NBC Boss Defends Trump as SNL Host, After Severing Business Ties: 'Love It Or Not,' He's An Important Political Figure

Back in June, after Donald Trump began sharing polarizing thoughts on immigrants, NBC issued a statement saying that because “[we] respect and dignity for all people are cornerstones of our values… NBCUniversal is ending its business relationship with Mr. Trump.”

So, what changed less than five months later, that Trump was invited to host Saturday Night Live?

Simply said, NBC had no idea Trump’s candidacy would have the legs it did.

“We got out of both of those businesses [Celebrity Apprentice and the pageants]… when most of us thought he would be waltzing into the background. Lo and behold, he’s the frontrunner,” NBC entertainment chairman Robert Greenblatt explained on Wednesday at the Television Critics Association winter press tour in Pasadena.

“The poll numbers are astounding. He’s everywhere, and that reconciles quite easily [with NBC’s decision],” Greenblatt continued. “[L]ove it or not, he’s of the most important political figures of our time. I don’t think the public was confused [by his hosting of SNL] as much as the press and some special interest groups.”

Still, said “special interest groups” were vocal in their disapproval of the Peacock’s seeming condoning of Trump’s more controversial opinions. So was it worth it?

“I think it was,” Greenblatt said. “At the end of the day, he was on the show for 11 minutes. The earth didn’t fall out of its axis. It was a highly rated show, and that’s always a good thing.”

“If we were in the business of never having anyone guest on the network who had views that disagree with our views,” the exec later added, “we’d be out of business.”

Does NBC’s stance pass muster with you?

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  1. herman1959 says:

    Still wrong!

  2. He’s a bigot, and NBC needs to stop enabling him.

    • tvjunkie says:

      Bigot? In what way? It’s the highly intolerant liberals that are loaded with bigots, who think illegal immigrants and Islamic extremists (which is not all Muslims) are more important than US citizens. Basically liberals are bigoted against US citizens.

      • If you have to ask, then you’re a bigot like thim.

        • tvjunkie says:

          To use a line similar to one you recently used on me … your complete lack of an substantive response shows your argument has no merit.

          • If you can’t recognize hate mongering, bigotry, and fascism when you see it, there is something wrong with you.

          • tvjunkie says:

            You’re still not presenting anything of substance. You’re just regurgitating the liberal media propaganda talking points. Do you have evidence of of this in his company or with his business dealings or his personal life? I suspect you do not or you wouldn’t be relying solely on the liberal media propaganda talking points.

  3. “If we were in the business of never having anyone guest on the network who had views that disagree with our views,” the exec later added, “we’d be out of business.”

    They’ll ban Martin Lawrence, but invite Trump to host…

  4. Wordsmith says:

    Vladimir Putin is possibly the most important political figure in the world right now. I wonder if SNL would invite him to host…

  5. “He’s An Important Political Figure” among racists and bigots.

  6. Kate says:

    SNL does nothing but bash conservatives but that’s ok. God forbid they have an actual conservative host the show. The horror! This is America. We still have freedom. No one forced anyone to watch SNL. His show had the highest numbers in 6 yrs. He’s still leading the polls. Keep whining, liberals. No one cares.

  7. Jerri says:

    And when will the other candidates host SNL?

  8. aph1976 says:

    Even though for now NBC has severed business ties with Trump, they may know one day they might need Trump.Plus Trump may know NBC severing ties with him was for business reasons in their part and not for personal reasons.However NBC may not let Trump host SNL again anytime soon because they may know they have to be careful.

  9. JosiahBartlet4President says:

    He’s a racist demagogue, and NBC should have better principles than to feed into his ego.

    • tvjunkie says:

      How is he a racist? For wanting to enforce the law against people coming to the country illegally? They’re called ILLEGALS for a reason, they are criminals breaking the law. Wanting to temporarily stop Muslim immigration from middle east countries until there is a better background check in place? Do you really want what’s happening Europe to happen here? Why do you think those people are more important than actual US citizens? The left is so hypocritical on this subject.

  10. Kim R says:

    Wow. Just because someone is infamous doesn’t mean they are important. It is such a “tabloid” way of thinking of things. Disappointing.

  11. Yoki says:

    In other words, money talks everything else runs the marathon.

  12. A fan of TV says:

    Lol no he’s a political distraction.

  13. Morisot says:

    2015 – San Bernardino : 14 dead
    2015 – Paris : 130 dead
    2015 – Charlie Hebdo : 12 dead
    2013 – Boston Marathon : 3 dead
    2009 – Fort Hood : 13 dead
    2001 – 9/11 : 2,977 dead

    When 9/11 happened I thought “If only these people knew us…” Then I found out many of them had lived in our country, shopped in our stores, walked in our parks, …. and they still killed so many men, women and children.

    …and you think Trump is some horrible villain for saying there is a problem !

    • Jerri says:

      No. That isn’t why Trump is a villain. Trumo is a villain because he’s a vile person. From hating on women to being a d!ck to people who aren’t white, rich folk and much more.

      • Morisot says:

        He certainly isn’t warm-and-fuzzy.

        From what I’ve seen on The Apprentice he expected a lot from everyone! And he treated everyone the same way! He didn’t make any secret of who he is or what you are getting.

        He is a successful business man who is not afraid to make decisions.

        And he sure would be a change from the pandering politicians.

  14. mark day says:

    Trump is a dangerous demagogue, close to Hitler in style, and the NBC brass
    are just whores for ratings.

  15. Peggy says:

    He is going to save our country ! I am sorry that some of you dont like the thought of The American families able to make money and supports themselves again because we have jobs in our country ! And we love LEAGLE immigration ! What is the point of having laws if people are rewarded for not following them ?

  16. Kathy says:

    So you lower your standards because he makes for good television? Sad day for you SNL. When you bow to ratings over what is right. Maybe you’re as bad as he is.

  17. Ypu gave a racist a platform he neither deserved or needed.

  18. Rev. Penfield says:

    Would you dance with Hitler too? Just where do you stop with following popularity when it leadds the nation to division and targets the vulnerable? No SNL for me when that happens.