Reality Check: Who's Getting a Winner's Edit on Idol — and Do They Deserve It?

You might think it’s premature to declare the winner of American Idol‘s farewell season — after all, we’re only halfway through Hollywood Week — but don’t tell that to the show’s producers.

On this week’s episode of Reality Check, my cohost Melinda Doolittle and I examine the handful of contestants who seem to be getting extra love and attention in the editing suite — and whether or not their actual vocal performances are living up to the hype.

Not only that, we run through the deep bench of female contestants who’ve stood out during the “Lines of 10” and group rounds, declare the winner of the Season 15 “Tracy Flick Award” and identify one of the funnier editing snafus in recent show history.

Press PLAY above for the full Reality Check experience, then share your own thoughts in the comments!

Comments are monitored, so don’t go off topic, don’t frakkin’ curse and don’t bore us with how much your coworker’s sister-in-law makes per hour. Talk smart about TV!

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  1. Tyanna says:

    Nothing about Jordan Sasser? His tone was gorgeous on treasure and his runs were really well done.

  2. Ally says:

    No Sonika in the top 20 list?

  3. SaraPo says:

    Godddd I love Michael and Melinda….yes yes us to the election references. That little girl has been grating on my nerves and I couldn’t put my finger on who she reminded me of. Mystery solved. Also I have never been a fan of the “diva” type singers but I really love La’Porsha, I think she’s so much more than that. Agree with Melinda about Dalton, sure is cute, reminds me of Colton Dixon who I also loved. Looking forward to this seasons live shows!

    • Velocisexual says:

      That girl creeps me out so much. Something about her is just incredibly ‘off’, and I don’t just mean her physical appearance.

      • suggah says:

        oh thank god!!! I’m not the only one LOL She has been creeping me out since we first laid eyes on her. BTW, am I the only one that thought Daniel Farmer got a raw deal??? He got cut while people with a lot less talent went thru??? Idol judges be crazy!

        • SaraPo says:

          i was surprised also Daniel Farmer didn’t get to go through, considering they let that girl with the green hair through, when i was literally shocked she even made it to Hollywood in the first place!

          • suggah says:

            I talked to him on twitter and doors are opening for him! So perhaps they did him a favor. The only thing he said about them cutting him was “politics” ??? not sure what that means but a lot of what they do on idol makes no sense to me LOL. And I agree about the girl with the green hair! I don’t have a favorite yet (unlike, when Haley was on idol, she was always my fav) but I don’t get all the La’Porsha love. There are better singers than her. And while I love a good “Fro” (hubby is black and rocks one) that mess on her head just looks nasty…ewww *shudder*

        • Stormet Sampson says:

          I SOOO AGREE about Daniel Farmer! The chick that REALLY URKS THE HELL OUTTA ME is that blonde blue eyed AIR HEAD JEN! I thought she was faking it b/c I didn’t think ANY1 could be that DUH DUMB & BLAH! She can’t sing AT ALL! I HATE her ANNOYING voice! I can’t stand the way she sings or talks! & they sent home some really good female singers & kept her & that ANNOYING AVERAGE singing MOUNTAIN GIRL! NEITHER 1 of them are top 24, let alone AMERICAN IDOL, material WHATSOEVER!!!

      • Stormet Sampson says:

        I SOOO AGREE about Daniel Farmer! The chick that REALLY URKS THE HELL OUTTA ME is that blonde blue eyed AIR HEAD JEN! I thought she was faking it b/c I didn’t think ANY1 could be that DUH DUMB & BLAH! She can’t sing AT ALL! I HATE her ANNOYING voice! I can’t stand the way she sings or talks! & they sent home some really good female singers & kept her & that ANNOYING AVERAGE singing MOUNTAIN GIRL! NEITHER 1 of them are top 24, let alone AMERICAN IDOL, material WHATSOEVER!!!

      • Stormet Sampson says:

        Who creeps you out? That AIR HEAD JEN w/ the ANNOYING voice that DEFINITELY should’ve been sent home or BETTER YET NEVER sent to Hollywood in the 1st place? Yea she ANNOYS & creeps me out too!!!

  4. Tom22 says:

    Thanks for the Show Michael, Melinda and the talented people at TV line that help you with it. Always fun and makes Idol and The Voice always more interesting for me to watch!

  5. Mary says:

    While I can appreciate her talent I am not on the LaPorsha band wagon. I think Tristin has the talent I think her nerves will get the best of her. I am trying not to get to invested especially now that the judges are picking the top 12. The way they are running the show this year makes me think they should of just done a two hour retrospect on seasons past and forget about finding another American Idol. The speed of the show this year kind of takes away what was special about American Idol, investing in the contestants.

    • Lyn says:

      I keep thinking that Simon would have flat out asked LaPorsha if she owned a mirror. Video killed the radio star, and she is a visual mess. That cotton candy balloon on her head is so distracting that one forgets to listen to her voice.

      • winipisoci says:

        porsha’s hair looks to me like a giant pair of buttocks. I really don’t think she is that great a singer. good, but the world is full of good. really didn’t like that she used her kid to get on. that should not have been allowed

      • Joey says:

        You do realize that in season one Simon Cowell voted to NOT send Kelly Clarkson to the Hollywood rounds.? If it weren’t for Randy and Paula, the world would not know about Kelly Clarkson. Who cares what Simon would think?

      • Joey says:

        Also, Jennifer Hudson was over weight, and wasn’t fashion conscious. She’s done alright.

      • Stormet Sampson says:

        YES OMG SIMON DEFINITELY would have!!! I mean for God sakes woman do you not own a FLAT IRON or STRAIGHTENER FOR CRYING OUT LOUD!!! JESUS do yourself & AMERICA a favor & go buy one or a box of RELAXER PLEASE!!! Her voice is is great, but not great enough to distract us from that BOUFANT DIANA ROSS LOOKIN HOT MESS on the top of her head!

  6. Scout says:

    I am so glad Poh is gone just so I don’t have to see “She” again. One season of her disingenuous nonsense was quite enough. Thank you, now bye girl.

  7. psychoactivetoad says:

    Michelle reminds me of Rachel Berry. Only not as talented.

  8. Jan says:

    Michael and Melinda are everything! Reality Check always brightens my Monday.

  9. Carol says:

    The biggest reason I’m sad about the end of ‘Idol’ is Sleazak and Doolittle will no longer be making these videos about it!

  10. Timmah says:

    I like that you did an episode about how editing can be used to make people love or hate certain contestants, because that’s a huge part of these shows. And the Stringfellow thing is hilarious.

  11. amy324 says:

    I’m not going to miss Idol nearly as much as I’m going to miss Reality Check’s take on Idol. I haven’t even started watching the show yet this season, but I never miss Reality Check. Michael and Melinda, y’all are brilliant and hilarious. Kudos to the production, filming, and editing crew, as well.

  12. Lili says:

    Michelle Marie reminds of me Rachel Berry from Glee. Her edited-self makes me laugh, but I bet she is really annoying in real life.

  13. winipisoci says:

    I liked his singing and he is cute, but OMG is he full of himself. I hope he doesn’t get to cocky or that will really lose him votes when it counts

  14. SZ says:

    PUH-leeze- Do something about “Michelle Marie’s” Hair.

  15. LLA says:

    Tracy Flick HAHAHAHAHAHA~! That was so perfect

  16. Debbie Y. says:

    I’m curious about Geneve also. If she lives “off the grid”, I’m assuming there is no internet. Probably no cell reception. She said they fire up a generator once a week to watch Idol. How does she listen to music to find the songs she performed?

    • Puchinsmom says:

      I’ve loved Idol as much as the next fan, but really. Can you imagine having a tv and generator, and with all the amazing things in the tv world, Idol is IT? I find it hard to fathom/believe….

    • Stormet Sampson says:

      The fact that she doesn’t listen to much music at all, only firing up the generator once a week for Idol, DEFINITELY reflects in her BAD singing! Like I said in my previous comment I don’t think she is top 24, let alone AMERICAN IDOL or ANY singing competition show, material AT ALL! She NEVER should’ve been sent to Hollywood in the 1st place! She took a spot away from someone else that DESERVED it WAY MORE than she did! Mountain girl needs to go back off the grid like WAAAAAY BACK OFF THE GRID w/ her HORRIBLE BLEEDING EARS rendition of Johnny Cash’s Ring of Fire!

  17. ColetteLushFan says:

    Why does it seem like Colette Lush is flying under everyone’s radar? The girl is absolutely amazing.. Her voice is effortlessly beautiful.. The power, grit, layers of texture, etc.. Does anyone else feel like somethings up?

  18. drea says:

    Whatever happened to Jordyn Simone??? It seems like she just disappeared.

  19. James says:

    A shame Melanie Tierce was ousted so early.

  20. JudgingIdol says:

    You’re killin’ me with the Tracy Flick. Perfect. And the catch of the fake edit is brilliant!

  21. Nat says:

    The Michelle Marie = Tracy Flick analogy is doing everything for me right now.

  22. I loved Tristan in the beginning, but when she went all spoiled brat and went all hysterical, crying, that she couldn’t have the song she wanted, she lost me. Yeah, yeah, I get the fact she loves her mother, and her mother’s a soldier and was in Afghanistan, and she misses her mother and she’s proud of her mother, and did I say she’s so proud of her mother. I think she needs to grow up a little bit.

  23. HTGR says:

    All I would say is did not the girl praising Stringfellow’s on stage performance as he was sitting behind her LOL not clue you in to realize that it wasn’t likely so much that that girl with the mom was seeking out the producers to constantly give them quips about how she was tossed out but that all those clips where she was all alone saying all the stuff did not have the producers leading her on, asking leading questions? because that is what happens with those bits. They don’t just have someone beg to get on camera and then just film them. They go after the person, take them aside, then ask very leading questions and do a lot of prodding and sometimes even hold up queue cards with leading suggestions/questions/etc. right in their line of site. Even when it’s more or less real, the fact that someone would say that stuff so much or even out loud at all is often fairly manipulated. And sometimes 99.9% so through and through.