The Royals Robert Alive

The Royals Finale: Simon's Killer Revealed, Plus 2 Other Insane Twists

Friendly warning: This article contains major spoilers from Sunday’s season finale of The Royals.

Nary a back went un-stabbed on The Royals‘ season-ender as the world learned of Simon’s killer, Cyrus’ scheme unraveled and a presumed-dead character was revealed to be… well, not so dead.

Let’s begin with that closing twist, the three words that will haunt us until The Royals returns for Season 3: Robert. Is. Alive.

The final moments of Sunday’s season-ender found the (presumed dead) royal lying on a beach, still dressed in his army uniform — and more importantly, still clinging to life. This show has thrown some doozies our way during the past two seasons, but bringing back Robert? I’d stand and applaud right now if a life spent watching television hadn’t depleted me of all conceivable energy.

the-royals-robertAnd his return couldn’t be coming at a more perfect time: Not only is Helena planning to use Simon’s DNA to prove that Liam is the rightful heir to the throne, but she also made quick work of Cyrus, teaming up with Prudence to help her and the baby escape his monstrous grip. “You take away my future, I take away yours,” Helena told Cyrus, referring to his order to kill Captain Lacey. “Enjoy cancer.” (Now this is the Helena I fell in love with last season! She’s been taking Cyrus’ beatings for far too long, and I’m thrilled she’s finally coming out on top.)

Then there was the killer reveal — so to speak — as each member of the royal family learned that not only was Ted responsible for Simon’s death, but he also (probably) ordered Robert to be killed. I’m really hoping the angry mob at the King’s Cup didn’t beat him to death, because I’d love to see the look on his face when Robert comes home next season.

the-royals-jasper-eleanorIn addition to finally being able to put the king’s murder to rest, the big reveal also reunited Eleanor and Jasper, who were seen holding hands at the King’s Cup attendees unleashed holy hell on Ted. Because nothing says romance like watching your father’s killer get what’s coming to him!

Your reaction to the finale’s (many!) twists? Your hopes for next season? Grade the episode below, then drop all of your thought in a comment.

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  1. Ian says:

    I could have sworn they had had Robert’s remains, so there wasn’t any possibility of him reappearing. But it must have just been an implication. Excellent cliffy for season 3. I hope they make Robert a distinct character too, and not just an older Liam.

  2. WriteLoudly says:

    Nice twist showing Robert on the beach! I think the King’s remains are missing – so Robert showing up as the undisputed heir will right things.

  3. Jackie Patterson says:

    The royals. Best show ever. Team Jasper and Eleanor. Waiting for season 3

  4. Lori says:

    Maybe King Simon was wearing a helmet with Roberts name? Wouldn’t it be a twist if King Simon was still alive? ROCK Jasper and Eleanor!!! Princess…please please please keep your knight in shining armor! Jasper loves you so much. Loves you for YOU and not for your title. He’s HOT TOO!!! And you clearly love him, just admit it to yourself. Even your silver fox security detail knows it.

    • protege says:

      Well, that’s what I’d like; but I have to admit, that Robert’s return sort of puts the kibosh on that scenario. (Unless he’s an imposter or something.)

  5. Lyz says:

    Team Jasper & Eleanor!! Keep Jasper!! I think the Kings remains are missing. They should have DNA, on file? Loving this show. We could do without Cyrus, the disgusting pig! Love that she left with the baby : ) AWESOME !

  6. Selene says:

    Was that a guy that Cyrus was in bed with?

  7. lostom66 says:

    This is pure trash with distractions to kill time to make ten episodes.

  8. Nicolas says:

    I have to watch this show.

  9. Adam says:

    What’s with the look on Helena’s face? Was the crypt empty? We old Cyrus have destroyed Simon’s remains?

  10. HanLin says:

    Season 2 was way better than season 1. It streamlined plots, developed the core characters, and wasn’t bogged down by random characters who ultimately were unimportant (I did NOT miss Ophelia or Gemma). Pryce getting mauled by a mob was insane! Helena playing the long game and coming out on top was badass! Prince Robert potentially being alive was a huge surprise – although, the foreshadowing was there, I just was so distracted by all the other juicy moments to notice! Love Love LOVE!

    I am very excited for season 3! I loved One Tree Hill, and I love the drama that The Royals gives every week!

  11. Michelle Mettert says:

    The Royals is the BEST show to come along in years! Beautifully written AND acted! Thank you!

  12. Bwhit says:

    I actually can say I like Helena now because she finally started communicating and having a relationship with her children. Liam made the right choice in not killing Ted himself but I have a feeling if Ophelia does come back, she will blame him even though he killed Simon. From the start of this show, I had a feeling Robert wasn’t dead and I think he is Capt. Lacey’s son. Jasper and Eleanor need to be together, he proved himself this season!

  13. Me says:

    I hope they bring back Ophelia. I’d love to see her response to Liam and Eleanor outing her dad like that.

  14. Andrew says:

    Loved it…greatest show for this TV season. It beats my top shows, TWD, TVD, GOT, Scandal, MCU….this episode had me on the edge from start to finish.

  15. DawnM says:

    Okay I have some theories…. One) Simon isn’t dead, no bone, no coffin in the crypt. He had Ted fake his death so he could pass the crown to Liam after “losing” Robert. And when the DNA paternity thing came to light, he obviously couldn’t come forward as ALIVE…he suffered in seclusion. Two) DNA testing is going to prove that Alistair is NOT the twins father, remember that bloody handkerchief? But then Three) Robert will show up after Liam is crowned rightful king…and maybe a friendly or not-so-friendly sibling rivalry for the rights to the thrown. And maybe Robert ends up being Alistair’s kid?…but I’m assuming the footage of the beach was a while ago, flashback style, so where has Robert been? Amnesia? In enemy territory? and Four) Eleanor will need Jasper…he CAN’T go anywhere…and Mr.Hill either….I really liked him. Love how Helena became more human towards her children, but her long-term planning against Cyrus was epic! I didn’t miss Ophelia or Gemma. But I did miss Marcus…they need to bring him back…and the guy who got shot in the leg for quick comic relief. Loved how Eleanor helped out Imogen, think she found a ‘purpose’ in life that she should consider doing more of….and for god’s sake, get rid of the graffiti in your room Princess!

    • DawnM says:

      please ignore my spelling errors….*throne, not thrown…bones* not bone…. I type faster than I think, or is it thinking faster than I type? LOL

    • Protege says:

      That was my original hope, but then why have pryce admit to killing him? And then take a beating? This whole thing with pryce isn’t adding up.

      • Anna says:

        I agree. What motive did Ted have for killing the King, much less Robert? If he had an issue with a corrupt monarchy, why not target Cyrus or the Queen? And why escort Liam back to the limo on the stadium field to ensure his safety before turning himself over to the blood-thirsty mob? And why would a highly trained Head of Royal Security kill the King in sight of a public camera using a knife? Taken at face-value, this is a very sloppy plot twist. I have to think that the King is alive and Ted was part of the show!

        • Protege says:

          My only hope for this show is that Simon is alive somewhere and returns at the end, at least.

        • adb64 says:

          Doesn’t someone have some sort of hold over Pryce (including the threat against his daughter)? Seems like there is too much physical evidence to suggest Simon’s death was faked. However, it’s easier to swap out bodies after a plane crash…

          • WriteLoudly says:

            Actually, the King could be alive – if you remember he was in a coma and Cyrus was trying to finish him off in the hospital room. These posts got me thinking ” what if” someone moved him but he is still in a coma somewhere – maybe the ally is Eleanor security James – he came out of nowhere- could he had opportunity to move him? Or could it be someone else…things that make you go hmmmm

            With the Kings remains missing and Robert being the rightful heir and alive on the beach he now can replace Cyrus since his birth is not in question. Just a thought.

        • adb64 says:

          Remember, the camera that caught Ted was a skater’s–not public. As far as motive, I got the impression Ted was being forced (eg, the threat against his daughter). As far as Simon, I think there is too much physical evidence to suggest his death was faked. However, it’s relatively easier to swap a body after a plane crash…

        • Donna says:

          Ted blamed the king for his wife’s death. This was established several episodes ago. And it wasn’t a public camera. In the previous episode Jasper took down a hidden camera that had been put up by some skate boarders. Ted (or the police) didn’t know about the camera.

        • Temperance says:

          The location was chosen because thee wasn’t a public camera. The camera belonged to the skaters that were being hassled by the police and they wanted to film it .

        • WriteLoudly says:

          Really Anna? Have you been watching? All your questions were answered by this last episode .
          1. Ted explained to Liam in the limo his motive was vengeance but he convinced himself it was justice.
          2. Ted didn’t kill Robert – the drone pilot was hired by The brother of the murdered girl (
          His daughter told Liam)
          3. why not target Cyrus or Helena? They aren’t the King -killing King has more of an impact to topple monarchy – don’t forget half the Country wants to abolish the monarchy
          4. Ted protected Liam as a sense of duty- he knew the outcome. He explained his demons earlier in the limo – he was already dead
          5. It wasn’t public the skaters put the camera up- and killing with a knife is personal

          Some great plots and twists – you should re watch them all – you’ve missed a lot Anna

        • Jrc says:

          Wasn’t the camera put up by those skateboard teens?

        • Tony says:

          The camera wasn’t public…belonged to kids hanging in the alley. The speech in the limo indicates that he maybe blames the royal family somehow for his wife’s death….but vengeance did not put out the fire.

    • Agreed! BUT I believe the actor who played Marcus is on “Blindspot.”

  16. Leslie Kenyon says:

    I think the killing of Simon by Ted was lame. I don’t know why Prudence would split when she could be queen so she must have been killed as well. But I will watch next season to see why. Just as long as they don’t bring back that boring Ophelia, the show has hope.

  17. Receestar says:

    Bravo n I’m mad i have to wait till fall.

  18. anita ratcliff says:

    I love The Royals the cast is perfect even when they do something evil or questionable I still love them all. I kind of wish the Princess would forgive Jasper although I can see her point. Love it please don’t make us wait to long for season 3!

  19. Love,love The Royals, so happy Robert is alive. can’t wait for season 3

  20. camilla says:

    i promise not to wath season 3 if i ever see that boring ophilia in it…meanwhile i love *teamElleanor new strategies of not being selfishs but rather reconsidering her kids

  21. Sheshaa says:

    my prediction is that Opheilia is pregnant with liams child, but she won’t let him see the baby, because of what he did to her father .

  22. Hector says:

    when is the season3 coming out.I can’t wait to go true it.

  23. FINALLY! With such a cliffhanger (Robert is alive), I thought it would’ve been back on air before now. I thought they had given up the ghost (literally) & chosen not to bring the show back. I’m so very glad they did, but it’s a shame I have to wait until December.