Teen Wolf Parrish Dead

Teen Wolf Recap: Beasts of the Field

“It just might end up being a regular lacrosse game,” a hopeful Lydia mused ahead of the Beast’s assault on Beacon Hills High during Tuesday’s Teen Wolf. “It’s possible, right?” (Sorry, friend. Not on this show.)

Despite the best efforts of Scott’s pack, the episode indeed ended with the Beast of Gévaudan bro-ing his way onto the lax field, with only li’l Liam and his tiny paws of justice standing in its way.

Of course, a million other things happened before this, so let’s rewind a bit…

R.I.P., PARRISH? | The only thing more surprising than discovering that Parrish is dead… was discovering that he’s been dead for as long as we’ve known him. The Hellhound got very chatty once Argent, Gerard and Lydia stuffed him in a big-ass ice box, leading him to exclaim, “Jordan Parrish died. There is no Jordan Parrish.”As far as I can gather, the Hellhound consumed Parrish’s body when that bomb went off in Abercrombie and Fitch Afghanistan, and the ‘hound has been cruising around town in borrowed skin ever since. (Damn it, Teen Wolf, I was this close to finally understanding you!)

BACK IN THE GAME | The phrase “you don’t know what you’ve got ’til it’s gone” couldn’t ring more true with Coach Bobby Finstock. I was over the damn moon when Scott and Stiles visited him at rehab — where, much to the surprise of absolutely no one, he’s pretending to have an alcohol addiction — and now I want him back on the show every week. Sure, he wasn’t exactly “helpful” when Scott asked him to throw the game, but has he ever really been helpful? If he somehow turns out to be the Beast, I’ll die happy.

Leftover Thots:

* I know we’re still riding high on Cloud “Stydia” after last week’s episode, but how amazing was the look on Stiles’ face when the Desert Wolf asked Malia if she was trying to protect him?

* Mason and Corey sitting in a tree…

* Who lied to Kira and told her she was fine? She is not fine. (I do, however, really like that tree she has on her bedroom wall. I just noticed that this week.)

* I almost didn’t recognize Lydia when she wasn’t screaming in pajamas.

* I also almost forgot that Scott and his friends still play lacrosse. (Actually, I did forget.)


Teen Wolf Parrish Dead

Your thoughts on this week’s Teen Wolf? New theories about the Beast? Drop ’em all in a comment below.

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  1. Jason says:

    I think Mason is the Beast.

  2. N says:

    “Thots ” lol

  3. mrbill125 says:

    Why did the beast sound like a horse when he was running outside by the bus and inside the school? Did the Dread Dr.’s add another DNA to the mix

    • jjcc says:

      They usually use sound effects to create the noises of the show. For instance, I think I read somewhere the growl of the wolves is that of a gorilla.

      • mrbill125 says:

        I understand that sound effects are used :-) but it really sounded like a horse running, not a wolf. Actually it sounded like Monty Pythons coconuts.

        Just think they made a poor choice for it.

  4. Erm, I don’t think Parrish is really dead? I mean, if he is dead then why he acts like Jordan and is so confused about the hellhound’s escapades and doesn’t remember them? I mean, when he’s not in the hellhound mode, he is a normal guy? I think the hellhound lied and just tries to consume Jordan to take full control over his body. Like the beast is doing with the teenager – when the beast will be strong enough, the teenager will be gone. Maybe here is the same case. I hope, because hell!, I really, really don’t want him to be dead :(

  5. exs113030 says:

    Well I’m pretty sure that Mason is the beast. And I’m also back to thinking that Parrish is actually Isaac’s dead brother…

  6. Johnson Joshua says:

    Mason indeed..teen wolf’,so full of suspence

  7. Rena says:

    its brett,he wasnt there when the beast came he left the field remember.

  8. Sam says:

    I loved this episode and am really loving the play out of Malia’s struggle with the Desert Wolf. Now the DW knows her weakness…what will she do with that info? I also hope that this is the beginning of Stiles and Malia reconciling. They are so great together, and make so much sense, and I hope that this is what finally brings them back around to each other. Great episode! WHO IS THE BEAST? And where was Theo’s shady butt?

  9. Tracie says:

    So, I don’t want Mason to be the Beast, but I have a bad feeling that he is… The way that Corey stopped kissing him, it seemed like he realized something wasn’t right.

    Also, poor Stiles…. All these head injuries this season and now the desert wolf knows that Malia is trying to protect him. I’m concerned for his health and safety.

    Third thought… So the way they showed the sacrifice scene from season 3a at the same time as Parrish getting blown up… Does that mean that the sacrifice brought the hellhound, because that’s how they found the nemeton and sort of activated it’s beacon qualities again?

    Last thought, I watched the after after show, and the way they were talking about the layden sex scene, made it seem like it was originally supposed to be at the beginning of this episode instead of last week’s. I’m not sure why they changed it, because I think it would have fit better, unless maybe they just didn’t want to distract from scira’s scene this week?

  10. renee lynn says:

    One the 2nd part has been the best part. But I sincerely hope that Scott is still going to be the main alfa and his team for another 10 seasons. Or if this show has to go off air then one of the other channels pick up the sires. I just hope this show does not end.

  11. spu says:

    What ‘look on Stiles’ face’? He didnt even see the desert wolf talking to Malia did he? And yes I’m still very much riding high on Stydia cloud and I don’t want to come down.

  12. Hipper says:

    At some point, they’ve got to start getting rid of some of these characters. The show is too bloated. Hopefully, the Beast can knock out a few before dying as well.

  13. willy says:

    when will derek hale come back