Making a Murderer

Making a Murderer: Burning Questions to Be Addressed in ID Special

You’re not the only one whose Making a Murderer binge left a lot of lingering questions, and Investigation Discovery will soon answer (some of) them.

The cable network announced on Thursday that it will air a special edition of its docuseries Front Page, focusing on the buzzy Netflix documentary.

Making a Murderer chronicles the story of Steven Avery, who was wrongfully convicted of sexual assault — and, after spending 18 years in prison, was released, only to be later convicted for attempted murder.

ID’s Front Page special — produced in partnership with NBC News and hosted by Dateline‘s Keith Morrison — will “provide critical, crucial evidence and testimonies that answer many of the questions surrounding Steven Avery,” according to network president Henry Schleiff.

The special will air in late January. Will you be tuning in?

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  1. Lisa says:

    The level of corruption and injustice so clearly involved in this case is so sickening its sad

  2. Angela says:

    I haven’t yet seen the documentary itself ’cause I don’t have Netflix, but all the talk about it has had me so curious. So yeah, I’ll definitely check this special out.

  3. Ginger Snap says:

    I love these series. Definitely will watch!

  4. William E. Giles says:

    Having had a cop try to extort $1,000.00 cash from me I cleared myself with a voluntary lie detector test and went on to expose him as a police academy wash out who was not even a legal cop. so I have first hand knowledge of this type of police corruption and conspiracy to violate civil rights at any cost. I beat him in court then dragged him through a civil suite for 5 years, exposed his failure to graduate police academy and his extortion scam and forced him to settle out of court or go to prison. As a son of a former police sergeant I know how common this is. THERE IS NO SUCH THING AS A FAIR TRIAL FOR AN INNOCENT MAN.

  5. Tiffany Edwards says:

    In my opinion, the law enforcement people were squirming during their depositions. Their dishonesty was OBVIOUS. Steven Avery has an IQ of 70. He doesn’t have the ability to hide all the evidence of the murder. Where is the blood. Those cops were not supposed to go on the property but interestingly they were the ones to spot the evidence. He is innocent. FRAMED!

    • Maureen Mccullagh says:

      I was dropping my granddaughter off when my daughter in law who has Netflix was watching this documentary… she updated me on the story and I watched it.. You have done a good job in portraying what went on in that poor family’s life and the injustice.. If you have money, you can buy the best Lawyers but they were poor and he had no other way but to let them off with the false imprisonment for 18 years to get money to pay for a Lawyer for another false imprisonment……. So corrupt is all I think…… to save face… I need to get Netflix to catch up…. I want to see justice done…..,

  6. Angel1977 says:

    Based on the evidence that the prosecution put forth I just can’t see how the jury didn’t come back with reasonable doubt at the very least. You can’t claim that they were smart enough getting rid of one piece of evidence but completely stupid with the other two pieces. It just doesn’t add up.

    Did anyone else get weirded out about her brothers reaction throughout the trial and giving interviews every day. Him and the ex boyfriend gave me a weird vibe. Either way this whole case just gave me a very unsettled feeling that I can’t shake. Need to go watch a Will Ferrell movie now…..

  7. Kara says:

    I will def watch. I hope all the people who feel he is innocent watch too. At the end of episode 10 I just couldn’t believe they were found guilty. But after researching all the things that were left out I feel they are both guilty. BUT the police did pepper the pot and plant some things to ensure conviction. Also with Brendan I feel he deserves a new trial because life for him is too much IMO. I feel he did show up and help his uncle but was pressured. There was one phone convo with his mom about being touched by Steven. SO I think there is more going on there. People who think he is innocent should research the left out evidence. Stevens sweat DNA was under the hood. Brandon said his uncle disconnected Theresa car battery. That info was not put in his head by the cops. He said that on his own.

  8. LC says:

    He was later convicted of first degree murder not attempted murder

  9. Anne says:

    Watching this Netflix Series made me so unbelievably angry !! ANGRY at those High Fluting, Overpaid, Overrated, cops, judges & lawyers involved in this Horrific Injustice against Steven Avery and Brendan. I am SO GLAD that I do NOT live in Manitowoc County Wisconsin !! I would definitely NOT want to go before that biased judge Patrick Willis !! I don’t envy you tax paying citizens of Manitowoc County — was such a waste of your hard earned tax dollars.

  10. Kathleen Tompsen says:

    Steven Avery was once again the subject of a bias court of law and police department and never would of received a fair trial unless a motion for change of venue occurred out of state. A new trial should be granted with 12 actual peers not intimated with seeking the truth and justice for mr Avery

  11. Robert says:

    Fascinating, those two defense lawyers are the best lawyers I’ve ever seen and I have had experience with defense lawyers. They were not in it for the glory, they were in it for the justice. And I just can’t believe how the system is so corrupt

  12. Tatee says:

    If he is innocent why doesn’t he insist on a lie detector test. He has nothing to lose.

  13. Nyk Harrison says:

    I am only half way through this making a murderer series so far but what I want to know is if this woman Theresa was supposedly raped and bound to the bed why wasn’t it tested for DNA that woman specialist commented and said they never tested it…

  14. Chris self says:

    This is a tough case. Those attorneys nailed it. My question is this…the cop was asked how he read Theresa license plate on Nov 3rd when car was found on the 5th. To me that is very skeptical. Also as soon as the car was found a cop radio in “we found the car right? Do we have steven avery in custody?” They are instantly claiming him. And I believe it was Scott and Bobby dassey. They each gave different times of seeing each other on a “road” passing by. I find that hard to believe. Cops lied on oath and it was proven. First cop to search his house said there was no key there. And if a woman has owned a car for 8 years and used that key…your telling me only steven averys DNA was found on that key? That’s impossoble. And how about the video of Theresa at beginning talking about if she dies at 31??? Just doesn’t add up….I been through court. My attorney I told the truth and he advised me what to say…yet 2014 his attorneys from 2007 still never say anything of his guilt. I believe 100% he is innocent and it was well paid off and planned. Either lose 36 million or spend 1/10th of that to make the perfect murder setup paying off people…and family emergancy juror removed…gtfoh

  15. Gregory says:

    Were polygraph tests ever taken on Steven or his nephew? You’d certainly think they would’ve taken many to clear up some of the fuzzy gray areas……

  16. gennire says:

    I will watch it. I have trouble believing any man would get out of prison after 18 years who was innocent and sue the county for milions and turn and murder someone. Makes no sense. I don’t believe he did it

  17. Common Sense says:

    Steven Avery has appealed all the way to the Supreme Court and to no avail obviously. He was sentenced to life without parole and you can stick a fork in him because he is truly DONE . Goodbye Avery and good riddance .

  18. JustaRager says:

    In my opinion Steven Avery is innocent. Recently in the UK people with similar IQ to Steven Avery did commit a murder and hid the body under the bed, convinced that it would be enough for the body not to be found, unfortunately I think that the case is still going on so I’m unsure of how or even if they tried to hide evidence but it just proves the case that Steven Avery wouldn’t of known to do a lot of the cleaning up that would of had to of happened to ensure there was no DNA evidence. The fact that he sat and did exactly what he did the first time (which he later proved innocent on) is again proof. The fact that he wasn’t offered a polygraph test again shows his innocence. They knew he would pass it. – on almost every other case I’ve watched on murder they give out polygraph tests like they are candy, but there was not one mention of one In this case… Why is that?

  19. Silver valley girl says:

    I think its the cop who pulled her over that killed her. He was the one who supposedly found the bullet and car keys later on after the entire place had been searched numerous times before and they found nothing.