Stacey Dash BET Comments

Stacey Dash vs. BET: Network Hits Back After She Calls for Its Dismantling

If Stacey Dash isn’t already the celebrity spokesperson for shovels, her agent needs to get on that — the Clueless star-turned-Fox News contributor just keeps digging herself deeper.

Back on the network after a brief suspension for her offensive anti-Obama language, Dash’s latest outrage-inducing comments arrived Wednesday during a segment on Fox & Friends. What began as a discussion about the lack of diversity in this year’s crop of Oscar nominees somehow led to this:

“We have to make up our minds,” she said. “Either we want to have segregation or integration. And if we don’t want segregation, then we need to get rid of channels like BET and the BET Awards and the Image Awards where you’re only awarded if you’re black.”

And because the Internet is a beautiful place, BET responded on Twitter, reminding Dash not to bite the hand that feeds her:

Yes, that’s a screenshot of Dash from an episode of BET’s The Game; she played Jason’s ex-girlfriend Camille Rose in five episodes of the CW-turned-BET series.

Your thoughts on Dash’s latest gaffe? Drop ’em in a comment below.

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  1. J.Norman says:

    Why is that a gaffe?

    Let’s play devil’s advocate and ask.
    “What would the response be if there was an award ceremony that publicly stated, ‘that to win, you must be caucasian?
    Oh, I know, all the wits will come out and say, “we already have that, it’s called the Oscars!’

    But that is not the same thing and they (blacks and libeals) know it.

    Liberal’s (or if you prefer Progressive’s) are all for free speech provide its something they agree with. If it’t not,, then they scream like stuck pigs and scream racism at the top of their lungs.

    • Kim says:

      People of any race can and have won BET and Image Awards.

      • Ronnie says:

        Exactly. Sam Smith won last year…

      • Will says:

        On the other hand, many blacks have been nominated and won an Oscar since 1939. BET awards have been existence since 2001. Only white people I recall ever being nominated was Justin Timberlake and Eminem. No white person has ever won a BET Life Achievement Award nor a BET Humanitarian Award. I don’t get all this whining about blacks not being nominated for an Oscar. Both Creed and Straight Outta Compton were both good movies, but it wasn’t Oscar worthy.

        • bigdede says:

          Robin Thicke, Christina Aguilar, Paul Wall just to name a few.

          • Walkie says:

            OK. Well Denzel Washington, Morgan Freeman, Haley Berry, Forest Whitaker, Jennifer Hudson, Monique, Octavia Spencer and Lupita Nyong’o have all won Oscars in the past 10 years.

        • Italia Young says:

          plain yourself. Why weren’t they Oscar worthy? What made them not Oscar worthy. If you make a claim like that back it up. Did you yourself see any of those movies?

        • Grace says:

          Nowhere near as many Black actors have received the acknowledgment for their work from Oscar committee members as have deserved the honor. Pointing at a few Black actors and using them to deny racial bias is like when your coworker tries to deny being a racist by pointing to their one Black friend. By now we should know better and we should be doing better.

        • Grace says:

          Question. If Straight Outta Compton weren’t Oscar worthy then why were two of the writers nominated?

      • JILLIAN says:


        • Italia Young says:

          Stacey Dash is pathetic to me. Masquerading as a pundit when in actuality she is a bonafide idiot. It’s called self hate. I guess in her next life she will wish and click her heels three times to be WHITE.

    • Angela says:

      Liberal’s (or if you prefer Progressive’s) are all for free speech provide its something they agree with. If it’t not,, then they scream like stuck pigs and scream racism at the top of their lungs.
      You DO realize that criticizing what someone says does not equate to censoring their free speech, right? It’s really amazing how some people don’t seem to understand this.
      She has every right to say what she wants. And in turn, others have the right to criticize what she says and point out her evident hypocrisy here, with her having appeared on the very network she’s now going after.
      I’ll also remind you of the fact that, as the article states, she was suspended not by some liberal network for her comments, but…Fox News. So…yeah. What was that about liberals and their issues with free speech again?

      • Angela says:

        *”suspended for her comments about Obama from a while back”, that should state.

        • Winter says:

          Did you actually here the comment she was suspended for? She said it sounded to her like he didn’t really give sh*t, I mean crap. They suspended her solely for the Sbomb. another guy on a whole other show called Obama p***y and he absolutely deserved to be suspended and it should have been for longer.

          • Angela says:

            Oh, yeah, I know it was more for the cussing above all else. Just referring to what the article said, was all. My main point was that conservatives are just as likely to “censor” people, too, for offensive (or supposedly offensive, depending on one’s view) comments.

      • Lucifer says:

        There isn’t much hypocrisy since it’s been 5 years since Dash last appeared on The Game and it was a small role. People attack networks that feed them all the time, look at The Simpsons; they are famous for going after Fox or Fox news.

        The actual hypocrisy is that when this lack of diversity outrage happens, it’s targeted towards Hollywood as a whole or white people as a whole. But everyone ignores successful and wealthy black producers & directors like Oprah, Steve McQueen, Tyler Perry, Spike Lee. They get to producer cheap garbage or stereotypical black movies and get to also chime in to cry racism with the rest of the pack.

        Lastly, everyone has the right to criticize what others say. But BET and everyone agreeing with them are extremely ignorant for thinking she has no right to bash them because she was on one of their crappy shows 5 years ago.

        • the girl says:

          She was also on Single Ladies – a show she co-created in a role she originated for BET a few years back. So again, biting the hand that feeds.

          • Lucifer says:

            Dash did not co-create Single Ladies, it was solely created by Stacy A. Littlejohn. Dash was also only on in the first season, which aired five years ago on VH1. So even if she got money from BET/Viacom in the past, the the correct wording would be “biting the hand that fed” since I doubt she’s getting any money from them now.

      • Eh says:

        People don’t understand that Free Speech means that a person can express themselves in any manner they choose without the government going after you in most cases (like screaming fire in a theater). Free speech is not a shield against people criticizing you or any civil action. Free Speech doesn’t guarantee that you don’t get your feelings hurt by the blowback of your opinion not does it stop a private company for punishing you for saying things they don’t like on their time.

    • Tone says:

      Haha it’s cute how you think the US system has no bias towards white people and that the Grammys and Oscars have always been fair.

    • Dude says:

      I’m embarrassed by white people who think saying “If it was a white person…” Is a valid argument. It’s not the same and if you don’t understand why then you haven’t been paying attention.

      • Fairmont1955 says:


      • James says:

        My intelligence is insult when people ask for things to be fair than ask for special treatment. Did they every actually listen to the “I have a dream” speech. It call for people to be judge the same regardless of race. To bring race into it is only going to reinforce biased. If you want to believe it’s racist you will see the racism even if it isn’t there. The problem with this is demanding special treatment or quotas is just as racist because it is based on the belief that a section of the population can’t compete on a level playing field. Instead of making it about race may be you should focus on which actors, actress, directors and movies that got stubbed. That is something we can actually discussed and debated.

        • Jamie says:

          Lolz, this comment makes absolutely no sense. The reason specialty networks and award shows exist is because of the inequality that a group experienced from more prominent networks and award shows. BET/the Image Awards exists for the same reason that Logo or the Country Music Awards exist – people were sick of not seeing themselves and things that they cared about on television/being recognized by award shows, so they decided to make their own. Those other networks/award shows haven’t gone away because the inequality still exists. If you get rid of the Image Awards, and then people of color are still being underrepresented in the media, you aren’t solving anything. In addition, what on earth does a community creating their own spaces when being pushed out of others have anything to do with demanding special treatment?

          I’m just gonna leave you with a Viola Davis quote: “And let me tell you something: The only thing that separates women of color from anyone else is opportunity. You cannot win an Emmy for roles that are simply not there.”

          • Ale says:

            Thank you Jamie! You hit the nail right on the head. Its totally about under-representation, not segregation.
            Logo (LGBTQ TV), BET (Black Ent. TV), Telemundo (Latino TV), Lifetime (for Women)……these networks exist to serve the under-served, the non-privileged and the under-represented groups in America that still experience a greater amount of bigotry, discrimination & bias every day, whether it is done intentionally or unintentionally.
            Many people are not even conscious of the bias they have towards these groups.
            These networks also employ many Actors, Writers and Directors, etc, in each community that otherwise would not have the opportunity, or receive the recognition for their hard work & achievements from mainstream networks that hire a far greater & disproportionate percentage of people who are White. That is a fact. It is what it is!! Whether people choose to accept or dismiss it, it doesn’t change the reality that exists. I don’t understand how anyone would be upset with anything that actually helps build up a group of people who have been oppressed for many years. To feel unashamed & justified in bashing a program specifically created & designed to help make minority-group feel valued and possess some sense of self worth. That’s what the networks, some of you want to eliminate, do……to help minorities, who where made to feel like a lower class of people, actually feel greater about themselves. What’s the real problem here? To NOT recognize the need for these networks, shows a lack of compassion & respect for said group, while completely dismissing the realistic struggles each group has faced, and still faces to this day….everyday. Those who are privileged, tend to not see the hardships of others. The privileged, apparently, also tend to whine, kick & scream when the non-privileged try to attempt to sample a taste of what the privileged have tasted every single day, for 100’s of years.

      • Ale Fleeks says:

        Totally right Dude!

    • Nichole says:

      Personally I think Ms Dash is making a good point, though perhaps it could have been worded better. I do not live in America so only have what I read and see on News to go by, but her point is valid. Affirmative action when it was introduced was a very necessary practice and I’m sure there are still places in America where it is still needed, but in today’s society, affirmative action has reached a point where it is now disadvantaging others.

      In Australia I often read articles or see comments by “progressive” feminists which are frankly more sexist then things I’ve heard or seen from men, but nothing is said about it thanks to our former female Prime Ministers’ famous misogyny speech a few years back. Political correctness in “progressive” media and commentators has now created an environment where someone like Ms Dash is crucified for voicing an opinion that has some level of accuracy, however unpopular in PC media/politics.

      This is why Western society is so f’d up. If you don’t believe in global warming you’re a “denier”. If you’re opposed to mass illegal country shopping “refugees” in Europe or Australia, you’re a racist. In Ms Dash’s case, she is making the argument that creating anything, be it an award, government grant, work placement, college acceptance ect, that if it is contingent on the applicant or recipient being of a particular ethnic background to be eligible, then it is wrong. Which it is, it creates segregation, it invites resentment, it leads to division and intentional or even unintentional racism.

      • Eh says:

        Learn what freedom of speech is and where the term PC originated from. You’re less likely to come off as an idiot next time you wax poetic about those concepts you obviously don’t understand.

        By the way- people that claim to hate “PC” just means that they lack the empathy to be kind to others. Being polite and trying to understand where the other is coming from without attaching tired, old stereotypes is not a bad thing.

        Get over yourself.

        • Nichole says:

          Wow, thank you for that kind display of empathy there at the end. I do what know freedom of speech is, it’s a not a law here (Australia) like it is in America, but it’s nice to know I’m an idiot for exercising that freedom. We have laws that can lead to people being charged or sued for expressing views like Ms Dash did. Actually I take a very keen interest in politics and do know the meaning and origin of the term PC, which is why I used it in a disparaging context to describe “progressive” leaning media and politicians. I can be kind to others, which is why I did not post negative replies to posts I did not agree with. I am also open to honest, well reasoned debate on the issues I mentioned, which is something you do not seem to be as open to.

          • Nichole says:

            Just to make it clearer on the free speech there, if as a white Australian I had made the same comment that Ms Dash had made on TV or in print, I would find myself on the wrong end of rule 18c of the Racial Discrimination Act. It has happened here before to a reporter named Andrew Bolt in talking about similar issues. Freedom of speech is a amazing gift that American’s should be very grateful to have as a law. It should be rejoiced and celebrated for allowing to type of open debate that allows issues such as racism to be spoken of openly and honestly. What Ms Dash said was not hate speech, it was her opinion and whether you agree with her or not, just be glad she was free to say it. I appreciate your comment, not necessarily the intent, but I appreciate that you are free to have that opinion of me and express it. Thank you for the “wax poetic” part too, that was nice lol! Have a great day :)

      • Fairmont says:

        Her point isn’t valid; being contrary doesn’t mean squat. White people have everyday life and history – there’s a reasons why we had the civil right Movement, why gays had to fight for equality, why it’s not OK to condem all Mexicans as rapists, etc. and it’s not because it’s un-PC.
        Minority organizations exist because data and stats show that w/o that attention, the US white washes.

      • Temperance says:

        Dash doesn’t make good points unless it’s the occasional accident. She’s not bright enough. Oh, and FYI, you get to be a ‘denier’ when you education fails you and you confuse belief systems with scientific findings. You don’t get to chose if there is man-made global warming – the science, in several thousand-fold ways, indicates that it is (with a statistical accuracy about 10,000 times more stringent than what passes a fact in a court of law). ‘Denying’ the truth makes you a ‘denier’. Quite simple really.

      • Italia Young says:

        If you really understood the politics of the right wing racist take down of affirmative action, then you could speak on it truthfully and honestly. QUOTAS regarding affirmative action were not designed by Affirmative Action but by the very groups that fought so hard to keep BLACK PEOPLE MOSTLY and people of color out of lily white institutions of higher learning, housing, banks etc. etc. QUOTAS were designed by the very people who wanted to find a way AROUND the law. Affirmative action was designed to help a class of people who were ostracized from almost every strata of mainstream society in categories as I mentioned above. To That is one of the ways extreme right wing groups try to Obfuscate the issue of racism and the impact it has had on BLACK PEOPLE in this country as well PEOPLE OF COLOR. AFFIRMATIVE ACTION is NOT at a point where it has disadvantaged OTHERS. There was a recent documentary show on what White privilege meant and there was a young woman on the show who stated she did not get accepted into the University of her choice because of Affirmative Action and it was statistically proven to her that she was WRONG. Get educated on Affirmative Action and the real truth. I dare you.

    • Eh says:

      I get it, you’re probably going to vote for Trump. Good for you.

      I could explain everything that is completely wrong with your thought process but that’s going to fall on deaf ears.

      Just admit that you don’t give a crap about the diversity issues within the entertainment industry and go back to your normal echo chamber.

    • bigdede says:

      Someone needs to tell the people in the comment section and Stacy Dash that BET is owned by Viacom and a white guy. The BET Awards also televise on MTV. Stacy will be taking back her comments after that republican white guy who owns BET talks to her bosses at FOX. Watch her issue an apology soon.

    • Italia Young says:

      Why isn’t it the same thing? Its the exact same thing! And whites can participate and do participate in the BET awards. Do you know what BET stands for? It is to acknowledge what the mainstream awards fail to do. Acknowledge more than one or two a year, decade, century!

    • Ryan says:

      Sam Smith, best new artist, just last year. Google is your friend.

  2. Bill says:

    So she’s under fire for speaking the truth?

    • Cam says:

      No she’s under fire for attacking a company that’s helped fund her career.

      Whether she’s right or not is irrelevant.

      • c-mo says:

        Funded her career? Really? 5 episodes as a guest star on any show will hardly fund much of anything in Hollywood!

        • the girl says:

          Except that’s all she really has. Or are we going to keep calling her the actress from a movie that came out twenty years ago?

  3. Sarah says:

    MAYBE, there was not any African Americans that did an outstanding job in acting, thus, they were not nominated. Who knows, maybe they would have been the 6th person nominated. Why nominate someone that didn’t do as good of job acting as others, just because they are minority?

    • Luke says:

      I agree completely. It’s not so much a problem with the Oscars as it’s just a problem with diversity in Hollywood period. There was simply WAY more eligible white actors because there’s WAY more white actors in Hollywood movies. People cry race all the time, but when you get them to specifically name any actual snubbed black actors, the only one I hear is Michael B. Jordan for Creed. That might be true, but I could also name a dozen white actors who could have been nominated. Again, way more roles to choose from.

      • Kim says:

        I’m sure the slate being all-white two years in a row is entirely because all 40 of those white actors “just happen” to be better than every single person of color in any movie those two years and nothing to do with the Academy being over 94% white.

        You are right that white actors get more opportunities and that’s a huge part of the problem, but it’s not the only part.

        • Ella says:

          Shh! Stop being so logical and thoughtful. It’s better to be a bigot and ignore obvious facts to prop up prejudice than deal with reality.

      • Jan says:

        Agreed 100%. When people of color can’t even get a job in a movie called “Gods of Egypt,” you have to start questioning the system. Signed, a black person :-)

        • AngelWasHere says:

          I was thinking of that movie when this Oscar issue came up. Yeah that’s the perfect example of the problem. Also signed by a black person. ;)

    • Gern Blanston says:

      I think that’s part of the uproar. There isn’t anybody that is being lauded as the absolute front runner for best actor. Its just a bunch of mediocre performances so, why if everyone is on that same mediocre level why aren’t the mediocre acting jobs from minorities being recognized on the same level as those of white actors? Is even a white actor’s mediocrity better than a minority actor’s mediocrity?

      • the girl says:

        That’s exactly the point. No one is saying that white people don’t deserve awards. We are saying that analysis should be about talent. But there are far too many studies done in recent years that continue to demonstrate the reality that one’s personal bias against (insert specific group here) will cause one to ignore talent from that group in favor of less talented members from (insert specific other group here).

    • Mary says:

      Idris Elba, Micheal B. Jordan and the actor who played Easy E, have all been called out as huge major snubs. This isn’t just the fact that no people of color were nominated but that better actors and performances such as Idris Elba was snubbed and he was far and away superior to Stallone. Jordan is a better actor and gave a better performance then Leo this year and LAST!!! Also while I don’t personally thin the Compton actors where snubbed the movie was better then Mad Max, and should have been nominated.

      And you are honestly going to tell me that not a single WOC didn’t give a better performance then Jennifer Lawrence in Joy? Because they did, she wasn’t award worthy this year. She just wasn’t.

      This isn’t just about people wanting diversity this is about very specific better performances (even called out by the trades) being snubbed for the second year in a row. You wanted names you got them.

      • Sara says:

        First of all, I suspect that Idris Elba’s snub was less about his race and more to do with the Netfilx thing. A lot of people in the film industry consider Netflix to be on par with HBO and therefore more of a television medium. Yes, it technically played in the requisite number of theatres to make it eligible, but still, I bet a lot of members of the Academy couldn’t get passed the Netflix issue. The film made an error going with Netflix for distribution.
        Secondly, you ask about WOC but neglected to list any you felt were better than Jennifer Lawrence. Could you elaborate and perhaps give some examples of WOC that you feel should have been in her place?

  4. Mark says:

    I don’t want affirmative action with awards. Sorry

    • Ella says:

      Don’t worry, Mark. No one would ever give you an award for intelligence by luck or design you are obviously bereft of it and common sense!

    • c-mo says:

      As a minority, I don’t want affirmative action at all for anything! The only thing affirmative action has done is make minorities lazy and entitled!

      • mo says:

        You do realize that the primary beneficiary of AA is white women, right? If you don’t believe me, Google it.

        • Italia Young says:

          I am so glad you said that. I recently attended a cocktail party where an obviously wealthy individual was BRAGGING that his daughter who was Jewish and white and wealthy and attending one of the most elitist boarding schools on the West Coast, was applying for a scholarship that is meant for MINORITIES. In case you didn’t know, most Jews now a days will swear to GOD they are WHITE. They become white only when it suits them. I found it absolutely HILARIOUS he was explaining to ME a BLACK WOMAN that she fit the bill because she was JEWISH AND A WOMAN. They do this stuff all the time, but if you were to say to them, oh Jews are not white they would think you were mentally ill. They do this ALL THE TIME. IF I were on that committee, I would contact her and ask her…do you think of yourself as being WHITE OR BLACK OR A PERSONOF COLOR? Wonder how she would respond without her wealthy parents to guide her.

      • Ale says:

        There are a people who seem to have a completely misguided and uneducated opinion about Affirmative Action. How sad.
        FYI: Affirmative Action didn’t provide an automatic free pass to the lazy & entitled minority who doesn’t work hard.
        It simply provided minorities & women, who have loooong been unfairly excluded and underrepresented at most higher education institution(colleges & universities), an opportunity to be fairly considered for admissions along with the historically privileged White males. Applicants still needed to qualify, and meet the same admissions criteria basically required for entrance to the school. It’s meant to give someone a fair opportunity to be considered if they are good enough to be in the pile of considerable applicants. Just like we have Equal Opportunity Employment laws (EOE). Sometimes, people need to be told to be fair & just. Because they won’t do it on their own, or don’t even realize how biased they are being. I do Human Resources for a living. I’ve personally seen employers choose all men as candidates for a job, or pass on a qualified applicant because he is gay & very flamboyant, or is too old. That’s not right and I have to step in and remind them of that. That’s why these laws & policies, like Affirmative Action, are created. So that people act right and be fair. Not to award someone with something for doing nothing simply because they are Black. I mean come on!! Really????

        People…..bias, discrimination, bigotry and racism does still exist. Whether you realize it or wanna believe it or not. It molds and morphs in different ways throughout history. It may not be as “in your face” as it was in the 50’s and 60’s. But it is still around, lurking. When we let delusion and denial settle in, we have already lost the battle against it.

    • Will says:

      Thank you! I was thinking the exact same thing. It’s like giving trophies to everyone who participates.

  5. Ronnie says:

    She’s just trying to be controversial to make herself relevant. The real issue is not the Oscars but the entertainment industry for not providing more opportunities for all minorities, not just African-Americans in higher quality projects.

  6. MoreLikeStaceyDisgrace says:

    …Here come all the closeted racists & Trump supporters saying Stacey is right…Ya’ll should be ashamed.

    • JosiahBartlet4President says:

      Yeah. But they’re not. They don’t like the guilt it brings.

    • Winter says:

      Well not a racist and certainly not a Trump supporter and not saying she is right but she has a right to her own opinion without being called stupid or traitor to her race.

      • Scream Queen says:

        She has a right to her own opinion. Period. Nothing more. She has no right to not be called stupid or a traitor to her race.

        • Winter says:

          Of course, no one has a right to respect or decency. I would just hope that people of differing opinions could listen to one another instead of calling names and discounting what other people say. I don’t see how we come together as people when we label everyone who disagrees as monsters, idiots, traitors, ect.

  7. Jennifer says:

    Sorry – I agree with her. If there was a “WET” channel, everyone would be up in arms. Why is there a BET channel, or a Black History month? I don’t even agree with Women’s history month – it doesn’t need to be separated. Maybe I went to a very liberal High School and College, but we learned all about women, and minorities and their roles in shaping this country.

    Again, Ms. Dash has a point – either it’s all in, or all out. Just my two cents.

    • Kim says:

      You seriously don’t think TV channels should be allowed to have demographics? No more Lifetime, no more Spike TV, no more Logo, no more Nickelodeon, they should all just cater to everyone??

      • Jennifer says:

        Spike, Lifetime, Disney – are genre channels. Not catering to a specific color. Apples / Oranges.

        • Kim says:

          Lifetime is oriented to women, Logo is oriented to LGBT, Spike is oriented to men, there are networks oriented to Latinos as well. There’s nothing wrong with a niche demographic. BET is not exclusive, there are plenty of people of all races who watch and produce/write/act in it, just like the other channels I mentioned — inclusive but targeted.

    • ec says:

      They might not call it WET, but you should check out CBS… Keep in mind that BET was formed at a time when a lot of shows being shopped to networks were told, “Sorry, it’s good, but we’re not putting it on the air ’cause we’re not sure that anyone could relate to a black lead.” Things have gotten better on the television landscape, but for years black TV creators were simply told, “Nope, not gonna risk it”.

      When mainstream TV is completely dismissing your narrative, your point of view out of hand, when you can’t get it on TV, it creates a market for the niche. The need for ‘white niche’ simply doesn’t exist because it’s everywhere (I say this as a caucasian individual). I’m not threatened by BET or the Image Awards, but I think that many are. Or they’re angry about it. Or they want to play, “No I’m the victim!” So, this, “It’s all in or all out” nonsense? Yeah, just because you and the girl from Clueless say that does not make it so.

    • Ella says:

      I think your two cents are made of lead. BET exists because there was historically little to know Black representation on the major cable or broadcast stations.

      The TV show Friends was set in a New York City but can you think of any major Hispanic or Black guest stars who recurred? None.

    • Christy says:

      The vast majority of the networks have the overwhelming majority of their shows starring white people so a white network would be pointless – it’s already the status quo. Unless you want shows that specifically exclude black people entirely, but that would be more of a white supremacist network.

      Are there any major networks that feature black people as the majority of the cast or even the primary cast member in about half or a significant portion of their programming? I can’t think of any. I like seeing people who are like me on television (lots of people do) so BET is still a good idea. It’s also a quality network – I’m white and I still watch it. They have some good shows.

    • Tim says:

      Unless you are a white heterosexual Christian male, you are a minority in this country and that’s why we have Black History month and gay pride etc.

    • Elf says:

      The niche channels exist to serve a population that is underrepresented. Are you saying that Whites are underrepresented on mainstream television? And, no, using the case of BET and their awards show, they are not separating themselves, they are doing what it takes to be seen in the first place.

    • De says:

      That’s all the other channels

    • Jeff says:

      WET, EXISTS!!! Multiple stations. The majority of other channels not named BET, ARE WET! NBC, FOX, ABC, CBS, etc. etc. etc.

  8. webly3 says:

    Well, I think if there was a White Entertainment Network, people would protest that too. Personally, I think the biggest problem with BET is the name because it does feel exclusive for one race. If the network would change the name (like ABC Family just did), it would feel much less exclusive. I do think that racism goes both ways. While society likes to think that white people are the only ones that are racists (and I mean, lots still are like Trump’s supporters), there are racist people of every color. I disagree that Image Awards should stop being a thing because there is still racism everywhere and it does remind people that there are performers out there giving great performance that consistently go unrecognized because of their color. At the same time, I think the problem is much more prevalent in the movie industry rather than the TV industry which consistently increases accurate representation of each gender and race. (although it’s obviously still not perfect) Stacey Dash is getting the heat for stating part of the truth. She didn’t word the statement well and is receiving backlash for it. However, the general idea isn’t wrong.

  9. Get real. Until at least the late 60s ALL the networks were White Entertainment Television.

    And a number of cable channel effectively still are. How much regular non-white representation is there on the country music channel, or hell, even FOX?

  10. bhoney says:

    It is amazing how some white people seem to have selective memory when it comes to the how hard whites have fought to exclude blacks from everything they’ve ever created. BET came about because MTV refused to play music videos by black artists. Black Entertainment Television is a place where blacks aren’t excluded, but rather welcomed and afforded an opportunity to partake in Hollywood and not as tokens, but as fully realized people and characters. Stop acting like black people are creating things to exclude whites, when what they’ve been forced to do is create things for themselves because you have excluded them because they are black.

    • Kimberly says:

      And it’s so bizarre that people seem to think BET is black-only somehow. Plenty of white faces on those shows and behind the camera, as well as Asian, Latino, etc. It’s not this weird separatist island that Stacey Dash and those who agree with her seem to think it is.

    • Christy says:

      And another ridiculous thing about some of these arguments in the comments is that BET and the Image awards aren’t exclusionary!! White people are involved, they’re just not the majority. Sad that people have strong opinions about something they’ve never watched or even Googled for 10 seconds.

    • AngelWasHere says:

      You all make lovely points. I agree.

  11. Sharon says:

    Boy as soon as a comment starts talking about “they” the prejudice follows!

  12. Winter says:

    First she was suspended for “anti-Obama language” it’s because she accidentally dropped an S bomb on live tv. Not the same as the guy who called him a p*ssy.

    Second I don’t think she’s necessarily right but I totally respect her opinion. As for working at BET. That show started somewhere else and then moved it doesn’t make her a hypocrite to stay on a show.

  13. Matt says:

    Honestly why are people crying over all of this stuff? Awards shows are just marketing fluff for the studios and an actor winning an Oscar, regardless of their ethnicity, is meaningless to anyone outside of the industry. Ricky Gervais nailed this at the Golden Globes when he said to all of the prospective winners, nobody will care about this as much as you.

  14. Finna says:

    After aoo this issue about blacks not being nominated this year. I bet more people ,especially white will start to dislike blacks even more and wont respect them.

  15. Ann says:

    Sad little race traitor.

  16. Tikarika says:

    I mean what is so wrong with the black community just beacue this year there are no balck nominees for the Oscars? They are just whiners!. I mean it is unfortunate that last year there were no worth watching movies where black actors starred in, maybe last year the better movies and the better actors turned out to be all white, and the black actors did not have good roles worth to being nominated. Bad luck for them but I dont see the reason for boycotting the oscars just for that issue and take it so personal by the black community. Lighten up. Perhaps there were good roles made by black actors but hey the Academy is the one choosing who to nominate and not nominate, perhaps the members did not find any black roles last year worth to have an award.

    But in other years there had been black entertainers who had won Oscars like Halle Berry, Denzel even Sidney Poitier back in his days. It just happen that last year roles for black actors were not good, it is as simple as that but the black community always want to take everything out of context and make a storm inside a glass of water just to draw attention.

    Sorry fellas!!!

    • Elf says:

      The math speaks for itself. The ratio of African Americans in prominent roles in mainstream cinema is far below the ratio of African Americans in society at large. They are being underrepresented and underrecognized, as are all minorities.

  17. Puff says:

    If we talk about diversity why just make it The Oscars. If you give people awards based on their race and not on their performance then maybe we should have diversity for whites in sports like basketball and football. Why care if someone can dribble a ball or tackle person it’s diversity we want so make it for all races not just the one races that bitches the most.

  18. Tracee says:

    White people and non-black PoC are consistently nominated for these awards…it’s not uncommon for them to win either. This woman is ignorant.

  19. demographically insignificant says:

    Hi TVLIne,

    for those of us who didn’t watch the show would it be possible for you to place a circle around the actress in the screenshot for easier recognition. Thank you!

  20. AngelWasHere says:

    I personally hate BET and I’m black, but only because the channel isn’t a great representation of us and caters to certain stereotypes. I have no problem with the exsistence of the channel tho. They are different channels devoted to different demographics. Latinos/Hispanics have their channels, LGBT have their channels, and so forth. I find it funny no one complains about those channels. Why does BET get all the flack? BET is not the problem IMO. The casting calls and couches asking for all white cast and crew are the problem. Most movies these days don’t show deversity like in the real world. You get a token here and there, but rarely do you see a deverse cast nowadays. There’s no opportunities for minorities. That’s why we have an all white Oscars.

  21. BQE3 says:

    She was unfairly criticized for openly supporting a GOP candidate, you have to admire her independence.
    I found her response a little confusing and her ideas a bit extreme but, she is entitled to her point of view.
    There’s nothing wrong with groups celebrating historic pride.
    It’s truly remarkable that Ms. Dash is almost fifty years old what an amazing beauty.

  22. peterwdawson says:

    Spike Lee’s response to this was interesting, in that while he’s not going to attend despite winning an honorary award, he’s dismissed the idea of boycotting the show itself in favor of just looking to have studios themselves cast more diversely, or at least be more willing to. The awards are just kind of the end result of the ongoing issue.

    That said, still bummed Creed and/or Straight outta Compton didn’t make the Best Picture cut, thought both were really good films and since both got a nomination in another category I can’t imagine it would have been that much of a stretch. Curious exactly how their ‘up to ten nominees’ metric works… Can it not just be the ten films with the most nominations for Best Picture make the category?

  23. Tony says:

    People kill me with the WET nonsense. Spouting that BS, while completely ignoring TV being 90% WET already and just maybe that is the reason why these niche channels are created in the first place. You either have to be really dense to not get it or completely in denial

  24. John Davis says:

    Lily from Modern Family would say: she crazy!

  25. Veronica says:

    Stacey Dash a very Intelligent person.
    She says it like it is. Like it or not. I would watch whatever channel she is on.

    • Rich says:

      Ms Dash, is all about Ms Dash, like all others of ‘any’ race male or females do to promote themselves to get a following. No harm, no foul we listened.

  26. Dennis Maguire says:

    She’s got a valid point.

  27. A fan of TV says:

    This is sad. A gorgeous, relatively talented woman is pushed out of Hollywood and can’t get work at all, so she realizes where the money is (if they’ll pay Hasselbeck they’ll pay anyone) and sells her soul for money. Euch.

  28. Yamsi says:

    Hasn’t Justin Timberlake won BET awards?? Who says you have to be “Black” to win an award??? They don’t discriminate if the credit is due, and if you deserve to be rewarded then you will be! Simple.

  29. Kate says:

    There’s nothing wrong with what Stacy said. She wasn’t saying BET should be shut down. She was asking a question: what does inclusion actually mean and how much do people (black and white) actually going to fight for it? There are many layers of inclusion in Hollywood: actors, directors, cast, crew, the filming machine as a whole. What Spike Lee and Jada Pinkett are doing is making every single layer of inclusion irrellevant EXCEPT race. There are many performances by all ethnicities that were amazing and deserving of recognition. Not everyone is going to get nominated.

  30. Yoko says:

    To the naysayers why do you think BET Awards and Image Awards were created? Because POC were/are still being overlooked for good work. Name a black actor that won an Oscar where they weren’t a cheat, womanizer, abuser, slave, or maid?

  31. Sheila says:

    Be careful Stacey about your comments. The reason for BET is to give black actors recognition and a spotlight for their talents. That in alot of cases would have been over looked by the white world of entertainment.

  32. Hell, now, someone get this black ‘conservative’ chick help to her mind right, ya’ feel me brothers.

    I’d still hit that, mm-hmm…..

  33. Shannon says:

    I don’t get BET so I watch none of its shows, but if I did get it I’m sure that as a white girl I could find a show I’d relate to. White people who complain about BET being exclusively black (which Ms. Dash should obviously know isn’t even true) just have a problem being the minority. Why do they have a problem being the minority? Because African-Americans, Asian-Americans, and Latinos are the minorities, and most whites have never been a minority (unless they’ve lived in certain cities or countries). They don’t know what it’s like. They don’t know what it’s like to be underrepresented. And they want to keep it that way because they don’t like change. After hundreds of years of discrimination and outright hate for their ethnicity, if African-Americans want to create a TV channel where their culture can be represented, they’ve earned that. Whites, including myself, don’t need to look far to feel included by the entertainment industry. Now as for the Oscars, I haven’t watched any of those movies this year because NONE of them interest me! White or black actors and directors doesn’t even matter. But when 94% if the Academy members are white, how can they possibly represent the opinions of the nation? All I will watch for are the dresses. The whole thing promises to be boring and overdone. And I blame most of that on the entire entertainment industry, which as a whole is underrepresentative.

  34. Temperance says:

    I don’t think anyone should bother thinking Dash knows anything about anything. Clearly, she… well, is a special combo of very dim and very confused.

  35. DJ says:

    Why do you people think the Oscars are about the arts. It is about politics. Nothing more – nothing less.

  36. DJ says:

    Second question; why does Ms. Dash look like a scared deer looking at bright headlights in the photo? Not a good photo for a such a gorgeous looking woman.

  37. lostom66 says:

    Say what! Boycott the Movie not the Oscars. How many Whites are on the BET selection committee?

  38. James T says:

    Is nah a word? Maybe it’ll be in the new dictionary once you all have completed the transformation

  39. Walkie says:

    Gaffe? Seriously?

    How about you take the time to listen and really contemplate what she is saying. She’s 100% right.

    You can’t complain about the Oscars and then have your own segregated channel and awards ceremony. It’s total hypocrisy.

  40. M. Mitchell says:

    So people Bet should close down because you have to be black to be awardes? Stacey Dash please stop with this nonsense; you’re a pawn in a chest game that wants to work herself to be queen which will never happen. This world is still segregated and I’m mixed ethnic black/hispanic & can see it clear is day. Clueless shows that you are mentally Clueless. To criticize Obama where every major category from Bush administration is record low from poverty to oil. To try and tarnish Oprah? She can afford to financially end your career. Your a disgrace to anyone of color other than white with your grouping comments. & Bet is an outlet to help African Americans like my mother just saying to be in current trends of style, media – even you who was on #TheGame hmmm you don’t recall? Only time blacks go to the Oscar’s it’s the motto: Have to be crooked before they took it. How bout you dash into trumps bed; and watch from afar.

  41. Ashley says:

    How dare Stacey Dash express an opinion that other people don’t share! (I wish there was a sarcasm font!) Seriously, I may not agree with what she says, but she didn’t say it in a hateful way. We need to stop automatically viewing every differing opinion as offensive and use them as a way to start a productive conversation.

  42. That’s really not much of a response. That’s like the Oscars calling out Will Smith, a 2 time Oscar nominee, for boycotting.

    The reality is that Dash made a very good point. Imagine if there was an awards show specifically designed for white people only? Imagine the backlash that would stir. And no, the Oscars are not a white awards show. There have been plenty of black nominees and winners over the years. To call it racist is just false.

    Why is there even a network for one race? Whether you like her or not, the point is valid.

  43. marcie Morrow says:

    Completely agree with her!

  44. Cherie Pope says:

    She is right. What if we had White Entertainment Television…..we would never hear the end of it, Black people would be all up in arms.

  45. JILLIAN says:

    I don’t understand all the fuss.

    African Americans have always been nominated when there is a movie or role that was worthy of nomination. Perhaps the past two years there weren’t any that were standouts. The Oscars are very selective and only choose the top of the line. Very sort of “artsy”

    Wasn’t there a movie about slavery a few years back that was nominated…the name escapes me. Sidney Poiter was nominated frequently in the early 60’s. Even the hosting has been diversified. Whoopi!!!

    I am so tired of the whining and crying. (Black lives matter, hello maybe you are a criminal and the police are enforcing the law, that’s their JOB!!) You think white men don’t get shot at as well???

    If your role or movie was worthy of a nom, you will receive it.

  46. How about we consider the fact every country besides the united States sides with people of color because we were enslaved only 75 years ago which was not long ago at all, we invented they created patents, ceremonies were created in Africa structures originated in Africa than to Rome, everything we as people of color invent is stolen so yes we want a television station we pay for it, as far as white people, well im sure stealing a country should suffice for a network television station.

  47. :) says:

    Stacy is wrong in her information. BET and NAACP both regularly recognize people of all backgrounds. Sandra Bullock, Sophia Vigara (sp), justin timberlake, America Fierra and Angelina Jolie are just a few that have won. Many more have been nominated. Very much more inclusive.

    As for the Oscars not having diversity that is an issue if you want to remain relevant as the standard for accomplishment all things dealing with motion pictures. The voting body lacks diversity. Old white men are less likely to watch movies having to do with women or people of color (meaning all non whites, different from colored which is offensive) no matter how good the performance even they get a copy of the movie for free. To become a member of the voting academy you have to be invited. Invitation criteria is based largely on your body of work. If those in power don’t pay attention to your body of work or don’t understand it then you are less likely to become a member or receive recognition.

    The Oscars are not even diverse in their foreign films. The nominees and winners are mostly European with a few south Americans thrown in. Many people that look at films from the festivals and outside the mainstream recognize that India, South Africa, Nigeria and Kenya are making incredible movies in many genre. They are also in English but are completely overlooked.

    No one is asking for affirmative action in nomination and winning process. People would like the public and the voting body to realize that there is an institutional problem that is bringing the outcomes. The outcome will always be one sided when the decision makers are one sided. That’s fine if that’s what you want just don’t hold yourself as the standard to strive for, the pinnacle of achievement for all people in that field if you are not truly trying to be inclusive of that field.

  48. Lady Empress says:

    All I can say is ouch! Stacey Dash wrote a check that her a$$ couldn’t cash…lol

  49. Grace says:

    I hope Stacey Dash only said this because she was pimping her next television role and not because she actually believes what she said. I’d hate to think that she and Raven Symone have both subscribed to the same “I Hate Myself” cult. The only thing sadder than admitting you feel so much animosity towards someone else’s race is telling people you hate your own…and then feeling the need to share your self hatred with anyone other than your psychiatrist. While we still have Obamacare, use it to get yourself the help you clearly need!

  50. Brenda says:

    Black folks are 13% of the population. Denzel Washington, Morgan Freeman, Haley Berry, Forest Whitaker, Jennifer Hudson, Monique, Octavia Spencer and Lupita Nyong’o have all won Oscars in the past 10 years. I’d say that’s pretty fair representation. You’d never see Denzel bitching about not getting an award and believe me, he’s been worthy of many! He has class, that’s why AND he doesn’t follow the liberal agenda of screaming racism when things don’t go his way! Millionaires bitching about not getting an award. Guess what, white people contributed to your big fat bank accounts too! Get off your high horse and stop pointing fingers at someone, something, what have you and barking prejudice just because you feel you are better. If you need a trophy to validate your talent then maybe you are the one with the damn issues. Your bank account should be proof enough that people like you, Mr. & Mrs. Smith and Spike Lee!

    • :-) says:

      So you are saying black people have gotten enough awards? They have gotten more than their 13% of the population should allow? You’ve done the research and know for a fact that Mr. Washington has not spoken out on the lack of diversity in Hollywood? It’s ok if other possibly deserving black people don’t get nominated much less win because enough have won in the last 10 years for the entire race? The percentage of Hispanics in this country is rising rapidly. How many should they get since your comment implies there’s some kind of quota to this.

      None of the actors want a handout. They want a fair chance. That’s hard to on an unbalanced field. The Oscars are supposed to honor the best of the best. How can that be true when some of the best are missing. If team USA gymnastics was competing against team Russia 90% of the judges were Russian who do you think is going to win? Really think team USA will get a fair shake? There’s a reason why there’s a multinational panel. As Americans we still think they get it wrong if our team loses ;-) at least we had a fighting chance though