Which 'Good' TV Characters Deserve Coal in Their Stocking This Christmas?

With a glance at the calendar, you know the drill: Because Santa famously procrastinates (just ask his missus about the loose finial he has yet to fix), only now is the big guy making his Christmas delivery list and checking it twice.

And while he typically has an easy time noting which TV characters go on his “Nice” list, fact is even the best of ’em are prone to the occasional lapse in judgement.

This is where you come in. With the clock ticking down until Rudolph & Co. guide Mr. Kringle into the night sky, drop him a quick note on Comments with an alert as to which presumably “good” TV characters have done a bad (or very bad) thing in 2015. We’ll get the ball rolling with just a few suggestions….
TV Character Naughty ListWhich other otherwise-upstanding (and fictional) TV characters have a lump of coal with their name on it this year?

Comments are monitored, so don’t go off topic, don’t frakkin’ curse and don’t bore us with how much your coworker’s sister-in-law makes per hour. Talk smart about TV!

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  1. Phil Coulson for viciously murdering a man in cold blood and in turn, becoming no better than Ward. He’s not the hero he proclaims to be and Captain America would be disappointed in him. I miss the old Coulson so much and wish he could come back.

    • John NYC says:

      Ward being killed? TOTALLY called for many times over. Leaving him on the planet was not an option and taking him with them when the portal close was ticking down wasn’t either.

      • Brigid says:

        Agreed! I thought it was justice since he never would have received it on Earth and merciful since he didn’t leave him alive on the other planet.

    • tvjunkie says:

      Seriously? Ward was a mass murderer. He got what he deserved. Dead alien planet = nobody’s jurisdiction = no laws broken.

    • Ray says:

      The difference being that Coulson will feel guilt about what he’s done, whereas Ward never felt a single shred of guilt for anything he’s done. Honestly, I cheered when Ward was killed. Too bad he was brought back as the Avatar of that creature on the blue planet.

    • Op says:

      I don’t think Coulson should be on the list directly for killing Ward but more like for letting his anger at Ward and himself for losing Ros blinded him to everyone else, shoving him into a downward spiral of bad decision after bad decision. He got FS kidnapped SPECIFICALLY because he had to go on this revenge trip, and so Mack had to act as director and couldn’t go with them. So killing Ward is one of the many bad decisions he made seeking revenge, not the only thing that puts him on the ‘naughty list’.

    • Phil says:

      So much dumb Ward hatred everywhere. Ward was a bad guy. He was supposed to do all those terrible things. It’s in line with how the character is written. The fact there was so much bad blood between Ward and everyone else is what made the conflicts between them interesting. Yes, he’s a terrible human being, but as far as being a character goes, he was excellent. We could also always count on Ward fight scenes to have great choreography and stunts.

      • Tom says:

        Nope, Ward hate is justified. Only characters worse than him are Rachel Berry, Andrew Wells, and Jenny Schecter

        • Phil says:

          Nope, still dumb. His actions are supposed to be hateful, they’re supposed to evoke dislike in the viewer. He’s not supposed to be empathetic. I’ll take villain Ward over pre-Hydra reveal Ward any day. People seem to forget how flat and boring before that, being a villain is what saved his character arc. Where they did drop the ball with him was always having his character have some sort of shipping related plot. At least they didn’t try pushing for a redemption arc, that would undermine everything there is to know about him.

  2. Elissa says:

    Grey’s Anatomy’s Amelia. She’s cruel, vile, and insane.

    • I disagree. Meredith’s taking her grief and anger over Derek’s death out on Amelia and it’s completely unfair. And Amelia’s grieving too so it’s a bad combination (both completely overreacted to Penny showing up but I understand why they did).

      • Jenna says:

        Totally disagree.. Amelia has victim mentality & has mentioned more than once she disagrees with the way Merediths grieving, what a stupid thing to have an opinion on.
        Amelia is by far the worst main character Greys has ever had & I cant wait to see the back of her!

      • kath says:

        I disagree too. The person who deserves coal is Meredith, for keeping neurosurgeon Ameila from Derek’s bedside (doubly wrong because 1. she’s his sister and 2. maybe she could have done something to save him, Meredith doesn’t have the expertise to know). Also coal for Meredith for interfering in Amelia’s relationship with Owen and then throwing Amelia out when she really needed her family.

    • Erin B says:

      I didn’t like Amelia on “Private Practice” either. Worthless character. What bothered me the most is that instead of getting Derek’s insight as a top neurosurgeon on the other doctor’s case (Geena Davis, can’t remember the character’s name), she had to be a big girl & do it herself. She’s lucky she only blinded her & didn’t kill her. If you can get a second set of eyes on something that big, you do it & don’t let your pride get in the way.

      • Jenna says:

        Agreed! It actually annoys me her character is a neurosurgeon.. its so not believable given how stupid and non confident she acts.

    • abz says:

      I disagree as well. Amelia is a very flawed character. She has been through so much in her life. From her experiencing her father’s death, her drug addiction, the loss of her baby’s father and then the horrible experience of losing her baby, and now her only brother Derek’s death. Like Meredith, she has been through so much and she is far from perfect. She has not treated Meredith very well regarding Derek and Meredith has treated her horribly at times too. I think Amelia’s behavior toward Meredith stems from the fact that she has been made to feel by Meredith that her grief doesn’t matter. Meredith has constantly acted as if it is only her grief that matters and while Amelia is far from delicate in the manner in which she approaches Meredith, Meredith has been quite cruel as well. Amelia thought she was getting close to Mer and that they were sisters and Mer let her believe so only to so rudely throw it in her face that she wasn’t and that she was just Derek’s sister. They’re acting as if its a competition on who gets to grieve more when its not and they should BOTH try to be there for each other and help each other out through this tough situation.

  3. Joey says:

    I nominate Lucious Lyons simply for existing. I don’t even have enough time to list the numerous crimes and atrocities he has committed against his friends and family. Every episode I’m wringing my hands in the air because of something he does. If ever there were someone more deserving of a lump of coal I’d say him.

  4. LiquidAloha says:

    For Hawaii Five 0 you have to add Rachel, for lying to Danny about Charlie’s real father. Doris for protecting Steve but sending Danny in a colombian prison (I’m sure Steve appreciated the thought). I hope Santa will share their locations with us, cause they are MIA.

  5. Staci says:

    The Mindy Project’s Danny Castellano, because let’s just face it, he’s been a real jerk lately

  6. I love Beckett on Castle, but she should sadly be on this list for what she did to Castle…

  7. Sarah says:

    Ramsay Snow (yeah I went there – SNOW) for… EVERYTHING.

    • Sarah says:

      Oh crap – totally forgot the “otherwise good character” part.
      Uhhh.. then I vote Beckett from Castle. Just stop, girl. STOP.

  8. Nicole says:

    Walking dead’s Nicholas for….well…being Nicholas and being responsible for the deaths of many people!

    • tvjunkie says:

      You don’t seem to understand the list, unless you’re trying to say Nicholas was a basically a good guy that just made a couple bad choices. To me he just seemed like a bad guy.

  9. Christa says:

    Scandal’s Olivia Pope for freeing two murderers to sabotage a relationship she claimed to want and disrupted the entire country and government for. If you didn’t want it Liv, you should have just said ‘No.’

    • Phil says:

      This. The amount of praise I see people everywhere giving Olivia for her every decision is just wrong. Olivia could pull a gun and put a bullet between Abby’s eyes and people would still praise her as standing in the sun or her truth, or whatever melodramatic bs of the occasion.

  10. LADY_in_MD says:

    This is not a character but I think vh1 deserves a big lump of coal for renewing hindsight then taking it back and canceling the show! Shame on you vh1 hindsight was an amazing show with great characters!

    • tvjunkie says:

      I didn’t know VH1 was still around. That channel became irrelevant when they pretty much did away with the music videos.

  11. Bwhit says:

    Fiona from Shameless because she just can’t decide what she wants. She got married on a whim, cheats on him with a guy she just can’t seem to shake and then falls in love with her boss. All of this is going on and the children she is guardian of are a hot mess with one ending up in jail and another possibly pregnant. I love you Fiona but get it together girl!

    • Steven says:

      I second this. Fiona started out so good hearted just wanting what is best for her family, but she’s become this tornado of sh*t that just ruins everyones lives.

    • wrstlgirl says:

      Amen. Girl is a hot mess and it’s become more irritating than it is entertaining.

    • Jamie says:

      Agreed! I used to love Fiona, the mother hen to her siblings, but she has turned into a ridiculously sloppy and irresponsible character. I thought she was going to turn over a new leaf and get it together after toddler Liam ingested her cocaine the season before last, but sadly, she just kept on being a hot mess once he was out of the ICU. Sigh.

  12. Lee says:

    If I was Santa’s elf I’d definitely be packing up a bag of coal for Catherine from Hawaii Five-0. She’s done the same things as Steve’s mother: lying and abandoning him.

    Hopefully Santa can find a little mistletoe to hang over Steve & Lynn this Christmas. Maybe a sprig for Chin & Abby as well as Kono & Adam.

    Gabriel is definitely the Grinch of Hawaii Five-0 this season although I don’t foresee him having a change of heart any time soon. My naughty admission: I wouldn’t want him too. He’s a great villain and things are really heating up now.

  13. Elizabeth says:

    There’s not enough coal in the world to fill a stocking for Mr. Gold on OUAT for constantly lying and deceiving everyone.

    • John NYC says:

      He is a thoroughgoing disappointment. Definitely feel sorry for Belle.

    • tvjunkie says:

      Doesn’t qualify for the list as he was never a good character. Seriously it seems there are a lot of people posting here that either didn’t bother to read the article or didn’t understand the list is only generally good people who did something bad.

      • Elizabeth says:

        His heart was white and pure and he had considered himself a hero before he let Hook die in vein and did whatever he did to Excalibur to become The Dark One again. He also didn’t bother to tell Belle he was The Dark One again before sleeping with her.

  14. LiquidAloha says:

    Oulander Laoghaire. The girl let her jealousy win and almost get Claire killed in a witch trial, but she succeded in killing Geillis (whom helped her…)

    • tvjunkie says:

      You don’t seem to understand the list. Ward doesn’t qualify because he was not a good character that did a bad thing. Rather he was a bad character that naturally did bad things.

      • Tom says:

        Either it didn’t say good when I commented or I skimmed over it. You’re right, Ward is evil, I’d been calling for his head since season 1

  15. Linda says:

    Supernatural’s Lucifer. He’s just so mean. ;)

  16. Jose says:


    He had a pure white heart. He was worthy of excalibur and then turned into the dark one…

  17. Steven says:

    Everyone on How to Get Away With Murder.

  18. Suzanne says:

    Beckett on Castle for destroying her marriage and her own integrity over a case that has nothing to do with her. I don’t care how much she says she loves Castle, it’s what she’s doing that counts. Also, she’s supposed to be the Captain of the entire precinct. She’s not fulfilling that obligation either.

  19. ohwell! says:

    Olivia Pope for just being awful. She had everything but threw it all away and I don’t think even she knows why.

  20. TvLover says:

    Rafeal / Michael from Jane the Virgin

    Jim Gordon from Gotham

    Kate Beckett from Castle

    Annalise from HTGAWM

    Jake from NCIS

  21. Morgan says:

    GH’s Elizabeth for existing.
    Arrow’s Oliver for being a cowardly punk.
    Once Upon A Time’s Emma for being stupid.
    Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D. Andrew for not killing Ward.
    Vampire Diaries…everyone.

  22. theowenh15 says:

    PLL’s Charlotte DiLaurentis for being A

    • Shannon says:

      There are few people more deserving. After all the hell she went through, you would think she would never want to cause pain to another person again.

  23. Ian Jeffries says:

    I don’t know about them being “upstanding TV characters” or even upstanding characters in real life, but my choice would be every member of all the shows and everyone associated in any or all of the productions of the Kardashian shows & their spin-offs

  24. Jane says:

    Rumplestiltskin on Once Upon a Time. No comment necessary.

  25. Stephanie says:

    Jake on NCIS for being a cheating sack of dung. Oliver on Arrow for not telling Felicity about his kid. Andrew on SHIELD for not telling May the truth sooner so she could help him.

  26. Guess22 says:

    Emma, by turning Hook into a dark one,knowing he could never resist the darkness, put her family and friends and everyone in Storybrook in danger

  27. &&&& says:

    Metatron! Oh my god metatron. He locked all the angels out of heaven, betrayed Castiel, killed Dean, and is just always horrible.

  28. Rashad says:

    Jamal (Empire) DEFINITELY deserves coal in his stocking for kissing and hooking up with Skye Summers. And then the next day he wants to act like nothing happened. Shame on you, Jamal.

  29. Pat says:

    Danny Castellano is breaking rom-com fans’ hearts on The Mindy Project. I’m guessing Chris Messina wants out to pursue his film career but couldn’t they have made him less mean? It’s supposed to be a comedy for Pete’s sake.

  30. wrstlgirl says:

    Let’s try this again, not sure what happened to this the first time I posted it but anyways, the new writing staff of Days of Our Lives for burying the best gay story line on daytime television and killing off legacy character Will Horton.

  31. gretchen thad says:

    Kate Beckett for leaving Castle to pursue another case and doing so without any thought or concern about how this would hurt him. Her claim that she left to protect him was less credible as she continued to spend time with him and as it became clear that not pursuing the case would have been the best protection of all.

  32. wrstlgirl says:

    General Hospitals Dante Falconeri for being a cheating man pig with his wife’s cousin Valerie, no comment about her, lol!!!

  33. Tracy says:

    My poor Elizabeth Webber, written into an almost intolerable story in order to be sacrificed at the altar of Saint Jason and his cohorts. Kudos to the actress for making a story I hated with a passion must-see TV. Elizabeth may very well get coal, but the actress deserves a medal (in the form of a Daytime Emmy, if there’s any justice!) for turning what looked like an attempt at character-assassinating writing into a memorable tour de force.

    • wrstlgirl says:

      They keep doing this over and over to the character. Personally I’m so sick of whiny Samantha’s poor poor me I could vomit, hahaha!!!

    • kath says:

      Well said.
      It was no nice when there was no Saint Jason on the show for those few months. then they brought him back, the idolization booted up again and I lost interest in the show.I

  34. Steven says:

    Alicia on The Good Wife for running for State’s Attorney despite not wanting the job thereby ruining her relationship with Cary and Diane. Also for shamelessly flirting with every man she comes in contact with. Finn, Johnny, and now Jason, yet in the end always going back to Peter.

  35. fandomking1 says:

    Phil Coulson from Agents of Shield for killing Ward, thus becoming no better than what he thinks Ward is.

    Felicity Smoak from Arrow for not letting Oliver explain about his son the first time, as well as all the crappy things she’s said and done to Oliver during season three. He’s got severe PTSD sweetheart!

    Quentin Lance from Arrow for letting his personal feelings about his daughter’s death fester until he launched a manhunt against Oliver.

    Snow White and Prince Charming from Once upon a time for what they did to Maleficent and Lily.

    Elijah and Rebekah from The Originals for doing nothing when Hayley tried to take Hope away from Klaus.

    Hayley from The Originals for trying to take her daughter from her daughter’s father.

    Katherine Beckett from Castle for walking out on her husband for no damn reason.

    And that’s my list.

    • kath says:

      If you look at the scene from Arrow, Oliver was never going to tell the truth to Felicity not even the first time. She caught him in the lie the first time and didn’t the second. But both times he was going to lie.

  36. Larc says:

    If Jim Gordon deserves coal, it’s for not killing Theo Galavan sooner. Or letting Penguin finish beating him to death.

  37. @daiellebb says:

    Zelena after killing the wife of Robin Hood and taken his place, she get pregnant of him just to hurt Regina, the soulmate of Robin. It’s horrible and she doesn’t regret of anything

  38. Anny says:

    Stefan Salvatore for lying to Caroline and being so obsessed with revenge to the point where it got him and his brother killed. (Also for that moment when he bailed when Caroline told him she’s pregnant) I love him but he deserves that list this year.

  39. Vanessa says:

    TVD. Stefan Salvatore: He lied about his baby with Valerie for Caroline, right after of cancel their first date. OUCH. Then he’s putting revenge first of everything, something that leaded him and Damon dead and into the Phoenix Stone. NOT a good year for him, I hope he gets better in the other episodes of the season.

  40. Cari says:

    Annalise Keating from HTGAWM for basically everything she’s done.

  41. Kim R says:

    Kate Beckett.

  42. Ang says:

    Of all the thieving, murdering, adultering and psychotic characters on General Hospital you’re going to rake a character over the coals, pun intended, for a lie.

  43. Katie says:

    Jake from NCIS for cheating on Bishop and for the way it came out. For that, he deserves a dozen lumps of coal. Also a lump of coal for Leonard on TBBT reading his wife’s diary, for putting on the orange nightie that he had gotten Penny…can we say “therapy?” and for not moving out of the apartment he shares with Sheldon because he SHOULD be living with his WIFE! A lump of coal for Penny (TBBT, of course-duh!) for not remembering her own husband’s birthday. Seriously! Not counting Jake, these may be minor infractions but still…eww!

  44. Jess says:

    Deeks…NCIS LA

  45. matty says:

    Eli from The Good Wife for spilling a secret after 6 years that can only cause harm for Alicia.

  46. fann says:

    I’d say Jemma Simmons for cheating on her boyfriend, but I’m still unclear if she cheated on Fitz with Will or cheated on Will with Fitz. Also she’s just so darn awesome she probably doesn’t even deserve coal anyway.

  47. prish says:

    I say Krampus will be giving Hanzee Dent of Fargo the biggest lump of coal, ever. He was the faithful musketeer, their guy the Gerhardts could count on, until he decided he couldn’t take “it” anymore whatever “it” was. The dark piece of coal matches his dark soul because he acted with no warning, while keeping everyone in the dark, as to why.

  48. niloofar says:

    Carrie Mathison deserves all the coal in the world not just a lump, my reasons.
    1. she was a terrible friend who didn’t look for the injured Quinn but had time to watch his boyfriend through the window and constantly ask about him.
    2. she didn’t even ask for Astrid for help in finding him.
    3. she forgot about him for 9 days.
    4. she woke him up from his coma, something he would never have done.
    5. Dar Adal was sleeping by his bed while she was begging her boyfriend.

  49. JosiahBartlet4President says:

    Pretty much all the characters on “Empire.”