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The 100 Season 3 Premiere

The 100 Premiere: EP Reveals Aborted Clarke Twist, Talks Bellamy's [Spoiler]

The 100 returned for its third season on Thursday, which means it’s time once again to forget everything we thought we knew about The CW drama’s wild (and quickly expanding) world.

TVLine spoke with executive producer Jason Rothenberg about the premiere’s biggest developments, but first, a quick recap:

Murphy, who went fifty shades of cray while stuck in the bunker, was reunited with Jaha in A.L.I.E.’s mansion. (“She didn’t end the world,” the former chancellor said of his new holographic bestie. “She saved it.”) Over in Arkadia (clever!), Raven butted heads with Abby, Bellamy got himself a new lady friend, Jasper continued his descent into post-Maya madness and Octavia scoffed at Lincoln’s new duds, accusing him of becoming one of “them.”

Of course, Thursday’s premiere was no walk in the park for panther-slayer Clarke, either. Now known as Wanheda (aka “the Death Commander”), she’s become a target for every bounty hunter on the planet — including an ice kingdom resident named Roan, who finally achieved his mission in the episode’s final moments. (Hey, at least Clarke got to have some fun with Niylah before being whisked off by her frozen prince, right?)

The 100 Season 3 SpoilersThough it was probably strange for many viewers to see Clarke spend an entire episode away from her friends and family, consider this: “My initial thought was, ‘Wouldn’t it be interesting if Clarke never even showed up in the first episode until the very end?'” Rothenberg revealed to TVLine. “But I don’t think I could have written the premiere without her being in it the whole time. … Over the course of the season, she’ll need to put what she’s done into perspective and accept who she’s become. She’ll need to own her own power. Will she make peace with it? That remains to be seen. I don’t know if she ever will, but she certainly needs to rediscover her own humanity.”

Speaking of making peace, let’s talk about The 100‘s new couple: Bellamy and Gina.

“It was important for me to show that life has moved on; Clarke’s been away for three months,” Rothenberg says of the surprise romance. “New relationships begin, old relationships end, things change. That struck me as an interesting thing to do and to explore for him. This relationship will motivate him going forward. I assume the ‘Bellark’-ers won’t be happy, but no one is happy all the time. Eventually, they will be.”

Your thoughts on The 100‘s big return? Grade the premiere below, then drop a comment with your full review.

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  1. Mike says:

    I was watching this episode in HD. Was wondering if anybody was watching this in HD and felt that they were watching the episode with the fast forward on.

  2. Jennifer says:

    The entire Jaha/Murphy story line confused the hell out of me. Who was that ugly looking dude at the end? And why wasn’t Murphy surprised to see someone else? And how did ALIE leave the mansion if she is just an avatar? And where did that girl and the tug boat come from? I feel like I missed something here.

    • Drew says:

      Yeah, a lot of that didn’t make sense.

    • Jerry says:

      Murphy did make a comment about Jaha finding a new friend so it wasn’t completely left out. I definitely don’t understand ALIE moving around though, unless there’s a drone above her projecting or something?

      I have a feeling we will get “exposition on a boat” next week

    • ? says:

      They haven’t explained how ALIE has left the mansion yet. I’m betting it has something to do with that purple crystal Jaha showed Murphy. And Jaha had three months to find other people / other believers while Murphy was locked up, which he clearly did. The girl is the one they found in the desert last year with deformities from radiation.

    • Jennifer says:

      After mulling it over, I don’t think they did leave. I think it is more likely that Murphy is hooked up to some virtual reality system than Jaha cleaning him up and shaving him. I think everything we saw after he left the bunker was in his mind.

      • Tracy says:

        Ooh. Interesting theory. I assumed ALIE becoming mobile had to do with what he said about using the nuclear warhead as a power source…like now somehow ALIE is tapped into a mobile power source or something. But the “all in his mind” theory is interesting!

        Also I think the “city of lights is a state of mind” thing or some kind of drug trip seems too easy. I’m betting there’s more to it than that.

        • Is it wrong to say that I didn’t really care whether the so-called ALIE was mobile or not? I’ve never been entranced or enchanted by that part of the story. The “city of lights” theme should be shelved, there are enough other stories going on for which, as viewers, we have had little explanation.

  3. Jada says:

    It was amazing. Every minute of it.

  4. Um … I’m a Bellarke fan, and I’m pretty happy. Don’t get me wrong, them having other relationships isn’t my first choice but, A) I’m more worried about the show being awesome in general, and it is, B) I’d like Bellamy and Clarke to be happy, even if it’s not together, and Bellamy at least seems happier, and Clarke is at least getting some, so that’s nice, and C) after last season, them having scenes together anytime in the near future would be an improvement.

    I’d rather have them together, but I’m definitely ready to see where things go with all the moving parts of this show. It’s too good a series to be anything but happy when it’s doing so well.

  5. Drew says:

    I don’t think Clarke’s scenes really added much to the story. We could have gotten the gist of it without even showing her (she’s being hunted. the other storyline told us that). Meanwhile, the Jaha/Murphy story didn’t make a lot of sense and could have used more scenes to explain it.

    • Liss says:

      Didn’t you feel like Clarke’s scenes were there only to show that now she has blended in with the grounders…and she ended up having sex with the trader felt like a total “we wrote this scene to make happy all of those fans who wanted Clarke to be with ” since they can’t have thaat, well let’s make them happy with this…Jaha/Murphy scenes didn’t made sense at all, There’s a difference between leaving the viewer intrigued than thinking WTF? and I’m one of the latters….i think the wait for this new season was way too long to get this episode. It had some good things of course but to be completely honest it bored me and got me like, is it over yet? And didn’t accomplished to make me anxious about the rest of the season or what will happen with the characters in the future…Let’s see if they improve next episode…they have ton of material to work with, hope they use it well

      • Drew says:

        The thing was, having Clarke be spoken about but never seen would have elevated her story so much. She would have started this season of as a myth, which is what the viewers think of her as. Actually showing her brought her back down to being a girl who is just trying to survive… and has sex with random people who she had no connection with at all until that scene. By being scared to leave her out of an episode, they took the character down a few notches.

        • I agree and disagree with you on this. I disagree because I remember reading an article recently that had specifically pointed out that in these 3 months Clarke HAS just been trying to survive wherever she can in the woods. But, I agree in that it would have been so much cooler and more powerful to Clarke is they had left her out completely and the last scene been when she attacks the panther. It would have shown the two things perfectly: she’s surviving AND she’s badass.

      • The sex scene was totally gratuitous, the Jaha/Murphy scenes might have been stitched together by a computer who had no idea what was going on, ditto for us. Everything in the episode was Dropped Heavily on the viewer with no prior setting up of what to expect. We understand, as viewers, that things must move on but the stories have to make sense to us in light of what was previously viewed. I didn’t like the tone of the story in that it basically said: This is what happens, deal with it, make sense of it even if it obviously doesn’t, smacked of careless writing.

  6. Jerry says:

    I think this episode met the “CW show” quote for the entire season already. Shirtless, fit men sparring; two women enjoying each other’s uh, company; and a real-life musician singing the end-of-episode song.

    I do hope that’s about it

  7. James D says:

    Good episode. the characters that annoyed me last season still annoyed me in this episode, and i still feel like someone killed my puppy after watching an episode so same old same old I guess. still entertaining though.

  8. Luli says:

    I binge watched the show in my winter break, and after that I was pretty excited about the new season. It became one of my fav tv shows. But maybe because I was that excited about season 3 this episode left me a bit cold. Not their strongest one. Too many cw cliched things? Having Shawn Mendez sing the end song? Also Clarke is by far my favorite character, and I wish we had more scenes with her, and less with the Jaha/Murphy storyline. I’m starting to like murphy more, but give him a different thing to do.

    Also the promo for the second part gave me more excitement than the whole first ep, except maybe for the Clarke hhunting the panther scene, which I thought was great.

  9. lame says:

    As the 1st ep of the season it laid the ground work for what we’ll see now. I found it intriguing, it dares to go in new and unexpected directions. What seems weird is Jaja’s complete lack of concern for the Arkers.
    It fulfilled it’s purpose, I’ll be tunning in next week.

  10. Jenn says:

    I AM SO. GLAD. THIS SHOW IS BACK. May it get all the ratings and press it deserves!

  11. Et al. says:

    Fantastic premiere!

  12. Sarah9 says:

    It was an intense premiere with a long of change in 3 months..
    Jasper seems to be going down the rabbit hole..but people grieve in different ways so I understand he is suffering but does he have to be an ass to Monty too?
    The introduction of Clarke felt a bit out of context but I guess they wanted to show where she was and how she was living in hiding..must be why she change her hair.
    Didn’t really care about that stupid song bit during the episode.
    Bellamy romance..i don’t see it lasting very long.
    Can’t wait for next week..its going to be even better :)

  13. AnnLovesLost says:

    I think they pulled a “pilot” on us to rope new viewers and what I personally looked forward to, will be on track next week. There were some integrity issues…how are they hauling pianos and couches and throw rugs from MW? How could any of them possibly know the words to violent femmes song and why is the “stitches” kid singing in a cantina? Yeah…a cantina. 3 months isn’t that long. As much as I am glad Clarke Was not with Lexa, I felt the scene at the trading post was gratuitous. This show is not popular for its love drama. It is more about people evolving so I enjoyed more the brief interraction of Kane and Bellamy.
    Meanwhile, now that you finally washed up, run awayJohn Murphy… Run from Jaha- don’t look back.
    They need to find a way to cut to the chase on that storyline .
    Looking forward to next weeks show that is for existing viewers. Ww want it to stay on, so you get a pass on this one. Understood

  14. E says:

    I guess I’m the only one wanting Clarke and Bellamy to get together.

    • sawyer says:

      No you are not the only one that wants Clarke and Bellamy together. The 100 ad the writers have no where to go with Clarke and Bellamy once they pair them up. The X files didn’t pair up Scully and Mulder until what the 8th season.

      • E says:

        Well I will keep hope alive then. It does say ‘Bellark’-ers won’t be happy, but no one is happy all the time. Eventually, they will be.”

        Also I think I have brought up the X-FIles in almost every conversation lately. I can honestly say I’ve never been more excited about a a show than I am for Sunday night and X-Files to be back on.

  15. sawyer says:

    Great episode. Happy to see Clarke. Not surprised she slept with the chic at the trading post. Clarke needed human contact. Bellamy moving on, he and Clarke may have chemistry the writer has stated he will not ship Clarke and Bellamy until much later. Jaha is a waste of screen time. Please give more screen time to Monty. The City of lights, not sure about. I am loving Murphy more and more. I seB bellamy new gal being axed, in the next few weeks, no chemistry there. No guy waits forever for a chic even if it is Clarke. I am interested to see what happens when Lexa and Clarke meet again.

  16. Shaw says:

    Can someone explain to me what Octavia problem is with the US and Them

  17. Ray says:

    I love this show so my complaints will be kept to 2. First, I wish they would make this show 22 episodes a season. I understand they worry about quality but it is well written and they have one of the biggest cast on tv. So they could flesh out each character more. Second, Octavia’s character change was to fast. She went from an immature girl who lived in one room and hid under the floor to a skilled warrior. She wenting from flirting with Jasper to being with Lincoln who looks like he’s way to old to be with a still teenage girl. She also said last season that she was a Sky person and a grounder. The Grounders have disowned her but she is taking it out on Lincoln and Arcadia. Point being, why make her so tough only to make her look and act childish?

  18. I really liked the episode. I think there was too much of Jaha’s story, but I enjoyed the beginning with Murphy been trapped in a bunker while the time passed. I was wondering how Clarke became so fluent in the Grounders language on her own in just three months. The whole open road like if they have possibly clean the path in three months for their vehicle was very confusing. I like the fact that they introduced very few new characters discretely and that Clarke’s actions and now her capture might be the catalyzer for the Ice Nation uprising against the Grounders. I like that there are still many of the 100 involved in the story and gaining importance. I can’t wait for Monty, Jasper and Nathan to also face off Lexa and her grounders or for them to get more involved with members of the Ice Nations and give them reasons to retaliate. Also it would be nice to see others, like Monroe and Harper also taking part in the story.

  19. VadaCheese says:

    I loved that they included Clarke in this episode. I’ve been contemplating in my head how this season will go for awhile. Clarke will end up reuniting with Lexa. Clarke killed people to save her people just as Lexa was doing. Clarke now understands Lexa’s move. They show a preview of a scene with Clarke holding a knife to Lexa’s throat but I think we all know that will turn into a firgiveness scene.
    As for the whi Jaha and Murphy scenes, I am confused but ready to learn more.

    • VadaCheese says:

      I would also like to mention, I believe they showed the sex scene with Clarke to show that she has accepting moving on from Finn. More reason to believe that she will reunite with Lexa.

  20. aplwrites says:

    If this show switched gears and focused on the theme they have with Bellamy and his rag tag crew of ‘soldier’ this show would be one of my favorites on TV currently, if not the undisputed champion. Those scenes were done so damn well and this world is already so fleshed out, it would be amazing. Here is hoping that it keeps going in that direction this season. Leaving Clarke’s whereabouts somewhat of a mystery would be excellent. Have them search, get close, just miss her, get close, see her, miss her, then go forever, thinking maybe she is dead, new lead.

  21. Brandy lamb says:

    I loved it but everything was new and kinda confusing. I got really mad when I saw Bellamy kiss another girl and when Clarke and that one girl made love. I really hope episode 2 will be less confusing.

  22. Ryan says:

    I think that Clarke and Lexa need to get back together

  23. Ellen M. says:

    One of the best shows on TV IMHO. Clarke is such a bad ass, I love her and can’t wait to see what happens next week! Hurry up Thursday.

  24. Antoinette says:

    So what are you saying their is no chance now for Bellarke😡

  25. Jaime says:

    As one reviewer noted, this is a two part episode and it would likely have gone over better if they were aired back to back. Not to say that I did not enjoy the premiere but maybe they should have aired them consecutively.

  26. So what are they planing on doinh putting Clarke with Bellamy later? Is that what Jason means when he says they’re shippers will be happy later? I hope not, what about the Clexa shippers? What are they going to do turn around after doing something so unusual like having they’re lead female character be Bisexual/lesbian and fall for a woman, and then switch it to her getting with a guy? But then sense they made her Bisexual and not a lesbian, I guess I shouldn’t be surprised! I mean why can’t they just make it that she at least prefer woman over guys, I mean they have Raven and Octavia to be all into the guys, why not let Clarke be more into woman then men! Jason claimed this season would have much more LGBT leaning romance in it, I was hoping he was talking about Clarke, not just Lexa by herself! Or has he decided to add a gay male or something, if so that’s fine, but don’t turn Clarke back to the guys, let her be with Lexa or another girl, not Bellamy or some other guy! Why not have Raven and Bellamy get together, I think they would make a good couple!

  27. ? says:

    Bellamy and Clarke need to date!!