Sleepy Hollow Abbie Returns Recap Season 3

Sleepy Hollow Recap: In Which Ichabod Busts His Astral Projection

Thank you, Grace Dixon, wherever you are, for imbuing your family’s line with enough grit, determination and unwielding “Oh hell no” to get your descendants out of some very tight spots.

Because, as Abbie herself notes in this week’s triumphant Sleepy Hollow, she’s been stuck in Purgatory, marooned in the 1700s and isolated in Pandora’s creepy catacombs, yet she’s always managed to find her way back — thanks, of course, to a healthy assist from her fellow Witness. Girlfriend is resourceful; there’s got to be something in her at the cellular level that keeps her going in situations that would send most of us directly into the fetal position.

Though Ichabod and Agent Mills are sort of in each other’s presence for most of this week’s episode, I’d bet a handle of Barbadian Best Amber rum that most of you were waiting for the big payoff at the end of the hour, when the pair finally reunited in their own realm. I know I was, and the moment didn’t disappoint.

But I’m getting ahead of myself. Let’s review what goes down in “Incident at Stone Manor.”

ALONE AGAIN, UNNATURALLY | We pick up with Abbie, who’s getting her bearings after waking up on the dirty floor of what looks like a cave, with the Eye of Providence — not looking so scary now — on the ground beside her. She calls for Crane but soon realizes she’s alone. And as she steps to the cave’s opening and peers out at a barren, rocky wasteland, the camera pulls back to show us just how massively screwed she is.

But our girl soldiers on. She traverses the landscape day in and out, scrawling a map of the terrain on her cave’s wall. She sports an impressive head of natural hair. And she talks to herself, a lot, often in Crane’s voice.

During a chess game played against (fake) Crane on an improvised board, Abbie begins to see and hear her fellow Witness in the cave with her… and immediately suspects that she is losing her mind. “Please be real,” she whispers to the hazy Crane figure materializing near her, Nicole Beharie packing a whole lotta vulnerability, hope and fear into three words.

SPIRITED AWAY | What we know is that Crane, Abbie and Joe have built a spirit cabinet (read: confessional with fancy curtains) designed to help one astral project his or her soul onto other planes. Jenny provides the otherworldly GPS that’ll help them locate her sister: family items including Grace Dixon’s journal, a necklace Abbie gave Jenny and… a cigarette lighter Jenny pilfered — with an oblivious Joe’s help — from her father’s study at the beginning of the episode. (Side note: Nice to meet you, Ezra Mills, even if it was just for a few seconds!)

Sleepy Hollow Season 3 Recap

Ichabod enters the cabinet, Jenny reads an incantation, and Crane is off! Well, his spirit is; his body just sits there, looking like he nodded off after a big lunch. But don’t worry: A nearby candle will draw him back when it burns to the end.

Just then, Sophie arrives at the archives looking for Ich’s help with a gargoyle that’s come to life and killed a man. Jenny and Joe offer their services instead — Jenny less willingly than her boyfriend —  and the trio leave Ichabod chillin’ in his cabinet.

STONED | I’m gonna shorthand that gargoyle storyline, cool? Basically, the stone baddie is left over from when Gen. Howe unleashed all the demons on the Colonial Army, and a coded document in the Marquis de Lafayette’s papers — featuring a cameo by a sword-wielding Betsy Ross — helps Jenny, Joe and Sophie defeat the beast with a mix of holy water and the fastest-drying concrete known to man. In the end, despite some epic side-eye and some flat-out bitchery, Jenny concedes that Sophie helped and maybe isn’t so terrible after all.

ADIOS, EYE | In the other realm, Abbie runs to hug Ichabod but grabs only at air; because he’s not physically there with her, they can’t touch. He informs her she’s been missing for weeks. “Weeks?” she says incredulously. “I’ve been here 10 months, Crane.” After they ascertain that time moves more quickly in her neck of the woods, Abbie adds that it’s always daytime and she doesn’t seem to need to eat, drink or sleep — though the monotony is damn near killing her.

Crane notices that there’s ancient Sumerian writing (like that on his tablet) on the wall of her cave and that it references The Hidden One. Before they can glean much, though, Mrs. Hidden One herself astral projects in to ruin the party. Pandora promises to release Abbie from the “catacombs” in exchange for the Eye — and when Abbie refuses to give the all-powerful trinket to her, Pandy cuts Ichabod’s spectral tether, damning him to an eternity of floating around the spirit realm.

Abs is done in by this development, but she knows that giving Pandora what she wants is a no-go. So she smashes the Eye, realizing that doing so damns her to act out her one-woman show Clan of the Cave Abbie for the next gazillion years or so.

ABBIE BOOKS HER ONE-WAY TRIP BACK | Once Pandora leaves, Abbie remembers something Ichabod said about a cutlass she found in the wilderness outside her shelter: It belonged to Betsy Ross, who certainly did not die there. Reasoning that if Bets could escape, so can she, Abbie pretends to think the problem through with Crane until she reaches a solution: She’ll use some hefty vines to lower herself through what seems like a giant stone well. And by calling to Crane and focusing on their bond, she’ll bring him back to the real world with her.

It makes sense — as much as anything on this show makes sense — but when Abbie flashes through scenes from their friendship and then surfaces in the river, she’s alone. And when she strolls back into the archives, a very shocked Jenny and Joe are happy to see her but worried about Crane, who’s still in a fugue state in the box… and the candle is out.

CONSCIOUS RE-COUPLING | What transpires next isn’t quite at the level of that final scene from “The Sin Eater,” but it’s close. Abbie asserts that Ichabod isn’t alone, “Not ever,” and she pulls his soul back to the here-and-now by the power of their partnership. When the candle flickers back to life and he comes to with a giant gasp, she’s holding his hand. “I heard your voice,” he says, dazed. “I followed it.” I’m sure he says other stuff, but all I can focus on is the hand sex unfolding on my screen at the moment. The Witnesses are clutching at each other and it’s pretty great, even if you’re not down with this particular ‘ship.

“In the catacombs, I didn’t get the chance to tell you,” he breathes, and everyone hangs on what might come out of Crane’s mouth next… until he spouts off about chess. She swats at him playfully, and the moment is well-played by all but particularly by Tom Mison, whose devilish look at Abbie is perfection.

Perhaps I’m making more of that glorious hand clasp than is strictly necessary, but what did you want? For them to just high-five and get a beer after thwarting the laws of gods and physics? Also, on a housekeeping note: When Pandora fails her husband in the catacombs, she returns and allows him to suck most of her power out of her, leaving her literally crying blood.

Now it’s your turn. What did you think of the episode? Did you enjoy Joe and Jenny’s quick explanation — complete with Crane impression — of how their investigations usually go? How are we feeling about Sophie as part of the team? Sound off in the comments!

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  1. Heather says:

    It was awesome! Have a friend who watches it religiously but I’ve only seen 2 or 3 episodes. Must admit just that one episode tonight and I’m hooked! Glad I wasn’t feeling well and caught it. Really loved the episode and plan to watch again, definitely setting it up on my DVR menu.

  2. Michelle says:

    I think the new show runner is more obsessed with Betsy Ross than the old one was with Katrina. Why is she is EVERY flashback? Surely Ichabod hung out with plenty of OTHER founding fathers (or mothers, lol)!

  3. Angela says:

    I loved that ending with Ichabod and Abbie. Sweet and touching, yet still with that nice bit of humor and banter that makes their interactions so great. And yes, I was seriously holding my breath thinking Ichabod might say something else to Abbie in that moment there.
    All of their moments together here were great. Abbie’s admission that she “talked” to Crane, and thought about him a lot, while holed up in that weird place, her chess game she “played” with him, her reaction to seeing his spirit, watching them work together to get her out…so good. I’m so glad they’re back together again.
    I also liked Joe and Jenny’s Ichabod impressions, and them being all, “If they were here…” as a means of trying to figure out where to take their investigation of that case. I don’t mind Sophie hanging out with them and being part of the team-tension between her and Jenny aside, I think she could mesh well with them.
    And ooh, yes, the glimpse of Mr. Mills! I’m really looking forward to seeing that storyline play out.

  4. This series is just so wonderful!!! I love Abbie and Ichabod’s relationship!! They make the show so enjoyable to watch every week. I wasn’t sure how to feel about the new characters surfacing on the show but I love Joe Corbin, he is really solidifying his role on the team and Sophie is not too bad but I haven’t seen much of her to make a full consensus of my thoughts on her yet. Love Sleepy Hollow and I really hope we will get another season because it really is such an amazing show!!

  5. Babybop728 says:

    Top notch acting by Nicole Beharie. Her face when Crane faded away! Also, may have just replayed the hand touching scene like, 20 times.

  6. longmire4evr says:

    All the Ichabod Abbie moments are priceless and are what make Sleepy Hollow enjoyable to watch. The chemistry and bond between them is just so amazing.

    Jenny and Joe mesh so well and I do like them trying to solve the case. However, the new girl can leave now that Abbie has returned.

    Totally agree with flashbacks of Betsy Ross. We do not need them in every episode. I would rather have more Abbie/Ichabod moments or have flashbacks with someone other than Ross!

  7. suzi says:

    Excellent episode. I was drawn in emotionally more and more with every scene, and so impressed with Mison and Beharie. Their wonderful acting and chemistry still make up the cornerstone of this show, a show I hope to see continue.

  8. ciana01 says:

    Best episode of Season 3. Nicole Beharie was fantastic in her portrayal of a woman hanging on to her last thread of sanity. And, I truly enjoyed Abbie’s reunion with Crane back at the library.

  9. Spocksgirl says:

    Oh Ichabbie is SO ON!! When he takes her hand, then looks over at Joe as if to say…”I’m going to take my own advice like you said I should”…I was literally holding my breath. Of course, had I not been caught up in the moment, I would have realized he would not say anything…YET. Oh but baby, it’s coming!! That ending was worth it.

  10. APFW says:

    The best episode this season, emotionally and dramatically! I really felt Abbie’s sanity slipping even as she did not give up hope. Her acting really made us invested in this crazy plot.

  11. scyren says:

    I found it odd that Joe got a kiss, Jenny got a hug, and after Ichabod practically losing it completely last week, laying on mirrors, obsessing etc., there was no hug and they just acted like nothing happened. After all the emotional build up….crickets. They go out of their wait to bait, go on and on about their bond…. I don’t get it. Friends hug don’t they? It was so beyond awkward. They always hug it out. Why do they go out of their way to say Ichabod is in love with Abbie through interviews etc., and then do things like this? It’s the worst build up ever (even though I’m convinced they won’t go there). It’s platonic with Joe, but he got way more than Ichabod did. I was really bummed by the ending. I was hoping for at least a hug and it was a huge let down.

    • Denver says:

      I agree it was built up like this great reunion would occur. But if he loves her he will hide his true feelings,which is fine and interesting. However, I believe a more insidious plot is underway,the replacement of Abbie for Sofie. Just watch….

  12. Hand sex. – and yes I expect that at the opening of an episode soon we’ll see the two of them rolling around in a bed. I think that Jenny is way smarter about these things that was played out on this episode. Can’t wait for what happens next.

  13. csg says:

    Loved the reunion. 18th century man stayed true to his character as he greeted his partner (yes, partner, not lover) with a hand clasp, a chess joke, and a twinkle in his eye. Perfect. Whew!

    • Ruki says:

      If that’s your definition of a ‘hand clasp’, then I shudder to think how you’d described a ‘caress’.

    • scyren says:

      So he wasn’t true to his character when he hugged her in front of his wife in purgatory? He has hugged Jenny before etc. I don’t think it’s about staying true to anything but the writers refusing to go there. He has hugged her plenty of times before and the time where you would think he’d do it the most, he doesn’t. Sorry, it was out of character compared to how they have been with each other before.

  14. smartysenior says:

    This show has really found it’s pace now, love the gang of five, love how they can touch back with Betsy Ross, love that Crane and Abbie are close partners but with other romantic interests, love the monster of the week plus the really bad guy brewing, love all of it. It’s everything we hoped it would be from the first season, someone is on the ball.

    • Ruki says:

      Of course you do. Can’t go upsetting the status quo now, can we?

      Ichabod has a ‘love interest’, Abbie doesn’t. And it has been that way since the show’s inception. She gets vague references to past relationships that played out off-camera while he had a wife for two seasons, goes on dates in the present, and shares kisses with his past flame, Betsy Ross. They’re not the same thing.

  15. To hell with superheroes. Give me human beings Abbie Mills & Ichabod Crane any day. This episode was top-notch, from the writing to the acting to the special effects. 15 out of 10.

  16. Gina says:

    Ichabod’s confession had me thinking why is he nervous? He’s nervous because he was going to tell her how he feels!!! I can’t think of anything else really…

  17. Babygyrl says:

    I enjoyed this week’s episode and was extremely glad to see Abbie back. The fight against the Gargoyle was anti-climatic (as many of the battles tend to be to me). But all and all I enjoyed it thoroughly.

  18. dr says:

    Loved it, I didnt expect a whole lot, but the writers did a good job. Lets get back to the apocalypse.

  19. Jen says:

    That was amazing! Best episode this season. I’ve been hooked on this show from day one and keep praying it doesn’t end anytime soon. If only the people that stopped watching from the second season knew how incredible it was again and would return. How can anyone not love the chemistry between Abbie and Crane? Would help if Fox promoted it.

  20. Angie says:

    A shame, reading the comments here and elsewhere, it sounds like only the desperate shippers are hanging on to this show hoping for something that probably will never happen. The ratings show this is the end.

    • scyren says:

      There are plenty of people who aren’t shippers that are watching. If you don’t like it why comment. The ratings are consistent and are high enough that Fox may not cancel it.

  21. I loved the hand sex between Ichabod and Abbie. I guess that is as close as we get to the real thing for now.

  22. Penelope says:

    You were spot on and I noticed and liked the hand play. I did hold my breath when Crane said’…I didn’t get a chance to tell you…’ and then I giggled (Tom is so sweet). It is smart to play on the chemistry these two have.

    Hats off to Pandora and her husband—he didn’t even try to catch her or ask how she was doing, after he took her power.

    Jenny finally came around and did anyone noticed how Joe tried to calm her down, but once he got the ‘look’ he backed off? Ms Jenny don’t play.

  23. Penelope says:

    Ooohh Abbie, Crane, Sophie, and the ex–things are about to get interesting, aka tense, up in here.