Year in Review

2015 in Review (Part 2): Best/Worst Couples, Splits, Parents and Kids, Weddings, Scenery-Chewing and More!

The year in television, to put a twist on The Sound of Music‘s “My Favorite Things,” featured “breakups and strip-downs and bold scenery chewing/ weddings and murders and chemistry brewing.”

Which of those things made our list of favorites — and which were so loathsome they made us consider flipping over to the Kardashians? (Oh, fret not, we picked up a book instead!)

TVLine’s Year in Review Part 2 runs down our picks for Best and Worst Parents and Teens, the most ‘shippable couples, the hottest displays of skin and so much more — 64 accolades in all, to be exact.

Check out the gallery below for our picks — or click here for direct access — then hit the comments with your thoughts on the year in television!

Comments are monitored, so don’t go off topic, don’t frakkin’ curse and don’t bore us with how much your coworker’s sister-in-law makes per hour. Talk smart about TV!

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  1. Matt C. says:

    I absolutely adored Chanel Oberlin. Though I may be biased, because I love Emma Roberts, and Chanel was basically Madison Montgomery 2.0.

  2. Ward barely showed up enough (something that still annoys me because it wasn’t fair to Brett) to be considered “annoying” so I disagree with that and instead put forth Coulson, who’s so self-righteous now I can’t even stand it. And Lincoln, who’s so boring I can’t even hate him. And there are so many other annoying characters on other shows I can’t believe Ward even made the list.

    • Mary says:

      That’s because they have nothing for Ward to do any more. His character should have been gone at the end of the first season.

    • Bwhit says:

      I think this covers the whole year if that helps. I still don’t like what the writers turned Ward into partly because Brett Dalton is so darn likable but, it is what it is. Ward is annoying to me because he never takes responsibility for he heinous actions, justifys his murderous behavior because of his past instead of trying to be better and tortured two of the best characters on the show, Fitz and Simmons not once, but twice. I may somewhat agree with you about Lincoln though!

      • Missy says:

        Well, Ward did take responsibility for his actions in 2A. And, to be fair, he was trying to help the SHIELD team while he was in Vault D.

    • John036 says:

      Ward not being around as much makes sense considering he isn’t an Agent of S.H.I.E.L.D.

    • Mak says:

      I’m glad Tessa from Masters of Sex is includes…one of the worst characters of 2015.
      I agree Ward is not annoying..same with Chanel..she’s entertaining

  3. NM says:

    Totally disagree with Amelia as the must frustrating character. Especially with the Grey’s series. I’d sooner call out Jo before I would anyone else on. And before any asks, I actually like every character on Greys.

  4. Ray says:

    Why is Patty Lupone pictured for Best Female Feuding? The character of Evelyn Poole was played by Helen McCrory on Penny Dreadful, not Lupone…unless you meant the best feuding was between Vanessa Ives and Lupone’s “cut wife,” Joan Clayton.

  5. Dano says:

    is “Most Annoying” short hand for “most talked about”? lol

  6. K says:

    So glad Hart of Dixie got the wedding shoutout! Was so great!! Could have done without Zoe’s mom yelling over skype but other than that, that episode was perfect for Zoe and Wade!

  7. Bwhit says:

    Everyone in Graceland should have been fired and I guess they technically did…. RIP :(.

  8. Quinten25 says:

    Definitely disagree on both of the annoying characters. Ward should have had more to do so he wasn’t annoying, just entertaining. And Chanel as well was too entertaining and funny to be actually annoying. I guess she was annoying in the sense that she was meant to be, that’s why I wasn’t bothered by her (if that makes sense) And Killgrave was amazing, but between Daredevil and Jessica Jones, Fisk was definitely the better and more developed bad guy. He’s hands down the best marvel villain, including the films.

  9. Ashbash says:

    All I have to say is Chanel No.5 was way more annoying than Chanel Oberlin. I spent every week hoping for the red devil to kill her

  10. A fan of TV says:

    I agree wholeheartedly with so many of these (esp. Jackson and April as Most Overdue Breakup), except for the Amelia designation as Most Frustrating Character. I adore her, she’s a mess, but I don’t care. I would watch her spiral any day, the only thing I hope for is that she and Meredith find a way to communicate despite their VERY different personalities/coping mechanisms, because I hate that they’ve put each other into a box at this point and merely tolerate each other at the BEST of times.

  11. Lee says:

    I already commented on the “naughty list” article so all I will say here is thanks for calling it like you see it on Catherine’s lying and leaving Steve again on Hawaii Five-0.

  12. Haley1020 says:

    You forgot to mention Patty spivot, Jordan Parrish and shower Harvey for the most annoying characters on tv

    • Josh says:

      Oh please Patty is only annoying to obsessive Westallen shippers

      • evababy says:

        I am not a Westallen shipper. While I acknowledge that Iris and Barry are comic book canon, I actually liked Iris with Eddie better and was sad he died. But I have to admit, I find Patty fairly annoying. I find the writing for her grating.

  13. Gul says:

    I cant believe that after everything they went through last season with Samuel, you actually want Jackson & April to break up.. Thats just cruel..

    • A fan of TV says:

      They’re just incompatible as life partners, that’s all it is. I agree with this; they want different things out of life.

      • Akshata says:

        Is that really true, though? When have either of them disagreed on what they want out of life?.. Cristina/Owen? Sure. But never Jackson/April.. They had conflicting beliefs but they always seemed to come to a compromise in that regard. They just dealt with grief differently but in imo that doesnt make them incompatible. Just need to work on communication. idk. They had a pretty solid foundation and if any Grey’s couple should make it, its them.

        • Jamie says:

          Completely agree – they have never expressed wanting different things out of life. They just had a really rough go of it last season, mainly because of the death of their child (which sadly breaks a lot of couples up in real life). They may not have the same religious beliefs, but they always seemed more compatible in the long run than couples like Cristina/Owen or Callie/Arizona.

        • Gul says:

          Im with you on this. Different beliefs doesnt mean incompatible. Even if they fought abt it, they came to a solution.
          One thing Ive liked abt Jackson and April is that most of their issues were addressed and never swept under the rug (that was a major issue i had with Callie & Arizona). Probably because they had this deep friendship but they have been one of the few couples in greys that dint involve lying or cheating. I really want them to make it.

        • A fan of TV says:

          As I view it, I sort of feel like instead of finding a compromise, they were both tiptoeing around their cultural and family differences and though they may have WANTED to meet in the middle, they were just sort of shelving it until it came up again in more unavoidable fashion. After the death of their son they didn’t even handle it together, really, he closed up and she went to Iraq, then neither made themselves emotionally or physically available for the other when they were each ready to come out of grief on their own schedules. They’re both alphas, but they’re completely opposite alphas, in my opinion, and for my senses it has just never felt like a long term happily ever after was in store for them. So I don’t begrudge the time they’ve spent and wouldn’t doubt that the writers might some day bring them back together, but if that happens I hope it’s after both have grown a little more. I agree that their Breakup this time, though, was overdue.

          • Shru says:

            I disagree. They’re one of the few couples on the show that have the potential to make it. Not just because the actors share amazing chemistry but because of all they’ve been through together. They’re way more compatible than say Cristina/Owen or Callie/Arizona. They have different religious beliefs yes, but as I recall that is not their problem right now.

            Honestly if they don’t make it through, it will be very depressing since it will feel like no couple on the show can have a solid relationship.

    • Anna says:

      I actually found it pretty messed up that they used a still of them finding out that their baby was dying as the picture for this…

    • Ashly says:

      Most Overdue Breakup? Really? That floored me. Sure they’ve hit a few speed bumps (losing Samuel, April’s trips to Jordan) and are going through a rocky bit, but I don’t think that means they need to break up. They’re a pretty stable couple the majority of the time except when Shonda drums up drama for them out of the blue. Besides “Most Overdue Breakup” doesn’t quite fit because it’s pretty obvious that they’re gonna make up in 2016.

      • Akshata says:

        That confused me as well.. Most “overdue” implies that they should have broken up a long time ago.. Umm.. They’ve been married less than 2 seasons.. So WHEN exactly should they have broken up? Right after eloping or when they were in the middle of losing a child? I dont get it. Were they supposed to bail at the first sign of trouble?.. I might be biased because I like them together but even objectively they’re far from “overdue”.. Come on.

    • Karen says:

      I agree, if they do actually break up for good, then I’m done with Grey’s. Most of the other characters (especially Meredith) are now so annoying that I’m only watching for April and Jackson.

  14. I found myself disagreeing with this part more than the first, like I thought Mark Hamill’s Trickster is infinitely more entertaining than his Joker!

  15. Phun says:

    I’m looking forward to seeing what happens between Kara and Cat now that Cat knows Kara is Supergirl. Does Cat support Kara and use Kara to her advantage. After all, Cat is a business woman and head of a media empire that she built.

  16. crispyrolli says:

    “Sex scene we wanted to bei in”: Sense8

  17. Anna says:

    Oh, I was all about Bay’s rebound hookup with Garrett (Nyle DiMarco) on Switched at Birth. That boy is FINE AS HELL. I was like, get it girl!

  18. Jamie says:

    Charlie’s death on Supernatural just proved that the writers really want to kill all of the female characters off, even if the fans love her.

    • Josh says:

      Like Ellen and Jo her death was senseless and not needed at all. It seems like the writers listen those fans of the show who just hate every female who interacts with Dean and Sam.

      • Rob Watkins says:

        Jo and Ellen’s deaths were needed. The Apocalypse needed stakes. Charlie’s death was unnecessary and badly executed. Given how many people have died, what the hell are Sam and Dean fighting so hard for. It’s one of the reasons I was so glad that 24 never killed off Chloe. To be fair to SPN, they kill off all their characters.

  19. ndixit says:

    No way is Ward the “Most Annoying”. He was crazy, delusional, and cruel but he was a badass and he still made for the most riveting character conflicts even when the writers barely did anything for him. And Mike in Graceland is hardly the agent who should be fired in that group. I think Briggs “the drug dealing, manipulative killer”, Paige “the one who almost got a fellow agent murdered on purpose”, and Jakes “the killer who also stole a ton of DEA money” lead that list on the show. Mike comes after that.

  20. steven says:

    I agree with Maddie Conrad being the teenager that you would disown. She needs to be disowned and slapped.

  21. lillie says:

    Best first Kiss/first kiss we’ve waited WAY too long for: Fitz and Simmons.

  22. mooshki says:

    I guess I’m twisted, ’cause I thought that UnREAL sex scene was kinda hot (in an incredibly twisted way).

    Love the Stephnie Weir shout-out. That episode of Castle was hilarious. I agree, she was completely over-the-top, but she really made it work!

  23. kmw says:

    Most annoying character is Aubry from Bones. His perpetual hunger is tiresome. Cutest baby goes to Booth and Brennan( although we have barely seen him) and of course Hodgins being paralyzed is most heartbreaking.

  24. Jackson and April will NOT break up!

  25. Ashley says:

    I totally agree with Kara and Cat. Their dynamic is my favorite part of the show. I hope they don’t somehow make Cat “forget” the truth about Kara’s identify as some folks have suggested. It would totally cheapen that story development.

  26. Sheldon W. says:

    I hope Castle was at least in the conversation for Best Father. He’s flawed in so many ways, but not at being a father.

  27. Rachel says:

    I think the making a murderer documentary should be titled “most likely to keep you awake at night, try to cry yourself asleep, disturb you to no end, thought consuming, unable to eat, heartbreaking, utter disbelief in our justice system….” I want to recommend it to people to watch and not at the same time.

  28. Ginger Snap says:

    Excellent choices!
    And you made it all the way through without including one polarizing couple from a certain show on ABC. Kudos for that!

  29. evababy says:

    Asher with Connor? Really? Connor has more spark with Michaela and he’s gay.

  30. Mak says:

    What’s the obsession TvLine has with JtV…

  31. Reese says:

    I did not enjoy Arya killing Trent. It was far too over the top, as was Trent abusing little girls. Once again the show needed to be gross and cruel just for shock value. I appreciate the books more.

  32. Marco says:

    If by ‘best’ triangle you mean ‘most obnoxious’ then yes, the Looking triangle was the best.

  33. Christine says:

    Jamie and Claire forever!

  34. MarkOberlin says:

    How on earth is Chanel annoying? GRACE WAS ANNOYING!!!! Chanel was so hilarious. That’s my only disagreement with the whole list

  35. Kels says:

    Lots of thoughts but i agree most wholeheartedly about John Oliver as late night MVP.

  36. kirads09 says:

    Best Bromance? Nathan and Duke – Haven.

  37. dlraetz says:

    No Shamy sex?

  38. Jack says:

    OMG, yes on Annie Wersching in Bosch. She has been a favorite since 24. That was an incredible character she portrayed, even if at times I grew to be annoyed with her. Annie was smoking hot, and drop dead gorgeous in that scene.

  39. Skyler says:

    The most frustrating character and child to be disowned should be Stevie in Madame Secretary. She’s so annoying!

  40. Shru says:

    THANK YOU for including Jason Dohring as the most underutilized character. Would love to see him more than Hayley and Davina. Two terrible characters with awful actors.

    Also disagree about Japril. But I believe that their storyline isn’t the greatest this season.

  41. says:

    Ward is fine. There are way more annoying character’s out there.

    As far as a female platonic duo Supergirl and Cat Grant make me cringe. Jessica Jones/ Trish Walker, Regina Mills/ Emma Swan, and even Claire Fraser/ Gillis Duncan are better. Cat never calls Kara by her name, Kara. She wanted Kara to fire Kara because she is a superhero. Does she think Kara is a hero for hire and doesn’t need a job that gets her money? It is sad tagline thinks the female friendship this year is between a full of herself boss and her seemingly meek employee who is prown to the occasional outburst in an attempt to stand-up for herself.