Arrow Felicity Dead Grave

Arrow Mystery: What Is Felicity's Sad, Post-Gunshot Prognosis?

Arrow‘s new winter promo warns of a potentially difficult consequence of Felicity’s gunshot wound via the assault by Damien Darhk’s ghosts — one which leaves Donna and Oliver’s faces the picture of concern.

After Felicity makes it out of surgery, Thea informs her brother that “they didn’t say what was wrong” with his fiancée.

TVLine readers quickly got to speculating about what unfortunate challenge may await Ms. Smoak when the CW series returns on Jan. 20.

View the poll below to ponder some possible outcomes suggested by readers, then let us know which one seems most plausible to you.

Comments are monitored, so don’t go off topic, don’t frakkin’ curse and don’t bore us with how much your coworker’s sister-in-law makes per hour. Talk smart about TV!

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  1. Remember in Smallville when Chloe became the Oracle-esque sidekick, codenamed Watchtower? They’re giving TV Oliver a type, the Oracle archetype.

  2. James S says:

    TRhey have been teasing her needing a codename all year. Her skills and role remind me a lot of DC Comics Oracle, who was a paralyzed Barbara Gordon. So… I’m betting they do something similar here, at least for a while.

    • Lili says:

      But the thing is it wouldn’t be similar. Oracle was the result of a paralyzed Barbara Gordon rediscovering how to become a hero after being Batgirl. I want a great storyline for Felicity, they’ve done a good job making Dig(Spartan) and Felicity stand on their own two feet without any comicbook roots. I’d rather not have her fail to live up to a ‘legacy’ they hamfisted her into in a shallow attempt for name recognition.

    • Sil says:

      Besides, DC has not granted Arrow with the Oracle OK to use. EP had said that. Oracle is out I think. Arrow can be simple and cliche most of the time. Memory loss temporary of course. She needed a blood transfusion which brings her dad into the mix. So many options Arrow can go.

      • Audrey Ero says:

        Ah, that’s a good one. She needs some type of transplant- kidney or liver probably. Then her dad needs to be tested as a match. Depending on if the EPs planned on introducing him this season or not, he’ll either come or refuse.

        • PHS says:

          I think Felicity’s dad will come into the picture but I think as a twist he may end up being a villain (e.g. the calculator comes to mind) but that’s just my opinion…

  3. John NYC says:

    Insurance didn’t cover gunshots. So she’s now suffering from bankruptcy.

    Sad but predictable. People too cheap for armored limos when hunted by master criminals always skimp on the health coverage.

    They’re SO going to have to rent out the lair for parties.

  4. Morrigan_2575 says:

    I voted for temporary paralysis. I don’t think they can pass up getting their “Oracle” on even though they can’t use the codename. Plus there’s the whole Proxy aspect they can olay around with.

    I doubt it will last more than a few episodes.

  5. A says:

    Anything but D and E, as long as it leads to a good story. D and E are terrible, but especially bad with the BM and Oliver’s kid coming on the show.

    • Dj says:

      I dont think it will be D But I can see E happening. Because the worst thing the show could do is give Oliver and Felicity a child. By it being E that takes the chances of that happening away and adds to the Olicity drama of the secret son. But if they did this I think it would set it up for whenever Arrow has its last season that Felicity has some miracle pregnancy.

      • Amy K. says:

        Yes, fans shouldn’t get too worked up if it is said that Felicity can’t have kids. Characters with such a diagnosis often turn out to be quite fertile, especially towards the end of a TV show!

  6. Calli says:

    If I could have picked both D and A I would have.

    • amb1973 says:

      That is a lot of misery for one character, especially when adding in evil abandoning daddy’s return and the fallout (aka hardcore dumpage) when Oliver’s lying comes to light.

      I think just temp paralysis. Loss of a wanted pregnancy is too real-life sad for Arrow.

  7. Gady says:

    I think maybe a temporarily paralyzed or coma

  8. Michael B says:

    wtf is this poll… Felicity could just be shot and hurt temporary god why such stupid… Felicity Smoak deserves better. She is a freakn hero.

    • John NYC says:


      But this freakin fandom is just that dark.

      • amb1973 says:

        Seriously. Oliver loses several family members, and fandom is all: Felicity dies giving birth to his child, who then dies, and then he watches Thea die in front of him, and then Digg dies and Digg’s wife and child die and then Roy dies in flames.
        It’s frigging ridiculous. You’re that into misery, go watch The Walking Dead, not a show about a rising superhero. This should be a relatively fun show.

    • wonderwall says:

      To be honest, Arrow thrives on drama (look at season 3 and all of its misery)… But I honestly think that Felicity being paralyzed and on top of that learning about Oliver lying to her is WAY too much for a character to go through in a span of 5 episodes. Also paralysis or being in a coma or whatever doesn’t stop Felicity from ever being a hero :) She’s a hero for what she does behind the computer screen.

  9. A says:

    I thought for a while it was going to be D and E (y’know, consequences from time travel- Oliver has a child so the consequences are he’ll never have one with Felicity), but I actually went for A. With Curtis still needing to develop that tech to save the company, I can see it being something to help her walk again….
    Plus, she gets her codename soon. I dont THINK it’ll be Oracle, but with Marc saying its got an ‘A’ in it, I guess there’s a chance….

  10. I’m going rogue here: Coma.

    • Trish says:

      I do wonder why they’re not playing up some sort of real angst over this kid and have her miscarry or be unable to have kids for a while. That would make me care more about how they’ve set up this Central city kid stuff. Otherwise, it seems contrived seeing as the kid had nothing to do with Oliver cheating on Felicity. *shrugs*

      • Ron says:

        I’ve wondered why Arrow continued with the secret kid plot. It feels like something left over from the original plan, when Oliver was banging everyone sideways while “in love” with his pre-Island girlfriend. Made sense for that relationship, but not the one he has with Felicity. I hope they drop it like a hot potato and never mention that kid and woman ever again (guy can dream, right?).

        • John NYC says:

          The past of Oliver is a huge part of the show: both how he’s changed and the source of various consequences such as Slade or for that matter this boy.

          • sabrena says:

            this story is one tough one thogh it can either lead to great charcter growth not only to oliver but also to felicity given the little we konw about her father they can easily connect the two sories & deal with it in mature way & prove arrow is more than just superhero show but a family show like the writers once said or it will lead to some ugly convirted drama for the sake of it . I hope the writers konw what they ’re doing

  11. piebokou says:

    lol I think there are just looking for a reason to breakup Olicity. We kinda all know that they aren’t trying to stick to the comic, because in there he ended up with Laurel and his kid got to be a Hero. And here they brought up a completely different kid. So what with all the misery just let Olicity be.

    • wonderwall says:

      How would Felicity being injured break Olicity up? If anything it would be the secret that Oliver’s keeping. But still, even then I don’t think they’re going to break them up. I think they have some hard times ahead (much like any couple) but I think (and hope) they’ll weather through the storm together (just like what Felicity told Oliver in 409)

      • piebokou says:

        I was not talking about her being injured, I was just talking about the fact that they keep beefing up Barry messing with time and oliver secret so much that you kinda of feel that they are going to dump all of it on poor felicity and then wam no more olicity.

  12. Trish says:

    I think they’re going to temporarily paralyze her. I just know that I’m really excited to finally get a story arc for Felicity Smoak. That’s all I care about this season. It’s long overdue. I’m bored with the plethora of story and episodic material wasted of the same characters that I’ll never care about. This is the one character outside of John Diggle that I’ve stuck around to see. I just hope this paralysis isn’t a permanent thing. In not here for that. I’m not shamed to admit that Emily Bett’s assets are too valuable for that. I’ve purchased too many shoes and dresses simply because Felicity Smoak and Emily Bett made them look good on the show.

  13. Ron says:

    I’m thinking coma, with partial paralysis when she wakes up sometime in episode 11. I agree with the other posters that Arrow probably wants to do its own take on Oracle, and Felicity already fulfills that role. Only thing missing is the wheelchair and they might do that for a couple of eps as a nod. Also, someone mentioned Proxy, The Calculator’s daughter, who is also in a wheelchair. Another good nod to the comics if The Calculator ends up being Father Smoak.

  14. Spence says:

    Definitely becoming Arrow’s version of Oracle.

  15. juice-phine says:

    I don’t understand the need for Felicity Smoak to be bound to a wheelchair just to be Arrow’s version of Oracle. Can’t Felicity have her own are and not somebody else’s? If the Arrow showrunners threw a lot of Green Arrow comic canon right out the window, why on earth would they follow something that’s on a totally different one?

    The Flash already had a genius-level wheelchair-bound character, remember S1 Dr. Wells? They need one for Arrow? For what purpose?

    The writers love writing for Felicity Smoak, taking her ability to walk would only limit their future storyline for her. I also think that the real angst on this show will be directed towards Oliver, it is his show. Not Felicity’s. I wouldn’t be surprised if it’s his son who ends up under that grave. I’m pretty sure in a future episode, Darkh will find out about and go after that boy, he’s after Oliver Queen and those who he cares about and ultimately, that is how they’ll end the baby mama drama…by ending William.

  16. I was thinking D & E, and the grave is the baby they lost…I know it’s dark, but I don’t think this show is one to shy away from something just because it’s dark…

  17. Jo says:

    I’m going with “she’s in a coma” here but paralyzed temporarily is at the top list too.

  18. Dj says:

    It’s E. it will add more drama to the secret son plot.

  19. Audrey Ero says:

    Ughh, all such good choices. Except the amnesia…it’s not the 1990s/early 2000s.

    I’d like to throw another option into the ring: blindness.

  20. JC1 says:

    I believe it’s A – temporary paralysis. It’s a nod to Oracle, although I doubt they’ll be able to use that name, and as Ron pointed out, Proxy, the Calculator’s daughter, was also in a wheelchair. As it seems almost certain that Felicity is going to turn out to be the Calculator’s daughter on this show, it’s all very convenient that this happens two episodes before he’s scheduled to appear on the show.

    • wonderwall says:

      I’m really hoping that Calculator will only be introduced in episodes 12-13 and then come back later in the season or even season 5 to properly tackle Felicity’s storyline. I don’t think 2 episodes will give Felicity’s storyline about her father any justice.

  21. James D says:

    um all those choices make my brain hurt. as if this little tryst wasn’t mind numbly over dramatic enough. seriously though anything but turning her into Oracle it will make me cry.

  22. Candace says:

    What about all of the above? Just kidding, that would be horrible.

  23. Jamy says:

    Voted coma.Hope it will only be a sort while though. Don’t want Oracle. Felicity should be hero in her own right with her own unique codename. Definitely no D&E not along with son drama and daddy drama too much .I hope we get more Barry time traveling and changing history and the baby mama and son drama disappears.
    Don’t turn Arrow into a soap opera. Oliver and Felicitys relationship is one of the best ever seen don’t ruin it for the sake of soap opera drama. Seeing these two sitting discussing their problems, working together, not shouting, cheating, walking out on each other is a breath of fresh air.

    • Ron says:

      But Arrow IS a soap opera. The executive producers themselves have stated as much. That’s not necessarily a bad thing. I do agree with you, I’d rather see them discuss their problems and working them out sooner rather than later.

  24. Derrick says:

    This show is good but why are they so brutal to the females of Arrow? Felicity Smoak she can just get another scar like her man. This losing kids or not being able to conceive what the hell is that??? She is a hero I’ve come to really like someone I can share with my kids. They loved the felicity action doll and gosh when I get my hands on the funkopop at least one of my sons will explode with delight. My daughter looks up to this character because she can see herself as a smart funny and yet sensible hero.
    This freaking poll is warped… is that what I am looking forward to a heroine that needs to be hurt for a stupid storyline?

  25. Andrew Wicki says:

    He’s a man and he is getting some… She is well worth it!

  26. RavenSakura says:

    Her being paralyzed even temporarily is completely predictable. I mean I want her to be her own hero, I mean they changed her character completely ,why don’t they make her, her own codename and change the story make it understandable. You saw her when she fended of double down It will a great loss for the character not being able to move and she will be somewhat useless.
    Now the thing I really don’t want to happen is her getting amnesia that would very dramatic and annoying after all she and Oliver went through.

  27. Kate says:

    I voted, and maintain this is the truth, for temporary paralysis. Basically, because the parents of the child who plays Sara Diggle posted a cute little vine with her playing around with a wheelchair, and, well, why else would there be one (it also looked to be in the Arrow lair, so I know it wasn’t like at her actual home, this also makes me worried about Lila). I know she can’t be in a coma because they are basically introducing her nemesis (who might also be her father) in like the second or third episode back. Third, I don’t think the show is ready to go quite so dark that they both introduce William and the bombshell of that story line when she might not be capable of having children (this also factors into my own thinking that Samantha is one of the likely death suspects in that you can’t go and hang that baggage on your lightest character). I also think the temporary paralysis gives a good second half storyline for Felicity to deal with and allows her to sort of take a back seat to a lot of the Damien Darkh stuff in favor of the Palmer Tech and whatever she and Curtis are supposed to be working on along with any difficulties she has with recovering as quickly as she may like. It also likely means she wakes up pretty soon into the mid season premiere because they usually don’t seem to call any sort of paralysis until the patient has woken up and they test her reaction time (or at least on TV) and then there is talk of swelling and maybe a bullet is lodged somewhere they can’t get to yet.

  28. Nan says:

    I’m leaning towards amnesia…I know this is TV and all but it would be nice just once in a while to watch a show and have absolutely nothing happen to the main characters. Can’t we just let these 2 be happy for a while…they can still work side by side and in their line of work of course mishaps are going to happen. whatever it is I just hope that there is a satisfying ending. Too much angst with a lot of these shows and to me it just gets old after a whi.e

    • Dj says:

      I guess I’m the complete opposite of this. I want bad things to happen to the main character because it’s more interesting to watch the leads overcome adversary then to thrive in bliss. It loses a lot of the drama when that happens. Plus it’s better to me when the show builds up to the happily ever after and then ends there.

  29. Jenna Sweet says:

    Well if you look at the photograph She is bleeding from the mouth…that means she at least has this kind of injury:

    Blood welling out of the mouth can either be coming from the stomach or digestive tract, in which case it is called haematemesis (vomiting blood), or from the lungs and respiratory tract, when it is termed haemoptosis (coughing blood). Another alternative is that the bleeding is from a structure inside the mouth, such as the tongue. So generally speaking, trauma to the abdomen may cause haemtaemesis, while trauma to the chest would be more likely to cause haemoptosis.
    Its pretty unusual for an abdominal wound to cause a large amount of haematemesis,

    I am not sure what else would have been damaged since there wasn’t a crashed car or anything. It’s hard to tell from that shot if she was paralized One can only assume at this point. I was thinking that It could have been that she would not have kids that would be a wound like above. I hope the best for her. I hate to see anything happen to felicity.

    • sabrena says:

      being doctor myself i enjoyed your analysis & I would like to add that’s propably heamatemisis ” dark cloured blood & all” however i wanna remind you that’s the same show that used penicilline tea to explain how oliver survived falling off the cliff last year so I dont really think that we can use any clinical signs to come with some provisional diagnosis :)

  30. sabrena says:

    just give me Felicity story & I don’t care what residual damage she’ll have from the surgery i wont be permenant anyway …..I just really can’t wait for my girl to finally have story arc that actually about her & I hop they fit that story in the general plot of the season …this season has been so good so far except FB & poor stunts “compared to s1,2 ” I think they’re really doing good job …I’m still waiting to see how they’ll deal with the secret baby story it could take very drastic turn thogh & take the whole show with it

  31. herman1959 says:

    I’m not guessing because I can wait to find out. That said, giving Felicity amnesia would be really cheesy because that trope is as old as dirt…more creativity, please.

  32. Kevin M says:

    What are they doing to my Felicity? She is one of the best reasons to watch this show. This better be temporary. My man Oliver and his brother Diggle are they freaking tri-factor that makes me glued to this show.

  33. jj says:

    Unfortunately, not death.

  34. Gavin Adams says:

    I love googling a show I’m behind on and the top result is a huge spoiler. Thanks TV Line!

  35. Lourdes says:

    These are terrible choices. It only makes me wonder what terrible choices the show will go with? If she just lands up with a scar than fine that be okay but if its to drag on and effect the baby mama story than why??? Season 4 was so good so far and I hope they don’t cause unnecessary drama. Felicity Smoak is one of my favorite all time female superhero characters. Smart and sassy and has a few quirks that make her relate-able.

  36. This show is boring as crap. Flashbacks all the time and boring dialogue that goes on and on.

    • Matt Webb Mitovich says:

      MYSTERIES OF LAURA is supposed to be quite entertaining! She’s a cop AND a mom.

      • Phoenix5634 says:

        Why do you always feel the need to type in bold letters? Lol. Like, I understand you want it to stand out, but some of the stuff you bold doesn’t really need to stand out lol. Just saying

  37. Phoenix5634 says:

    I need a comic fan to answer a question please, what is this Oracle character ? is the Oracle similar to the powers that Cisco has as Vibe? Please explain the difference, or possible connection?

  38. I hope Felicity only be temporary paralyzed and she is pregnant and didn’t lose the baby. Thinkwill that would be areal twist