Castle Season 5 Recap

Castle Recap: A (Llan)view to a Kill

On a special Sunday installment of ABC’s Castle, Rick’s testimony as the witness to a murder took an unexpected turn when the mysterious Caleb Brown stepped in to represent the defendant.

I was curious how this episode would play out, given the episodic photos that had been released. Namely, why would Rick be attending a book reading in the middle of a trial/investigation?

But as we see right away, that gathering in fact took place five months prior, and it was where Rick witnessed what appeared to be a cater waiter’s murder of a well-regarded reporter named Sadie (played by One Life to Live alum Darlene Vogel).

Flash forward five months and Rick is poised to testify at that murder trial, as the key witness in a case that is otherwise built on circumstantial evidence. Marcus the ADA might have put the defendant, Nina (The Guild‘s Clare Grant), away in a jiffy had the public defender dubbed “Short Attention Span” Stan not become unavailable. In his stead, Caleb Brown — whom we heretofore have only barely known as a LokSat mouthpiece — steps in to defend Nina, and to that end he hits Castle hard with his cross-examination.

Caleb brings up Rick’s “history of memory loss,” how his Beckett/NYPD-inspired books have noted that “eyewitness” testimony can be suspect, and how Rick himself has been framed for murder in the past. With all that heaped on, Rick must admit, “It is possible” that Nina wasn’t in the midst of killing Sadie when he saw her over the body. (Based on the flashbacks, I’m shocked that seen-it-all Rick ever was quick to conclude he was witnessing a murder, though Nina making a run for it afterward probably sold the notion.)

With the case nudged back open, Rick & Co. set out to bolster Marcus’ case — or, if need be in the name of justice, blow it up. When it’s uncovered that Nina and Sadie were in fact lovers, the theory turns to “crime of passion” — until Nina, during a jailhouse heart-to-heart with Rick KASSIE WESLEY DEPAIVA, TUC WATKINS(who’d gotten himself thrown behind bars by clumsily insulting the judge), reveals that Sadie had begged her to steal party host Roger’s (One Life to Live alum Tuc Watkins) champagne glass. Everyone of course surmises that Sadie was out to prove via DNA that Roger, her cameraman, had fathered her daughter. Except Roger is infertile, his wife Joanna (One Life to Live alum Kassie DePaiva) points out. Rather, Sadie wanted his fingerprint off the glass, so as to access a home safe in which he kept an old videotape of them coming across a huge stash of cash whilst reporting in Iraq. (Sadie at the time balked to Roger’s idea to steal it, only to later take it for herself.)

And yet, the idea of infidelity is what got Sadie killed that fateful night, when her husband shimmied up a driveway basketball hoop to presumably catch her upstairs “in the act” with Roger, only to learn she was actually involved with a woman. In a fit of rage, he offed his wife, then cleaned up quickly in the downstairs bathroom that Rick had been waiting to use in the first place.

In the aftermath of Nina being exonerated, Ryan and Espo were singing Caleb Brown’s praises as a public defender with a good head on his shoulders. When Vikram frets over their adversary’s new, sterling reputation, Beckett counters that at least they have found Caleb’s weakness, as a “monster desperate to do good.”

What did you think of Castle‘s special Sunday outing, the OLTL reunions, the closer look at Caleb Brown and the throwaway line about Lanie having asked out Marcus?

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  1. Betisa says:

    I was reading Castle hashtags on twitter, most of the people didn’t know that Castle was on tonight. Good move ABC!

  2. Brad says:

    It was good a lot of nice moments and callbacks still annoyed she won’t tell him

  3. Dina says:

    I really haven’t been in the mood to watch Castle recently, but I decided to check out tonight’s episode, and it was awesome!

  4. JImN says:

    Liked it. As well done as any of the good episodes of previous seasons. Nice and twisty. Good pacing. Rick Castle of early season is here tonight. Finally we see that Beckett does know that VikRam is Loksat. She’s about to give him enough rope to hang himself.

    • KLS says:

      I must have missed this part, “that Beckett does know that Vikram is LokSat”. Was that at the beginning? I need to watch this ep again because I missed the remark about Lanie as well.

      • I didn’t see that either, I think it may have been when she realized Caleb’s weakness is fighting for good guy, so I haven’t made that leap to Vikram, I too will watch it again, although I’ve always thought Vikram is the bad guy.

  5. Plecodave says:

    The first ten minutes of the episode had me interested because Castle was getting his butt kicked on the stand. Then the comic portion of the show supplied by Castle brought me back to reality. Caleb was very good in this episode. Martha,Alexis and Laine were wasted appearances. I don’t think it was a ratings mover. Vikram and Locksat need to go away. I keep on watching but it goes on and on……..

    • Matt Webb Mitovich says:

      Trust me, no one is expecting it to be a “ratings mover,” airing out of pattern on an odd night, leading out of an irregularly scheduled “Bachelor” special (not even an actual episode) that was up against “Walking Dead.”

  6. annek says:

    Finally an episode i could get behind. I just needed to pretend this stupid separation is nonexistant, and enjoy the show. NF as a serious actor is so much more enjoyable than buffoonish Castle. The scene with him on the stand, after the bit of silliness at the start, was a standout. Best acting by him all season. It felt like Caskett was a team again, that was lovely. Solve the stupid LokSat mess (and why isnt she telling him?) end the separation, give us more eps like this, stop the talk about a spin off and this show can come back from the brink.

    • Aeol says:

      She’s keeping Castle out of the loksat loop to give him plausible deniability and prevent LokSat from using him as a pawn to get to her. Explained ad nauseum in the fall.

      • annek says:

        But in Mr & Mrs Castle she promised no more secrets and full disclosure. Not happening. She said together, but apparently not

  7. KLS says:

    The cross examination by Caleb Brown at the beginning was well done. Bringing up Castle’s history like that was a surprise and sets up Caleb Brown to be smarter then people think/want him to be.

  8. Best episode of Season 8, well written, well acted just enough Caskett to keep us happy, not too much goofball Castle. Great job, please keep heading that direction.

  9. DarkDefender says:

    I enjoyed the episode. I’m curious if they will pick up the pace on LokSat and move beyond it soon. I feel like Vikram being the bad guy is a red herring.. Caleb being smart is a great way to go about things. If Bracken could start as a lowly DA and work his way up the ranks and to become a Senator, then Caleb, as a smart defense attorney could be the missing partner (who enters later in the game than Bracken). I’d rather, now, that it be him and not some all new mystery bad guy (via stunt casting). Bracken thought his means to the end was justified… Sounds like Caleb might also be that kind of guy.

  10. aaronalbers says:

    Vikram isnt loksat but he is connected in someway. I think the writers and ep’s wanted to use what made castle great in the begining to bring back that energy like they said, but the seperation is what irked most fans. however we are getting closer to a offically reunion it looks like in public and not in private. hoping for a season 9

  11. Gailer says:

    Can someone tell me why Castle and his wife are separated now? I haven’t watched in a long time, but tuned in tonight to see the ex oltl actors. The show was good, I enjoyed it again.

    • A says:

      Because Nathan Fillion and Stana Katic can’t stand working together for too long every week and the showrunners didn’t find a less ridiculous way to make it happen.

      • Mary says:

        That nonsense again?! What I find ridiculous here is your explanation, more even because you put it as a truth behind any doubt! Do you know them, talk to them, are friends with them? No? Yeah, right…

        • Amanda Lee says:

          Best reply of the day. I couldn’t agree more. The blatant answers some people put down, as if they had extreme knowledge of everyone connected to the show, (they don’t), annoys the Hell out of me.

    • PatriciaLee says:

      Andrew Marlowe was the show runner for six years, then David Amann replaced him for year seven, and then Terence Paul Winter and Alexi Hawley officially replaced him for this year eight. The current writers said in an interview they are having fun coming up with ways to bring Castle back to its earlier fun days. BTW, Alexi Hawley was the executive-supervising producer of The Following, and he was the one in charge of Body of Proof’s last year. They are having fun with the series. That is all we know. If you are asking about the plotting reasons, some things have been mumbled, but it doesn’t make sense to us, either. She’s going after another baddie, we do know that, and she has to pretend all this stuff to protect everyone, they say. Maybe, it’s missing “show, not tell”. Even the most brilliant artists find things falling through the cracks. It’s part of the creative process. We’re just waiting for it to all come together.

    • John NYC says:

      Early on all the members of Kate’s justice department team started showing up dead and this on guy, Vikram, who had been part of the team (after Kate left?) contacted her to win her. Well she’s attacked and get’s saved by Rick’s stepmom(!) and she tells Kate that the underlying conspiracy (Loksat) is going to be pursued by the agency she is part of and so the best thing for Kate to do is pretend ignorance and go about her life staying FAR away from this conspiracy as if “they” detect she’s investigation they’ll kill everyone she’s involved with, Rick and everyone else…

      Well Kate decides not to follow that advice but instead investigate on her own time, in my opinion, she decides trying to hide her off hours investigation from Rick would be too many lies and telling him, given his lack of impulse control, the guy rushes into danger by habit, would sooner or later get him, Alexis and Martha all dead: so she tells him she needs some space to think things through and moves out. By moving out she doesn’t have to account for her off hours investigation time…

      Now Rick knows and they’re trying to keep the profile low by maintaining the “separation” for the public. That doesn’t actually fit with my original reasoning for the separation but I’m ignoring that.

    • Gailer says:

      Thanks for all your replies!

  12. James D says:

    loved it. I got a few hearty chuckles in, and enjoyed the change in scenery so to speak. the COW was predictable as it usually is with this show but still rather enjoyed the journey.

  13. lauri5567 says:

    I started watching Castle because of Nathan being on OLTL, so I enjoyed the guest stars. The case was good, and I enjoyed the twists. Did not remember Caleb Brown, so I wish Kate and Vikram had reminded me of it earlier. Nitpick – how have people not noticed that they are back together? That story line still needs to end.

    • PatriciaLee says:

      I wish the writers would run things by romance writers, who have a working knowledge of relationship development. This is, all, so needlessly painful.

  14. Just one thing says:

    It wasn’t bad. Definitely had its strong moments; had its obligatory silly moments, too.
    Seeing the Fab Four in the precinct was a nice surprise. Seeing how Castle and Beckett are so obviously split up throughout the episode was business as usual.
    For Kate and Vikram to have seen no movement in their investigation suggests one of two things:
    1.) Vikram is truly the baddie, and they’re setting up a reversal where Caleb ends up becoming an ally; or
    2.) The writers really don’t know what they’re doing with LOCKSTAT
    I don’t mind Vikram, so I kind of hope he isn’t a bad guy. But the red herring target has been on his back since they announced the character over the summer, so…

  15. Carla Krae says:

    If you watch ABC, this was advertised since last Monday – that the eps are on Sunday and Monday. Don’t people watch the preview at the end of the episodes?

    • Boiler says:

      Excellent comment Carla. TVline has talked about it for a while and ABC has promoted it. It was also explained why. I suppose the trouble is the people who didn’t know may watch on some other medium which Nielsen currently could care less about. Actually I am more worried about tonight against Grammies.

    • John NYC says:

      Some may not watch them. I don’t since I prefer to be at least somewhat spoiler free and there’ve been times those teasers left little for the actual broadcast…. But I saw enough promos that had my TiVo not caught it I would have added it.

    • PatriciaLee says:

      There are so many promos and commercials before the previews, these days, if you blink you miss them at the end. This, also, leads to the dvr machines cutting off the recording before the previews start and/or finish. just saying…

      • John NYC says:

        True: it seems even to get the regular programming I have to extend my dvr recordings a couple of minutes. Stupid games being played.

  16. N says:

    Loved it! Confused about Vikram

  17. Tom says:

    What did the ADA do before that Becket called him a Monster

  18. KDS says:

    BEST episode of the season, besides “The Nose”.

  19. Grey says:

    Not enough Beckett

  20. Cherry Blackmer says:

    I hope you are not planning on ending Castle. It is one of the few really entertaining shows on TV. It has a wonderful cast. It has humor, romance, mystery, and intrigue, it has it all. I love the interaction between all of the characters. Castle is just a well write and we’ll acted show. It is a pleasure to watch a show of such caliber. There is just so much junk on TV, like these nonsense so called reality TV shows. Please continue writing many more episodes of Castle. I never miss a show.

  21. Noz says:

    very good episode,I love how caskett and the boys worked together to solve the case.Looking forward to the next episode,when step-mother-in law is back.Interesting!

  22. Glenda Shearman says:

    I really enjoyed the episode. I thought the case was interesting, it had all our regular stellar cast and I loved seeing the OLTL guest stars. As a fan of OLTL, I really enjoyed seeing some of the cast in Castle. And ABC promoted this show more than it ever has and I was happy to see that. Thanks ABC. Excited for Castle Monday.

    • Is it just me, or does Stana Katic look pregnant? The clothes she wore, the camera angles, and the fact that she always seemed to be holding something in front of her, looked to be efforts to conceal a baby bump.

      • Grey says:

        Yes, she’s been pregnant since 2010. If there’s a season 9 don’t expect her due date to be any sooner, it’s in her contract that she has to keep her pregnant look for the rest of the series, like a really, really hot model.

      • Mary says:

        This episode was filmed in november or early december and since she was seen in some awards ceremonies since then and there was no baby bump I believe it´s safe to say she´s not pregnant or at least she wasn´t in this episode:)

  23. Ralph says:

    I SO Miss OLTL!!!!

  24. Castlefan says:

    Good episode, certainly one of the best this season, with not too much silliness. Looked like a proper episode of Castle rather than attempt to launch a spin-off or completely alter the series premise.

  25. KLS says:

    For all the TPW (and AH) bashing that has been going on, I am glad that TPW came back with this episode. It was probably written end of October, at the height of all of the Caskett outrage. I thought it was a strong episode. Not too cheesy (though I still think NF is over acting), not too dour.

  26. Ana Rubio says:

    Great episode! one of the best this season, loved it. Felt like the old real Castle show. So happy about it =)

  27. Andrea says:

    I really loved this episode! Very much a classic Castle episode and I enjoyed everyone working together at the 12th again.

  28. Plecodave says:

    Castle lost another 1.7 mil viewers on Sunday night. The fans have sent the people at ABC a message. How many more will go on Monday night? ABC please put this series on hiatus or just put an end to this mess. This show deserves better. As Col. Troutman said to Rambo “It’s over Johnny, over.”

    • KLS says:

      Tonight’s ratings will suffer because of the Grammys, but I seriously doubt they will stop S8. Maybe this is part of the turn around for the season. The episodes have been getting slowly better, it’s just the scheduling has made things seem more stretched out and more painful.

  29. Shannon says:

    Good thing I had it set to tape the seriers or I would have missed it.

  30. Bob says:

    I like the show very much. They are trying to get back to the old castle.ABC says they want castle on but they do nothing to advertise the show. The stars are not signed for next year and it looks like ABC wants the show to end. Castle by far is one of the best shows on TV. Its funny, good characters, and had good writer. Is the show renewed or not, ABC get off your seats and get this show renew and stars signed. I been watching castle since the beginning and I want to see it continued w/ its present stars.

  31. Loretta says:

    I agree…it felt like the Castle we all loved. Witty, funny, serious, with a good murder case thrown in. I even liked the twist with the murder case. Now if you could do a whole season of episodes like this one, your loyal fans would come back

    • Disappointed says:

      No Hayley, and Alexis without her super sleuth powers would help too. Certainly made this episode more watchable. Just needs the showrunners to also get over their hang up that a happily married couple are boring. Plenty of other ways to add drama and tension to a crime show if you’re creative enough, but they’ve used so many ideas from earlier seasons so far I’m not sure they are. After seeing the promo for Dead Red I’m half expecting to see Castle take his shoe and sock off to retrieve the handcuff key that he drops while trying to free himself. LOL

  32. PatriciaLee says:

    The husband says, “That was much better. There was good detective work, this time.”

  33. Castlebuzz says:

    Kind of a blah, disappointing episode for me. With the exception of Kristoffer Polaha’s scenes in the courtroom with Nathan Fillion and later at the 12th with Stana Katic, the ep just fell flat. No sparks from anyone else and the plot was so riddled with holes it was hard to take the case seriously.
    The premise is that Castle witnessed a murder five months earlier and how the case unravels during the trial. BUT the audience knows from the very first flashback that he didn’t see the actual murder, he didn’t see the woman’s arm plunging down, but instead moving up, pulling the weapon out. Contrast this to the earlier ep, brought up by the defense attorney at the trial, in which we, the audience, are as convinced (tricked?) as Rick is that he indeed saw a murder being committed. (Sorry, can’t remember that ep’s name.) Now we’re supposed to swallow that in a high-level case like this with a famous victim over the course of the initial investigation, by Ryan and Espo no less, and five months of trial prep, no one has questioned Rick in enough detail to determine he didn’t see the actual murder. Not Espo, not Ryan, not Beckett, not the ADA, not even Castle himself. Even the autopsy report, which would have included how long it took for the victim to have died (5-10 minutes before Rick got to her), was ignored by all of them. Why would the killer stick around for that long? Finally, the big breakthrough of muddy shoes comes along. Evidently the detectives and CSU examined the crime scene with blindfolds on. No one noticed muddy footprints on the rug at the scene? Or from the outside door where Rick watched as the suspect ran out the gate to the bathroom? All this indicated to me was culmulative culpability of incompetence on the part of the police and prosecution.
    I could have overlooked that if the rest had been executed better. Again aside from the courtroom scene in the beginning with its clever editing to show everyone testifying thereby giving us the details of the case and the later scene between Kate and Caleb, it was slooooow and rather boring. Guest stars were less than memorable –- DePaiva looked at Castle like a teeny bopper at a pop star or was that a deer-in-the-headlights look (?), Grant’s wrongly accused suspect had no depth or sympathy, and what a waste of Christopher Duncan’s talents. The only one who brought something, a lot IMO, was Krisoffer Polaha as Caleb Brown. If he turns out to be playing a LokSat “monster” as Kate currently believes, it should be enjoyable to watch the dynamic of his takedown (or hers???) in the upcoming eps. If it turns out he has nothing to do with LokSat, I wouldn’t mind a courtroom/police drama with Polaha and Katic as a spinoff in the future. They have great chemistry.

    • I'm going to let you finish but says:

      So well said. The case to me was all about showing how incompetent the cops were, while showing Castle save the day after he’s the one who put an innocent person in jail for 5 months. It felt like a Jedi Mind Trick for me.

  34. Mary West says:

    I loved Castle until this season. I disliked it very much that Castle and Beckett suddenly had virtually no relationship at all and were not working together. I think the writing (the plots) this season has been poor to what preceded it. The Feb. 14 show has been the best this season in my opinion. I still think it is ridiculous to have them pretending not to like each other, much less to love each other. It’s too bad because I really have enjoyed this show much in the past.

  35. Brigid says:

    To me, this last scene made me think it was a nod to all the crazy fans out there with there theory about the show going in a different direction and the supposed dislike between Stana and Nathan. I laughed because to me, I just don’t think there are actors that good. These 2 still look like they have a blast working with each other and as for Nathan acting like a buffoon, THAT is the Castle I fell in love with and a person doesn’t change themselves just because they get married. I don’t want to watch a show where he is serious all the time, that isn’t who Castle is!

    Hey. Celebratory champagne. Felt appropriate, given the twist it played In today’s courtroom drama.

    Yes, enough drama to fill a legal thriller. Maybe you should try a new genre.

    Maybe I should try to make sure I never testify in court again.

    You kept an innocent woman out of jail, rick. I’m proud of you for that.

    Couldn’t have done it without you.