TVLine Readers Wish List 2016

TVLine Readers' 2016 Wish List for Castle, TVD, Scandal, Once, NCIS, Chicago Fire, Empire and More

Calling all TV writers: If you’re heading into the new year with hopes of crafting bigger, bolder scripts, might we suggest hiring a few dedicated TVLine readers to shake up your series?

We recently asked you to reveal the items atop your TV Wish Lists for 2016, and you wasted no time sharing your most pressing requests for the upcoming year in television.

You told us all about the hook-ups (Klaroline!), major deaths (Castiel!) and showrunner shake-ups (Elementary!) you’d like to see in the next 12 months, as well as the storylines you’d prefer to have nipped in the bud. (Looking at you, Quantico.)

Scroll through the gallery below — or click here for direct access — to see the TV wishes we’ve highlighted, then hit the comments to add your own!

Comments are monitored, so don’t go off topic, don’t frakkin’ curse and don’t bore us with how much your coworker’s sister-in-law makes per hour. Talk smart about TV!

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  1. Hannah says:

    No link to the photo gallery on mobile

  2. Cornelius says:

    “…Pretty Little Liars to finally come to an end, because the show doesn’t make any sense.”


  3. Barbara Speyer says:

    Once Upon a time great show. I would like to see Regina if possible to get expectant. Shows writers are aesome

  4. Joe says:

    Cindy is a moron.

    • Rose says:

      Yep. Not to mention rude and wrong.

    • NM says:

      No she’s not. Castiel was fine here and there and for the occasional arc, but his character is dry and boring. He’s one of the reasons I’ve stopped watching. Not to mention, the angel storyline played their part in seasons 4 and 5. That was enough. Anything past that has been so crap. The whole Metatron (sorry, are you a transformer?) storyline was so dull. I’d like to see something that focuses on the brothers, not the surrogate angel brother. A powerful story arc similar to that of Lillith or Yellow Eyes would be great.

      • Joe says:

        Agree. The worst thing the showrunners ever did on this show was caving into a bunch of fangirls demanding that certain characters get more screen time. It doesn’t serve the story one bit and the show is now suffering for it. When a character’s arc literally involves him being on a Netflix binge for weeks at a time, it’s time to put him out to pasture.

        • faquee says:

          true. they should get rid of castiel. that way the brothers can go back to being miserable, bitter, hypocrites that continue their unhealthy relationship of lies, fighting, and sulking because “we don’t have family and friends sammy!! because we forget about the ones we do have. whoops.” the winchesters can continue to work side by side with no friends or family for support. because that’s SUPER healthy. 😒😒😒😒😒

          • Joe says:

            It says a lot that the people in the Supernatural fandom really don’t care what they’re watching as long as their fave is onscreen and just proves my earlier point right about the showrunners screwing this show up by listening to fans. When people would rather see a character watching daytime talk shows than actually serving a purpose and being bada$$ it’s really pretty sad.

            As for the Winchesters, they have never had a healthy relationship on this show and I don’t expect that to change anytime soon. It honestly doesn’t bother me and never really has. What bothers me is secondary characters who serve no purpose to the plot and sadly that’s what’s happened to Castiel. I’m not going to apologize for not worshiping these guys like you do, sorry.

          • Rachel says:

            WOA. I never had read such worse comments than those ones. But I’ll go straight to the point:
            – Jared: Luckily, I don’t think there will ever be a day Supernatural goes on without Misha Collins.

      • Dave says:

        Sorry, but Supernatural’s monster of the week episodes are by far the worst in these latter seasons. They are totally out of ideas in that department and we have just seen lame retreads of earlier episodes. The story arcs are the only thing going for the show now.
        I know for some dolts they cant think beyond one self contained episode at a time, but there are many bright SN fans that can piece together a story that can run an entire season.

      • San says:

        Agreed. This show is supposed to be about the Winchesters, not some angels that no longer contribute anything to the storyline. SPN was at it’s best in the early years, focusing on the Winchesters, their story arc and mixed with MOTW. The angels and demons aren’t interesting in the least, they don’t move the story along and they have truly boring personalities. They just no longer mean anything. They were introduced to show what Sam and Dean’s purpose was, not to focus on them. Anytime the show focuses on the brothers with a good baddie, the show works. When it focuses on the boring angels and demons, it just flounders and isn’t SPN.

    • Phoenix5634 says:

      Agree, if Cindy gets her wish it would ruin Supernatural. To kill off Castiel and all the “boring” angels would literally destroy the show. I’m really getting sick of shows bending to stupid fandom ideas once the show gets popular.. You see it a lot, shows start out awesome for years sometimes, and then they get lost in the “shipping” or sensitivities of their new fandom base, who hear about this new great show and start watching, and then try to change it. They never think of the councequences to the actual story their idea poses. The worst is when new fans are to stupid to follow the story and start complaining, or only caring about shipping.

  5. Mel says:

    So excited you posted my wish, thank you! And Happy Holidays to everyone at TV Line.

    • Darlene says:

      Thank you for posting your wish. I totally agree. I’d love to see Tony advance at work and in his love life in 2016.

      • Shannon says:

        I agree with this too. Tony has so much potential, he should stop being the punchline to every joke and stand on his own.

        • Erin says:

          I agree with Mel about Tony too. He has been back burnered for far too many seasons and NCIS has become somewhat dull and predictable as a result. How many “Get Gibbs” plots can we be expected endure already? They either need to give DiNozzo something real and interesting to do or write him off the show so that Michael Weatherly’s talent can have an opportunity to shine somewhere where writers and producers won’t waste his potential.

  6. morgan says:

    woo klaroline…. and i kinda agree with all of those wishes except the cami the prison groupie one she can stay dead…. and bonnie deserve better than damon!

    • Tina says:

      Totally agree!! Klaroline forever! Cami is the most boring character if they want to make it interesting she should totally stay dead.

    • Mak says:

      Yes to Cami & no to Klaroline…just no to Caroline in general…TVD has failed to make her character into a lead female, Stefan & Klaus both deserve better …she’s just so annoying & controlling and just so unlikable.

      • Erika says:

        Caroline’s character has suffered, that’s 100% true, but it’s only suffered since the writers decided to make her a prop in Stefan’s story. They made her dependent on his opinion and thoughts of her, give her back her independence and she would kick ass. No more “Stefan doesn’t like me” Caroline more “if you want something done right, you have to do it yourself” Caroline.

        Also, Klaus made her feel like a strong beautiful woman, Stefan brings out the sad insecure S1 Caroline.

        • Mak says:

          “Also, Klaus made her feel like a strong beautiful woman, Stefan brings out the sad insecure S1 Caroline.”
          I agree with this…the only time Caroline has been likable is when she was a love interest for Klaus…she held her own and we saw quite abit of character development on her part then with Steroline she regressed back to S1 Caroline which is just a no no.

  7. clara54 says:

    A little more attraction & avoidance between Crane and Abby will draw more viewers and possibly keep Sleepy Hollow in the running . .Come now writers, time to sex it up!

  8. Marco says:

    Thank you for posting my wish!

  9. spindae2 says:

    I wish TVLine would add disqus as their comment section.

    I don’t want Bamon to happen, as Benzo is hotter than initially thought off.
    Sheriff to appear on OUAT would be tremendous, but sadly ain’t happening.

  10. xomar says:

    All I want of S3 of The 100 is for Clarke and Bellamy to be co-leaders again. They’re fine on their own but even better when working together.

    • Jen says:

      So agree with this. It doesn’t have to be a romantic relationship just let them work together!

    • Charissa29 says:

      How about half the season of Clarke kicking a** with Lexa and half with Bellamy!

    • Agreed. Romantic or not, I want to see them working together again – and by see, I mean see, both of them in scenes at the same time. I actually love Lexa, but last year Bellamy and Clarke spent so little time on screen together and their dynamic is one of my favorites on the show. I especially need some follow-up to how they’re dealing with their decision in Mt. Weather in the finale. So by all means, keep Lexa, but give me a little more co-leader Bellamy/Clarke, please.

  11. cej says:

    I’d add for Once to stop the good/bad flip flopping of Gold/Rumple. Enough is enough!

    Please, I hope Supernatural doesn’t kill off Cass. I agree he needs a better storyline but I LOVE him!

    • Phoenix5634 says:

      I really hope they don’t kill off Cas! He’s a great actor and character for the show. I love the show and that would totally suck if he died.

  12. niloofar22 says:

    100 % on Sheriff Graham in the underworld, that would be perfect. I don’t care about Olitz anymore and i think lot of people do too. If i never see another lip tremble from Olivia or another furrowed brow from Fitz it would be too soon.

    • Mak says:

      I agree about Olitz…Olitz has made everyone esp the gladiators back-benchers.

      • Lee says:

        B613 made everyone a backbencher. Olitz was the overarcing storyline of season 1 and it worked. The plot derailed in 2B with the arrival of Jake and B613, and THAT’S when OPA began to take a back seat. That said, Olitz at this point has been overwritten to the point where it’s unrecognisable so the best thing would probably be to bury the relationship and move on.
        It’s gonna hurt the ratings but at this point the ratings loss may be inevitable.

        • spicypink says:

          The show was derailed by talentless writers and an even more talentless showrunner. It has gone too far off course with the stupid superspies, B613, murdering parents, the on and off Olitz , Stupid Mellie plotlines and inconsistent writing, This show had it all. Other shows tried to emulate, but now its ruined. Time to call it quits because THE FANDOM HAS EXITED. GLADIATORS ARE GONE.

    • Carol says:

      Actually, Scandal needs to end the B613, Jake and Rowan story line which sucks all the life from the show and leaves no time to focus on OPA team members.

      I want to see more of Marcus, Huck, Quinn, Abby, Fitz and Cyrus and less of Mellie (repetitive rantings) and no more Jake and Rowan.

      The show needs a balance of OPA cases and Olivia dealing with her professional and personal life like season 1 and early season 2.

      • Mak says:

        No! enough of Olivia’s hot mess of a rship. Olivia is Scandal…and Olivia has become a shell of herself just like the show because of her relationship with Fitz… So what was the point of the first half of the season if it all imploded like it did at the end… and none of it made any sense. What Olivia said & portrayed during the season did not in any way align to what she then did & said to Fitz is their final confrontation. This hot mess has nothing to do with any other character on the show but the two leads..the showrunners need to fix that first before anything else

    • Aly Lady says:

      Scandal went to the dogs with the introduction of Jake, Papa Pope and B613. The show was doing great balancing Olivia’s ups and downs with the President but still mainly focusing on her cases and the Gladiators. B613 and the love triangle with Jake ruined the show and turned it into a soap opera.

      • Mak says:

        Olitz shippers you really need to face reality that the show cannot be killed by supporting arcs…Liv chose Fitz but this season is still a mess…are you going to blame that too on Jake & B613????
        Fitz and Olivia ‘s will they won’t they mess is whats killing the show! If Olitz becomes a non-issue (either they get back together for good OR break up for good) & Liv gets back to gladiat-ing the show will be back on track.

        • niloofar22 says:

          exactly, Jake is not keeping hem apart, why do they suck so much?

        • spicypink says:

          No..supporting arcs won’t kill the show but the show can be killed off when the 3 million gladiators that used to tweet weekly continue to tune out. Now that Olitz is over just watch the ratings plummet. I see another Private Practice scenario coming on. Scandal ends after season 6 just like Private Practice. HTGAWM will end after season 4.

  13. I honestly don’t understand people wishing for a show to end simply because they have lost interest in it, or heaven forbid, it doesn’t measure up to *their* standards any longer. There’s this thing called a remote control — use it to change the channel, and leave the show to those who do still enjoy it. I just don’t get ‘wishing’ people out of a job in a business as fickle and fleeting as television.

    • Darlene says:

      So true! If it’s no longer the show they enjoyed, it should be easy to just let it go. As long as those involved with the show are enjoying the creative process, what’s the problem?

    • Shannon says:

      Take PLL for example. It’s past its expiration date–how long and by how many people can 6 girls be stalked, threatened, and tortured? It’s not bad to wish the actors and actresses, all of whom are tremendously talented, move onto bigger and better things. So let season 7 be the end. Give the viewers the dignified last season they deserve.

      • Darlene says:

        ‘Past its expiration date is your opinion. And maybe the actors are not looking to move on just yet. If the show has enough demo friendly viewers still watching, it should keep going.

  14. watchqueen86 says:

    Cami is awesome on the originals ….the more the better

  15. Lillie says:

    Yes! They need to bring Graham back! If Fifty Shades of Grey is the only thing keeping him from coming back then they need to cancel the sequels because Graham and Neal were my favorite parts of the show. Also YES to letting FitzSimmons. Finally. NOT be separated right before they take a step forward. Couple FitzSimmons would be adorable!

  16. Darlene says:

    I totally agree with Mel. I would love for NCIS to do something bold with regards to Tony. Give him his own team or a significant ongoing assignment worthy of his abilities. And, for heaven’s sake, either forget about Tony’s love life altogether or resolve it! The show has been doing the Tony wanting both family and job for far too long. Time to do it. Gibbs is stuck in the past. Time to show us how Tony finally is able to get unstuck and maybe show Gibbs the way forward.

    • Ting says:

      I agree, I certainly hope Tony is moving foward to a new position or leaving Gibbs team altogether and not only Tony ,I think Mcgee should too. They both are stuck in their places for too long,the show should not keep on circle around Gibbs really .Should talk less about Gibbs and his past anf focus on new things,

      • sadtonyfan says:

        I would love to see Tony move forward too. I miss the days when he was written as a really important member of the team. Now they constantly focus on the personal agony of Gibbs. McGee and Bishop seem to be the agents Gibbs depends on and likes at this point while Tony is written to stand around serving up no actual purpose except as a prop to someone else’s story or humiliating himself for the episodes attempt at humor. I used to look forward to NCIS with eager anticipation, but as a Tony fan, I no longer do. It seems to always be every other characters turn to shine and get the dramatic focus.

  17. Mick says:

    Whoever said they want Wildfire back thank you and I agree.

  18. percysowner says:

    Although I’m not a Cas fan, I’d settle for them actually finding a story for him that 1) fits the show organically and 2) stops him being unintelligent in the name of “comic relief”. Every other angel who fell to earth understood colloquialisms and how the world works, include Gadreel who had been in angel prison since the beginning of time.

    Totally agree on the Librarians. I love Stone and Cassandra and hope they get an examination of their characters the way we did with Ezekiel Jones.

  19. ninergrl6 says:

    Cindy’s wish for Supernatural may not be popular but I agree 100%. Way to go Cindy! I’m glad I’m not alone in that wish.

    I also wish for OUAT to show some meaningful, character-driven confrontations in the Underworld, after which Hook will be saved and he & Emma can live happily ever after in Storybrooke and never travel to another realm or lose their memories ever again.

    • Cheryl Wiehr says:

      Cindy’s wish for Supernatural is very popular. Many fans feel Castiel should have been gone seasons ago

      • Phoenix5634 says:

        Castiel shouldn’t be killed off tho, they should just find a storyline that’s seperate from the brothers but still lightly connected. Like the way Angels were introduced originally. Cas is a great character and they shouldn’t just kill him off.

  20. ninamags says:

    The entire angel storyline does need to go away on Supernatural. They are ALL useless and serve no real purpose. Especially when they cut away from the main storyline and break up all the continuity and flow of the Sam and Dean storyline.

  21. Kaitlyn says:

    OMG THANK YOU FOR POSTING MY KLAROLINE WISH!!! I’m so excited to see what the 2016 season brings for us :)

  22. Terry Crowe says:

    I’m not sure who came up with the concept of splitting up a tv series into four or five episodes.Then replace it with another series for four or five episodes, then bring back the previous series for another four or five more episodes.
    But as part of the viewing public, I’m done with it. I’ll just tape the shows I want to watch so I can watch an entire season without having to wait for year to view a show that has only twelve to fourteen episodes. Also I can edit out the twenty minutes of commercials in a sixty minute show.

  23. Lou says:

    Thanks so much for including Klaroline, we’re full of hope for them in 2016 <3

  24. kmw says:

    My wishes is for Bones. One to return before summer time. Two to continue with more of Booth and Brennan together, so far they have done a pretty good job of getting them on screen more, and three that they handle Hodgins story carefully and with respect. The first half of this season has been really good and I hope it continues( also like some other shows that were mentioned, if Bones is going to end let us know and give everyone good closure) Happy Holidays to everyone.

  25. Emily says:

    Cindy is an idiot and killing Cas would be detrimental to the show. They already tried that honey and that’s why they were almost cancelled in season 7. I can’t believe you chose to post the most idiotic comment about Supernatural you could find. It is in no way constructive. You just allowed her to spread her hate, so congratulations to you. This makes your site look foolish. I know for a fact there were many more positive or important things sent to you that could’ve been published.

    • ninamags says:

      Cindy has a right to her opinion. The fact that TVLine chose to include it in their list proves that many, many more people wish for this as well. She isn’t the only one.

      So you know personally what was sent to the site in regard to comments? You work there?

      Oh, and, by the way, Cass was not missed or NEEDED in this fall finale. The show was great without him. You, or some Cass loons always mention season 7. It’s pretty well know that season 7 was less than mediocre. Stop going there. NO ONE knows if the show would have been cancelled or not.

      • Emily says:

        I’m sorry but your sadly mistaken. She does have a right to her opinion but tvline didn’t need to post hate. This is just some brocest fan going off and they used her as clickbait. Many friends I talked to wrote in constructive criticism, including the need for an end of misogyny and racism. Instead that posted a wish that bashes a huge fan favorite.

        The show was almost canceled in season 7 and Cas was definitely missed in the mid-season finale. Go look at the reviews hon, it made absolutely no sense for him to be missing. Besides that, it was an awful episode.

        • Chris says:

          Couldn’t agree with you more, Emily. I know a lot of people who wrote very nice, constructive wishes and instead they chose to post inflammatory hate that doesn’t speak for the majority. And I agree, the midseason finale was pretty awful and it made no sense for Cas to be missing.

          • Emily says:

            Thanks Chris! It’s that they needed to cause drama especially on Christmas. I guess you have to get site clicks one way or another.

    • viv says:

      So not liking a fictional character is hate but calling real people idiots is ok? Check your priorities it’s just tv. Some people love cas and some are fed up with him so what. And it’s SPN, they probably kill him off before the show ends anyways..

    • Emily says:

      I shouldn’t have called Cindy an idiot an I apologize for that but I won’t stand for people calling for Misha to basically get fired. This man is kind, loving and generous. He doesn’t deserve the crap he gets from bros only fans

      • Misha may be a kind, loving, and generous. But that doesn’t necessarily mean Castiel should stay on the show. I thoroughly enjoyed when the angels first came on the scene. The Michael/Lucifer storyline? Excellent, and I’m glad they’ve brought it back (although I’m curious what happened to Michael). But I think the point Cindy was making is that it feels like the angel storyline has overstayed its welcome. If they can find a way to keep Castiel but wrap up the angel/heaven story, and have it make sense within the context of the show, totally fine! But I’m finished with the rest of the angels.

      • Joe says:

        I’m sorry but the show isn’t obligated to keep Misha Collins in a job solely based on his philanthropic activities outside of it. There are plenty of other actors out there who are kind, loving and generous who are currently out there looking for work because their characters needed to be killed or written off their respective shows to advance the plot. I could maybe understand people being upset by Cindy’s wish a few seasons ago, but as Castiel stands now? Frankly, he isn’t adding anything to the overall plot and it’s painfully obvious that the writers aren’t even trying with him anymore. If you truly cared about Castiel as a character you would realize this.

  26. Arthur says:

    Sorry, Cindy – you DEFINITELY don’t speak for me or any fan I know. I love Castiel, he’s one of my favorite characters on the show. Like Jared himself said, “I don’t think there will ever be a day when SPN without Misha Collins.”

  27. Mitch says:

    I can’t imagine the show without Castiel – nor would I want to. He’s a huge part of why I love the show and it would lose a lot of the magic for me if Cindy’s asinine wish were to come true.

    Luckily, Cas isn’t going anywhere. Now I suggest everyone follow Misha’s lead and go do some good for others today instead of being jerks online.

  28. Lia says:

    Cindy definitely doesn’t speak for me – Castiel is awesome! There’s no room for hate in the SPN family, lady. Nice try.

    • Shaun says:

      That is the problem,fans are placid as sheep and can’t take any criticism.Truth is Supernatural is on the decline.

      • Lia says:

        I’m not placid, I care very much about the show and I’d love to see the writers do something truly amazing. And the reason I watch the show is Dean, Sam, *and* Cas. Without those three, I don’t think I’d love the show anymore.

      • Joe says:

        Amen, brother. This is what happens when shows put catering to fangirls above telling a decent story. These fans are so invested in worshiping the actors that they can’t be objective enough to admit that one of the main reasons the show sucks now is because they continue to employ “fan favorites” who bring nothing to the story anymore. I mean seriously, go watch season 4, 5 or even 6 for that matter and try to imagine that Castiel sitting around watching Jerry Springer reruns for days at a time. Because that’s what the character has been reduced to now. It’s so undignified. And the fact that there are actually people who are satisfied with that so long as Misha Collins is still on the show is just mind numbing. Fandoms, man. Talk about letting the sheep mind the herd.

        • Cheryl Wiehr says:

          Castiel made this wish list not because of one viewpoint but because many fans wrote in saying his death is what they wanted to see. I have wanted Castiel to exit this show for many seasons because he no longer fit, and because being shoe horned in each season with an Angel mythology needed to accommodate him was hurting the show, and keeping the boys journey stagnant. This is the story of Sam and Dean after all. Fighting evil and saving people The boys against the world!. But I don’t think Castiel has to die to be written out

          • Aidan says:

            I 100% agree with everything you just said. I loved season 4-5 Cas and the other badass angels, but feel that they have worn out their welcome. And yes, he doesn’t have to be killed off to be written out. If not, then at least make him useful and fit the story organically instead of being inserted in stories just to placate his fans. Also, having grown tired of a character does not equal hate.

  29. Phil says:

    My wish is for shows in general to be less dependent on romance and shipping. Too many shows milk their couples way too much, and that, in my opinion, hurts these shows. Have characters be their own characters, instead of half of a portmanteau ship name. Let shows have plots whose cornerstones are not the struggles a couple has to overcome to be together. Romance and shipping should come second to plot and character development, not the other way around. Stop pandering to the lowest common denominators that are shippers.

    • ninamags says:

      I agree 100% with your comment, Phil. Enough of pandering to the “romantic” pairings on a show. I don’t watch Arrow or Flash for the romance aspects. If it’s there in the background, fine. If it’s not, oh, well.

      Not every man and woman on a show needs to get together.

    • Mak says:


    • kmw says:

      Wishing for two people on a television show doesn’t mean that those viewers are the lowest common denominators. If all the shows that have couples that have rooting value were really pandering to those viewers than some of these shows( Arrow, Castle or Bones or anyone else) they would have gotten those couples together right away and not have to wait forever to see it. You are right that not everyone has to get together but there is nothing wrong with romance on television or rooting for couples to get together. As a Bones fan I was just as offended that Booth and Brennan’s partnership took a backseat as any perceived lack of romance since their wedding If a show is written right it doesn’t matter if two people are together because they will still have the character traits that attracted fans to their show or shows in the first place. You can have both plots and romance at the same time without going overboard.

      • Phil says:

        You’ll notice that I said “less dependent on romance and shipping”, not “cut all romance plots asap”. I do think there is place for them, what I’m criticizing is the disproportionate amount of focus some shows give to their pairings and pairing related plots, it’s heavy-handed, contrived, and not organic at all. Pandering to the shippers doesn’t mean the pair will get together right away, it means that the characters’ relationship, be it courtship or proper relationship, is what is given primary focus. Castle’s basic premise is a courtship and now relationship, but they’ve mostly been able to develop that along with other plots, instead of in their detriment. The shippers I’m calling out here are the ones who, for example, are more concerned about Felicity’s situation and how the secret of Oliver’s son might impact their relationship, and couldn’t care less about the thread that is Damien Darhk.

        • Sam says:

          This a thousand times. Arrow is no longer a superhero show. It is a romantic soap opera with some bad fighting on the side. Also I get it the comics are soap operas, but not to this extent. Felicity and Oliver together is ruining the show. I want her to die. These solves most of the problems. Also Oliver does not have to be with anyone. He can help raise his son.

          • Ashley says:

            There’s romance on The Flash and Arrow. It’s still a subplot, not the central plot. If you honestly think the writers of those shows aren’t going to pair their heroes with anyone, you’re sorely mistaken. If it wasn’t Patty, Iris and Felicity, it would be someone else. It’s not going to go away and romance is an important aspect of a lot of comics and these shows. Everyone who watches is a viewer, it doesn’t matter why they watch as long as they do.

      • Phil says:

        You’ll notice I said “less dependent on romance and shipping”, not “no romance plots ever again”. I do think that there is place for those, what I’m criticizing is the disproportionate amount of focus some shows give to their pairings. I don’t think pandering to the shippers means the characters get together right away, I think it means primarily giving focus to the characters’ relationship, be it courtship or actual proper relationship, in detriment of other characters and plots. Castle’s basic premise is the relationship between Castle and Beckett, but they’ve always developed that alongside everything else. The type of shipper I’m calling out here are the ones who, for example, are concerned first and foremost about how Felicity’s condition and the secret of Oliver’s son might impact her relationship with Oliver, and couldn’t care less about the threat that is Damien Darhk.

        • Ashley says:

          I also completely agree with the comment about the Oliver/Felicity wedding. I think it could be a great opportunity to bring a lot of the heroes from the DCTV universe together and maybe have a villain cause some big drama. It would probably be a lot of fun. I love how they’ve handled the Oliver/Felicity relationship, very much a subplot as it should be, but they give it focus when its needed and its really a mature and well handled relationship. I can’t wait to see what Oliver’ next move against Damien is, and what is up with Damien’s family? I know Felicity will be okay.

        • anna says:

          Totally agree with you Phil

        • kmw says:

          I guess I didn’t realize how much the relationship on Arrow was taking over the basic premise. Is it the show runners listening to rabid fans or are they listening to the network execs? Whatever the answer not one of any of these show runners can please all the people all the time and hopefully Arrow’s show runners will try to balance their show better for all of their fans not just one set

    • Darlene says:

      Amen ten times over, Phil!

  30. Seriously WTF NO says:

    Sorry, but the major death of Castiel is NOT something I want to see. Ever. Go back to your dusty, hateful corner of the fandom and stop speaking for me, Cindy.

  31. Joe says:

    I know for a fact that a ton of lovely, nice, positive wishes were left for Supernatural – so of course you pick the rude one that does NOT reflect how most of us feel. Cas is an amazing character and I hope he’s around until the very end. He’s family.

    • Shaun says:

      He is,but he’s useless.His best before date has passed.

      • Joe says:

        I disagree. He still intrigues me, and there is a LOT they can do with him – hell, my friends have come up with a good five different plot lines the show should do that involves everyone. It’s really not hard to be creative – and like I said, he’s not going anywhere. Padalecki even said he didn’t think SPN would ever go on without Misha, and I agree w/him.

  32. Pete says:

    People really think they will kill off Cas near the end of the series?Not going to happen.

  33. Monica says:

    I wouldn’t watch Supernatural without Cas and probably also Crowley, my wish was that he’s treated better by the writers, in fact that every supporting character on Supernatural is treated better because they’re what makes a good show special. I miss Kevin and Charlie too. Killing off all characters besides Dean and Sam is the weak link of the show, ratings seemed far better when they had more of an ensemble during the last years. It’s sad you chose the hateful wish.

    • Elle says:

      Yep, they chose a hateful minority wish for clickbait, but luckily TPTB and most fans know how beloved Cas is. Shows have to evolve and grow to stay fresh, and you can’t have a show with only two characters – seasons 1-3 is proof positive of that, because it got REALLY redundant. Season 4 was a breath of fresh air, and like Kripke said, they really struck lightning with Misha – he’s been a wonderful addition to the cast and I love Cas just as much as the brothers now. Give me an ensemble any day, but most of all, keep the Team Free Will dynamic, that’s when the show is at its best.

      • Monica says:

        Yes, I also wish for more Team Free Will working together. There’s not enough of it right now and I wonder why they decided to cut their best dynamic short.

        • percysowner says:

          They cut it short because Jared and Jensen both wanted lighter schedules. That meant that they needed other characters to carry storylines outside of Team Free Will. It might have worked to have Cas as a third member of TFW, but a certain contingent of fandom wants Cas to interact with Dean and Dean alone. They may accept that Cas can be part of TFW as long as Sam moves to the background and keeps utterly silent. That might give Jared time off, but doesn’t benefit Jensen. Most Cas fans don’t feel this way, but there is an obnoxious minority that are quite vocal about it. In the end that pushed the writers to simply keep Cas in his own separate storylines.

          • Cas and TFW fan wants Sam to disappear, this is one of those wide spread fandom lies We love Sam, we want more Sam. Sam and Cas are great together too. Dean and Cas are best friends so yeah I want to see it more. I want all possible pairings of these three and especially TFW working together. SPN allergy to ensemble is it’s biggest flaw.

          • Percysowner says:

            First I said a contingent of the CAS fans, not the TFW fans want Sam to be silent and out of the story. I’m certain you and the fans you know don’t want Sam to be pushed to the background, but to pretend that there isn’t a loud, group that does is ignoring reality. The sad part is that this particular group has been vocal enough and nasty enough that the Cas has now been relegated to his own stories. As I said, this is mostly to give the Js time off, so both Cas and Crowley get storylines away from the brothers.

          • Do some fans hate Sam. Of course. Are some of them Dean/Cas fans, probably.

            .But since I am Destiel fan, as I am someone who is friends with many Destiel fans and yes we all want a LOT of Dean/Cas interaction. Yet, I rarely see any Sam hate. I come across something once in a blue moon. IN fact I’ve had many conversations about Sam and what we wish for him as character.

      • ninamags says:

        You are truly certifiable if you don’t think seasons 1-3 of this show were some of, if not the BEST years of the show.

    • This. Supernatural needs to realize they can’t just keep killing off Sam and Dean’s chosen family and allies.

  34. Gerry says:

    No, Cindy. That’s never going to happen, thank Chuck – Castiel is a great character and he’s going to be around till the bitter end. And sidebar, but it’s really kind of cr@ppy of you to wish for someone to lose their job for Christmas – keep in mind, karma always comes back.

    Meanwhile, Misha and his family “adopted” four families for Christmas and bought gifts for eight children. That’s a much better thing to do for the holidays.

  35. TFW for life says:

    Move along, Cindy, Castiel is great. My wish for 2016 is for certain bitter people in the fandom to find a new hobby and stop being awful.

    • Mak says:

      She has a right to her opinion, and if she feels this way it means that more people will too…goodness SPN fandom is full of bullies…I don’t watch the show but I really feel sorry for this Cindy.

      • ninamags says:

        Pretty much, Mak. The a$$tiel shippers are the bullies here, though. Goodness knows these are just ideas people have about a character on a show, no need to attack the person in such a hateful way.

        They were really quick to bring up the “actor” playing that role. Nobody else is even mentioning other actors. They think MC is such a super special snowflake that doesn’t deserve to be out of a job. I wonder if they know how many (much more) talented actors are out of work.

      • Angela says:

        I don’t watch the show but I really feel sorry for this Cindy.
        Ditto. Fine for others here to disagree with her opinion about the character, but there’s really no need for the name calling and insults.

  36. Daisy says:

    Dear Cindy, Cas IS one of the boys now. He’s family. The other angels can stay or go, but Cas needs to stay. He means so much to so many of us, and I want to see where his story is going. He’s a very beloved character and your opinion does not reflect anyone I know, whether they are casual viewers or major fans of the show.

  37. Mika says:

    Cindy is the grinch.

  38. Angie says:

    Klaroline yesss!We waited too long!We need our babies back!

  39. Laura says:

    Cindy has a point. I agree and disagree. I don’t think Castiel should be killed off. But he should get a better storyline. I’d like him more as a side character than a main character. With his own good story, but just as a side character. I want him, just not as focused as our Winchester Boys. Sometimes it really felt Cas/the Angels were the main focus, which felt wrong because this show is about the Winchesters. Don’t get me wrong, I love Cas, but not when he’s in the main focus (or has more focus than the brothers) :)

    • Mel says:

      At least you’re being a kind person who isn’t calling for death and for Misha to lose his job. Cas’s story doesn’t have to be an a “angel” story. I prefer it when he’s working with the guys and helping them – but the show had never been just about the bros for me, because the side characters are all so wonderful too. Dean and Sam may be the leads, but it takes more than two people to make a story. I definitely can’t imagine the show without Cas, and I love that Jared said he didn’t think SPN would ever go on without him.

    • Monica says:

      Hm, I don’t think any Cas fan ever felt that he got main focus (If a character is in more or less 10 eps per season and half of that it’s supporting Sam and Dean, how would that be possible?). They just shoved him off again for three episodes recently every “Only the brothers should matter” Fan can enjoy (and they can do that, nobody minds). It just comes across as “bitchy” when certain fans already get everything and then still have to campaign (in often hateful ways) for more even though it’s obvious there’s another very big part of the fandom who ironically gets much less but seems more supportive of the show and is also part of the shows success.

  40. Leah says:

    Thank you so much for including Klaroline, after two years we still want to see them. #HoweverLongItTakes

  41. Mel says:

    187% disagree with Cindy – Castiel is an awesome character and he’ll be around until the end. The show is best imho when Dean, Sam, and Cas team up – that’s why I watch!

    Instead of posting negative junk like this, instead be like the SPN Cas and go do some acts of kindness for x-mas. Misha and his wife sponsored homeless/needy families for the holiday, and Cindy apparently wants him to lose his job. That’s real kind of you, Cindy. O_o I’m so glad most people in the SPN Family disagree with you – the majority of people I’ve met in my years supporting the show are kind, awesome people who love ALL the characters. You could learn a lot from them.

    • Rachel says:

      Agree with you Mel. Cindy is, for sure, just another hater, I don’t think she is able to understand it, seems too much complex for her slow mind

      • Mak says:

        You SPN people are pathetic bullies! You should be ashamed of yourselves personally attacking a person for their personal opinion! Grow up will you…I don’t even watch the damn show but this comment section has just proved that the SPN family is just awful.

  42. Michele says:

    Cindi doesn’t speak for all of us fans of Supernatural … hoping to NOT see Castiel die but fighting alongside Sam and Dean to fight Amara. I am a bit done with the Heaven SL but there’s always room for the third man!

  43. Wow. I gotta disagree vehemently with that Supernatural wish…. While I agree that other angels are rather annoying. Castiel is in a category by himself, to me and I know many others he is just as vital as Sam and Dean. Supernatural has a habit of killing off ALL Sam and Dean’s allies. ese men, these heroes deserved friends and chosen Family and Castiel is this. Show wouldn’t be SPN for me without Castiel.

  44. Pat says:

    Castiel’s death is the LAST thing I would ever want in the show – he’s one of my favorite characters and I definitely want to see him on the show for the long haul. His story doesn’t have to be an angel story, either – I prefer it when he’s working with the boys instead. I mean, he lives at the bunker now after all, and he’s not really an angel anymore. They’re not his family, the Winchesters are. I’m team Cas, through and through!

  45. Jen says:

    Thank you lord to whoever wished the fitzsimmons thing. give them peace for just a little bit. Although I have enjoyed seeing both those actors stretch their legs in the acting department. They are both phenomenal.

  46. Angela says:

    I very much second Louise’s wish to see Jon Stewart make more appearances on Stephen Colbert’s show :D. Those two and their friendship never fail to make me smile.

  47. JC says:

    I want Person Of Interest back as well. :( I don’t understand why CBS is doing this. Even if they don’t own it. It deserves better.

    ITA with the person about The 100 and Clexa.

    • Joe says:

      Yeah man, what CBS is doing to POI is just dirty. Part of me wishes that they get picked up by another network that will actually appreciate it. Crap like Scorpion has a slot in their lineup but not POI? SMH

  48. Frankie says:

    Totally disagree with Cindy – Castiel is wonderful! Love him.

  49. Kelly says:

    Yes Bamon need to happen in 2016. Season 6, while they were stuck in 1994 would’ve been a great way for the writers to give us romantic Bamon. What a missed opportunity.

    • Brit says:

      I think so too. s6 prison world for Bamon was a great opportunity missed. I think the writers should’ve given us more episodes/scenes with Bamon in 1994 before Kai showing up and subsequently Damon leaving. Should’ve had Bamon gone more than 4mos in 1994.

  50. Laurie says:

    I don’t know about killing off Castiel, but the character has been boring and confusing since season 7, and something needs to be done about that. Of course, fans of Misha Collins probably think he’s the best part. But as a fan of just the show and good story-telling, I’m baffled how anyone is entertained by Castiel making bad decisions, and scenes where other angels torture him – that’s been his story in seasons 8,9,10 and now 11. If they keep him, then use him only when the character fits in the main Sam & Dean story, even if that means rarely. Better than boredom.

    • Ernie says:

      They brought Castiel back because the show was nearly cancelled in season 7. He’s had great storylines since then, and he’s a very beloved character – even by people I know who aren’t involved in the fandom. I do want his story better integrated with the boys, because that’s when I think its strongest (with those three as a team) but I definitely don’t want him gone. Misha is a great actor and brings so much to he show for me and many, many others. I’ve never found anything with the character boring – the whole ensemble is fantastic. Can’t picture the show without any of the four main guys, and luckily, don’t think I’ll ever have to.

      • Laurie says:

        The show was never in danger of being cancelled in season 7. (not since season 5) The ratings were relatively good, considering it was moved to Friday night, which usually kills off shows. In fact, it did well enough in season 7 that they moved it back to Tuesday. Castiel was never off the show – that’s a bizarre myth. In season 7 they didn’t use him after the 2nd episode, until they brought him back in episode 17 (out of 23). Misha Collins fans were unhappy with that of course, but he was never fired, and Castiel was always still on the show.

        The problem is his story is so NA to the main story. If he isn’t in the main story, then write him in (even if they use him less), or let him go, or give him a spin-off. The way it is now is odd and distracting.