2016 Golden Globes Ratings

Ratings: Golden Globes Slip vs. 2015 — Who Should Host Next Year?

NBC’s broadcast of the 2016 Golden Globe Awards on Sunday night drew 15.5 million total viewers and a 4.7 demo rating (per fast nationals subject to adjustment), down about 19 percent year-over-year and hitting a six-year low, our sister site Deadline notes.

This year’s Globes, NBC notes, opened opposite 15 minutes of NFL overrun on Fox, which was pulling north of 30 million viewers.

Elsewhere in the ratings….

CBS | Madam Secretary (8.9 mil/1.0) slipped 23 and 12 percent opposite the Globes. The Good Wife (7.6 mil/1.1) dipped 11 percent in audience while steady in the demo.

ABC | Galavant averaged 2.4 mil and a 0.6, dropping 25 and 33 percent from premiere night.

FOX | Boosted by NFL playoffs, The Simpsons, Cooper Barrett’s Guide, Family Guy and Bordertown all enjoyed significant gains, though the current numbers are not quite worth detailing. Check back later.


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  1. Joshua Brandenburg says:

    i dont care how good the shows were, i do not want to see mad men, sons of anarchy, or breaking bad or any other show that ended six years ago still winning awards. Yes Jon hamm may be a good actor, so is Bryan Cranston and the shows were excellent award worthy shows, but the time has long since passed and now there are plenty of new shows that are award worthy. wanna win another golden globe AMC/Jon Hamm, do a new show that will get you one, but glomming onto the last remnants of a sucessful show, to me at least, takes away from its orignial sucess.

    • Simon Jester says:

      Mad Men ended a mere eight months ago. Math is not difficult.

    • MARSHMELOW says:

      LOL WHAT? Bryan Cranston was there for a movie. Breaking bad wasn’t up for anything.

    • herman1959 says:

      Jon Hamm’s award was payback for all of the (best) years that he didn’t win. Before you call foul, though, remember that the Academy Awards do the same thing.

    • Lex says:

      I must say there were some good, fresh shows that won awards – Mr. Robot and Rachel Bloom’s win for Crazy Ex-Girlfriend were particularly pleasing – but Mozart in the Jungle? How much is Amazon paying to promote that thing, when its own Transparent and Netflix’s Master of None are both so much better (and have better performances from Jeffrey Tambor and Aziz Ansari).

  2. Sally McLinn says:

    Gervais has already confirmed he’s hosting next year.

  3. Nerogrid says:

    How about Nick Offerman?

  4. Coal says:

    Here is a suggestion they should get one host and one person to present the awards alternatively the host and presenter could alternate during the night and they should just announce the nominees not these long winded statements of the teleprompter and jokes that fall flat when presenting the award. As to who should host ? Kay and Peele with Amy Schumer doing the awards presentation. This should at least cut down the show by at least an hour.

  5. cosmoman11 says:

    Get Eva Longoria and America Ferrera to host. They were the only funny part of the whole show. Ricky Gervais was a dud. Obviously didn’t want to be there.

  6. Senff says:

    Well color me surprised! It looked like there wasn’t a host at all last night! How revolutionary. Don’t tell me anyone considers the few quick appearances by Ricky Gervais here and there actually “hosting”?

  7. David4 says:

    Mel Gibson should host next year.

  8. Toby says:

    Do we know what the final ratings [DVR] included were?

  9. Gwen says:

    Am I the only one who does not find Amy Schumer the least bit funny? And Quentin Tarantino…what a hack who can’t even get his facts straight about the number of Globes his composer won. That acceptance speech was all about how great Tarantino thinks HE is!!

  10. Josephine says:

    Jim Carrey.

  11. john036 says:

    Key and Peele would be an awesome choice. Maybe Nick Kroll? But I feel as though Kroll wouldn’t have as much of a draw, unlike Key and Peele.

    • Jax&Juice's Girl says:

      Oooooh I like Key and Peele! Anyways I thought the show was good Ricky being Ricky…..SO HAPPY for Lady Gaga and Mr. Robot/ Christian Slater. But Rami Malek WAS ROBBED…like WTF Jon Hamm? really?!!!!!

  12. Chris G says:

    Maybe if the nominees, or more importantly, the winners, were from shows I watched, I would like the Globes better. To me, it seemed like a lot of the winners were from shows a lot of people have never heard of. Congrats to Sylvester though!

  13. tvwatcher35 says:

    The Golden Globes put me to sleep. Everything about it was boring. The same shows win just about every year. My favorite show of 2015 was UnREAL. It got snubbed. The 2 female leads Shiri Appleby and Constance Zimmer were just as good if not better then any actress on TV in 2015. It was one of the best reviewed shows of 2015. UnREAL and it’s 2 leads are all nominated for a Critics Choice Award.They probably wont win because it’s a Lifetime show but then again if the CW can win why not Lifetime. Shiri and Constance have as much chemistry as Tina Fey and Amy Poehler. Another thing how is Shiri Appleby not a household name? She’s been working in the business for over 30 years. Hopfully UnREAL will help her become a household name and take her career to the next level. That’s just my opinion.

    • Ron says:

      “The same shows win just about every year.”
      Uhhh… Are you talking about the Golden Globes? The Golden Globes last night? I mean, the Emmys and SAGs are pretty notorious for awarding the same shows every year. But the Globes are notorious for doing the complete opposite. I’m not quite sure how you can say that in a year when the GGs chose Mr. Robot and Mozart in the Jungle as drama and comedy TV winners respectively, and gave TV awards to Christian Slater, Gael Garcia Bernal, Rachel Bloom (for a show NO ONE watches), and Maura Tierney. To my knowledge, there were literally NO repeat TV winners this years, with the exception of Jon Hamm who won his only other Golden Globe eight years ago…

  14. wrstlgirl says:

    Need a break from the Amy and Tina show. Too much of a good thing ruins the good thing IMO.

  15. Gerri says:

    Brad and Ryan should totally do a movie together….. I mean one in which they actually have scenes together. Loved their schtick.

  16. Mr. Tran K says:

    Ricky Gervais & Mel Gibson needs a drink…if Ricky comes back to host next year.

  17. People didn’t show up this year because what they watch didn’t win last year. Now they won’t show up next year because they didn’t even know what won this year existed. Talk about simple math. It’s not about the hosts, it’s about who is nominated. And if nobody knows who the heck they are, nobody cares to watch, not even on the red carpet.

  18. Jerri says:

    Get JLaw to host next year

  19. Pati says:

    I liked Ricky the past times he roasted but this year was just the worse. So much cursing from everyone, he was not funny and just offensive and repetitive. I am over him and Tina and Amy bring someone new next year.

  20. Sara says:

    I have read that it has been adjusted to a final tally of 18.5 million viewers and a 5.5 demo which means that while it was down from what Tina and Amy did (by only 5% now), it was actually up from Ricky’s last time hosting. So, I suppose that is a good thing. I think Ricky did a great job and had me laughing every time he came out. I’d like to see him host again.

  21. matty says:

    I think Amy Schumer would be a fantastic Golden Globes host. If not her then how about somebody like Lily Tomlin?

  22. Jason says:

    To everyone complaining about the Globes of Gold, y’all should’ve watched Galavant instead :)

  23. keenen says:

    I agree with whomever commented about the shows. I didn’t know most of the shows or people that were nominated, so I didn’t watch. Also when ridiculous things like the Martian being a comedy happens and then wins…it just takes away from the comedies that could win. I read and saw clips of a lot of the jokes, and call me mean or simple, but I thought he was funny and that he brings a different energy. Football and Downton Abbey were on, so along with the comment about the shows that were nominated I agree that the ratings may or may not have anything to do with the host.

  24. Literally anyone but Gervais would be an improvement but Poehler and Fey would be a very small one. Then again I saw EW suggest (on tumblr no less) that it be Jennifer Lawrence and Amy Schumer so I guess we’re just going “plague, cholera or cancer” here.

  25. Gabrielle says:

    Galavant didn’t even hit your must watch for Sunday night.. really Austin and Ally did instead? You’ve got to help this show out!

  26. Key and Peel for next year’s hosts.

  27. Bummed about Galavant ratings. It’s so funny! Love that show.

  28. Lex says:

    I’d love for Tina and Amy to be the long-standing host of the Globes like Bob Hope was many eons ago for the Oscars. Or hey… they could actually help make the Oscars a little less staid and much more fun.