Flash Zoom Takes Jay Garrick

The Flash Recap: Cannon Fodder — Plus, What Was Iron Mask's Message?

This Tuesday on The CW’s The Flash, Cisco and Harry teamed with Earth-Two’s Iris and Barry (plus an unexpected ally) to rescue their speedster from Zoom and return home. Meanwhile on Earth-One, Caitlin scrambled to perfect Velocity-9 and Iris met her new anti-Flash editor.

Held captive in Zoom’s lair (yes, Harry, it’s a lair), Barry did his best to keep up cellmate Jesse Wells’ spirits, in part by singing the praises of her father, who he notes has never made a decision that wasnt in the name of saving his girl. As for the matter of Zoom’s third prisoner, a man trapped in an iron mask, Barry deduced that he was trying to communicate with them using a 5×5 tap code. But by the time Zoom arrives to hush up the prisoners (and give Barry a brutal beating), all the mystery man can get out is “JAY” — as in Garrick, Barry confirms.

Meanwhile, Cisco debriefed Harry on what all went down with his evil doppelgänger and Deathstorm (both of whom Zoom killed) and Killer Frost (who had been spared). When they are interrupted by some “tough talk” from angry captive Barry-Two, they get the idea to send him to the CCPD to read in Iris on the out-of-this-world situation. With alt-Barry’s help, they get a bead on where Killer Frost might be hanging, and head out to find her with the hope that she can lead them to Zoom.

Frost, upon being approached, puts up a fight. But as hoped, Cisco’s words about how much our Caitlin loved her Ronnie and was similarly devastated by his death eventually melt the ice queen’s heart, and she agrees to take them to the Cliffs of Insanity Ascension Cliffs. There, she whips up an icy means to scale the cliff wall — which even alt-Barry in his wingtips is able to do!

Back on Earth-One, Iris’ new editor, Scott Evans, derides her “puff” coverage of The Flash and demands that she out the speedster for being the disappointing hero he is, seeing as Geomancer is running roughshod over the city. Iris counter-offers to profile the new Flash that has been spied in town — and lucky for her, Caitlin perfects Velocity-9 in time for Jay to save a load of people from a crumbling hospital. But afterward, as Jay is catching a nap, Geomancer waltzes into S.T.A.R. Labs (as people do) and terrorizes both Caitlin and Iris — until the former sneaks up on him with the metahuman boot gun. Joe hauls the Earth-quaking meta to Iron Heights vs. the Pipeline (which in my mind seems like a simply awful idea).

Alas, during his storming of S.T.A.R. Labs, Geomancer destabilized the breach, forcing Jay into a race against time to fix the gateway in time for Barry & Co.’s imminent (hopeful!) return….

At Zoom’s lair, Killer Frost breaks Jesse free of her chains, and Barry, with encouragement from his nerdier self, is finally able to phase through his cell wall. Zoom, however, arrives and begins delivering  beatdowns, until a vengeful Killer Frost unleashes her freeze ray on him long enough for almost everyone (save for the man in the iron mask) to get away. Back on Earth-One, Jay creates a vortex to restabilize the breach while Joe valiantly flips a series of switches, resetting the gizmo just in time for Cisco and Jesse to leap through. Back on the other side, Zoom is poised to kill Harry when Barry grabs Wells and quickly takes him to Earth-One.

Jay then lobs the “football” bomb into this final breach to power it down, but he makes the silly mistake of doing all but an end zone dance right next to the withering portal, allowing Zoom to thrust forth one of his ugly mitts to grab the speedster and yank him back through the speed cannon to Earth-Two, as a crestfallen Caitlin cries, “Nooooo!”

What did you think of “Escape From Earth-Two”? And what did Iron Mask’s “JAY” message mean?

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  1. Meredith says:

    I think it has to be Jay himself in that mask. Which of course opens up a whole bunch of other questions!

    • N says:

      I think it’s Wally. His hand looked black and Keiyan** was in the credits

      • Jessica Y N says:

        IMDB says “Credit Only” for Keiyan but i totally agree that it’s Wally!

        • Min says:

          Just because it says CREDIT ONLY doesnt rule out that it isnt wally. some other actor might be behind the mask as a stand in, but it could be wally – but he seems a tad older and more experienced…and taller than wally….and its not like it takes place years in the future.

          • Irvin says:

            I’m not saying you guys are wrong because I don’t know who it is. But if it’s Wally why is he still alive? If zoom procured his speed why didn’t he kill him like he would have with Barry. Why did zoom or whoever put an iron mask on him? Does he have similar powers as black canary? I know we are in a different world so perhaps he has different powers. I don’t know.

        • Hytecker says:

          It might be an earth 2 Wally but I doubt it. He’s too big to be an earth 1 Wally. I think It’s either Earth 2’s Henry Allen or maybe Eddie Thawne.

      • ethan says:

        His hair though was the same color as Jay’s though. Also Jay looks about the same size as the dude in the mask.

      • Phillip says:

        It can’t be Wally. The guy in the iron mask was white and had blonde hair.

      • D says:

        I saw the same thing. But then I saw a little blonde hair on the back of his head also.

      • stu says:

        I think you’re right. I forgot that Iron Mask ” Jay’s ” hand was black skinned. So, Iron Mask ” Wally ” makes more sense.

      • lordofluck says:

        I thought he looked white with blond hair when we saw the back of his head.

      • Serena says:

        It’s can’t be Wally because of two major reasons. First, the guy was white and had short blond hairs on the neck. Second, Keiyan has been credited in every episode since he made his debut on the show. So nope.

      • MB says:

        we saw the man’s hair line and it looked like a blonde close cut to me. I think the man in the iron mask IS Jay and there is some timey wimey BS going on to ensure it all fits together.

      • Kain says:

        I probably won’t comment again but… You can see in one seen thr white skin on the back of hid head. It can’t be Wally.

      • edyn says:

        I was thinking it could be wally also. There is a Barry, Iris, Joe, Caitlyn, Cisco, and Ronnie. Why not a Wally? There is a doppelganger of Jay Garrick as Hunter Zolomon. Anything can happen in Earth 2. There was a Harrison Wells on Earth 1. Wally is the newest addition.

    • jakelefkowitz12 says:

      Its not Wally. In the scene where Barry and Jessie discuss why Barry can’t phase out of the prison cell, there is a camera angle at the man in the mask showing the back of his head. The hair is definitely blond-ish. I took a screenshot and it should be on my profile but if it isn’t, you can find the episode online and go to that scene.

      • Matt Webb Mitovich says:

        In the spirit of crazy… I just frame-advanced every Iron Mask close-up… and at 27:40, after Barry says “please” (keep tapping), MITIM turns his head and the hair in back is certainly not close to blonde.MAN IN IRON MASK

        But I will say that upon re-review, he is taller than I first thought….

      • Gail says:

        The thing is whoever the man in the iron mask turns out to be, the actor who plays the part is most likely not the person who appeared in this episode as the man in the iron mask. Whether the producers matched hair and skin color to whoever will be revealed as the man, I don’t know. However the way people are looking at this footage they probably better have done this.

        • Jaz says:

          That’s the exact thing I think about when people go on about Zoom. To use the real actors all the way through would give it away.

          You better off looking at the plot for clues. Alot of theory is based on appearance only (like Henry Allen being any of these men for example) and I don’t buy into those theories

    • Pete Perry says:

      it is Jay, he’s certainly white and the hands look just like Jay.

      Hunter Zolomon is Zoom in the comics and could be who we are actually seeing but Jay was with Caitlin when Zoom arrived.

    • steve says:

      i think the guy that is zoom looks like jay. i think its hunter zoloman. yes zoom is an earth 1 guy and not from earth 2. but somehow found his way with his speed to earth 2 and can travel between worlds on his own.

    • Lex says:

      Here’s my theory. The man in the cell is the original Jay Garrick. Zoom and The Flash are the positive and negative aspects of his personality, clones perhaps. If you look at both of them, they have similar objectives in life. They both use things to make them faster, Jay uses drugs, while Zoom strips it from other speedsters. Jay is dying, but once he takes the better ‘Velocity’ drug, he starts to get better. Their existence may depend on feeding off of others.

    • kitsunesaru says:

      I can’t decide if I want to say he’s a twin (and the real Jay) like the actual Man in the Iron Mask story, or that we’re branching into Earth-3 now (and maybe where Supergirl is)

    • KWade says:

      I do believe that Jay in the mask is from an alternate earth……an Earth 3

    • Joe Shwa says:

      It can be Jay Garrick of Earth-1. He and Hunter Zolomon of Earth-1 can be legit doppelgangers, and their breach doppelgangers can be Jay(Flash) and Hunter(Zoom)!!!!!

    • Lois Handy says:

      I don’t think it’s Jay because there’s only one on each earth. We already saw Earth 1 Jay in the Park and Jay Garrick was from Earth 2

  2. Ashley M says:

    I’m wondering if Jay’s experimenting to become faster on Earth-2 created some kind of alter ego type entity and that’s who Zoom is. The way Jay spoke to Caitlin last week about wanting to get faster fits in with Zoom’s whole purpose.

    • Matt Webb Mitovich says:

      I’ve batted around the theory that Jay is Zoom (especially since he was conspicuously “napping” when Zoom was whaling on Barry), but wouldn’t his assorted test results indicate he’s loaded with speed?

      • Jerry says:

        Maybe he got so fast that he split apart? Permanent echoes of a sort? Real Jay is locked up, broken Jay went to Earth-1, and crazy Jay is Zoom.

        Not sure if that’s too Comic-y. And it’s not really what I want. (Still hoping it’s Barry’s dad from Earth-2).

        • giannogeorge says:

          It cannot be Barry’s dad, Henry, simply because when Zoom saw our Flash without the mask there was no reaction from him. If he had just realised that the Flash was his son (his doppelganger, ok) there should have been something.

      • Ashley M says:

        Yeah, that’s what made me think of him. However, I think he split apart and there are 2 Jays. Not sure if they’re going to go that crazy, but seeing as how next week’s episode is channeling Jaws…

      • SonOfCoul says:

        Seems to me that the “Jay” we know is Earth 1’s alter ego of Zoom. Probably twisted and manipulated by Zoom, who was presented to Caitlin in the park with the obvious foreshadowing name. The real Jay(Also the real Flash of Earth 2) is actually being held in Zoom’s Lair with the mask. Might be too obvious? sure….but so was Harrison Wells as Reverse Flash and that still worked out pretty well.

        • Matt Webb Mitovich says:

          1) That hurt my brain, and 2) Iron Mask seems to have a quite different build than Teddy Sears.

          • SonOfCoul says:

            Anything with Alternate Universes/Timelines in shows like this always makes me feel the same. I wasn’t saying the man in the mask was Teddy Sears, either. Im thinking Teddy Sears is posing as Jay Garrick, and the guy in the mask is the real Jay Garrick played by someone we haven’t seen yet.

          • ? says:

            Jay is in the mask. Teddy Sears isn’t Jay. He’s Earth-2 Hunter Zolomon. He doesn’t have speed because he was never the Flash. Not sure exactly what the game is yet, but in the comics Hunter Zolomon wasn’t a good guy. Though the Earth-2 version has certainly seemed to be so far in the show.

      • Joe says:

        How was jay on earth 1 closing the portal at the exact time zoom was being frozen by frost…and how did he pull himself through breach

        • Matt Webb Mitovich says:

          Like I said, theory doesn’t work. For multiple reasons. (Though the “two places at once” thing has previously been explained away by speed mirages.)

      • Andrew says:

        Earth-1 Jay Garrick is (supposedly) named Hunter Zolomon. In the comics, Hunter Zolomon is Zoom.

      • jrex says:

        It looked to me as if the Man in the Iron Mask had dark pigmented skin on his hands than Jay although that may just be the lighting.

        • herman1959 says:

          I thought the same; we’ll see, but I hope it doesn’t take too long.

        • ghost_girl says:

          Not sure why everyone is so fixated on this thing about his hands appearing dark, which could easily be explained away by his hands being in shadow or wearing gloves. I thought I had seen his neck and it was that of a white man, and there is a screen cap posted above which clearly shows it is a white man.

      • Isabella says:

        Playing the devil’s advocate for a moment but isn’t Zoom able to move through time only appearing to go fast? That could account for the lack of Speed Force in his blood. We also know that Earth 1 and 2 vibrate at a different frequency so that could also explain why it’s not showing up in the blood. And it makes sense that “Zoom” killed Jay at the end. He could have killed an earlier version of himself while being protected by the Speed Force in the breach itself, much like the Reverse Flash a few weeks ago. It would make sense that Zoom can’t have “Jay” stranded on E1 when they closed the portal.
        The biggest red flag for me was when Jay found Hunter. It takes Cisco or Felicity a split second to find anyone based on a picture or even a partial image but Barry, with all his resources, couldn’t find E1’s Jay but Jay, who isn’t even from this Earth, could? Conveniently around the time Cait starts to ask questions. He also has an explanation why her theory wouldn’t work so she drops the idea. Plus the guy lied! I still can’t believe Caitlin dismissed that information so quickly.
        I don’t think the man in the mask is Jay because he could have easily pointed at himself when Barry and Jesse figured out he meant Jay. That’s a pretty universal gesture. And he seemed frustrated when Barry said that Jay didn’t come with them.

      • VCR1 says:

        What if it’s a future version of Jay that has become addicted to velocity 9 and needs more speed force?

      • Mike says:

        In the comics Zoom doesn’t use the “speed force” dies he? I thought he just slowed time down to make himself seem super fast, kind of like the turtle. Why would he inject himself with Barry’s speed force then though. Damn, nevermind.

      • Michael says:

        We are also assuming Zoom is from present day Earth 2. Zoom could have done something similar to Reverse Flash and is from a future not yet seen. He could be Jay from a future Earth 1 where the Jay we saw in the park goes down a dark path and comes back to change things.

      • Rambling Joe says:

        There are THREE Jay’s:
        1) Man-in-iron-mask is Past Jay.
        2) Jay visiting Earth-1 is Present Jay.
        3) Zoom is Future Jay.

        I know, you’re thinking three Jays?! But remember, we had three Barrys in one episode. We had present day Barry traveling back in time to save his mother, while future Barry travelled back to the same moment in time to save child Barry. Three Barrys.

        The Velocity-9 that Present time Jay is taking him makes him crazy-mad for increased Speed Force, and he travelled back in time to to steal speed from Present Jay. When Present Jay escaped through the worm hole, Future Jay travelled farther back and kidnapped Past Jay to steal his speed, and brought him to the Present so he could keep stealing his Force while trying to get Barry’s Speed Force.

      • Brian says:

        It can’t be Jay, as the Speed Canon portal was down while we saw Zoom and Jay on Earth-2 and 1, respectively.

    • James says:

      I don’t think the writers are going there since Season 1 was all about betrayal. For Jay being Zoom, it would feel very much like the same plot Harrison Wells had just with a different character.

    • Pete Perry says:

      No it doesn’t because Zoom wants the speed force but he isn’t actually fast at all. He is closer to the turtle than he is to Barry Allan but they haven’t figured that out yet.

  3. Laurie says:

    He’s got to get to Supergirl’s world somehow.

  4. George O says:

    i think its zooms doppleganger from earth 1

  5. He was saying that Jay Garrick is Zoom

    • Michael says:

      I believe the man in the iron mask is Henry Allen from Earth 2, with speed, or Jay Garrick. I believe the other Jay on earth 1 is a metahuman who can turn into anyone.He is or gonna take his speed force also but zoom has the helmet on him to keep him from phasing out of it

      • kreiyu says:

        i think Zoom is the Eath Two equivilent of yellow flash and that the guy in the cell is his ancetral life link. that’s why he hasn’t just killed him.

        • Phoenix5634 says:

          Zoom may be the origin of reverse flashs powers in the show. And the iron mask is for more than just hiding the guys identity, or stopping him from talking, that could be done with far less. And he’s in a speedster cell.

      • Gail says:

        Problem with that theory is that Barry of Earth 1 talked to Barry of Earth 2’s mother. She and her husband were going to Atlantis. If Henry were kidnapped or missing why wouldn’t his mother say something.

        • Chris says:

          Not if Zoom is Earth 2 Barry’s mom…. dun dun DUNNNNN

        • Phoenix5634 says:

          “up is down, and down is up” now compare that to the west/Allen family dynamic…. On Earth-2 Henry walks out, or they get divorced… Evidence might be on the phone “dad”, “mom and dad”

        • louise says:

          exactly remember the phone last episode he had mom phone and dad phone as separate phones. she could have separated or perhaps they think father is dead. also how barry earth 2 as numbers for superheroes when he is not one?

        • Brian says:

          If Henry-2 is Zoom, he could easily be slipping away from Nora with super-speed whenever he wants.

  6. Amy says:

    I enjoyed the episode. Honestly for me the best parts were getting to see more of Earth-2!Barry and Earth-2!Westallen. I’m actually even MORE confused now with this whole Zoom, Jay, Hunter situation. I don’t know who is who. Or who is good and who is evil. Or who is from what Earth. Something to look forward to in future episodes.

  7. Gail says:

    What if Hunter Zolomon has been pretending to Jay Garrick on Earth 1 and the man in the iron mask is the real Jay. The scene where both Jay and Hunter appeared was a speed mirage.

  8. Xander says:

    I think the iron mask is the real jay garrick, and the other jay is zoom because in the comics, zoom is Hunter Solomon and Jay doppelganger is Hunter Solomon. And jay said in a previous episode that it’s like he needs more speed. And at the end when zoom grabbed him, I think he did that thing where when reverse flash beat him self he moved so fast that it looked like he grabbed him. All evidence is on Jay, or really Hunter

  9. Dj says:

    The guy in the mask had to been saying he was Jay or Jay was Zoom. He got way to upset at Barry when Barry said Jay was alive. I had wanted Zoom to be Eddie, but they are doing a really good job of keeping the Zoom mystery interesting.

  10. Sarah says:

    I love The Flash I do, and I’m willing to roll with things most of the time but I do have a question – weren’t they adamant a few episodes ago that they weren’t going to just close all the breaches and leave Zoom to run rampant on Earth 2? So why were they going to close the breach for good now? Anyone?

    • Jessica Y N says:

      The breach can’t be completely closed right?
      It’s too much of a tease for Barry to promise to go back for the Iron Mask if they can’t get back to Earth 2.

  11. Mark Walker says:

    Jay Garrick (earth 1) is Zoom, Jay Garrick (earth 2) is the guy in the mask.

  12. Jessica Y N says:

    My theory:
    The man in the iron mask is Wally West (from E-2 or another Earth, but not E-1) and Zoom took him to get his speed (this Wally is Kid Flash).
    He signaled “JAY” to Barry because Zoom is Jay Garrick. Velocity 6 made him split and Zoom is the crazy super super speedy evil Jay. And the Jay that’s been on E-1 is the speed-less leftovers.

    I’m not super sure about the Jay split part but the Iron Mask has to be Wally!

  13. Myles says:

    There are 3 other speedsters in the universe besides Berry right now. Earth 1 Barry, Earth 2 Jay, Earth 1 Wells, and Earth 2 Zoom. Zoom had Berry in the cell for a reason. To have him until he steals his speed. He had Well’s daughter in order to convince Wells to help him. That man in the mask was in there for a specific reason, and Zoom made it pretty clear that he didn’t want the man in the iron mask talking to Flash. The iron mask knew Jay obviously, since he was tapping his name in code. Think about this. Zoom wants to be faster. He’s done everything he’s done JUST so he could be faster, right? He can’t steal Jay’s speed since it’s “gone”. He’s going for Berry, but needs Wells in order to figure out how to take it. So this is where things get weird. Now obviously Zoom wants to keep the Speedsters locked up and away. So WHAT IF Berry isnt the first Flash Wells tried to betray? What if the reason Zoom is so fast is because he already took a Flash’s speed? But what other Flashes are around? Thawne is out of the picture, so it’s not him. Earth 2 Barry isnt a speedster, so it isn’t him. Jay doesn’t have his speed, but we learned that that is because of himself wanting to be faster. We already found Hunter Zoloman(Jay’s doppelganger on Earth 1), and he’s still alive, meaning it couldn’t be him AS FAR AS WE KNOW. That leaves 1 person. Wally West. Earth 1 Wally doesn’t have speed yet, and we know that. BUT WHAT ABOUT EARTH 2 WALLY? He hasn’t been mentioned, but we know everyone has a doppelganger. So what if Earth 2 Wally already has his speed? What if Earth 2 Wally is the one in the Iron Mask, and Zoom already took his speed? What if the reason Iron Mask knows Jay is because he’s a speedster too, and is worried that Jay was killed(hence why he was mad when Barry said that Jay was in Earth 1)?

  14. Chris says:

    It’s easy it’s a repeat of season one played out with earth 2 Characters. Yes the flash “jay” is in the mask but the Jay on Earth one isn’t the Flash he’s the reverse flash sent to keep tabs on berry and report to zoom. Remember how the reverse flash lost his speed in season one and now we are seeing it again.

  15. Ricardo says:

    It has to be jay because the guy in the iron mask had blonde hair

  16. Dave Rosenberg says:

    Jay is behind the mask and hunter zolomon is masquerading as him on earth 1. Very similar to season 1 Harrison wells was later to be revealed as eobard thawne.

  17. abz says:

    LOL reading through the theories in the comments about The Flash is making my head hurt. I’d probably have a better grasp on this if I had some Flash comics background. Nevertheless, as I was watching, I initially thought that the Iron Mask guy might have been saying that he was the real Jay Garrick and that Earth-1 Jay might be some sort of imposter. I mean why did it take so long for Earth-1 Jay to come and help Caitlin/Iris after the Geomancer came to Star Labs. But I don’t know.
    In any case, I haven’t been all that impressed with Teddy Sears on the show. I enjoyed him in Masters of Sex, but I find Jay Garrick quite boring at times. No personality. And the “chemistry” with Caitlin is meh.
    I’d love for Killer Frost and Earth 1-Caitlin to meet one another at some point.

  18. David says:

    Ahhh Jay takes the new “batch” mixed with the speed force, and turns into zoom excited!!!!!

  19. Schatze says:

    I’ve different thoughts about Iron Mask and Zoom. One has Mask being Jay Garrtck of Earth 1 and Zoom being Eobard Twaine of Earth 2. Second possibility is Iron Mask being Ronnie Raymond of Earth 1 (who is presumed dead) but who knows something about Earth 2’s Jay Garrick, and would be connected through Cait, and that could leave Zoom to be Earth 1 Jay, who gained his speed the same way Barry did but went through the time anomaly at the time of the particle add elevator with explosion on earth 1.

    The key here is both Iron Mask and Zoom are earth one or earth 2 versions of characters whose personas haven’t been accounted for, but have a connection. One other possibility is Zoom being Earth 1 Barry dad or he’s Iron Mask. But in any event the list of possibilities for each seems small..

  20. Mac says:

    I think the man in the iron mask may be earth-1 Henry Allen, and Zoom is Earth-2 Henry Allen, this works in a way that when Henry showed up he got Barry back on his feet running again after Zoom beat him down in an attempt to increase the speed force in his system. If Earth-1 Henry is in the Iron Mask, Zoom could act as Henry on Earth-1 and get Intel on Barry

    • Maryann says:

      This makes the most sense of any of the theories I have heard. In the original Man in the Iron Mask, the King of France put an iron mask on his identical twin. It would be a parallel situation if Zoom put an iron mask on his doppleganger — and silenced him so he can’t tell anyone what is going on.

      If Zoom and Iron Mask are Henry Allen, it would also explain why Henry Allen went away so fast with such a poor excuse. In other words, the real Henry had already been kidnapped and the Henry saying good-bye to Barry was actually Zoom pretending to be Earth I Henry. Zoom is also a physical fit to Henry — I can’t think of anyone else we have seen who is that big through the chest and shoulders. The only thing this line of reasoning *doesn’t* explain is why Iron Mask tapped out the word Jay. Why would he do that unless he is Jay? (It makes more sense to me that he would want to communicate his own name than Zoom’s identity.)

    • Dj says:

      This would be pretty bad writing if the man in the mask was Henry. I don’t see how they would explain him not trying to tell his son that it was him. It would be just as easy to tap dad as it was Jay.

      • Matt Webb Mitovich says:

        Exactly. He would have tapped DAD. As is, the JAY theory has a problem — why not then just jab your finger at yourself to communicate, “JAY IS ME!”

        • Brian says:

          Unless “Jay” was a warning not to trust the person they thought was Jay Garrick. I think the mask is for Jessie’ benefit: if she escaped, she’d be able to tell everyone that Flash was locked up with her, not running around. The man in the mask is the real Jay and “Jay” is Earth-2’s Everyman, working for Zoom because Jay really did use V-6 to get faster to beat Zoom, but that took the speed Zoom wants to steal. Now Zoom has a body full of V-9 he can use to give Jay his speed back, then steal it immediately.

  21. Phoenix5634 says:

    Awesome episode! And if Zoom isn’t a Black Flash, pretty sure they may have just created one at the end…

  22. David Finucane says:

    And by the way it looks based on the promos. We won’t get any closer to seeing who it is next episode

  23. uro says:

    Idk what’s going on here but anyone know if there’s a season two? I just finished the last episode of season one and I am dying to know what happens next! -netflix

    • Maryann says:

      Check out an episode guide. It sounds like you may be confused. We are discussing episode 14 of season 2 here. Netflix only has Season 1 right now. It’s likely they will have Season 2 later after it has finished airing on the CW.

  24. Tasha says:

    ok after watching this episode i’m sure Zoom is now Barry. It was my initial guess when they first introduced Zoom with the whole look alike outfit and similar mannerisms and how much of Barry he knew about, then I was like too easy. And they’ve hinted at other things which made me think ok it’s Jay, no it’s Eddie, no it’s Wally. Kind of reminds me of what happened in the first season when they basically told us it was Wells as the Reverse Flash in the very beginning but with the events that followed we started guessing ok maybe someone else is the Reverse Flash. With the pep-talk speech Earth 2 Barry gave to Earth 1 Barry saying “I’m just Barry Allen..I’m no hero” was a red flag to me. And then him being knocked out for almost a day when he could’ve left to go beat up Barry then return to the lab without anyone noticing. Then gotta ask, if it was a setup for Killer Snow to lure them to Zoom’s lair, how did she and Zoom know they were coming?? Hmm curious, yet it was Earth 2 Barry who could find her. Oh and it would fit perfect with Reverse Flash telling Barry he would never be happy. Nothing is ever enough for Earth 1 Barry to be happy, and no speed is ever enough for Earth 2 Barry (Zoom) to be satisfied.

    • Tasha says:

      Forgot to add, the revelation would need to be something devastating. To me, having his dad or Joe as Zoom wouldn’t be as devastating as seeing himself as Zoom because it would mean that Barry “The Flash” would have this fear of becoming the evil monster that he’s fighting and would make The Reverse Flash right about The Flash never being happy. Oh and holy crap, if Earth 2 Barry is Zoom, what if the Barry we see at the gravesite with the Arrow is actually Earth 2 Barry and not Earth 1 Barry.

  25. Dom says:

    I believe that the character we precieve to be “Jay” of Earth 2 with the doppelganger “Hunter” of Earth 1 is actually Hunter of Earth-2 posing as Jay. Even though actor Teddy Sears was introduced as Jay in The Flash, he came in self-proclaimed from a secondary earth with no one on Earth 1 to confirm or deny his true identity. He could have come through the dimensional portal and said his name was Joe Smith and they would have no way to disprove his actual name considering he comes from a 2nd earth. They pretty much just have to take his word for it (after he earns their trust anyway).

    What we have seen so far is EVERY character’s doppelganger shares the same name AT LEAST. Sure, Earth 2 Jay can claim Earth 1 Jay was adopted and thus given the name Hunter.. or it could just be a cover? A false identity and false face to put to that name hides finding the true Earth 1 Jay, while putting an end Caitlin’s search when Earth 2 “Jay” quickly dismisses the possibility of using his doppelgangers cells to save his own because of his mutation from the particle accelerator.

    So, basically we see Teddy Sears as Jay because he claimed to be Jay.. we took his word for it based off stories he told about his past while “fighting” Zoom.. a past we cannot confirm nor deny. We just take his word for it. He lied about Zoom stealing his speed, when he actually lost it trying to make himself faster.. a similar goal Zoom himself has (maybe if he told the group this they would be suspicious.. so he says it was stolen instead). And he openly admitted to avoiding fighting Zoom in some instances.. coincidence? Lies and a lust for more speed.

    Now.. I don’t think the speed force can be detected in Jay because Jay never had access to it.. just like how Hunter never did in the comic. Assuming the character we see to be Jay is actually Hunter of Earth 2, then his speed derived from his ability to manipulate time isn’t limitless like speed force speedsters. Hence why he wants it from Barry. Hunter’s speed rivaled Wally’s in the comic… And Barry is still learning to harness his full power in the show, so for now Zoom/Hunter is superior but eventually Barry may surpass zoom and thus he wants his speed force before that happens.

    Now if Zoom/Hunter’s powers pertain ro time, maybe there is a way he can communicate with his counterpart of Earth 1 and work with him (like how Cisco could view Eobard killing him in another timeline, or how Reverb (E2 Cisco) could watch Vibe (E1 Cisco) through dimensions). Maybe he can do speed Mirages through time manipulation that are superior to just speed.. fact is we’ve seen Eobard beat on “Wells” with just imagery.. so this Jay incident at the end of the episode doesn’t seem far fetched or dismiss him as being Zoom.. there are plenty more loose ends awaiting to be tied..

    But in sum, I think we haven’t actually met Jay. Jay is the man behind the iron mask wanting Barry to know who he knows to be Jay isn’t in fact Jay… The iron masked man is Jay, while “Jay” is actually Hunter. There is much more yet to be revealed but that’s my take in it with info I was able to recall throughout the season.

    • BarryFlash says:

      Earth-2 Wells knew Jay Garrick/Flash from Earth-2.

      • Phoenix5634 says:

        That little fact right there is the most confusing little detail. Both Jay and Harry must know more than we heard so far. We still havnt heard them talk about that explosion under E-2 Starlabs that apparently happens right before Zooms first appearance. Think about it, they seen Henry on E-1 too and they didn’t say anything about him… But Wells sure had a strange look on his face when Henry shaked hands with him… I’m wondering if Henry didn’t work with Jay and Harry on E2…

  26. daltonkramer1 says:

    I think that when the wormhole opened up above Central City at the end of season 1, that it led to multiple earths, allowing Zoom to go to these other earths to observe those speedsters then steal their speed. So obviously the man in the iron mask is the real Jay Garrick, and if it is then that would explain why the man got angry when Barry said that Garrick was alive on Earth 1.

  27. Dom says:

    Though they could also be pointing all signs to make Jay out to be Zoom to hide the shocking twist on who Zoom really is.. to make Jay Zoom would be more betray thats repetitive to season 1’s betrayl.. would you make Barry the most untrustworthy hero ever because he would have let his guard down twice to two major villains infiltrating his livelihood.. I stand by my previous post but it could go either way. I definitely don’t think E2 Jay is who he says he is.. that’s for sure.

  28. Max Mercury says:

    The message is “Jay made Zoom”… The man in the mask is E1 Henry Allen, and Zoom is E2 Henry Allen… But I do think the Hunter ZOlOMon scene is also a bread crumb to a Zoom link; everything has a purpose…

  29. Gail says:

    I see no reason for Wally West of Earth 2 to be masked in iron, therefore I am now guessing the man in the iron mask is not Wally. If it is the real Jay Garrick there is a reason for the mask.

    Barry 2’s speed dial lists Mom and Dad and his mother mentions they are both going to Atlantis so they are still together and kind of hard to think how Barry’s father is Zoom or the man in the iron mask without his wife being aware.

    I am also guessing Jay’s being pulled back to Earth 2 was planned by Jay and Zoom, which is why he was standing so close to the vortex.

    Not sure how Barry was planning to return to Earth 2 to save the man in the iron mask since all roads to Earth 2 have been closed and it was always the plan to close the last passage way when they returned to Earth 1. Unless they are going with the old comic book way to get to Earth 2 by changing his internal vibrations. On TV they have all ready mentioned the Earths vibrate differently. Of coarse then Zoom could do the same thing and then there was no reason to close the passage ways to Earth 2.

  30. Cortland says:

    Now here is something for all of you to think about. Final episode of season 1, worm hole opens, Jays helmet comes flying through. First episode of season 1, we see Jay and zoom together, fighting, on earth 2, zoom runs, jay gets sucked into earth 1. THEN in multiple instances, Jay claims Zoom stole his speed. Well…. that’s odd, if zoom stole his speed he could steal Flash’s. But Zoom needs Harry in order to steal flash’s speed. We know Harry didn’t take Jay’s and give it to zoom bc Harry was helping work on a way to make jay faster. Soooooo, what’s going on? haha

    • Gail says:

      “Jay ” if he is Jay recently said he lied about Zoom steeling his speed. He lost his speed trying to get faster and taking Velocity 6.

  31. Ikoy says:

    Maybe the guy in the iron mask “Said ‘JAY'” because he thought zoom was Flash from earth 2 when in fact he might be hunter zolomon

  32. Eyal Amir says:

    I have noticed something –
    In Zoom’s lair there are 2 kinds of cells:
    1. For normal people, like Jesse.
    2. For speedsters, like Barry.

    The man in the iron mask is in a cell just like Barry’s. Is that means that he is a Speedster? or was?

    • Phoenix5634 says:

      I noticed that too, I think the Iron Mask might be how Zoom steals the speedforce, he might be syphoning that speedsters’ power. There’s more to the mask than just hiding the identity, if it was only for that purpose they could just use a sack or something, the mask is technology, probably not all that different from the device Harry put on Barry’s suit to siphon his 2%.

  33. John Marc L. Tan says:

    The twin concept in the comics is of barry allen. originally. but if the tv turned out that Jay has a twin, maybe, zoom is the cobalt blue.

  34. The statue of Flash on Earth 2 looks like Jay and when Earth 2 Wells has has a flashback about Jay he is the same actor.
    The man in the iron mask could be Johnny Quick.He invokes his speed power by reciting a mathematical formula. It would be a good reason to keep his mouth shut.
    If he were from Earth 2 and Zoom is Hunter Zolomon…he would believe Jay and Zoom were one and the same.
    It is either that or like many have said Jay and Zoom have split due to the side effects of the Velocity Drug

  35. herrumph says:

    This latest episode makes me think twice but I think Zoom is Earth 2 Barry’s father. If you saw the future scenes clip of Zoom has his mask on but without the black makeup around his eyes, it looks very much like Barry’s father’s eyes.

    • Matthew says:

      Decent theory, I like it, in the previous episode when they traveled to earth 2 we saw a few visions, most people noticed and got hung up on Supergirl, but I noticed old school 90’s Flash, who we know was played by the same actor who now plays Barrys real dad. Doppledaddy as it were.

  36. Blue52 says:

    In the season 1 finale wells mentions something about hunter would be proud when he gets into the vessel that was supposed to send him back to his time. I agree “hunter” is jays evil earth 2 doppelganer and the guy in the iron mask was trying to warn barry that zoom is jay..

  37. Matthew says:

    Wild cross world/cross show theory (pun intended) ~ Its earth 2 Oliver Queen. Flash loves to cross with Arrow why miss a golden opportunity to show us earth 2’s Green Arrow or as maybe if my theory is true the Emerald Arrow or some such?

  38. Cisco says:

    It’s Daniel Vittario AKA Iron Mask.

  39. Stephen says:

    Has anyone tried deciphering the rest of Iron Mask’s messages throughout the episode?

    • Phoenix5634 says:

      when Barry realized Iron mask guy was using POW tap code he was doing 2-3 and 5 to make them realize the 5×5 codex. 2-3 is “H”

  40. Pat says:

    As always a great episode. After reading most of the comments, my head is a swirling from all the theories, of who is behind the mask on earth 2. One thing is for sure, Jay to me, seems a little off so there is something not right especially when he did not come to Caitlin and Iris’s rescue. How convenient to take a nap. Whoever is behind that mask I think was trying to warn Barry about Jay.

  41. Phoenix5634 says:

    Has anyone considered this?… Remember “up is down, and down is up”
    – Allen and West family histories as we know them maybe nearly swapped.. So maybe E-2 Henry runs away to pursue his career as a doctor/scientist when Barry was young, instead of Nora being murdered on E-1. And maybe Iris’s mother is murdered on E-2, which is what inspired Iris to become such a fierce cop, same reason why Barry does his job for the police on E-1… So that phone call where Nora mentioned his father could be to throw us all off Henry. I’ve wondered for awhile if E-2 Henry was there with Wells and Jay in whatever experiment under their Star Labs that caused the explosion before Zoom first appeared.

  42. Kelvin says:

    Could it be jays dad? The message was a p.ow message and his dad was military..

  43. Imzadi says:

    I got a kick out of Cisco calling Killer Frost “Elsa,” as in Frozen (blonde hair, produces ice, etc).

  44. dawillis66 says:

    I think it was Jay in the Iron mask and the guy pretending to be Jay on Earth-1 has an ulterior motive. IT would explain why there was no sign of the speed force in him. Also I think Zoom is Easth 2 Henry Allen.

  45. Andy says:

    I think the man in the mask is Jay Garrick and this “Jay” is an impostor who has been using the team, mainly Caitlin, as a means to restore his speed. I think it’s Jay Garrick’s comic book nemesis Dr. Edward Clariss / The Rival who uses a similar suit to Jay and I’m pretty sure he also uses Velocity 9 to gain his speed. My theory is that he’s from another universe and arrived on Earth-2 and Zoom stole his speed and now he’s been trying to restore it. I also think that “Hunter Zolomon” is a speed mirage created to fool Caitlin, though I don’t doubt that Zoom, whoever it is under the mask, is named Hunter Zolomon like in the comics.

    • Phoenix5634 says:

      They are definitely taking pieces of those things you mentioned from the source material. And I’m starting to think the same, Zoom is from somewhere other than E1 or E2, or atleast has been somewhere else for a time…I have this feeling Zoom is Jays speedforce. But whether or not it’s Jay’s body isn’t certain.

      The experiment under their Star Labs, I bet you that they have the Cosmic Treadmill down there, and I bet Jay was experimenting with his speed, and went so fast that it caused this explosion they have mentioned, and it displaced him in his own time ( like how Barry usually sees a shadow of himself before he time travels ) except this shadow self remained in this timeline as a real physical being with his speedforce. I think Jays’ cellular damage is from this division.

  46. matty ice says:

    They are trying to throw everyone off, wally is in the mask, joe is zoom, and the jay we know is the rival. Wally (in mask) is the real flash on earth 2. Hence why joe hates earth 2 barry. Everything is flipped around. Would make sense why joe hates barry 2, wants barry 1 speed

  47. Chris says:

    I think it is Jay Garrick’s clone. If you haven’t seen him in the comics, google him. He looks just like Zoom. Blue streaks and everything.

  48. scott says:

    I say Jay split in to multiple copies of himself 1 being zoom.

  49. Bill d says:

    Iron mask……earth 1 Ronnie

  50. chicagorob says:

    The Earth-1 Jay that we know is FROM Earth-1, he was never the Flash on Earth-2. He made a deal with Zoom to get Caitlin to develop a working Velocity drug, something should couldn’t do as Killer Frost. In exchange for getting the eventual Velocity 9 developed for Zoom, he get’s to use the Speed force.

    Meanwhile, the real Earth-2 Jay, their Flash, is stuck in the metal mask, unable to let Barry know he’s the real deal and not the doppelganger imposter back on Earth-1.

    Wasn’t it strange that Garrick just showed up at S.T.A.R. labs and without his powers? We never saw him come through a breach or show any Speed force until he started taking the Velocity drugs.