Downton Abbey Recap

Downton Abbey Recap: 2 Fast 2 Furious

Death paid its annual visit to Downton Abbey on Sunday, triggering a series of rash emotional decisions — some more upsetting than others.

Charlie’s fatal car crash took the heaviest toll on Henry, who emerged from his initial spiral of survivor’s remorse with an impassioned proposition for Mary: “His death has made me realize that you and I don’t have a minute to waste,” he told her during a late-night phone call — the “Hotline Bling” of the 1920s, if you will. “This is my carpe diem, and I must seize the day.”

But if you were hoping for a warm reception to Henry’s thinly-veiled proposal, this next part probably bummed you out:

“Today has made me realize something, too,” she replied. “We’re not meant to be together, Henry. We’re not right. … I want you to have a long and happy life, just not with me.”

Despite Tom’s suggestion that Mary reconsider shutting Henry out of her life, she seemed pretty set in her ways as she stormed upstairs to bed.

Elsewhere this week…

A DECENT PROPOSAL | Mary and Henry’s relationship might be on its way down the toilet, but for the first time in forever, Edith’s love life is heating up. She even got an unexpected — though not totally unwelcome — proposal from Bertie, which inspired this devastating response, “I don’t ever think i’m the sort of girl men are mad about.” She told him she needs some time to consider his offer, but I’d be shocked if her final answer was anything other than a strong yes. I’ve always seen Edith’s time at Downton as a sort of purgatory; she’s paid her dues, and her future is looking bright. (I’m also really excited to watch her go off on that “nasty, jealous, scheming bitch” Mary next week. Did anyone else audibly gasp during that preview?!)

CARSON V. HUGHES, ROUND 2 | Still annoyed with Carson for his behavior towards his new wife last week, I wanted to throat-punch him through my TV screen when he asked her, “Are you sure you know how to cook it?” in regards to this week’s dinner. He needed to be taught a lesson, and thanks to Mrs. Hughes’ well-timed hand injury, he got it. The look on his face when he realized he’d have to cook dinner was priceless. In fact, let’s take a nice, long look at it:

Downton Abbey Recap

(Feels good, doesn’t it?)

Odds and Ends:

* Tom is totally hitting it off with Edith’s new editor, right? I’m not imagining that? She comes across as a more likable Miss Bunting; I even see shades of Sybil in her.

* Who was that guy lurking in Mrs. Patmore’s bushes with a pad and camera? My assumption is that he’s a reporter who thinks she’s running a brothel — which, for the record, is a spinoff I would absolutely watch.

* Robert’s new dog felt a little too much like a parting gift from the Dowager Countess. I really hope she’s not gone for too long. (We’re running out of episodes here!)

Your thoughts on this week’s Downton AbbeyDrop ’em in a comment below.


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  1. ABG says:

    I do love Edith’s storyline a lot, but I felt like Mary’s new man was rather boring, and dragged down some of the last episodes.

  2. Bonnie says:

    When is Edith going to tell her beau the truth about Marigold ????

  3. Bonnie says:

    Does anyone else get the feeling that Mr. Barrow may be contemplating something as dire as suicide?

  4. Alicia Morrell says:

    I’m worried about Thomas.

    • Bonnie says:

      A great twist would be if Carson comes to Thomas’ rescue in the nick of time….from a dramatic, hopeless cry for help!

      • Red says:

        If Molsely leaves, and Andy moves to Yew Tree Farm [with Daisy, Mrs. Patmore and Mr. Mason] would Barrow be willing to take a step down to footman just to stay?

        • Bonnie says:

          I would think they have scripted something much more climactic than Barrow simply being a footman…..his suicide or attempt at it, I’m sure, will be just the start of his departure scene! I was almost in tears for him after last episode! I’m sticking with my initial theory….Carsen will be in that scene.

    • The Beach says:

      I find it a bit odd that the writers who had made Thomas the villain…sneaky, manipulative and untrustworthy…the whole series now seem to, in its final days, trying to make him such a sympathetic character.

      • Bonnie says:

        It worked…..we’re all drawn to Thomas now. Just the twist to stir the story.

      • Katie T says:

        I wouldn’t say they’ve left it to the final days. They’ve been planting seeds of Thomas’s sympathetic side since about season 3 so I think they’ve always had the intention of turning his character around

  5. Aelin says:

    You must have seen a different preview than I did. The one I saw didn’t show Edith and Mary together.

    • Desiree says:

      I missed that too. Hmmm…

    • justme says:

      I feel better that you said that. My preview didn’t show it either. Maybe east vs. west coast feeds?

      • GeoDiva says:

        I’m on the East Coast and didn’t see clips with Mary & Edith.

      • herman1959 says:

        Thank you, I didn’t see that scene between Mary and Edith either. BTW, is it possible that the man with the camera and pad is a restaurant reviewer?

        • Aelin says:

          Here’s my guess, I am guessing that the man was a reporter, and the couple that Mrs. Patmore was waiting on at her new B&B were not married to each other – maybe one of them is famous. So there’s going to be a possible scandal in the paper and if it gets mentioned that the Earl of Grantham’s cook was involved then that is bad press for the family. Pure conjecture on my part here.

          • James says:

            I doubt it is a reporter. Most likely a private detective, looking for dirt on co-respondents in a divorce case. The way British divorce law was in the ’20s, you needed proof of infidelity. Often, the co-respondents themselves paid the detective to “catch” them so that they could force the issue and provide a reason for the court to grant a divorce.

          • Aelin says:

            James – yes, that would make even more sense.

    • Rise says:

      There was a show just before the season started showing a few bits and pieces of what to expect. And that is probably the preview being referred to. Edith does lay into a shocked Mary. Good for her!

  6. Alie Hunter says:

    The Dowager was throwing some mad shade tonight. Her grave stone will read “B**** please!” I also adore Violet and Isobel’s “friendship”. They’re like high school frenimies. It’s like they bicker for sport, but then they have each other’s back the next second.

  7. Bill says:

    Edith was the nasty, scheming bitch when she wrote that letter to the Turkish ambassador informing him that Mr. Pamuk died in Lady Mary’s bed. Mary should not be expected to forgive and forget something like that. It sounds like the reviewer is a Lady Mary hater.

    • Trudy Bowen Means says:

      Wasn’t Edith supposed to be like 15 at the time? Stupid teenagers do stupid things. Especially to sisters. I don’t think we should dislike her for that. She’s certainly had karma kick her butt since then.

    • SusanahC says:

      I would call it even after Mary ruined Edith’s wedding. She was left at the alter, I think that trumps a little scandal. Let’s not forget how Mary has mocked Edith when Mr. Gregson left telling her that he essentially didn’t want anything to do with her, and laughed that she was upset when Edith found out that Mr. Gregson died! Mary has been nothing but nasty to Edith the entire series so I would think her nastiest suddenly started because of a letter.

      • How in the world did Mary ruin Edith’s wedding?

        • SusanahC says:

          Mary got into Mr Strallan’s ear telling him that Edith didn’t actually love him and was just pretending. After Mr Strallan heard that he broke it off with her. So it was actually the engagement that she ruined. I know he got back together with Edith, but she was still left at the alter.

      • SusanahC says:

        ***Edit: I would think her nastiness DIDN’T suddenly start b/c of a letter. I’m sure it had been going on for most of Edith’s life.

    • Aelin says:

      Yes, that letter was the worst thing Edith ever did to Mary, and it was pretty horrible, but if I remember correctly, Mary had already done some really horrible things to Edith.

  8. Saladt says:

    The stories so far don’t feel like they are working towards a wrap up at the end of the season. It feels like they could have more to tell and with only two episodes left, I hope that they do justice to the series and not just rush through everything or leave it up in the air by the end of the finale. That would be disappointing in either situation.

  9. ellen says:

    Since Bertie made note of his cousin, for whom he’s estate agent, being gay…might that be an excellent new place for Downton’s under butler who’s looking for new job???????

    • Jake says:

      I’m sure he’d first want to know what his position would be…

    • J says:

      he didn’t come out and say he’s gay, but surely implied… but they’re playing up Thomas’s being good with the kids, and trying to teach Andy to read.. his good points. Yes, Mosley will be gone and Mrs.Hughes is probably going to be working on her gas bag husband toe let Thomas stay.

  10. Debbie says:

    This is my favorite show and I will be more than sad to see it go. Can’t believe this is the last season!

  11. Willis says:

    I think the fellow with the pad and camera is a private detective, following the guest couple, who are having an affair?

  12. Vicki Pearson says:

    I feel that Mary is deeply involved in keeping Downton afloat . Life has to have a purpose, so
    even if if she may have loved her new man , I don’t think it would have lasted very long with his life centered around a frivolous and dangerous pastime like racing ( which dislikes intensely) Better to end it now and move on…

    • Aelin says:

      I don’t think it’s really over by any means. I think they will end up together in the end, though I can’t see how they are going to make it happen!

  13. Cindy Duhon says:

    How about this? Mary goes with Tom (because I agree the new man is boring and they have no chemistry) , Denker hooks up with Spratt, Andy and Daisy, Mrs. Patmore and Mr. Mason, Molesley and Baxter, and Violet gets back together with her Russian man. Anyone have any comments? And probably Thomas is going to kill himself, sorry. But it takes almost 60 more years for the LGBT community to even START to have any respect.

  14. Marcie says:

    You do know that Mrs. Hughes was faking her hand injury at Mrs. Patmore’s suggestion to teach Mr. Carson a lesson, don’t you? I thought that was pretty funny.

  15. Megan says:

    Who else was laughing the whole time when Elsie was grading carson on his dinner?

  16. Megan says:

    I kind of think bertie knows Little marigold is more than just a ward.

    • Aelin says:

      I thought that last week, but his puzzlement when she asked if she could bring Marigold with her made it clear he doesn’t know.

  17. Megan says:

    Nothing boring about this episode. Loved it when edith tried to play matchmaker with branson and violet decided to go on a cruise after telling off larry’s nutty fiance and giving donk a puppy . And cora’s face when lord donk is trying to sell her on how awesome autoracing is.

  18. Megan says:

    They cut off most of the blurb about downtown. and started talking bout fundraising for pbs.So I missed it.:(

  19. Ricky D says:

    I am hoping for a positive experience for Thomas. He has had a rough life and deserves something wonderful to happen!!!

  20. Livia says:

    Am I the only one who worries that Mr Barrow will take his own life before too long. He just doesn’t seem destined for a happily ever after moment

  21. njartist says:

    I hope that I am wrong on this-but I have a feeling that Lady Violet is going
    to die in the last episode. I have enjoyed this season and sorry to read that
    there are only two episodes left. Hopefully at some time in the near future
    there will be a few follow-up DA movies. It would be interesting to see
    how the Great Depression and WW II effected DA. BTW- I agree with
    several other comments that Barrow’s future doesn’t look too good. Could
    it be that Lady Edith ends up happily ever after and Lady Mary an old maid?

  22. has it escaped everyone’s notice that the Dowager Countess has gone to THE SOUTH OF FRANCE?? That’s where Prince Kuragin went with his wife–wasn’t it?