Mel Gibson Golden Globes 2016 Presenter

Mel Gibson to Present at Golden Globes

Christmas just came very late, or very early, for Golden Globes host Ricky Gervais.

Mel Gibson, the subject of one of the comedian’s sharpest-ever Golden Globe barbs, will present at this year’s ceremony.

The awards telecast will air live on NBC on Sunday at 8/7c.

The Hollywood Foreign Press Association announced Gibson’s appearance, as well as that of House alum Olivia Wilde, via its Twitter account Monday.

Gibson, whose problems with alcohol include a well-publicized drunk driving arrest in which he spewed anti-Semitic statements at a police officer, was one of Gervais’ punchlines during his 2010 hosting stint.

“I like a drink as much as the next man,” the comedian said, teeing up an appearance by the Aussie actor/director, “unless the next man is Mel Gibson.”

Per our sister site Deadline, Gibson was in on the joke.

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  1. wrstlgirl says:

    I can’t wait for the Globes on Sunday. I’m already laughing just thinking about Gervias hosting. Even his promos are hilarious. Gibson’s appearance should be interesting.

  2. Walkie says:

    Ricky hasn’t been funny in a long time. It will be interesting to see if he can turn back the clock.

  3. steven says:

    Why does everybody still hate Mel Gibson? He is no longer that drunk racist that emerged 10 years ago. He’s changed so much since then, leave him alone.

    • wrstlgirl says:

      No one here is hating on Gibson.

    • John Corbae says:

      And you would know how he is no longer a racist? Maybe he’s cleaned up on the alcohol (doubtful) but racists tend to stay that way a long, long, long time. I speak from bitter experience.

      • steven says:

        Because he’s been really good lately.

      • clem says:

        He isn’t a racist. My friend who is married to a man of color said that word once. People say stupid stuff, it doesn’t mean anything. Glover said he still loves Mel. He had NEVER treated anyone badly in his 40 years of acting. Mel doesn’t HATE anyone. RDJ said he is a different person. SO YEA, I believe his friends over you…..LOL Mr. doubtful.

        • Nicole says:

          Poor understanding of how racism works. But besides that, he’s still a man who was unbelievably hateful, abusive, and misogynistic to his wife and mother of his child. Though you say it’s in the past and we should get over it, it’s not like he was 19 when that all happened. He was an old man who should no better. Some of us choose to believe that a truly decent person would never have been an abusive partner. I don’t forgive him. But, I also don’t care about him being in the Golden Globes because Hollywood is full of trash people, so there’s no reason to exclude him while all those other ones still reap the benefits.

          • Drew says:

            Actually, his wife says that he was never abusive. His creepy girlfriend was the one on the doctored tapes.

          • Temperance says:

            Drew – she sure does. It’s not like you can’t find her saying so on the internet, or read their divorce documents. He’s a ‘women should be silent, barefoot and pregnant’ guy. Crazycakes.

        • Temperance says:

          Boy, you really don’t know a thing about Mel Gibson. Read!

      • tvjunkie says:

        Saying something racist doesn’t not make a person a racist. Actions speak louder than words and his actions don’t say racist regardless of a few drunken speeches.

    • clem says:

      Agree…….Mel has not drank or smoked in 7 years or longer. He is a really good person. Even the Jewish reporter that hated him LOVES him now and wrote an article about how much he has done for the Jewish community. They lamblasted Mel before Passion was ever released and had not even seen the film. He said he had resentment toward that and it came out when drunk. THAT was all. He never has treated ANYONE badly. Even Russo said so. His best friend is gay. He’s not a homophobic. Grow up people and move on.

    • Temperance says:

      He’s a fundy racist and homophobe with strong misogynistic tendencies. He’s a total loser, bub. I hope we never see the guy again.

  4. Drew says:

    I don’t think it’s funny to make fun of a man’s struggle with alcoholism, which has caused so much pain for him and the people around him. Mel has also done a lot of good, which few people ever mention when discussing him. He is also incredibly talented as an actor and a director.
    He really pissed off the Hollywood machine when he not only made The Passion with his own money, but turned it into a huge financial success (I remember a teacher of TV/Film writing once telling a classmate of mine that nobody wanted to see a religious movie, so she should scrap her plans to write one). I wonder if this appearance means that he is out of the dog house with them.

    • lechatnoir says:

      Um … antisemites and racists cannot be redeemed. Alcoholics or not. Plus a big office hit it wasn’t. Nobody aged 25 remembers it.

      • steven says:

        That movie made over $600 million worldwide. Who says it wasn’t a hit?

        • lechatnoir says:

          No 300 million adjusted with inflation .and he didn’t take half of that money home anyway. He is a rich disgruntled racist. He is what ted nugent is to country music

      • kirads09 says:

        Apparently some aren’t ever going to give Mel a chance to redeem himself in their eyes. I think everyone deserves that second chance.

        • Drew says:

          It is probably because of how the story was played in the press. His story really isn’t that different than a hundred others in Hollywood, but the Hollywood machine had a particular ax to grind with him at the time, so they made him into a cartoon villain rather than a sick and damaged human being. Some people believe and feel whatever they’re told and don’t bother to stop or think. If he becomes the next Iron Man, I’m sure everything will be cool again.

        • clem says:

          I agree…..It’s been 10 years since he got arrested. Yea, he’s changed. He doesn’t drink or smoke anymore. People love him. His children are perfect. He had a bad moment a decade ago. Time to move on and be positive. He has.

      • Drew says:

        I love how people act as though alcohol is a truth serum when it comes to Mel, but accept that is makes people say and do things that they wouldn’t normally say or do whenever it is someone else.
        There are a lot of things that went into making that night happen the way it did. None of them were good. But there are far worse crimes that people in Hollywood have committed under the influence (or even sober) that they have been forgiven for.
        Mel accepted responsibility for what he did and he has worked hard to get better. I don’t believe that he should be judged by his rock bottom point for the rest of his life. I don’t believe that an alcoholic’s true self is represented in their drunk self. And I honestly don’t believe that Mel Gibson’s rant reflects his true beliefs.
        The Passion made film history and continues to be listed among the highest grossing films in several categories. It was a beautiful film, and if it has been forgotten by everyone under 25, it probably says more about them than the film itself.

        • clem says:

          He said on tv that what he said when drunk was stupid; what do people want? Bunch of hypocrites. He has helped more children and people through charities than almost all of hollywood. He has not drank or smoked in 7 freaking years. Move on people.

      • Zerb says:

        “Nobody aged 25 remembers it.”

        That doesn’t change the fact that it was a hit. That’s unless you for some reason think that the money it made magically ceased to exist.

      • clem says:

        Mel is neither one. Throw that word around and keep saying it. long enough and you’ll believe it. Politics is the same way. Mel has never hated anyone. You are wrong.

      • Tom says:

        No one under 25 remembers their last Facebook post, let alone anything worth while.

        Gibson is insanely talented, Hollywood just had an axe to grind with him.

  5. clem says:

    YAY, He’s done so much good for the children that have deformities and people with cancer. He’s not drank or smoked for 7 years at least. He’s a really good person says everyone that has worked with him and knows him. I’m so glad. Can’t wait for Blood Father and Hacksaw Ridge.

  6. Hedy S. says:

    I love Mel!

  7. Pat F says:

    I personally love Mel Gibson. He’s a good actor, and an even better director. Who gives a crap if he said that Jews were responsible for most of the wars… Is he wrong? And just because they are doesn’t mean Mel hates Jews, either. Or that I do. Burrrrrrrrp! Pass me another beer!

    • pferguso says:

      I just wanted to add that I would have so loved to see Mel play Mad Max again in Fury Road. Not that Tom Hardy was terrible, but the role should have gone to Mel.

    • Simon Jester says:

      ” Who gives a crap if he said that Jews were responsible for most of the wars… Is he wrong?” Yes, he is. Crack open a history book some time, Einstein.

    • Temperance says:

      He’s a horrid person, and if that’s OK with you, you might be in that category, too.

  8. Jerry Saint James says:

    Looks like Old Man Time has caught up to Mel, Old Mel.

  9. Temperance says:

    Ugh why? It’s a big reason not to tune in.