Year in Review

20 OMG-est Plot Twists of 2015!

What the whaaaat?!

Putting it politely, that’s the reaction Team TVLine had while bearing witness toour lineup of the 20 OMG-est Plot Twists of 2015.

A kiss before time travel and a kiss before dying. A nasty tumble from a rooftop and the nastiest main course of all time.

These are just a few of the wild, whiplash-inducing and spoiler-rific bombs that detonated (often without warning) on our TV screens in the last 12 months.

Check out the gallery below for our picks — or click here for direct access — then tell us which twists left you gasping and gagging in 2015!

Comments are monitored, so don’t go off topic, don’t frakkin’ curse and don’t bore us with how much your coworker’s sister-in-law makes per hour. Talk smart about TV!

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  1. wrstlgirl says:

    I loved the Glenn’s fate controversy. It cracked me up how so many people got so angry and lashed out. Personally I thought it was great how it all played out. Well done!!!

  2. Rose says:

    No Hodgins from Bones being paralyze?

  3. Nope says:

    Seriously? Abbie sacrificing herself was an “OMG” plot twist on Sleepy Hollow? Have you seen this show before? Abbie and Crane sacrifice themselves for the greater good on a weekly basis. Just another day at the office.

  4. Mr. Tran K says:

    Faking Peter Quinn’s exposure to sarin gas on Homeland should have been on the list. Really hope he’s going to survive before next season.

  5. DreamRose311 says:

    In addition to Darlene being Elliot’s sister, should’ve included Mr Robot being his dad and just in his head, meaning all of Mr Robot’s actions really being Elliot’s. When he first “meets” him on the train, I thought briefly that maybe he wasn’t there, but then other events in the episode made me go ‘ok, good he is real’… After the big reveal I went back and rewatched the first half of the season, they did an amazing job of confusing us.

    • Dee says:

      I don’t think that was as big of an OMG reveal because a lot of viewers had guessed that all along. I don’t think anyone predicted the bit about Darlene.

    • A fan of TV says:

      I pretty much figured he was in fact Mr. Robot and that Slater wasn’t there, but the Darlene being his sister thing really threw me. In that same moment I also knew my suspicions that Slater was imagined were true, so it was just really well done how the show upped their game with the twist, probably knowing people would start to suspect Elliot was the mastermind of the whole thing.

  6. Emily says:

    My baby Glenn and Barry time traveling! Thank God Glenn’s not dead. And thank goodness Cisco isn’t either, though it means I have to wait several more months for Westallen to kiss again…

  7. Ashbash says:

    Maya being a man was the farthest thing I saw from coming. Definitely one of the best twist of 2015

  8. Ded says:

    Ward, (AoS) regardless of who/what he is, just needs to go. Enough already. Concentrate on Malick because Powers Boothe can really play evil.

  9. Katie says:

    Barry and Iris professing their feelings and then kissing, only to have it erased made my jaw drop! One hell of a plot twist…it was too painful.

  10. Madison says:

    OMG it was a crazy year!

    Derek’s death (McDreamy)
    Finding out Darlene was Elliot’s sister blew my mind!
    Iris and Barry FINALLY getting together but to save everyone he had to time travel back erasing the day.
    And FINALLY Eli revealing the truth about Will’s confession after all these years! I was shocked

  11. Valerie says:

    “Out of time” was the best episode of Season 1. Everything worked, especially the scene between Barry and Iris. Intense. The acting was great, Candice and Grant work so good together..the chemistry is palpable. Waiting for a second “first” kiss :)

  12. J says:

    Uh, the girls were with the Guilty Remnant the whole time?!

  13. jess says:

    Cries forever and ever at what could have been of Barry hadn’t time travelled but then again my poor Cisco would be dead, just hoping that I won’t have to wait forever till I get a repeat of that beautiful Barry and Iris moment….I deserve this.

  14. Logan says:

    epic westallen moment and the best episode of the flash ever

  15. Ingrid says:

    Barry & Iris FINALLY confessing their feelings for each other and then kissing was definitely my fave moment of 2015. It was such an amazing scene, Grant and Candice totally killed it (as they always do). I’m still mad he time traveled and erased everything but Out Of Time remains my fave episode of season 1

  16. A fan of TV says:

    Death of Derek and Darlene being Elliot’s sister were the biggest ‘oh snap!’ moments for me this year. Glenn’s death doesn’t personally qualify as a twist because I knew right from the start he wasn’t dead. Major character deaths just get a better send off than the ambiguous ‘end’ they gave Glenn, that’s all.

  17. evababy says:

    Glen actually dying would have been a real OMG twist. As it was, everybody suspected he was still alive anyway.

    Even though I read the books and knew the twist, I thought the way the tv show Outlander handled Geillis’ reveal (from the episode The Devil’s Mark) was a great OMG moment in a fantastic episode.

  18. Cilla says:

    Iris admitting her feelings for Barry & the beautiful kiss that follows only for it to be erased made me cry and scream at my tv.

  19. Mary says:

    I wasn’t really surprised by Ward being taken over by the thing that Hydra so stupidly wanted to come through the portal.

  20. Lynne says:

    I was relieved when Barry time traveled because if he hadnt, Cisco would be dead and I wouldve riot the cw studio!

  21. DarkDefender says:

    Beckett leaves Castle.
    Somebody is in a grave on Arrow.
    Clara Oswald is maybe, not really dead.

  22. Tammy says:

    Castke and Becketts breakup?!

  23. Still so sad we that that kiss between Barry and Iris taken from us. Saddest things is that there hasn’t been a follow-up to it. Where’s my WestAllen is at? Please don’t make us wait till season 3 or 4. That’s way too long. 😢 😭

  24. TvPeong says:

    Great moments!!! But that picture and description from Hannibal just turned my stomach.

  25. Yes a Hannibal mention. All is good with the world. 😌

  26. Abbie Mills better come back she’s what holds this show together. 🙏

  27. Alexis says:

    The Westallen kiss with Barry revealing his secret was an OMG moment for sure. Too sad all of that was undone with time travel but Out of time is still one of the best flash episodes. Looking forward to more westallen moments in 2016

  28. Davek says:

    No Jon Snow?

  29. niloofar22 says:

    Ward’s twist was the most obvious.

  30. Shannon says:

    How’s this for irony? I guessed that Maya was transgender (I was so proud of myself for guessing that right, I immediately started jumping up and down and laughing), but I honestly didn’t believe CeCe was Charles!

  31. Al says:

    Revenge: Victoria killing herself and framing Emily was a pretty good twist because even at Queen Grayson’s lowest point, she managed to give a final “F$&% You” to Emily. If they left it there, I would’ve been fine with that. But then to see that she faked it, that got all kinds of convoluted and the real final showdown lost a bit of spark imo…

  32. LenJ says:

    Hook being dark one i did not see that coming.

  33. sissyfritz says:

    As has been previously noted above, I don’t think anything can top Jon Snow. Yes, as an avid book reader, I knew what was coming. But for the millions of non-book readers that moment must have been the ultimate WTF?! After all, even on a show like Game of Thrones it always seemed like Jon Snow was endgame (and probably still is.)

  34. angela says:

    Thank you for including the barry/iris kiss and time travel scene. That scene was so wonderful and devastating that I watched it again and again on youtube afterwards. Grant & Candice are both so talented.

  35. j says:


    Eli confesses to Alicia that he deleted Will’s “I love you” email from her phone — from way back in Season 2!
    Image: Courtesy of CBS

    wasn’t it voicemail not email?? or did I get it wrong?