Steve Harvey Miss Universe 2015 mistake

Steve Harvey Apologizes for Miss Universe Gaffe: 'I Feel Terrible'

Just as swiftly as the Miss Universe crown was given to — and then taken away from — Miss Colombia Sunday night, host Steve Harvey quickly issued a public apology for his role in the mix-up.“I’d like to apologize wholeheartedly to Miss Colombia and Miss Philippines for my huge mistake,” the talk-show host tweeted. “I feel terrible.”

In subsequent tweets, he apologized to viewers of the live pageant, saying that his announcing Miss Colombia Ariadna Gutierrez as ultimate winner was “an honest mistake.”

At the very end of the telecast Sunday, Harvey mixed up the names of Gutierrez and Miss Philippines Pia Wurtzbach. The error wasn’t addressed until after Gutierrez had already been outfitted with the Miss Universe crown and sash; Harvey had to stop her during her winning walk in order to rectify the situation.

“I don’t want to take away from this amazing night and pageant. As well as the wonderful contestants. They were all amazing.”

In a tweet that was later removed, he added: “This was a terribly honest human mistake. I am so so regretful.”

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  1. Snoflac says:

    He’s human..please… Steve did a wonderful job throughout the evening…it’s not the end of the’s just a pageant..he takes all responsibilities he let him have a wonderful X-mas with his beloved ones. The world is sure that this mistake will follow him the coming days or maybe one day..but than it’s over.

    • Vee says:

      Mr Harvey last week I was listening to your radio show and your were talking about how your were looking forward to the pageant. You did a great job also made a human error we are all imperfect like your wife said shake it off… Continue doing a good job at everything you do someone else will make a mistake or something else will happen and people will stop talking about you.

  2. James Newsome says:

    You gave Trump some ammunition Steve. It was an honest mistake, unless you went back stage and the Columbians didn’t have your money.

  3. Beebe Adam says:

    Even though a horrible mistake was made, your apology was swift and from the heart. You, Steve Harvey are a beautiful human being.
    Your humility and respect for all is what the world should see. You did a good job and even with the mistake’ to err is human’ you are loved.

    • Snowy says:

      How very well-stated; I concur totally. Steve’s a Great Guy, and he will be his Own worst critic about this. The public need say nothing. Best wishes, Snowy

  4. Sally Smith says:

    Ooooh Steve! I am SO sorry. I know you would never hurt anyone intentionally. Human error.

    • Jason says:

      Rape is also human error. I think the best thing that could happen to Steve at this point is if he was walking down the street and a sniper took him out

  5. Elaine gersh says:

    My heart goes out to Steve. He was amazing all nite. He’s incredible in whatever he does. So sorry for him. His heart is breaking for sure. People all will be regretfully about this. But the show goes on. Love u Steve Harvey so does everyone else. All 3 should be winners.

  6. tammie says:

    He wanted her to win he was mesmerized by her beauty

  7. datu roy says:

    you ain’t being hired again fosho

  8. Chloe Frost says:

    Honest mistake. One of the perils of live tv. I think the producers should have been on top of it to make the correction swiftly smooth it over. That’s their job. Love to Steve…you did your best with the situation. You’re all class, friend.

  9. Joel yamit says:

    He’s only human … what i would remember though is his courage to admit the mistake … with that i would say that i would do the same as it strike noble to me 👍

  10. joyce a winston says:


  11. Juno says:

    Steve Harvey is one of best host I have seen on TV . But he is human after all and we all are bound to make mistake I think we shud all move forward from this . It’s was just a peagent not a question of someone’s life and death .

  12. dre says:

    I feel for you Steven,unfortunately you will never live this down.God bless you.

  13. Yon says:

    Proud of you Mr. Steve for admitting your mistake. That’s all that matters. Cheer up!

  14. .Mr. Steve Harvey, Swept it under the rug…. You are the Best, and it is Human to have errors. Please laugh it off, I loved It….All like skin people look alike lmao

  15. Truefan says:

    It was a mistake. I hope Steve will be allowed to host the show next year. He was warm and sincere. I did feel for Miss Columbia as it must have been so disappointing for her.

  16. bertie says:

    one honest mistake, corrected and apologized for immediately on tv! that’s noble as far as i know … he knows there will be repercussions but his main concern was to rectification and apology. a good example to some politicians

  17. Lauren Gradzki says:

    This was obviously just a mistake. People make mistakes all the time, it’s a part of life. Think about how horrible Steve must feel. Steve, it’s okay. Mistakes happen but think of it as a learning experience. We are all human. My heart goes out to you Miss Colombia, you did a beautiful job and I still admire you. Congrats Miss Phillipines, you are truly beautiful and incredible and your words were so powerful. I believe that every single one of those ladies on stage was beautiful and unique and incredibly inspiring. They are all Miss Universes to me and always will be. I love you all!

  18. Jane says:

    I salute to Steve for making a brave decision by doing the right thing! Humans make mistakes. Nobody is perfect. We’ll just forgive him and moving on.. He is a real man!!

  19. angela says:

    they robbed miss colombia look the evidence, he knows to read down the card say the name of miss universe, why any jury say nothing, and he took so long to react and come back to the stage.

  20. Erika says:

    My heart goes out to Miss Colombia. That must feel horrible. Poor girl. I understand that humans make mistakes but why did they take so long to correct it?

  21. prish says:

    Cutting corners always comes back to bite you. I had a fiction writing professor who complained that publishers were eliminating editors in their books’ publishing preparations to save money. He gave the example of finding 22 typo mistakes in a book he had just purchased. TV shows had better spend money on more crew, it sounds like. It always seems to be, “Make it work.” in every profession, these days. Executives, everywhere, learn from this.

  22. rusha says:

    Thanks for correcting it immediately, Harvey!

  23. Johnny Marks says:

    He is an idiot who cannot read & should NEVER been allowed on this show. What a disgrace

  24. Curtis says:

    He is no real Host. I have always disliked him. He is a real Jerk! He seem to be very arrogant like our President Obama!

    • Milette Graham says:

      Why do you dislike him? Has he done something to you personally? Or maybe it’s because he’s a black man?

      • liame says:

        So true, you can tell by the comments on this board all this bashing has more to do with the fact that he’s a rich black man. The Devil’s children don’t act kind to folks who they perceive as that “UN”.

  25. Johnny Marks says:

    He is an idiot who cannot read & should NEVER been allowed on this show. What a disgrace & should not be tolerated

  26. This was a mistake. I feel sorry for the woman who already had the crown on, but this had to
    be made right. After Steve said Columbia was 1st winner up, I was confused as to why she
    had the crown on. There is 1st winner up and then the winner. It is over and I pray that
    the one who had to relinquish the crown want be hurt too badly over it. Bot women are beautiful. God bless them both. Steve will be ok too. He apologized and its a done deal.

  27. ghost3947 says:

    So Steve Harvey is a human being and made a mistake, everybody makes a stand to defend him. But has anyone bothered to imagine what Ms. Colombia went through during the whole ordeal? Being announced the winner, getting crowned, the sash, the flowers, and if that wasn’t enough, going ahead on her victory lap only to be stopped and be told she didn’t win???? How would you feel?? What a mistake indeed. I feel so bad for that young lady.

  28. Lani Pajarillaga says:

    Apology accepted. Buy I just hope the organizers didn’t cut off the program before the crown and sash was placed on Miss Philippines and do her first walk.

  29. Marcelle Rabago says:

    Guess we will have to chalk it up to Bloopers. A big one, but it happens. You did a great job, Steve. Keep your chin up.

  30. mj manalo says:

    Aaww i feel so bad for steve. Hoping that people would focus more into other issues rather than the honest mistake of calling different name.. Sorry for miss colombia :(

  31. prish says:

    This was the reason they had Bert Parks host Miss America for 24 years. Those were the years American management was at its peak.

  32. Barry Reeves says:

    you make a big mistake,you should give your check for tonight to the lady you doing so you will show how bad you really feel. brr durant okla

  33. Max says:

    Why was his tweet deleted? That’s what is fishy about this. If his apology was sincere, and it was an honest mistake, then it should have remained.

    • Robert says:

      It was deleted because he made another mistake. This time a spelling mistake in what he tweeted. He tweeted “Ms. Philippians” instead of Ms. Philippines. I read his tweet that was removed. That’s two mistakes in a row.

    • Robert says:

      It’s like adding insult to injury.

  34. Mr . R Taylor says:

    I’m not surprised he blew it… maybe if Steve would have checked his ego at the door, stopped looking for something to make fun of and changing his costume every other commercial like he’s in the pageant, possibly, he wouldn’t have made that horrible mistake. Bad choice of a host.

  35. fernando says:

    Wow I felt that the mistake were the judge and there is one person comes to mind Perez after comment he made after mr.steve harvey introduced him he brings up trump Steve this show host was lost and confused especially when he has never done any thing like this before where was the other female host that’s supposed to be with not one on s Tage and Sanchez out on the floor doing her job and from the beginning the producers they out there did the show for us out of 80 they choose the top 15 already for us and not have all on stage who they are from the showing them on and the beautiful costumes that always everything on computers what mess even when Steve asking the questions and Steve looking at them all a sudden a sudden a little man came to Steve right and it like who in world are you for real and looking at her the looking at t h e translalter where in the world you came from I at home watch and judge these shows I always pk 20 then go to 10 and five the last five are from my list always girls from 20 to ten five all of 10 are and to the top five I’ve I always win. You producers set Steve up so that all of the show the wreak fell on him the was the worse part you tried to set him up what goes around comes around born at night but not last night. Mr Steve you are a real man and strong so everybodytake a good look and start to finished you’ll see all wrong bad things kept happening it sad that you produces sold your souls to the devil for a sorry ass buck Zip! !!!!!!

  36. Joe says:

    Don’t go to Columbia boo you may get shot

  37. darlene says:

    Mr. Harvey, you handled this human error with class and humility. Thank you, and hopefully you will be back next year to get it right!!!

  38. darlene says:

    Steve Harvey, it was a human error. You handled it in the best way possible with humility and apologetic explanation. Hopefully you will be GI end a chance next year to ‘make it right this time’… The rest of your performance was wonderful!!!! Thank you for an excellent entertaining evening !!!!

  39. Louella Jurilla says:

    A major mistake like that, which was beamed globally, is very costly ! The integrity of the Miss Universe pageant was cast in a negative light.. One wonders if there is a penalty clause for a host whose gaffe was epic!

  40. Robert says:

    Well, Steve should apologize again to Miss Philippines because in his earliest tweet that was removed, he tweeted “Ms. Philippians”. That’s two errors in a row. No wonder it was removed.

  41. Robert says:

    Too bad the family & supporters & the whole Philippine country didn’t see Ms. Philippines do her winning walk on live tv which was a once in a lifetime opportunity for her country men to see. The telecast was abruptly cut after. I guess the tv network run out of time because of that goof.

  42. brendabeyt says:

    Steve Harvey was a terrible host as well as tact less in his defining of each contestant. I feel the sponsors got what they deserved when they chose him to Mc the show not only was he challenged being really ghetto fabulous but used no tact at all. Oh well people tend to think because you have money it buys class nope that’s not the case here!

  43. Caroline says:

    I feel terrible for everyone involved. The same thing happened when I competed in the Mrs.World pageant in Russia in 2006. They crowned the 1st runners up by mistake.

  44. Connie walker says:

    Steve harvey was a poor choice to host this pagent. He came off as creepy and ultimately inept

    • Lidu says:

      Steve is a great occurs all the time.Nobody is perfect at least Steve admitted his mistake and apologize to both Miss Universes. To me they are both beautiful and winners.So stop! feeling bad about this human mistake.Love U Steve. And Miss Colombia you are a great beauty human miss Colombia will be compensated for understanding..

  45. alex montiel says:

    tarantado si kalbo bobo

  46. alex montiel says:

    hes not smart

  47. alex montiel says:

    hes sorry

  48. alex montiel says:

    hes honest

  49. alex montiel says:

    steve harvey is honest one

  50. Germanheredia says: