Supergirl Kal-El

Supergirl Recap: Phantom Planet

Let’s face it: We’ve all had those really crummy days when we’ve wished we could go back to our childhoods — that glorious time when there was virtually nothing to worry about before adult life knocked us on our butts.

The next time you’re feeling that way, though, you might want to pause and consider what happened to Kara Danvers when she went back to a more idyllic time: near-death via telepathic parasite.

Picking up where last week’s installment of Supergirl left off, Monday’s episode finds Kara under the spell of said parasite, the Black Mercy, which has put her in something akin to a coma: She won’t respond to outside stimuli, but her brain is way active, conjuring life-like hallucinations that put Kara back on Krypton with her family (including a young Kal-El, whose portrayer, Daniel DiMaggio, could give Jacob Tremblay a run for his money in the Precocious Child Actor category).

As we all should have suspected, Non is the one to blame for Kara’s Black Mercy-induced sleep, seeing as he, Astra and the rest of their minions plan to launch an initiative called Myriad that will have massively negative effects for all of humanity. (We never learn what exactly those effects are, but let’s just assume they’re all terrible.)

Supergirl KryptonAt first, Kara realizes that her return to Krypton is all just an illusion — but the longer she stays in her fantasy world, the more her memories of Earth start to slip away. The only way for Kara to come back is for Alex to merge her own consciousness with her sister’s, enter the alternate reality herself and convince Kara to return home (easier said than done, considering Kara has almost completely forgotten about her human family by the time Alex arrives in faux-Krypton).

Ultimately, Alex is able to persuade Kara to wake up and get herself back to Earth — even the iciest of hearts would have thawed during Chyler Leigh’s powerful pain-is-a-part-of-life monologue, right? — but once she regains consciousness at the DEO, Kara’s battle is only half-over. Now, she’s got to track down Non and kick his booty all over National City, all while attempting to prevent whatever the Myriad mission might do.

The good news: Even though Non lives to fight another day, Supergirl is able to stop him before he causes humanity any serious damage.

The bad news: While Kara, Alex and Hank (who has hulked out into his true J’onn J’onzz form) try to ward off Non and his henchmen, Astra continues to pose a threat of her own — that is, until Alex kills her with a Kryptonite-filled sword through the chest. (“Yay!” says an exhausted Laura Benanti somewhere in the distance.) Before Astra takes her last breath, though, Kara tries to get some information about the Myriad initiative before it’s too late. Astra’s response? “It already is.” Not ominous at all, right?

But don’t be too concerned that Alex’s decision to off Astra will hurt her relationship with Kara; after witnessing the Danvers sisters’ strong bond all day, Hank decides to preserve it by lying that he was the one to kill Kara’s aunt, ensuring that Kara gets to cap off her night with pot stickers, ice cream and no resentment toward her sis.

With that, I turn it over to you. What did you think of Monday’s Supergirl? Hit the comments and tell us!

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  1. Lia says:

    Great performances tonight by Melissa, Chyler (what a speech indeed), David, Mehcad and Laura. However, I do wish a better script, something more Shonda Rhimes-y. This story is supposed to be even more heartbreaking for Kara than it was for Clark when he faced the Black Mercy in the comics (he also dreamt of Krypton, however because he had never properly lived there, this was the chance to show how it was harder for Kara to give up on the dream). I sort of wanted to be drowning a bit in my own tears – we barely saw Kara enjoying life on faux-Krypton. Good thing Grey’s is returning this week.

    • ? says:

      Yeah, I kind of feel they blew it and missed most of the emotional payoff behind what made the story really work. It’s not that this was a bad episode, it just could have been so, so much more.

  2. Tiffany says:

    Chyler Leigh should be voted performance of the week for this episode of Supergirl. She was spectacular. This episode reminded me of why I loved her as Lexie Grey. Now I totally love her as Alex. And love Supegirl. Best Episode so far. CBS renew Supergirl .

  3. Josh says:

    Kara would be so dumb to have resentment toward her sis who is more family than Astra was.

  4. Mary says:

    I am really going to miss Astra. I was hoping that Kara would redeem her and she’d help fight against Non and the other Kryptonians. She was in a way, but not enough. Fortunately what she knew about Kara and Alex’s relationship as sisters died with her and that Non didn’t know, especially since Alex killed Astra. Now every time they have the Alura hologram helping them it’s going to make me miss Astra.

    I think Hank has more respect for Kara and what she has to put up with from Cat now, as well as her friendships with Winn and James.

    • Mary says:

      Also, I’m glad this may be the first episode that some Flash fans may tune in for to get ready for the Flash crossover. Maybe they’ll stick around after that now.

      • tvjunkie says:

        I doubt it pulled over Flash fans that weren’t already watching Supergirl. Looking at the ratings for the episode they were on par with what most episodes this season have gotten.

  5. Jordan says:

    Am I the only one hoping Winn leaves CatCo to join the DEO full time? It would be a great way to make him a bigger part of the action and every show needs a tech specialist providing support to the hero in the field.

  6. Chyler Leigh or Melissa Benoist fot TvLine performer of the week take your choice

  7. I liked Adam when he was only a concern for Cat, but I just find him annoying now that Cat won’t let Kara forget about her dumping him.

    • Mary says:

      Considering it only just happened, I don’t know why you think it’s annoying. Now if she was still doing that a few episodes from now, then yes it would be annoying.

  8. peterwdawson says:

    Whew, they didn’t botch it. I mean it still let a bit to be desired (wasn’t emotion enough, and that’s saying something since they did dial it up), but the dread I felt at them attempting this I’d say was for naught.

  9. Phoenix5634 says:

    Trying to decide if this was one of the best episodes of the season so far. Besides the ridiculous looking parasite.., the episode was going really awesome!.., Until Alex stabbed Astra in the back, and Hank took the blame. Really not sure I like this scene. But other than that, I’m liking the change in writing they’ve made since the first few episodes, it was a pretty darn good episode, A-!

    A bit of a wild theory here but, starting to wonder if Vandals’ and Rips’ quote referencing to “Men” not “Man” “of steel” is referencing Non and his crew…

  10. Cris says:

    Wow, this was a surprisingly outstanding episode. Happy I tuned in.

  11. TvPeong says:

    Does anyone else think that Alex is going to be the villain in future seasons (a la Harrison Wells). She has been making some pretty cutthroat and suspect decisions recently.

  12. James says:

    Why did they kill off Astra? Is she really dead permanently?

    • Luli says:

      I think they had to end her story because of Laura Benanti’s Broadway commitments, which is a shame because I love Astra and that scene crushed me.

      I hope she is not permanently dead…

  13. Hollie says:

    I watched this show with reluctance at first, thinking the acting would be cheesy and the plots even more so, while the plots HAVE somewhat lived up to that expectation, the past few episodes (starting with Jeremy Jordan’s mind-blowing performance in ‘Childish Things’ last month) have really proved me wrong and tonight I saw performances from every cast member that proved me wrong, once and for all. I’ve seen ‘performer of the week’ nods for much less. Consider my doubts about this show erased.

    (Side note: praying that Winn gets a DEO job because honestly he deserves a story much better than his crush on Kara. Now that that’s basically resolved I say give Jeremy Jordan more to do, because he’s great.)

  14. Darren5000 says:

    I guess it must be stressing for the actress (I do watch Supergirl, but it takes time to remember who the actor/actress is for me) to play both of Kara’s mom and the sister in Astra married to Non the dictator. I kind of wonder if somehow, Brainiac is the real general behind all this. I guess it was eventual that the actress probably wanted to focus on one character in Kara’s mom. Astra kind of reminded me of Galaxia on Sailor Moon being influenced too much.

    Alex and Kara forever as sisters. They are best of friends no matter what. It was really touching of how much Alex realizes she loves Kara and now had an opportunity to be a better sister to her.

  15. Mr. Tran K says:

    This is the most powerful episode I have ever seen and it really turned into a soap opera or Shakespeare like. The last 15 minutes was truly emotional. Bummed that Supergirl is off next week because of the Grammys but I can’t wait to find out what’s going to happen in the last seven episodes including an appearance by The Flash in the March 28th showing. Hope Supergirl gets renewed soon.

  16. Luli says:

    Chyler Leigh was phenomenal in all her scenes, so much emotion. This was her episode. Melissa did a great job as well. That bit of her being Jonz pretending to be Kara was hilarious. And this is the first time I didn’t enjoy Cat, she is being more bitchy than usual, and I read she is hiring another assistant (Italia Ricci), just what Kara needs….

    So sad to see Astra go, she was an amazing character, and I loved her relationship with Kara. Is he really dead dead? Is there a way to bring her back down the ine? a la Arrow?

  17. fiberlicious says:

    Did we really watch the WHOLE episode? No mention of MB’s hilarious portrayal of Hank portraying Kara?

  18. Rob Horine says:

    This isn’t as good as “the man who has everything”. But nothing can compare to it. That said, this episode was great. Did the source material great justice.

  19. Alichat says:

    I didn’t think the Hank as Kara bit was entertaining. I would have been fine with them just telling Cat that Kara is sick, and spending more time showing her hallucination. And was I the only one who thought it was odd the holo-recording of Kara’s mom didn’t know anything about the Black Mercy parasite?

  20. Phoenix5634 says:

    Yeah awesome episode! I just really hope we see Astra again. Maybe she could be Flash’s Earth-1 soul-survivor of Krypton, and she could make her way back with Barry… Lol one can always hope.

  21. NyxY says:

    This episode just did not work for me. I felt it was poorly scripted and couldn’t buy into the emotional aspect of it, it was more like “I know whats going to happen lets get it over with”. Chyler Leigh did a good job indeed though.

  22. Aeo says:

    Overall good episode, couple things didn’t sit well with me: I feel like Astra was being set up for a solid redemption arc and we missed out on it, we got this amazing emotional delivery from Alex while Kara was under with absolutely no payoff or ‘reunion’ when she woke up and was fine, felt like a two parter episode crammed into one.

  23. I remember when Justice League Unlimited adapted this episode and that beautiful musical score they did when Clark realized he was dreaming. I kept expecting that same musical score when Kara realized she was not in the real world. But other than that great episode. The series is really moving along.

  24. Hm. I wish Supergirl had killed Astra, not Alex. Then again, that would have just been a copy of Man of Steel. Dramatically it would have worked best, though.

  25. dancmh says:

    Excellent episode although during the fight scene they showed J’onn phasing through some of Astra’s attacks. Why he didn’t just phase out again when she was going to kill him doesn’t make any sense at all except that it played into the storyline they wanted to tell.

    • John Bicheno says:

      It was aping a DC story where a renegade supergirl had the Martian by the throat trying to decide whether to snap his neck “like a twig” or incinerate him with heat vision. Although Martians can advance-phase, it would appear that they cannot do this once they are downed and caught.

  26. best yet ,episode of super,girl this,s year

  27. Rafael says:

    Astra died by getting stabbed by a green kryptonite sword of Alex. But Non had to retreat, but Supergirl will destroy him next time. I’m glad Hank went undercover as Kara to investigate about tough-talking Cat and he understands. Did that black mercy died after moving away and decaying itself from Kara/Supergirl?

  28. JIm says:

    A thumbs up for this episode, but then again I enjoy all the episodes. One thing I like about Melissa’s portrayal of Kara is that she presents her as so much more emotional than Clark. She gets angry,frustrated, cries, laughs, giggles, gets awkward in ways I never saw in the stoic Clark Kent. I also really enjoy watching the sisterly bonding with Kara and Alex. They remind me of the “Frozen” sisters. Alex is serious and protective like Elsawhile Kara is clumsy like Anna yet powerful like Elsa. Finally, I’m intrigued by the Winn/Kara arc. Superman was popular because Clark represented the common man who wished he was something more. Winn is also the common man. He’s not handsome, doesn’t have “abs” and, like many guys, he longs for a woman who he feels is way out of his league.

  29. dina macyszyn says:

    I am very upset that they killed astra!….does that mean supergirl or superman can be killed?..I thought that was impossable? In superman, when he did die John Jones flew him to the sun to heal him. Astra went floating into the sun..they need to fix this big mistake and bring her back!

    • Rafael says:

      Even if Astra is killed, Astra might return in the good side as a recurring ghost.

    • John Bicheno says:

      Superman was thought to have died in a fight to the death with Doomsday; but it emerged that he was in a coma-like state because he was interred before the sun could regenerate his exhausted power supply. Technically, Astra should have recovered once the kryptonite sword was removed. However, that wouldn’t make good tv! I hope she comes back, because you could see that John’s intervention was a tragic mistiming – Alex was talking Astra around, but John thought that she was killing her. In the end, Alex had no option but to use the sword to save John.