Daily Show's Jessica Williams Slams Beyoncé Halftime Show Critics (Video)

Much like Beyoncé’s new single “Formation,” The Daily Show‘s Jessica Williams came to slay when addressing the controversy surrounding Queen B’s Super Bowl halftime show performance.

The “Senior Beyoncé Correspondent” was seething on Monday after multiple Fox News personalities opined that the Grammy winner shouldn’t have used her performance to address issues of race and police brutality, positioning that Middle America wasn’t interested in such topics.

“You know what’s right in the middle of America? Ferguson, Missouri,” Williams remarked. “I am so sorry this wasn’t wholesome enough for you. I didn’t realize singing about race was equivalent to Janet Jackson getting her t—ty pulled out at the Super Bowl.”

Watch her full commentary below, then sound off in the comments.


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  1. chadcronin says:

    Maybe we are tired of agenda being shoved down our throats. Everyone wants to encroach on the good things still left and ruin a good time. That sing is horrible. The lyrics if the full song are just nasty. Even Queen B references the Illuminati in the first line and F bombs during the song. Not sure why she became so nasty and full of anger for a rich person but once she flipped that switch from entertainer to who knows what I always hope she goes away and I don’t have to see her and that has nothing to do with this so-called message. Before people defend her, so read the Formation lyrics and tell me you couldn’t have come up with a 100% better song to address the topic of race

    • Mike says:

      Gee, you’re tired of ‘having the agenda shoved down your throats’? You mean like they might be tired of being reminded of their skin color every single time they say or do absolutely anything at all?

      It’s like you didn’t even watch the clip.

      • JosiahBartlet4President says:

        Well said, Mike!

      • Tyrone says:

        Chad’s comments have a view point directly related to the video. Beyonce is reminded how black she is when she collects a massive check for her substandard song? I suppose she would be reminded of being black when she dresses like the black Panthers

    • Angela says:

      “Shoved down your throat”? So…what, your remote control was broken? Were you strapped down and forced to watch this?
      Also, “Illuminati”? Really?

      • anon says:

        Yeah illuminati. Shes a known member of it. Lol. Shes even admitted it.

      • Lucifer says:

        I love how you all pretend people weren’t watching one of the most-watched football and TV events of the year. Most people would rather not have controversial propaganda shoved into what is a joyful and family-oriented event for most who watch. It’s the same reason people were upset last year over the depressing commercials featuring battered women and dead children.

        • Angela says:

          I never said they weren’t? But when the halftime show was on, when Beyonce started performing, it really wouldn’t have been that hard for those who weren’t fans of her or the performance to go do something else for a moment or mute the TV during her performance or flip over to something else for a brief moment, and flip back to check and see when she was done. Nobody was forced to do anything. If they sat through her performance, that was their decision.
          And yes. It’s all “propaganda” or an “agenda”. The easy way to dismiss anything that one doesn’t agree with or care about.
          As for the Super Bowl being “family-friendly”, right, ’cause nothing says family-friendly like beer commercials, ads featuring scantily-clad women promoting this or that product (not saying those things are bad, necessarily, just not exactly what I’d think of when I think of the phrase “family-friendly”) watching men plow into each other and possibly give each other concussions in the process, or watching teams whose players have had histories of domestic violence or cheating and drug scandals (I don’t know if the teams playing in this particular game have had those issues, but teams in past Super Bowls have had players caught up in that stuff). I don’t know where this “Super Bowl is family-friendly” narrative that people keep parroting came from, but it’s a load of bunk.

          • Michelle says:

            This is full of truth

          • jazzyt2u says:

            Thank you Angela!!! And at least you Lucifer are still alive to be inconvenienced for 5 minutes of your life.

          • Aren’t most commercials on TV nowadays filled with beer commercial and other commercials promoting alcohol, and sexy women prancing around scantily clad?

          • Angela says:

            @Waynette: Yes. But a lot of those kinds of ads are also common around the time of the Super Bowl, too. If the Super Bowl was meant to be a family-friendly event, it wouldn’t be wise for them to accept ads about that stuff, lest some parent cause a fuss. Similar to the issue people had of billboards featuring cigarette ads being placed anywhere near a school.

        • Redzbaby says:

          Most people also wouldn’t like to worry if their gonna be the next Mike Brown Sandra bland or trey von Martin but guess what most don’t only us minorities 7ntil that stops I applaud things like this to get all u white folk panties in a bunch now u see how it feels

          • Ed says:

            I worry about getting shot by the cops every time I simply walk by them, and charge toward them after I fail to grab their gun. That is normal behavior though right?

      • Alexis says:

        Lol…whoever believes those silly conspiracies is a dummy. Like all rich black people are secretly taking over america. Lol

      • Dan says:

        You just read one little bit of his comment based on your reply. He’s saying football is something that provides happiness, one of the last few things hipsters haven’t managed to destroy yet, with exception to the last few super bowls where they have those clowns the black eyes peas

    • Rita says:

      I didn’t realize love and unity were an agenda, or that you have to be poor to be angry that race inequality is still an issue in this country.

      • Quarter says:

        Malcolm X , whom was referenced in the show, did not believe in unity. Remember, he said Separate but equal…..

      • Minnesota4Democrats says:

        Which laws or policy encourage race inequalities? Besides of course affirmative action benefiting minorities, except for asians (who actually value education) who are discriminated against.
        You don’t have to be poor and angry to be misguided about inequality. So in your perfect world all races would be equal in which way? The laws and regulations are in place to protect racial inequality, so I’m assuming what you have in mind looks like communism

        • Phillip says:

          I hate all these cracker-ass white peoples, they obviously didn’t see the video. They get so defensive when you bring up white privilege, it just proves it’s point! If you’re not in a position of power you cannot be racist!! All these white people should be required to feel what it’s like to be black, and they will soon notice all the racist looks they get from the white oppressors.

    • Joey says:

      Translation: “Help! I’m being dragged out of the 1950s!”

    • Kevin says:

      Wait a sec … you could actually understand the lyrics of the song during the performance? I’m impressed as I couldn’t understand any lyrics except for parts of Bruno Mars’ performance of Uptown Funk (a song I personally don’t like, but I’m clearly in the minority on that one). Honestly, the sound was so bad during the entire thing, I looked at my dad and wondered why they even bother having musical performances in stadiums since the acoustics are terrible.

      • twell says:

        Same here. I didn’t get my outrage on until the next day, when I was told I was supposed to be outraged at that performance. People are just looking for things to be pissed about.

        • Angela says:

          It really is hilarious, because honestly, this is a rather tame political statement. Yet you wouldn’t know it from the way some people are practically having a freaking coronary over it.

    • A fan of TV says:

      By speaking out against one agenda, though, the opposite agenda is promoted instead. The one of ignorance that pretends race issues are a problem for a different day, just like gun rights advocates claim mass shootings are the wrong time to talk about gun control, because clearly any discussion would threaten the agenda of those who prefer the status quo.

      • Lucifer says:

        The problem is there is no epidemic of black people being murdered by police in today’s day and age. It’s is all hysteria created by the media and politicians because fear controls the public. Now before you and others put words in my mouth, I’m not saying there are absolutely zero cases of injustice that blacks face at the hands of the police, but it is not foreign to the injustice other races face with police.

        • A fan of TV says:

          The problem is that there are subconscious differences between how white people treat each other vs. other races, and the same is true of how other races treat whites. The issue is that when a white person in a position of authority applies this subconscious bias to their work, suffering results. Caucasians control most if not all institutions in the developed west, and thus every single person of colour is at an automatic disadvantage based upon subconscious bias that most white people cannot recognize because they are biased into believing the world is colourblinf. Because if you’re white in America, it always has been. I’m talking to you as a white person wishing you could recognize the structural advantages they are affordedsubconsciously from birth.

          The notion there is no epidemic shuts down any discussion about the realities of the issue that are very apparent, over a fallacy that is utilized to make it seem as though complainers are hysterical. The alternative fallacy is that there is an epidemic of people who would rather maintain the status quo than sit down and hear the complaints of people of colour with a legitimately open mind.

          • Lucifer says:

            So white people have this “privilege” that the only proof of it existing in at this moment in time is that in majority white countries, white people make up the majority of people in positions of authority and power and other jobs? What a surprise, next you will tell me the only reason whites don’t notice this is because their minds are purposefully blocking it out – oh wait. Hmmm… I guess we should tell Asians they aren’t the most successful group when looking at the racial makeup of America, even more successful than whites on average. But then again, that’s probably why Asians are actually discriminated against more than whites when it comes to college acceptance and test grades in order for racial quotas to work.

            I actually never shut down a discussion of police brutality, just the claim that there is an epidemic of blacks being murdered by police because it is hysterical. But I do find it interesting that you claim we should have open minds and not immediately shut down a conversation, but your first paragraph immediately shuts down any conversation of why we have more white people that are in positions of power. Not only that, but it also seems like whites and any POCs that do not support that narrative are not welcome to any such conversation.

          • Ed says:

            So the problem is that people are subconsciously prejudice? It’s a defense mechanism. If people wearing yellow shoes always tried to punch you on the sidewalk, you would be cautious around people with yellow shoes. Whats the solution?
            If people with yellow shoes don’t like the way others subconsciously perceive them (cry me a river..) then maybe they should change their actions and over time, their reputation will reflect the way others think of them.

        • Alexis says:

          In this day and age there are still injustices against minorities at the hands of police. It is not even a black white thing all the time. I have been victimized by police many times. I am one of the nicest people you’ll ever meet. To be an effective policeman one must command respect in the community. That respect is often replaced with intimidation, brutality and lies. If you can’t believe that turn on your tv or look it up on youtube. People are dying at the hands of police for all the world to see. It has been happening since plymouth rock landed on us and we are supposed to just live with it.

    • Troy says:

      Well I don’t like football being shoved down my throat. I think it’s a stupid sport but you don’t see me complaining about the Super Bowl! If you don’t like it, turn the channel. No one is FORCING you to watch and listen to Beyoncé.

    • KK says:

      Spot on. Sad that she can’t be happy AND sing as such, considering the range of ages watching the game.

    • Elaine says:

      She is “so nasty and so full of anger” because white men such as yourself clearly don’t get the “message” because they are too worried about the “good things” that the color of their skin has secured them in life. Why don’t you actually visit a town like Ferguson, Missouri and take a quick look at the police brutality there, or even better turn on your TV to something other than Fox news. instead of worrying about BEYONCE’S SONG LYRICS. I’m SO sorry that the color of your skin has assured you that police will treat you with respect, however, some of us were not born with that same promise. So you’ll have to keep enduring this PAIN of sitting through a half time show that reminds you that black americans are dying while you just want to enjoy your football. You poor poor thing! White men’s football enjoyment matters too!!!

      • Ed says:

        You are a racist, you even realize it? White man’s football? Do you even know the demographics of the actual NFL football players? You can name each and every black person shot by cops in the news so its hardly an epidemic, and the overwhelming majority of those shot weren’t just minding their own busines while all the sudden 5 or 6 cops speed up and empty their magazines. Football is americas sport, its brings us all together. White people like football, black people like football, men like football and women like football. You know who doesn’t? Mean spirited people and 5’3″ dudes who want soccer to be much more popular and entertaining than it really is or ever will be

  2. Lisa says:

    Perfection!!! She is becoming my favorite Daily Show correspondent.

  3. Fred F says:

    Watch all the white folks just flock to her stadium tour cept me.

    • Diane says:

      Beyoncé is so overrated! While the sound was not good, the lyrics were trash. Not a good way to get people to pay attention to her agenda. Don’t even get me started on what all her squats with her squad appeared to be!

  4. Simon says:

    Yeah I mean politics and entertainment should be completely separate just like politics and religion (now that’s sarcasm) Once again the Super Bowl is treated like a religious event where you can’t shake the boat because it will upset Middle America. By the way Beyoncé in my opinion did not shove any political agenda in the viewers face, her booty on the other hand clearly was, not that I’m complaining

    • Angela says:

      Ergh, yeah, I seriously rolled my eyes at the “but what will middle America think?! We need good, wholesome entertainment for them!” comment from that clip. Jessica’s response to that was awesome. Speaking as someone who actually lives IN middle America (Iowa, to be exact), most of us are perfectly capable of liking entertainment that doesn’t fit some squeaky clean 1950s “Leave it to Beaver” setup. The media in general needs to quit acting like we’re all such delicate little flowers out here or that ALL of us will naturally lean more conservative in our tastes and interests. That’s true of some people out here, yes. But not all.
      Anywho, this clip was an awesome rebuttal to the criticisms. It’s fine if someone wasn’t a fan of the performance, or if Beyonce’s music just isn’t their thing, but the complaints shown in this video are nothing more than ridiculous hand-wringing from people who clearly aren’t Beyonce’s target audience in the first place.

      • Mary says:

        I will be the first to say I didn’t make it through her video on the song, do not like the song period. I do think she is talented and because the sound system was so bad at the super bowl it was tolerable. I wasn’t offended, actually thought the half time was good, not the best one I have seen. I just think people like to complain about something. What I find ironic half of these people are offended don’t think twice about nasty remarks that are made by certain politicians.

        • Angela says:

          Yeah, that’s totally fine :). Some songs just don’t grab people, it happens. I’ve heard other people make similar complaints about the sound system-one would think a place hosting something like the Super Bowl could find a way to avoid that problem. Maybe it sounded better to people who were actually there?
          I agree with you that some people go looking for reasons to be offended sometimes. Imagine what we could do if we channeled that outrage towards things that actually warranted it.

  5. GuessWhat says:

    screw you, lady.
    the halftime show is not a time to display a political agenda.

    • Mike says:

      Yeah, they should just shut up, stay quiet, and let you continue to ignore the situation. How dare she make any attempt whatsoever to draw attention to the issue. That might interrupt your fantasy world.

      Treating people with a tiny bit of respect is not a political agenda, it’s common sense.

      • Lucifer says:

        It’s hilarious you all think she’s doing anything aside from widening her fanbase. She spent a few years doing the girl power-feminism garbage and is now focussing on racial hysteria.

        • Angela says:

          What? An artist wants to expand their fanbase? How dare they!
          Also, celebrating feminism isn’t “garbage”, but okay.

          • Lucifer says:

            She’s using fear-mongering and hysteria to widen her fanbase. Also, feminism is nothing positive.

      • There was no respect in her performance. And there are no situations except for the ones created by Obama and people like Beyonce.

      • Ed says:

        You might change your opinion when you take into account each time one of these tv actors or music instrument players thinks their moronic take on any political issue is so important or special that they can make an impact. In response to this so called progressive movement (3rd generation feminism, BLM, trans-gender rights, and trying to silence debate and free speech through buzz words like white privilege or institutional racism, just keeps reaching new people for the reactionary response. The same atmosphere was present for the 1968 election where Nixon said the “silent majority” was the reason he won. I have not voted in a presidential election ever, and I’m doing it this year because of these very musicians .

    • Alexis says:

      Political?That girl is a singer. She has no agenda. She makes music. That’s like saying an artist painting nudes is making porn.white people are crazy. I always knew that. Treating people so poorly all this time with no guilt or shame.

  6. Nicole says:

    Her new song is horrible… That’s why I wasn’t pleased with it…. Also, I didn’t pick up on any sort of propaganda being pushed down our throats… But again… I thought the song was terrible and was waiting for it to be over.

  7. D says:

    Ferguson, sure that’s where a criminal and thug was shot after committing a strong arm robbery and attacking a police officer. people keep acting like Brown was some innocent kid but he wasn’t, he was a criminal and was killed in self defense all the evidence supports this, All the lies the so called eye witness’s started the unrest.

    • jazzyt2u says:

      Robbery doesn’t equate death. If he was fleeing it’s no longer self defense.

      • D says:

        he attacked the officer this was proven, he attacked him in the car and then charged him that’s when he was shot

      • John NYC says:

        Multiple analyses of the physical evidence and witnesses (not his buddy in the robbery and assault) proved he was charging the officer when he was shot. After having attacked the officer while the officer was sitting in his car (biological evidence IN the car).

        • jazzyt2u says:

          It’s probably transference. The gun was fired in the car but then Mike and his friend ran away and Wilson chased after him. Mike stopped and turned toward Wilson and that’s when Wilson fired the fatal shots.

          • Marie says:

            🙄 I just love it when people act like they know more than the educated professionals. Doctors, forensic scientists. LOL 🙄

          • jazzyt2u says:

            I’m not acting like I know anything more than any educated person but I do read. And the fatal shot was not in the car.

    • Alexis says:

      When I was 15 I saw a young woman get out of her car when ordered to do so by police. He says, drop those chips (fritos). She does and he killed her with his shotgun. He is free today. Gaithersburg MD. Her name was Rebecca Garnett. RIP. F the police

  8. JJ says:

    Why bring Janet into this

  9. Bella says:

    Ah yes, Ferguson. Based on a lie. And where the “protestors” vandalized, looted, and burned down businesses, including those of black owners. Classy. And Beyoncé? Give me a break. There are few more privileged than she is.

    • jazzyt2u says:

      It’s not about her being privileged. it’s about those who aren’t. Some people think about others.

      • David H says:

        Then write a damn check and actually help some people instead of expressing your outrage with a song and dance.

        • Carm says:

          If that works for you then by all means write a check if you want to help someone. Her thing is actually singing and dancing so why wouldn’t she express herself that way? And how do you know that she doesn’t write checks to help people?

        • Alexis says:

          Her and her husband gave 1.5 million to the Black lives matter Organization. Are you white? Sounds like something a racist white person would say.

      • Bella says:

        The irony is that her song and dancers were critical of the police, yet the only reason she arrived to the concert on time was due to her police escort. Imagine how they felt after this display.

    • Timmah says:

      To quote Jello Biafra, “Tomorrow you’re homeless. Tonight it’s a blast!”

  10. Drew says:

    I’m all for political discussion, but that’s not what it is. It’s perpetuating a shallow view of the world, run on slogans and hashtags. There is never any serious conversation, and they don’t want serious conversation. It’s become cool to be outraged, but very few people know the details of whatever they’re supposed to be outraged by. And if someone should dare to attempt an actual conversation, they’re shut down because logic and facts might kill the outrage buzz.
    Question… If Beyonce had come out and performed a song about the horrors of Planned Parenthood selling baby parts on the black market, how much support would she be seeing from the people who are supporting her now? Do they just support her because they agree with her, or do they support anyone using that venue for these purposes?

    • Holly says:

      Yeah Beyonce would be tarred and feathered singing about the fertility clinics that destroy embryos. Oh wait…..

    • jazzyt2u says:

      But she didn’t and it’s not the same thing by a long shot. Black people are being killed. Planned Parenthood isn’t selling baby parts.

      • Drew says:

        Yeah, ignore the 55 million (plus) babies who have been killed since Roe v. Wade. Ignore the fact that Planned Parenthood was founded as a method of weeding out the less desirable babies (look into it’s history and you will find a eugentics-based foundation).
        And ignore the part where you just ignored all of the evidence against Planned Parenthood. They are literally on video, selling baby parts. What more proof do you need?

        • Quangtran says:

          Are you just going to ignore the FACT that planned parenthood was cleared of all wrong doing and that the people who released that are being indicted?

        • A fan of TV says:

          You don’t know the real number because you got it sourced from people whose anti-abortion agenda is clear. Not one legitimate polling source or medical org has ever announced any figures, only pro-life orgs have done, with headlines to accompany it like ‘the consequences of Roe v. Wade.’ You trust it, though, because your bias predisposes you to believing it since you agree with the agenda of the source. Please learn to recognize how this hinders your ability to differentiate between logic, fact, and your opinion. Please, for all our sake.

          • Angela says:

            This. I wager it’d be hard to ever get an exact figure on how many abortions are performed, because a lot of women wouldn’t share that information to begin with, even to a polling service, because of the shame and stigma they fear they might get as a result.

    • Mary says:

      Good question. I usually go with there is a time and place for such discussion, even causes I support. I know national platform gets the message out, but that is a slippery slope, especially with Celebrities.

    • Angela says:

      You mean the thing that investigations into PP have shown isn’t actually happening? Remind me again how that investigation by the one anti-abortion group turned out recently in the courts?
      But to answer your questions, she probably would be criticized in that moment, more for spreading false information than anything else. Personally speaking though, I would still defend her right, or that of anyone else who might’ve used the Super Bowl to share conservative beliefs and opinions, to share their views. If I don’t like what they’re saying, that’s what my remote control is for.

      • Otis says:

        First, I haven’t heard the song (I saw her Super Bowl halftime show but couldn’t understand a word of what she sang) so I must base it solely on this article.

        If you are going to say she would be criticized for spreading false information, then you are saying that she should be criticized now because, at least as this article implies, it is based at least partially on the premise of shooting an innocent black man (Michael Brown). Everything I have read on this, including the release of the FBI report, say he was shot in self defense because he was charging the officer (NOT running away)

        • Jenn says:

          Her song has nothing to do with Michael Brown. Her song is a call to arms to the Black community (specifically Black women) to own their identity and be proud of it -to redefine the parameters of what it means to be Black and successful and to not like a community that historically has kept Black peoples down write all the rules.

          • Troy says:

            ^ THIS! Finally someone who actually understands and comprehends the meaning of the song!!

          • Drew says:

            Actually, most of the lyrics are just about how great she is personally, with maybe a few lines that could be applied to black women as a whole.

          • Angela says:

            @Drew: And that just further proves how pointless people’s outrage is over this.

    • John NYC says:

      Her employers at the Super Bowl make those decisions: I just fast forward through whatever silliness (IMHO) is presented at halftime since I find none of it entertaining.

      Had they not cleared her act beforehand and have an issue I’m sure they’ll just Jackson her.

      Oh and the guys who FAKED that PP video are likely headed to prison, and rightly so.

      • Drew says:

        The video wasn’t faked. Nobody even said that the video was faked. Those aren’t the charges. They’re being charged with faking government documents (the same fake ID that teenagers use to buy beer), which has nothing to do with the validity of the videos.

        • Tom says:

          Well, one would assume that since PP weren’t found to be doing anything wrong after the videos came out, that, at the very least, the message the videos were trying to portray was a lie. That plus the fact that the makers are being charged doesn’t really make them credible to any rational thinker.

        • A fan of TV says:

          Yes, Drew, by falsifying docs to defraud PP, the charges are saying they created fake IDs to spread false propaganda about what PP does with human tissue, because they knew that pro-lifers would buy it and spread it, facts and logic be darned.

    • A fan of TV says:

      There would be no such song from Beyonce because, since you’re obviously not following, this never actually happened at PP and the filmmakers behind the expose were charged with falsifying the tapes to prove their non-points and rile up people who already had problems with the existence of PP. Please pay closer attention to the issues if you’re gonna a bring them up to support your points.

      As for your accusation that there’s never any serious discussion on race in America, that’s simply not true. I suggest that, again, you’re not paying proper attention. When you say its become cool to be outraged, I hope you’re including yourself, because in merely taking the positions you have taken in this comment, you are illustrating that the whole issue upsets you to the point you’ve come up with numerous reasons to discredit the whole thing. You might be able to string sentences together, but you’re merely doing so to negate the whole discussion and defend the status quo. Please, honestly, think about it. You’re applying hyped up incidents to an entire issue and, somewhat irresponsibly, painting all people of colour with the same brush, saying they all just want to cause a scene and not discuss it. Clearly, the one avoiding discussion is you, which naturally serves to upset the other side into thinking a scene is the only way to be heard. I know you won’t appreciate this fact, but your biases, and those sources you trust for your biased news, are helping to exacerbate the issue by refusing discussions then claiming that’s all the other side’s fault.

      • Drew says:

        First of all, the videos aren’t what they are accused of faking! It’s the driver’s licenses that they showed the people. They’re accused of faking government documents. If you’re going to defend them, at least get this straight. They are not charged with falsifying tapes.
        Second, Beyonce is using racial tension to grab headlines. It’s sensationlism. Her lyrics don’t even reflect the issues that she is showing with the visuals.
        I do not ignore the issues. I look at the facts and form opinions. Unfortunately, this is not a popular way of going about things, or else people would toss aside the majority of the news reports that they get outraged by or riot over. You’re criticizing me based on nothing. You’re just rambling on with nonsensical sentences that mean nothing. You’re not even responding to things that I actually said. You’re just making up my opinions in your head and then getting upset about them.

  11. Tracee says:

    Who cares about what those hatemongers at Faux News say? They despise any and every PoC that doesn’t hate themselves, and that includes the biggest star in the world!

  12. John NYC says:

    Meh: I fast forwarded through it just on the basis I don’t find her entertaining so whatever politics she chose to interject into her act I missed.

    • THERE ya go! Not a Beyonce fan, couldn’t understand a word of the song, her message is out there for those who want to embrace it, for those who want to ignore it, and for those (like me) who just plain missed delivery. I would have rather she performed a more entertaining song, or, not at all, because (see previous comment about not liking Beyonce…)

  13. Kendra says:

    It’s Bore-yance, did anyone really pay attention outside of the people whom think she can do no wrong? I am growing tired of her one-trick pony show. Flop around on the stage, calling it choreography and screech all your high notes. Yep a true entertainer.

  14. Hedy S. says:

    Chadcroni , I completely agree. Who is this Jessica person? Never heard of her. Anyway, for those of you saying that there was no agenda, then why was it okay to have her and her dancers dressed up as the Black Panther party?! What would happen if an act got on the stage dressed in white robes?!

    • Kendra says:

      Better yet Nazis

    • A fan of TV says:

      No one says agendas don’t exist, except people with agendas they refuse to recognize as such. People who prefer the status quo or want their football to be ‘just about football’ have an agenda, too. So cool it on making ‘agenda’ a dirty word, because its not remotely.

    • jazzyt2u says:

      Are you saying looking like the KKK? Let’s just be plain and simple. The KKK were created because they hate people unlike themselves. The Black Panther Party was created to protect the rights of black people who were being mistreated by those with authority. Not too dissimilar to what’s going on today.
      They were not created because they hated everyone non black. The Black Panther Party didn’t go burning crosses or lynching people because there weren’t black. They stood up to those that were harassing the people in their community and believed if the oppressor wants to use violence then we will use violence too. Now it’s called stand your ground in Florida and other states, when you’re not black or brown of course.

  15. Sara says:


  16. Sally McLinn says:

    Well the song is bad. It’s forgettable.

  17. SoFla says:

    She was hired to perform, not shove her views down our throats. Perform and do your social issues on your website or other social media platforms or even buy your own commercial time and air your issues in that manner, not like she cannot afford to do that – but I bet the network would not allow it due to the context of the message. I don’t appreciate someone forcing me to watch them when I am only trying to be entertained.

    • Angela says:

      Oh, geez, nobody forced you to do anything. Seriously, everyone griping about being forced to watch this, or having something “shoved down their throat” needs to find a new complaint. Mute the TV during her performance. Go make a snack, or take a restroom break. Change the channel to something else for a moment. Problem solved. It’s not that freaking hard, people.

  18. A fan of TV says:

    People who love gridiron football also love to pretend it has nothing to do with anything but gridiron football. Which is never true about any sport, let alone one happy to bill itself, and milk the benefits, as America’s favourite (sorry, baseball). That’s their problem, and the best way to combat it is to talk over their slack-jawed ignorance. Good on you, Jessica Williams.

    • Lucifer says:

      “people who love ice cream also love to pretend it nothing to do with anything but ice cream”

      “people who love horror movies also love to believe it has nothing to with anything but horror movies”

      “people who love flowers also love to believe it has nothing to do with anything but flowers”

  19. I Believe says:

    First, let me say this without judgment…Beyonce’ is certainly welcome to her personal political agendas, however, the people attending Superbowls have spent a fortune to get in there to watch the biggest American game of the year! I DON’T believe any entertainer should turn a half-time show into such a controversial statement!! It’s not the time or place, especially for the young kids that look up to her!

    Second, if she REALLY wanted to make a statement, why didn’t pick one that is more tantamount to our society these days? I’m speaking about the statistics involving black boys and men killing black boys and men in our country! I guarantee you those numbers are unquestionably extremely higher than cops killing black boys and men.

    I’m not making excuses for bad cops!! There does need to be change in some big cities, and we all know it.

    Beyonce’ you know about Malcom X by what you learned and heard, you weren’t even born during his lifetime. I was and in some ways I respected him but, make no mistake, he was an extremist in many ways as well. I was much more moved by Dr. King and honestly loved his idealism more. He chose love and peace instead of protest and violence!

    Lastly, by being as famous as Beyonce’ is, she has taken a stand now. She has crossed the perverbial line, so to speak. Individuals, already angry about current events, are going to hyper sensitive to ANY situation that transpires between cops and black boys and men, even if it’s justified. She fails to realize that when riots break out and looting takes place, who suffers because of that? It’s the very people in their own city and neighborhoods! The businesses that they loot are the places where they would normally buy! They’re making their fellow neighbors, most of whom are black, suffer!!

    Bey, you had no thought to what you were singing about. You don’t, and never have lived with these people. Sing about what you know and let people enjoy the football game!!

    • Michelle says:

      Looks like the people who paid to go had a really great time while she was performing.

      What’s even more great about people being this angry is that she will likely be back in a few years because she gets media attention. Lolz

  20. Jake says:

    I lost all respect for her when she was invited to sing at the Presidential Inauguration and could not make time to rehearse with the band, then lip sync’d the whole damn thing. Oh but Bey is so wonderful….You know what I say b/s!

  21. jammied76 says:

    Pure trash!! Her and her husband God !! Jehova so he calles himself!! Nasty ass mouth and they love there lord Satan!!! Great role models you are along with the scumbag Kanye West aka Jeesus. Teach young ladies to be whores and half nude with your Illuminati stuff…grow up Beyonce you’re not 19 years old I like your song you want to be forever young well that’s not going to happen you look like a witch when you’re possessed by Sasha Fierce

  22. Trista says:

    How about people start taking responsibility for their actions. If you’re not out acting like a gangster, then you won’t be in trouble!

  23. Mike B says:

    Watch Michael Jackson’s 1993 Super Bowl Halftime performance….. NOW THAT WAS A STATEMENT! Beyonce Knowles entire life won’t equal a pimple on Michael Jackson’s ass and she should be ashamed for attempting to mimic or “give tribute” to him in that purely racist so-called “performance”. That skank bit*h won’t be in another halftime show….you can bet on that!

  24. Deborah Watson says:

    Ok, I guess if Isis is entertaining enough they should have been put on during half time??? WOW! No, this is not acceptable! Black Panther praise or the KKK has NO praise worthy at all in any shape or form!

    • jazzyt2u says:

      Then you don’t know much about the Black Panthers if you are saying they shouldn’t get any praise. Thanks to them under privileged kids in Oakland were able to receive free breakfast at school and things as such.

      There is nothing redeeming about the KKK.

  25. Yes I know what is in the middle of America. A thug that attacked a cop and he paid the price for it. The POTUS and DOJ knew it was a righteous shoot within 5 hours of the incident. They chose to let Ferguson burn. When you are breaking the law and a cop says stop, stop, it really is that simple. Didn’t your parents teach you to cross the street at crosswalks, that if you don’t, you will likely get hit by a car or cause an accident. Well Bounce bounce’s act has done just that. It has caused an accident, I am having to hear the whine of your voice. I am sick of hearing this crap and am pushed closer to turning a deaf ear than I am a lending hand.

  26. Yes I know what is in the middle of America. A thug that attacked a cop and he paid the price for it. The POTUS and DOJ knew it was a righteous shoot within 5 hours of the incident. They chose to let Ferguson burn. When you are breaking the law and a cop says stop, stop, it really is that simple. Didn’t your parents teach you to cross the street at crosswalks, that if you don’t, you will likely get hit by a car or cause an accident. Well Bounce bounce’s act has done just that. It has caused an accident, I am having to hear the whine of your voice. I am sick of hearing this crap and am pushed closer to turning a deaf ear than I am a lending hand.

    • jazzyt2u says:

      Oh please people jay walk all of the time. I’ve jay walked in front of cops. The Federal investigation determined that the poor people in that area were constantly harassed and ticketed to help earn money for the cities.

      And just because the BlackLivesMatter movement started from the Mike Brown shooting it represents all of the shootings before and since the movement started.

  27. Julie says:

    “More likely to be arrested”? And why would that be? Paid less? There are PLENTY of successful black men and women who make a LOT of money – doctors, lawyers, business owners, politicians, scientists, artists, athletes, etc. That was because they made a CHOICE to become productive members of society, not leeches who think the world OWES them just because they exist. Why do you think it’s OK to “punish” me for something I didn’t do, just because of the color of MY skin? I, personally, didn’t do anything to you or your race. I highly doubt that you, personally, had anything done to you because of your race, either. Yes, there are ignorant idiots in this world. We all have to deal with them no matter what the color of our skin. It is our CHOICES that determine the outcome. It is the content of your CHARACTER that truly matters. If you don’t like what’s happening in your “community”, take a step back and take stock as to what is truly going on. Don’t automatically think “it’s because of my color”. That’s just an excuse given in order to avoid PERSONAL RESPONSIBILITY. If you want to quit feeling like you are treated differently because of your color, STOP SEGREGATING YOURSELVES and join the human community.

    • jazzyt2u says:

      Well if you actually spoke to a lot of the doctors and lawyer and other black professionals who are successful in this county you would know that some of them are treated poorly because of the color of their skin as well.
      I personally have not but I know other successful blacks that have.

  28. George Markey says:

    In the end, every artist sings about something. I wish Beyoncé took a different view of police officers. I also wish she took an approach to race relations; one like Martin Luther King did, rather than the black panther party. The black panther party is known for its violence. But that’s her opinion, and if we don’t like it, the best way to deal with it is to change the channel. If enough people do it, the NFL won’t book her again. I didn’t know what the song was about, and always find Beyoncé to a mesmerizing performer. So I disagree with her, but I’m not black. If I felt disenfranchised because of the color of my skin, I might feel differently. Her performance was ridiculously flawless, as usual.

    • jazzyt2u says:

      They are known for their violence because they were tired of the violence that blacks were being subjected to. It’s not like they were violent to random people minding their own business. The name of the group is: Black Panther Party for Self Defense. And if you don’t think honest earning blacks weren’t getting their asses kicked by the police simply because they could you need to pick up a book or talk to the older generations.

      PS Beyonce’s performance was good for business. Red Lobster reported that because she mentioned their name in her new song their business has gone up.

  29. Shanon says:

    If there’s problem with it then let’s do kkk next show!

  30. Mike shinn says:

    How is it if white say it its racism but if a black say it its all we were kept down by whites blah blah blah! racism is racism doesn’t matter your skin color but to just stick up for your race even when wrong, now thats racism through and through

  31. Nicole says:

    I don’t have a problem with Beyonce using her status to address political issues. I have a problem with her representing racism, negativity and hate. We need to focus on peace and equality where there is no racial divide. Why couldn’t she pay respect to Dr. King instead of the Black Panthers? I can’t say it proves that she is racist but it is clear that she wanted to create controversy to increase her album sales. She contributed to an already challenging situation by adding fuel to the fire. Beyonce doesn’t care about improving the racial problems in this country; she cares about herself and money.

  32. Speckintime says:

    All Lives Must Matter

    We will never beat racism until all lives matter, black lives will never matter until black people are free to leave their homes and walk their streets without fear of being accosted by thugs. To be able to put their children to bed at night without fear of some gang bangers bullet killing them while they sleep.

    In the majority of the cases with the police if the black thugs did not fight and resist the police they would not have been injured, white thugs have also paid the price for their ignorance but they are recognized as thugs.

    I am not saying there are no problems with the police and procedures that critically need to be addressed but it is a minority compared to the children and the innocent law abiding people that are victims of criminals.

    Where is the outrage over all the precious children and innocent people murdered by criminals who have no respect for their own lives never the less anyone else?

    If black lives really matter where is focus on the fact that black education matters? Black respect matters? Black pride in accomplishment matters? That most of all that family, respect, faith and love matters with the need to recognize and glorify achievers over thugs?

    Instead the N word gets glorified by rappers and vilified only when a white person uses it, what ever happened to Brothers? When did mothers and sisters become Bitches and Whore’s ?

    I cried my heart out the day Martin Luther King Jr. Died and I still cry, he was not a black leader, he was a black man who was a leader of all mankind through his faith in God.

    He said there was a sickness in this country and with his absence it has only gotten worse

  33. rick says:

    I didn’t watch the halftime show (I dozed off during that time :) ), so I can’t comment on it. Her video sucked. The part where she flips the bird with both hands was low class, trashy and sends a negative message anyway you slice it..

  34. rbaurer says:

    I didn’t watch the halftime show (I dozed off during that time :) ), so I can’t comment on it. Her video sucked. The part where she flips the bird with both hands was low class, trashy and sends a negative message anyway you slice it..

  35. Donovan says:

    Pffff hahahah as soon as she compared Beyoncé promoting her racist agenda with cold plays ending worldwide poverty I stopped the video. “Race was brought into it because Beyoncé was brought into it and Beyoncé is black” AMEN thank you. In other words “it’s ok to be racist if your black” f*** this b**** and screw Beyoncé for making the Super Bowl racist.

  36. Jeffrey STaben says:

    I found her performance horrible not because of her singing or message (I had the TV sound off) but because of her outfit and the dancers out fits and dance moves made me think off pole dancers and cheap ladies of the night.