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Vampire Diaries Recap: Girl on Fire

If “hell messes with you, but post-hell is much worse,” as Stefan alleges, then Friday’s Vampire Diaries was basically a 42-minute hangover — only with less headaches, and more beheadings.

Still haunted by the ghost of his soldier pal, Damon did everything he could to shake off his time in the Phoenix stone, but to no avail. His visions became increasingly more twisted as the episode progressed, until Damon was finally reunited with Elena… whom he proceeded to light. on. fire. 

For those of you keeping score at home, this is at least the second time Elena has been set ablaze. (Also, kudos to the show for actually getting Elena’s face into the shot. That couldn’t been easy.) “She held you back from being the monster you really are,” ghost-Henry told Damon, which leads me to believe that the worst of Damon’s spiral is still to come.

Stefan, meanwhile, realized that he wasn’t quite as “over” his time in hell as he previously thought. He remained tortured by his own time there — during which he and Damon were drowning, and he was forced to let his brother die — until he eventually cracked, telling Caroline, “I will never be happy until Damon is out of my life forever.” (That’s real dark, Stefan.)

‘CAROLARIC’ | I’m not sure if that’s the official ‘ship name for Caroline and Alaric, but there’s one thing I do know: This episode signaled the beginning of the end of “Steroline.” Not only was Caroline super impressed by Alaric’s diaper-changing skills, but when he revealed that he plans on raising his twins far away from Mystic Falls (and vampires), it was the most brokenhearted I’ve seen Ms. Forbes since she lost her mom last season. There are rough waters ahead, folks. We’re all going to need to hold on tight.

CROOKED COP | After a few too many drinks at Caroline’s baby shower, Matt found himself behind bars for the night. (Don’t drink and drive, people!) Things were briefly looking up for him when a cute female cop showed him mercy — until she asked him about the contents of his truck; frankly, I can’t wait to see how he explains all those vamp-crushing weapons. Then again, maybe I should be more concerned about what Matty Blue Blue is doing three years from now: A flashback revealed him busting future-Caroline out of a box, then pulling a gun on her. (Why, Matt? Why?!)

PARTY CRASHER | Speaking of Matt, Mystic Falls’ token human was less than thrilled to see Nora at Caroline’s baby shower — and he didn’t even spend enough time with her to hear about the “postcard” she received from the Huntress. (Yes, that huntress, the one we’ve been waiting to meet since November.)

Odds and Ends:

* Did anyone else scream internally when Bonnie matched with Matt on that app? #NeverForget that I once asked Kat Graham point-blank about a Bonnie/Matt pairing, to which she said, “I don’t know if the Bonnie that’s finally back … would even be good for him.” (Hey, a recapper can dream!) Also, I’d totally watch a TVD spinoff called Deputy Dolittle and His Witchy Ride-Along.

* Speaking of people I’m ‘shipping with Bonnie, am I imagining it, or is her chemistry with Nora off the charts?

* Can Tyler stay forever and ever please? Seriously.

TVD fans, your thoughts on this week’s episode? Drop ’em in a comment below.

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  1. Ceylan says:

    How unbelievable was the Elena cgi?

  2. Heather says:

    Please tell me that Elenas blurry face for 5 seconds was not the “Blind Item” from a couple weeks ago… That doesn’t count as a star returning to their show? Please no… That would be weak!!!

  3. NM says:

    I take it burning Elena’s body definitely confirms that Nina Dobrev will not make a return from her non-existent film career?

    • Britt says:

      She will be back for the series finale. Also, in the 3 year time jump earlier this season it shows Damon in a coffin waiting for Elena, so the likelihood of them seriously torching Elena is very slim.

      They didn’t kill her in the first place so that she could come back if she wanted to. They aren’t finished filming this season yet of course. Candice King is on maternity leave in real life AND next season isn’t for sure yet so it could be possible for Nina to return especially if this season is the last.

    • Shaun says:

      Have a feeling the casket was a decoy Tyler brought him to.

  4. Luke says:

    What you talking about…she’s in the next “XXX” movie with Vin Diesel.

  5. Riana says:

    I wouldn’t be surprised if Elena is immune to fire. I have no doubt she will be back for the series finale next year.

  6. Jo says:

    It’s a little to obvious that Damon was hallucinating when he burned Elena. Stefan tells Damon that he tried to burn his body and then Damon goes and burns Elena’s? Give me a break! And as if Tyler would really take Damon to her body when he knows he is hallucinating and out of control.

    Also Tyler wouldn’t have left her somewhere that they could get to that quickly. Oh she’s the most important thing in the world to you and you want me to hide her away even from you until Bonnie has grown old and died? Ok I’ll leave her at a container storage yard less then an hour away and the first time you ask me to take you to her I won’t even put up a fight.

    Come on Julie Plec. Let’s have some better writing. I love this show but with the plot lines being that obvious it’s not a shock that you were moved to Friday to die out and get cancelled.

    And Luke – NM is correct to say Nina has a non existent career – Nina has done nothing since she left TVD except a very disappointing appearance on Lip Sync Battle. Also she is only in talks to join the cast of XXX she hasn’t actually got a part yet.

    • Phoenix5634 says:

      Nina Dobrev was stupid to leave TVD regardless of how her character was written, she should have faught for a better storyline for her character, rather than just leave without any promising future. I wouldn’t doubt she starts pulling stunts like Miley Cyrus for attention next… Shes got nothing, and she wasn’t thinking when she left…

      • Phoenix5634 says:

        Her leaving the way she did, just makes her seem uncommitted and unpredictable, TVD is the biggest point on her resume, and she left without finishing. It’d be one thing if she was just a secondary cast member, but she was basically the star or co star and she just quit… That doesn’t leave a good impression when she goes for a new role..

        • Actually, she did finish. She honored her contract and worked 5 years on a tv show, half of which was spent playing at least two different characters. I fail to see how that makes her uncommitted and unpredictable.

          • Rachel says:

            Plus working with her ex-boyfriend who was getting married wouldn’t have been easy…

          • Bella says:

            exactly and she wanted to live her life so give her a break i mean i wisshh so so much that she wouldnt have left but its her life shes an amazing actress whether she gets parts or not

      • I heard she left because Ian and his fiance Nikki we’re having real life arguments with Nina and Nikki didn’t want them working together.

        • Jo says:

          If that was the case then why would Nina be the one to leave? If Nikki had a problem then it would have been Ian who should have left. Why would Nina tank her own career to make her ex best friend happy with her ex boyfriend? That logic makes no sense.

    • Maryann says:

      Vampire Diaries was not moved to Friday nights to die. So far, the numbers are STEADY with their old time slot. Grimm and Blue Bloods Have lasted on Friday nights for years.

      • Jo says:

        Actually Maryann the network was pretty clear that they moved the show because of the drop in ratings. So they put it on Friday to make room on Thursday for the show that have more promise.

        If the writing improves and their numbers stop declining then yes the show could go on for a few more years. Supernatural is a great example of a show that was moved to Friday and managed to get its numbers back up and thrive. But in general once a show is dropped from the Thursday night prime slot it is the beginning of the end.

        Don’t be surprised if this is the last season. With the flash forwards it has the feel of a final season wrapping everything up. I will be sad to see it go but I won’t be surprised.

      • PiloteXYZ says:

        There are too many story lines to wrap them all up in one season. Julie has said she’s prepared to write on as long as Ian and Paul are still committed. I don’t think they will have directors of producers knocking on their doors to offer them roles. It’s probably murder out there and I say that with no experience/links to the t.v./ film world, merely cautious observation. I was a huge fan of Smallville,most of its stars have not really moved on to bigger/better things. Tom Welling is slowly rebuilding his film career, KK has a show which has now been cancelled and not really sure about anybody else. Episodic appearances here and there do not make a career. I think it’s difficult once you’re so closely identified with a specific character to shake that image and perception. I would like TVD to demonstrate that it’s perfectly capable of going on without N.D. Elena was an integral part but her character was already bogged down in season 6, a spiral that started in season 5. The show has been given the opportunity to open up in terms of new characters and plots. It’s gotten a lot darker which is really what a vampire show should be like. If you’ve ever watched True Blood you’ll know what I’m talking about although that show became quite toxic in its last seasons and frankly, unwatchable. So far TVD is doing a good job of exploring more of the tortuous relationship between the Salvatore Brothers, the real beating heart of the show, all other ships be damned.

        • Jo says:

          Tom Welling is a successful director. He decided he wanted to be behind the camera instead of in front of it so his career is fine. Kristen Kreuk has had her own show for 4 seasons and Erica Durance (Lois) has been the star of Saving Saving Hope for 4 years and it has been picked up for a 5th season and Justin Hartley is back on the soap opera he was on before smallville. So the mains from smallville are doing well.

          And as for Julie being prepared to write on for as long as the cast wants to stay – that doesn’t matter. What matters is how long the network is willing to keep the show on the air and with them dropping the show from the Thursday lineup it’s obvious that the network isn’t as confident that the show will continue.

          • PiloteXYZ says:

            First a caveat I wish them all the best but Tom has only been a director on Smallville episodes and a producer for a show which got cancelled after one year. KK’s time is ending on Beauty and the Beast, Erica is doing great on Saving Hope although I’m tired of hospital related shows and no longer watching. Going back to your old soap opera is work indeed but not of a promising kind. Allison and Michael haven’t been in anything of not or anything with sticking power. Although I think Michael is in something on some obscure “network” of the back and beyond. I merely wanted to emphasize that finding a steady gig can’t be that easy and the jump from t.v. to movies is never very successful George Clooney is one of the actors who has managed it. It now seems that even actual movie stars, oscar winners can fail on t.v. to wit Halle Berry who’s show (not a great one I’ll admit) was cancelled.

    • Lorna says:

      Tyler is human again. No wold strength to fight

  7. Natalie says:

    I still think that elena could come back. Because in the fast forward 3 years later somewhere in season 7, stefan wakes damon up from his frozen state in a coffin. And tells him something along the lines of i told nit to wake me up until elena wakes up. So im guessing theres still hope unless the writers are idiots.

  8. JC says:

    Why are some fans under the impression that Nina Dobrev will actually return to this sinking ship?

    • Lyndsay says:

      Because she “promised” to come back to finish Elena’s story. Some of these people need to realize that it also depends on when TVD ends and if Nina can fit it in her schedule. A lot of variables have to be in place for Nina to come back, I’m sure Nina will try but I wouldn’t blame her for not wanting to come back to this especially to how Elena was written in the later seasons. Why would she want to come back to act out such a weak character on as you said a sinking ship?

    • Jo says:

      Well it’s not like she has any better options. She has done nothing but a very disappointing guest spot on LIp Sync Battle. She hasn’t worked since she left the show. All she has done is prance around on beaches and party since she left. Had she left the show and gone on to do movies and other work I would maybe have a little respect for her. But she dumped the show and her fans to go on vacation for over a year.

      I don’t know why she thought she would leave and have a great movie career. She was the star of tvd for all these years but all she could get on the side were bit parts in movies. She couldn’t land a lead role in a movie in all these years so what made her think she could now?

      Honestly I don’t want her to come back. It’s obvious that Damon didn’t actually light her on fire but I wish he had so we could have ended all this talk of her coming back once and for all.

    • PiloteXYZ says:

      Because people are silly/obsessive about their ships at the expense of any other story.

  9. Mia says:

    Elena is not dead, I hope
    I thought she was too, but you have to remember her and Bonnie are linked. So what happens to Elena, happens to Bonnie…this was stated since season one even after she was cursed.

    • Melanie says:

      no they aren’t exactly linked in that way because one of them has to die in order for the other one to wake up. Kai’s linkage spell is completely different. You’re talking about the link that happened between elena and katherine in season one where anything that happened to katherine would happen to elena. it’s not the same thing in this case. So at this point, Elena could actually be dead or Tyler lead Damon to the wrong coffin, OR Bonnie put a protection spell on Elena that would prevent her from getting hurt while she slept. The linkage spell that Kai put on them wouldn’t play into what Damon did (or possibly did) to Elena’s body.

  10. Lorna says:

    Is tyler dead!? And damon is a nutjob. Love him but team Stefan. Though it could have been just as easily Stef lighting the casket on fire. Poor Matt. I hope things work out for him. He looked very sexy in the flashfoward. Glad my Ric is back.

  11. Phoenix5634 says:

    And Kol ( Nathaniel Buzolic ) finally gets his justice! Elena is burned and the REAL Kol Mikaelson may be returning to the Originals!

    • Tori says:

      LOL, I wish! I would love it if Kol set her coffin on fire, that would give him and us his justice! That was the worst way to kill Kol, Elena a newbie vamp kills an old vampire! PLEASE!

  12. Valerie Mendez says:

    Can’t wait for Caroline to have the babies. And truefully, Caroline and Stefano should never been together in first place. The writers got it wrong. Her being engaged to Alaric in the future wrong, please. What the writers need to do is have her go to New Orleans later down the line and oneday she and Klaus will get to each other for real. She to me is MRS. CAROLINE MIKELSEN.

    • Phoenix5634 says:

      I believe Klaus and Caroline will eventually be together. They share such a great chemistry and they both bring out the best in each other, in the most unexpected ways. They’re also so much alike, but different in all the right ways that they balance each other out. The quote about him being her last love is really great.

      So many times on both their parts; the picture Klaus drew for Caroline, the fact that she held onto the picture until Tyler made her get rid of it out of jealousy. The time when Caroline needed a prom dress becuz Elena stole hers, Caroline pretended she didn’t want to ask Klaus for help, but she really did. When he bite her after they killed Kol, even tho Klaus was furious over his brothers death. he healed her, and the quote Klaus said to her when he healed. And many many more.

  13. Maryann says:

    My guess on the deputy who arrested Matt is that she is secretly that famous vampire hunter that Nora got the postcard from, and that she has the deputy job near mystic falls acoping it out. This would also explain how Matt is apparently a vampire hunter in a fanatical way in the flash forward.

  14. Dominique says:

    it was SO good to see tyler again. i agree with you andy; can he please stay forever and ever? also the caroline/alaric scenes were great. her getting attached to the babies, wanting to be in their lives was bound to happen.
    and yes to bonnie/nora please!!

  15. I think what is killing Vampire Diaries right now is the stupidity of Caroline Dries and Julie Plec holding on and banking everything on their ridiculous love for Elena. Once they let go of Elena reaching out and tainting story lines even while in a deep sleep in a coffin the show will continue to suffer.

    • Brianna says:

      PREACH!! That’s what I’ve been saying ever since we found out about this ridiculous sleeping beauty story line. It’s not only holding characters back (Damon) but it’s also holding the plot lines and even the fans back. Why couldn’t Elena just left town last season or even killed off (which Nina Dobrev wanted btw!)? They could’ve still had her come back for the series finale. We all know that dead doesn’t really mean dead on this show.

  16. spu says:

    I don’t understand. Did they kill Elena? Also Matt is really annoying me at this point.

    • Debbie says:

      They couldn’t have killed her because they showed that she was alive 3 years in the future in the season premiere.

  17. Monica says:

    Ok am I the only one wondering how the hell he torched elenas body if in the “future” the 3yr jump ahead he didn’t want to be waken unless elena was up from her nap????????

  18. Liza says:

    So happy to see Tyler again!! They ruined his storylines by making him gone for long stretches at a time. Please bring him back!!!

  19. Elena is holding the show back that’s what cause the low ratings. People want to tune in to watch something new. It was suppose to be a fresh start. DE made his time, it’s over. And holding Damon back with this coffin storyline does no good to his character and it’s unfair for Ian as an actor. It must be boring to him to hold on to a girl who isn’t on the show anymore.

    At least the fans are pissed by it, that’s why the ratings are suffering. Get rid of Elena/coffin and give Damon a better arc and the ratings will certainly go up. He should move on and Elena should stay burned for real coz Nina ain’t coming back. She wanted Elena to die coz she didnt have any desire to come back on the show.

    I see great potential between Damon and Bonnie, a more mature love story than DE and more real. They should go with Bamon. They have the the best dynamic and are the real soulmates and true love of the show. Enemies by nature, turned allies, turned best friends and finally turned lovers. If that isn’t a compelling story, I don’t know WHAT is. Bamon is a love story made for movies screen.

    Use their huge potential and the insane chemstry Kat & Ian have on screen who surpasses DE so much I don’t have words to explain it. Bamon bring the best out of each other. Damon is a better man with Bonnie for himself, because he wants to. He doesn’t force himself to change or be good just so a girl loves him. Bonnie accepts him just the ways he is. She shows him the good path and let him decide what choice he wants to make. She doesn’t force him like Elena did. Damon felt Elena wouldn’t love him anymore if he didnt make everything for her, to make her happy coz he thinks he doesn’t deserve to be love. So as long as Elena was happy with what he does for her she would keep loving him. But with Bonnie it’s different. She makes him realize he can be loved for what he really is, strenghs and flaws. Bamonis a healthy love for Damon. It’s good for him and for Bonnie. They balance and challenge each other in the best way.

    DE didn’t work together, it was a toxic and codependant relationship unworkable for both of them. They were like addictive to each other like someone is addictive to drugs. You’re not in love with your drug, you’re obssessed and too dependant of it to let go. DE consumed each other which means everything in thel was destroyed until there was nothing left in them. DE wasn’t epic. They were a total destructive mess who brought out the worst of each other. Elena was for Stefan. Writers made a big mistake by making DE an epic love story when DE was just an EPIC FAIL.

    Nina left so move on from the coffin and give a shot at Bamon. They are a better match and a perfect endgame. Trust me you will see the change on the ratings. I’m in the fandom and I know what people want as a fan. Just last week, Bamon brought a lot of new fans on twitter who said they will watch the show once Bamon is canon coz they don’t want to have their heart broken if Damon is gonna be after the coffin until the end of the show.

    Thanks for reading me and sorry if I was rude sometimes, but I just wanted to tell you what the fans really expect of the show now that Nina is gone. I was also saying this to improve the show. Do what you want with what I said. The decision is in your hands.

    • PiloteXYZ says:

      As much as I love Damon and Bonnie together as friends the relationship from that to lovers would have to be more organic. In other words it can’t be something forced because fans want it. Story lines have their own arc. If writers had to succumb to every shipper demands out there,not just on this show but on many other shows, it would become an intolerable situation. Do disagree that DE was epic fail, they had a lot of chemistry but I enjoyed her with both brothers just like Katerina did. LOL

    • Lara says:

      I so agree with you. This season should’ve been a turn around for the show. It has been ruled by a toxic/co dependent/obsessive ship and shippers for far too long. JP has no one to blame but herself for not putting an end to this in season 6 when NIna, bless her, left. Even the writers said it was a toxic ship, Nina herself called it a toxic ship so for all those saying it wasn’t need to take it up with JP/CD because they wrote it in the actual lines. And yes DE was an epic fail, I never liked DE but can admit the chemistry was good in the first three seasons and then when they were put together that was an EPIC FAIL! If you want to like a ship, like it but at least admit to it’s faults and it was never meant to last as an epic ship. JP said this herself the only reason s6 ended with DE was because of the timing ND left. I will laugh when JP doesn’t give any shipper the ending they think she will.

  20. St.Jon says:

    If he believed he had actually destroyed Elena, I just can’t believe he would want to continue living. He said as much. Why wouldn’t he just embrace the sun etc?

  21. tvd fanatic says:

    Ok well for starters that episode was AMAZING! But Elena could not have been burned alive by Damon. If you remember in one of the episodes it showed a look into the future, were Stefan wakes up Damon who’s coffin is next to Elena’s. And Damon said I thought I told you not to wake me up until Elena was, and Stefan gladly told Stefan she was back, which was followed by the huntress shooting at them while they hid behind the coffin. So unless the writers think we forgot that episode then, Elena is still in a coma in a coffin somewhere.

  22. ValerieYaroch says:

    Please let it be a hallucination that he burned Elaina! I hope Nena comes back for a happy final episode.

  23. Terese says:

    I will definitely not be interested in watching a Elena-less TVD. If they abandon her all together and have everyone cut all ties I think that would be dishonest to who they all are and what she means to them and I am not interested in seeing Damon in another relationship. He waited 145 years for Katherine but he is supposed to just move on from Elena in less than a year. No Way!

    • Lara says:

      What do you mean, THERE IS NO ELENA NOW! News flash to all the delusional shippers Nina LEFT. She left. Dullena ruined this show and the reason the ratings are dropping is because no one wants to see Damon mope and whine around for a casket! I agree with the others Elena should’ve died or left MF last season. The delusional shippers wouldn’t know a good story line if it bit them in the —!

      • PiloteXYZ says:

        I wish people would watch the show without the shipping nonsense, it’s a plague on most shows and especially on ones with teen appeal a serious indication to me I should be giving it up but heck I’m still enjoying the brotherly love. Delena is over, Nina is not coming back, Bamon doesn’t make sense, Stelena is really really over, Caroline/Stefan is apparently over too blah blah blah, let’s just watch for the story and see where it takes us.

  24. Sara says:

    I think that Elena’s life is tied to Bonnie’s and she cannot be killed, maybe, because of the sleeping beauty spell… I can’t imagine they would end it all just like that but I’m sure they will get some good airtime out of this fire plot! Also the 3 years forward is catching up nicely, I wonder if for the last few episodes of the show they will stay in the flash forward the whole time or continue this back and forth…

  25. Danielle says:

    It doesn’t make sense that Elena is gone in this episode. I don’t know which episode the flash forward was in from this season but when Stefan goes to wake Damon to run from the Huntress Damon says, “I told you not to wake me until Elena is awake!” This is 3 years from this burning of her body…she’s got to be there still.

  26. michelle says:

    Dont like the whole “CAROLARIC” idea one bit it just dont sit rite and as for Elena’s “body” i dont believe she is gone didnt they put the protection spell on it where they cloaked it from others and sealed it with magic even against themselves theres no way shes gone

  27. Elyssa evans says:

    I just dont understand why they would have damon randomly burn elena’s body. like so many times before maybe he’s been close to killing her but something atleast stops him. Even though Nina left and theyre i guess theyre trying to find a way to get rid of her for good, but this is just completely unrealistic. And now theyre just going to continue the show with the same kind of downward spirals damon has gone through numerous times before and they eventually act like this is just another death that happend . Damon KILLED elena. There is no coming back from that. Like their relationship is the reason so many people watched the show. And postponing it is one thing, but completely ending it for good and in this kind of way, which is somewhat casual. And making damon of all people do it? Come on people, this is what made me stop watching the show.

    • PiloteXYZ says:

      People watch shows for a host of different reasons. It’s unrealistic to suggest that people only watch for Damon/Elena relationship. Nina has left the show so to continue to hope against all evidence to the contrary that she will somehow re materialize is also stubbornly unrealistic. I do not think the writers are making light of the fact that Damon burned Elena’s body, he did want to die after all and only relented when his brother was in danger. Regarding his spiraling Stefan has also spiraled many times but he’s held to a much lower standard than Damon and forgiven much more easily….let’s not forget all the names on the cupboard wall in his ripper phase which lasted a very long time. That’s a lot more bodies than Damon. Regardless I don’t think that there will ever be an ending which will satisfy Damon/Elena shippers, ditto for Bamon shippers, Klaroline shippers (yes they’re still around) Steroline shippers, Stelena shippers and on and on in whatever other combinations you can come up with ad nauseum. We already know that Elena’s coffin is still around in the future (an attempt to soften the blow of her burning)….we also know that Damon will recover from his post induced hell and will realize that her body is still around so the loop will go one still unresolved between those who want her dead for good and those who want her magically resuscitated.

  28. mmonet says:

    That caN’t happen because on episode 1 season 7, Damon says in the Three Years From Now part, and I quote, “I told you not to wake me until Elena wakes up.”

  29. Taylor says:

    I was hoping Tyler would have been smart and have some sort of decoy in that coffin instead of Elena’s actual body.
    Is Tyler still alive or is he dead now? Damon did a pretty good number on him by smashing his head into the pavement.

    I’m assuming that both Damon and Stefan will hold onto Damon’s secret of killing Elena for the rest of eternity to prevent Bonnie, Caroline, and Matt from going off the deep end. Unless that’a already happened and can explain why future Caroline wants nothing to do with Stefan and why future Matt is a human without humanity.

  30. JIM says:

    Elena Why did u leave come back

  31. Donna says:

    I am sooooo disappointed with the Damon set his love on fire. Tricked ir not!!! I wish she didn’t leave the show!!! I know it’s just tv…but sometimes some of us need that escape and that false sense of true love to conquer all…