Portland during March-April Seattle April -May Alaska May-June. Colorado, Wyoming Utah, N. & S. Dakota followed by a return to my home in NYC and New England area.

  28. Susan DeAngelis says:

    The story is very interesting. I believe the head person should definitely share blame. I am wondering if the story is real. Taylor was definitely pushed too far. Shooting someone is not the thing to do, but I can see th desperation to make their pain do away. God bless all bullied, tortured kids.