NCIS Weatherly Leaving Season Finale

Michael Weatherly Leaving NCIS: How Will DiNozzo Be Written Out?

It’s all over but the… 11 or so episodes leading up to Michael Weatherly’s NCIS swan song.

In response to TVLine’s double-secret official reporting that Special Agent Tony DiNozzo’s portrayer is parting ways with TV’s most watched drama after 13 seasons, you all had opinions, on how — and perhaps with whom — the fan-fave character should be written off of the canvas.

Of course, ever since Gibbs cheated death at the hands of a terrorist-in-training at the start of this season, things have been a bit pricklier between him and DiNozzo, who promptly stepped up as team leader, even as Boss insisted on staying in the mix best he could.

Will that brush with leadership prompt DiNozzo to rethink his stance on rising to a higher position, maybe front his own team? Or maybe Tony wants none of that or even what he has now, and will break away from NCIS all together?

If the latter, maybe he leaves one thing — the job — to race towards another thing, a someone. But which of the leading ladies who have been in and out of his life is more likely to play a role in his future?

Or will he die? (Someone had to say it.)

TVLine readers have independently speculated in comments, but now it is time to un-scientifically quantify which way the wind is blowing. At least until I talk to NCIS showrunner Gary Glasberg himself.

So, a poll. Vote with your head, not with your heart.

Comments are monitored, so don’t go off topic, don’t frakkin’ curse and don’t bore us with how much your coworker’s sister-in-law makes per hour. Talk smart about TV!

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  1. Kim R says:

    I would love to see a spin-off with Tony leaving to lead his own team elsewhere. I’d watch it. :)

  2. He dies, and while dead he has a vision of Kate, who encourages him to fight to go back to life, which he does. Re-energized, he seeks out Ziva. The trifecta.

  3. david7118 says:

    Tony finds out that Kate didn’t die, had plastic surgery, and IS Ziva. They run off together. With their 2-year-old son.

  4. Anita says:

    Tiva..In any available shape.The only decent and fair to Tony and us closure.

    • Dee says:

      Agreed!! Give the fans closure to the Tiva relationship that we never got to really see. In other words, NCIS writers…go watch Julianna Margulies last episode of ER and mimic that!

    • as524 says:

      So not fair to the actor who created Tony – a *core* cast member who deserves way more than to have his final ep be a repeat of the disaster that was GG’s ‘love letter’ to a bunch of ungrateful ‘fans’ who can’t use their imaginations & demand their ship be played out on screen.

  5. Annie says:

    Given the somewhat shoddy, thrown together “resolution” we got for Tony and Ziva’s relationship, I think the show kind of owes it to both the characters and the viewers to give them a happier and more satisfactory resolution. After all this time, both they and we deserve something good.

    • Nike says:

      Agree. Thats it.

    • Sandi says:

      Yes, THIS.

    • justafan says:

      If Cote would have made herself available for more than a day or two, maybe it could have been more.
      It takes eight days to film one episode.
      They did the what they could with what she gave them.

      • carolgrover says:


      • Kate says:

        Actually, Cote is on record saying she wanted to stay for more than two episodes and that they ended Ziva’s story way too quickly and with not enough closure. Please get your facts straight before criticizing.

        • Pete says:

          Weatherly said in the commentary on the DVD (and Glasberg said the same in media interviews) that they did not know how long they had de Pablo for to film the episodes – ie she didn’t make herself available for much of the 16 days of shooting required for the two episodes, hence why she was only in the 2nd one.
          That was down to her, not down to Glasberg as all the Ziva fans like to claim.
          Not to mention the fact that the scripts for the two episodes had to be completely re-written at zero notice.

          De Pablo is also on record as saying she was glad to have had the opportunity to close out Ziva’s story. It was over a year later when she was publicizing ‘The Dovekeepers’ – and had had a chance to see just how unsatisfied the Ziva/Tiva fans were with the closure they got – that she changed her tune and said that she felt the end was “rushed”.

          That is the straight facts.

        • as524 says:

          The facts ARE straight….I’d believe people connected with the show at the time over an actress who couldn’t even be bothered to give proper notice to the show that *made* her a success

      • Sandi says:

        BULL. She has said she WAS willing to do multiple episodes. Her exit was all about Tony. Michael knows whatever the truth is. And I would not be surprised if he wants to exit with his self declared “buddy”, while giving Tony his missing element.

        • as524 says:

          snort – she said that long after the exit once she needed ziva fans to support that failed mini-series she was in.

          MW deserves way more than to continue to be tied to a no-name actress as he exits NCIS

    • Kim says:

      well said. I agree. The Characters were (are) such strong roles in the story line, they deserve a strong dignified exit

      • as524 says:

        ziva *got* her exit. It wasn’t the show’s or Weatherly’s fault that the actress couldn’t make herself available to actually film a decent exit for her characters & ziva fans.

        This exit is not about ziva or the imaginary tiva. This is about MICHAEL & TONY. & should be only about them

    • Deena says:

      What did you expect the writers to do if she left the show? At least they didn’t kill her off. Although the Kate ending was shockingly brilliant. I bought the series si I could research the whole season over and over.

    • John says:

      What relationship?

    • lorraine says:

      Agree with you. The two of them deserve to be together. They were/are so in love.

    • Ann Reed says:


  6. He reunites with Ziva David. (WITH Cote de Pablo as a guest star)

  7. TR says:

    Whether or not he just walks away or gets his own team elsewhere, I hope he’s reunited with Ziva. Tony’s at his best when he’s with her and we might finally put to rest the ridiculous story Mr. Glasberg wrote when Ziva’s character decided to stay in Israel “for Gibbs.”

  8. Definitely want Tony to get his own team away from DC & reunited with his true love, Ziva, on screen! 🙂

  9. Steven says:

    Tony’s death is faked so he can go on a super secret under cover mission. That way they can keep brinnging him back in a guest star role to complete the mission.

  10. Actually, Tony and Ziva should have a girl first if they do have kids….but regardless, Ziva and Tony should be reunited!

  11. Eileen Brown says:

    I would like to see tony find Ziva david

  12. Lauranne says:

    I would love for him to ride off into the sunset with Ziva and possibly lead his own team. No killing him, please!

  13. Vollisar says:

    Tony & Michael have struggled being separated from Ziva/Cote and fans have struggled with her departure from the show. We hope the show gives them a happy ending and we get more than a cameo appearance. We need something like the Mentalist ending where she is in multiple episodes. Their chemistry is once in a lifetime, legendary and off the charts. We want more than a few minutes of screen time.

    • arial2 says:

      First I’d heard that Michael Weatherly has “struggled” with being separated from Cote de Pablo on the show. Where did he say this? I’d like to read that article or see that interview.

      • Guest says:

        A journalist Margaret Gardiner asked a question from a fan (which yu can find on her Twitter) in which he said “When Ziva left, I went through the dark night of the soul.” So if that’s not struggling than I don’t know what is!

        • darkangel200 says:

          At the same press conference he also said he had no desire to leave NCIS, when clearly he had already made that decision, so….

          • Matt Webb Mitovich says:

            LOL, where was this “press conference”? (I Google “Margaret Gardiner +NCIS” and get nada.) Also, if it was a while ago it’s a gentleman’s prerogative to change his mind.

        • Guest says:

          Really Matt, that was rude and uncalled for. I do believe the link has been provided to you on your twitter page. It’s one thing to disagree with me; it’s another to insult me and basically call me a liar. Michael said a lot of things about Cote and Ziva that day. I don’t make things up. Don’t need to.

      • carolgrover says:

        The acting on the show said it all as soon as they tried to replace her.

      • Pat says:

        What Weatherly actually said is that “tiva” isn’t real. Evidently “tiva” fans know better. But the fans of “tiva” insist that Ziva’s constant disdain, nasty insults, smug attitude, and assault on Tony were indisputable signs of “twoo wuv”. Barf. If the current ptb go this route then it is proof positive that pandering to, shall we say intellectually challenged 14 year olds to garner a million more viewers for one episode is what NCIS has become. That said, I’m not sure that the current “creative powers” are capable of much else. Afterall, doesn’t every single finale have to feature an angsty Gibbs in mortal peril? Tony’s exit may not be much more than a 2 minute scene.

    • Matt, please check out the tweet I sent you cause Margaret Gardiner was as the press day for foreign journalists in Dec.

    • Sandi brooks says:


    • Who is “WE”? You don’t speak for me and I don’t want Tiva. Tony is so much more than the “T” in Tiva.

    • as524 says:

      the only struggle is from the small contingent of tiva shippers who can’t handle the idea that their ship wasn’t played out in minute detail on screen. That’s what fanfic is for

  14. Sam says:

    Given that Sasha Alexander is now available as Rizzoli & Isles has been cancelled, it would be ‘sorta plausible’ that Kate Todd is still alive leading Tony to leave and start a new NCIS branch with Kate. I’d watch that mess.

    Yes, i’m one of those who still mourn Kate and stopped watching when she left the show. Bite me.

    • Evan says:

      There was a hole in the middle of Kate’s head!!! She isn’t coming back!

    • ComeOn says:

      She left the show so she can have a better balance on family/work life. Now she has kids why would she wants to work 22 eps for long hours days again?

    • lsperling says:

      I liked Kate on NCIS, but I never got the impression that she and Tony had any serious romantic vibes between them. I also think that Sasha Alexander was much better in Rizzoli & Isles – it showcased her better – and I’m sorry that series is ending. I thought she and Angie Harmon played off each other so well.

    • Nikki says:

      Same, I want this to happen also. I still mourn Kate and I really enjoyed her and Tony’s relationship. I stopped watching the show after Kate’s death too, except Life Before His Eyes and A Man Walks Into a Bar. I will also watch Tony’s last episode to see if Kate comes back for it and also because Tony is my favorite character on NCIS with Kate.

      • lsperling says:

        Are you serious? When you get shot between the eyes and are buried, there’s no plausability in Kate coming back.

  15. Darlene says:

    Given that Michael thinks his character died in Season 7, I’d like to see Tony go out with the things that had promise for him when the character was fully alive – His own NCIS team and Jeanne Benoit back in his life.
    On the other hand, I’d be fine with the show doing homage to one of Michael’s favorite shows, Mad Men – have Tony pull a Don Draper and end up in Jamaica as a yoga instructor.

    • Alex says:

      Love your first idea. MW and ST have a unique chemistry and MW has already said that Tony’s still in love with Jeanne… and if I’m not wrong ST said more or less the same thing about her character. So let’s kill her husband off and finally give Tony his one and only soulmate! :)

      What about a team in Pearl Harbor so we can hear Tony say “Like Magnum”? LOL
      I really hope Tony’ll leave because he gets his own and long deserved team, and before leaving we hear Gibbs telling him: “You made me proud, Anthony”.

      Then I’ll cry all my tears :(

      • Darlene says:

        Yes! Tony/Gibbs ending! Tears. Tony gets his team, a rare, heartfelt acknowledgement from his mentor, a chance at pursuit of those two cups with Jeanne. And off to Hawaii with a Magnum reference. Yeah, tears….

      • Ashley says:

        LOVE THIS!

      • Julia says:

        Alex/Ashley, I love this too! Similar to an idea I had and just love the Gibbs and Tony bit. He’s only ever said that and called him Anthony once. Sadly long ago he even stopped calling him Tony. I’d def cry too, a good thing – crying’s very cathartic.

      • His soulmate? Then he has very low expectations and doesn’t think he deserves someone who values him as a person. Why is it that everyone is forgetting that she went to the FBI and stated that Tony murdered her father? In cold blood? Jeepers, she’s a a walking lunatic and I hope they keep her and Tony as far apart as possible.

  16. Mr. Tran K says:

    Love to see Tony and Ziva reunited and ride off into the sunset.

  17. Shannon says:

    I picked the first and third options, but I really want to know who choose other and what they wrote!

    • Lucy U. says:

      I chose other. DiNozzo dies or gets severely hurt in a DUI. He can’t be a field agent anymore and ends up reuniting with Wendy and because of her job they move away from the DC/Baltimore area. I think MW could do a great public service by having that happen to his character.

      • Shannon says:

        Who’s Wendy again?

        • Byrdi says:

          I think Wendy was the gal he was engaged to before he was even a cop and before he became an NCIS agent. She broke off the engagement. I think she was only in one NCIS episode. I have a senior memory so please forgive me if I’m wrong.

  18. serena says:

    Ziva seeks out him, to introduce their 2-year-old son. (Cue flashback to what really happened in Israel.) !! That would be the best scenario ever!!

  19. Naomi says:

    I think he should get hurt being a hero but he survives. Siva finds out and goes to him and they end up getting together

  20. Nicole says:

    I’d like to see Tony get sent on a deep undercover mission overseas, but he can’t make contact with the team, or else he’ll blow his cover. That way in our minds, he’s still Very Special Agent DiNozzo, doing what he does best; he’s just not on our screen for us to see him in action. It’s also not as awkward if Abby or Gobbs would
    mention him in future episodes, as it has been with Ziva at times.

  21. Karla says:

    As soon as I heard he was leaving, I thought it was quite convenient that Tony and Zoe just broke up. My money is on reuniting with Ziva.

  22. JaKe421 says:

    I would love to the final few episodes of season 13 have Tony and Ziva reunited in a professional capacity through a scenario that pulls Ziva from her self-imposed exile and allows plenty of angst, tension, and bantering as both characters heroically shine. (I defer to the show experts on what that might be since my ideas, like them saving the capital from a massive terrorist attack or rescuing Gibbs from capture, are cheesy and trite.) Working together again, of course, leads Tony and Ziva to realize neither has truly moved on from the loss of their partnership, friendship, and star-crossed romance. In the end they decide to follow a path together that takes Tony away from NCIS, or at least Gibbs’s team, but leaves both characters alive to visit in the future or at least make an appearance in the series finale.

  23. JC1 says:

    I really hope they don’t put him and Ziva together, but I’m very afraid they will. :( I think it’s a strong possibility.
    My preference would have been for him to get with Jeanne at the end, but since they gave her a husband, I don’t see how that could be done now without it feeling sleazy (big mistake writers). But Jeanne is the one woman in the entirety of the show that I really believed Tony was in love with.

  24. tejas says:

    I’d rather see him die in the line of duty that be saddled with Ziva. Best of all is getting his own team.

    • ninamags says:

      Definitely, tejas, agree with you. Better to give him an honorable death than see him back with that damn Ziva.

  25. Matt says:

    Leaves NCIS; dies off-screen in helicopter crash over the North China Sea.

    • Matt Webb Mitovich says:

      Kicking myself for not making that an option. I will suggest it to Gary, though.

      • Julia says:

        Jeanne returns having split with her husband with Tony’s child in tow. If you squint your eyes you can just about make the dates work. Tony realised during the whole “Saviors” incident that he was still in love with her, and discovering he has a child is enough to make him decide to leave NCIS and concentrate on his “family”, having previously taken the opposite decision in S5’s “Family”.

        Alternatively I’d like to see him do something heroic – after all here’s a character who was prepared to lay down his life for his team in “Twilight” when he took the car key from McGee and it’s only fair that after 13 years Tony should exit with a bit of drama and not just leaving because he can’t hack working with Gibbs anymore. I don’t want him to be killed off, but perhaps he takes a bullet for a member of the team, it’s initially touch and go and when he finally does recover he decides that he’s had enough of being shot at and takes a job teaching at FLETC – however part of the reason for his decision, that he doesn’t reveal to the rest of the team, is that there’s some doubt that he’ll ever be able to return to field work following the shooting, due to the scarring on his lungs from the pneumonic plague incident. Cue the return of Dr Brad Pitt and perhaps Nurse Emma. The episode ends with the team holding a big party in the bullpen to wish him luck – for a moment he stands looking out at the view across the water. Cue montage of Tony’s best bits – see also below. Gibbs hands him a glass of wine, interrupting his thoughts, and clinking glasses wishes him good luck for the future. Additionally, Jeanne could be working in the hospital when Tony is brought in, having split from her husband she’s taken a job in the ER at Bethesda. Whilst in the hospital they rekindle their relationship and she appears with Tony at the party. Personally I’d prefer it was Jeanne, but if the writers wanted Ziva, then she could appear out of the blue and is the one clinking glasses having returned after hearing that Tony is no longer directly working in law enforcement; or maybe he and Nurse Emma just swap smiles across the room.

        Or alternatively, perhaps Mike Macaluso, the Mafia boss that Tony arrested in Baltimore is released from prison. The team are unable to apprehend Macaluso and Tony realises that even if they do there’s a good chance that other members of the mob would follow his lead. After much agonizing and following several attempts on Tony’s life, one of which results in Bishop being hurt and another nearly injuring his father, Tony decides that the only way to keep his dad and his friends safe is for Tony DiNozzo to disappear. With Fornell’s help he stages his own death and the FBI arrange for him to go into witness protection based in Hawaii. In the final scene we see Tony staring out to sea as he remembers not just the current team but all those friends he lost over the years – cue montage of Tony’s best moments with Gibbs, McGee, Bishop, Abby, Ducky, Palmer, Ziva, DiNozzo Snr, Kate, Paula, Jenny, Jeanne, EJ, etc. – cutting back to Tony for a moment he continues to stand there, then wiping a solitary tear from his eye, he replaces his sun glasses and turns to a red, Magnum type Ferrari, which he climbs into and the last we see is him driving into the distance. And again if the writers want to go that route, I guess also in the Ferrari could be Jeanne or Ziva …. or just some such female to keep him company. :-)

      • Julia says:

        Going down in a helicopter – wasn’t that Col Henry Blake in MASH! LOL

    • The Carpooler says:

      Abyssinia, DiNozzo

  26. Sandy Buckland says:

    I would love to see Tony get his own team elsewhere, and hopefully come back and work joint cases with Team Gibbs from time to time. And Tony reconnect with Ziva. I would love for Michael Weatherly to get a NCIS spinoff show with him as the Team leader.

  27. janedoe2007 says:

    Tony getting his own team would be a great option only if Michael’s willing to entertain the idea of coming back for guest appearances. Otherwise the only exit befitting this great character is to be heroically killed in the line of duty during a big, dramatic show down.
    On that note, I also wouldn’t mind him pulling an “Emily Prentiss; faking his death and going into witness protection for some reason. Again, this is dependent on whether he’s willing to come back at some point in the future.

  28. Irene Puccino says:

    Hate to see him go. The best send off would be, him going to Israel on an under cover ops mission. He also runs into Ziva, and he gives up the life of being an agent, to marry his love Ziva.

  29. Donna2712 says:

    I would like his exit to be a little ambivalent. Leave the question open as to if he does or doesn’t reunite with Ziva. That way those who want Tiva will imagine happy ever after, and those who aren’t can imagine he has gone off to new pastures to find life beyond NCIS.

    • flootzavut says:

      That’s one of the most common sense answers I’ve seen. I wouldn’t be at all surprised to see a Tiva ending, but it would make me roll my eyes. Something more ambivalent might work. I’m sure the Tiva-fanatics would cry foul, but I doubt anything bar Tiva + 2.4 kids will satisfy some people, so I question the wisdom of attempting to placate people who don’t want to be placated.

  30. piebokou says:

    Give up Matt, you know that most of us won’t vote with her head, he wall want a Ziva/Tony reunion with or without Cote de Pablo cameo. I mean seriously those two characters deserve an happy ending. There are not a lot of those in NCIS.

    • Pete says:

      But that is why there are so many arguments: we do not ALL want a Ziva/Tony reunion.
      Besides, any “happy ending” for Tony with Ziva would last only until the first time she loses her temper and shoots him…

    • as524 says:

      No we don’t ALL want that. It appears the ziva fans want it….Weatherly/Tony fans want something that acknowledges a *core* cast member is leaving & that Tony is a vital part of the story & show *on his own*

  31. darkangel200 says:

    I want Tony’s ending to be about “Tony” and “his” journey, not about giving a small group of shippers the fantasy “they” want. Tony is a unique, iconic character, in no small part due to Weatherly’s talent, and both the character and the actor deserve an epic ending. Let him find the success in his career that he never fully got at NCIS, and maybe someone who actually cares about “him” and can give him the sense of belonging he told Gibbs earlier this season he was looking for. He’s so much more than just the “T” in some ship that never was. And please, don’t kill him! After 13 years, Michael Weatherly deserves an ending full of awesome.

    • Guess you didn’t see the top comments on the NCIS Facebook post about Michael leaving then! The top comment has almost 8,000 likes and it’s about Tony and Ziva reunited. CBS & the show runner played a huge role teasing TIVA for 8 years.

    • Paige says:

      Agreed!! Well stated darkangel. Just because a certain, small group is the loudest does not mean they speak for the majority of the fans. Tony’s ending should be a tribute to him and not dependent or overshadowed by any other actor.

    • John NYC says:

      that’s more what I’d prefer. A proper send off for HIM alone.

      The other actor get her send off. This one is “Tony’s”.

    • July says:

      Very well-said.
      Tony’s a unique character played by an extremely talented actor who deserve an awesome goodbye that shows him respect for he’s given us in these last 13 years.
      I really hope that whoever will write Tony’s exit will be smart enough to remember who the real DiNozzo is (see DPB’s seasons) and that he’s NOT just part of a some fans’ “projection”.

      Please, don’t let GG write this episode alone or we’ll get another nauseating PPF. Pleeeeease!

    • Kate Tibbs says:

      darkangel200 – YES!

    • Sherri says:

      darkangel200 – This sounds like an excellent way to play it out.

    • Erin says:

      Totally agree. I hope that the finale will be about Tony and not the imaginary “tiva” fantasized about by love starved middle school girls. He deserves much better than that after giving 13 years to this franchise. I’d like to see some hero Tony. It’s been ages since they’ve written anyone but Gibbs as a hero.

    • Really? says:

      Amen and thank you! It should all be about Michael’s character–and no one else. Am sick to death of the rabid few that take over and make their demands like they rule the NCIS universe. Guess what? You don’t. Michael Weatherly, made the character and deserves so much more then a stupid soap opera ending!

    • SI_Angel36 says:

      Totally agree about the Tony character deserving an awesome sendoff. I’d like to see him either do something so totally heroic (saving a national monument filled with tourists from a terrorist attack??) that the President appoints him to an important government position that Tony can’t refuse or… I’d like him to get a call/visit from Senior DiNozzo with good new/bad news. The good news is that one of Sr’s deals has really paid off, making enough money for both he and Tony to live in the lap of luxury for the rest of their lives. The bad news is that Sr’s not going to be around that long and Tony decides to spend the rest of Sr’s life with him and our final scene is of the DiNozzo yacht sailing off into the sunset with Tony smiling broadly.

  32. I hope he strikes out on his own either leading a different NCIS team somewhere else or he finds some thing different to do as long as they do not bring back Ziva for any reason.

  33. Erin says:

    Ziva was terrible to Tony. That’s my absolute last choice for ways to resolve Tony’s tenure. I want to see Tony play the hero in a big way one last time. I am a die hard Tony fan and it’s simply been ages since the writers gave him a really good dangerous story. I have mixed emotions about Tony dying in the line of duty because it would be so sad. It would however be a VERY dramatic way for him to go. No matter what happens I won’t be back for a DiNozzoless NCIS.

  34. I’m all for anything (including a heroic, sacrificial death) over a Tiva reunion. I just can’t with that pairing and have never been into it.

  35. Thomas says:

    while shopping Tony ends up in a mall shooting and struggles to help a woman and small child from being killed. The boy is wounded in the cross fire and Tony brings him out and rushes him to his car where Ducky has been waiting for him. The blood all over the Tony’s new car which will be used later for DNA purposes to confirm the crews thoughts on why he looks so much like Tony, and then the woman comes out to try to find the little boy she was babysitting for. The boys mother rushes to his aid where Tony meets the mom…. Ziva. They continue on to find the shooter and apprehend him. Coming to all kinds of trouble together, hence leading them both into a new series as P.I. in the DC area.

  36. Mark says:

    Everyone is of the assumption the rest of the cast would just welcome Cote back with open arms — I doubt that would be the case. David McCallum among others were quite vocal when she left. DiNozzo should end up with Jeanne Benoit. As its already been established Kate is dead. With Agent Abigail Borin replacing him.

    • But Michael said in s press day junket for foreign journalists that he hopes Ziva comes back and that was last month.

      • Pete says:

        It wasn’t much further back that he also said that his future at NCIS was not in question.
        Basically if he had said anything other than “I hope Ziva comes back” you and your friends would have crucified him on social media, as you do most days to all the other cast members.

        • Anita says:

          Do you mean those ‘friends’ who have been crucifying Cote for years? Posting disgusting comments about her? So…Pete..for Pete’s sake..stop.

          • Pete says:

            Well it is Marla and her friends who keep repeating that de Pablo left NCIS at the last minute “because CBS wouldn’t meet her demands in negotiations”? (Or that beloved “impasse” which a certain journalist has much to answer for!)
            I wouldn’t call that “disgusting” but it doesn’t make her look very good – after all the whole point of negotiating is that the result is a compromise, not totally the demands of one side or the other.
            And would you like to explain to us all what “Gark/Harberg” is, and who “Bows” is?
            I’m sure genuine fans of the show would be fascinated.
            However I have seen this claimed a number of times over the years.
            WHAT disgusting comments about Cote and who has made them? Please enlighten us all.
            That she can’t act?
            So it’s fine to say that about Wickersham, but disgusting to say it about de Pablo? (For the record they both seem perfectly good actors to me, but then I’ve only seen either of them play a single character.)
            That she has deep furrows when she frowns?
            Again fine to say about Wickersham, disgusting to say about de Pablo?
            That Ziva should be killed off? It’s disgusting to suggest that one character should be killed off, but perfectly fine for someone else to call for Wickersham to be “fed to the ‘gators”? P.S. Ziva and Wickersham are fictional characters, no matter how you feel about calls for either to be killed off, that is very different to suggesting that of the actors.
            That she likes cuddling up to her co-stars?
            See no end of photos/videos showing it.
            I haven’t seen ANY comments suggesting who de Pablo might have slept with or been related to in order to get cast as Ziva, but there are more than a few suggesting that about WIckersham…
            So, I repeat, because I really am interested: what “disgusting” comments about Cote?
            After all I didn’t miss the comment calling Harmon a “pile of ****” because he failed to mention de Pablo in an interview he did shortly after her departure, so it really is curious that I have not seen any disgusting comments about de Pablo.

            Apologies, Matt, for so much off-topic, but I really would like to know what these “disgusting comments” are that I have heard so much about.

          • Really? says:

            Well said Pete–and for the record–THANK YOU, OH, SO MUCH!!! I’ve had it up to here by the hypocritical comments of the vicious vipers who attack Emily. They are disgusting.
            I applaud you and your response. ++++++++++++ to infinity!

    • Who says the rest of the cast needs to be involved? A Michael and (only) Cote reunion will be just fine. Tony & Ziva don’t need the rest of the characters to shine ;)

      • as524 says:

        As a core character and original cast member, Michael deserves far more than to spend his last ep only with cote. And Tony’s fans deserve the chance to see him interact with his team, his friends – with Gibbs, Ducky, Jimmy, Abby, McGee and Bishop.

        if they’re going to have a camoe – it should be RJ

        • Hey Anna Insanna, I was talking about the fact that if Cote comes back, SHE doesn’t need to be involved with the rest of the cast, just with Michael. He can do his final scenes with the rest of them, hell, I even would like to see the ghosts of Franks, Todd, and Lee come back to say goodbye ;)

          • as524 says:

            Funny how that wasn’t what your OP said until several people called it out. And after the idiocy that was PPF and her not be available to the show for her own exit, can’t see them wasting their time on her

      • starfyre says:

        This, right here, is the reason why the Tiva fans shouldn’t be rewarded for bad behavior. The selfish entitlement that you people demand to get your fantasies fulfilled is beyond the pale.

      • flootzavut says:

        Um, because there’s more to his character than his relationship with Ziva? Geez.

        Most people who are fans of the show, instead of just fans of one pairing, actually want to see him have farewells with the other main, current members of the cast, like Gibbs and Ducky and Abby who he’s been on screen with for 13 years.

        • (Since Mark is saying the rest of the cast would not welcome her with open arms) I was talking about Cote doing HER scenes with JUST Michael. He can do other scenes with the cast just fine.

          • starfyre says:

            Where is Mark saying anything like that? I’ve never seen that in print media, nor has he said it in an interview.

          • as524 says:

            Betting you can’t cite the interview Mark or anyone else said that in. More lies from the ‘campaign’ and yet another reason why ziva and cote should never darken the set in Valencia.

  37. Sandi brooks says:

    Why Ziva David in mere cameo? Viewers only got her 9 minutes in her exit story. We need to see more of their HEA. Especially after show promoted them together to fans to sell show for 8 years!

    • as524 says:

      As per the showrunner it was cote who was unavailable during the shooting of her own farewell.

      As per MW, tiva is a figment of imagination for those who saw it.

    • That’s right Sandi, I hope she’ll be there for at least two episodes. Cote SAID HERSELF: she wanted to do more than one episode for Ziva’s farewell but it couldn’t be.

  38. Svenja says:

    Some of these suggestions are…lol.
    Anyway. I would love for him to get his own team abroad. Maybe even in Spain and for Ziva to join him. I want his leaving to be about him and his path. Ziva should play a part, yes. Because after everything that has happened over the course of the years, it would be a logical consequence and console many fans. However, the main focus should remain on Tony and his path. So I vote for a story about Tony’s choice to rise and next to that he should grab Ziva. Afterall, he looked for her for 4 months and begged her to come home with him. She was too broken back then. But now she had time to heal and he had time to realise he needs to take his life and line of work a step further.

    To me, it would be a big mistake to mix him up with Jeanne again. I hope she will cause him to realise he needs to change. Because she stands for the things he could have had. His Rota-team offer happened in the Jeanne season. I think making her leave her husband would be the wrong message. She seemed in love and content with her life change. She build something wonderful with her husband. Tony’s and Jeanne’s relationship was build on a lie. Both of them were in love, but after everything that happened, there is too much water under the bridge. Even though I love Scottie Thompson and it makes sense for me to have Tony deal with her as one of his final things on the show. Jeanne and Ziva were the two women that got away. First he needs to deal with Jeanne, second he needs to deal with Ziva. And more importantly, he needs to deal with himself and find himself. I hope we will see that. I will cry a lot during his good-bye scenes with McGee, Gibbs, Abby and Ducky. It was something I hoped for when Ziva left. I think they are gonna do it now.

  39. auntiemm says:

    I’d originally hoped he’d get his own team but I’d rather he left NCIS completely (film critic or maybe produce a movie from McGee’s book) and get a fresh start. And please no Ziva. Not only did she turn down his offer in Israel but she’s had more than two years to reach out if she wanted something more.

    And you had to poke the bear with the Kate option…..although I kinda like that.

  40. Rem_Marshall says:

    Like most viewers, I want his exit to be epic and memorable.
    Getting his own team would be the most deserved ending for Tony. But that sounds boring…
    Getting him killed would be the most epic/tragic option and definitely the most unforgettable. All the viewers still shiver when they picture Kate on that rooftop with a bullet in her head. And that was 11 years ago… But if he’s dead, Weatherly can’t come back and it feels wrong for the character to be murdered. However, if Weatherly doesn’t want to reprise his role later, then let’s do it !
    Getting him reunited with Ziva is a good idea only if we get to see De Pablo again ! But Ziva shouldn’t be the only conclusion for Tony, that’s not fair. He’s more than that !

    So, though I voted “He dies”, here’s what I really want :

    Tony gets an offer to have his own team . He accepts immediately and then have to wrap up his last NCIS case, which involves Ziva David who is in danger. Sadly, leaving Gibbs, McGee (and everyone at DC) and knowing that Ziva is not safe mess him up and make him reckless. At the very end, he reunites with Ziva and a few seconds later some bad guy starts firing at them and he sacrifices himself to save Ziva. Multiple bullets right through his chest and he dies.
    Season 14 : to honor him, Ziva replaces Tony in Gibbs team !

    • Lisa Vito says:

      Hum! I like that idea too. I think that Zeva should come back back to NCIS, but with Tony’child, if Tony does get killed. But, does she really want to come back?

  41. Lucy U. says:

    I think Michael Weatherly could do a great public service by having his character die or be severely injured in a DUI that was his fault. Nobody else has to die or be hurt too badly but DiNozzo isn’t a field agent anymore because of it. hHe re-evaluates his life, and his mistakes, and he and Wendy get back together and her job takes them away from DC/Baltimore area.

  42. justafan says:

    Michael Weatherly and Tony DiNozzo absolutely deserve an epic ending that is all about him and only him. Any endgame that includes ziva would be closure for ziva, not Tony and certainly not ALL the fans of the show.
    He’s been a part of the show since before it was a show, before ziva was a twinkle in anybody’s eye. Why does the character and the actor have to be forever connected to ziva? It’s disrespectful to both the actor and the character.
    There’s also the part where ziva rejected him in Israel. Sent him on his merry way so she could be a better person for Gibbs, not him.

    This should be all about Tony and only Tony!! No one else!!
    He should be allowed to go out a hero, not with his tail between his legs, pining away for someone who never really seemed to care about him.
    Or leave it open ended and ambiguous.

  43. Ella Jasper says:

    Since he isn’t a spouse, he might actually make it. Not sure what Glasberg has against spouses or love interests, but think about the three NCIS shows and how many characters are actually involved with someone. What’s up with that? You can’t work and have a happy home life? I would love to see Tony have a happy ever after with Ziva.

  44. H. Stark says:

    He comes out the shower and it was all a dream.

  45. I would love to see him go off and lead a new team. PLEASE do not put him with Ziva. there are so many people out there who don’t use social media AND do NOT want him to be with a woman who abused him.

    • Sherri says:

      True! She was often not even civil to him. I just don’t understand how people see a love story between them when they were never a couple on the show.

    • Anita says:

      I am sorry..but there are people who don’t use social media and WANT him with Ziva. Millions…

      • Sherri says:

        And millions who don’t. Millions. LOL!

        • Anita says:

          So…you have two options: to look at ## above,FB,Twitter trends or knock 17ml doors…which was plus 20ml. in Ziva’s time.So,she did your job easier.

          • flootzavut says:

            You mean all the people who’ve spent the last two+ years trash talking the show, the actors, claiming it’s not worth watching any more, and basically being vile? Tell me, how are they fans? And why on earth should they be pandered to?

            If NCIS/CBS have any sense, the only people they will ‘pander to’ are the people who still watch and like the show, not the people who’ve spent years complaining it’s nothing without Ziva/Cote. I don’t hold out much hope they do have such sense, but claiming it as a right is just laughable.

      • as524 says:

        And the same could be said for the other viewpoint as well.

        At this point rewarding the vocal social media shipper bullies who have slammed the cast and writers since cote quit is NOT in the long term best interests of the show

  46. Reunite Tony and Ziva they marry and he heads up another team.

  47. Mary says:

    Sorry that Michael is leaving the show. Hope that writers refrain from killing him off. The chemistry of the show is beginning to unravel as main characters leave. Sad as this may be the beginning of the end of the show. Hope they bring Michael back for guest appearances.
    Hope this is also his opportunity to get back to basics in his life.

  48. Yes reunite Tony and Ziva! Let them ride of in the sunset together.

  49. Bonnie says:

    We would love to see Tony leave as a Team Leader overseas-single or with a new love interest. A spin off would be great, but seeing him occasionally on MTAC showing his talent,humor, and very capable self would be very satisfactory. We wish Michael all the best, and are deeply saddened that we won’t see him on Tuesdays. Biggest request is NOT to kill Tony!,,,

  50. Emma says:

    With him gone definite this show is over there is nobody can replace him like nobody can ever replace ziva ether. It will be nice if she came back n he leaves with her that will be a very good ending for him