American Crime Regina King

American Crime: Regina King Talks This Week's 'Terrifying' Must-See Episode

Two weeks ago, American Crime viewers looked on as Regina King‘s Terri LaCroix — who had just narrowly missed being involved in a car accident — used her clout at the local police department to exact revenge on the at-fault driver.

The well-connected matriarch may soon need a bigger favor from her pals at the PD: In tonight’s episode (ABC, 10/9c), she learns that Leland High’s sexual assault scandal that has ensnared her son is now being classified as a rape.

“So much of who [Terri] is is identity. It’s very important to her that [the LaCroixs are] looked at as a family on top,” King tells TVLine. “She’s in a position where she can take a photo of a guy’s license plate and make a phone call and something can happen to him. [But] what happens when she doesn’t have that power?”

American Crime Regina KingKing says tonight’s fourth installment will explore what happens when Terri can no longer use her elite status to get her son out of hot water. But the more pressing question for Terri and her husband, Michael (played by André Benjamin), will be whether or not their son actually was involved in the rape at the captains’ party.

“That is the hugest thing for Terri and Michael. It’s less about the boy-on-boy of it all, but that it could possibly be our son that has committed a rape,” King shares. “I have failed tremendously as a parent if that is the case. It’s terrifying to have that feeling.”

King — who previously played a Muslim woman on American Crime‘s first go-round, and won an Emmy for the role — said she is acutely aware of how the show reflects real-life situations, particularly in this week’s episode, which she considers one of the season’s most powerful.

“For teenagers and parents, this is one show to watch together,” she teases. “It is very hard to be a teenager, especially during these times when kids are doing so much of their communication not face-to-face and hiding behind keyboards. You’re going to see how emotionally trying it is for these parents and for these teenagers in this piece.”

American Crime fans, what are your thoughts on Season 2 so far (and King’s polarizing character)? Tell us in the comments below.

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  1. wrstlgirl says:

    This season is one hundred times better than last season. I’m loving it.

  2. Grace says:

    The show is so good this season. It’s just riveting. And Regina King is amazing.

  3. lechatnoir says:

    Regina’s acting skills are by far the best of this season. She’s so believable in this role.

  4. Ian says:

    So harrowing, this season. Miles better than the first. Ive been glued to every episode so far, start to finish.

  5. Kate says:

    The acting on the show it just breathtaking. When that policeofficer told the headmaster that the case was now being classified as a rape… her “non”-reaction….so many nuances….just to single out one moment. Everybody else is fantastic as well….

  6. Aubrey says:

    Funny how she considers tonight’s episode (the fourth) one of the most powerful of the season when it was the first seasons fourth episode which she submitted and later won an Emmy for.

  7. Nick says:

    Great show!

  8. Efamme says:

    This Season is even better. Regina King is so versatile. Amazing and prolific characters.

  9. This show started out so well that I am sorry I can no longer recommend it highly. This last episode took a surprising turn which I feel was done for shock effect only. There are enough layers as it is. Too bad.

    • Geoffrey says:

      What surprise are you talking about that has turned you off completely. I am loving everything so far so am just curious.

  10. abz says:

    This season is so riveting. I’m on the edge of my seat each episode and I hate how fast each episode goes by. The final scene with Felicity Huffman in the last episode where it was revealed to her that the incident was indeed now classified as a rape gave me chills. The look on her face. And I can’t forget the wonderful Regina King. From her work on The Leftover and now this. She’s doing such a great job on both shows.

  11. Geoffrey says:

    I am so enjoying this show. Didn’t watch Season 1 however I will need to go back and get the season and watch it now. Love it.

  12. Matt says:

    I. Haven’t seen season 1 but loving this show. I’d binge watch and see it over a few nights. Hope s1 comes to Netflix like some other ABC shows

  13. abz says:

    Tonight’s episode. Oh my god this show is stressing me out. I don’t even want to look away. It’s so damn good. It seriously needs to be two hours.

    • abz says:

      It does seem a little odd though given that Eric is closeted and clearly very affected by being gay and Taylor may be gay, bi or confused and clearly wasn’t comfortable. So why would Eric and Taylor supposedly plan to meet up and have sex in such a public place with so many of their high school peers around. Anyone could walk in and see them together. There’s definitely more to the story. I’m curious to know also if Kevin knows that Eric is gay. Kevin definitely knows something given that he and Eric were panicking about the incident last week. He may have had some involvement I think, whether in helping to cover it up or witnessing it.
      There could also be a third party involved. I feel like there’s something fishy about the coach.
      One thing I hope though is that by the end, all or at least most would be revealed. I know the subject matter is quite intense and real and there aren’t always satisfying resolutions or complete revelations, but i just don’t want them to “leave everything up to the viewers imagination.” That tactic works very well for The Leftovers, but with this show, I really want to know what happened with these characters eventually.

      • Jeff says:

        NOT liking the surprise that Taylor was in on the texts and went to the party to hook up with Eric. I don’t buy it. I think Taylor is a kid who wants to be accepted and one of the captains of the team took a liking to him thinking he could get something. Think Taylor was more curious and looking for acceptance but got hosed and used. Not cool. People have to realize that male/male rape doesn’t always have to be a gay thing. Loving this show. The actor playing Taylor NEEDS to be nominated this year. He’s fantastic. Damn the whole cast is awesome.

  14. Vernon Weatherbe says:

    Irony! Before seeing Ms. King in AC, I saw her in her freshman role as Brenda Jenkins in”227″ last night! You have come a long way, babee! Another irony, of a fictional matter, isn’t it funny the same race card a “sister” tried use on Terri, had the same effect on the “brother (police)man”! Like the man said, “You reap what you sow.”

    • :-) says:

      I thought that was so powerful. Watching the lady plead for help and leniency in opening and watching Terri (Regina King )repeat those exact same words in the closing. oh my goodness.

  15. Brock says:

    Network TV’s most cable show. Wow. I love it. POWERFUL ep!

  16. Sarah D says:

    Love it! Regina King is awesome. The whole cast is amazing!

  17. OH ….please……how or where can I get a copy of the poem about what it felt like being raped….it made me cry……what great writers this show has….thank you