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Ratings: Grey's Anatomy Ticks Down in Return, Scandal and HTGAWM Tie Lows

ABC’s Grey’s Anatomy resumed Season 12 on Thursday night with 8.3 million total viewers and a 2.4 demo rating (per finals), down just 4 percent and a tenth from its fall finale.

Scandal (7 mil/2.1) slipped 15 and 12 percent to hit and tie series lows. Similarly, How to Get Away With Murder (5.8 mil/1.8) fell 19 and 22 percent to hit and tie series lows.

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Elsewhere in the ratings….

THE CW | Facing stiffer competition, Legends of Tomorrow (2.4 mil/0.9) impressively added a few eyeballs while steady in the demo. The 100 (1.3 mil/0.5) slipped 14 percent and a tenth.

NBC | You, Me and the Apocalypse (3 mil/0.8) and The Blacklist (6.4 mil/1.4) each dipped a tenth, while Shades of Blue (5.4 mil/1.1) held onto last week’s demo low.

CBS | Big Bang Theory (16.3 mil/3.8) and Elementary (6.1 mil/1.1) were steady, Mom (8.1 mil/1.8) inched up. Life in Pieces (9.4 mil/2.1) dipped a tenth, while a 9:30 Big Bang rerun (6.5 mil/1.4) matched Angel From Hell’s final outing.

FOX | American Idol (9 mil/2.1) dipped a tenth week-to-week.

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  1. I know I turned off Scandal and How to Get Away With Murder for the debate, maybe others did as well. I’m looking forward to streaming How to Get Away With Murder tonight though! And Grey’s was fantastic and I’m proud it does so well still.

    • Cheyenne says:

      HTGAWM was excellent. I’m done with Scandal. There’s nothing Shonda can do to save that crapfest any more.

      • SayNay says:

        HTGAWM was great. It keeps getting more crazy, but I still want to watch. I stopped watching Scandal s3. From what I’ve heard from friends that still watch, they’re just rehashing storylines so no incentive for me to come back.

  2. Leah says:

    Grey’s in season 12 is doing fantastic!! Last night’s episode was amazing.

  3. LT says:

    This night for me is all about DC’s Legends and The 100. Nicely done CW!

    • G says:

      Wellllll….. I have to disagree respectfully. 100 and DC legends is not the best shows. The stories and the acting are poorly executed in my opinion. Always shock when the ratings are not declining.

  4. Luli says:

    The 100 has gone from a 0.7 to a 0.5. More people need to tune in!! Such a good show.

  5. Belle says:

    Those 3-month hiatus’s are really becoming show killers!! Viewers don’t like that, even before the digital age became so advanced networks/show-runners left us hanging too long. A month wait is fine, but months on end is not!

    • Boiler says:

      I like the lack of reruns but perhaps they shorten seasons to 20 episodes and then actually have 2 “seasons”

    • Dakot says:

      I agree 3 months is too long. Peppy have busy lives. Who even cam remember details of what happened. Many probably didn’t even realize shows were back. Murder, I think, only has 5 episodes left since they do a shortened season. The networks need to work on their model

      • Angie Marie says:

        A long wait had nothing to do with it. Every Winter break is long and besides, most fans can deal with a long break as long as the shows return with quality material. Scandal returned with more crap and Fans tuned out. I didn’t watch and I haven’t missed an episode in 5 seasons. I knew from the promos ABC promoted, the show was something I didn’t want to see anymore.

        • fiberlicious says:

          I’m having real trouble getting past DaddyPope’s the DEVIL!/Oops, now DaddyPope’s Father of the Year. How and when did THAT happen?

    • abz says:

      I’d rather a lengthy wait and have shows return uninterrupted each week than the way they used to do it with airing two new episodes and then off three weeks and then another new episode and off for another two weeks.

    • Sally McLinn says:

      What the networks should do is what Empire did — reruns during those 3 months hiatuses.

  6. Bwhit says:

    Loved Legends last night. Snart and Ray’s exchange about quoting Top Gun and Snart telling Gideon to ‘educate’ him on the ballet must end up in the quotes of the week :).

  7. Mara says:

    Scandal is horrible — redoing the same bad storyline of Rowan in power and manipulating Jake. I not only don’t like Olivia anymore I don’t care what happens. I’m sad to say I’m done because I used to love watching these characters. Fitz is the only one I am still interested in and way too little of him.

  8. Matt says:

    Can’t understand the TV industry. Great htgawm does worse than idol in its 15th year in total viewers & demo yet the latter is cancelled. Someone needs to redo budgets

    • Boiler says:

      Not really Matt, with all the travel Idol does much less the likely huge amounts they pay judges there is no way these ratings can sustain that. Plus Idol is too old

  9. Boiler says:

    Nice to see Elementary viewers higher than Murder not that anyone cares but me

  10. Sally McLinn says:

    Does this mean Shades of Blue beat How to Murder?

  11. OracleLady says:

    After the 1000th breakup of Olitz and Olivia killing their baby, I couldn’t tune in again. The writers think it’s funny to keep dangling the Olitz carrot in fans faces. None of my friends still watch and now i’ve joined the club.

    If Olivia ever got some help and Olitz reunited I would tune in again.

  12. Dee says:

    Well Scandal was extremely boring. That had to be one of the most awkward and clumsy “sex scenes” I’ve ever seen. And before the shippers get their panties twisted, I think Fitz, Olivia, and Jake are all equally trash at this point. Why they’ve wasted 3.5 seasons making this show a spy thriller, I’ll never know. I’m just here for Abby, Marcus, and Susan at this point.

  13. Pixley says:

    Looks like Idol cut into Grey’s and Scandal, and HTGAWM felt the brunt of the smaller lead-ins. I agree debates could’ve also been a factor. When Idol goes away and these numbers stay the same, that will be saying something about a trend — but not until then. Idol in its final season is not exactly Sleepy Hollow and some show waiting to be cancelled.

  14. fiberlicious says:

    I have a nomination for Best Lines of the Week:
    Huck: He’s NORMAL. We can’t let “normal” into our friendship.

  15. vicky says:

    Yes. Scandal is just not watchable and tonight was another crap episode. I’m sorry that I wasted my time .HTGAWM is absolutely fantastic!!! At first, I thought Wes was Annalise’s baby but he isn’t. Now I got to know, what happened to Annalise’s baby? Why did Frank tell Laurel he killed Lila? Where did the video come from? Who made it? .Where is Katherine ? OMG, OMG

  16. I was watching the debates and forgot to watch Scandal on my DVR. I use to love Scandal, but that show is on perpetual re-run with the same old story lines over and over. I am completely bored with all of it. HTGAWM is still roller coaster ride!