Photos: Supergirl's Back on Krypton in 'For the Man Who Has Everything' Riff

Supergirl‘s Kara has a most unexpected homecoming — returning to an intact Krypton! — when the CBS series serves up its take on the classic Superman comic “For the Man Who Has Everything.”

As seen in the photos below for “For The Girl Who Has Everything” (airing Feb. 8), Kara’s friends must find a way to save her life when a parasitic alien attaches itself to her and traps her in a dream world where her family is alive and Krypton was never destroyed. The premise is akin to the aforementioned 1985 Alan Moore comic book tale, in which a plant gloms onto Superman and puts him in a coma, where he experiences a realistic dream based on his “heart’s desire.”

“There was something about that story that to me was even more resonant for [Kara],” Supergirl EP Andrew Kreisberg previously shared of the episode, “because for Superman it was a wish for something he never had. But for her, she wants something back that was taken from her.”

Check out the photos below.

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  1. IF they introduce a female version of Mongol I will so die laughing.

  2. I’m very curious to know what Alan Moore would think of this. He LOVES it when his comic book work is adapted in other media, SPECIALLY when they make changes to it…

    • Dean says:

      Yes Mikey we know if this show were Superman you wouldn’t have issues about it. Were you this pissy when Arrow used Ra’s al Ghul as an enemy for Oliver?

      • If that’s your understanding of what I’ve said, then I lament your reading comprehension. The problem is not the turd’s gender, the problem is the turd’s lack of originality, which is exemplified by the use of a plot from a SUPERMAN comic over the use of a plot from a SUPERGIRL comic.

        This is ALREADY a Superman TV show, which you’d know if you actually read the comics.

        • Dean says:

          Well you’re right about one thing Mikey I don’t read the comics. Any movie or tv show based on comics or novels I either strictly watch or read the material its based on but never both love game of thrones never touched an ice and fire novel loved the walking dead comics but never seen nor do I plan to watch the show, that way unlike some people I don’t have a nitpick tantrum about it.

        • Mary says:

          Maybe they should ask your opinion over the material they want to use, instead of going with their reasoning over why they wanted to use this idea. This idea was hardly original to Superman.

          • They should use the Supergirl comic as inspiration for the Supergirl TV show. What a shocker…

            In this context, it is original to Superman. Even the methodology in use (i.e. the plant) is taken from the Superman comic, as is the title.

          • I recall Robert McKee writing in his book, Story, something to the effect of once you (i.e. the writer) come up with a plot for a specific character you can’t then transfer that plot to another character. I wish I remembered what page that text is in.

          • tvjunkie says:

            LOL and the broken record know as Michael. He says they should use the Supergirl comics. But then many other times he says the Supergirl comics suck. What he’s really trying to say is they shouldn’t have made a Supergirl show regards of where they pulled material from. Despite his denials I still think it paints him as sexist with a chip on his shoulder regarding women. There is no rule that says a superhero movie or tv show has to adhere strictly to the comic book source material. Normal people don’t have a problem with changing stuff around if it makes for a better show or movie, which in this case they’ve done a good job and the fairly good and steady ratings the show has gotten after the first 3 or 4 episodes would seem to back that up.

        • tvjunkie says:

          You’re the one with a reading comprehension problem. He didn’t mention anything about gender. You only brought up gender to ignore your own hypocrisy. Arrow borrowed from Batman the same as Supergirl borrows from Superman, yet he says you’re only complaining about one of them. So what he said has nothing to do with gender, but nice attempt at deflecting the issue of your hypocrisy.

          • He did bring up gender when he claimed that if the show was about Superman I wouldn’t complain about it, suggesting that the complains are about the turd’s gender.

            Arrow uses characters from different comics, but, conceptually, Oliver Queen is STILL Oliver Queen as portrayed in HIS comics, and the show has not taken any plots from Batman’s comics, merely characters.

            In contrast, Superturd is a conceptual rip off of Superman, both in the heroic identity and the secret one.

          • Dean says:

            someone gets it, thanks, bro.

          • tvjunkie says:

            Michael are you really that stupid or do you just like grasping for straws? Superman is the name of the character. How exactly is someone supposed to point out your hypocrisy without using the name of the character? Again, has nothing to do with gender, but go ahead and keep showing how bad you suck at debating by making up something he didn’t say so you have something to argue against.

        • HenryP says:

          I read the description above, ‘based on the classic Superman story’ and I thought I wonder who may have posted on this story. And lo I was correct! Although I have at read a Superman comic since my early teens (in the 70s) I am able to recognise the difference between a comic and a to show. I’ve said it before if you think this show is too derivative of Superman comics, I really don’t understand why you keep watching and reading … And incessantly complaining.

          • Actually the initial post was not a complained, merely an observation about previous adaptations of this author’s stories.

          • But I’ll reiterate what I said before, the fact that people choose to argue ME rather than argue the points I raise merely proves that they can’t dismiss them.

          • Really? says:

            Considering you are constantly appearing to b*tch, whine and moan, oh, wait, “observe” about such a rotten show. You annoy the crap out of people, you love to argue with anyone–it gives you purpose. How very pathetic. I suggest you dismiss yourself.

          • HenryP says:

            Michael, I’ve replied to my own comment because I don’t seem able to reply to yours.

            I think you miss the point. You keep saying that people don’t refute your arguments because they are somehow irrefutable. Have you ever thought they don’t bother to refute your arguments because they are irrelevant?

            As I’ve said before I haven’t read a Superman comic in 40 years. I am perfectly willing to accept your knowledge of Superman and Supergirl comics dwarfs my own. I just don’t acknowledge the relevance of that fact.

            I watch a tv show called Supergirl. I quite enjoy it. I don’t think it’s of any lasting cultural relevance. Is it derivative of other shows and indeed other media? Of course it is. With no statistical rigour whatsoever I estimate 90% of tv shows or more could be accused of the same thing. So what?

            I watch a show to enjoy it. If I don’t I stop watching – I find there’s more than enough choice to go around.

          • Temperance says:

            Sacal has terrible taste, and he’s an abysmal debater, so I just post a rebuttal and uncheck the comments notification because, really, who cares?

    • Grammar Police says:


    • Temperance says:

      Kinda like for you, very, very few people on Earth care what Alan Moore thinks of it.

      • Those people you refer to are ignorant of the subject matter. They don’t care that the Supergirl TV series is a rip off of Superman and has zero in common with its actual source material.

  3. Katy says:

    Looks like Alex goes in to save her YAY I love the Alex/Kara dynamic.

    • JJ fan says:

      ^ I feel the same! I absolutely love their dynamic, their sisterhood and this looks really emotional and intense. I can’t wait for this episode!

      • Patrick says:

        Agreed. This needs to be a central focus of the show. Frankly, the Cat stuff at work is getting old quick.

        • JJ fan says:

          For me, I love Cat, I love Kara and Cat’s relationship but I’m thankful they seem to be going back to focus on Kara and Alex. They need to be the heart of the show (as they originally were).

    • Rob Horine says:

      In the story, Batman rips the Black Mercy off of Superman only to have it graft to himself. Bruce then dreaming of a childhood where his parents weren’t murders. I can easily see Alex taking it off and dream of a reality where her father did die.

      • JJ fan says:

        While this would make an already very compelling episode even more interesting, I don’t see Dean Cain’s name in the episode description… but maybe that thing would leech on J’onn afterwards?

  4. ECO says:

    Brilliant can’t wait to see this ep. Krisberg has said this is one of his favourite DC stories and they will stay loyal to it. The difference here is SM dreamed of a world he never had so for Kara she will dream of a world she lost. It’s great this is going to be adapted live pretty sure this story will never be seen in a SM movie.

  5. Paul says:

    What disturbs me (aside from how bad the Black Mercy looks in that picture) is that they’re in the first season and they’re apparently out of good ideas.

    • Rob Horine says:

      to me, it looks quite faithful to the original comic.

    • DavidJ says:

      Oh please. If Berlanti and his writers can keep coming up with ideas for a show about freakin Green Arrow, they’re not going to have problem with Supergirl.

      This is just a fun little homage to a classic story, is all. And one that is clearly relevant to Kara’s character arc this year.

  6. Rob Horine says:

    “The Man Who Has Everything” was one of the best issues of Superman ever! There was also a Justice League Unlimited episode that adapted it. Both are worth seeking.

    Can’t wait to see this riff on that story.

  7. MJ says:

    I find it interesting that Lord is there at the DEO. Isn’t he the enemy?

  8. Phun says:

    Great to have an iconic story from Alan Moore brought to life. Since I’m not familiar with the comics, from what I’ve been reading of the story, it does remind me of IT’S A WONDERFUL LIFE. What life would have been like on Krypton if it wasn’t destroyed…. Similar to what would it be like if I hadn’t been born. George Bailey – Superman, Bedford Falls – Krypton, Clarence – the alien plant thing, etc. I guess Alan must have lifted some ideas from this theme and adapted it to the Superman comics…. Anyway, it’s wonderful to see a new twist on this story in Supergirl. Can’t wait to see the episode.

  9. Tiffany says:

    I’m going to Love this episode

  10. lame says:

    Not having read the comics, I enjoy the ever expanding and contracting cast.
    The series seems to know its place as enjoyable weekly entertainment and keeps its eye on that fact.

  11. KET says:

    “Despite his denials I still think it paints him as sexist with a chip on his shoulder regarding women.”

    Yeah, that’s ALWAYS Michael Sacal’s real problem, and he just keeps making excuses about ‘originality’ or ‘comics source material’ or whatever semantic argument comforts his feeble trolling. Of course, the Supergirl show is already too smart for him to comprehend, since he can’t stop it from being wildly successful anyway. Face it Michael; you’ve already lost, so you should get a more productive hobby.

  12. herman1959 says:

    Hmmm, this sounds like the Purgatory storyline from Sleepy Hollow…they stole it!

    • Phun says:

      I don’t think so. This theme has been used over and over again in different forms – Buffy the Vampire Slayer, Smallville, etc (which was on the air waaaay before Sleepy Hollow). For Supergirl, they based it on Alan Moore’s adaptation of this theme in FOR THE MAN WHO HAD EVERYTHING, written in 1985, again waaay before Sleepy Hollow. And this theme will be used in many future shows, no doubt.

      • herman1959 says:

        To clarify: I meant to say that Sleepy Hollow stole it from Supergirl. It was obvious from the article that the storyline is a oldie from the comics.

  13. hi , im only unknown,fan right now

  14. peterwdawson says:

    Figures, given it’s one of the more popular Superman stories ever. Gonna be an uphill battle to make it stand out but I guess I can’t really blame them for wanting to try.

  15. Clearly Tv Line doesn’t moderate its message boards coz i still see the constant troll Michael Sacal here who never brings anything but negativity to the site

  16. We can lament all we want about what broadcast TV does to comic book lore and cannon. But it won’t change anything. Watch it, hate it or suspend believe they will do what the want no matter what. It is no different then the train wreck of storytelling on Arrow with the cramming down the fans throat of Felicity when she is not in the comics and Laurel Lance is really Diana Lance and the one and only Black Canary.

  17. Ripples says:

    Wow at first I didn’t really like supergirl, but decided to stick with it and I gotta say it’s gotten really good! I love the Alex/Kara sister moments and I’m excited about the Flash crossover! So much to look forward to.