MasterChef Graham Elliot

Graham Elliot Departing MasterChef

MasterChef will soon have one less cook in the kitchen.

Graham Elliot, who has served as a judge on the Fox reality series and its Junior spinoff since their inception, is departing both shows, TVLine has learned.

“It has been an awesome experience to be part of the MasterChef family,” Elliot said in a statement. “I learned so much from the people I got to work with and it has been a true honor to share my love of cooking with the audiences who have allowed me into their homes over the last six years. I remain committed to using my passion for cooking as a way to entertain and teach people of all ages and will be making some exciting announcements about the next steps of that journey in the new year.”

Added MasterChef host Gordon Ramsay: “We’ve all loved having Graham as part of the MasterChef family, and the exciting and interesting part of reality television is that it’s always evolving and changing.”

Elliot will step down after MasterChef Junior ends its current fourth season, airing Fridays at 8/7c. A replacement is expected to be announced in 2016.

Will you miss Elliot on either MasterChef series? Tell us in the comments.

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  1. Ginger Snap says:

    I hate MasterChef and its phoniness but I love Graham. Wish him all the success in the future.

    Now, if they could actually bring some real critiques to this cooking show instead of the canned garbage we see every week.

    • Jeff Harner says:

      Bitter much? Go back to the Kardashian trash.

      • Ginger Snap says:

        What’s bitter about telling the truth? Everything that Joe, Graham, Gordon, and now Christina Tosi says is scripted. Just have to catch some of the outtakes on YouTube to find evidence of that. The MasterChef brand is all about scripted drama, and as long as you know that going in, you get what you pay for – about 42 minutes of mindless entertainment. It’s nothing real but it’s also not unReal.
        Don’t know what that has to do with The Kardashians, but I’m glad that you enjoy that kind trash. Because you seem to think that you can insult me with such a silly comment. It sounds like your the one who is bitter.

      • mccloudnj says:

        Your comment makes no sense. It’s easy to tell that much of MC is planned, if not scripted. However they do it is fine with me; I just see it as mindless entertainment. No need to insultr Ginger Snap; she is just stating her opinion.

        I might add that some of these show NEED to be scripted to avoid receiving FCC fines. Some of these contestants have really insulting things to say and must be sensored without using a beep every few seconds. I will continue to watch MC. but remind myself that it is just for entertainment. It really means nothing.

    • blah@blah.blah says:

      I sure as hell ain’t going to miss him. Especially that annoying look he always did after he took a bite and looked up to the right as if he was seeking approval from someone on what he was going to say. Lame.

  2. Rhonda says:

    Don’t leave first Joe and now you if Gordon ever leaves i will not watch anymore

  3. I really enjoy these shows and liked Joe and Graham, don’t really know if I will keep watching after he leaves. The new lady is ok, just ok I guess

    • kodakay says:

      I don’t like the new lady because they’ve changed the show into a mini bakery show. They should just make a bakery/pastry show for kids and leave MasterChef Junior alone. I can barely stand to watch it because it’s gotten so far from its origins. With Graham leaving there is really nothing to compel me to watch anymore.

    • Minx says:

      I was so happy with the original team, Joe, Gordon, and Graham. I found them to be fresh, funny, and fair, In fact, I still miss Joe.

      Overall, I like the show and will keep on watching, but I will miss Graham and look forward to announcements regarding his future plans.

      I actually like Master Chef Jr. better, because there is less bickering and more good sportsmanship than there is with the adults.

  4. Jeff Harner says:

    I’m going to miss Graham he is from my old stomping grounds of Chicago. It will be interesting to see who they bring in to replace him.

  5. Christi says:

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  6. Sherri says:

    I think that they should have a poll for who should be the new judge. Let the viewers have some input. Because, honestly not a huge fan of Joe’s replacement.

    • Kam says:

      Christina Tosi is sooooooooooo much better than Joe. She’s actually nice and gives very fair, pointed critiques. Joe was just an asshole and not a lovable one.

      • Sherri says:

        I am in no way saying I preferred Joe, I agree with your assessment of him. Mainly I am making this suggestion for a way for fans to be involved. Thought it sounded fun.

      • Jeff says:

        Joe was not an asshole he didn’t sugar coat things like Tosi does. He was getting these people ready for what they will find in most kitchens across the country and world!

      • Leanna Nelson says:

        We stopped watching after the first season with Christina Tosi as a judge. We found her comments at times seemed based on her feelings of the contestant. Even though Joe seemed to be caustic at least his criticism seemed to be based on the food.

  7. Maryann says:

    Yes very Much will he be missed . Enjoyed watching him.

  8. Jamie Huffaker says:

    I will definitely miss Chef Elliot! Such a talented chef. I will miss him and his quirky ways ie..what are you looking at when you tate something. Lol. Best of luck and awesome job on the weight loss. Merry Christmas

  9. Jamie Huffaker says:

    I will definitely miss Chef Elliot! Such a talented chef. I will miss him and his quirky ways ie..what are you looking at when you taste something. Lol. Best of luck and awesome job on the weight loss. Merry Christmas

  10. carolyn lynn vaughn says:

    i really enjoy master chef .. watch it evertime it is on… will miss Graham Elliot…. i hope they bring joe back….. the woman is good… but it will never be the same without the ones that started the show first…….

  11. denise k beaudoin says:

    thanks why I watch master chef because of graham what a profound loss of master chef

  12. BillyBobJohnson says:

    I’d rather see Bastianich go. Smug *bleep*. Try being a little bit more like your mother, Joe.

  13. First Joe & now Graham! What is going on? Gordon leaving next? I am not a happy fan anymore of either show.

  14. Grace Haight says:

    I miss Joe and Now Graham going. Don’t think I will watch anymore. Not impressed with the woman on there no Personality.

  15. kodakay says:

    This is truly sad. First Joe and now Graham. The show will never be the same. They cook a ton of desserts since Christine, the pastry chef showed up. It would be nice for the show to get back to its roots but somehow I don’t think that’s going to happen.

  16. melissa says:

    I will absolutely miss Graham! I have been watching and following his career since I discovered him on master chef. He quickly became my idol in the kitchen and in life. I am a 34 year old mother that chose to fight a terminal cancer diagnosis with nutrition. I am 3 years a survivor and thanks to Graham, cooking to heal became a lifestyle change that saved my future! Thanks Graham and I will continue to watch and wish you well on your future endeavors

  17. carmen Coursey says:

    Wow i am sorry that you are leaving i am going to miss you happy go lucky sel9 and your glasses and smile good luck in your future indevers

  18. Terry says:

    Graham will be missed very much, he is a wonderful host and judge

  19. You will me missed Graham

  20. Joyce says:

    We love watching Master Chef Junior. The kids are amazing and we are so amazed at the abilities of these kids. They do not coddle the kids but give them great feedback but are sensitive to the fact they are just kids. I wish I knew half as much about cooking as these kids. Graham has truly seemed to enjoy all the crazy things they do and the kids really seem to like him. Yes we will really miss him on this show.

  21. Moni huff says:

    Yes I will miss Graham he is so cute and love the way he is with the kids wish all the luck for the future

  22. Doreen says:

    I will miss Graham very much. He is always so even tempered and polite. At least this time I have received this notice about a judge leaving the show. I don’t recall seeing a notice about Joe, I turned on the TV to watch the new season and there was no Joe! There may have been a story about it and I could have missed it. I wish Graham all the best in his new endeavors and KUDOS for the weight loss!

  23. Jesus Perez says:

    Love him!!!

  24. says:

    Graham Elliot was passionately honest.
    I hope they find the chemistry with the new judge like they have with Graham, Christina, and Gordon.

    Darlene Morrone

    • chris says:

      Love graham. Sorry to see him go. Having heard why though. Miss Joe too. Christina just doest hit it. Probably won’t watch anymore after graham leaves. First Castle now this. Whats wrong with TV these days.

  25. sharon barnett says:

    Graham is awesome. He was supportive to the chefs and junior chefs. I will truly miss him. First we lose joe, now graham. That is so sad.
    Chef gordon is totally awesome but i think it will be super hard to replace graham. I still dont like the replacement for joe.
    God bless all of you.

  26. Bridigitte says:

    I always look forward to seeing Graham on Master Chef, He really has a passion for the food.
    I am sad to see him leave , I wish him well in his next endeavor .

    • mccloudnj says:

      I just wish he had given us some notice. I turned on MC the other night and he was gone! No notice. No goodbye. Nothing. I wish he had given fans like me a heads up. Right now I’m feeling sad and incomplete regarding the show. However, I wish Graham best of luck in the future and as an obese person, I congratulate him on his amazing weight loss. I wish I could do the same thing.

  27. Dianne Conniry says:

    I will miss you!! You had a huge part of the reason why I watched.