Supernatural Rowena Dead

Supernatural Recaplet: Just Say Yes — Plus: Is [Spoiler] a Goner?

Lucifer’s quest for a vessel on Wednesday’s Supernatural takes a surprising twist.

His plan to convince Sam to say, “Yes,” begins with a nostalgic “This is your life, Sam Winchester!” journey through moments from the hunter’s past. (It’s a clever use of “flashbacks” and features welcome appearances from Colin Ford as young Sam and old footage of Adam, but I really didn’t need to be reminded of the Amelia/”I hit a dog” arc.)

Despite Lucifer’s reasoning that in order to defeat The Darkness, the Winchesters need to put the greater good ahead of their desire to save each other, Sam still declines his offer. Even if Lucifer is able to kill The Darkness, then he’d just go about trying to destroy the world. Sam chooses to believe in his friends and Supernatural Rowena Deadfamily instead and that they’ll find a way.

Meanwhile, Dean and Castiel make their way to Hell and a brawl ensues with Lucifer. Unbeknownst to the brothers, Cas agrees to be the vessel. Lucifer, now in his angelic body, visits Crowley and Rowena, with whom he’s been secretly working. She assures him that she’s the only one who can open the cage. This pleases Lucifer, who snaps her neck. No going home now, for the devil.

Supernatural fans, do you think Rowena is really dead? And are you looking forward to Castiel-as-Lucifer? Sound off!

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  1. Rob Horine says:

    Don’t the boys still have 3 of the four horsemen rings? All they have to do is get Death’s ring and they can open the hole to the cage?

    But so much bad mojo. Cas is a goner for sure and Crowley better check his life insurance policy. And Sam and Dean’s immediate future is very dark indeed (pun intended).

    Great episode.

    • Rick says:

      Nah, they’ll save Cas – I’m positive about that, especially after the extended promo from a day or two ago that was focused on saving Cas and icing the devil.

    • wgsecretary says:

      Well, I’m not actually sure about the rings. But, yes they likely still have three of them somewhere. However, Death is dead. So, that seems like it would be rather hard to get his ring back from him. I don’t honestly remember all of what happened right after he died. But I don’t remember his ring falling to the floor or anything. And, if he actually isn’t really dead, which we haven’t seen yet, they still likely can’t just call him like they have in the past.

      • Harvey says:

        Then making him jump this time wouldn’t be as easy either…but anyway,
        I think death’s dead though I really don’t want him to be.

        • wgsecretary says:

          I hope he’s not! He’s one of my favorite side characters.

          • TheWinfester says:

            Death isn’t dead. All they did was “kill” the puppet he was speaking from. Billy even said that the “new death” (meaning his new persona/puppet) wasn’t going to play those fun little revival games with the Winchesters anymore

  2. Jerry says:

    This episode was fantastic. Never thought Supernatural would get its groove back in season 11. Misha Collins did a fantastic Mark Pelligrino impression, can’t wait to see more. Way better than Arrow and Flash’s first episodes back.

    I do worry about the ultimate fate of Castiel now, though

    • Rick says:

      I agree, Misha was fantastic! But I’ve also got total faith that the guys will save him, especially after the promo that came out a few days ago with Sam saying “Dean, we’ll get him back” and the whole end focused on saving Cas, icing Lucifer, and defeating the darkness. He’ll be okay in the end – he’s family, and the guys will fight for him.

      • I agree as we… I could not believe how well Miasha Collins was pulling of Mark Pelligrino… I felt like he was actually possessed it was awesome. Same facial expressions and everything. First thing I though when I saw the scene.

    • MH3ndr1ks says:

      Exactely my thoughts, I felt like the Supernatural of the “glory” days.

    • Weezy says:

      For me, Cas portrayal of Mark Pellegrino’s devil was the only remotely weak part of the episode. I still liked it and thought it was ok, but it looked EXACTLY like when he played the Leviathian back at the beginning of Season 7. Exact same facial expressions and tone. That would be my only complaint of the portrayal, which was still solid overall. And what a great episode….I find Supernatural getting me excited again which really hasn’t been the case for years.

      • Harvey says:

        Yeah I agree about that, same expressions…Though Misha is an awesome actor, I think he might pull a better Lucifer in time.

        • tyranthraxus says:

          It was pretty obvious to me that Lucifer was going to get out. At first I thought it would have to be in the Body of Sam because of earlier seasons we know that Sam is the perfect Vessel for Lucifer. Just as we know Dean is the one for Michael (what happened to him?).

          However as soon as Dean and Castiel entered the cage I had a feeling Castiel was going to be the new vessel. It was far too close to the Demon Dean days for Dean to become repossessed by anyone and follow that storyline again but it HAS been enough time since the Leviathin storyline for it to happen to Cas again.

          Either way , I dont think Misha’s portrayal was that great and it felt like the first time he was possessed by the Leviathins. Almost exactly the same.

          I hope they do more with Amara,I really do. She has power but Im fully expecting the show to get us a stone or a book or a mary sue so she will die or be locked away again. Logically there shouldnt be ANY books about her whasover, but they will find one.

    • Gerald says:

      Ya Cas is not dead, he just gave up his vessel. So Cas is probably still in the cage without a body. That is why Lucifer wants it to stay closed. Rowena is a witch, but I find it hard to believe she would be the only one that could open the cage. That might have just been her pride talking. Kinda sorry to see her go. She made Crowley more interesting.
      Yes Misha did a great Mark Pelligrino.

      • Kevin says:

        I don’t think that’s actually how it worked. If you remember when Cas was resurrected in Swan Songs after Lucifer blew him up/atomized him, God brought only Cas back. Jimmy’s soul proceeded to heaven even though his body was healed. The vessel is actually Cas’s body now. However I’m sure he could leave it if he really wanted to. But nonetheless this is Cas’s body possessed by Lucifer. I think Cas is in there watching Lucifer’s every move, waiting for him to beat the darkness. And then when Lucifer does win (I guess I should say if he does) Cas will try and take control, just like Sam did, to put Lucifer back in the cage.

        • Phoenix5634 says:

          You’re on the right path I think, Cas’s vessel ( his body) was brought back after being atomized with the specific intention to hold Castiel, as Jimmy’s soul was moved to Heaven. So Cas’s vessel could be unique compared to a regular human vessel. I’m wondering if that’s why the article called it his “angelic” vessel.

          Cas is definitely in the Cage right now, and I have full confidence that the brothers will get him out. I think Cas wanted to see and speak with Michael, the only other Archangel alive who knows how to defeat the Darkness and possibly has the power.

          • Kevin says:

            I don’t think Michael can beat the darkness, but I think Lucifer has a shot. Yes I know Michael would beat Lucifer, but hear me out. During Sam’s conversation with Lucifer he said that he helped God seal up the darkness. He didn’t say the other archangel’s played a vital role at all. Which is why I also believe he was God’s favorite. He is the angel of light. If the name actually rings true, then it would make sense that he would be the one with the right juice to beat the darkness. I’m not saying the others didn’t help, obviously they did, but Lucifer had to be the one that really beat her down. It only makes sense that God would entrust the lock and key to the one that can defeat her.

          • Harvey says:

            Kevin…Actually Lucifer said God was the deadweight. He didn’t say anything about the archangels, Michael’s the toughest son of a bitch.

        • Harvey says:

          It’s castiel, yeah…But as for Castiel trying to fight the same way Sam did, I’d hate that really. I mean, we have seen Sam do it okay but Castiel doing it too makes Lucifer actually seem too weak. Also, Amara said ”don’t know why god takes a special interest in you”, so God has favored Castiel, like when he resurrected him. I guess something would relate to that to beat Amara. Maybe Amara will kill Lucifer and God’ll enter or whatever.

          • Phoenix5634 says:

            Castiel is in the Cage.

            And Lucifer is the angel of light, plus was the first to have the Mark of Cain, he likely shares a connection of some sort to Amara same as Dean.

  3. Dave says:

    At least we now know Michael is still in the cage, singing show tunes and touching himself.

  4. Maggs says:

    This was one of the worst episodes of the season. The Stupid Stick seems to have hit everyone. That was pretty much character asassination for Castiel by having him believe Lucifer and say ‘yes’ to him.

    I can’t believe that’s how the show is treating Michael. More stupidity.

    • Phoenix5644 says:

      I think you were the one hit by the stupid stick. lol simple mind…
      Cas probably said yes becuz he wants to see Michael, the only other Archangel who knows anything/ can do anything against the Darkness. And Lucifer having Cas’s vessel is a hell of a lot better than him getting Sam, his True vessel. At this point the brothers still have leverage over Lucifer becuz of that. And what do you expect from Michael, he lived in Heaven forever basically, and then got put in Hells Cage, with his Lucifer, who was kind of used to it. For all we know, Michael and Lucifer faught it out in the Cage, and by the sounds of it, Lucifer won.

  5. ninamags says:

    I guess heaven, and hell, waiting for thousands of years for the perfect meeting of Mary and John that brings about Sam and Dean was a waste of time?

    Hell, (no pun intended) Lucifer should have just got an angel to agree to take him on ages ago.

    Poor Rowena. I’ll miss her and her flawless eye-makeup.

    Was Collins stroking out on-screen? Those facial expressions were painful. He shouldn’t try to imitate Mark Pellegrino, who is perfection in that role.

    I really did like the episode until the last few ridiculous minutes.

    • JC Doucet says:

      You make good points especially Collins playing Lucifer, but, remember when someone said (can’t remember who) that no matter what the Winchesters do they will always end up exactly where they are supposed to .. God seems to have a plan in motion and no matter what, it will be carried through to its fruition. It was the apocalypse (end of the world), then the darkness (end if the world) and now Lucifer (end of the world). Seems like God wants this battle of good vs. evil, perhaps because that way human beings will truly use their right of having a choice and no matter the cost they will pick good like he had planned (hoped).

    • Rick says:

      My god, ninamags, do you ever get tired of being so vile about Cas and Misha? Your comments are so predictable and honestly, if you can’t say anything nice, just zip it. Misha did an amazing job – he had Mark P’s expressions and voice down and I really cannot wait to see what’s coming next.

    • Jeff says:

      Yeah, uh, no. Misha’s imitation of Mark is absolutely fantastic. You’re in the minority on that one.

      • Arthur says:

        Totally agreed, Jeff – but ninamags is pretty notorious in her hate of Cas/Misha. She’s a mean-spirited person and, like you said, totally wrong. I thought Misha did an incredible job tonight and I can’t wait to see more of his Lucifer. He’s very talented.

    • Phoenix5634 says:

      Cas’s body might be unique, God recreated it after Lucifer atomized Cas, to specifically to hold an angelic soul. But we still don’t know if it won’t deteriorate under the power of an Archangel like any other vessel, might be slower rate tho.

      There is so much irony with Rowena’s death…just as she’s telling Crowley that story from his childhood, why she could never love him, becuz love is a weakness that she will never allow again. She lets her love for evil blindside her to Lucifer.

  6. LuCasifer has arrived!

  7. Yash says:

    I love it when Lucifer say – ‘Move to LA, solve crimes.’. Reference to the new series ‘Lucifer’

  8. Carla Krae says:

    Misha is fantastic as Mark as Lucifer. Hilarious.

  9. Casandra says:


    • you do realise that when castiel had all the powers of god essentially, he became a right madman and laid waste to like half the angels, he is SAD, hes hated by his own kind not just for his actions whilst souped up, but also his continuing loyalty to the winchesters, i thought the sadness in that scene informed the “why” of him letting lucifer take over his host.

      • taran63 says:

        Exactly. And if Cas and the Winchesters manage to kill Lucifer during all of this, that might be the only thing that will get the Angels off their backs and to forgive them, finally tying up that plot thread.

  10. Carrie says:

    Excellent episode. This show is much better than it has any right to be in its 11th season.

  11. Brooke says:

    OH. MY. GOD. This episode was absolutely amazing and I actually screamed a few times! I don’t even know where to begin, but–wait, no, yes I do. Spoilers ahead. Misha absolutely KNOCKED IT OUT OF THE PARK playing Lucifer. Like.. holy crap, he did such an amazing job, and his portrayal is spot-on. He blew my mind tonight.

    The guys will save him – of course they will, because Cas is family. In the extended preview that came out yesterday, Sam even said “Dean, we’ll get him back. We will.” So that makes me think the guys will realize what happened next episode and then work to save Cas and put Lucifer back where he came from. They will prove to Cas that what Ambriel and Amara said wasn’t true. He’s NOT expendable; he’s a hero, just like they are, and they care about him.

    I knew as soon as he asked Rowena about the cage that she was a goner – which is too bad, because I actually really like Rowena, but I knew it was coming. So that leaves Crowley to probably be locked up in hell by Lucifer before he goes back to earth. I also really want to know what affected Amara after she branded Cas.. did anyone else notice that? She was fine, then she touched him and went woozy. I’m interested to know why.

    Okay, yeah, I have a lot of feelings tonight but I am positive that the guys will find a way out of this. Like Dean said in the promo yesterday, they’re going to save Cas, ice the devil, and defeat the Darkness. In that oder. And Cas will be by their side again, as he should be.

    Wow. What an episode!

    • Harvey says:

      I think Cas is more important than thought so, which is scary because I am started to feel we might lose Castiel soon. Amara also said that god takes a special interest in castiel, she doesn’t know why..Then she got weak too and now Lucifer is in that vessel, which makes it stronger than hell I am guessing.

      • Phoenix5634 says:

        God has been almost testing Cas since the apocalypse seasons ago, or even before. Its like God is putting Cas through a set of trials to learn how to be the best leader for all.

  12. Chris says:

    Bloody fantastic episode – Misha did a brilliant job as Lucifer, but hopefully the guys realize something is up soon! Obviously they’ll save him (I’d put money on both Misha and Mark being around until the final season, along with J2), because I feel like they’re gearing up to a huge showdown with everyone versus Amara at the end of the season.

    • Harvey says:

      I don’t know…I think a fight between the devil and amara’s needed, somehow. But then Maybe not in castiel but in somebody….Maybe Sam would say yes again…Maybe Castiel would beat the devil.

  13. mitch says:

    amazing job to everyone tonight – but especially misha, because d@mn, that last scene was awesome.

  14. Arthur says:

    GREAT episode tonight!!! Misha totally nailed Lucifer and I had a feeling Rowena was going to die. Cant’ wait to see the rest of the season.. you know the guys are going to save Castiel and then they’ll all team up against Lucifer and the Darkness.

  15. Michele says:

    I’m so gutted! Cas is ? and the boys don’t even know! I didn’t want Sam to say yes but definetely not Cas … I didn’t want any of them to do it! Kudos to Misha though for a perfect imitation of Mark Pellegrino’s Lucifer!

  16. Pat says:

    Fantastic episode. Misha knocked it out of the park when he transformed into Lucifer. The scene with Rowena and Lucifer and his question to her about who else can open the cage and she telling him that only she can, well I knew that sealed her fate. I know Crowley hated his mother but the look on his face when he saw his mother die I just wonder if this put a small whole in his heart. I am hoping next week the guys find out quickly, who is occupying Castiel’s body.

  17. Jane says:

    I loved the episode and thought everyone did a great job. So happy about Rowena being gone. Worried about Cas but at least Misha has a decent role. Really looking forward to the rest of the season. Hope we get to see Mark back as Lucifer.

    Can I just say though if this is the best TVLine can for a recap, even if they call it a recaplet, of a show they really shouldn’t even bother.

    • Phoenix5634 says:

      Yeah, for some reason tvline did two articles the other day, which took away from the bulk of this article, as well as kind of spoiled a lot about the episode lol…not sure what they were thinking doing that.

  18. Marc Scott says:

    Where is Michael,I thinks there’s a lot to this story and hopefully they will bring back some old enemies and old friends to help against the Darkness and now Lucifer.

  19. Dj says:

    A good villian makes you cheer for their death and I was so happy to see that backstabbing, conniving Rowena die. The only thing I hated was Crowley didnt do it.

  20. Bob says:

    Great episode. It reminded me why I liked this show to begin with.

  21. Nichole says:

    Felt a bit like a filler episode, still good, but a bit light on progressing the story. Well worth it though to see Misha Collins channelling his inner Mark Pelligrino! Does TV have a new go to bad guy actor in Misha?? lol, can’t wait to see more of that story line :D

  22. I don’t believe Rowena is gone! She’s WAY too great of a character to go out like that! If she really is gone, SPN has lost a lot of fans! I would NEVER watch the show again if that turns out to be true!

    • Qball says:

      Really? Ditch an 11 year old show because a supporting character who has been in maybe 10 episodes was killed off? I’m surprised you watched the other 10 years when Rowena wasn’t even part of the show.
      And I’m 100% positive the show hasn’t lost any fans by killing off Rowena. Well, except for one seriously delusional, self-important non-fan.

      Rowena was a great character and I especially loved her accent, but killing her off isn’t anything to hold a crusade over. I enjoyed watching her on tv being truly evil and hating her for everyone of those moments but what a well written, well acted character she was.

      Also, if anyone looks at it objectively, Misha was way over the top as Lucifer. So much so that I was cringing in those scenes. It was pretty bad. Now I’m no Castiel fanboi nor do I hate him. I watch the show for the show itself and don’t get caught up in the Sam vs Dean hate or whatever else this show causes in people between all the characters. In fact, I’ve never said one bad thing about Cas/Misha until now. He’s my 3rd favorite character on the show behind the brothers (tie for first) and Crowley. But wow, that version of Lucifer was not good.

  23. Phil says:

    Had high hopes for the show this year after the four seasons have been a letdown…the biggest lift was when Pellegrino came back…they should have found a loop hole for him to stay as Lucifer…he is what makes that character

  24. TVRocks69 says:

    Great episode. Saw the Cas/Lucifer thing coming though. I did wonder how it was so easy for Lucifer to take over Cas’s body when there are supposed to be only a few chosen people that can contain him. But I’ll let all that go because this season has been stellar.

  25. washingsand says:

    I think Rowena is dead but it you plan on bringing Micheal back.
    Lucas Till should play Adam. He played in the movie wolves. He looks like a younger Sam Winchester in the movie but he acts like Dean Winchester.

    • SamIAm says:

      Could all of you people let Michael go? The only reason Lucifer made a reference to Michael (sitting in the corner and singing show tunes) was so that everyone would understand that he’s gone. Mentally. He couldn’t stand up to Lucifer after all those years in the cage. Remember, months are like years down there. Adam is not coming back. Jeremy Carver has stated that on more than one occasion.

  26. washingsand says:

    I think the show was very good as always. I waited a few weeks for it to come back on and it didn’t disappoint. Can’t wait to see where this is going to. For all of you who have had complaints or just didn’t liked it for one reason or another. I think when you watch supernatural you really have to let your imagination go, grant it there have been some boring episodes and some episodes that really was not good, but not that many. For 11 episodes that they have on they have been hitting it out of the park and scoring home runs. I have been there for each and every episode and will continue to be there as long as it’s on. I love the the show especially the bothers. Keep on doing what you’re doing supernatural.

  27. washingsand says:

    Sorry for the boo. I meant say for the 11 seasons the supernatural as been on I have been watching and I really enjoyed the show. As long as it is on I will continue to watch it. I really love supernatural. Good job guys.

  28. Robin Ogden says:

    I really hope Rowena isn’t dead. I still haven’t gotten over Charlie! Why does supernatural kill all the women off the show?

  29. Madhujit says:

    I think Crowley can resurrect her, though the Lucifer is on lose and knowingly he won’t allowed this move. I love her character and if her character ends then according to me it will be an unfortunate one.

  30. Derek Szwed says:

    sam will say yes in the end to save cas lucifer needs him sam is the only one the can truly hold him

  31. TheWinfester says:

    Does anyone recognize the book (or series) that Billy was reading at the table, and if so could you post the title and author? Thanks

  32. Phoenix5634 says:

    Lol that angel who followed Lucifer on his nature walk must have been braindead, or just wanted to die…he couldn’t have hurt Lucifer, even if he got him with his angel blade… It takes an Archangels’ blade to kill him, and currently none of which exist( except maybe his own). But there is one, it’s not a blade tho, it’s the angel sword, ironically in the possession of Lucifers vessels’ daughter.

  33. xeek says:

    Is Rowena really dead? Sure. Does it matter? Not really. Where do you think Rowena’s soul will go? I wouldn’t be surprised to see her return as a demon -witch(with Crowley’s help, of course).

    Michael is probably fine. Lucifer ‘s comment was to encourage hopelessness. It wouldn’t serve his interests to tell the guys they have other options. The cage is a cage, not a torture box. Remember, the damage Sam’s soul got was from L & M, not the cage.

    As for Cas, he should be suppressed in his body (like Sam was), not stuck in the cage. I fortunately, our Cas at such a low point, he’s completely suppressed. But Cas’ plan is solid: Amara’s too strong, but Lucifer? The Winchesters beat him before (and have learned a lot since then) so they can do it again (maybe with the demon tablet).

  34. Angelapple2 says:

    Considering I’m an atheist supernatural and many other tv series the same as these ghostly going on’s & bump’s on the night lol are pretty amazing……;)

  35. Karyn Hilton says:

    It’s ok with me that Rowena is gone along with Crowley because that storyline has reached its end. Trying to keep them in the show isn’t working. Crowley did a great job as The King of Hell…thank you. I never really got into Rowena, but she had fans and a job for awhile. Good for her and thank you. The real question is about Cas being the vessel for Lucifer. He played that part for awhile, and did a GREAT job, so he certainly can do it. But, we’ve come to love Cas as a special friend of the brothers. Maybe that’s why his wings burned in the finale. Would they bring back Mark P. who was the original Luci, just to be rid of him so fast? U never know with SPN! I’m torn between Cas being friend or foe. It all depends on the total storyline. Ah, poor Cas, we thot we knew him well!!??