Meredith Vieira Show Cancelled

Meredith Vieira Officially Cancelled

It’s official: Meredith Vieira will be enjoying the view from the unemployment line.

NBCUniversal has cancelled The Meredith Vieira Show, announcing early Monday that the syndicated program’s current second season will be its last. Low ratings were the culprit.

Vieira won’t be out of work for long. According to Deadline, the Today vet will take part in NBC’s coverage of the Summer Olympics games in Rio de Janeiro.

“I am so sorry to see our show come to an end after this season, but I am also incredibly proud of the work our staff has done and forever grateful to our supportive viewers,” Vieira said in a statement. “We promise to spend our final weeks producing the best broadcast we know how. And have a blast doing so!”

Rumors of Meredith‘s imminent demise began to spread over the holidays.

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  1. kmayne says:

    Never watched the show But wish her and the people all the best in getting jobs quickly.

  2. Jon says:

    Very disappointed. Yes, the first season wasn’t very good (the few eps I watched), but adding the 2nd season “What’s Hot” panel was a huge improvement (and they were WAY more entertaining and well-spoken than the tired crew over at “The View”). I guess it was too late by then…

    • Kim says:

      I agree…. The first season got off to a slow start….but with the addition of what’s hot now it got really good. So sorry to see it go. Will the show be in reruns until it is finally off the air.

    • Kathy Schuppe says:

      I love the view. It goes to show that sometimes tweaking makes it possible to have a good show.

  3. Mer show was 200 times better than Ellen she was funny, sweet and interesting when with her guests

  4. Susannah says:

    It seems the idea of canceling soaps for a modern, more profitable form of entertainment isn’t working out for them as well as they hoped.

    • Phil says:

      They are still saving money and that is all they care about. Doubt this will even make them consider reversing that decision. It is highly unlikely that a new soap or a revived soap will hit the airways anytime soon.

    • Gail says:

      Soaps are just too expensive. They will come up with another talk, cooking, judge, or gossip show to replace this.

    • Carrie says:

      Um, yes it has. The Talk, The Chew, and Let’s Make a Deal are more profitable than the soaps they replaced. Meredith Vieira did not replace a soap.

      Your need to get over it – your granny soaps are never coming back.

  5. Julia says:

    Hoping she finds another job soon! She is a lot of fun and such a good interviewer.

  6. Mr. Tran K says:

    This makes me sad. Can’t wait to see Meredith take part in NBC’s coverage of the Summer Olympics games in Rio come August.

  7. Ella Jasper says:

    I have a great idea. Fire everyone at The View, hire Meredith, Nicolle Wallace, a couple of others and bring that show back. Maybe we could get some real news by watching it and unbiased political information regarding the upcoming election.

  8. N says:

    I love her!

  9. De says:

    So sorry to hear this I loved watching her show refreshing big mistake

  10. Maureen Stockwell says:

    She is AWESOME .. so sorry o hear !!

  11. Vicki Dangerfield says:

    I have watched the show from the beginning and have really enjoyed it and sorry to see it go. I am not sorry however to miss Yamaneika. She may be a very nice person but I found her loud seemingly negative comments very annoying and often muted her comments

  12. Serena says:

    Meredith is in good company. Katie Couric, Anderson Cooper, Bethenny Frankel, Queen Latifah, and many others have failed to become successful in daytime. With the exception of Ellen and Kelly & Michael, it seems only nasty, gossipy, or sensational shows survive.

  13. Emily Wiegand says:

    I have watched Mereidith since the beginning. I love it. I was so disappointed to hear that it cancelled. You`ll probably put something on at that time that I won`t watch. I`ll let you know.

  14. Yaj says:

    Id rather watch meredith then ellen any day! Sad to see the show go :(

  15. Frederica Driscoll says:

    I look forward to watching Meredith V ieira every day. I pvr it when I have to go out. I like her style when she interviews personalities…very natural…doesn’t hold back when comments are made about her. She is extremely personable. I am truly going to miss her. I would rather see some of the reality shows end…they have run their course…I don’t watch them anymore…same stuff over and over. Take care Meredith; you are meant for greater things.

  16. Geri Buckley says:

    I am so disappointed Meredith’s show is being cancelled. She is genuine, sincere and such a hard working individual who I will really miss watching everyday. I love the segment of hot topics, the band, the surprise guests and the games she often plays with her guests. I love all the hot topic members and they bring thir perspectives on the different topics. Love you Lance. I know Meredith will have no problem getting a job, I pray the rest of her staff finds the perfect jobs for them as well. Best wishes to Meredith and all of her staff. I will greatly miss your show.😓

  17. Sherry Smith says:

    I love this show, so sorry it’s getting the ax!!!!

  18. jackie says:

    So glad that meredith show will come to an end!!! Hate it!!!!!! How long do I have to wait???

  19. Julie Schwedel says:

    I just started watching her show and really liked What’s Hot! So disappointed😥😬

  20. Mary Riehl says:

    A disappointment for sure. I agree with Jon…way more informative The View. Can another now PLEASE pick up the show???

  21. Mary Riehl says:

    I meant to say “Can another network PLEASE pick up the show”?

  22. Matt says:

    Thang God what a booring show. Her guest hosts are uninteresting and Lance Bass is a little too gay for day time.

  23. .Mill says:

    I will miss Merideth terribly. I started watching her to get away from the cooking shows, repeats from the 70’s not to mention the “you are not the father” trash on tv while I’m trying to drink my coffee. She’s funny, intellegent & has a great versatile group of ladies on board that aren’t fighting constantly. Give it another chance! Thanks.

  24. Kathy debartelo says:

    I love the show can’t believe it’s cancelled. So saf

  25. Joyce Barney says:

    I’m watching her show now and frankly I’m not surprised. I really do like Meredith, but I feel sorry for Lance Bass who has to sit in the middle of the 3 other seemingly selfish women who complain and constantly talk over one another. Lance is always the voice of reason (when he’s allowed to talk) and his insight is always refreshing. I usually tune back in for the second half when it’s just Meredith and her guest(s) of the day. Although, her obvious hatred of Donald Trump, who I’m not particularly fond of either, was getting a bit old and redundant. I wish Lance the best of luck in the future. Maybe he’ll get his own show……

  26. Carol McGrath says:

    The stupid panel that is part of the show was her demise….such a bunch of arguing, ignorant, rude people….almost as bad as our current Presidential nominees.

  27. Nikki Craig says:

    This is a show I really look forward to watching each and every day. I love the “Hot Topics” segment installed this year. I record a few other daytime shows, watch a few of them, I love Meredith Vierra’s show and am sad NBC cancelled it.

  28. Deborah sorensen says:

    Sorry to hear this! I loved the show and enjoyed the view like talk at the table. Sincerely, Deborah

  29. Marie Ketelhohn says:

    I am sorry to hear that the show is being cancelled. I really enjoyed it. I love Meredith and enjoyed her cast also. I always watched the Millionaire when she hosted it. I wish everyone well.

  30. Keith Darling says:

    Sorry for Meredith…..she never gets a break.
    The 1st season wasn’t that great, other than than the band, but when the 2nd season started and they added the “What’s Hot” panel, I could tell they were headed for a fall, especially after the band disappeared.
    She tried too hard to become another “The Talk”…….which is a terrific show.
    Good luck in the future Meredith.

    • Corey says:

      I like Meredith, but her show was awful and its cancellation was long overdue.

      It was ruled by a sickening political-correctness, terrible selection of guests, and way over-scripted production.

      Meredith’s natural charm & spontaneous interaction skill were smothered by dopey,clueless NBC producers — the same geniuses who produced the even worse Katie Couric Show.

  31. Debbie Lewis says:

    I’m so sorry that the Meredith Viera show is ending. It has been my favorite show on daytime TV. Meredith is extremely intelligent, funny, and down to earth. Look at her career to see how accomplished she is.

    The Ellen Degeneres Show has fans who act like she is the Second Coming, but personally I would rather hear a smart woman talk about relevant topics than see audience members going crazy watching the host “dance” around the audience. Please! They did the exact same thing to Katie Couric last year.

  32. Sandy Loudermilk says:

    I was totally shock that Meredith show was cancelled on 4-4-16 and Oz replaced the show. Firstly. Meredith show was on ABC in our area not NBC. I don’t care for the group talk show and wondered why the Meredith changed to this venue. I won’t watch any ABC if they create another show like “The View”. Plus! I was so tired of Oz and his poo obsession. We don’t need anymore soap operas or shows with nothing but arguing or sensationalism.

  33. Boris Meman says:

    Look for the new “Lance Bass Show” to replace it on NBC in this time slot, coming in mid May-2016.

  34. Suzanne pollock says:

    Love…love the meredith viera show. Whats hot now was entertaining and informative. I just think it needed more time. Way better than the view which i quit watching.

  35. Kathy Schuppe says:

    That’s a shame. It seems like every time there is a worthwhile talk show it gets cancelled instead of tweaking it. Maybe the format could have been changed a little. It’s so annoying that if it’s not vulgar cancel it & put some other “crap” to replace it. 😬

  36. Nancy says:

    I thought Meredith was going to do some really good shows , since she was cancelled. All I’ve see is rerun, rerun, rerun.

  37. Peggy Englert says:

    On What’s Hot, the panel is always talking above each other, very annoying. Everyone is trying to talk at one time, which to me is very rude. Glad the show was cancelled, although I really like Meredith.

  38. Bonnie says:

    I like Meredith Veira, but Yaminika got on my nerves. Loud and obnoxious!

  39. Diane says:

    was also dissappointed …….the show was slow and boring and she at times acted sooo immature …..Merideth , it’s time to retire and enjoy you life and family now….

  40. Solina Appel says:

    I hate the fact is cancel because it’s such a real nice show he has a little bit of everything and she is such a good interviewer that’s too bad the quality shows go and bad shows stay loves the people we have no voting for Donald Trump, where is this madness going to stop there are no more educated people. Meredith good luck to you you’re a wonderful person.
    With respect
    Solina Appel

  41. Debbie D. says:

    When Merideth Vierra followed by Steve Harvey came on I didn’t realize how much laughter they would bring to my life. Both shows not only gave me a lift but it seems most of my co-workers watched also. Of course discussions on the daily topics got us started and we all had good laughs and discussions.
    Thank you for letting us see what really good tv is, even though it’s not for long. I have loved Merideth for years and will continue to follow her, but will miss the topic table and their opinions, and the band. Thank you all, Dissappointed Deb

  42. Sandra Ball says:

    I Just Started Watching it 8mos. Ago, I Love Meredith, (could’ve done w/o Lance Bass, though.) Just got done watching the last show, Sad to see her Go. :-(

  43. Jack says:

    Loved the Meredith show. So enjoyed watching. Why not get rid of Wendy and all the gossip not interested in negative

  44. terry says:

    Why should Meredith Vieira show get canceled and trash like the View stays on year after year ! I really don’t believe the ratings as they have taken really nice shows off and kept trashy shows on. This is the reason i have almost stopped watching tv.

  45. Catherine says:

    One of my favorite shows. Love Meredith and her panel. I wish they would reverse her decision.

  46. Diane says:

    Really disappointed to see this talk show cancelled!! First season wasn’t very good but second season was great with the panel “What’s Hot”. Also, liked the guest spot… Much much better than the View. The panel didn’t try talking over each other all the time. Also kept the topics moving…😂😂

  47. Eneida Garcia says:

    No kidding! Are they really cancelling her show? I adore her, I love her show and the What’s Hot was the best part of my day. I really feel like crying. I will miss them all.

  48. Barbara says:

    I am so disappointed. I actually enjoy the show very much , and I love Meredith. I am sorry Meredith I am sad and hope to see you again on a different station.

  49. Patricia Diaz says:

    So sorry to see you go you are a fabulous women and I always will love you .your show was my daily lift up .thank you so much will miss your show .

  50. Lois Halverson says:

    She’s always been a classy lady. She will be missed.