Nashville Avery Emily Season 4

Nashville EP on How an Avery/Emily Romance Almost Happened

Poor Avery.

The beleaguered Nashville dad, who’s in the middle of a struggle to understand his wife’s postpartum depression, has had few people to lean on since Juliette went into treatment.

Juliette’s assistant, Emily, has become Avery’s go-to babysitter/confidant as he tries to figure out what his future with the country star will look like. The corresponding increase in scenes shared by Jonathan Jackson and Kourtney Hansen, then, led some TVLine readers to theorize that the characters’ relationship was on the verge of turning more-than-platonic.

And it almost did.

The ABC drama thought about an Avery/Emily romance “for a hot minute,” showrunner Dee Johnson confesses to TVLine. “We love Emily.”

Ultimately, though, the show’s Powers That Be decided against pairing the two — however briefly — because Juliette ultimately will return; the “collateral damage” of the hook-up, Johnson says, would’ve led to someone (likely Hansen’s Emily) having to leave town.

Meanwhile, what about that other woman who’ll catch Avery’s eye when the drama returns in March? Should Juliette be worried?

Johnson, who doesn’t want to give away too many details, simply answers: “No.”

Were you in favor of an Avery/Emily romance? Sound off in the comments!

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  1. Lorna says:

    I like Emily, but she is too loyal to the family to cause any more damage than their enduring. And Avery has become such a standup guy. Smart thinking on the writer’s part.

  2. Miss Ellys says:

    (To be fair, the idea crossed my mind for “one hot minute” too)
    But the showrunners assure us that Javery is safe (because there comes a time when breaking up your main couples just doesn’t happen anymore +Castle) And I do hope Avery and Juliette get a happy ending…..they’re such great characters

  3. Lauren says:

    It feels impossible at this point for Juliette and Avery to ever be happy together again. Very happy to hear the writers talking about them so positively. Hope their story is a bit happier the second half of the season!

  4. Larc says:

    I’m happy the TPTB were mature enough to let this pass. The usual habit of teaming characters up with whomever happens to be breathing and available at the moment is often far too convenient to be believable.

  5. Aline says:

    I’m glad! Avery has been dealing with a lot and being with Emily would simply destroy Juliette even more! I love Emily too as part of the family, not as Cadence’s step mom.

  6. sueb says:

    Emily and Avery hook up would have turned me away from the show- sad to say. Avery and Juliette even with their obstacles are meant to be. He is what makes her the person she really is underneath all her fronts

  7. Boiler says:

    I really hope Emily does stick around but this is definitely the right decision. This show needs a happier vibe the second half!!!!!

  8. While Emily is one of my favorite characters on Nashville, I am very glad the writers passed on the idea of a romance between Emily & Avery. If they had gotten together, it would have been for the wrong reasons. The friendship between the characters: Emily, Avery, & Juliette, would have been forever changed. (And, yes, I know Juliette probably doesn’t understand what a real friendship looks like, but Emily is as close as she has ever come to having a true female friend). Avery hasn’t removed his wedding band which reveals his continued emotional attachment to his ex(?)wife Juliette. And many times throughout the season, Emily has been the only unemotional voice of reason to stand up to the heartbroken, exhausted, angry Avery.

  9. Avery + Layla = Endgame. Brace yourselves.

  10. itgirl561 says:

    no way…definitely stays platonic with Emily and avery. I hope Avery and Juliette reconcile and avery understands Juliette illness is not easy for her and instead of him running away from the problem, he should be helping her, reconsider the divorce and get Juliette into marriage counseling and keep her in therapy after treatment. Avery and Juliette are meant to be.

  11. Laurie says:

    I love this show.

  12. tyanna says:

    I was kind hoping they would let them catch feelings. Either way don’t make Emily be involved with the Scarlett nd Gunnar mess. She deserves more than that.

  13. Barbara says:

    we love this show it is the best one on TV today. Please keep it on.

  14. I totally sensed that they may be working up to something between them and I was nervous! So glad they didn’t let that happen!

    • Nancy says:

      I hope that the person Avery will be attracted to in the upcoming episode is only a fly by night. I will not continue to watch if Avery and Juliette are no longer a couple. There are two couples on Nashville that staying power and that’s Deacon and Rayna and Juliette and Avery. No matter what happens those two couples have to stay together for the long haul.