New Flash Promo Teases Imprisoned Barry, Female Speedster, Zoom Reveal

The Flash’s arrival on Earth-Two looks like a cakewalk compared to what’s on tap in Part 2 of the CW hit’s trip through the speed cannon.

In a brand-new promo for “Escape from Earth-Two” (airing Tuesday at 8/7c) and beyond, we get some Barry-on-Barry action and a quick look at a masked female speedster (Jesse Quick? Trajectory?). Meanwhile on Earth-One, a visiting Diggle is still gobsmacked by speedsters, as King Shark runs (swims? waddles?) rampant and Jay aims to get up to speed for a rematch with Geomancer.

And on one world or another, The Flash finds out firsthand how rough life in the Pipeline can be and Zoom seems poised to remove his mask. (It’s gonna be Nora Allen, isn’t it???)

Press play above and share what other curious sights you see.

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  1. BillyA says:

    How cool would it be if Diggle was Zoom?

  2. Disco says:

    isn’t the masked girl Speedy from Arrow? I think Barry’s dad will be Zoom

  3. N says:

    I kind of feel bad now for assuming Zoom had to be a guy. because Nora Allen Would be awesome. After last weeks episode narrowed down the last of Zoom suspects, it really could only be one of the Allen’s, even earth 2 Barry is kind of suspicious. it could also be Eddie, which may be too out of left field at this point, as he hast been mentioned much at all. The only other suspect and the least exciting, would be one of the Jays, simply because I don’t trust Jay and his doppelganger is Hunter Zoloman. At this point I really hope its not some big let down because the fan ideas have been great. Just to add some credence to the Nora Allen idea, maybe earth one Nora would have also become Zoom if flash had saved her when he went back in time in last years finale. thus answering why another flash was there to Warn him off of saving her,which was never really explained, but that’s just off the top of my head..

    • AlexUbel says:

      Well if IS Nora Allen, then she must be a MAN on Earth-2, because that is JWS in the Zoom costume. Its going to be Henry Allen from Earth-2 where everyone’s dad becomes the versions of the Earth-1 counterparts.

      Robert Queen is the Green Arrow
      Thomas Wayne is Batman

      So it stand to reason that Barry’s dad would be Zoom.

  4. Joey Padron says:

    New promo for new episodes looks really good. Can’t wait to find out who Zoom is!

  5. Jay says:

    I wish it wasn’t so obvious Zoom is barry’s dad

  6. Kevin W. says:

    I always guessed Zoom was E2 Henry Allen.

  7. John NYC says:

    Can’t wait!

  8. Phoenix5634 says:

    Wonder what Zooms doing phasing his arm into the time vault

  9. could eddie thawne from a totally different earth be zoom? there were alot of theories of who the reverse flash could be and eddie was on the top of everyones list.zoom may have been eddie thawne of earth 2 but they also dont tell us if zoom is from earth 2.could be from another earth and probably was effected by the excelerator but may have accidentley sucked the speed force out of another speedster like jet li “the one” and then became more and more evil as he steals all the different earths speedsters speeds.jay did say zoom showed up just shortly when earth 2 excelerator blew and how he got his speed.or could zoom be barry from another earth because he does seem to be wearing the same costume only black.could the stealing of speedsters speed be the reason why zoom is so much more faster than barry earth 1,jay earth 2 and seems to be even faster than the reverse flash.and why are the 3 vibe,firestorm and ice(katelyn) of earth 2 all seem to be scared of zoom?.vibe could have kicked his butt with his mind control.or earth 2 barrys dad(he didnt speak to barry on the phone in earth 2,just his mother or wally earth 2 or maybe zoom is jays evil side and split apart when jay took velocity 6? whomever zoom is seems to have a soft spot for barry because he had 2 chances to kill barry but didnt.i hope to be surprised when he finally takes his mask off

  10. bridyyc says:

    Zoom is Eddie. As if that whole – Rick Cosnett had to leave due to personal reasons – stuff wasn’t so obviously a plot point. Yah, the personal reason was a juicier role if he “left” for a little while. He had a nice short stint on Guantanamo or whatever it is. And perfect timing to finish that and come back as Zoom. Isn’t it a bit strange that he hasn’t done, nor booked anything since Guantanamo?

    • Emme says:

      The way Zoom was removing the disguise did seem very “Rick Cosnett” in terms of mannerism. Yeah… I don’t know. Henry Allen disappeared in such an odd way, I was really betting on him, but … we’ll see tonight!

  11. sporting4231 says:

    Red girl looks like Thea to me. Who knows which earth she is from. I think Zoom has to be Eddie. Why else have Eddie on the speed dial if he’s not making an appearance? In this world maybe he’s mad at Barry getting Iris, and mad at Earth 1 Barry because he thinks Barry is responsible for Eddie’s death (doubt Eddie’s suicide was published – just the death.)

  12. Hytecker says:

    I wonder if it could be earth 2’s Malcolm Merlin.

  13. dave says:

    I think its his dad