Unforgettable Cancelled

Unforgettable Cancelled at A&E

Third time’s the end of the road for Unforgettable.

A&E has chosen not to renew the drama, which had been cancelled twice before, for Season 5. Additionally, no efforts are currently being made by the show’s studio to find it a new home, our sister site Deadline reports.

The death-defying Poppy Montgomery/Dylan Walsh procedural was cancelled by CBS in May 2012 after its first season. In a surprise move, it was brought back for two more seasons before being axed yet again in Oct. 2014. The series cheated death a second time when A&E picked it up for a fourth season in early 2015.

Unforgettable averaged 6 million total viewers and a 0.9 demo rating during its third and final run on CBS. On A&E, it debuted to 840,000 viewers and a 0.1 rating, and by its finale had fallen below 500K viewers. The network quietly burned off its final Season 4 episodes on Jan. 22.

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  1. Mr. Tran K says:


  2. BrittBrat says:

    I had a feeling the show would get cancelled. It wasn’t as good as it was on CBS. I liked the first season better than all the other seasons after it.

  3. huh says:

    Wasn’t that unforgettable…since I forgot all about it…

  4. Ws says:

    I wish they had resolved the murder of her sister… they completely dropped that storyline after the first season… and the show became so scattershot after that.

  5. Magkat says:

    And now we’ll never know if Al lives or dies! Bummer. It wasn’t as good but I still enjoyed it.

  6. Linda says:

    My family who watches it didn’t even realize it had started back up for season 4.

  7. Fan says:

    I’m one of the few who watched it every week. When I saw 4 episodes being broadcast in a short time, I figured the end was near. I always liked the show, but when they changed the cast (thought they shoulda kept Jane Curtin), I thought they should have gotten rid of the Dylan Walsh character. Her constant flirting with him, yet also flirting with everybody else was irritating to me. they wrote his character as so obviously in love with her, but would see her flirting with others all the time, then a bit with him and so on. I’d get pissed off at her character. Stop that damn behavior and either be with him or cut him off. The only reason it ended up making sense to have him there was so he could get shot in the last episode in the hopes the show would be renewed. Frankly, I’d rather see her single and meeting new men in this last season. (I did get tired of her spouting off dates, times, events anytime Walsh’s character mentioned something from their past. It was too much. We know how her brain works now, she didn’t have to continue doing that. Also irritating. That being said, I liked the premise of the show and wish it were still on (albeing with some changes).

    • S says:

      With the time lapse between being cancelled at CBS and picked up at A&E, cast members like Dallas Roberts and Jane Curtain were unable to return due to new commitments. It was a shame they couldn’t resolve existing storylines in way to honor fans who stuck it out.

  8. VERY quietly. It was done so quietly that I thought they were hunting wabbits…

  9. LH86 says:

    I’m a bit surprised because they set the season finale up with a pretty dramatic cliffhanger, theoretically leaving the door open for a return. I’m disappointed! I enjoyed the show and really like Poppy Montgomery. Haha I guess never say never with this one!

  10. Alyse says:

    But what about that cliffhanger ending? I want to know what was going to happen.

    • mary says:

      Someone else mentioned this already, but it’s The Glades all over again. Although since he was the main guy(both series), chances were he survived.

  11. John NYC says:

    And with one of the leads on the ground with a snipers bullet in his chest?
    That’s the last episode? They share show runners with Defiance?

    Very not cool.

    • johnhelvete says:

      The writers of season 4 of Unforgettable would have my vote for the writers who cared least about the fans. How can the writers justify ending a season on a cliffhanger when the show they are working on was cancelled TWICE before?

  12. Anniw says:

    Lol somehow I doubt it :P
    Also, I will once again blame Dylan Walsh. All the restructuring they did and they never get rid of the giant dud?? No issues with the actor, the character was just as interesting as ceiling tiles

  13. norm hill says:


  14. arial2 says:

    It’s A&E, so I didn’t have any hope of it succeeding. Obviously the network found another crass reality show, so immediately dropped a good fictional drama. Given the size of the Robertson clan, they’ll have lots of potential shows for years to come.

  15. Amanda says:

    Only hope now is that they filmed an alternate ending for the DVD….

  16. Pamela says:

    I don’t understand why a&e chose not to wrap up any of the storylines, its as if it was brought back for nothing except for some soso episodes.

  17. Joana says:

    They must let unforgettable continue… It is the BEST SERIES that I watch
    I do everything to watch ALL Episodes of unforgettable, because it is amazing and it is the Best
    They mustn’t stop the series…

    • Louis E. says:

      I’ve stuck with it for years as well.

    • Aalfons Kat says:

      Hey Joana, Yours is the most realistic and heartwarming comments I’ve read so far here. Yes, this was very good program Poppy’s character offered a strong personality with a twist – of course that was her phenominal memory and how the writers wove it into the scripts. There was always a dedicated determination to solve the case and all the characters supported the storyline without the writers taking them off on personal conflicting issues (except for Carries murdered sister). I’ve never had any confidence in the “ratings” system and I think it’s a real shame that such a novel and refreshing show was cancelled.

    • Amanda says:

      Omg, I know it is an amazing show I want them to bring it back. I looked forward every week to see the next episode. When I get to the season finale i didn’t want it to end. Poppy Montgomery played her role so good i loved the way she acted with Dylan Walsh I always wanted them to get together

  18. Lynne Powell says:

    I loved this show from day 1. I was very disappointed when it was broadcast on a specialty channel that I can’t get. If they put it on a major network again it might get more viewers
    They seem very determined to get rid of this show.

    • Joana says:

      I agree with you… If they put on the network of course they will get more views…
      They say it’s boring but it is really not boring… The show is amazing and the best action show and funny show ever…
      If they cancel it they are going to be disappointed when they see the views and the comments about Unforgettable… That it should continue

  19. Bob Stewart says:

    This is another fine example of why I don’t waste my time watching anything on A&E any longer. They did the same thing with the “Glades” and “Longmire”, left huge cliffhangers and cancelled the shows a couple months later. A&E must thing we the public are total idiots!

  20. KLS says:

    Does this mean Poppi Montgomery can go over to NCIS now?

  21. I really loved this show when it first came out. Its changed over the years but I kept watching just because I’m a fan of Poppy’s. Each week I was secretly hoping it would get cancelled again because the show just got worse and worse. Sorry Poppy, still love ya!

  22. mary says:

    Not surprised. Don’t know why A&E bothered when they didn’t do it any favors with that time slot. They spend too much time promoting Duckless Dynasty for G*s sake. And all the other Crap that’s left on that channel.

  23. HAP says:

    For grins you should Google Poppy Montgomery’s real name. It’s ridiculous.

  24. Rev Marge says:

    Unforgettable was a remarkably good show. I never got to watch the first 2 seasons, but i really liked the current show. The “stats” don’t take into consideration people who record it to watch later because of all the programs playing at the same time. A&E, you’re idiots for not keeping a good show like Unforgettable but keeping & promote idiot shows like Duck Dynasty (seriously?!?).

  25. Pam Webber says:

    I really liked the program. I certainly have missed it. Been checking Google, to find out that it was cancelled.

  26. Susan says:

    I really loved Unforgettable and this really makes me angry. Guess I should be used to all my shows getting axed and replaced with garbage. Maybe I will just stick with Netflix since all the other channels are dead set on getting rid of good shows. Damn Ridiculous!!!

  27. michaelA says:

    I have also seen every single episode. I thought A&E did a pretty good job. And I was thrilled when I read it was going to be on again. What I find most disapointing, was that it not able to nail down a solid following. I will really miss PoppyM. She made the series really worth watching and I for one am going to really miss this show. But this is TV. I swear, I have been through this
    tv show cancelation withdrawal so many times. And it always feels the same lousy way.

  28. Zoe says:

    Can it stay dead this time?

  29. Fire Fly says:

    Why does A & E cancel all the good show, and keep the crappy shows?

  30. Yash says:

    the show had an awsome start and premise… but went to crap later.

    Do people even remeber the season 1 story arc, where she was searching for her sister.
    For a charter who forgets nothing, she sure did forget a big one.

  31. iwatch says:

    I am so tired of zombies and walking dead, it was good to see Unforgettabe. I am so upset it is being cancelled. Who are the people that take the surveys of who does and does not watch the show.

  32. MRC says:

    Just when it was getting good. Dang, I enjoyed it. Better than most of the crap on TV these days.

  33. John Hibert says:

    How can the show survive without any one supporting it . It doesn’t get any support from any sister stations. It’s too bad. It’s a good. Show. Better than half the shows on CBS NBC And ABC.

  34. J HIbert says:

    The show Unfortable didn’t stand a chance on A&E because it was against the 3 big networks. Also it got no advisement.

  35. Donna says:

    Let’s hope it gets renewed again there’s nothing else to watch.

  36. Roy Jung says:

    looking forward to another network picking up the show

  37. Tonya Faught says:

    You people suck, I love this show. Why is it you like a show, then you cancel it to put something stupid in its place. I’m sure you will, there is more and more stupid crap on tv.

  38. John HIbert says:

    There is no promotion for the show on that channel. The 3 big networks squeeze out everybody

  39. jan nicholls says:

    I really enjoyed unforgettable. Hope they bring it back

  40. ron hunnicutt says:

    that’s low considering poppy montgomery is one of the most coolist co stars plus dylan walsh

  41. JEANA says:

    Why cancel the show with an ending like that. This is crazy. I really liked the show. At least give us a great ending. We need one more season to see if he lives and to what really happened to her sister.

  42. JEANA says:

    Dont cancel the show with an ending like that. This is crazy. I really liked the show. At least give us a great ending. We need one more season to see if he lives and to what really happened to her sister.

  43. Jeanie says:

    This was one of my favorite shows, it was messed up by the change of networks, I kept missing it until I would happen on it. I’m so disappointed with the finale, how could you end with killing Dylan Walsh off like that,! Bad move!

  44. Iris says:

    Unforgettable is the best serie I have ever seen. The position of the camera is fantastic, she walks into her own memories and the story around the murders is great. It’s ridiculous that they want to cancel the serie. Even if I have to pay for it, I would watch it. I hope there will be at least one more episode to give us another ending, a better, happy ending. One I can live with.

  45. Marcia Boone says:

    I’m reallya sorry to see this end. It’s too bad that programs are decided by a few and only in a certain age demographic. It seems the networks think that the only people who watch tv are between the ages of 18 & 49. All programs that appeal to anyone over the age of 50 are cancelled. Not everyone wants to watch reality tv where people humiliate themselves for their 15 minutes of fame! Remember the over 50 gang are the ones staying at home watching tv.

  46. Carmen Chambers says:

    A& E is famous for dropping shows
    Can’t keep a show for more than maybe 3seaons
    The cliff hanger on glades and unforgettable with no idea how it comes out was so frustrating

    Fresh if they are going to stupidly cancel don’t leave the fans hanging without a proper ending geeeeshhhh

    • Carmen Chambers says:

      A& E is famous for dropping shows
      Can’t keep a show for more than maybe 3seaons
      The cliff hanger on glades and unforgettable with no idea how it comes out was so frustrating

      Fresh if they are going to stupidly cancel don’t leave the fans hanging without a proper ending geeeeshhhh
      Geeshhh not fresh

  47. Carmen Chambers says:

    Don’t leave us with cliffhangers
    The endings are so horrific
    And no clue to fans what the outcome is
    A&E is famous for dumping shows when they are the most interesting
    I don’t watch A&E anymore
    Sick of being dissappointd like the glades and unforgettable
    And they cancelled the finder the same way but the finder might have been USA

  48. I am so disappointed about Unforgettable being cancelled. I didn’t think that I’d have to watch one of the stars die and the show end like that. I really looked forward to this every week.

  49. Gloria Hirsch says:

    That was a terrible way to end a great series. Not knowing whether Al died from his gunshot wound.

  50. hayesw says:

    I liked this show. I thought it was entertaining and was a pretty clean show to watch. I will really miss it. I hate reality tv and it seems that is all there is now days.