Year in Review
Biggest TV Deaths 2015

2015 in Review: The 15 Character Deaths That Just About Killed Us

TV fanatics like you and us are pretty used to the roller coaster of emotions that we’re forced to ride whenever one of our favorite characters is killed off. Still, some deaths hit us harder than others.

Take, for instance, the 15 included in this year-end round-up. Though they don’t all qualify as “big,” show-shaking demises, they did all tear our hearts up so badly that, by the time the dearly departed were laid to rest, we felt almost ready for a grave of our own.

So, once you have your Kleenex handy, click below (or right here) to review, then hit the comments with any soul-stomping casualties you think we missed.

Comments are monitored, so don’t go off topic, don’t frakkin’ curse and don’t bore us with how much your coworker’s sister-in-law makes per hour. Talk smart about TV!

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  1. Alyssa says:

    I was more than happy when Juliette died. I couldn’t even stand her when she wasn’t evil.

  2. Danny says:

    Will Horton Days of Our Lives. Pointless and homophobic.

  3. xx says:

    I’ve been insisting Orphan Black didn’t actually kill Delphine :)

  4. A fan of TV says:

    All in for Derek Shepherd, even though I don’t miss him when watching Grey’s, but the TWD death I regretted more this year was Noah (and to a lesser extent, Tyreese). So young, such wasted potential, so Nicholas’ stupid fault. Zeek’s death had been telegraphed for like a season and a half so I was more than prepared for it, and I’m still of the belief that Jon Snow isn’t dead-dead.

  5. Lysh says:

    Bless you, TVLine, but Killian Jones will not be dead forever.
    Killing Charlie AND Death (like, how??) on SPN was such a bummer movie. They were really my favorites.

    • Arthur says:

      Right? Hook is obviously not staying dead. And SPN needs to stop killing off great characters – it’s getting old.

  6. Mak says:

    I really want to believe that Jon Snow is not dead…because if he is or comes back as a wolf I don’t think I can watch GoT anymore.
    Lowell & Cami really hurt too

  7. Mr. Tran K says:

    Very sad about Peter Quinn on the season finale of Homeland. The character had a rough season from getting shot by Russians to not being cured after his exposure to sarin gas. Next season won’t be the same without Quinn (I guess).

  8. Finn from The 100 must be #16 on your list. I’m STILL getting notifications on a comment I made on your first article about that episode.

  9. Martim says:

    Megan O’brien though.

  10. Mak says:

    Honestly TVLine how can you not include the most heartbreaking deaths of them all….FRANCIS – Reign

  11. Alichat says:

    Paul….***sniff sniff***………Quinn……whhaaaaaaaaaa

  12. niloofar22 says:

    My thoughts

    2. Derek’s death was sad but saw it coming.
    3. It was really sad but it Game of Thrones, so.
    5. I don’t even know where to start, the way they dragged it to the finale with possibility of survival was sadistic, separating him from Carrie after 2 episodes, showing his agony in every detail with cruelty, and to top it off with that ambigious scene in the last moment with 1% hope to haunt the fans untill next year with lack of interviews, at least Derek was doing things untill the accident.
    6. Hook doesn’t count because you know he’s coming back.
    8. Julliete’s death, meh.
    9. Paul went out with a bang but not having shared screentime with Sara or her uttering his name kinda lessened the impact and that how i feel about Quinn and Carrie this terrible season.
    11. Deanna’s death was badass.
    13. Waste of a great character for boring Theo.
    14. Lowell’s death was terrible, they were great together.

  13. Lauren says:

    Given that Jon Snow, Hook and Cami will likely be brought back in some way, I don’t understand why they’re on the list. I’d add in Duke from a certain scifi show and Noah from The Walking Dead.

    • HollyC says:

      Oh, I know. It broke my heart when Duke Crocker died. I really love the way they ended Haven. So thankful they were able to give it the time to finish it up.

  14. brandi says:

    Lowell from iZombie made me cry and Charlie from Supernatural floored me.
    I was bummed about Derek Shepard, but I’m enjoying GA this season even without him.

    • Jamie says:

      I literally came down here to say these things about these three characters haha.

      I screamed “NOOO” when Lowell died and felt tears welling for his selfless death (despite the fact that it would have been completely avoided if Liv hadn’t wussed out, but I’ll let that go one day). And I could not believe that they killed Charlie, who was the best (and most loved) female character they’ve ever had (other than their mom). And Derek’s death was sad, especially since he and Mer have three small children, but this season has been kicking butt without him, so….

  15. 4. Rachel Posner, House of Cards
    Date of Death: Feb. 27, 2015

    This one sucked, man. I really wanted her to live! Doug Stamper must die!

  16. Alyse says:

    Derek’s death was the biggest and saddest one for me. Paul and Lowell’s deaths were really sad too.

    • prish says:

      About Dr. Derek’s death, my 90-year-old father cried out, “How can they kill him? He was the whole show!” Do they get a thrill, stomping on the fans? That’s what I wonder.

  17. Tina says:

    No one is sad Cami died lol besides she’ll be brought back as a vampire to continue her useless reign as most annoying character ever. Rachel from house of cards! Now that was a shocker as was Derek on greys. That’s how you do a character death. It doesn’t count if they come back to life.

    • Molly says:

      That’s what I thought when I saw Cami on this list – how many people cared really? Lowell from iZombie on the other hand made me blubber.

    • I don’t get the Cami hate… I liked that character a lot. Found she brought a human element to a show that was focused on the supernatural. You need characters like that to show – (1) what is lost when you are a super, (2) how the supers impact the humans and (3) how the worlds are hard to meld… think Zander on Buffy.

      I was very shocked and felt for Niklaus when she was offed next to her. It was done in a way that taunted him.

      • Luvprue1 says:

        I hated Cami in season 1, but in season 2 finale she became my favorite character. So I was both shock and sadden by her death. Especially since her and Klaus had became closer. Now if they had killed Jackson, or Hayley I wouldn’t care.

  18. 10. Cami O’Connell, The Originals
    Date of Death: Dec. 10, 2015

    I dunno… Maybe she’ll come back as a vampire. With these vampire shows, just because you get killed, it doesn’t mean you have to die :)

  19. kate says:

    Juliette isn’t dead and it turns out never was as those arrows contained a dosing agent. She might not be Juliette anymore. I also just watched the last three episodes of Game of Thrones again. For like no other reason than the white walker king guy is after him in particular (sort of the same reasoning about Glenn) he is alive and while I believe in an Azor idea something the kid who plays Bran said makes me think he got a warning to his brother so they weren’t directly stabbing him or he just takes Stannis up on his original offer.

    • Isobel says:

      More he’s the only one willing and able to lead a force against the white walkers. Taking up Stannis’ offer would be betraying his oath- he’s a man of the nights watch until his death- after his death of course he’s free to do what he wants

      • Kate says:

        Yeah, I just had read an interview with the kid earlier in the day and then watched how Jon had been alone in his office and looking at paperwork before Ollie came in with claims about the Wilding with claims about Benjen and that was even an odd sort of scene as it was from a third person perspective whereas an earlier scene while coming in from a third person was then switched to the conversation between Jon and Sam. And the kid referenced like Inception and whatnot, that him slipping a note to Jon would seem to be totally reasonable. And even if Jon only vaguely believed it (since I sort of think of like everyone in the the Seven Kingdoms he probably believes the least in magic and all of that, like that he has a totally reasonable explanation for what the white walkers are doing to create the army of the dead) once Ollie came in, that was an odd reaction to random news from a wilding, who somehow wasn’t with the rest of them, so he was unlikely loyal to Mance and thereby listen to or care about Jon or the Night’s Watch. But yeah, he wouldn’t really feel the need to stay true to any of his vows anymore, and that might be more why Davos is there while we are all focusing on Melisandre. And it would make sense with the other Greyjoys that are supposed to be showing up. Jon might want to go see what he can do about Winterfell, but he needs an army. Davos might not be able to provide an army, but pirates who might basically be sellswords? And heading to the sea, they run into the Greyjoys, who might hold some resentment of the Starks, but, well, if any family might randomly know something more of who Jon is besides the Reeds it might be them. And then separate from that, whichever wildlings who pop up just because they are unclear where to go and don’t really want to farm might show the Greyjoys that Jon has a better perspective on things than even his ‘father’ did.

  20. Eddie Thawne and Jerome’s death definitely got me but Charlie’s death on Supernatural absolutely killed me. . . With joy!

    • Katie says:

      Charlie’s death killed you with joy? Seriously? Who is this weirdo who didn’t like Charlie I haven’t felt the same way about Supernatural since they killed her off in the dumbest, most violent way ever. Seriously, Patrick, it’s really sad that you have no soul.

  21. I’m still upset about Charlie, Derek, Duke Crocker, a certain character in a movie, and Grant Ward (still randomly crying over that last one). This has not been a good year for my favorite characters.

  22. Sophia says:

    My Derek loving heart is forever broken… I switched to rewatching his glory days in the early seasons for months after his death. Still miss McDreamy

  23. Spence says:

    Am I the only one who couldn’t care less when Eddie died on the Flash? I actually cheered… I’m glad Deanna was included in this. She didn’t have an, overall, very big impact and I know she wasn’t a fan favorite, but her monologues and final scenes were stunning and made me mourn for her more than I thought I would.

    • Katie says:

      My family didn’t care about Eddie either, though I was devastated. There was really nothing wrong with his character at all, he was a good guy, so it was disappointing for me when he kicked it

  24. Lynn says:

    How could you leave out King Francis from Reign? Especially after he was included in a prior article of expected deaths this season & you posted Toby’s farewell tweet to his fans in another article.

  25. OMG Cami’s death from The Originals is heartbreaking. Klaus will never sleep peacefully again.

    • Luvprue1 says:

      Cami must have been compelled. How else would she had been murdered with Klaus waking?

      Klaus and Elijah is going to get to the bottom of this, and kill everyone in their wake.

  26. Datya says:

    As I was going through the photos and not see Zeke from Parenthood, I kept telling myself I could trust TVLine, and sure enough – he was #1!!!
    As a bonus, I would have added the mysterious yet-unknown person in the grave on Arrow – just for how the internet exploded when viewers saw the grave scene. ..

    • JosiahBartlet4President says:

      Omg every time I try to type Z-e-e-k’s death, my computer autocorrects it to Week’s death. Ok, had to get that off my chest.
      Anyway, regarding Zeek’s demise, thank you TVLine for making that #1. Totally deserved.

  27. Shannon says:

    Can’t believe Duke Crocker and Francis from Reign aren’t on the list. Insane. And I’m annoyed about Grant Ward’s ‘death’, too, even though he wasn’t on the list either.

  28. Meghan says:

    I REALLY hope that Cami comes back. Pretty sure Killian and Jon Snow will. If they don’t that’s three less shows for me to watch.

  29. Stacy says:

    The most heartbreaking for me were Leo from Chasing Life and Francis from Reign.

    • Marci says:

      Yes, I was shocked and saddened when Leo died. It just came out of nowhere. Showrunners can be so cruel.

      • Jamie says:

        It wasn’t the showrunners – they needed an out for the actor bc his new show, Blood and Oil, was picked up.
        Surprised that Leo wasn’t on the list tho – I loved him!

  30. Pat says:

    For me, Charlie’s death on Supernatural was one of the saddest for me, in 2015. I saw her as the little sister that Sam and Dean never had but took her under their wings as big brothers to her. So her death was heartbreaking.

    • Marci says:

      I had pretty much stopped watching Supernatural because they kept killing off everyone I cared about, except Sam and Dean. However, I was still watching the episodes that featured Charlie; I should have known that if they would kill off Bobby, her time was limited also. Still, it was a shocking, low blow.

  31. ToyCannon says:

    It may not happen until season three or even season four, but I am positive Gotham hasn’t seen the last of Jerome.

  32. Eran says:

    Rachel Posner’s death on HoC left me so deeply unsettled, I honestly don’t think I could resume watching the show. This isn’t your classic, “if so and so’s gone, then I’m not watching,” annoying fan rant. It’s about the brutality of it and frankly, how real it all was. And I won’t name names (spoilers etc.) but I don’t see how I can get through a scene with her killer in it. That character is so beyond redemption.
    No doubt, too many girls around the US have ended up like Rachel Posner, in the hands of people just like her killer. I wouldn’t forgive such a sociopathic monster in real life, so why do that on a TV series?
    We’ll see…

  33. Emflem says:

    I am so upset that The Originals killed Cami! She was my favourite character & I loved her relationship with Klaus. I can only hope that they bring her back as a vampire in January.

  34. dancmh says:

    Jon Snow made so many dumb ass mistakes getting stabbed was inevitable and not hard to watch. Now Princess Shireen been burned at the stake? That was just god awful painful to watch.

  35. ajspree says:

    Peter…Quinn…hurts a lot…still…

  36. Vissy says:

    I am not on board with Peter Quinn being listed there, not at all.

  37. Amanda says:

    Zeke’s death on “Parenthood” did get me the most as sadly my own grandfather at the time was sickly and passed away a couple weeks later. Zeke reminded me so much of him and I felt in a way that ep was preparing me and my family for it. I also will miss Paul on “Orphan Black” so much but was a great way for him to go out and redeem his character. I know Hook and Jerome are on the list but I agree like others on the list as well they won’t be dead for long.

  38. Stephanie says:

    Cami’s death was the worst for me :'( I know that she’ll return, most likely as a vampire but still, it was so hard to see my favorite character dead with her throat slit </3

  39. kn1231 says:

    Victoria or Daniel (actually both) would be on my list… probably close to the top as well.

  40. Tracy says:

    Liz Forbes’ death was beautifully written and had me bawling. I still miss Liz on TVD.

  41. Kat says:

    Poor Hot Paul. He must be so cold now

  42. funnibone31 says:

    I really cannot believe they killed off Peter Quinn.

  43. Angela says:

    Gideon’s death on “Criminal Minds” would be on my list. That episode had me bawling. But it was a good tribute to the character.

  44. colig says:

    at least three of them are not dead or won’t stay dead.

    • Jules says:

      Peter Quinn….Peter Quinn..and…Peter Quinn. :)

      I REFUSE to believe that Peter Quinn is dead…yes I understand that evidence points to the contrary but until I see a body Peter Quinn is not dead. I don’t care how incredible it sounds…he will live, recover (maybe not fully) and be back in S6.

      Oh Derek Shepherd…I don’t care how many saw it coming…I was spoiler free at the time and also figured they wouldn’t actually kill him off if he left. I normally don’t cry at tv shows but that one got me.

  45. Lynn says:

    Team TVLine – Any chance we’re going to get a piece on the “Show Death’s that hurt the most”? I can think of few show cancellations that hurt like heck in 2015.

  46. MoshiMoshi says:

    12.Charlie’s death was so pointless… 14.But I’m still not over Lowell’s death.

  47. niloofar22 says:

    the most cruel & sadistic one was Quinn’s ambigious death and the way they(Gansa) dragged it untill the finale.

    • Jules says:

      I’m not believing it until I see a body…the season premiere of S6. I don’t care how improbable it is or how the writers would lose credibility if they brought him back…credibility doesn’t bother me with my favorite characters. :)

  48. Lunalove says:

    Charlie Sue was one of the worst characters to come out of Supernatural. Her death was overdue.

  49. Ally_D says:

    Most heart wrenching for me was Leo on Chasing Life

  50. Luv says:

    I was shock by Cami’s death on The Originals. I was more shock by her death then I was Jon Snow’s. Don’t get me wrong, Jon’s death left a big hole in my Heart but I have read the book before so I knew it was coming. But I never thought they would kill Cami. Plus she refused vampires blood to heal.

    As for Juliet on Grimm, after she set Nick’s mom up to be kill I knew she had to go.