NCIS First Look: Are Tony and Jeanne in the Mood for an All-Nighter?

Tony + Jeanne + dim lighting = ???

Some three months after their most unexpected reunion, NCIS‘ Tony DiNozzo and Dr. Jeanne Woods née Benoit will again have cause to reconnect, as seen in this exclusive photo.

In the Feb. 23 episode of TV’s most watched drama, titled “Loose Cannons,” Tony (played by Michael Weatherly) pays Jeanne (guest star Scottie Thompson) a visit as he chases a lead involving doctors in Sudan. And from the looks of it above, the two have a long night of… work… ahead of them.

And yes, David Chisum also appears in the episode, as Jeanne’s husband David. Hmm….

Elsewhere in the episode, Jon Cryer’s Doctor Cyril Taft experiences the rush of an NCIS case after he is assigned surgical duty to Gibb’s suspect, while Laura San Giacomo (Just Shoot Me) guest-stars as Dr. Grace Confalone.

CBS’ NCIS airs Tuesdays at 8/7c.

Do you suspect Tony and Jeanne are poised to illicitly rekindle their spark?

Comments are monitored, so don’t go off topic, don’t frakkin’ curse and don’t bore us with how much your coworker’s sister-in-law makes per hour. Talk smart about TV!

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  1. Kate says:

    No. Absolutely not. #1 Jeanne is married
    #2 Ziva is his soulmate

    • Jerri says:

      Jeanne can get divorced for numerous reasons (hubby could’ve cheated on her, he could’ve kept a huge secret from her, etc etc), the husband could die in an accident (which is why Jeanne seeks out Tony again). Just a couple of things that can happen. Also, in your mind, Ziva is his soulmate, doesn’t mean that’s true, or the writers are going to go in that direction, especially considering how the actress and NCIS parted ways.

    • TarheelPixie says:

      No, Jeanne was his soulmate. Ziva was his co-worker.

    • Jennifer says:


      • Linda says:

        I’ve heard rumors that the Ziva character is returning and the Bishop ( I call her milk toast) will be written off.

        • Jennifer says:

          Please show me where you read this. I doubt that this is true.

        • Lee H. says:

          Do you remember where you read / heard that? I’ve seen it shared all over the place in various comment sections, but the best anyone has been able to say is “I heard it from someone” or “there’s a rumor going around”. I’d love to read the article where they talk about it, if you have a link. I like Bishop and would hate for her to be leaving.

        • HannahLeigh says:

          That’s just a big old fat lie there buckaroo. GG said TWICE that no more zeever, she isn’t coming back. What an insult that would be to the cast that she left in the lurch any way. CDP is not welcome on the set of NCIS, ever again.

        • Phyllis says:

          We can only hope!

        • Jennifer says:

          A bunch of us asked where you saw this. Until I see proof, there’s no way – the only way Ziva will be back in in flashbacks or over Tony’s grave (see blind item) – And I hope to God it’s not that.

      • A Lewis says:

        Yeah she is gone but Bishop has sucked as her replacement and as a result the show has suffered. Now with Tony leaving and the 13th season coming to an end, it’s about time to call it quits and watch reruns seasons 3 through 11 (only episodes 1-3 of season 11).

        • Jennifer says:

          Please, pray tell, how has “the show has suffered”? It’s still the #1 rated drama in the world. It’s just been renewed for 2 (TWO!!!!) years. Bishop has grown on me, and just because she’s different from Ziva, doesn’t make her bad. I liked Ziva, but I’d rather see Tony with Jeanne. I liked the Ziva years, but IT’S OVER.

          • A lewis says:

            The team dynamic has changed there is no chemistry. Where did u hear it’s the #1 drama??? From CBS? They say that about all their shows by managing to change just a word in that statement. For that matter all networks say they have the #1 drama.

          • Jennifer says:

            Umm … no. Not CBS. Matt, help me out here. I know you’ve posted this before. I just don’t know where. It’s been well documented. If I remember correctly what I read, the Superbowl was #1 in overall ratings, with Big Bang next and then NCIS. Yes, i realize that these were all on CBS, but the list i remember had all shows.

          • Jennifer says:

            Thanks Matt!!

          • AL says:

            So who’s Matt??? It is not #1 drama material anymore, it used to be but there are other drama’s on CBS and other nerworks that are better. Whatever ratings your going by are as irrelevant as you and this conversation.
            Have a Nice Day!

    • Oh, I hope Ziva comes back. If Doug can come back for Carol’s final scene on ER, then Ziva can come back for Tony’s final scene.

      • justafan says:

        If I recall correctly, Doug and Carol had kids together. Different situation.
        Ziva sent Tony on his merry way so she could improve herself to make Gibbs proud.
        That was a big fat rejection!! No soulmate, twu wuv in her actions at all.

    • Linda says:

      I agree that Diva is Tony’s soulmate.

  2. These to are super hot together. She’s the only one he ever loved, but I doubt they will be doing anything but working. Neither Tony nor Jeanne would.

    • John NYC says:

      Agreed plus from the behind the scenes photos and the setup this week He’s heading out, when he does, with Bishop: I’m guessing Hawaii. Which amongst other things would explain that out of left field divorce which apparently arose during the same timeframe of when Michael gave his notice?

      The dots SO connect.

      • I really think they are just friends. They do work well together and she respects him and his abilities. I didn’t see anything romantic between them. Who knows what the quick divorce was all about.

        • Rem_Marshall says:

          He had Zoe. He could end up with Jeanne. Or Ziva. These are the three women he could finally be with.
          Involving him romantically with Bishop would be a non-sense and insulting for the fans.
          As for Bishop’s departure, I find odd that in episode 13 she concluded that she did want to stay and work with the best team in the world.

          • Linda says:

            I find it hopeful that Bishop’s character will be gone but not losing Michael Weatherly. I already don’t care for the show with Bishop replacing Ziva and don’t watch it all. That would put the final nail in the coffin of the show to lose Michael Weatherly too.

        • John NYC says:

          Oh, probably, but sometimes it’s fun too swing wildly at the speculation and the exchange of thoughtful gifts WAS a nice gesture between them this week….

          • Rem_Marshall says:

            Regardless of episode 13, I would probably think too that Bishop could leave with Tony (for work only).
            Hope she stays on the show a little bit longer. MW’s exit is more than enough !

          • tyranthraxus says:

            I actually think this is the episode where Tony decides it might be time to move on with his career. They might reminisce about relationships and love and how it didnt work out for them, but Tony needs to try and make it work with someone.. else.

            I however have a bad feeling that the writers of the show have been caught on the hop and we probably wont get a good departure arc. Its gonna probably end up being the final episode where suddenily a lot of stuff happens. I know he announced it a while back, but I think most of the season was probably already written when the decision was made.

          • John NYC says:

            Not according to details from various sources. Michael apparently gave the show a very long lead time. David said as much when he let the news slip which was covered here.

            So they’ll have had plenty of time to set it up right. This isn’t like the last time at all.

          • IMO MW gave notice of his exit early on ! Probably during the summer hiatus. The season 13 premiere was already starting to put some things in motion for Tony to leave at the end of the season.

  3. KayCeeCee says:

    He is going to run away with her; that is how he leaves the show.

    • John NYC says:

      They settled things pretty firmly on the plane from what I felt.

      • Dee says:

        Agreed. I feel like that episode wrapped up their story nicely. I don’t see why that character would need to come back.

        • John NYC says:

          Possibly in part because Michael and Scottie work incredibly well together and giving an actor that sort of pairing might be seen as a reward for all the years he’s contributed?

          • Dee says:

            Yes, they work well together. But from a story telling perspective, it doesn’t make sense. If TPTB wanted to write them going off into the sunset together, then that conversation on the plane should have gone differently.

          • John NYC says:

            No I was suggesting Scottie was cast just for the onscreen working relationship with Michael not that the characters would be going off together. And yes I took that aircraft conversation the same way.

  4. Tali says:

    So, I guess it’s clear he’ll leave cos of Jeanne and with her. I don’t get. But then I also flounced the show with Zivas exit lol

  5. Paige says:

    Scottie and MW have great chemistry. So thrilled Scottie is back and I’m looking forward to the episode. Hope she is in more episodes this season.

  6. Darlene says:

    Good Lord! That is one hot picture. You really cannot deny the chemistry between those two!

  7. Zeph says:

    Would definitely rather see Tony and Jeanne together than Tony and Ziva, sorry Tiva fans…. But there’s no way Tony would do anything if she’s still married. Or rather, if he did if would be completely out of character….

  8. datdudemurphy says:

    I’ve missed Jeanne.

    That was one of the best times in the series….especially for development of Tony’s character.

  9. darkangel200 says:

    I don’t care “why” she’s back, I’ m just happy to see Jeanne again. Scottie and Michael have always had a great screen chemistry. The show has so far mostly wasted Weatherly’ s talent since he gave them notice of his exit in the beginning of last season, so I’ll take any crumb that gives Tony something to do besides stand in the background while everyone else works the case. Now that they’ve gotten some closure, maybe the two can develop a friendship. Tony definitely could use a friend at the moment.

  10. John NYC says:

    Frankly? As long as the character is sent off with honor, happy and fulfilled, I’m not that concerned with the details of it all.

  11. Joni says:

    Yes. Tony is still in love with Jeanne and despite her marriage Jeanne’s looks at him point to her still having feelings for him too.

    • BM says:

      When Tony went after Ziva and begged her to come back with him and was hurting on a very deep and almost agonizing level when she didn’t, he certainly wasn’t in love with Jeanne anymore. There were, in fact, several moments on the show when it was implied he had very much moved on (and might be caring deeply for/was falling in love with someone else (and he did tell Ziva he couldn’t live without her when they rescued her from Salem’s camp)). However, this is TV, and NCIS, so I guess, he’s now back to still being in love with Jeanne, so he can leave NCIS because of Jeanne. So not thrilled, but I’d be even less thrilled if Bishop and him ended up together. That would be beyond wrong for so many reasons!

      • Darlene says:

        Yes, Tony thought he might have a chance with Ziva (that’s what he told Kate, the Goldfish). And he did beg her to try to make it work and she rejected him…again. As she always did whenever he took a step towards her. How many times is he expected to keep going after her and being met with rejection?
        I often wondered why he kept going back for more rejection until McGee revealed that Tony has hated himself since Jeanne. Ziva gave him many opportunities to feel beaten up, put down, mislead, etc.
        So now he’s back with a woman he truly loved. They won’t end up together. She’s married. But maybe she’ll give him hope that there is someone out there that will love him unconditionally. He just hasn’t met her yet.

  12. Good God, no. After what Bishop went through that would be horribly wrong; not to mention it would be horribly wrong.

  13. Arun says:

    I hope not. Considering all that Bishop has been through with her divorce, Tony breaking up a marriage would be kind of trashy if you ask me.

  14. Jason says:

    There were hints during Jeanne’s last visit that maybe all was not well in their marriage. It may no longer be anything more than a relationship of convenience. If so, I think it would be nice to see those two together. As much as I want Tony to ride off into the sunset with Ziva, Jeanne is the next best choice.

    • Lillian says:

      Beat me to it. I had trouble posting at first.

    • Paige says:

      A “marriage of convenience” could be a great, informative storyline. E.g. He’s an amazing doctor, passionate about his work but the areas of the world he travels to are too dangerous for a gay man. Tie in the human rights violations/awareness and Jeanne’s very broken heart post Tony and death of her Dad and you could have a powerful storyline.

  15. Lillian says:

    Why hasn’t the idea that Jeanne’s husband has either left her or died come up? If she’s free, then they could get back together. Maybe as a “let’s take this slow” relationship, but they could definitely go off into the sunset together without either one looking like a homewrecker.

    I don’t get any vibe that Bishop and DiNozzo are anything but co-workers who respect and like each other. A welcome change for him.

    • Sherri says:

      I agree. It could definitely be handled in a way that neither would be portrayed as behaving poorly and yet have them end up together. That would be a satisfactory way to handle his exit.

  16. Jen says:

    What the hell happened when Cote left anyway. It doesn’t matter if you love Tiva or hate them, the show spent a lot of time on the Tiva relationship more time than they did on his relatioship with Jeanne. Yet they happily bring back Scottie twice and are being kind of clear that Ziva is not coming back. It screams of bad blood otherwise what is the big deal, even if they didn’t want him to end up with her they were friends. As someone who left the team you would have Ziva come back to help him make the decision to move on from Gibbs. Not to mention it would be a big ratings moment, like sweeps event stuff. Why would they pass that up unless they are still butt hurt that she walked away.

    • Jerri says:

      I don’t know which show you were watching that focused on Tiva..
      They aren’t butthurt that she walked away. The show’s ratings have been just fine without Cote there. What Cote did was highly unprofessional. If she wanted to walk, she should’ve done that months before they were to start shooting the new season. The scripts were ready to go, everything was locked in, Cote walked away and in order to meet the production deadlines scripts had to get rewritten and things had to move really fast to stay on track and not lose huge amounts of money and get behind schedule.

      • Katya says:

        @Jerri Well said. Two more points on this:
        1. Cote might not want to come back. She left in terrible fashion, so she might just be done with that part of her life or not want to show her face there again so soon.
        2. A writer tweeted during the chaos that they need good vibes to write a character. This was in response to all the nastiness of the tivas toward anyone and everyone they blamed. The negative tivas are still at it, harassing NCIS staff, even today. They won’t, probably CAN’T, write ziva back in while folks are spewing such rabid douchery.

  17. Erin says:

    I’m delighted that Jeanne is back again. I really hope to see a big Hero Tony type ending to his character and if he doesn’t get a hero’s death I’d be glad to see Tony and Jeanne have a future. I think it would be plausible enough for Jeanne to realize that she married her current husband on some kind of rebound rather than because she was truly in love with him. I just hope that the writers are allowed to take their focus off of Gibbs and Bishop long enough to give DiNozzo a multi episode arc for his send off. He deserves as much as do his fans for enduring the crap writing their favorite has been dealt for the last 5 or 6 years.

    • Katya says:

      This is my hope as well, but I’m not holding my breath. As a Tony fan it would make a huge difference to me though. Either I walk away feeling slightly gratified for all my waiting and anticipation, or I walk away feeling resentful, bitter and hope the show dies a flaming, embarrasing death. It’s Gary’s choice.

    • canadian ninja says:

      Team Jeanne!!!

  18. DeeLge says:

    Well as much as I loved the banter and innuendo of Tony and Ziva, it was always Tony and Jeanne. I don’t know if he will be with her in the end but as a fan for 13 years, it would not disappoint me to see that happen. What I would love to see is MW get a spin off for NCIS Pearl Harbor. Now that would be a show!

  19. Greg Whaley says:

    I’ve been wondering how Tony (Michael Weatherly) would exit the show. Kate went by way of brain shot as did Diane (Gibbs’ ex/Fornell’s wife), and then you have Jenny Shepherd, Eli David,Mike Franks,Jackie Vance,and numerous agents and “bad” guys that all died exiting the show. Ziva is the only character that I can think of that left the show in a manner other than dying. Seems that death is a favorite method of ending a characters role. I agree that Jeanne and Tony will probably not end up together and I hope that Tony and Bishop don’t either. I like her and would like to see her remain in the cast for a while longer. So my guess is Tony dies somehow or maybe the writers/David Bellisario will let him live happily ever after by having Ziva finally relent and give in to Tony’s desires, i.e. she calls him explains she has had time to think things through and realizes she loves him but he needs to go to Israel if they’re to be together. Stranger things have happened I guess. If it happens let’s just hope they don’t throw us a curve ball like they did with Lt. Colonel Henry Blake’s departure from M.A.S.H., killed at the last moment with happiness within his reach.

    • Jerri says:

      What about Lt Col Manning, Gibbs’ GF at one point? She ‘left’ via a letter, she’s still alive in Hawaii or something; but they didn’t bring the character back. The two worked well together.

    • darkangel200 says:

      That would be lazy writing, not to mention anti-climactic, since we know Weatherly is leaving. Although I wouldn’t put it past Gary Glasburg to have planned that. As Weatherly said in an interview in the start of the season, “Gary likes to kill people.” David McCallum’ s “slip” just may have spared Tony’s life. That said, he gave the show two season’s notice of his exit, more that enough time to have come up with a well written exit.

  20. M says:

    Ziva was toxic despite the way she was portrayed as Tony’s love interest. She was, essentially, his rebound after Jeanne. Think about how she treated him: snarky, insulting, mean. Unless they were alone, she was rarely nice to him. Even after he saved her life, she risked his with the radio incident. Her last scene, she wouldn’t even tell him she loved him. “you are loved,” If he ends up with her as his finale, its just another way to send a character, who’s story of childhood neglect and abuse, to its ultimate end to be with another character who will abuse him til he dies or tires of it and lets her kill him. I would rather he go to his own team and be respected.

  21. Kim R says:

    In the TVLine poll earlier this year I voted that Tony would be given his own team and that is how he would leave. However, I’ve been noticing these moments of introspection from Tony that feel like small clues. Last episode he said to McGee that one has to live with one’s choices and it is clear he is lonely. I am now wondering if he is going to seek out Ziva to revisit that decision he had made to return to the States. We shall see.

    • John NYC says:

      I took that as his choice to reject the offer of Rota station, nothing about anything else. So teeing up his accepting a station head job somewhere else.

      • Andrea says:

        @John NYC: Rota is also connected to Jeanne because Jenny offered Tony Rota as a result of his undercover work with The Frog. Jeanne’s return could be an interesting indirect way to lead us back to the history between Tony and Rota.

  22. Jeannie says:

    In the very next episode After Hours it says Tony jumps back into the dating game. The date doesn’t go well because the case is on his mind instead of his date.

  23. Anita says:

    He is still in love with Jeanne? The same woman who tried to put him in a jail? The same one who’s letter he burnt? Is that the one he risked his life for? The one he was looking for months and begging to come home with him? No, it was Ziva.
    It will always be Ziva doesn’t matter what.
    Also, didn’t you all read David’s name in the same episode? Doesn’t the fact that Tiny is dating some other girl in the next episode mean something to you?
    I know how much all 33 Tiva haters want to see anyone but Ziva…
    Don’t be so sure: she will leave happily married and will tell Tiny to go find the only one he loves like she found David.

    • John NYC says:

      An attempt st jail is better than a gun to his chest while he’s pinned to the ground in a fit because he killed her lover. Thats Ziva.

      • It’s been how many season since that emotional breakdown and yet that’s all y’all can harp on and on and on about???? Wow!!! Meanwhile, Jeanne accused Tony of murdering her father after he chose the team over her, leading to Tony being arrested by the FBI.

        • And it’s been how many seasons since the Jeanne incident, and yet Tiva fans keep “harping on and on” about that. And it could be strongly inferred that Jeanne had an emotional breakdown as well after finding out that the man she loved had been lying to her all along (as had her father) and then on top of that her father was murdered and the FBI was pressuring her. Sauce for the goose, and all that.

        • John NYC says:

          An incident also years ago, and not involving assault or dead lovers.

          From that photo, and their recent interaction, Tony’s all good with that old accusation.

    • Andrea says:

      Anita’s response demonstrates one major reason why those of us who can’t stand Tiva feel that way. Anything to do with Ziva is all innuendo, None of it is canon, established as actual fact by the writers. If there is going to be an actual romantic pairing with Tony as he exits, then I’d rather it be based on stuff that I actually saw. Jeanne and Tony had actual sex. They went on actual dates. We saw an entire season of actual things happen in S4. An actual relationship developed, which is why Tony’s undercover status was devastating for Jeanne. Tony and Ziva never went on a date. It was never confirmed that they actually slept together in Paris, and there was never any concrete indication that they ever considered themselves as romantic partners. We’ve had three showrunners for this series and if any one of them wanted to make Tiva the endgame, all that had to happen is that something concrete be written. To the end, that was not the case. There was a whole lot of flirting, some friendship, but nothing was acted upon. At some point, canon has to come into play here. Otherwise, anyone can invent any relationship on any show without needing the show itself. Tony may not end up with Jeanne. Nothing says he has to end up with anyone, but one of the reasons that I’m against Tiva is that I’m for canon. There is not enough actual canon events that show an actual romantic relationship between Tony and Ziva, and until GG defines that as such, then the statement “it will always be Ziva” is inaccurate. At this point, only Gary Glasberg has the power to make that statement true, and he hasn’t done that yet.

      • Well, Tony never actually had a date with Jeanne, it was his undercover persona. And Jeanne fell for Tony DiNardo, not Tony DiNozzo. I never liked her and it has nothing to do with Ziva. I just thought she was clingy and immature.

        • He, not his undercover persona, fell in love with her. And, in fact, it still affected him over a year later. Everything went to pot with Jeanne, depending on how you look at it, either at the beginning of season 5 or in the middle of it. In S6E18 (Knockout) Tony tells Vance’s friend “Real doctor, real love, real bad breakup.” when she asks him about his dating slump. He goes on to say “I’ve tried everything. I mean, I’m dating constantly, but I can’t seem to get it right. I’m not closing the deal, you know? Like there’s a saboteur in my head. I’m making every rookie mistake. I’m talking about myself too much at dinner. I mean, I’m talking about my ex, I’m talking about my feelings, I…I scare ’em off.”

          • Darlene says:

            I really don’t understand why people try to deny that Tony fell in love with Jeanne. It’s show cannon and, as you’ve pointed out, been reinforced on numerous occasions. Internal Affairs – Tony admits to Fornell that he fell in love with Jeanne “gradually, then all of a sudden”, then goes on to say, “we were in love”. I really don’t know how that can be denied by trying to say he was Tony DiNardo, not Tony (He wasn’t Tony DiNardo in that interrogation room with Fornell). And to have him still struggling over the break up more than a year later. And then discovering just this year per McGee that Tony has hated himself ever since the break up…
            I don’t go around denying that Tony thought he had an opportunity for something with Ziva. That’s cannon, too. But that opportunity was never fulfilled because Ziva rejected him.

          • Because if they don’t, it ruins their fantasy that someone else was the be all, end all, and only one who ever touched the heart of Tony DiNozzo. It also opens up the possibility of what many – including Michael Weatherly – have been saying; that Tony never got over Jeanne, and that all his subsequent relationships were rebounds and failed attempts at replacing what he lost when he sent Jeanne away.

          • Kevin D Leary says:

            I’m with TechnoMistress

      • Cathie says:

        Ziva, not Tiva

  24. DeeDee says:

    No one can deny the chemistry here. I hope this is either out to bed once and for all or a go for more to happen!

  25. Katya says:

    Why does Cryer have to be in both eps of Jeanne’s return? Are we seriously not going to get one single episode focusing on Tony until he leaves the show? We haven’t had a good Tony episode since Playing with Fire. This sucks.

    • Erin says:

      I totally agree. The show has become such an unashamed vehicle for Mark Harmon that the show has now lost the character with the most potential. They don’t care.

  26. elaine says:

    No please don’t let Tony leave with Jenny he needs to go to is true love ziva.PLEASE.e

  27. kassie says:

    I will be so disappointed if they bring those two characters back together romantically. It would be Stupid to bring her back married in one episode, just to separate Jeanne and her husband the next just to reunite Tony and Jeanne. I hated her character and Tony and Jeanne together in season 4. Especially when she told Tony she wished she never met him, and now there keep bringing her back. I don’t get it,its irritating!!! I hope Tony gets his own Team and/reunites with Ziva. Maybe he will just go visit Ziva in Isreal.

  28. Herbert says:

    It is also possible that Tony’s involvement with Jeanne may actually contribute to him going for Ziva upon his exit. Something similar happened on CSI: in the episodes leading up to Gil Grissom’s departure, one of his secondary love interests, Lady Heather, appeared. A fansite correctly predicted that this would contribute to Grissom heading for his primary love interest, Sara Sidle, upon his departure.

  29. Anonymous says:

    I would personally love it if Tony and Jeanne somehow ended up getting back together. They have great chemistry.

  30. Linda says:

    I wouldn’t think that Tony and Jeanne would get back together because of their past. I hope that Michael Weatherly leave the show as well as Cote De Pablo. The show has not been as good since left and the Tony character would also be missed.

  31. Tom-VA49 says:

    Jeanne was the one who got away.

  32. Lil says:

    I hope not! I want him with Ziva!

  33. Jake says:

    I’d love to see Tony leave with Jeanne. As for her husband, he wasn’t portrayed that flatteringly in the last episode, so it’d be easy enough to make him a bad guy who somehow gets killed, or alternately his death being the case of the week.

  34. Romanrangel says:

    Tony gets with the hot madam. Refuses to pay her. She then shoots him dead

  35. leo says:

    I thought that when Tony walks down the tarmac that last time it’d be either Ziva or Jeannie waiting to board the plane with him.
    And while I’m at it, the only female character to match Gibbs with all his baggage was Holly Snow. Bring her back, give Leroy a woman who’s as tough and complicated and with whom he’s actually made dinner for and shared his beers with. That’s about as romantic as Jethros has ever been.

  36. Kevin D Leary says:

    Tony loved Jeanne; he should run off into the sunset with her. She would get a mutually agreeable divorce since her husband is committed to the Sudan and has no plans to return.

    • leo says:

      That’s not NCIS’s modus operandi. Arab militants would sweep through the medical compound massacuring and torching everyone and everything. Now that sounds like NCIS.

  37. Sheila says:

    If their romance is rekindled, I will be very disappointed as will many fans of the show. We know that he will eventually leave & we want it to be because he reconnects with Ziva & not Jeanne. Please pass this on to the writers, producers, et al of the show. Thank you.

  38. Cathie says:

    He doesn’t need to chase a married woman. He should go to be withZiva

  39. Steve says:

    How about a new show that stars Weatherly and Cote de Pablo as a married couple both working for the CIA or the FBI or some special op group in the style of the Mr. and Mrs. Smith movie. Fun and dangerous situations. They have great chemistry for a show like that.

    • HannahLeigh says:

      Gag me. I hope I never have to see CDP on American television again. She is a horrible actress and she never fit into the cast of NCIS, despite their painful years of trying. Ugh. Don’t even think it.

  40. HannahLeigh says:

    So love Tony and Jeanne, they were always meant to be together. She is the only woman he EVER TRULY LOVED in this show. I mean he had lot’s of conquests, one night stands, etc. but he LOVED Jeanne! Hoping against hope that her husband is there to bid her adieu, and that she and Tony ride off into that sunset together to live happily ever after! <3

  41. T says:

    I would like to see a classic movie ending

  42. Kathy says:

    Hopefully seeing Jeanne again and realizing they both loved each other at one time and always will have a spark, Jeanne loves her husband and Tony realizes how much he really loves Ziva and goes back to her in Israel. I sincerely believe majority of the NCIS fans want to see Tony back with Ziva

  43. Linda Elsworth says:

    No that’s not the way it would go to much under the bridge (so to speak) Now the Ziva/Tony idea is a stretch but Getting his own team and a new show seems most likely. But most of all I don’t want Tony to leave the show and the team.

  44. LuAnne Breeden says:

    Yes. The chemistry and love is there. They should be together.

  45. Reeny says:

    I have been watching reruns of many episodes with interaction with the Tony and Ziva characters, having not watched the show before until this season. In my humble opinion anyway, Ziva became “more” than just a coworker over time. And even though both characters had relationships, and fell in love, there always seemed to be an underlying enduring intimacy, soul mate, if you will, from the Tony/Ziva relationship. Again, in my opinion, I think it would be a disservice to the two long running characters to not end up together in the end.

  46. Patricia says:

    Michael is good on NCIS but I don’t think he’s good enough to carry a show by himself . What makes Michael so good is the people around him. And I don’t think NCIS is going to be the same without him

  47. A Lewis says:

    Man I hope not!!! I vote for Ziva

  48. Whatever says:

    I didn’t insult Matt, I really have no idea who he is. Since u seem to enjoy looking things up why don’t u research how the Nielsen ratings are conducted. I really don’t care whether it’s the #1 drama or not. I don’t think so! If u like watching a less than par tv show go for it! I will continue watching more compelling tv. :)