Golden Globes 2016: Best, Worst and Most Outrageous Moments

How do you win at the Golden Globes when you go home empty-handed?

Crush it at the podium (or even in the audience) and land yourself on TVLine’s lineup of the ceremony’s Best, Worst and Most Outrageous moments, of course!

America and Eva getting meta. Kevin and Ken bringing the proceedings to uncomfortable silence. Sylvester Stallone making his compatriots go wild.

These were just a few of the highlights of the 2016 Golden Globe Awards telecast, and whether you watched every second, slipped into a Funyuns-induced coma at the halfway point or skipped it altogether, TVLine’s got you covered.

We obsessed over the three-plus hour awards show — with approximately two-thirds of the wine intake of the average Globes attendee — to look for political righteousness, poorly landed punchlines,  and so much more. And we’ve condensed it all into 17 unforgettable moments.

So check out the gallery below for our take on the 2016 proceedings — or click here for direct access — then hit the comments to tell us where we got it right, what we botched badly and what highlights we missed altogether!

Comments are monitored, so don’t go off topic, don’t frakkin’ curse and don’t bore us with how much your coworker’s sister-in-law makes per hour. Talk smart about TV!

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  1. No Gaga Vs, Dicaprio? because that was epic :D

  2. Mick says:

    Sylvester forgetting to thank Ryan Coogler and Michael B. Jordan ( I know he eventually did it off camera) was annoying, so was Slater no thanking Rami.

  3. Jenn says:

    I can’t quite figure out your mention of Taraji’s train comment. The guy who held her hand up the stairs stepped on the train of her dress. That’s why she said what she said. Maybe I misread your comment. If so, apologies.

  4. Annie says:

    I loved Leo’s comments. Was a very appropriate way for a white ally to speak about First Nations rights. Took ownership of privilege and pointed to whose voices we should actually be listening to. Was very smart and aware.

    • Leo had the best speech,while watching the film I was once again reminded of how terribly we colonialists treated our indigenous population in the U.S. and Canada. Same applies to Central/South America, Australia etc…it’s a long list of wrongs.

      • tvjunkie says:

        WE didn’t do anything. The people who did those things are long since dead. That’s like all those nuts blaming people alive now for slavery.

        • Annie says:

          But we benefit from those actions. There’s no point in feeling guilt or blame, those aren’t helpful emotions. No, we didn’t do those things. But we are responsible for the horrors happening *now*. Things such as unsafe drinking water, missing/murdered aboriginal women, high incarceration, etc these are things that as white people *now* we have a stake in. We didn’t commit the acts of the past but we have a duty to the present and future to ensure those acts don’t happen again. And part of that is listening to the people whose lives are affected. Listening to their experiences and authority on what needs to be done to prevent more horrible stuff from happening. If we don’t want suffering to continue, then we have to listen to the people who suffer in order to stop it.

      • Annie says:

        I haven’t seen the film yet, but I’m glad to hear it touches on that. It’s important to remember the sins of the past to ensure we don’t repeat them. In Canada we’re about to undergo a massive national inquiry into missing Aboriginal women – I’m hopeful that it’s going to really ignite a debate in this country and force change on so many needed issues

  5. Tammy says:

    What no mention of “what the f does sugart&@s mean?” We all know no one would be talking about Mel Gibson if it wasn’t for Ricky.

    • JosiahBartlet4President says:

      The whole thing doesn’t bear repeating.Gibson is a sexist anti-semite. Gervais is a classless instigator.

  6. sntindall says:

    Worst was pretty much the entire thing. Amy schumer existing and Jennifer Lawrence being allowed to talk. Or Tarinto. This show was a mess. Oscar Isaac was the highlight. Oh or the dicaprio/gaga moment

  7. Sushi says:

    Gaga winning over Kirsten Dunst was the worst moment. She’s terrible, whereas Kirsten makes the show. That’s the “Pia Zadora What a Joke” award for 2016.

  8. CPCS Answers says:

    What a data of un-ambiguity annd preserveness off valuable experience about unexpectewd emotions.

  9. KC says:

    Taraji P. Henson and Jonah Hill were the two most annoying people there last night

  10. The Golden Globes has always been my favorite awards show. Last night was horrid. Ricky Gervais’ schtick is old and I’m so tired of him. I’m also tired of being sworn at by the people at the podium, to the extent you can’t even figure out what is going on. Really, really disappointed in last night’s show. Was not worth the time.

  11. anonymous says:

    Thought the guy that had the book cover joke about Jeffrey tabor actually beat him, not the other actor. I swear I remember hime making an acceptance speech?

  12. Peegee says:

    R Gervais- annoying, caustic , rude and oh yes annoying

  13. Jerry says:

    Very weird show. Firstly, for a show already without a lot of filler (musical numbers, death roll, etc.), if you can’t allot time for your big winners to speak more than 30 seconds at the end of a show, perhaps you need to eliminate a few awards or even do away with any banter at all from presenters. Secondly, perhaps the show should not allow so much socializing between commercial breaks. For the first minute after every break, all you heard were people talking and getting back to their seats. Thirdly, for an award he had to have known about for months, Denzel Washington seemed under prepared to speak. Lastly, Gervais was fine. He’s there to be a bit of a jerk and keep things moving.

    • Kim R says:

      I’m sure this is because I am an overly organized person but the fact that Denzel was so poorly organized when he went up on stage to accept an important award that he had known about for some time, annoyed me so much. It was lovely that he brought his family up with him but he said nothing really. I was surprised and kind of disappointed.

      • Heather says:

        ESPECIALLY after that epic, beautiful speech given by Tom Hanks right before….so disappointed in how unprepared Denzel seemed to be.

  14. bshaid says:

    Gervais added to the silliness of the show; poor taste in continual showing of the beverage he was having. I am glad Pacino skipped it.

  15. A Fan of TV says:

    Leo just elevated himself in my mind, which I didn’t expect. Also, it’s incorrect to call indigenous North Americans ‘first-nations’. The correct spelling, which is as important as someone spelling one’s name right or capitalizing a person’s nationality, is ‘First Nations’, without the possessive apostrophe at the end.

    • Annie says:

      Right??! I was really pleased with that as well. As for the spelling, you’re right. I wonder if it’s because it’s highly contextual. First Nations is the default Canadian term of reference and I know it’s not widely known in America. I presented an academic paper in the US once and I had to add this section at the beginning about terminology for my paper (which was on First Nations media) and most of my q&a was on the term issues.
      Though tvline could have just googled the right usage/spelling of it instead of being too white and lazy.

  16. Christine says:

    Yes there was quite a bit of swearing but not everyone who was “bleeped” was swearing. If they touched the microphone or got to close to it the feed would cut out. That’s what happened to Alejandro.

  17. Lucifer says:

    Glad I forgot about this last night. Most of the winners are completely random, the highlights are all boring aside from the slightly funny America & Eva moment, and Leo’s speech is just white-guilt babble.

  18. Ron says:

    Shout-out to one of my favorite reactions of the night: Alan Cumming’s hands-over mouth, stunned-as-$*** reaction to Ricky’s final dig at Mel while at the podium.

  19. Zack B says:

    I’m a little tired of (the very good, and deserving of award winning) Mr. Robot being called under-rated. At this point everyone on earth appears to have sounded off that is was an amazing show. Please stop introducing it as if it needs an excuse for being different.

  20. HAP says:

    Anyone else notice the little inside joke pulled off during the acceptance speech of Gael Garcia Bernal? He mispronounced Lola Kirke’s name, just as he does with her character’s name in the series.

  21. says:

    What do you know about this? I think there’s a lot more to the subject