People's Choice Awards Stage Crasher

People's Choice Awards: Stage Crasher Interrupts The Talk — Watch Video

The ladies of The Talk will definitely have something to gab about after their bizarre encounter with a stage crasher during Wednesday’s People’s Choice Awards.

Aisha Tyler, Sara Gilbert, Julie Chen, Sharon Osbourne and Sheryl Underwood took to the stage to accept the award for “Favorite Daytime TV Hosting Team,” when they were unexpectedly ambushed by a rando trying to promote his (or someone else’s) album. Honestly, it was hard to tell what he was saying.

Watch video of the event, courtesy of Loni Love, below:

The uninvited guest was quickly whisked off stage — calling for security certainly helped — though it looked like Underwood was ready to throw down if need be. She even referred to the mic-grabber as pulling a “Steve Harvey,” though perhaps comparing him to Kanye West might have been more accurate.

Either way, it was a weird, unexpected moment that — at the very least — woke up the audience towards the end of the ceremony.

What was your reaction to this live surprise? Drop a comment with your thoughts below.

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  1. Michele says:

    He was definitely like Kanye West. He was very rude! It was their time and not his! People should be fined like athletes are when they do wrong things!!!

  2. majma15 says:

    Highlight of the show!

  3. Mary Perkins says:

    I was so glad The Talk won! They are five classy ladies who are very down to earth and respect each other’s opinions. The interruption was so sorry, but They handled it graciously! Cheryl gave him what for!!

  4. Denny Beatty says:

    It was planned

  5. Natosha mckenzie says:

    What exactly did he even say? I couldn’t understand him? That was rude!

  6. Brigid says:

    Not only was this inappropriate, it was disrespectful to those who deserved the award.

    This low life POS thought this would promote his career, when in all actuality it turned people off to him. We DON’T want another Kanye. Such a low class loser!! When you have to steal someone’s moment of glory to self promote yourself, only tells all, that you have no faith in yourself. Chances are he has little dick syndrome

  7. Libalina says:

    Couldn’t even here the idiot.

  8. It was very disrespctful, I think people who do things like this need to be brought up on some kind of charges. Its unfair and very dangerous for people receiving an award, what if he had came up there to harm them? Its not cool i hope whomever sent him up there to promote their album makes themselves known and offers a formal apology.

    • CK says:

      If he came up there to harm them, then he’d be brought up on charges. When we start charging people for hypotheticals, bruising sensibilities, and disrespect, then we’ve veered further into prison regime territory. Let’s be outraged, but let’s not start recommending something as ridiculous as sentencing people to jail for interrupting an awards speech at the people’s choice awards.

  9. Lola says:

    Haha! Best thing ever! That’s how Taylor should’ve done Kanye all those years ago on MTV. If anyone deserved a kick in the ass, it’s him.

  10. Tracee says:

    SMH, mess. Congrats to the ladies of The Talk! Love all of them, funny and intelligent.

  11. Izzy says:

    Shame ya just can’t have anything nice anymore. He should be charged with trespassing, no reason to sit on things like this until something tragic happens. Idiot.

  12. BonBon says:

    Yeah, Why steve harvey? Man, if she would have said “Don’t pull a Kayne” it would have been way more hilarious and a smoother way to lighten up the situation… what a wasted opportunity… or they should have pushed the dude and see him trip.. that would have been hilarious… the awkward cut to the crowd made the situation more weird. LOL

    • says:

      I prefer the reference to a REAL STAR; Steve Harvey!!! Who’s Kayne?????????? I love Sheryl and Steve…and of course I love the ladies of THE TALK!!!!

  13. Britt says:

    I love the Talk and I am glad they won and got to have such a memorable and funny moment . still laughing

  14. Ching says:

    He introduced himself and said something about a Kevin Gates’ album…who cares! lol…

  15. Marie says:

    Shocking moment, awkward for All I think, & prop’s to The Ladies for being their own security .. Kick Steve Harvey AKA Kanye West.. Off stage

  16. OGjZ says:

    Guys like that pulling a Kanye at an award show give black people a bad name!

  17. A. that was his moment..of fame..I guess?N how he chose to make his money. Somebody paid him…but very disrespectful to snatch thy mike.from some hard working woman.that deserved there moment..y not a man..but not Kathleen Gener.

  18. herman1959 says:

    Sheryl Underwood! I know she meant to say Kanye West, but it was still funny.

  19. Debbie hollar says:

    He should not have been compared to Steve Harvey, that was a mistake. The guy last night was an idiot, wanted to have a minute of fame. Very poor taste.

  20. Star Bay says:

    Steve Harvey has class and would never do something like that I’m sure she meant to say Kanye West. I was waiting for her to snatch it out of his hands and clock him,,haha but Sharon wasn’t playing though.. the girls represented.

  21. delia gray says:

    It kinda looked set up to me because while he was talking Noone said anything and why wasn’t security there right away. Cheryl did more than anyone maybe she should be security from now own.

  22. Linda says:

    Underwood and Osbourne, I want them on my team. They take care of business. Congrats women of the talk.

  23. Kim R says:

    Poor Steve Harvey! :)

  24. Terence Redmond says:

    If no one know you you got to do something

  25. Nina says:

    The guy was rude but I sure don’t think The Talk deserves an award. The show isn’t that good.

  26. GIZER says:

    Lol I’m glad he did that tho lol 😆😂😅