Lady Gaga National Anthem

Lady Gaga Sings National Anthem at Super Bowl: Watch Video and Grade It

Stefani Germanotta, often referred to by her stage name Lady Gaga, made a special appearance at Sunday’s Super Bowl to honor the land of the free and home of the “yass!”

And even without her signature bells and whistles — there was nary a hair bow nor meat dress in sight — her performance remained uniquely Gaga, while also avoiding eye-rolls from your weird, closed-minded aunt who refuses to leave your Super Bowl party. (Though not even your aunt could knock Gaga’s patriotic pantsuit.)

2016 has been really good to Gaga so far: She’s fresh off a starring role in FX’s American Horror Story: Hotel, for which she earned a Golden Globe, and she’s set to perform a special tribute to David Bowie at the Grammy Awards on Monday, Feb. 15. (Side note: How annoying is it that the Grammys are on a Monday this year?)

Was it the best National Anthem of all time? I don’t know, I’m not one of those monster people who values one brave display of patriotism over another. I do, however, think we can critique this performance within itself, so do your civic duty by watching the performance below and casting your vote below. #democracy

Comments are monitored, so don’t go off topic, don’t frakkin’ curse and don’t bore us with how much your coworker’s sister-in-law makes per hour. Talk smart about TV!

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  1. C. I hate hate hate it when pop singers try to show off on the anthem. I’d rather the acapella choir did the anthem too.

    • JakeJ413 says:

      lol That was toned way down for her. That wasn’t showing off at all.

      • DebC says:

        Agreed JakeJ413

      • It is because you just don’t have variable, shifting notes and tones for the anthem. It’s a bittersweet, patriotic song and she’s treating it like a Christina Aguilera pop cover.

        • She nailed it stop Hating

        • John, SoLow B2 says:

          The Anthem is a song. Songs can be sung more than 1 way. The original SSB was a throw down song using beer hall music. The Super Bowl is a show, not the National Cathedral. Her interpretation, IMHO, was in keeping with what could be expected of the Super Bowl show. Her performance was good. I think that it wasn’t too showy or show-offy for the scene. Perhaps a bit off pitch in a couple of spots, but, not bad considering the conditions. Of course, I’d like to hear the live acoustic performance. Everything heard was through a sound processing board.

          I’ve come to enjoy Lady Ga Ga for her pop and jazz, something that I didn’t expect to do. I’d give this a B overall (comparing her to China Forbes or Storm Large, or similar voices, etc.), and an A- for Lady Ga Ga.

    • God says:

      You sir are an idiot

    • Russ says:

      I am not a Lady Gaga fan, but I appreciate good live vocals. She definitely nailed it. Good for her for not wearing something over the top. Stunning performance, excellent patriotic choice of atttire.
      I am your new fan.

      • Scratchee says:

        I didn’t see this performance live, but I predicted that a) she would nail it, and b) a lot of people would be surprised. This was because I myself was surprised when she nailed SNL a while back (ironically, on SNL the only part I didn’t like was her musical performance). She’s a very well-rounded talent and the over-the-top stuff is an act that she chooses to play.

        • WayneAndeyC says:

          Let us not forget the The Sound Of Music/Julie Andrews tribute…and she personally asked Julie if she could do it in the orig. key and she worked hard for those high notes. When She’s not being a dance-pop gloss-over she’s an A1 Vocalist, more so an A+ Jazz singer. Hey, the knew Lady Gaga, the true one, is better than the that made incarnation to sell herself to the public.

      • R. Avery says:

        That was her voice, but the show was tracked. It’s always tracked to prevent day of show performance issues

    • Temperance says:

      I have at least 50 professional performers on my various social media and guess what? Not a single one didn’t think she d an *awesome* job.

    • Mary says:

      Gaga is not just a pop star, she is classically train. I thought she did fantastic and was dressed very classy for the event. I would of liked a little less eye shadow but that is just nick picking. One of the better ones.

    • Don says:

      Generally I prefer it straight but it depends on the circumstance. I’ve sang the anthem at MANYmilitary functions where singing it straight was called for. I’ve also as sang for many sports activities. I loosened up a bit for those. When I sang it as a post 9/11 memorial at the Navy Ball October 2001, I gave it a lot of emotion and flair. Many of the hearers were soon to be deployed.

      This is the time to dress it up a bit but not disrespect the message. I think Ms Germanotta did a fine job.

    • Boo Rhodes says:

      She wasn’t showing off at all. I was actually afraid when I heard she was going to do it and this time I was quite impressed. Now some of the players were really annoying with their rudeness and some of them were so great with their hands over their hearts and really getting into singing it. How can you not have pride for your country and then be fortunate, privileged, and talented enough to make it to the superbowl? Show some respect to the people who pay your salary and allow you to play or next time just stay home. I’d rather see a crappy player than one who hates America.

  2. Joni says:

    How about adding an A+ grade: Beyond Awesome!

    • davmon says:

      I rarely enjoy the song, because it is usually a plodding affair. Few ever elevate it to greatness, because it is so hard to do so. We usually celebrate when it is passably delivered. Gaga has achieved a rare feat and found little ways to tweak it and make it interesting and irresistible. And she did it without overcooked histrionics. One of the top three renditions I have ever heard–along with Hendrix and somebody a couple years back who I do not remember.

  3. jeff says:

    amazing performance!

  4. Cassie says:

    Sorry for the nitpick, but her name is actually spelled Stefani. My sister’s name is spelled the same way so it always jumps out at me when people spell it wrong.

  5. TJ says:

    Whitney Houston is still the best but Lady Gaga is definitely up there in the Top 5.

  6. ChristopherC says:

    That was an Incredible performance! I had chills! So glad she is finally being recognized for the extreme talent.

  7. She was absolutely Awesome loved it …

  8. Justin Sander says:

    I am a Vet and it was beautiful, and anyone who thinks other wise should beat their face.

    Bravo Lady…. bravo.

  9. wrstlgirl says:

    Not only did she sound amazing, that outfit. Her hair, make up and even her nails, WOW!!!!

    • Mary says:

      Eye shadow was a bit much for my taste but other than that she looked gorgeous, in fact I had to take a double look to make sure it was her.

  10. Annie says:

    Excellent. And I’m not a Gaga fan.

  11. donmi says:

    It was ok by me.

  12. Wendy says:

    Disgraceful to take the national anthem and try and turn it into, yet another, pop song. Beautifully dressed, however.

  13. Tom says:

    No, she didn’t.

    Dixie Chicks are the standard.

  14. Chris says:

    That was amazing! I had no idea she could sing so beautifully.

  15. Kathie says:

    BEST VERSION OF ALL TIME ! ! Gaga is perfection. .look at her duets with Tony Bennett ! ! Her look was flawless tonight too.

  16. HAP says:

    Stephanie is an incredible musician. Maybe the Gaga thing got her major recognition, but at the end of the day, Stephanie Germanotta ought to consider retiring the Gaga thing. She absolutely nailed this, looked beautiful. Girl has major talent that does not need additional crap.

  17. Dude says:

    She has a very lovely voice but it’s absolutely ruined when you try to add 50 runs per line to make it about you. I’d have been much more impressed if she just sang the song. We know she can sing, she has nothing to prove.

  18. Lou gilliam says:

    AWESOME and then some!!!!!

  19. The says:

    She’s classically trained I believe, and clearly technically proficient, but her over-the-top warbling, while impressive, is hardly easy on the ears. She really needs to learn to tone it down, but I ‘spose subtlety is a lost art on our Gags. And the rest of America tbh

  20. prish says:

    I’m impressed and gave it an A. The husband says, “Whitney Huston’s was still the best!”

  21. herman1959 says:

    I thought it was good, a little Broadwayish, but still good. People may be picking, but I’ve heard much, much worse.

  22. opus says:

    Better than Whitney’s version? No! Still a Grade A beauty? Yes!

  23. Terri says:

    She was killin it!!..u go gur!

  24. Steph says:

    Lady Gaga was great. CBS failed because they had Marlee Marlin signing and only showed her for a second. What good is that? Put her in a box in the corner or something, but show her.

  25. Katie says:

    I thought she did a great job. Her vocals were better than even I expected. I was actually impressed. As for the chorus group-well, they were actually off key, even my tone deaf mother agreed. It was still decent enough. Could care less about the half-time show-except for Bruno Mars’ appearance. He rocked it when he was the headliner of the one Super Bowl.

  26. Don Goodman says:

    The Blue Angels were great as usual, Cam should have had his hand over his heart instead of thinking about the game. Manning did it right and she sang it great and was dressed too.

  27. Marilyn says:

    Absolutely beautiful. I always forget what a voice she has. Chills up and down my spine.

  28. Ben says:

    I’m a 60 year old American citizen and sports fan. I’ve heard the national anthem performed hundreds of times. The best rendition I’ve ever heard was dine by Whitney Houston. Until today. I’m too old to be a Gaga fan. But the gal just friggin smoked it!! I had goose bumps through the whole thing. She was terrific!

  29. Molly T says:

    i think she did a beautiful job!

  30. Lesia says:

    I think Lady Gaga did an outstanding job: was proud of her

  31. Chad Pattan says:


    She did very good. I can’t give “Awesome” because there was just something…off about how she sung it. Might just be her voice. But it didn’t sound right to me.

    Ashanti did a decent one. Aguilera rarely disappoints.

    So far I’m still high on Ray Charles’ version. I don’t know what it is.

    Being fresh off 9/11 was part of it, but also when you consider what Ray had to deal with down in Georgia, it was an emotional rendition.

  32. Julie Check says:

    She sang with passion and love for her country. Wonderful voice.
    The most memorable rendition of the national anthem I heard was about 30 years ago or more when the young blind man sang. He was invited to be a guest on the Mike Walsh show in Australia and other countries had him visit as a guest on their TV shows.
    He wrote a book where he stated that your handicaps are what give you strength and to put them in your pocket because they are what rises you up. He talked about the benefits – one of which he could not see what colour or nationality anyone was.

  33. Diz says:

    She sang the song like a true American by singing it normal & didn’t muck it up with some juke & jive runs that many others do to ruin it. The outfit was awesome too!

  34. rob says:

    loved it… was this live? or lip synced? either way….loved it

  35. Willis says:

    Not keeping score or anything, but she pretty much nailed it. Woman has an awesome voice, whatever you may think of the uses she puts it to.

  36. Timmah says:

    It was ok. I think she ripped off that look from iZombie though.

  37. Rob Horine says:

    It was good, but Whitney Houston will be #1 forever!

  38. Julie Check says:

    To me the most memorable. 1976 Tony Sullivan – who is blind.

    • Julie Check says:

      She sang with passion and love for her country. Wonderful voice.
      The most memorable rendition of the national anthem I heard was about 30 years ago or more when the young blind man sang Tom Sullivan. He was invited to be a guest on the Mike Walsh show in Australia and other countries had him visit as a guest on their TV shows.
      He wrote a book where he stated that your handicaps are what give you strength and to put them in your pocket because they are what rises you up. He talked about the benefits – one of which he could not see what colour or nationality anyone was.

  39. Erin says:

    Super job, GaGa! You nailed it.

  40. M. Mahone says:

    Was never a fan, but she was wonderful!
    Brought tears gushing. Thank you for a most spectacular lovely voice and your show of patriotism. Again, thank you very much Lady gaga.
    Lol, you ve made a fan of an older lady!

  41. J phipps says:

    She was flawless, and you could tell she felt every word. It’s great to be an American.

  42. Et al. says:

    She was fantastic. Sound of Music medley, album with Tony Bennett, this… I love how she’s proving she is so much more than just a standard pop star.

  43. Troy Thomas says:

    She is so awesome love gaga I still have chills WOW!!!!!!

  44. Liz Demure says:

    She was wonderful! A+

  45. Mr. Tran K says:

    I give it an A+. 100x better than Whitney Houston.

    • Doug Jackson says:

      Yes, definitely better than Whitney’s version… Whitney did it very well, no question but, only Faith Hill’s beautiful version comes close to equaling the raw power, emotion, and national pride and, obvious love of this country than Gaga put into this one…

      • sweettweeny says:

        I suggest you watch the 30 for 30 ESPN documentary on the Buffalo Bills. They have a segment on Whitney’s national anthem and they stated that grown men were in the stands crying while Whitney was singing. Also, the coach of the Bills mentioned how much her anthem had moved him and they interview many other players and they said similar things.

        Let’s face it, the only reason why we even care who sings the anthem is because of Whitney. Prior to Whitney absolutely no emphasis was put on who would sing the anthem at the game – and the only reason Whitney was asked to sing it was because Roxanne Barr did a horrible job of the anthem at a base ball game and people were appalled; therefore, the Superbowl, not wanting to take any chances, asked the best singer in America to do the anthem. Notice Whitney sung it in a track suit and head band because emphasis was not put on the Anthem. But after she sang it, the next day more people talked about her rendition than they talked about the game – her rendition over shadowed the game and I might add, it wasn’t a boring game because the Bills missed a field goal that could have won it.

        Sorry for the diatribe, but you can’t discount what Whitney did and how after Whitney, the NFL actually started choosing singers for the anthem.

  46. Hilda Sandoval Godinez says:

    The best Of the super bowl in my opinión !!!!!

  47. Clovalinda Robicheaux says:

    In my opinion, Lady Gaga may act up and be nuttier than a fruitcake sometimes; however, you can’t deny that they lady can sing!

  48. Barbara says:

    She was brilliant and it was very moving after she sang. She placed her hand on her heart and quietly said “God Bless You America”

    I can’t believe no one has mentioned late

  49. Everyone who is comparing GAGA performance.this to Whitney Needs to just stop Both are stellar. However Witney’s version was not live She effortlessly lightly sang over a recording she did earlier that day people. St if you want to compare the 2 GAGA wins for actually being live.

    • Marcela says:

      Who said she was live?hahaha

    • sweettweeny says:

      At the time, you didn’t know about Whitney’s version. You can’t compare what she did on that day to knowledge gained a few years later. As I suggested to a previous poster, watch the clip from ESPN 30 for 30 Buffalo Bills then you will understand the impact Whitney’s anthem had on America at the time.