Vampire Diaries Tyler Returns

Vampire Diaries: Find Out What Brings Tyler Back to Mystic Falls

Calling all members of the Tyler Lockwood fan club: You can go ahead and circle Feb. 5 on your calendars.

That’s the wayward werewolf’s official return date to The Vampire Diaries, The CW announced Friday — and you’ll never guess what major event brings Michael Trevino‘s character back to Mystic Falls. In fact, it might just be better to share the episode’s official description:

With the traumatic effects of the Phoenix stone taking a toll on his brother, Stefan attempts to help Damon regain his grip on reality, while secretly struggling with his own experience in the stone. Elsewhere, Matt and Bonnie deal with the fallout after Julian and his men take over Mystic Falls, leading Matt to spiral out of control and into trouble with an officer named Penny. Meanwhile, Tyler returns to town for Alaric’s baby shower and Caroline makes an upsetting discovery involving Alaric and his future plan for the babies.

That’s right, folks — Tyler is coming back for the baby shower of his ex-girlfriend and former teacher. Nothing awkward about that.

I should also note that this is the third episode directed by Paul Wesley; he previously directed Season 5’s “Resident Evil” and Season 6’s “Woke Up With a Monster.”

Your thoughts/hopes about Tyler’s return? Drop ’em in a comment below.

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  1. Zia says:

    Paul also said that he’d directed the Steroline date which *obviously* goes south because they apparently cant have a single episode being happy.. I wonder what goes down there.. Really rooting for them.. And Tyler coming back just for this baby shower makes no sense, I hope he has some other reason as well..

    • Lindsey says:

      Ugh! I hope the no chemistry duo stay apart. They are cringe worthy to watch. Hopefully Tyler and Caroline will get together, they had incredible chemistry! Forwood FTW!!

      • Bree says:

        OMG, Tyler’s back! I’m with you, they need to end that no chem pair and put Forwood back together. I’m still upset the writers ruined them for a Klaus frolic against a tree and sterozzz.

      • Megan says:

        Same and I want the brother/sister act to be gone. I can’t believe out of the two friendships (Bamon/Steroline) they chose steroline with NO chemistry to put together…when Bamon have so much chemistry they had to ban their scenes together! Like wth?? At least Tyler/Caroline have chemistry.

  2. spindae2 says:

    Sounds interesting. Looking forward to all the drama.

  3. guest says:

    could this show possibly be more dull and repetitive? magical vampire babies? mystic falls taken over again? the writers claim they’ve had a “creative rebirth” or whatever after Nina Dobrev’s exit but that’s just nonsense. these characters have been going in circles around the exact same plot/storylines/scenes/dialogue for the last three seasons. now they’re starting to recycle stuff in the SAME season!!! this show should’ve ended after S4

    • anna says:

      they need to end it asap

      • Phoenix5634 says:

        So you call yourself a fan but want the show to end asap with a crazy rushed finale…. Sad.

        And this season has been a creative rebirth like you said they said, if youd get over the simple fact that Nina is gone, she’s the one who had the story/show going around in circles anyway. This seasons actually new and awesome… You say it’s going around in circles why?.. Becuz they havnt moved from mystic falls ? That’s basically the only thing that’s still the same. TVD is still an awesome show, quit being childish about Nina leaving. Or at very least be creative with ur comments, the show doesn’t deserve ur unwarranted negatively, and it deserves more seasons based on the current plot/storylines.

    • Winter says:

      I don’t know I’ve enjoyed it a lot and haven’t missed Nina at all. But to each their own I guess.

  4. morgan says:

    so great that Alric gets a baby shower but not the woman forced to carry those children! solid not at all disgusting Julie not at all

  5. Rebecca Pennington says:

    Can’t wait!!!!! Omg I love tvd

  6. pds says:

    I’m just looking forward to having the Vampire Diaries back followed by the Original’s too!
    Have missed them both and TYLER returning sounds interesting.

  7. Khannig says:

    I don’t think that Stefan and Caroline work together at all.I do like the Idea of Klaus and Caroline.Elena and Stefans love story was so awesome in the beginning and then I found myself rooting for Damon after all.Equally enjoyed either couple together.I love the spin off with the Originals.The characters have developed into bold intriguing and fanasinating roles.I hope that Center will continue writing for many years to come.