The 100 Season 3 Spoilers

The 100 Premiere Photos: Clarke's New Look, a 'Linctavia' Moment and More

Fans of The 100 have always been aware of Clarke’s fiery warrior spirit; now, she’s got the hair to match.

But Eliza Taylor’s total Grounder makeover is merely one of the many treats included in a new batch of photos from the CW drama’s Season 3 premiere (Jan. 21, 9/8c). The fresh shots also include:

* Murphy (Richard Harmon) exploring the mysterious bunker in which we — and Jaha — left him.

* Raven (Lindsey Morgan) exchanging some potentially heated words with Abby (Paige Turco).

* And Octavia (Marie Avgeropoulos) embracing Lincoln (Ricky Whittle)… before assisting an injured Jasper (Devon Bostick).

Dive into the gallery below — or click here for direct access — then drop a comment: What are your hopes and fears for Season 3?

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  1. Mike says:

    Well i’ve been waiting for the better part of nine months.

  2. wrstlgirl says:

    LOL, sadly Clarke is my least favorite character on this show. I’m in it for everyone else.

    • Lexa and Clarke are my least fav so I wasn’t a big fan of s2b when it was Clexa centric

      • wrstlgirl says:

        Yeah that just came across as awkward to me. Seemed forced.

        • Radha says:

          The funny thing is I wouldn’t have minded a romance between them–because I do think that there need to be more well written bisexual characters on tv– IF it hadn’t felt so forced. Personally I don’t get the Clexa love because, to me, it honestly seems like they quickly had their relationship turn “romantic” in order to make Lexa’s betrayal all the more dramatic, shocking and hurtful. They did it for ratings and I don’t need contrived stuff like that all the time. If they had had it happen more organically, then I wouldn’t have minded their pairing. Not to mention, wasn’t Clarke still grieving over Flynn? Right now, all they seem to be gearing up towards is “What will happen when she sees Lexa again?” like it’s some huge thing and all I’m thinking is: What SHOULD happen is that Clarke kills her a** for leaving her people behind to die. I’m over their potential romance already and in no way, shape or form will ever get behind it again after what Lexa did. She could have gone into the plan like Clarke was–which was to get EVERYONE out. Instead she went the selfish route and betrayed her. That is not something I would see anyone forgiving lightly–if ever.

          All the relationships so far on the show happen way WAY too fast for my liking. To the point where I wonder if they don’t know how to write romantic relationships. Octavia and Lincoln–way too fast. Clarke and Flynn- WTF. Jasper and whatshername in Mt. Weather–WTF. Clarke and Lexa….you get my drift. However Abby and Kane is steadily working to something I can see happening in front of my eyes–and at a believable pace. Same thing with Clarke and Bellamy–except for some reason the head writer doesn’t want them together. Them, I can see also getting romantic later on down the line. They went from not respecting each other to highly counting on each other and watching over their people together. But then all of a sudden everyone just acted like Clarke was the only one in charge of her people and that just didn’t make sense. Their interactions don’t feel forced to me like the other couples I mentioned and neither does Abby and Kane. Another person I wouldn’t mind Clarke with is Raven. But Lexa? Uh uh.

          • LB says:

            Pretty much agree with all of the above.

            I didn’t like Clarke before Lexa, if they have her forgive her and just jump in the sack, nail in the coffin. Was so hard to swallow everyone fallowing what she said as believable so I’m hopefully that doesn’t return.

            Really interested in everyone else though and the “what ended the world” story

    • Luli says:

      Even though I’m in it for almost everyone else (I’m looking at you, Jaha… Hate him since the beginning) Clarke is one of my fav characters. I think she is a great character, a kid who was forced to become an adult and make impossible choices. I’m interested in seeing how the one she made in Mt. Weather affects her. And if you watch the pilot and where we are today she has changed a lot. I like seeing those transformations.

      Also I want Octavia and Clarke to mend their friendship. And more mother/daughter moments. And of course more Raven freaking Reyes.

      Then we can have Bellarke.

  3. MissEllys says:

    That trader girl in the photos is the one Clarke makes out with in the promo…I’m guessing she gets killed off quickly….but, more importantly, what does everyone think of Marcus’s roguish new facial hair.

  4. Tea says:

    In picture 10 who’s the lady? Might be a dumb question.

  5. Ari says:

    Jasper is my favourite character. His story arc from the very beginning to now is incredible and never ceases to amaze me. Cannot wait for him to be even more badass (and, sadly, broken) in Season 3. Devon Bostick’s performance is always amazing!

  6. gobanifar says:

    So how was she able to dye her hair. Red berries.

  7. Pretty much watch for the hotness and sass of Raven Reyes Lindsey Morgan is so effortlessly gorgeous

  8. Jared says:

    The 100 was probably one of the few CW series that I couldn’t get into early on. Maybe I’ll retry it on Netflix because I’ve only been hearing great things about S2.

    • Nora says:

      I kind of half watched season one I wasn’t into it and I got stuck watching season 2 with the family member and I was much more interested in the second season than the first. Definitely worth some killing time

  9. Gabrielle says:

    Otro de las vdntajas de percibir música es que esta puede ayudarr a aquellos que padecwn de jaqueca !

  10. sabrena says:

    I’m so ready for this show to be back i’ve missed it so much let’s just hope it will focous more on Raven, octavia & Abby .sadly I started to lose interist in Clark last year so Ihope her story is better this year cuz she used to be one of my favourite characters in TV in season one & early season 2

  11. sawyer says:

    I can’t wait. Clarke is the best character next to Bellamy on the show. Lexa is just interesting to me. I would not watch The 100 if they killed off Clarke or Bellamy. The rest of the cast except for Monty would not shed a tea if something happened to them . I wonder how many people actually have read The 100. Clarke and Bellamy through out the books are the main characters. I think Eliza Taylor and Bob Morly are great actress/Actor. Lexa acting is okay. I also think the rest of the ensemble cast are very good.

  12. shadester says:

    so where did she get the dye lol

  13. Clara Oswin Oswald says:

    I am waiting for the #Kabby kiss to be honest and also Abby and Clarke scenes. I can’t wait for season 3!! I have to replay the trailer loads of times XD I scream when I see what has happened.