Crazy Ex-Girlfriend Rebecca Tells Truth Recap

Crazy Ex-Girlfriend Midseason Premiere Recap: Life's a Beach

A life lesson, courtesy of Crazy Ex-Girlfriend‘s midseason premiere: Never invite your boss on your party bus, no matter how delicious his bean dip. #Themoreyouknow

Because if Rebecca hadn’t pulled over the ridiculous party bus she rented to shuttle Josh and his friends to the beach and picked up her lanky, lonely boss, she’d still be able to keep up her cover about moving to California for a job.

But the comedy’s first episode back from the winter break was all about laying Rebecca bare, so Darryl was there when Josh’s crew — with Valencia leading the charge — started poking holes in Ms. Bloom’s West Covina origin story. Remember how she constantly reminds everyone that a great job opportunity drew her to the West Coast? Yeah, that was news to Darryl.

When he said as much in front of Josh, Valencia, White Josh, Greg and Heather, Rebecca was forced to admit that she’s been lying as long as she’s been in town. (And the fact that this moment, and not her wholly inappropriate pole dance earlier in the episode, was the most cringeworthy in the hour gives you a sense for how bleak things get for our anti-heroine.)

Valencia — stunning and vicious in equal measures — struts around in a bikini and demands that Josh denounce Rebecca and her deceit once and for all. But when the camp loves are alone, he admits that he completely understands why she relocated: New York is a tough place to live, and he’s 100 percent on board with her decision… though she should keep their conversation on the downlow as far as everyone else is concerned. (I’m sure that bit about him being jealous of her hooking up with Greg was an aberration… just as sure as I am that Darryl doesn’t have a shrine to White Josh somewhere at his apartment.)

So Rebecca ends the episode without the friends she so desperately thirsted after at the beginning, but with her constant pal Paula — aka the most patient/doormat-esque woman in the universe — waiting to pick her up and bring her home.

Your turn! Grade the premiere via the poll below, then hit the comments to expound upon your thoughts!

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  1. Ann says:

    This is the first episode that made me absolutely love Josh and make me believe they would make a good couple! I’m now on the bandwagon for him!

  2. Lauren says:

    This episode was so great, I love this show so much. I hope the ratings tick up after Rachel’s GG win. I too was starting to swing towards Team Josh after this episode, he was so sweet to her at the end. I thought everyone was incredibly cold to her after her explanation, which made total sense to me. I never thought she moved because she loved Josh, she moved because she was desperately unhappy and Josh made her remember what being happy felt like, just like she said. Her loving Josh is besides the point.

    • Mike M says:

      I really IS an incredibly good show. This was effectively a “bottle” episode, with so much happening in one set on the bus. In production they bring costs down etc, but they can be incredibly hard to pull off by way of having real meaning – both to furthering characters and to linking story-line to series. Often times they can seem out of whack
      with what came before and after. Not so here at all; it’s paid off like we’ve been building up to this bottle episode – with absolutely every moment of character development adding to every character, their relationships between each other, and the overall story. Seriously, this episode was a freakin master class in TV writing. And that’s just the writing. Now add to that the social interaction layer that speaks utter volumes about so many things in society and relationships, and how each and every actor said as much in this episode with their face and gestures as they did with words. And finally, you are dealing with the hardest thing (even more than children or animals) to work into your show – musical segments. Brilliantly done throughout the season/series yet here almost utter perfection – Valencia’s spite and jealousy bombarding the screen in maybe the funniest lines (please go watch again but LISTEN carefully) ever to be written about the passive/aggressive way gals often naturally react to matters of the heart, and Rebecca’s pole dance using the musical number NOT to focus so much on the words, but on the physical aspect that Rachel Bloom literally slams onto the screen. You expect it to be awkward and painful in that amateur “well I tried” way, and it is awkward and painful, yet it’s not at all amateurish – it exudes almost “held-back” professional skill and eroticism, and the impact is visceral and perfect for Rebecca’s attention grabbing intentions; deliberately over the top and yet simply seeking to just stand out in her “I’m here too” please see ME – oh, and yeah “I took classes” explanation. This show is consistently so funny, poignant, classy, layered, well written, well acted and well sung it is for me in another world compared to anything on TV right now in terms of total sheer entertainment.

  3. hbeachman says:

    Paula told Rebecca that she would not help her any more with her plot to land Josh until she admitted to Paula that she is in love with Josh–although they could still get manipedis together. Paula even hung up the phone mid-conversation when Rebecca called her about the drama on the bus (which involved everyone except her paired off with somebody as friends or lovers). When Rebecca finally said “I’m in love with Josh” to Rebecca, at the end of the trip, then Paula warmed up again.

    BTW when did Greg and Rebecca hook up? I thought he was very attracted to her when they met and wanted to but she backpedaled, leading to the faux vegan chef hookup.

    • Jason says:

      that was a mishap on the part of the writers, I think. the Greg-Rebecca thing, I mean. they were going to hook up after the house party, if I remember correctly, but Rebecca cried, so it didn’t happen.

    • Ann says:

      It could depend on what they mean by “hook up.” They technically “hooked up” in the first episode at that house party. They were all over each other. I don’t think it necessarily has to mean they had sex.

  4. thisismenow says:

    The show is incredible. I love the fact it remains true to itself and is almost unapologetic.

  5. LT says:

    What a great episode!

  6. ncmacasl says:

    This is an excellent show! They have release all Season 1 episodes on Hulu if you need to catch up. definitely worth it!!

  7. Columbus says:

    In love with this show.