Heroes Reborn Series Finale

Heroes Reborn Recap: Was the World Saved? — Plus: Grade the Series Finale!

Since last September, Heroes Reborn has been taunting viewers with two things: (1) the inevitability of a massive, solar flare-induced apocalypse, and (2) the hope that Tommy, Malina and the rest of the Evos could save the world from its terrifying end.

So, did they?

Well, I’ll give you the simple answer first: Yes. Of course. (Even Tim Kring can deliver a happy ending!)

But here’s the more complicated, timey-wimey answer: In Thursday’s series finale, the fate of the world is ultimately left up to Tommy (er, Nathan, if we’re really getting technical). After getting rescued by Ren from Evernow‘s Eternal Fortress, Tommy realizes that, unlike Hiro Nakamura, he can actually be in two places at once. (Trippy!)

Heroes Reborn Series FinaleSo, without wasting any time, Tommy duplicates himself, sending one version to the present day (where Malina is trying to ward off the big solar flare) while another version remains in Renautas’ 7,000-year-ahead future. (Long story short: Tommy destroys the futuristic Gateway, managing to save everyone except Erica Kravid. Huzzah!)

In the present-day, Tommy and Malina join hands and try to stop the solar flare together, but it doesn’t work. They need a conduit who can absorb their powers and sacrifice himself in order to shut down the apocalypse, and that lucky guy is Noah Bennett. Despite Tommy and Malina’s protests, Noah accepts his destiny: to die, if it means saving the world.

So, even though the infamous cheerleader couldn’t be saved, it’s her dad that ultimately preserves humanity in the end. (And Noah isn’t the only casualty of the hour; Luke and Phoebe are sacrificed for the greater good, too.)

Three months later, it seems that each of the Evos have gone back to their regular lives — that is, until Tommy and Malina are both introduced to yet another disconcerting prophecy that involves twins. When Malina asks Angela Petrelli what it all means, Angela says, “It means your father is coming back for you — but this time, no one can protect you.” (Then again, since NBC has opted not to renew Heroes Reborn, it doesn’t seem that Angela’s ominous prediction will come to fruition. Or at least, not for another five years, when the franchise is inevitably rebooted again.)

Were you satisfied with the Heroes Reborn finale? Grade it in our poll below, then hit the comments with your final thoughts!

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  1. Fail? Urgh. Far too many jaded viewers. This would have done so much better on Netflix.

    • Phlerg says:

      I thought it was doomed from the start. First they said it would be a whole new batch of heroes, then they brought back most of the old cast, only to ruin them or underuse them, and then they killed off Zachary Levi for what reason? Did he absorb the brunt of the HELE or something, or just kill himself? He could have been an interesting person to lead this new generation. And I forget, what happened to Erikas daughter?

      • They did bring back as much of the old cast as it was reasonable given where their stories left off (i.e. who were still alive), which I thought was cool.

        Levi dying was pretty much a given given the intention of this opening story arc. He had “one season played” pretty much tattooed on his forehead, heh.

        Taylor walked away from her mother in the previous episode. Clearly she had nothing more to contribute to the plot.

    • From a story at TVInside, Bob Greenblatt says:

      “All of us at NBC are very much looking forward to tonight’s exciting finale of Heroes Reborn. The show this fall was always envisioned as a 13-episode limited series, which comes to an exciting conclusion tonight, and we’re thrilled that nearly 7 million L+7 viewers have been glued to this saga each week this season. And the door remains open for future installments of this beloved series from creator/executive producer Tim Kring.”

      Here’s Tim Kring’s full statement:

      “I want to sincerely thank all of our fantastic Heroes Reborn fans for watching our latest volume. Our entire team here couldn’t be more thrilled that you are going to finally get to see the series finale tonight — the biggest episode ever in the Heroes saga to date. I’ve said from the beginning that Heroes Reborn would be 13 episodes long, with a beginning, middle and end. I know word has been circulating that Heroes Reborn has been ‘canceled,’ but I want to assure you that tonight’s finale is exactly the ending we’ve had planned from the very beginning. I’ve also stated that if there was going to be more story, it would not be part of Heroes Reborn, but rather some future volume with a brand new story. Let me just say clearly for the record — the ‘Heroes’ universe is designed to be large and multi-platformed. ‘Heroes Reborn’ alone now includes six novellas, a series of comic books from Titan Publishing, and our two new games GEMINI – Heroes Reborn (on Xbox now, releasing on all other console and PC platforms next week) and Heroes Reborn ENIGMA (available on mobile and tablet). I think you will see that tonight’s final episode clearly leaves the door open for us to tell more stories within the Heroes saga. We would be honored if you came along for that ride with us when we do. Until then I want to offer my heartfelt gratitude to the many fans of Heroes and Heroes Reborn for your loyal and unwavering support. Stay tuned. There is more to come.”

      • Elizabeth Proietto says:

        TY Tim Kring and NBC for Heroes Reborn ! I can’t wait to see what comes next in Heroes ! I’m hoping you continue to make more Heroes ! In this day and age this is exactly what people need ! More Heroes ! Ty that I can watch Heroes with my children ! We need many more shows like this !

  2. Mike says:

    Sylar’s the Dad

    • According to Save the Cheerleader, Destroy the World, an eBook that details what happened to Claire Bennet after she revealed the existence of evolved humans to the world, and the development of the Evo Registration Act, their father is called Hammer. You can find the entries to both at heroeswiki.com

      • Nanami says:

        yep, I read that, too. It’s funny however, that after Angela finishes talking and the show ends, the music briefly switches to the same (or REALLY similar) theme that used to play whenever Sylar was in the frame or did something particularly “Sylar-like” ;)
        While it would have been interesting to learn HOW that came to be, if the father actually was Sylar, it is unlikely…Claire was pretty no-nonsense when it came to him…It would have been nice to have learned what happened to him, he was such an attention – ***** XD

        • I’m hopeful that we’ll see a live-action follow up in some form or another in the coming years.

        • The thing with the Sylar theory is, since powers can clearly be inherited, what did Nathan and Malina inherit from Sylar? He got his power from his grandfather, a variant of which he shared with his uncle Peter.

          • Sylar could absorb powers too without killing, he just chose to kill. I’m on board with the Sylar theory not only because of the music, but that’s where Hiro met Charlie, in a diner.

            The guy walking out had a drink just like Sylar and wore the same coat as Sylar. Also in the last series he hinted that him and Clair could become lovers in the future.

            I’m disappointed it was canceled. Bringing back Sylar woulda kept the series alive.

          • Well, one major argument against it being Sylar is that it’s unlikely Quinto would reprise the role. That has to be taken into account.

          • John Salerno says:

            Didn’t everyone used to complain that Sylar became overused on the show? Now everyone wants him back because THAT will make the show awesome again??? Ooookay…..

    • kristen t says:

      Wouldnt that mean she had sex and had her kids with her uncle…since sylar was a petrilli or something and related to nathan?

      • zobva says:

        No, Sylar wasn’t related to a Petrelli. When he gained shapeshifter abilities, Sylar killed Nathan and took his place. Matt Parkman erased his memories of ever having been Sylar so for a time he thought he WAS Senator Nathan Petrelli and looked and acted exactly like him.
        That was Sylar’s connection to the Petrelli family.

  3. John McDougal says:

    “Inevitably”? I don’t think Heroes was *ever* inevitable.

  4. Mike says:

    The worst part about this finale is it’s left open. They stated just weeks ago when it was “cancelled” that it was always supposed to be a one and done. If that’s the case then making this just a “chapter” is stupid. If there’s no intention of a follow up then starting a new story is moronic.

    • Jim says:

      They’ve always told their stories in “volumes”. They didn’t leave it open. It’s over. They saved the world. Story concluded. They simply added a tease after the conclusion for a future story if they ever decide to do one. They’ve always added a tease after the conclusion of each volume.

      • Mike says:

        yes, a tease when we knew it was coming back. With no plan on coming back this time it felt like they added unnecessary story.

    • Zob says:

      Telephone for you. X-Files on line one.

  5. Jim says:

    Renew? It was always planned to be a limited run event series from the beginning. There was never anything to renew in the first place. If Kring decides he has another story to tell, he’ll surely have a discussion with NBC but this was never more than an extended miniseries.

    • David4 says:

      You really don’t understand how TV works do you.

      Limited Event Series is what a network calls something that might fail and won’t get 22 episodes a year. If this show was popular it would have gotten a new season and everyone would forget the lame title. Instead it was a complete failure on ever level and was canceled.

      • T says:

        Yes I understand how TV works. You press the power button and it comes on. There was a day when you actually had to get off your lazy (***) to do this as well as change the channel.

        With that said when reborn came out it was always from the beginning going to be 13 episodes. Networks are not going to put on the air something on the air they feel MIGHT fail and have it planned for 13 episodes. They may start a show and latter deem it a failure and cancel it. That was not the case here.

        Back to how a TV works sometimes you even had to move what were called rabbit ears to tune a channel in.

    • John Salerno says:

      Is this going to be the new defense of the show by fanboys? That it was never meant to have another season?

      Yes, this season was always meant to be a 13 episode “event series,” but that in no way means NBC wouldn’t have renewed it if it had been successful.

      Take Under the Dome as an example. It was supposed to be a similar-length miniseries, but CBS not only extended the series in its first season but also renewed it for two subsequent seasons (which in no small way contributed to how bad it was).

      The same would have happened to Heroes Reborn if people actually liked it.

      • “Fanboys” just know what’s been going on with the series a lot better than the non-initiated. Many actors of the show had stated that this was a one-shot miniseries from the beginning, and there wouldn’t be a season 2. If you want to look up an interview, search for Robbie Kay.

        I was hoping the show was going to be popular enough, despite the fact that it was a miniseries, for people to want more. Unfortunately, this apparently didn’t happen, for whatever reason.

  6. lygarx says:

    I was satisfied. It offered closure to the series. It does not need any more episodes. There may be a potential plot with Crazy Matt Parkman or some of the old cast or maybe that thing in the end with their evil father, but those stories would be boring. Just leave it alone for 5 years before you even try to make another miniseries or series. If He must try to revive it again, he can go to Netflix or Syfy. But please don’t. I am done with Heroes for at least 3 to 5 years.

  7. Raymond Gaouette says:

    Angela was young again at the end? She was 16 years older when Hiro and HRG visited her and Malina. Now she is young again after the H.E.L.E? Is Malina in the past again, or did they just make a huge mistake in production?

    • Chrono says:

      No actually, when she went back to the past, there would be two Angela’s existing at the same time in the past. The one with Malina would be older than the one living elsewhere, say in “real time”. So it is more likely that it is the “younger” that’s there at the end. Confusing stuff, I swear.

      • BCleverGuy says:

        OK, but if Angela went back when the twins were born, she ceases to exist after that time in the present.
        So, there are 2 Angelas in a timeframe of 16 years ago to 1 year ago (the odessa terrorist attack and the twins birth). Then, the twins are born and she goes back 16 years, so IN THE PRESENT there is only “Old” Angela.
        This series never got time travel quite right!!

        • Remarck says:

          You don’t understand. The future Angela go back to the past. So there are two Angela in the past the future and the past.. The future Angela no longer exist in the future considere her dead.. So the two angel the one us young and the other is old.. As time goes on the two Angela goes on… Unaware that they both exist st the same time, untill the other one go back to the past again so my theory is instead of the present Angela or the young one to go back to the future, the old one go back there that is why she is very very old considering it’s just 15years

          • Mike says:

            There were two Angelas only until the terrorist attack in Odessa, that were one year ago, after that there would only be the older Angela, so I would go for Huge Mistake in Production.

      • John says:

        So are there two Hiros?

        • Remarck says:

          Yes there is two hiro during the odesa attack but the other one is trap in ever now and the other one is the escaped him on ever now that go back to the past… So ther is one hero in the Odessa attack day, but far away. And two hiro in the 15yrs ago but the other one us unaware of it. And as time goes on the past hiro continues and the other one will be trap in ever now and the later cause they didn’t show it, might already been dead,.

    • SallyW says:

      It’s called hair dye. She could’ve just gotten tired of the grey hair.

  8. Mari says:

    They should have renewed it. This was a good show and why do the good shows always get cancelled

    • Low ratings and jaded viewers. The Netflix system has to expand beyond just that one platform so that more shows on more outlets get a fairer deal.

    • Jamie says:

      I agree. I enjoyed it. This seemed, to me, a sort of transition from the Heroes we knew to new Heroes… Like they closed one door and opened a new one. Now EVOs can live more normal lives…and we can be entertained by new heroes and villains…they canceled before they gave it a real chance…

  9. Kevin says:

    Glad it is over. What an awful reboot. Destroyed anything I liked about the previous series. A disappointment all around. Happy it is cancelled, best to forget it even happened.

  10. AngelWasHere says:

    Thank goodness it’s over! Let it rest in peace.

  11. D says:

    to be honest i think the show would have worked better on syfy this time around

  12. Joe says:

    I can’t wait for the reboot.

  13. Yolanda Owens says:

    LOVE shows like this. Hope to see more. Who’s the twins father? So many possibilities. Love the ending to spin another season if my fellow movie watchers vote wise. Lol!! So let’s do a renewal NBC. WE LOVE EXTRAORDINARY. The real world is knowledge. Movies are EPIC!!!

  14. AP says:

    I hope they make more I like the show was mad they killed all the original characters though

    • Jerry says:

      I think that’s the major problem with this season – they, well, crapped on almost every original character. I can’t believe Hiro, Claire. HRG, etc are dead. I’d rather they didn’t make the series at all so I can at least imagine them all alive, having a good time

  15. Max says:

    The Father should be Sylar.

  16. Josh says:

    There was so much left unanswered. Who is Nathan and Malina father. Is he a bad guy. Will Hiro Nakamura return. What about Peter Petrelli. And Siler. So please bring it back. To many questions need to be answered. It’s not fair to end a show with questions that need to be answered. B

  17. Heather says:

    Heroes always starts off with potential but then loses itself along the way. They started out with too many characters took too long to connect the strings.

    While I loved Sylar I doubt he’s the father, after he dug through Claire’s brain she was traumatized I doubt she’d get over that and sleep with him.

  18. Mitzi says:

    Television networks let so many bad tv shows last long then they should so why not let this go on for another season and see how it will pan out.

  19. Mercy says:

    Uuuuuggghhhhhh, there has to be a season 2 please, who is the twins father?

  20. Carla Krae says:

    Go to TVInsider’s site. Kring and NBC both said that Heroes Reborn was always a miniseries. Kring also said he has other stories to tell, like another Heroes-verse anthology, and NBC says they’re open to discussions about those ideas.

    • galler says:

      “Go to TVInsider’s site. Kring and NBC both said that Heroes Reborn was always a miniseries”

      nope. he always said it can be continued, if the ratings are okay. “I feel confident we could find other stories to tell with new characters and some recurring characters.””

    • Michael S. asks: “Is this a one-and-done revival, or is there a real chance of having more seasons after this one?”

      This is a one and done for this particular story. I have always seen the “Heroes” universe as being elastic enough to create new characters and new stories. After all, the world will always need saving, and with our premise, there are always people waking up to the discovery of their unique abilities.

      That’s what he told me through CBR.

    • Remarck says:

      Well it takes 5yrs again?

  21. Fuon says:

    I loved the ending and really enjoyed the show. I would love to see it come back for another limited series run.

  22. What Kring probably means is that while Heroes Reborn didn’t get a second season, the next volume/season could have its own title, i.e. Heroes ____. That’s a cool prospect.

  23. steven says:

    Typical Heroes: There are still questions left unanswered: What happened to Micah, Hiro, Ando, Matt, Sylar, Peter, and Tracy?

    • Micah was on the show. Matt crashed his car and was left yelling for help. Oddly, the Heroes Twitter account refers to it as his demise, which is untrue since he didn’t die. Also, since he had the time piece, it stands to reason that he was transported to the future, where it is possible that he was given medical attention before Nathan sent everyone back to the past. Hiro may have died fighting the Harris clones. I for one like to think that Nathan can, at any time he pleases, go back in time to save him, we just haven’t seen it yet.

  24. Laural says:

    I really hope it doesn’t take 5 yrs for anything from this series! I want to see more, more, more! I love that they left the ending to Heroes Reborn open with a hint of more in our future! I’ll miss watching this series till a new season! But please NBC, and Tim Kring, don’t make us wait for 7,000 and some odd years for more?!

  25. Jim says:

    This reboot only proved why the original was cancelled in the first place. lazy, uninspired writing, boring characters and way, way too many powers. They should have completely rebooted the series with new people, New story lines and new powers and only a few powers…ie NO TIME TRAVEL. It could’ve been so good. But, Tim Kring, once again, blew it

  26. Patty Stamps says:

    I felt like I missed something in the beginning. It was an odd episode. I was dissapointed in Zachary Levi’s character, and the way Ryan Guzman’s character’s storyline played out. Every scene with Robbie Kay was gold, and I adore him.

  27. Clark says:

    That was Peter in the end right?

  28. John Salerno says:

    Many people in the comments here seem to have enjoyed the show, so maybe I’ll get a serious answer here. Nathan’s power wasn’t actually time travel, it was the ability to absorb other powers. So not only does this raise the question of why he never absorbed any other powers in his roughly sixteen years, but why was he allowed to be near and touch Malina in the finale, both as children and as adults? Why didn’t he take her power either time? Maybe most importantly, why was this never addressed by the writers!?

    • Remarck says:

      If you pay attention? When they are holding hands, their power escalate and can’t be controlled, so they need a conduit? So how could Nathan absorb malinas power if he can’t control his power ? And if you pay attention, at Nathan’s younger age, he can’t control his power of absorption that’s why they are split away… And there is also a Haitian during the experiment … And Angela’s vision isn’t clear and it just come out of nowhere so she got no idea yet on how Nathan’s absorption power takes place . Nathan lost his memory, he did not even know he have powers, do how could he absorb power if he didn’t know he can. His mother protected him from evo too so it’s hard to absorb other ecosystem power if he can’t cross path with them..

      • John Salerno says:

        Was that supposed to make sense? I guess it did to you because you’re the one who made it up. I don’t know why it’s relevant whether Nathan can “control” his power, because we already saw him absorb Claire’s power and then Hiro’s power when he was one day old! Being able to control or even understand his power seems irrelevant.

  29. Dawn says:

    Hey I know this series wasnt the best. I too longed for Heroes to recapture all the greatness of season 1, but it didn’t work that way. It might have been better suited on a different platform like netflix or hulu. It was just ok. I did enjoy seeing Jack Coleman again and I do want answers as to who the twins’ father is, maybe next go round will be better. Glad Erica didn’t survive and that there was some closure if thats what you want to call it. I had so much hope for this series and that’s all i was left with was hope, hope that it would get better. the only decent episode was the “June13th” one. Tim Kring tried, hopefully next go it will be great.

  30. adixon says:

    Hope there’s a season 2, I love heroes. Neftflix should pick it up.

  31. Michelle says:

    Watched the first episode of the show & I could barely get through that episode and I quite halfway through the second.

  32. The first series was amazing heroes reborn was also amazing I would really enjoy them to continue doing this show they left it off with a huge opening I don’t believe that they can do a lot more with the show and create A whole Nother series I would be a very happy fan if they did!!!!

  33. rich says:

    They need a season2!!!!

  34. Marassa says:



  35. Bozo says:

    Loved this season, but why on earth did they leave the last minute in when they knew they were canceled? That scene was only needed if it was coming back. Plus, would anyone have wanted to see Peter as a bad guy anyway?

  36. BC says:

    If I not mistaken, wasn’t Nathan really Clare’s dad? She named her son after is grandfather? Or did they say the twins father was named Nathan also?? Totally confused

    • zobva says:

      Yes, Nathan was the Cheerleader’s (Claire’s) real father. The question, though, is who the twin’s father is.

      I think it’s really neat how they masterfully and intricately answered the ultimate question in Heroes Reborn. The entire original Heroes series was built around the premise of the prophecy that the Cheerleader was destined to save the world. Since her ability was only healing herself, no one could imagine how she could save the world. The Heroes Reborn miniseries sure cleared that up; the Cheerleader saved the world by bearing the children who had the abilities needed when the time came.

  37. Stephen says:

    it’s really crappy that you would start a show the way you did with Claire’s death and then ended not knowing who the father is but apparently leaving a cliffhanger saying the shows going to be rebooted or a new season however you aren’t rebooting it or doing a new season you should have just left it as they’re happy that’s a normal life and there should have been no cards… fail!

  38. Kevin says:

    I think it’s binge worthy from start to Finnish it kept my attention and now I am a fan of the show. I can’t wait to see more super hero series TV shows and I was very impressed with the design and effects. My favorite part of Heroes Reborn is when Noah see’s Claire under the sheet. It was memorable and now my mind is eased to know the reason behind saving the cheerleader.

  39. Willy Tran says:

    How can Angela be young again? didn’t she have grey hair?

  40. Hassan says:

    Who was elena and nathan’s father again? I totaly forgot!!! I know clair was their mother

  41. robandco says:

    I finally watched the finale. It was just awesome. Very exciting and extremely thrilling. They know how to tie everything together in the end, with every one interacting with each other (even unsuspected pairs (like Tommy/Nathan’s girlfriend whose name I can’t remember and Ren, who where quite fun to watch).
    I like Heroes’ view on time travel and single universe. I loved how they used it to simply annihilate Erika. Much more fun than The Flash’s stance on the matter for example (multiverse are fun but I love butterfly effects more).
    I just can’t believe they killed Noah. It really broke my heart. Parkman can die in his car for what I care. I loved the guy in Heroes but he was so dull (as usual some would say) here.
    I know it was canceled but I wish it wasn’t. It could have been so much better on Netflix though.

  42. Belladonna says:

    Sylar is the dad.
    The power to take powers comes from Claire’s bloodline not sylar. That’s the connection to the petrel like family. The male petrelli’s steal powers or copy them. Ironically, so do the Greys. Samuel and Gabriel (aka Sylar) both have that power to empathically or physically take powers through intuitive aptidtude. Also, in a past alternative future, Gabriel Grey names his son Noah. Why would he name his son Noah unless it was after the son’s adoptive grandfather, aka Noah Bennet.

    Think about it.

    • robandco says:

      That’s what I thought too. But then again, Quinto said no as whether or not he’d like to reprise his role so I doubt it. Also, nothing was written and they probably didn’t even thought about who it would be…

  43. Garrison friggle says:

    I don’t care if it was only planned for 13 episodes. It was one of my favorite shows on tv and needs to either be renewed or moved to a network that know what shows are good and could continue with so many different outcomes with the variety of characters. Please bring it back weather on tv or Netflix or something. Love the show

  44. Davidw3 says:

    Domid anyone else notice that the guy who left tommys (nathans) card was wearing the outfit Peter Petrelli wore in heroes volume 1 episode 1

  45. realgurahamu says:

    fail purely because NBC is run by losers who don’t know how to close a show before cancelling it

    • prish says:

      After how Life and so many others were just left hanging, I am very disappointed in the networks. Where are the TV movies that used to fill the airwaves? They could do that to wrap things up. The fans deserve more than carelessness and bad management. Fan Rights!

  46. Gabe says:

    Continue the show please!!! It’s awesome and I’m a huge fan.

  47. Db says:

    Future Peter loves on!

  48. Travis Toulson says:

    Definitely a great show to watch. Did it come close in comparison to the original? That question will hopefully be determined if they continue the show. Which so far isn’t in the cards to happen. The show has everything viewers love to watch suspense, mystery, romance, a sense of horror, and non stop nail biting action. The original heroes show kept me watching and benging episode after episode. Then when I realized it was over with no more episodes coming there was a piece of my tv soul that died inside :) no really. Now with the heroes reborn show only to do one season then leave its viewers just floating in endless torment from that finale bombshell that the twins father who we only know as hammer would be coming after them and no one could protect them, what really there’s plenty of people to help them as if they need help but that’s another issue. This is just unfair and cruel in so many ways had they known the show wouldn’t get picked up an more seasons filmed they should’ve cut that last scene out and leaked it when they had options to renew another season, but now the viewers like myself are damaged goods sitting here wondering what the reasons could be for Tommy and Milena’s biological father to want to come after them. We don’t know much about hammer at all to speculate anything other that he is obviously pro evos and hateful toward normal humans. There is a lot of issues with the new heroes reborn show, issues that could’ve been easily over looked had they planned to make more episodes but unfortunately we’re stuck waiting for another 5 year reboot time frame to see if they will make more of this amazing show and maybe they will bring back some of the original characters

  49. Greg White says:

    The twins’ father is/should be Sylar, calling it now :P

  50. Peter Petrelli says:

    No need to stop now!!!!!