The Affair Season 2 Finale

Affair Recap: Scotty's Killer Revealed

Warning: The following recap contains major spoilers for The Affair‘s Season 2 finale. Read on at your own risk.

Ah, it seems like just yesterday that Helen was getting put in handcuffs for that wine-and-marijuana-induced fender bender.

In hindsight, she was really just getting warmed up for the main event — that is, mowing down Scotty Lockhart.

During Sunday’s sophomore finale of The Affair, it was revealed that Helen was indeed the one behind the wheel when Scotty was run over — but only because she wasn’t paying attention to the road when Alison pushed the Lockhart brother into it.

Before we get your thoughts on the season ender, a few highlights from the episode:

* From Noah’s perspective, Cole and Luisa’s long-teased wedding night goes down like this: After Alison gets misty-eyed during the vow exchange, Noah has a private conversation with her to figure out why she’s so rattled. She finally comes clean about sleeping with Cole years ago, confessing that she’s not exactly sure who Joanie’s father is. (Noah’s reaction, somewhat understandably? “Don’t take this the wrong way, but I never want to see you again.”)

* Noah spends the rest of the evening sharing a bottle of wine on the beach and frolicking in the ocean with Helen (who is attending the wedding as her mom’s date). Despite the fact that neither of them are in a state to drive, Noah gets behind the wheel to head home, before passing the baton to Helen when the streets of Montauk trigger too many awful memories for him to handle. But once Helen is in the driver’s seat, she gets distracted by Noah’s sudden decision to hold her hand — and when she spends a few too many seconds gazing into Noah’s eyes instead of looking at the road, she runs right over Scotty. Helen tries to convince herself she merely hit a deer, but when Noah gets out of the car to see the damage, it’s most definitely Cole’s brother… and Noah implores Helen, upon getting her home, that she must pretend like none of this ever happened.

* Naturally, that’s not exactly how it goes down from Alison’s point of view. In fact, Alison doesn’t spill the beans about Joanie’s real father until much later that night, while Scotty drunkenly performs “House of the Rising Sun” at the wedding reception. Barely speaking above a whisper, Alison bluntly tells Noah on the dance floor that he isn’t Joanie’s father, prompting her fiancee to walk out of The Lobster Roll without a word.

* Later that evening, Alison is walking along that fateful road by herself when she’s confronted by Scotty, who is even more inebriated than during his karaoke performance and begging to be brought in as a partner on Alison and Cole’s Lobster Roll ownership. Alison tries to brush him off, but when Scotty gets handsy, Alison pushes him — right into the street, where he’s immediately hit by Helen. Alison hides in the bushes until she sees Noah get out of the car, then manically whispers, “I pushed him. I pushed him.” And how do Alison and Noah decide to cope with the knowledge that they just killed a man? They return to the dance floor a little while later and exchange “I love you”s through panicked, frantic tears. Romantic, eh?

* Meanwhile, in the future at Noah’s murder trial — or is it present-day now? — Noah must decide whether to let Detective Jeffries take the stand — the only chance he has at being acquitted. But just as Jeffries prepares to enter the courtroom and say his piece, Noah chooses a different (and much more stupid) route: standing up, without his lawyer’s approval, and announcing to the judge that he is guilty of murdering Scotty. (It’s too bad we’ve already published our Dumbest TV Decisions of 2015, or else Noah’s impulsive “confession” would surely be on the list.)

OK, your turn. Your thoughts on The Affair‘s Season 2 finale? Drop ’em in the comments section below, after casting your vote in our poll.

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  1. Ricky Lee Jones says:

    It’s a testament to Dominic West’s hotness that I find Noah so attractive even though he is the biggest douche character on TV today.

  2. M S says:

    Noah standing up to make a courtroom confession is bogus. He has proved over &over that his number one concern is himself! I doubt whether he’s about to risk his ass; covering it was always paramount in his life!

    • Joanie345 says:

      Agreed Noah does think about himself all the time and also he isn’t the father of Joanie, so he should drop Alison right in it,self defence at the end of the day it was an accident,also they have to prove that Alison was driving a car that night.

      • Mark Galanty says:

        I disagree about your take on Noah’s character. He has been wrestling for some time now about what makes a good man vs a great man. He wants to be a good man more than a great man and this was Noah becoming one.

      • Harvey says:

        Helen was driving, not Alison-Alison pushed him when he was about to rape her. I don’t see why she just can’t admit to that next season and not get charged since the accident was caused by Scotty’s actions.

  3. Linda says:

    It was a nice twist! What does Noah do? He loves both women but I doubt he will go to jail even though he stands up and try’s to confess to the murder. It was a tragic accident!! Helen and Alison need to come clean

  4. Marcia says:

    Shocked about Helen even being at the wedding?!?….actually it looks like Noah Helen and Alison all killed Scotty lockhartplus scotty was drunk and planning to rape alison

    • Joanie345 says:

      The housekeeper of Helen’s mum’s house is Louise’s grandmother so Helen is there as a guest of the grandmother as well as plus one for her mother.

      • Joanie345 says:

        Great twist all makes sense now, sometimes the flashbacks leaves you flying in the wind half the time.

        • Martha Basile says:

          I agree; it’s hard to multi-task when watching the show and miss the change in point of view of the story and the time frame. After last night’s finale, I question why I spent two seasons involved in the affair.

    • Gray says:

      I understand Helen being at the wedding because Louisa’s Grandmother was their housekeeper but why was Noah at the wedding? Why was he invited or why did he even choose to go? That was kinda hard to believe considering the tenous history between Noah and Cole.

  5. Nadia H says:

    The Affair finale did not make any sense to me. First of all at the end of last season when Noah is arrested it seems as if he and Allison are totally happy back living in the city and he has accepted Joanie. Now all of a sudden Allison is spending more than half the week in Montauk running the Lobster Roll? Plus why wouldn’t 3 educated people call the police immediately after the accident and tell them that Scotty had attacked Allison and they got into a tussle and she pushed him away and into the road just as Helen and Noah were driving by? If Noah wanted to protect Helen from her DWI record rearing its ugly head, he could claim that he was driving. Now I want to go back and review all of season 1 especially the Det. Jeffries/ Noah scenes.

  6. Karen Hubley says:

    So want to see Allison get what’s coming to her. Bitch.

  7. Margie says:

    Do we know if there will be a Season 3?

  8. shemark57 says:

    I wanted Cole to pop out of the bushes and stomp on Scotty’s head, for good measure. Then it would have been all 4 of them. That would have been excellent.

  9. Rachael says:

    What a time for Noah to finally decide to do something noble and unselfish! After all that he and Alison have been through to be together…..hope there’s a season 3.

  10. Michael C. says:

    I feel duped. It is totally ridiculous that Helen was even at the wedding. “I’m going to my ex-husband’s fiance’s ex-husband’s wedding.” REALLY! Totally contrived “twist” that makes the entire story and the weird timeline going on in this show completely bogus. So disappointed.

  11. Dr. Stephanie Goldstein says:

    Sadly, this season 2 finale is absurd. If the truth were told, that Alison pushed Scotty off her, to stop his physical/sexual assault, & into the path of Helen &Noah’s car, there would be no need for a murder trial. In this situation, the best defense would have been the truth. Sadly, recent episodes have been deteriorating into melodrama.

  12. Kay says:

    Affairs never last. Noah and Alison got together based on lust and sex, not love. Now the fire is dwindling away and real life stepped in. I hope Alison goes to jail and Cole raises the baby. Noah left his 80% (Helen) for the 20% (Ali). Foolish man. Good season finale.

  13. Para says:

    Jeez after reading all these comments…

    Am I the only person who relates to Alison?

    Noah is a douche

    • Anonymous says:

      After this season I understand her better and I no longer despise her. I could not stand her or Noah. He is starting to redeem himself a lil.

    • Melanie says:

      I like Alison, I think the only people who don’t are women who secretly suspect their husbands of cheating and want to blame the woman because it makes them feel less responsible for being boring & nagging wives.

      I think Alison clearly has been in a lot of pain and I tend to see her version of events as more truthful just because Noah is such a self-serving egotistical dick. While her actions in getting involved with Noah are often described as “selfish”, I’m pretty sure no one can say objectively what they would or would not do in an effort to rid themselves of the kind of emotional pain that comes with losing a child. And I don’t blame her for sleeping with Cole either. The pain and loneliness she felt after being abandoned by him indefinitely, reading his opinion of her in his book and then being cruelly snubbed by that publisher woman & her husband was palpable and completely relatable. I cried for her in that episode. I feel sad for her that she’s stuck with that douchelord Noah – Cole is a better match for her by far, they just couldn’t keep their stuff together after losing their kid, which is actually extremely common in couples whose only child dies. I have to think the people who find her evil & unsympathetic are judgmental tools.

      • Tammie says:

        Melanie, I completely agree with you. Alison had many layers, and the death of her son turned her world inside out. She came clean to Noah in the end and I was glad to see that.

      • sixela872 says:

        I dislike Alison because instead of truly facing her darkness and moving herself into a heathy place, she jumps from an unhappy relationship to toxic one. Instead of demanding respect she accepts scraps and allies Noah to control her (see scene at the yoga retreat), use her as his muse and his object while offering little in return. She needs time by herself.

        She “came clean ” to Noah but (after what, 2.5 years -nice!) not to Cole so I refuse to give her a pat on the back for that.

        And, no, this has nothing to do with being afraid that my husband is cheating on me.

    • Joanie345 says:

      Yes you are, Alison has got worse as the series went on.

  14. Anonymous says:

    I loved it. I think Helen being there was dumb, but hey it’s a TV show. The truth would not have helped in this case in my opinion. They were drunk, Allison story would be just that to them a story to cover up a murder. I can’t wait for season 3. Hooked sense the 1st season.

    • Laurie Spezzano says:

      Helen has known Luisa’s mother for many years. Helen’s mother is helping put on the wedding for her housekeeper’s daughter. Montauk is a small world so I’m not surprised that Helen went to the wedding.

  15. Giselle says:

    Noah is wonderful for taking the blame.

    Superb acting from Dominic West, Maura Tierney, Joshua Jackson.

    The character I most disliked this season was Allison’s because how poorly she communicated, how complicated and torn she seemed to be.

  16. Et al. says:

    Helen’s family maid had been with them forever, right? It would be plausible she had a relationship with her and the daughter enough to justify her presence at the wedding. One scene to that effect would have cleared that up. Because otherwise it was a really awesome finale and a resolution I really enjoyed.

    • Nora says:

      It was mentioned a couple of times. When taxi driver Cole dropped Helen’s father off at his house, Luisa was there visiting her grandmother/mother (can’t remember which it is) who works for the Butlers. Also, Helen’s mom offered to host the wedding in episode 11 because of her long association with Luisa’s family.

  17. Michele says:

    I saw Alison and Noah’s tearful reunion on the dance floor as two guilty people realizing they will now need to stay together and placate each other in order to avoid prison, loss of the child, and utter ruination. Especially with Paul Simon’s “April Come She Will” on the soundtrack, with the line, “A love once new has now grown old.”

  18. Lauren says:

    I think what draws so many people to this show is that every character has some redeeming qualities hidden behind their selfish, immature and reckless faults. They are acting on many sins that are entirely common and relatable. Yet, of course it’s a television drama so they unlike most real people, have to be overly terrible and act on many sins rather than maybe only one or two.

    Although Helen is my favorite of the 3, I can’t forget that she has had some reckless moments (like f***ing an almost stranger in her basement with her kids upstairs) or saying hurtful things about motherhood – although in her duration and frame of mind, I didn’t blame her. Noah and Alison all along have been completely and entirely selfish, plowing through everyone else’s lives as they’ve only thought of their whims and fulfilling their personal needs.

    I am happy to see that Cole has found another, better person to love, and that Allison thinks so as well. A part of me really wants him to get Joanie.

    I also think Noah’s impulsive move was the show’s way of revealing that he is not “a bad person, but just does bad things.” And is trying to do something good when he thinks there is no other way out. Throwing himself under the bus in his, writer’s mind is probably the only way he thinks he can fix it. He also, IMO, after watching this episode is finally starting to feel like he deserves to take some responsibility for the havoc he has wrecked on other’s lives.

    I loved this episode. I loved the twist of the 3 being involved. And I loved Noah’s confession. It feels somewhat like a plot out of Shakespeare. Unrealistic, irrational but exactly how it should be.

  19. Philip says:

    I have to disagree with whoever wrote this article because they said his confession was stupid but the man is protecting the mother of his children and his fiancé it was his only choice

  20. Diana says:

    Omg is all i can say…Scotty was a sob…not saying he should have died but hey…they couldnt call the police but why didnt we get rid of the vechicle..all three of them should have confessed drag out the investigation

  21. Melissa says:

    Alison sure got away with alot who knows what Season 3 would be like but shutting Scottie out of the restaurant was a big mistake

  22. douche233 says:

    Obviously his attorney will say Noah’s admission of guilt is bogus. It would be cool if both Helen and Alison come foreward claiming their guilt, then nobody could be convicted. Ughh ok I think I have way too much time on my hands to be giving this dopey premise that much thought hahaha.

  23. Anthony says:

    Been a judge for 25 years. I seriously doubt that last scene has never happened in the real world.

    • Anthony says:

      Ever. Sorry

    • babysteps4health says:

      Right? Why would he confess to murder? Che could of just refused to let Jeffries testify and roll the dice with the jury, then if convicted, he could appeal, by pleading guilty, they will lock him up and throw away the key. But it’s just TV, they will find a way out. My guess is there will be a twist and that Scotty was actually alive when Helen, Alison, and Noah left the scene and someone else comes along and finishes the job.

  24. Joanie345 says:

    OMG this program is amazing,frustrating,unbelievable,so many omg moments my head is spinning HELEN omg no wonder she is paying for Noah’s defence, and Alison omg she is just getting on my nerves,but the acting is outstanding by all the cast,well done to all.

  25. meow catt says:

    what about earlier in the season when noah was offered a plea bargain? knowing the circumstances of scotty’s death and his own involvement along with helen and allison’s i cannot understand why he wouldn’t have accepted that offer? and now at a pivotal moment in the trial to voice a confession? it’s nearly impossible to believe that gottleif, noah, helen, and allison couldn’t have come up with a better game plan long before the trial got underway

  26. Tek says:

    The easy way out of any charges would have been to put alison on the driver seat, and hellen to the back seat. Act as if Noah and Alision were going to The End and were dropping off Hellen to her parents home. Scott was drunk and out of control, if any charges against Alision could be easily dismissed. But overall an excellent finale.

  27. Tdebb says:

    What about Scotty (Colin Donnell) singing??? He was awesome. I loved the 3 of them being involved… even creepy old Oscar lerking around. No one just goes away on this show. The tangled web is so addicting!

  28. Taylor says:

    Nice twist on who killed Scotty. I didn’t see that coming. Noah’s silly admission has that tinge of wanting to be that “good guy” and do the right thing. I am sure Noah does want to protect his fiancé but based on the Noah’s season 2 POVs he seems to be ultimately protecting his “moral center” aka Helen. He consistently refers to Helen and their lives together as something he loves but blown up because of a “mistake” aka Alison.

    He ultimately gives permission to call the dectective to the stand which would put Alison in a bind but seems to panic a bit because guilt (cuz he needs to be a good man, he needs to prove he isn’t his father) and perhaps if Alison ends up being charged she’ll spill that it was Helen behind the wheel. Is it just me that ultimately he is protecting Helen more so than Alison?

  29. Steve says:

    I enjoy this show very much, but I must say after 2 seasons I just don’t understand why Noah and Allison are together other than the mutual appreciation for extreme drama. Both of them had a chance to get back with past partners and they choose to still be together. I feel like Noah was relived to find out Joanie isn’t his, and is still will Allison despite her cheating on him. I cant help but feel it makes her even more attractive to him. Side Note, why did Whitney just disappear and why did Helen not berate him for what happened that night, she must have an idea what went down. Finally, now that scottys killers been revealed and were in the present, does the show have anything left to sustain past next season

  30. Msrianne says:

    You’ve got to be kidding!! It was clearly an accident. Not sure why it had to b covered up. Who’s writing this junk!!!???
    I guess in next seasons opener we’ll see Helen jump up and then Alisson confessing their guilt as well. Anyone can write this stuff!!!

    • LT says:

      The fact that you don’t know why it had to be covered up means you haven’t been watching and/or paying attention. No worries, that’s why we have reality shows for people like you.

  31. Terry says:

    All are great actors. Please continue the story. What happened to her love of Noah? It’s simply gone…..please show that secret.

  32. flowerduh says:

    I really thought Scott was going to reveal that Alison’s baby is his. He just had that look in his eye.

  33. Wilma Kerns says:

    The writers did not do a good job, inviting the ex spouses to Cole ‘s wedding.

    • LT says:

      Helen was there as her mother’s plus one (her mother who is close to the bride’s family) and Noah was there with Allison who runs the place with Cole where the reception was…what didn’t you understand?

  34. Cas says:

    I really dislike Noah. Just saying.

  35. Diane says:

    I thought the season finale was great – very surprising plot twists and great acting. As far as Noah is concerned, I think he admitted to killing Scotty because he expects one of the two women involved to some to his defense. But in reality, they should have come clean from the beginning… after all Helen was drunk, Noah was drunk, Scotty was drunk, and Alison was defending herself against Scotty’s advances. How much jail time would any of them gotten anyway if they had come clean at the beginning. How with the cover-up, though, things look very grim. Next season should be very interesting.

    • Laurie Spezzano says:

      In most states now, if you are driving drunk and someone gets killed, they prosecute it as murder. Even in cases that would otherwise be manslaughter or vehicular homicide, or when a sober driver would have hit them too. I know they had to do something about drunk driving, but it seems excessive to me. It also leads to hit-and-run because people are afraid of the DUI. In this case, motive had nothing to do with the accident, and all the talk of paternity and “I’ll kill you” history have no bearing on what really happened. But courts will exploit whatever they can.

  36. Diane says:

    The hi light of the show was the actor who played Scotty. His voice is amazing. Went back and listened to him sing several times. Beautiful voice. Came as a surprise.

  37. Nora says:

    TV line, why would you put spoilers in the name of the link to this article?

    Anyone who googles the show can easily come across it without intending to look for spoilers or even clicking on the article. Where is that shame bell from Game of Thrones when I need it?

  38. Carylee says:

    He comes off the hero saving the two women

  39. KittyKatKK says:

    The finale was far-fetched silliness. Great acting from the core cast all episodes. Gripping journey through the meat of the seasons. What I really wanna know is WHERE CAN WE SEE SCOTTY’S BAND?!?! His voice is sick.

  40. Paul says:

    I can’t watch The Affair because of the hammy performance of Colin Donnell as Scotty Lockhart. Everyone else is brilliant but he’s acting like he’s in a terrible off broadway play about addiction. I have to leave the room when he’s on screen. Thank God his character got run over by a car. I’ll watch season 3 so long as he’s not in any flashbacks.

  41. Sarah Taylor says:

    Puts the notion to rest that Scotty could be the father of little Joanie as he was telling Alison that she may as well sleep with him because she had slept with everyone else in town (right be fore she pushes him off of her and in to the road). That baby looks like Oscar.

  42. King Canute says:

    The accident scene is totally unbelievable. We are supposed to believe that Helen comes to the wedding of her ex’s girlfriend’s brother because her mother is the employer of the bride’s mother? That is so tangled it’s cruel. Then we are supposed to believe that Helen would agree to drive despite being drunk and having a DUI conviction only because her ex tells her she has to. Then we are supposed to believe that Scotty is lying in a rowboat cum planter by the side of the road, where he has decided to sleep off his intoxication. Then we are supposed to believe that Allison, who is running the wedding at her restaurant The Lobster Roll, leaves on foot and starts walking along the same road to an unknown destination (she lives at the Lobster Roll). Then we are supposed to believe that Allison doesn’t see a car approaching and unintentionally pushes Scottie in front of it to get his hands off her. Then we are supposed to believe that Noah stops, sees Allison hiding in the bushes, says nothing to her (but she freely admits to having pushed Scottie), gets back in his car and drives away (leaving an accident is a major crime and would require agreement from Allison that she wouldn’t say anything). Then we are supposed to believe that Noah had repeated “premonitions” of this accident, where he sees the row-boat planter and Allison on the road at the exact spot where the accident happens (which is why he insisted Helen drive). Then we are supposed to believe that Allison’s wedding rock got into the forest somehow were the investigating cop found it (so she could be implicated). Sometimes life is stranger than art, but when art is stranger than life, it’s a sure sign that it’s crap.