Arrow Oliver Cuts Off Malcolm Hand

Arrow Recap: All the Daddy Issues

My head admittedly was swimming early on during this week’s Arrow, as Oliver and Nyssa (…and then Nyssa and Laurel) repeatedly made their cases for killing Malcolm — or not. But by the end of the hour, a long-running piece of show mythology had interestingly come to an end and a time bomb was set in motion, to eventually explode Oliver’s imminent marriage.

Again, I’d be foolhardy to aptly recap the to-and-fro between Oliver, Nyssa and Malcolm. Mainly, she wants Malcolm dead, for killing Sara among other transgressions, but she wants Oliver to do the deed. In trade, she will deliver the Lotus McGuffin elixir needed to cure Thea’s bloodlust. Oliver, though, sees another option — the Lotus in exchange for Malcolm surrendering his position as Ra’s.

Malcolm questions the conveeeeeeenient existence of such an elixir, but after Oliver secures a sample that eases what ails Thea, he calls a meeting to surrender. Yet what Malcolm actually does is surprise Nyssa with an ambush. She and her minions retreat, while Oliver, Dig and Laurel keep Malcolm from giving chase.

When Malcolm later resurfaces at the lair, he explains that the League is no mere army of assassins but a “force of change” that has been “manipulating global events for hundreds of years,” and he’ll be damned if he’s going to put that kind of power in Nyssa’s hands. Malcolm then catches Oliver off guard by making the argument: Would you let Damien Darhk have his way with Star City if it meant saving your son William? :-O

Oliver suggests that Malcolm challenge Nyssa to a Trial By Combat, which they set out to do on a boring ol’ urban rooftop, no snow, and with shirts on. But at the last moment, Oliver steps in to fight on behalf of his “wife.” In a duel that was over way too quickly, Oliver bested Malcolm but rather than run him through with the sword, he merely lops off his left hand.

Later, Nyssa summons both men to a meeting, where she throws the demon’s head ring into a fire and announces that the League has been disbanded. Afterward, Malcolm hisses to Oliver that he owes him a debt far worse than death, as the result of this remarkable unspooling of events. What Malcolm does is offer Damien Darhk the 411 on the person Oliver Queen cares about more than anything — no, not Felicity Smoak, but his son William.

Elsewhere in the episode:Arrow

Felicity met her father, Noah, for coffee, where he offers to answer any questions she may have — and she has but one: Why show up now? He tells of how he recently met up with a formidable adversary, and then calls Felicity by her Overwatch code name. Realizing that Dad is The Calculator, Felicity is about to leave skidmarks, but he stops her and asks for a chance to prove he is neither a bad guy nor a “bad guy.” Felicity tells Oliver and the team about her blood ties to The Calculator (she didn’t tell her fiance right away that her long-lost father showed up…?), and then drops the bomb on her mom, to boot. Donna warns her daughter, “People never change, even if you want them to” — and certainly not Noah, as he demonstrated years ago.

Felicity seems to have a change of heart by giving Dad a 10-cent tour of Palmer Tech’s most super-duper-secret R&D area, but it turns out to be a trap — she was testing to see if he left behind any data-sucking hacker gizmos, and he did. When Noah shows up at Felicity’s office for more bonding, she rebuffs him and declares that there is only one thing she for sure knows about him — that he is wanted by the police, and as such here is Quentin Lance with a pair of bracelets for you. Oh, and one last thing: shared hacktivism hobby or not, “I am nothing like you,” she growls.

After the encounter, back at the loft, Oliver asks Felicity to marry him — soon, now that Thea is better, Darhk has quieted down. “I’m in,” she smiles back, teeing up the aforementioned scene in which Malcolm tells Darhk about Oliver’s secret son….

Oh, and Taiana gave Reiter the etched rock. Flashback storyline is really cooking with gas now.

What did you think of “Sins of the Father”?

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  1. DonnaMama says:

    So William is in the grave???

    • Luke says:

      it does seem to point at him now more than anyone else or it might be his mother (forgot her name) who will die trying to protect her son which will leave Oliver to raise Wiliam;

    • Janine says:

      I’d be really surprised if it’s William in the grave (since Arrow already killed off a little boy last season) or the baby mama (since that would turn Oliver into a single dad, which doesn’t really fit this show). My money is still on Donna because it would explain Felicity’s graveyard reaction, or Laurel because the writers have clearly run out of things for her to do. I also hope Meryln is not long for this show; I love Barrowman but it makes even less sense now for him to still be around. This was a wildly uneven episode, but the fact that it means we’ll never have to deal with the League of Assasins again makes me want to give it a pass.

      • tyranthraxus says:

        Im also tempted to think its Laurel or Donna.

        I think Oliver didnt kill Malcolm because of Thea strangely enough. Not that Thea seems to care much for him, but he is still her father.. and in a way family. Oliver is a lot more about family than he used to be , which is why he does all he can do for Thea. Its a twisted path sure, but thats my explanation.

      • ? says:

        I think Merlyn is going to be the big bad next season to cap off his long running story. It’s definitely been hard to justify keeping him around (especially when Barrowman must be in high demand), but they clearly wanted to build him up slowly over a number of years for a big payoff. Which feels about due, soon.

    • partisan says:

      The grave was a little big for a child’s grave. That plus the dark turn of killing a child on a show like this leads me to go with No that’s not William in the grave.

      • Amelia says:

        The writers have said they didn’t know who would be in the grave when they planned it and if it was a child’s size grave, wouldn’t that have given away who the victim would be?

        • herman1959 says:


        • partisan says:

          I don’t believe for a second that they didn’t know who’s in the grave. You don’t start a storyline as big as a character dying and use it as a teaser in the first episode without knowing who you plan to kill off. You just don’t. If the plan was to kill William maybe they made the grave bigger as a misdirect but I’m still going with killing a child as being darker than this show is going to go. Maybe I’m wrong but that’s my take.

    • Michael says:

      My guess is it’s one of these people: William, William’s mother, Captain Lance or Donna Smoak.

  2. DonnaMama says:

    I was surprised that Malcom was still alive at the end of the episode. I thought I read that he was cast in another show. Not that he has a lot to do on Arrow guessing he can do both jobs

  3. Stormie says:

    My hatred of Oliver has reached a new high. His lying will break my beloved Felicity’s heart. Malcolm knows about your secret brat and you still play games. I don’t think it’s his kid in the grave but if it is well my reaction is shoulder shrug. My heart tells me sadly it’seems Dig or Felicity’so mom. The level of anger she had in the limo would only be for a few people.

    • Patrick says:

      Its not Oliver’s secret to tell. If someone important asks you to keep a secret, you keep that secret for them. You don’t get to pick and choose who you tell. If you could pick and choose, you dam sure shouldn’t choose the dilatant, who treats everything like a fun game, with no consequences for failure, and who pitches a hissy fit the INSTANT things don’t go exactly how she wants them to go. And she does. She pouts when hard decisions have to be made, and always takes the weakest possible way out.
      BTW, tonight probably set up a future big bad. Disbanding the league of assassins was stupid. It puts a lot of highly trained, morally ambiguous individuals on the free market, with no guidance or “oversight.” Ollie will have to deal with this in the future.

      • It’s not just her secret. It’s HIS secret, too. He is a father. He should tell the woman he plans to marry, no matter what YOU think of her.
        ” the dilatant, who treats everything like a fun game, with no consequences for failure, and who pitches a hissy fit the INSTANT things don’t go exactly how she wants them to go. And she does. She pouts when hard decisions have to be made, and always takes the weakest possible way out.”
        Biased much?

        • Shep says:

          Oliver obviously has his reasons for lying to Felicity you don’t have to agree with him but you should at least understand why he’s lying.

        • Michelle says:

          The only bias is you and other Felicity fans who think Felicity is a goddess and should know everyone’s secrets.

          Oliver doesn’t owe Felicity anything. He owes his son his allegiance; NOT Felicity.

          • Patrick says:

            This. S1 Felicity was fun and light. S2 was more of the same, but I started to see some real cracks appear. For her, Ollie’s adventures are like the old Batman show. The rich, handsome, slightly dark guy puts on a fun suit and engages in hijinks. Then, the next morning he’s normal. She’s never seemed to grasp the real consequences of trying to stop crime without a badge and gun. People will get hurt. Sometimes bad guys have to be brutally executed. She treats all this like a fun game. And, like a petulant child playing a game, she wants everything to go exactly the way St. Felicity wants the game to go. And when it doesn’t go her way, she wants to stop playing and go home, with no consequences for failure. And when that isn’t possible, she turns into the worst sort of psycho, hysterical, irrational, nightmare of a girlfriend. She alternately nags and manipulates Ollie to get what she wants. They’ve taken Felicity from an ideal love interest and turned her into kind of a nightmare ex type. When she’s happy, she’s great. But when she doesn’t get things exactly her way, she is a horrible human being.

          • No, I think she should know that the man she is about to marry has a 10 years old kid. And yes, he owes her that much. You owe honesty to your partner.
            @Patrick, I don’t even know how to respond to your comment. So, okay, I guess, to whatever you said.

          • Mak says:

            YES YES YES!

          • Lizzie says:

            I don’t agree. Felicity is the woman he wants to marry. They have a life together. Technically that would make her William’s step-mom. You don’t keep something like that from your wife. It’s too big a secret. While I do think Oliver was put in a terrible position by Samantha who remains the worst, I also think he should have worked harder to convince Samantha that Felicity could be trusted.

          • kath says:

            You’re saying that Oliver owes no allegiance to the woman he’s going to marry and spend the rest of his life with, but he does to the One Night Stand who kept the existence of his son from him and won’t let him tell anyone, not even his Aunt Thea, about the boy?
            Just wanted to be sure I’m understanding your point.

    • Mak says:

      Everything does not have to revolve around Felicity….This is why Arrow cannot hold a candle to The Flash…too much fan pandering has led shippers seeing this as the Felicity show!!

      • kath says:

        It seemed to me that this episode revolved around Malcolm Merlyn. He was the one who put Thea at death’s door, he was the one who Nyssa was hunting, and h e’s the one who told Damien Darkh about Oliver having a son and who he is. Felicity was the C-plot here.

      • Karen says:

        Sorry, but holding Flash up as an example on non shipping in the week that we had Barry kissing Earth 2 Iris? That was the most disgusting scene and total fan pandering. The Oliver/Felicity scenes this week were between 2 people in an adult relationship. What is fan pandering about that?

        • Mak says:

          The Flash is thriving without the writers pandering to WestAllen…Iris fans are quite frustrated about how Iris is still in the sidelines yet the show is as strong as ever…that Earth 2 Barry/Iris scene has been the only W/A moment this season of which it doesn’t really count.
          Now with Arrow every character seems to come second to Felicity.
          When you see comments like – “My hatred of Oliver has reached a new high. His lying will break my beloved Felicity’s heart.” – it is clear that the writers have failed this show!

          • goggles says:

            Why? Why is it a failing of the show, or any concern of yours for that matter, if that fan chose to comment on that specific aspect? It doesn’t imply that they don’t care about anything else, but most of all a FAN perception or whatever they want to watch for/comment on it’s really no indication of fan pandering, or of writers’ failure.

            I could tell that, since you have clearly missed all the ways Felicity has been linked to Oliver’s journey-all the positive ways- you clearly missed what the show was doing. Is that a failure on the writer’s part as well?

          • Michelle says:

            The show is stronger with Iris.

            Sorry but Patty did drag the storyline and it did show the show needed Iris like it needs Cisco and Caitlin. Not saying it’s for the Westallen aspect but just for the ensemble cast aspect. The last two episodes of the Flash is why it gets the praise it gets and a good reminder of why we liked season 1

          • Mak says:

            Lol leave it to the shippers to think that the show is stronger with Iris when she’s barely in it…TF is at the peak of it’s game because they know how to utilize and develop important supporting cast alongside with Barry. Iris has hardly done anything worth mentioning this season…unless we are talking about E2 Iris. Don’t get me wrong , I like Iris, she’s lovely but the show does not prioritize her & make the rest of the characters suffer just because she’s the Love Interest like what Arrow is doing.
            “I could tell that, since you have clearly missed all the ways Felicity has been linked to Oliver’s journey-all the positive ways- you clearly missed what the show was doing.” –
            You have made my point for me…this is not the Felicity Show! Felicity is not the only one who has played a positive part in Oliver’s Journey..every character on that show is just as important but I guess not as important as pandering to OL fans..That’s why Arrow is trailing way behind TF.

          • kath says:

            The only supporting characters The Flash develops are the men. Iris, Caitlyn, Joe’s wife and even Patty exist only to serve their men’s stories.
            It’s like being back in the fifties when women were just props for them en.

          • kath says:

            I gave up on The Flash this year because I’m not interested in characters with the maturity of a 12 year old boy.
            For all the problems that Arrow has had, Oliver Queen is maturing and becoming a real adult.

      • Liz985 says:

        It’s become the “Felicity” show. The dark edge that made is so watchable the first season is gone. Oliver has been neutered.

      • Lizzie says:

        Funny, this felt like the Malcolm Merlyn show to me. Felicity was barely in this episode.

  4. Bob says:

    Wait so merlyn only told Damian he has a son

  5. James D says:

    another meh episode for me not terrible not great. Malcolm that was pretty cold even for you leave little kids out this man, not cool. still don’t think he (being Oliver’s son) or his mom will be in the grave though it wouldn’t really match felicity’s anger in the limo scene. Still think the Calculator will be involved somehow.

  6. jrex says:

    Disbanding the League seems like a foolish move by Nyssa just to spite her father. All those freelance assassins running around looking for work couldn’t help Oliver much. Especially when Damian Daark likely has job openings.

  7. Milk Dundee says:

    What a mess of a show this has turn out to be. Nyssa wants to be Ra’s al Ghul but she can’t defeat Malcolm and she needs Arrow to do the job for her. Will she be calling Arrow every time she has other enemy in the horizon? Then she quit and disband a legendary organization in DC Universe cause she can’t handle daddy issue? What happen to Malcolm Merlyn? Why was he so easily defeated by Arrow? I thought Malcolm will be giving the powder dust of a Randal Savage to Damien Darhk to lash out at Star City. Instead he goes tattle tale on Oliver’s son.

    • Phoenix5634 says:

      Totally agree with you, Nyssa is so immature and plain out just not thinking about anything other than her daddy issues, disbanding the league was by far the stupidest move she could make. She’s Ra’s daughter but she doesn’t seem to understand what the League does, or the consequences she just set in motion. Makes sense why Vandal Savage is going to take over so quickly now. And yeah, she didn’t even fight her own battle, when Oliver stepped in I was immediately disappointed, cuz it’s like, you know Malcolm’s going to lose at that point. But Oliver when he cut off Malcolm’s hand, it made me think of the upcoming Legends of Tomorrow episode with a one armed Oliver.

      • Michelle says:

        Not really. They were prisoners of Ras since the Pitt does have the blood lust effects. I thought Nyssa made a sound choice and while it will haunt her later, I think she truly had the best intentions for the LoA.

        • Phoenix5634 says:

          They weren’t prisoners of Ra’s anymore, Malcolm never wanted her around anymore, and she didn’t want to be either. She could have left and lived a fairly normal life or whatever she wants, Nyssa could have been free when her father died, but instead she goes on this half cocked revenge mission to retake her fathers legacy, becuz what, she doesn’t like Malcolm?, And has daddy issues ? And then when Oliver finally does her work for her cuz she messing up this town, she then decides to disbanded and literally burn her fathers legacy. And in process putting the whole league of assassins out on the market for a new job… Nyssa wasn’t thinking, her decision seemed spontaneous to disband the league, based on all the freedom talk Laurel giving her.

    • Sil says:

      This all the way^ This EP was just ok. Nyssa can’t fight for herself or unable to? Merlyn a back stabbing, heartless coward. Oliver unwilling to kill Malcolm knowing that he knows about William? Really, Arrow? It just meh.

    • Rob Watkins says:

      She disbanded the League because it was the right thing to do. It’s an immoral organization and now she realizes it. It’s not a daddy issue. She’s right to disband the evil organization. She came around to seeing how corrupt the organization is. I’ll give you that Malcolm was defeated too easily, but that doesn’t make it a mess of an episode. Tattle tale? That’s not some pissy little thing he did, that’s a huge deal. And why is it dumb on her part to have someone else fight a person you can’t defeat? It’s a smart move on her part, though not ethical.

      • Phoenix5634 says:

        The League may be evil, but its becuz they do evil things to maintain a greater good. Would you rather the actual evil people have free reign. But the original Ra’s (Nyssa’s father) he had let the power to go his head over the centuries, and became more evil or whatever you want to call it. Malcolm, since he took power of the League, he was actually doing what the League was meant for centuries ago before Ra’s lost sight of their true purpose. The League is like the Time Masters before technology got invented, they might do bad things, but it’s only to stop much worse things from happening. Nyssa basically just handed the League over to Damien Darhk, accomplishing his goal from when he was a Horsemen of Ra’s centuries ago.

  8. Drew says:

    Merlyn never should have come back from the dead after season 1. Since then, it has been one stretch of an excuse after another to not kill the man who has done nothing but evil, evil things since the show began. I mean, Felicity turned her father in about a day after finding out that he was in town and a bad guy. Thea and Oliver have let Malcolm romp around for years now, despite the fact that he tried to kill millions, and none of it makes sense. At the very least, he should be locked up in some impenetrable prison. More likely, he should be dead. There is no excuse for a good person to not kill someone like that. Much less, give him the League of Assassins, as Oliver did last year (I’m with Nyssa. WTF, Oliver?!). Malcolm telling Damien about William is the culmination of years of weak, stupid decisions by Oliver.
    Personally, I’d rather watch a show where the good guy isn’t a fool. In season 1, Oliver wasn’t this pathetic. I really want that show back. I want him to be a smart, skilled, tough hero. He hasn’t been that in two years now.
    And question… When Oliver and Malcolm were having that heated argument over Thea’s comatose body, was anyone else getting Grinder vibes? I was waiting for Oliver to have the “What did you say?” moment. :)
    Much as I may dislike the character at this point, Felicity’s story was the high point of the episode (which really never happens). She wasn’t duped by her father. She wasn’t stupid or blind. It was emotional for her, but she did what needed to be done.

    • Rob Watkins says:

      Oliver isn’t a killer or didn’t you watch season 2? That was the entire point of that season. Felicity’s father is far easier to deal with than Malcolm. Malcolm made the claim (it’s hard to argue the point) that no prison can hold the League. Malcolm didn’t try to kill millions. He tried to kill one section of Starling – the Glades. There aren’t even a million people in Starling then. Killing in self defense is fine, but murder is wrong, even if it’s an evil person. Going out and seeking retribution is different than if Malcolm attacked Oliver.

      If you consider Oliver to be foolish, why are you watching the show? Oliver’s still tough and skilled, he’s just not a killer anymore.

      • Patrick says:

        Robot Chicken did a great bit on this. Instead of mercifully killing bad guys, Oliver merely maims them now. Most have long term, debilitating injuries. What he does now is far, far more cruel than when he used to kill people.

      • Drew says:

        Oliver is supposed to be fighting a war. You don’t do that with one arm tied behind your back. And you don’t shoot someone, with and arrow or a gun, unless you intend to kill that person. The ‘no-kill’ policy was the stupidest thing that ever happened to the show, because it makes no sense. You don’t go up against evil terrorists without throwing everything you can at them. It’s naive and silly. Now, I can see them lightening Oliver up a little, but whether you’re a soldier or a police officer, or anyone else who fights bad guys, the reality is that you must be willing to kill. If you’re not, you will probably die yourself.
        Malcolm has repeatedly murdered people and violated them in ways that are pretty unimaginable. He is evil. He will continue to be evil for as long as he is alive. And sorry, but if a prison can’t hold him, he should be killed. Every person that Malcolm kills is the direct result of Oliver not finishing him. The writers never should have brought him back after season 1, but they did. Now this is just making Oliver look foolish, weak and pathetic.
        You say that he is still tough and skilled, but he rarely wins a fight these days (despite having a whole team with him now). In season 1, he could go into a building full of bad guys, alone, and kick their butts. Now he is usually bested by every common street thug. Last week, he went chasing a bad guy without even remembering to put on his mask. I think he’s been hit in the head once too often, because that is just stupid.

        • Rob Watkins says:

          This isn’t a war. It’s crime that he’s fighting. Cops and soldiers aren’t the same thing. Cops bring in criminals for trial. Soldiers don’t have that luxury. Oliver isn’t on foreign soil, he has to try and leave them alive if at all possible otherwise he’s a villain as well. Yes, he’s breaking the law, but he’s only breaking the law in order to achieve some sense of order. Oliver isn’t Dexter. Oliver is also so good with a bow, he doens’t have to kill anyone in order to stop them. In the case of a terrorist attack like with Ra’s al Ghul last year, then I think it’s justified. Otherwise, Oliver shouldn’t be judge, jury, and executioner. Oliver isn’t responsible for Malcolm killing anyone. It’s not his job to murder bad guys.

          Oliver doesn’t look weak for not killing Malcolm. He doesn’t have to be willing to kill in order to stop him, that’s how good of a fighter he is.

          It’s not true that he rarely wins a fight these days. Yeah, earlier this season, maybe, but they’ve gotten away from that. You are writing in hyperbole.

  9. peterwdawson says:

    For the love of God, KILL MALCOLM!

  10. Laura says:

    I thought for sure all the talk about daddy issues with Felicity was building to Oliver telling her about his son. Or at least it would be used to tease guilt out of Oliver about keeping that a secret. #missedopportunity

  11. Phoenix5634 says:

    I agree with Malcolm Merlyn this episode, the only thing I don’t agree with, is when he told Dhark about Oliver’s son. That’s cheap shot, leave the kid out of it. I’m wondering if this is going to have anything to do with the future one armed Oliver in Legends. And hopefully the Legends will go back and fix all this, after all they’d want the League to exist to help slow down Savage over time. Nyssa, I have a LOT of disagreement with this episode, she’s foolish.

  12. kath says:

    I think it was fun, except for the flashbacks which seem to be there because there’s a union rule they have to be and not because they add anything to the actual story. I loved Nyssa serving truth tea to Oliver, Laurel and of course Malcolm.

    I’m not surprised that Malcolm told Oliver that he’s very handsome but rather stupid — Oliver loses about 60 IQ points every time he gets close to Malcolm.

    Felicity’s Daddy storyline flew by like the Concord but I’m impressed with her ability to see what her father really is (Oliver take note) and then trap and send him to jail.

    Poor Thea is completely left out of her own storyline.

    • Rob Watkins says:

      Thea wasn’t left out, she was in a coma. The Calculator is a lot easier to deal with than Malcolm. Oliver won’t kill because he tries not to kill anymore. Say what you will, but at least he’s consistent regarding why he won’t kill Malcolm. His father was a scumbag, but he’d still like to have him back in some capacity.

      • kath says:

        Robert wasn’t a scumbag, he was a weak man who accidentally killed a man and got sucked into Malcolm’s plan, and then murdered when he tried to prevent it.
        Malcolm killed 504 people in the earthquake, including his own son, caused Robert’s death and almost Oliver’s and who knows how many more people he killed recently. Incidentally, he also drugged Thea so that she would kill her friend Sara and is the reason Thea is currently in a coma. Also, given the choice, he picked staying Ra’s over saving Thea’s life.
        There’s no real comparison between the two. Oliver needs to read up on ‘toxic parents”.

  13. Csb says:

    Interesting episode overall, but the flashbacks are SO boring. I actually started fast forwarding through them. They ruin the otherwise quick pacing of the show.

  14. Preacher Book says:

    Damn, I would have loved to see Nyssa play for the skins team. (drumroll & rimshot!)

  15. cedaly1968 says:

    This show is sliding quickly. The “League of Shadows” storyline is so overplayed and so boring the show is not worth watching. The “your dad’s sister is my brothers aunt who killed your nieces cousin” is just dumb. You have to have better writing and storylines. The problem with the show right now is not closing down storylines that have run their course (i.e. Merlin).

  16. Jen says:

    I completely understand that one loves their child but maybe it is not too much to ask that the show actually, you know, shows why Williams is now the number one of Oliver’s heart. Because otherwise the normal viewer won’t feel remotely connected to Oliver’s decisions and it is a little lazy to assume that everyone just gets it because parents are supposed to love their children.

  17. mike says:

    Malcolm is starting to approach Sylar levels of stupidity and absurdness. He needs to be gone by the end of this season. Once and for all.

  18. Cathy says:

    Episodes are so much better with Nyssa. I was not expecting Nyssa to dismantle the league but it is good for her to be free from her father and the league grasp. The league can now be recreated with new purposes. I would love her going after Sara now, to help her with her blood lust, because on Arrow every one thinks she is fine when she is not. The cure = Nyssa.
    Although it was weird to have Oliver fight for her against Malcom when i think she can defeat Malcom. But this is Arrow show, so Oliver needed to mix into it. Finally Malcom seems really weak against Oliver, this is so wrong!!
    I am still debating for who is in the grave

  19. Shep says:

    What a great episode. I enjoyed everything. No complaints here.

  20. shunda1177 says:

    I KNEW it!! Malcolm is the “him” Oliver was talking about killing at the grave site.

  21. Luis says:

    I’ll believe the League is disbanded when I believe Trump is a statesman

  22. Stormie Woods says:

    I’m allowed my opinion just like anyone else. I stated what I felt about the show that’s the point of a comment section. To sit behind your keyboard to be a condescending jerk because someone dare like something you don’t is a sad waste of time. I’m sure this comment will be taken down but I had to stand up for myself. Kudos to all the people mature enough to share opinions in a respectful way.

  23. Lizzie says:

    What a boring awful episode. Felicity’s plot was the highlight. I loved how she was both hopeful that her dad had changed and yet still wary and set a trap for him. I loved even more than she was strong enough to turn him over to the cops. Go Felicity! Donna was well used here too. I liked seeing the different side to her. Bravo, Charlotte Ross.

    Everything else was just so so bad. Nyssa reminding us of that gross forced marriage between her and Oliver. Oliver trying to save Malcolm just because he’s Thea’s dad is ridiculous to me because he’s a murderer. Trying to keep Malcolm in the plot makes Oliver look like a moron. They need to stop this and soon. The lead character needs to be better than this.

    Why are the fight scenes so bad now? I was so bored by them. Everything is so repetitive now.

    Oliver and Felicity’s scene at the end was very sweet but it’s undercut by the lie still hanging over them. I get that he’s in a difficult position but it’s still gross to lie to the woman you want to marry. He deserves whatever she throws at him when they break-up, even though I still love them.

  24. Michael says:

    Probably better than average “Arrow” episode. My main problem is: as a father, I would’ve killed Malcolm as soon as he uttered William’s name.

  25. Roger says:

    This was a great episode and as a fan of Oliver and Felicity, Olicity shippers are the worst.

  26. Sheldon W. says:

    Weakest episode of the season. Too many things ended too quickly.

    One day to end the League of Assassins? I don’t think so!

  27. Ceylan says:

    This season’s flashbacks are so boring and I don’t see the connection. And what are they going to do with them in season 6?

  28. DonnaMama says:

    Does anyone think that they TV DC had to disban the league because of the DC movies. They killed off Amanda waller a few weeks ago

  29. Phoenix5634 says:

    Damien Darhk probably loves Nyssa after this episode lol so foolish. Now with the League disbanded, Damien is free to re-hire and take over the League, like he once tried. AND now becuz of Nyssa and Oliver, Damien has even more leverage over Oliver, his son.

    So Nyssa feels good, but all hell is about to break loose becuz of her emotionally driven revenge mission. And no one can call her “good” since she was going to let Thea did to accomplish her half cocked revenge mission.

  30. DonnaMama says:

    Maybe DC movie world made DC TV world get rid of the League, they did it with Amanda Waller and Deadshot, even though we just saw Deadshot on the Flash, that was pretty cool!

  31. Master Imagi says:

    im so pissed. they should never give that dumbass nyssa the ring. damn i was voting for her to just die and let the show continue with malcolm assissting oliver where he can as leader of the league. now he lost one of his hands and is a set enemy against oliver… baaaaahh i swear this show is ruined now. disbanding the league.. baaahhhh!! nyssa sucks!

    • Phoenix5634 says:

      I agree with most of the points you made. Nyssa is such an irrational, emotion, wreck, with daddy issues, and a revenge complex. Laurel should have told her ” not to act on her anger, when you’re angry you’re stupid, and when your stupid people get hurt”, instead of all that being free of her father crap… She was already free once her father died, Malcolm never wanted her around. But instead she decided to hang around sabotaging the League at every chance she got, it wasn’t enough for her that her father was dead, she had to destroy and quite literally burn his legacy and the League as well. Nyssa is like a spoiled little rich girl running around her daddys house, she knows all the little secrets of the League, but she doesn’t understand a damn thing about their purpose. And now that daddys got she just abusing everything she knows and letting things fall to hell. Malcolm was actually a lot more in the right this episode than Nyssa. If you think about it, Nyssa was the one letting Thea die… Malcolm set the ambush becuz his plan would have been successful if Oliver didn’t stand in his way and Malcolm would have saved Thea. Plus he was the Demons Head, he was to keep up his reputation, he was doing two birds with one stone. And Nyssa was in the wrong anyway, she was the one holding the cure away from a dying Thea. And don’t even get me started on how bad it is that she disbanded the League, now you have a bunch a professional assassins out looking for work right when Damien is getting closer to acting on his plan. And Damien already once tried to take out the League, it’d be easy for him now.

  32. KarVer says:

    Oliver has a wife…. Nyssa.
    Can he have another wife in the smart, an nagging Felicity?
    A ring dont make anyone a leader. Its a symbol, and Nada Parbat is still around.
    Damian was a Ras challenger, maybe the Ras Malcolm will combat Damion staking more of a better Ras place and foothold. He even could take the organization over if thought out. Keep your enemy close, learn, misdirection and presto. Damian knew the old Ras.
    I think it could be Williams mother. That is how they got the boy. Oliver character is ran by a “company” thats long in the tooth and I cant see how they end the Show. Would not be a surprise if Malcolm is Thea and Oliver’s dad.

  33. PleaseDont says:

    How did Malcolm find out about William, I feel like I missed that part?