American Idol Hollywood Week Recap: From Group to Nuts

Much like Chumbawamba’s earworm chorus, Jennifer Lopez may get knocked down, but she gets up again.

“If I fall flat on my ass,” the American Idol judge told the wide-eyed hopefuls of Season 15’s Hollywood Week Group Rounds, “I bounce right back up, and I kill the rest of that performance.”

Look, while no one’s going to confuse Jenny From the Block’s raw vocals for Jessie J or Nicole Scherzinger or (blasphemy alert) even Patti LaBelle, let’s not pretend the “Get Right” singer doesn’t have a point.

Because while it’s easy to feel bad for every contestant who enters Hell Week with a sore throat or a last-minute song change or a compatriot whose personality is similar to the Kraken after a 30-day fast (hi there, monstrously entertaining Eliz Camacho!), it’s also important to note that certain vocalists use the lack of sleep, frenzied schedule and tempestuous mix of personalities to soar to career-making new highs. Tell me, Idoloonies, if Kimberly Locke and Frenchie Davis’ scorching Season 2 cover of “Band of Gold” isn’t still seared in your memory? Mmmkay?

Knowing, then, that Group Rounds can bring out the best and the worst in future Haley Reinharts and Matt Girauds, let’s count down the five best and five worst moments from this season’s installment (along with a few other very important news tidbits):

* La’Porsha Renae tearing the price tag off “Stayin’ Alive” and thoroughly owning it. When she gave leg, face and strut on the line “You can tell by the way I use my walk,” her voice a low and rumbling delight, I let out a whoop so enthusiastic I’m surprised by upstairs neighbors didn’t bang on their floor with a broom.

* The group Rebirth — Manny Torres, Maile Delgado and Christian Eason — delivered a cover of “Too Close” (aka Hollywood Week’s new “Hit ‘Em Up Style”) so passionate and so gritty it made me wonder if the trio should drop out of Idol, form a vocal trio and become the show’s final gift to terrestrial radio.

* I wasn’t particularly optimistic about Trick or Treat Tribe — Kylle Thomasson, Kayce Haynes, Jon Klassen and Marcio Donaldson — but they brought rhythm, solid pitch and just a little touch of star quality to the telecast at exactly the point when most folks were probably reaching for the remote and wondering if maybe the Trump-less debate might be more entertaining.

* Bow down to uni-monikered Lindita for her sickeningly long, powerful run at the end of “Domino.” Yes, she did that! Her pals Joy Dove and Daniel Farmer brought some heat to the mix, too, though only the former advanced to the next round — without much supporting evidence to help us understand Daniel’s ouster.

* The judges definitely brought the right mix of “Yas, Queens!” and “Oh no, that won’t do!” critique to the hardest-to-process round. Harry still makes me groan (not in a good way) every time he deliberately tries to be funny, but four weeks in to the process and I’m not rooting for the ground beneath the panel to open up and swallow them whole. In other words, keep up the good work, Keith, J.Lo and Harry!

* Team Blue Eyes’ rendition of “Treasure” may have resulted in a resounding “yes!” from all the judges, but Jenna Renae and Kory Wheeler completely outperformed compatriots Kelsie Watts and Jordan Sasser.

* I know the Idol powers-that-be see nothing but dollar signs when they turn their cameras on youngsters Tristan McIntosh, Lee Jean and Amelia Eisenhauer, but their group rendition of “Too Close” (along with the unidentified AnnaLynne McCord-looking chica) was plagued by overshot notes and a lack of real stage presence. I’ve got doubts about all three if they’re lucky enough to advance to the live voting rounds.

* Look, Lindsey Carrier seemed like a nightmare during Singing Out Loud’s rehearsals, but her frenemies Shelbie Z, Ashley Lusk and Michelle Marie shouldn’t have needed Keith’s “don’t forget Lindsey” reminder to comfort their eliminated rival before celebrating their move to the next round. C’mon, Shelbie — you’re a veteran of The Voice. You ought to know by now the cameras catch everything.

* It felt like a full half hour was devoted to Anatalia Villaranda dropping out of the group Envy and joining Dalton Rapattoni and Kassy Levels’ Chicken Noodle Soup (after Poh’s voluntary exit). I just wish their collective vocals had been as interesting as their behind-the-scenes drama. And while the former group’s remaining members — Sonika Vaid, Stephany Negrete and Andrew Nazarbekian – got the “Mean Girls” edit, I honestly didn’t blame them for ditching the entitled Anatalia and her nightmare momager. (That said, how did Andrew advance after that shriek-y, sharp glory note?)

* While “Hit ‘Em Up Style” is often the Achilles’ Heel of the Group Rounds, for Season 15, it was “Renegades” that served as the vicious blade chopping down contestants from their ankles.

* Shi Scott’s sister Poh dropped out of the race a few hours into group rounds, explaining she just wasn’t ready for this jelly. (Spoiler alert: She wasn’t going to make it to the live shows anyhow!)

* Good news: Mentor Scott Borchetta lost his Terrifying Goatee of Doom (TM pending)!

* Whatever accompanist/arranger/counselor Michael Orland gets paid, it probably ought to be double. OK, maybe triple.

* Jenna Renae’s tone is as thick and juicy as a Wendy’s Baconator. Is it crazy to imagine a Jenna Renae vs. La’Porsha Renae finale?

* We’re not going to talk about Lynnzee Fraye’s black Lycra bodysuit, right?

* Trent Harmon’s mono diagnosis turned group rounds into yet another solo. He’s really, seriously, crazily talented — but, as I’ve said before, he needs to really be careful about the exaggerated facial expressions heading into the unforgiving closeups of the live rounds.

* Oh how I wish Mackenzie Bourg’s breath support matched his physical exuberance.

* Where do I get Jon Klaasen’s red pants with the black panels? And what diet/fitness regimen would I have to take up in order for them to fit me that enviably?

* If the hilarious Joy Dove doesn’t make it to the live shows, maybe she can become Idol’s new backstage correspondent for the live shows?

* Eliz Camacho’s thinking that her fellow group members were there merely as background vocalists was as ugly as that doll from The Conjuring, and yet… does it make me a terrible person that I also found her bitchery entertaining in a Bad Girls Club/reality trash type of way? Oh, and speaking of said fellow group members, how did Brenda K. Starr’s daughter Gianna Isabella advance despite completely whiffing her lyrics?

* C.J. Johnson’s snippet — right down to the “Hoo! Hah!” backup noises — makes me think he’s better than I’d originally assessed.

And now, it’s your turn. What did you think of American Idol‘s farewell season group rounds? Sound off in the comments!

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  1. Omarr says:

    So much drama in this episode. Saw a new shady side of Sonika tonight and it really didn’t suit her. Poh dropping out was so unexpected and dumb. She’s really good. Anyways, La’Porsha once again was best of the entire episode.

    • Yup says:

      This – agreed re: Sonika. (Also La’Porsha, Trent, and Shelbie Z can SING.)

      • Piers says:

        RE: LaPorsha
        This is the first time I actually missed Simon. I would have loved for him to tear into that small planet with an alpaca on her head.

        • flutiefan says:

          not sure why criticizing her looks is necessary to you.
          next time, critique her talent (or lack thereof). i personally don’t like her singing but i wouldn’t dream of being so cruel.

          • Piers says:

            Maybe you don’t remember how Simon would zero in on appearance being a big part of the package when finding an Idol. I was not speaking of LaPorsha’s weight, but when you are a plus size woman turning your head into a candy floss explosion may not be the best choice. Imagine sitting behind her at the movies. She looks like a cartoon character.

        • Tessy says:

          Mean Plers I’m pretty sure you do slurs too

        • I think she ate the whole alpaca!!

    • Lanabear says:

      I agree about Sonika. Her voice is still beautiful (one of the best in the competition) but that cattiness was unbecoming. I don’t really want to root for her after that display.

      • Puchinsmom says:

        She didn’t handle it well, but having to deal with the mom wasn’t great either. 3 people were ok with the song, one was not. Not sure if it’s fair in that situation to have to change.
        The contestant that was the nastiest for me was the girl who said her group members were like her bbackup singers. But she got hers!

        • BrittBrat says:

          I felt the same way. If 3 of the 4 agreed on the song, then the other person needs to find a new group. Majority Rules! Plus no one signed up to deal with someone’s mother. I would be annoyed by the whole situation too.

        • Ben says:

          Completely agree with this. A good thing for the mother to do would be to be encouraging her daughter that she can succeed. In that group all 4 would have sailed through. Instead, she encouraged her daughter to create conflict by refusing to compromise, and wasted hours of time for the other three.

          Under the circumstances of group round, those circumstances would bring out the worst in the nicest people. I seem to remember Scotty McCreery and Philip Philips having issues at that stage too… they always like to play up the drama of group rounds.

          And besides – it probably did genuinely work out best for everyone, and I doubt that the stuff they showed (like them writing down the group name with only three of them) happened until they knew for sure that Anastasia had joined another group.

        • Metzenfluffer says:

          Yes, but it is too unfair to her other talents to just focus on the singing anyway. Whatever Eliz! Don’t let the door hit you on the way out.

    • antzline says:

      La’Porsha never failed to make me cry. She is such a full-fledged artist.

  2. ColetteLushFan says:

    What’s going on with Colette Lush? The girl is amazing.. She is head and shoulders above the majority of the contestants this year or any year actually. Is she being aired in next weeks episodes? More…. Colette…. Lush

  3. Angela says:

    Yeah, Rebirth was quite good-I really liked the way they changed up the style of the song a bit. La’Porsha’s group were a highlight, too, that off moment with the one girl and the lyrics aside (but she covered well!).
    I also agree on all the renditions of “Renegades”. Especially the one group that started it off as some sort of weirdly slow, almost dirge-like number. That…was not good. Shame, too, ’cause I think that could’ve been a song that would’ve sounded fantastic with the right group performing it.
    This is always my favorite part of the lead up to the proper competition itself. I’m always interested in seeing how these people handle working and performing together, and how those that struggle try and make it work. And I couldn’t help but feel really bad for the people who were the lone ones out of their group not to go through. Talk about your awkward moments.

  4. Dave says:

    I am definitely going to be skipping Idol this season if it turns out to be the La’Porsha Renae show. Not my kind of singer and the producers seem to be in love with her. I will not be able to deal with months of that.

  5. DarkDefender says:

    Brenda K Starr’s daughter is not that good. I guess JLo can’t pull the trigger on that. If she makes it past the final cuts I’ll be shocked. It will be much easier to send her packing when mom is not in the room, no?
    La’Porsha had a bad song choice with her group, but Heffa can sing!
    Milk and cookies looked more like devil’s lettuce and Doritos, but I digress.
    Still hopeful for a successful final season.. But they have to stop letting the judges hog camera time and HCJ needs a better joke writer (or maybe not joke at all?)
    I really hope they crown someone worthy of the house that Kelly built. I really do.

    • Mary says:

      Brenda K daughter should not have made it to Hollywood, let alone made it to the next round.

    • Gailer says:

      She was not good! This is why this show has been bad for years now, letting through people like her

    • HTGR says:

      You almost wonder if they didn’t hire that actress/singer to play the mean, nasty girl to make a way to send the other two through.
      I still can’t believe this whole “Heffa” thing. Under Idol, I’d certainly heard that slang before, but never, ever used in this way. I don’t know where Melinda came up with that as a good thing. That’s always been a pretty nasty insult anywhere I’ve ever been. So it’s so bizarre to have it tossed around here as a top compliment all the time hah.
      I think Poh was a lot better than Michael gave her credit for. Sonika too, although well now he is giving her a lot of credit so I guess never mind about that. It was nice that La’Porscha did sing in Hollywood unlike at the audition. She still isn’t my favorite style, but I can handle it now that there is melody and the phrasing and breath control are so much better instead of everything focused on just getting to the next run. So she was way better for me here than in the audition. Oh and yeah Sonika came off a little badly here, but you know what, I don’t care since you never know how the heck the show was manipulated behind the scenes so you just absolutely can not trust anything you see and even if she is a little like that, well it’s not A.I. not Miss Congeniality and nobody has to be with her, they just have to listen to her. And again, never trust ANYTHING you see on ‘reality’ TV.
      Not sure where Emilie disappeared too. Hopefully it was just a group choreography went wrong and they are just protecting her and not suddenly dumping her away.
      Also I think Tristan has way the heck more star power than Michael thinks.
      It is a shame about the Trent mono since the dude does have talent.

    • HTGR says:

      You almost wonder if they didn’t hire that actress/singer to play the mean, nasty girl to make a way to send the other two through. They could eliminate her on meanness and sabotage and then let others through. From little I heard the mean girl did sorta sound better than K Starr’s daughter (which I hate to say since I do like Brenda K Starr) so mean girl’s comment at the end probably sorta was correct. The fact mean girl took it so well was surprising so you also wonder what was really going on. But who knows. Maybe it was all real. You never know with ‘reality’ TV one way or the other.

    • HTGR says:

      I still can’t believe this whole Heffa thing. Before Idol, I’d certainly heard that slang before, but never, ever used in this way. I don’t know where Melinda came up with that as a good thing. That’s always been a pretty nasty insult anywhere I’ve ever been. So it’s so bizarre to have it tossed around here as a top compliment all the time hah.

    • HTGR says:

      I think Poh was a lot better than Michael gave her credit for. Sonika too, although well now he is giving her a lot of credit so I guess never mind about that.

    • HTGR says:

      Jeez what is wrong with this forum software it bans messages for unfathomable reasons and then you have to post sentence by sentence to get around the ‘bad’ sentence.

    • HTGR says:

      It was nice that LaPorscha did sing in the LA Holly land that is wood unlike at the place where they first tried out (sorry for the weird phrasing here but for unknown reasons the software here automatically bans words common used when talking about parts of California where lots of stuff goes on in this industry and things singers and actors do when they go try to get a part.)

    • HTGR says:

      She still isn’t my favorite style, but I can handle it now that there is melody and the phrasing and breath control are so much better instead of everything focused on just getting to the next run. So she was way better for me here than when she first tried out.

      Oh and yeah Sonika came off a little badly here, but you know what, I don’t care since you never know how the show is being manipulated behind the scenes so you just absolutely can not trust anything you see and even if she is a little like that, well it’s not A.I. not Miss Congeniality and nobody has to be with her, they just have to listen to her. And again, never trust ANYTHING you see on ‘reality’ TV.
      Not sure where Emilie disappeared too. Hopefully it was just a group choreography went wrong and they are just protecting her and not suddenly dumping her away.
      Also I think Tristan has way majorly more star power than Michael thinks.
      It is a shame about the Trent mono since the dude does have talent.

  6. Steve F. says:

    No mention of Trent the one man group powering through a case of mono in a performance worthy of belonging in the top 12? (And when J. Lo mentioned Philip Phillips’ health struggles, I remembered what she was talking about.)

    • Timmah says:

      He should have been disqualified.

    • Lauren says:

      I have had Mono and it is horrible. Your whole body gets so weak and it takes a long time (months) to recover. So much respect for Trent. I’ll be interested to see how he does in the next round. I was kind of surprised they kept him out of a group though. My understanding was that it’s mostly contagious through saliva. So, no sharing water bottles or making out. Honestly though it was probably to his advantage. He didn’t have to deal with any group drama and he didn’t have to over exhaust himself rehearsing with other people.

      • Puchinsmom says:

        I am glad Trent was able to stay in the competition. He’s good, and I like his attitude. He didn’t appear to be milking his situation for attention or votes. He was rathet matter of fact about it. And he did what he had to do with grace and humor. I think he seems like a good guy in addition to being a talented singer.

  7. Ronnie says:

    Band of Gold is still one of the best duets in Idol history. Aaahh, the good olé days of Idol.

  8. danin says:

    Sorry,Mike.I think you are far too tough on Jordan Sasser. I think me is very good, funky& I dig the rasp. (

  9. Timmah says:

    What a dreadful episode. Tonight actually made me glad it’s all ending.

    • Gailer says:

      Agree again, I blame these judges

    • Tom22 says:

      Funny, I too am a bit bored of the format HOWEVER, I felt that after 15 seasons, the judges and producers have finally found ways of expressing things. They accurately described why they felt they needed to put singers through the wringer in contrived pressure situations(because the business itself is heartless and rough and only a person who can thrive in that environment can make it. I think that has really helped them select artists that have been able to support themselves for years after as entertainers on top of the dozen or so that have had solid careers so far(on top of two superstars)).
      They’ve finally started explaining what they mean and used to say “the whole package”, when they mean a combination of desire, stage presence, charm ON top of a great voice (great voice needs to be there 100%… but hunger and joy to watch on stage etc needs to be there too). Adding transparency makes it less like a conspiracy against or for certain people.
      Also, I fee like they’ve finally left the sob-stories behind them and just generally have been less snarky in subtle ways(like, in the past, implying that people are bad singers when they’ve gotten sent home for a blah stage presence).
      Again, I’ve lost a bunch of interest in the show, (tuned out last year after only 4 shows past hollywood)… but at least last night drew me back in a little.

  10. Kelby Jackson says:

    No way LaPorcha is going to win or should win. Candace 2.0. You better hope she doesn’t win. No way Scott will ever sign her.

    • Adrian says:

      Then who else can you say is just truly gonna walk away with this. Cause as of now I wouldn’t predict is it to be anyone else at this point but La’Porsha…

      • Mary says:

        I would say Jessica or Tristin for the girls and the guy who looks like the signer from Green day – forgot his name. LaPorsha is a good singer but look at the demographics for this show – if she makes the live rounds won’t last long.

        • Lisa says:

          Jessica is not good. The guy that looks like greenday Dalton, is unoriginal. I’ve seen plenty of Dalton’s. Mostly all emo style music has the same voice as Dalton. Nothing special. Either Lqporsha or Sonika should win.

  11. Michael says:

    Lost respect for the judges!! Watched idol for years and actually like this group of judges the best!! BUT, how can they send Elvie Shane home and let thru some of the others that sucked or forgot words!! I hope he can pick up a record deal and prove that they messed up !!

    • Timmah says:

      As far as I’m concerned this is the worst judges panel in the show’s history. They are all about themselves and how great they are, and never offer the contestants any constructive ideas.

      • Ben says:

        As far as I’m concerned this is the only judges panel that offers constructive ideas. Simon certainly never did, merely unhelpful criticism. Neither did Paula or Randy. These judges, conversely, are constantly giving constructive criticism to help people improve.

        • marie says:

          Agree totally with Ben. I really like this judging panel. (Even though to do so I have to turn a blind internal eye on JLo’s treatment of Haley. It’s odd how her personality seems to have done something of a 180 over the seasons; now, she seems downright likable.)

          • Ben says:

            Here is my personal truth on Haley… that the judges just had honest but different opinions. J-Lo never seemed to me to ‘treat Haley poorly’ (and in fact, I think TVLine was more inclined at that time to consistently judge Haley’s talent (incredible) instead of judging merely the performance given on that night (inconsistent)). Many of the shows greatest talents had off nights and I guess I’ve always preferred judges to say they didn’t like performances that seemed good to me, rather than when they say a performance was wonderful that just wasn’t. I just thought J-Lo was giving her honest opinion, even then.

          • HTGR says:

            @Ben – I don’t buy that for a second. Not when JLo did a suddenly 180 on her. She was throwing shade in spades at her like mad all of a sudden. Not when Randy and JLo would say one thing about the same thing that someone would do immediately before her and then say something 100% the opposite about the exact same thing regarding her. I mean there was no possibly logical way to make any sense out so much that was going down. They were literally saying 100.0000% opposite things for the 100.000% exact same thing depending upon who the contestant was. And not when they sometimes had to pause mid-sentence, look lost, look down at typed notes and continue saying stuff that had zero bearing on what we had just heard. It was farcical. And not when he had one of their own vocal coaches start calling out the show. And not when you saw them do it, in somewhat more subtle ways to others that season and in others to follow. Face it, these reality shows have a LOT of fakeness. There is a lot of fakeness that goes on in LA land at times. Just trust me. You would be so surprised if you were ever behind the scenes of some things- how differently everything is than what you think. Why do you at the end of the day Jax just felt she had to get off her chest how different things were behind the scenes, despite the risk and what some might say the impropriety of it, and why a bunch of other contestants were willing to be a part of it with her showing that? There is a lot of illusions created just for show in LA land. Not that it’s all terrible, but just be careful in how you judge and what you think based upon what you see and hear and realize that the reality underneath may, at times, be rather different.
            And in my mind they way they pushed her to the point of breaking and getting her to react back, just hoping and all but knowing she would by that point, was really pretty ugly of them and showed a bit of the dark underbelly of the industry. Even Steven Tyler went on an extended rant later that night about how wrong and messed up he thought it had been.
            But this has already been gone over too many times.

        • Maria says:

          This is the judges’ panel I wish we could have had all along.
          I don’t miss Nicki and Mariah feuding. Nor do I miss Mariah offering her vapid comments like “hashtag pow!!!” (While smoothing her hair, of course). How is that helpful to an aspiring musician?
          Except for Harry trying a little too hard to be funny (unlike Keith, who just IS funny without sucking up all the attention away from the contestants) I love this judges’ panel.

        • angeladail says:

          Absolutely agree. One thing I learned by going to the Idol Live tour the year before last. The voices live seemed very different than they do on TV so I think maybe the judges hear something we at home do not. I don’t get that these judges are all about themselves. Simon was all about himself. These three seem to genuinely want to help people that should be singing as a career do that.

        • Timmah says:

          Harry is far more pompous than Simon ever was. All he does is try to show off his musical knowledge while making sure the attention is on him at all times. Cruella is good for comic relief I suppose, claiming that everyone loves to work with her when all reports are that she’s one of the most demanding divas around. Keith is the only one of the three I find tolerable, and does occasionally offer up some good ideas.

          • Ben says:

            Look, each to their own in terms of likability. I was just addressing your comment about them being about themselves and not offering the contestants constructive criticism, which I think is demonstrably untrue.

        • Tom22 says:

          I agree with you Ben. But I think it has taken three years for these judges to really have learned how to describe what they want to see and what they did see.

        • Mac says:

          YAAAS! Finally someone says it! i love this judging panel, for the very reason that they ACTUALLY judge. I mean, how is “in it to win it”, “for me, for you, for me”, “dawg” gonna help me (if I was a singer)? Or being so mean without offering an advice to improve it? Or being too nice, you stand up to every single performance, and now you can’t tell if you were really that good or it was just one of her days.

          Seriously, I can endure Harry’s schtick, or JLo’s too-much-screentime problem, just so they give us a critique, not just a plain criticism, or lack thereof. A judge’s gotta judge!

    • Jon says:

      I totally agree with you Michael. I still can’t believe that they sent Elvie home. It wasn’t his best but I absolutely think he deserved another chance at least. He was my favorite singer and contestant on the show this season based on all of the different singers I saw. I definitely think he could have gone very far and probably had a good chance of winning the show as well. :)

  12. The girl Avalon has a beautiful voice, she should go far I think.

  13. CM says:

    while I did enjoy Trent’s version of Rather Be very much, I didn’t understand why he wasn’t given the same treatment as the girls who needed a third member. Contestants have been throwing up before and they still had to go on stage in a group. However, I’m not mad at that song.

    • Ben says:

      I guess it is the difference between the contestant not having a group, and the producers saying they aren’t allowed to perform in a group. If the producers didn’t want him to sing in a group, they weren’t going to force him to find one. (And lets not forget… he had one).

    • marie says:

      You’ll recall that Trent said his doctor told him he must not sing in a group because he had contagious mononeucleosis and to do so would be to endanger his group members. He was very clear on that. Should the producers have gone against doctors’ orders and put other contestants at risk?

      • CM says:

        But mono is spread thru saliva. If he’s able to use a microphone and not spread it, then he should be fine around other people.

    • Eurydice says:

      Because he was contagious and the doctors said he shouldn’t work with other people.

    • HTGR says:

      Because he could spread something that could take someone down for months instead of a few days.

  14. Mac says:

    It kinda threw me for a loop when HCJ fussed at Joy Dove for letting that girl, whose name I can’t remember, have that final note. I remember JLO for years saying how she loves to see teamwork (she said something like Conraderly but I can’t spell it for nothing). I was ready to throw my tv out if they sent her home for that.

    • Puchinsmom says:

      I agree, Mac. I felt the same way. I think sometimes the judges just NEED to say SOMEthing. Whatever. So they end up contradicting themselves. I liked Joy Dove for her attitude. And plus, she sang really well.
      I also like the fact that the larger ladies seem to be comfortable with their bodies and just strut their stuff proudly. Simon would have said something snarky. Don’t miss that!

  15. Evan says:

    La’Porscha is great, but I didn’t think her group’s “Stayin’ Alive” was all that the show tried to make it seem. There were wrong lyrics, each girl tried to sing the same verse making for a repetitive experience, and on the whole, I thought it severely dragged.

    Haven’t caught up with the rest of the episode, but if this was the best number all night, we’ve come a long way down down down since “Band of Gold.”

    • marie says:

      I was puzzled by that, too. The song has more than one verse. I found the performance boring and repetitive. Well, at least it was there only old song we heard, thank goodness. How many years did I growl at the tv, These kids don’t want to sing “Can’t Help Myself “?

  16. Is Shelbie Z the same Shelby (ie?) that just finished like 5th place on The Voice….the one that sang in bowling alleys? Or is she from an earlier season? I can’t recall and they kind of look alike…..

    • Mary says:

      I don’t watch the voice but yes she was on it. I cannot tell you what season or how far she got, but others have said it is her.

    • Andy says:

      That’s her from season 5, but she was eliminated first week of live shows.

    • Tom22 says:

      It’s her. She’s got a sort of humor/charm about her that makes her easy for me to watch on camera and a very strong voice that she has some control of. Her singing style just isn’t that unique to me though, or something falls just short of her singing bringing that breath of fresh air or understanding that comes across while talking on camera.

  17. karenb says:

    Oh, Slezak, how I live for your recaps. “Terrifying Goatee of Doom!” And remember when you called Nicole Scherzinger Nicole Shamefinger?! Oh my god. LOL. I think I might be your biggest fan. I’m really going to miss these recaps

  18. Mike says:

    Poh’s doesn’t make sense. She was SO excited. Doing it for her sister. And then just nothing? I don’t get it.

    • Tender Puppy! says:

      Maybe they paid her off.

    • JoMarch says:

      She obviously didn’t have the stamina to hang in there. Maybe she was just doing it for her sister and couldn’t tolerate it. I love my sisters, too, but Shi was over-the-top demonstrative.

      • HTGR says:

        Maybe, and I can understand how someone might not last Group night. Some people’s bodies and minds just totally fall to pieces with zero sleep and tons of stress. While the show is sort of realistic in putting people through that there are ways for people with tons of talent to do it without having to be able to make it through a group night. I think that night does kick out some crazy good talent at times for reason that have nothing to do with talent, which is a shame, but Idol is all about the high pressure, go go world style so I suppose it works for them. Poh might have been better going for The Voice.
        Anyway, the fact that she quit just two hours in when it was still, I believe, not even remotely late at night was odd. I could understand someone knowing they couldn’t make it through way ahead of time. Maybe she knew it but just wanted to get as much exposure as possible? I don’t know. Maybe she actually managed to sign with someone on the side and snuck out before getting locked into Idol.

    • Lemon says:

      The group round serves many functions. It shows the producers which contestants have the mental and emotional fortitude to work with many different types of personalities, while under time pressure. It also shows them which ones can think on their feet, get creative, and put on a mini show. It looks like Poh decided she couldn’t handle it, and got out early.

  19. Linda says:

    Why complain about Gianna forgetting some of her words, but not Marlena (in La’Porsha’s group) forgetting pretty much ALL of her words? I couldn’t believe SHE advanced!

  20. Charles says:

    Too much JLo.

  21. Lloyd says:

    “You three are so different from each other, it’s impossible to separate you.” – Keith making perfect sense, as usual.

    • Timmah says:

      LOL. I’m sure what he meant though was that it’s hard to compare singers with different styles and decide who’s best, like apples and oranges.

  22. Lisa says:

    Laporsha’s voice is unbelievable! She’s so unique and versatile!! Top 5 girls = Laporsha, Sonika, Tristan, Olivia, and Jenn. Top 5 guys= Trent, C.J Johnson, Manny, Lee Jean, and Mackenzie,

  23. flutiefan says:

    I guess I’m the only one who doesn’t like La’Porsha’s singing?

  24. Guest says:

    That Jenn Blosil has a great voice, I checked her originals out on youtube. She is a very good songwriter…hope she go far

  25. concerned fan says:

    Does anyone know if the top 24 spoiler is always accurate? Have they always been? Because if this years is accurate they missed someone ridiculously more talented than most of the currently listed top 24.

    • ColetteLushfutureManager says:

      Seriously?! And why aren’t they featuring her more in general? I certainly hope the spoilers are inaccurate because that girl is Underwood quality in the making.. I’m ready to sell my business and start promoting her.. Who knows what the real behind closed doors issue is.. Maybe she doesn’t like the parameters of the contact?

  26. Maria says:

    Where was Colette Lush in the group competition?

  27. Sid Neeto says:

    You forgot to mention that Hollywood Week revealed that Manny Torres has a hairy chest!

  28. joelscorp says:

    Trent Harmon going solo was treated like an impossible challenge, but it was really a gift. I’m sure any contestant would have given up a little toe to avoid being saddled and associated with talentless divas. Trent got to do whatever he wanted without any interference. Clearly an advantage, and no the “oh no!” pill producers wanted us to swallow.

  29. das.bananas says:

    My money’s on Jenna Renae winning. She’s not my favorite, Jenn Blosil and Amelia Eisenhauer are, but there’s something about her. Watch her youtube material, she’s like a country version of Celine Dion.


  30. Mark says:

    Despite this week’s behind the scenes drama about stage moms, song choices, and wasted time I thought Stephany Negrete rose to the challenges of a reality show singing contest by delivering the goods on stage. On this show keeping your artistic focus is necessary….in this case a professional feather in her cap.

  31. TinLV says:

    So far I’ve seen one contestant that really impressed me – Tristan McIntosh. The rest of them, I can’t even remember their names or what the sang five minutes after I saw them. When does “The Voice” start ??