Year in Review

Poll: Which TV Character Had the Most Terrible, No Good, Very Bad Year?

The year gone by was a great one for many of your favorite TV characters. Bones birthed another bouncing baby, Arrow‘s Oliver and Grey’s Anatomy’s Alex each popped the question, Nashville‘s Deacon dodged the Grim Reaper and those Pretty Little Liars finally (finally!) unmasked the elusive “A.”

And yet for several familiar faces, it was not a very good year. At all

With 2015 drawing to close, we tallied those on the small screen who surely would like to call in a favor from The Flash and go back in time for a do-over.

Review our picks (click here for direct access) and vote in the poll at the end for the THREE (3) characters who endured the very, very worst year.

Comments are monitored, so don’t go off topic, don’t frakkin’ curse and don’t bore us with how much your coworker’s sister-in-law makes per hour. Talk smart about TV!

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  1. skipgirl says:

    There is not doubt Peter Quinn. No other character on TV went through such awful torture this season. He also tried to throw himself into a dumpster, his arm was slashed by a knife, he was hit over the head, and he vomited blood after being woken up from his coma. Let’s see what more torture there is in store for him on Sunday in the finale!

    • The Beach says:

      It’s definitely between Quinn and Jamie from Outlander.

    • Nan says:

      I agree, it has to be Peter Quinn. And someone should have put Allison through what he has been through. As for Jamie, I only made it through 1 season.of “Outlander”. IMO, I thought it was silly, like one of those historical romances I read as 13 year old or one of those Harlequin novels (which I never read). only more violent and graphic I know there is only one more episode this season but I hope Quinn survives.

  2. Luana says:

    Peter Quinn all the way.

  3. Mr. Tran K says:

    Peter Quinn did have a terrible year. Really hope he’s going to survive before making it towards Season 6.

  4. ck says:

    Even if I don’t like him as much as the rest of the characters, Gordon Clark did have a terrible year and it even started terribly with the company he was in charge being shut down.

  5. Bwhit says:

    Definitely Peter Quinn for all the reasons mentioned above and the fact that he is the only one on that show who puts everyone’s interests above his own well being and never gets the same in return. I also think Chicago Fire likes to torture Casey… Second broken engagement, goes under for Voight and gets kidnapped and has fight to survive, finds out he’s going to be a father finally…..wait, not gonna happen and gets hit by a car for no apparent reason.

  6. Is that actually what you think makes Emma’s year bad? She entered into a relationship with her stalker, found out her parents stole a baby, cursed it and her, that they lied to her about it and tried to commit murder to cover it up.

    She does this amazing thing, getting between Regina and the Darkness, takes that burden on herself, only for the entire 5a arc to in fact be a huge bait and switch. Instead of focusing on Emma, the main character, her darkness, ect, it turned into a season of Once Upon a Capt Rapist, her stalker/bf.

    Who it turned out became a Dark One, like her. But unlike her it took him 3 minutes to turn into a murdering lunatic, hell bent on hurting her, her family, her son. Then, in the most spaztic scene, stolen from Buffy the Vampire Slayer by the way, he ‘dies’ then pronounces himself a hero.

    Emma’s year sucked because the writers pretty much took a crap on her character, development, and dumbed her down so that they could ship her with a one handed rapist pirate.

    • Nicky Aiuto says:

      Technically her parents omitted the truth, feeling ashamed. And it was really the author’s fault, he set them up to do it. And they were only doing what any parent would do: Protect their child!

    • Nicky Aiuto says:

      Besides Emma did the worst things. Like almost Murder Zelena to remove the Darkness by showing no regrets. Which was not the right thing or way. Almost let her mother die cause of her spiting (which she did wrong and for nothing), right before in the alternate world where Emma got her punishment and taste of her own medicine by watching Hook get killed and to remind her parents are never villains and wrong she was to them. And She deliberately turned Hook into a Dark One against his wishes and which almost brought chaos to everyone, especially her family.

    • Denny says:

      There’s only two canon rapists on OUAT.
      Sorry. Not Hook.

    • Nicky Aiuto says:

      And Emma was the one that lied to them about Hook and everything else since 5×01.

    • Dean says:

      Not to mention she broke her son’s heart, made everyone think her becoming dark was their fault ‘for what you did to me you’re about to be punished’ ripped out Merida’s heart forced her to try and kill Belle all to make Rumple a hero to draw out excalibur all so she used the magic blade to slay Zelena once Emma transfered the darkness from her and Hook into Zelena. And all because she didn’t want to admit her actions to save Hook got Merlin killed. Only upside Emma no longer has the right to be insufferably self righteous.

    • Phil says:

      Oh look, more hypocritical Hook haters throwing around the rape culture argument that holds as much water as sieve. Let me guess, are you a Regina fan, or even a SwanQueen shipper?

  7. Daphne says:

    How is Meredith Grey not on this list??

    • Samantha says:

      Because in Grey’s Anatomy time Derek died almost 2 years ago and in the last year nothing terrible has happened to her. The worst thing that happened to her in the last year is a new resident working at GSM is named Penny and she was part of the medical team that worked on Derek (blaming her for his death is beyond stupid). Actually, the worst thing is insufferable Amelia still being around and living at the house. But Meredith invited her so she brought it on her herself.

  8. Chris says:

    I was going with the Emma thing until I remembered to horror of the Jamie Frasier ordeal…

  9. Simmons, Elliot and Ichabod!

  10. matty says:

    Alicia Florrick! She lost an election and was accused of fraud and humiliated. She was forced out of her firm and had to resort to working bond court with a judge that hates her and now she’s found out about Eli’s betrayal from 6 years earlier.

  11. Hollie says:

    You kind of understated what Simmons had to deal with… She was just about to move forward with a relationship that had been slowly developing through 10(!) years, got sucked up by an alien space portal, had to survive on an alien planet for six months with an evil Inhuman set out to kill her, had to deal not only with PTSD but the guilt of leaving a human being alone on the planet, let alone one she cares for, then once again couldn’t continue with this relationship because of her complicated feelings for another man, only to get kidnapped and tortured by her greatest enemy, and then watch her best friend and almost boyfriend travel to the hell planet himself to save her other boyfriend, possibly sacrifice himself and possibly bring the evil inhuman to earth, only for him to return telling her that her Space boyfriend was not only dead, but died saving her! Simmons’ year was awful.

    • aj says:

      Thanks for explaining that, I didn’t know why she was one of the top-rated when their description of what happened to her sounded not as bad as most of the others. That really was pretty bad though.

  12. LT says:

    Peter Quinn…no question.

  13. Tenney says:

    I think Norma Bates had one of the worst years ever (although every year seems to be pretty bad for her!)
    – Her Mom died
    – Her brother, who she had an indecent relationship with when she was a teen, returned to town and now wants to mend fences
    – She gets run off the road
    – The local sheriff (and her friend) Romero finds out her husband was murdered by her son, not killed accidentally like she said
    – Her son Norman tried to drown himself in the bathtub (she had to save him)
    – She learned that Norman is hallucinating and attacked someone while thinking he was her and this same son killed his friend Bradley, again while thinking he was her (although she doesn’t know that one yet!)
    – The bypass that is going to put her out of business is almost complete

    I’m sure I missed some stuff, but Norma had a really bad year (and next year doesn’t look too good either!)

  14. mac says:


    abducted and tortured by his own mother and brother, given back horrible memories he never wanted about killing his first love, has to let the love of his life go with another man and his own niece, has to betray and put his brother into a coma, has to watch own girlfriend burn herself alive, finds out about about his own death via prophecy, has his darkest secret revealed to his brother causing friction between both, has to put his sister into a coma

  15. alicat says:

    hands down peter quinn…the physical/mental torture he has gone through this season has been excessive…and if he actually does die…yup worst year for a character EVER

  16. steven says:

    Where’s Juliette Barnes?

  17. Jooshua says:

    Jamie from Outlander, Mona from PLL, Alex from Quantico, Simmons from SHIELD, and Nick from Grimm.

  18. Shannon says:

    I voted for poor Mona.

  19. Elissa says:

    So…where is Deacon from Nashville?? He almost died of cancer at the point in his life when he really had something to lose & then his sister died after donating part of her liver to save him which he beat himself up about for half this season….seriously.

  20. Ali says:

    How could you forget Meredith Grey?

    Husband leaves to work away, husband nearly has affair, husband returns to proclaim love, husband dies…

  21. danoregon says:

    I’d say pretty much every character in The Bastard Executioner.

  22. niloofar says:

    What was the point of Quinn’s suffering? How did it advance the story, his complete gassing video was the worst thing i’ve ever seen. Allison is a great character but 9 episodes was wasted for her. Too much Allison not enough Quinn.

  23. Technically Alex Parrish didn’t have a bad 2015, she’s going to have a bad 2016.

  24. ana says:

    Kurt Hummel: Left New York to teach in Lima, Ohio; found out that his cheating ex-boyfriend was now dating his ex-bully who threatened to kill him; got catfish by an older man; was forced to marry his cheating ex-boyfriend by his friends and teachers; and after six season of not being good enough to get cast in anything, we never saw him on a Broadway stage.

  25. Kris says:

    Emma Swan on “Once Upon a Time”. Had her entire storyline hijacked by a man, had her family nearly killed by this man, had her savior status hijacked this man, now has to take her family into the Underworld to save this same man because of ‘True Love’.

    • Phil says:

      Said man who only started to become good because of her influence, and who had begged her to let him die instead of turning him into the thing he hated the most because he knew there was too much evil in his past for him to resist the Darkness. And it was her family’s decision to go to the Underworld after him, not hers.

  26. Ginger Snap says:

    (Sigh), the obsessive-compulsive OUaTers seem to think that they should win every poll that pops up on the Internet. There are much more worthy candidates for this trophy including Ichabod Crane.
    Emma didn’t have a bad year – the writers on this sorry soap opera did.

  27. Jeff says:

    Jon Snow…and he didn’t even know it because well…

  28. 4theloveoffilm says:

    Kono (Hawaii Five-0) and Booth (Bones) had a pretty crappy year, too. I know there are limited slots. But I wouldn’t want to be them this year.

  29. Nan says:

    What poll? I didn’t find one.

  30. Lola says:

    I get why he isn’t here, but Barry Allen had a pretty bad year too. He found out his mentor was not only his worst enemy and trying to kill him, but also the man who murdered gus mother and put his dad in prison. He then had to watch his mother die, as well as two of his friends who both not only died to protect the city, but also died to specifically save him. Then his dad is finally released from prison, only to leave to go do whatever the heck Henry Allen is currently doing (Fishing? Every day? Really?) then he has to accept help from a man who looks exactly like the person who killed his mother, he goes temporarily blind and then gets publicly beaten, humiliated and nearly killed, only to find out he broke his back. Also he was the sole survivor when an immortal criminal vaporized his entire city, even if that timeline WAS erased. And judging on the 2×10 promo, his 2016 won’t exactly be much better. Also, SHIELD’s Fitz had a tough time too, still recovering from brain damage, having to deal with Ward, having the love of his life be missing presumed dead, and then her returning to ask for his help rescuing her space boyfriend. (Then finding out said space boyfriend was actually the embodiment of death.) not quite as bad as Simmons’ year, but it wasn’t sunshine and roses for him, either.


  31. Guess22 says:

    Nick from Grimm
    Slept with the woman he hated, who tricked him by pretending to be his gf, then lost his powers, had to sleep with his gf pretending to be the woman he hates (yes i know that it happen´d last year but still), had to watch his gf become something he´s supose to kill, then had his gf turn against, found out the woman he hates is pregnat with his child, his gf burned down his trailer and said gf started working with his enemy, his mom and girlfriend dies the same day the woman he hates gives birth to his child, then temprarely loses his job.

  32. melodie says:

    Bay from Switched at Birth should be on here. She took the fall for Daphne which cost her both college and the showcase she wanted, and caused issues during community service. She was raped by someone she trusted, which everyone found out, and not everyone believed her. Her boyfriend left her for someone else. Her whole family kept secrets from her. Her new best friend started to have feelings for her and made her think she had impressed the art gallery on her own. She missed her interview for the Frida Kahlo scholarship.

  33. You forgot Jack Bauer – but then again his years are always bad……..

  34. LEN says:

    Emma Swan needs her happy ending. And to get her love back. Emma and Hook will never fail. True Love

  35. Robin Butchko says:

    Everyone who was eaten on the Walking Dead!!!

  36. Chad says:

    Yeah but she did realize the only purpose of her existence is being Hook’s girlfriend, and now that she has stopped resisting her place as his obedient property, she can finally be happy.

  37. Kerry Hamon says:

    WTF Emma Swan is the most pathetic Dark One, villian, on TV!! The acting is painful, the costuming laughable, the plot has lost it with holes everywhere – OUaT what went wrong……. If I couldn’t write a better script I’d give up being a vet.

  38. Kerry Hamon says:

    Why do people say Hook is a rapist, what am I missing. I have just watched 5 seasons in a row over a couple of weeks and I haven’t seen Hook even have sex. Why do you guys hate him so much.

  39. Kerry Hamon says:

    What am I missing, why do people call Hook a rapist (that is a horrible thing to say about any character and so unnecessary).
    I have just watched 5 seasons of OUAT back to back and I have seen nothing of Hook even having sex let alone rape.

    Please don’t use this term loosely, it is offensive to those who have actually suffered this.

    • Phil says:

      From what I can tell, most of Hook’s haters are SwanQueen shippers who get throw tantrums any time either of them has a love interest that is not each other. On calling Hook a rapist, if I’m not mistaken, that’s due to a combo of him wanting her for a long time before she wanted him back, painting that as him refusing her no; something he said I think when he was still working with Cora to someone, like “you’ll feel the tip of my sword”, when he actually was using a sword against someone, but why looking at the phrase in context when you can take it out of context right; and the issue of getting women drunk that was brought up when Hook and Emma went back in the time through Zelena’s portal, and they had to steal something from past Hook.